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lion and considering the advisability ot with tho supply. The net result of theso
Inaugurating a project for d Berk's of counteracting: tendencies would be dlffer-
Colonial teas, aud other oCd-tlmo enter- cut in tllfleront occupations, Dut the in
terments. The Astorian bolleves that crease In the demand for labor as com-
I In such a manner our people can Cend pared with the surlily, would roJueo the
substantia! assistance to this worthy ob- numlber of the unemployed. Effective
Ject and incidentally provldo for Astto- combination wouCd become possible
ria's eltlrens a leries of splendid and among many laborers now unorganized
attractive functions. . or Imperfec tly organized, competition
could Ibe cheeked among them, ond their
labor sold, approximately, at a monopoly
price. And, in accordance with the prln-
That Air. J. C. Stanton siiould liavo clpie of Irofes.ttr Thorold RogerB, the
topped out of his way In Portland yes- guln would be greatest for unskilled and
terday to give his "Impressions" on Col- j equally employed workers. They suf-
umfola River commerce and railroad build- fer most from excess In the supply of
lug generally to an Oregonlan reporter, labor and have heretofore made little
does' not surnrlde uh. for bis vapory con- proKrem toward ene.-tivo organization.
auction with Sir. Hammond has no doubt
elevated lilm into a, public character, ana The Oregonlunj long tirade of abuse
into the position of a lit "subject for of the pilots who have '.-ately been sound-
'intervlewlng." But that he should' have Ing the allej: 1 channel between Astoria
made su-oh astounding statements a are and Portland coi.v.uns among other nu
Advertising rates can be had on ap- I credited tolhlm is to ub a matter of cb- n.erous errors the following paragraph:
solute surprise. 'Whether Mr. Stanton I 1 nfoi'iuately, the Cats June flood has
kt In hlH dot? ne not the Atitorlnn do?s 'eft two or three lumps In the river,
...ii ... wii'Ich 'have only Juat boen discovered,
-vi .., .u,,., Md mi.nlR nf hl!v ln.l,n .him n
"", '"" iiiaoiimci no uu iij the r WJV un have stllrk. nnit ivIH rn-nh.
ateiy or otherwise seen fit to talk like ably have to lighter some of tholr cargo,
an oracle about matters concerning' which as tne rtver. 18 'ftt a vtry low stage, and
.Sent by mall, per year J7.00
Sent by mall, per ironth CO oU
Served by carrier, per week.... 15cts
Address all communications to The
Dally Astorian.
Sent by mall, per year, J2.00 In advance,
.' Postage free to subscribers.
The Astorian guarantees to its sub
scribers the largest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
plication to the business manager.
-. ' The Weekly Astorian, the second old'
; 'j, est weekly in me state oi Oregon, nan
" v next to the Portland Oregonlan, the
fr 'largest weekly circulation in the state
Jno. T. Handley & Co., are our Port'
fee must of necessity bo absolutely and
until these Cumps are removed, or some
one finds a channel away from them,
.sciia, uu i u,c t.n-e,, ignorant, ne nab .ail nim.jeii .hlng will not be able lo iro .lawn h
can be had every morning at their t,pen to the publicly displayed cont .iut Tlver drawing 22 or 23 feet, a they have
stand on First street
Telephone No. 6J.
All communications intended for pub-
for the past year.
The falsity of this statement is uppar-
ent in t'he facts, well known to every
traveller on the river (1) that there was
nd legitimate criticism cf every cltlzjn
of Astoria. This gentleman In the course
of his "intervle'.v," says:
They talk about the handling of
ft night at the wharves here. What If a n June flopd this year, (2) tha two or
Business communications of all kinds and I few !- ships ido come up to Portland' three lumps alluded to are vast .stretches
remittances must be addressed to The going to build a rival city at the of Banilbara ln many p,:ace3 Jnl)cg ,
. .,.. , mouth of the river? All the bujlnetis will , . , ' .,
aCwavs be done here." "" w me present stage or water
Wearegilad to know Mr. Stanton's true ln e rlver ' 7 fc,t above Iow water
TO THE LADlEd OF ASTORIA, cpinion. i-ie naa a sngntiy dirrerent idea
when, several months ago, ho attemp'od
llcatle-ri should be directed to the editor.
ILs. Waitc, the widow of Chief Justice I to secure the subsidy now controlled by
Watte, has devoted a great deal of time I Mr. Halnunond, by promises and prayers
to the society whose object it is to erect I subsequently proved to bo about us sub-
a ftnonument to the mother at Georg9 I stantlal as piecrust. He goes on to say
"I believe I know something about
Chicago Tribune.
A precise statement of Hie relation
which the bond syndicate holds to the
national treasury has been asked for Mv pxueru.m-n with, them several times within the last few days,
roinimonced In la), with a dumpeart, 'Vo "'n0,1"' answer to tho question ls
ground, secured the land surrounding the
monument with tne unfinished affair com-
oienced sixty years before. As the Na
tion: 'Miry Washington Memorial asso
ciation, as organized, seemed to have bet-
ttr fcciiKica tor raising money, the Fred-
erlckiburg acwoclation, after mnch con-
cu'.utlon agreed to deed the property to
the National assoclatfbn on condition that
they erect a suitable monument within
Washington. When asked the other day
what the status of this w'ork is, sho said
ine national iiary. w ajnington Mem- -V.- r-- nvlh,y-.0 ,h c,n,i,,. ,,. - 1 i i- .t, i wiiien lureun abour was uuauown. ant i . '
i" VIBillteu III uw, . . - , ... . . nen nminn,1 a 1nnnln ,n t,ml
about tv mm ilm ti Mrir u'nhin i wnen inrmers atong tne una turneu m I ', . "" " ...
ani1 1)11111 " Hi" 111011 1 f10 ""rT13 foreigners who Have
I'". i.n.U.m! !,ak" ,i r aerlc..s built. flnRnelnre.1 n,1 n r.i,l .U n Inve.-'ted In TJonJa and other American
uura mu vrgauueu, ana ucing on ine -'--'----- ' securH tea na raH nf on inirv.n.
uvwi uiw euumiy. .. .
. . , . , , I liuii. mm itw aeiituue since mo export
The Astorian is unable to dispute the of 0,d Btart1 UT) alraln ,mav accfjr)tw,
spienuiu nnancienng aoi.ities ot air. man- ks proof that tiie syndicate will maintain
ton. He has built m'ore miles of railroad, lhe 'treasury reserve nt ont less than
on wind, than any man ! America, nd , ? , "
tne laimentajoie wreeKs or "systems mu the contr'.ict with the syndicate will ex
has been mixed up in are strewn plr with the month of September.
thJck from Chattanooga, Tennessee, v When tno n tract was entered xipon
a re-asonaJjle time and provide a suniclent to the northern boundary :ine. Mr. J. C. ,Wp(1 ' n ,,s .lmlo nmic iiv, i",
-ndowment fund to provldo and take care Stairton has opened his mouth In time .was expected tho export movement or
of the property In the futura, but that ft)r t;,6 ni,0I)ic of Astoria to realize what produce would by 'that time be so well
ln cse of failure to fulfill the conditions niirrr H, .,,.. ,w ,hn . nn . . under way.lthat exports would cxeee l i:n-
o their deed the property should revert, a na"c w a" '" have and how par,. whi nlH0 It was hon.-d that the
'" improvemciHs, to tno .vary na, mm jiismsm ui i"" revenues under tho now law would hp
Washington Monument association, of year which led them to turn him and his equail to 't'lra current expenditures. It
I2!rtCb,;,,' . v , . , I "propositions" to the right .about, and P?rWajpa 1 too early now to say thr.t
, . - n , . m im'ne cApcuLa-ii'tjiiH 'win iiul ub r?;iiiisr i,
of H-re granite over fifty feet high, caUBCl1 !llm t0 la.ippeir from this city ,bUJt there unj twJ ,thnsg tQ jt;
t completed in lf3, and dedicated in as suddenly as he came. One Is failure to collect an Income tax;
the presence of President Cleveland and ' the othr-r. a much smaller wheat cron
other distinguished persons May 10, ltOi. " " than the usual per capita average, this
we now nave (ne money to buLU a email Senator Mltche.l and the editor of tho meanltur a nroJbafblo rednctlcin In the fa
cuauiise ior Kuruener ana watenman, Oi-MrnnUn Llivta nf nn ,.nii,-ni iif.... exports of wheat nnd flour. The eo.-n
and toope to have it finished within the -,. ,. ... .t , I crop bids 'fair to be a blggur one than
yr. tiut the endow-ment fund Is yet to " ' ,,, nnfe.i on feu, m.,ih. or. i,,i it
be found., We imust 'have 15,(XiO nt denouncing the position taken by Major not te 'ready to move In September,
.tMM. as 1 Bau, we Tiave tno money C. N. O.'aik. that Pnrtlaml m.v nnt . so thait the larsrer exnort movement tironi
U the irar.leners house, but there are poct any on , b tn fed(jral ihed will not ihegin till afl. r the contract
four acres of ground to be laid out and ' , 1 made by t'le 'bond syntlicite has expired.
Improved with trees and shrubbery. AVhen Tor tne 'benefit of two or three of its xhtn ,the tiC(.rt.nj,a production of petrol
ic nr commeneeii iwork we wished to snipping nrms, on tno pretence of "Im- eum. iwfth tho consentient advance in
make It a national affair and asked for proving' the Columbia river. They may prices here, tends to cheek exports ot
now from eueh state In the union. No .u,.,,, . .
ate has as yet given us over that ,"" 1,,aj"' ol very "ue
tunount, not more than two as much, '""uence, anu tnat 'ho cut no ilgtire
nd many more comparatively nothing, ven If appointed to tho river and harbor
Massachusetts collected a wiall sum at commutes h,.t tho it,.in ,,
these gentlemen that Major Clark will be
found to have far more Influence, both
the tlrmo of the centennial celebration in
Hoston, which was afterwards paid over
to us upon the completion of the monu
ment. Th-tit Is all wo have hud from that
late. Coltectrons which 'might be mado
by entertainments, fairs, concerts, "col
onlal teas or "dames" In thu state
which so far have done nothing, would
enable us to complete our work untl turn
It over to the trustees, tho president of
the United States, the chief Ju-stlec of the
United State and the governor of the
slate of Virginia, all ex-ofllelo.
"It Is especially -woman's work-the firs
monument butlt to a woman by women
As a patriotic movement, will not the
women of this country come forward now
andthetp us complete the work of lion
orlng the mother of the father of onr
country? Honor our greatest man by
Honoring nis mouier.
"It ls very Important that proper car.
mnaii o laarn no guard this
work fronT destruction. We are obliged to
nave it watcned all the time. Vandullsm
ls rampant over all the land. I bellcv
and the relic hunter ls abroad. There Is
a largv rock near the monument on which
Msry Washington used to ll with her
Mib.e to read and mrdltite. where she
undoiAitedCy sent up many prayers for
in nou:e son. That has to bo con
lantly watched o.- not a vestle of It
aoove ground would be lift at the end
or inis year.
The suggestions contained In the ubove
statement are most excellent ones. Mary
Washington, "the motihtr of tho JUHu-r
of our country," Is a flgura whoso per
sonality will alweys stand out in bold
relief from among the host of brave and
gent'e 'vomen who helped us In a fur
greiter measure thnn we shall ever know,
to obtain our Independence. IK-r quiet
life, her constant loving caj-e and gentle
discipline lavished on our first president,
aid, above all, the sturdy spirit of truth
and manliness fostered In him by years
of careful training, are the treasures she
gave to AmiTlct, and never have gifts
been more timely or fraught wlt'lt such
wonderful results.
The fWd opened up for our women In
following out the history of her life, In
tudyinff her surroundings, and In bring
ing back In detail for "stated occasions
some of the custom and 1t.ilIts of gen
tlefolk of her tlmp, l ono filled) with
wery ojrportunlty for rti-n-atlon and
happy oHal Intercoumo. To sit for sev
eral evening hours In the company of
friends and acquaintances, and to breathe
during that time an atmorphere of old
fashlonol Ideas, would be ln our opinion
recreation of the most charming char
acter, and we can Imagine no species ot
entertainment In which so muny channels
of dei;ght.'u".y novel surprises coutd be
folkwwl up with succets during the
o.r.injf wlr.ttr months.
s'crlu should have the honor of fco
b4f Hie first city In Oregon to uvaJto con
tributions towards this Maty Washington
.v.! iiiilul. It id a matter In which every
laly in the city can, with profit and
pleasure. Interent hcrsvX It will be
the means of bringing together the lead
r of various church and other -1al
oigtiiizatlona. Into a project wlhere all
ran meet together and for a purpose
which all can heartily endorsethe cul
tivation of a broad-minded and rlrraiM
;.!rlt of patriotism.
Tne ladles of Astoria are Invited to
meat ut the room of the Public Library
at t o'clock on Wednesday afternoon,
f,.r the piinpow of dlRetisning this ques-i
Notice Is hereby given that the Com
mon Council of the City of Astoria, Ore.,
have determined to improve Franklin
avenue from the weft line of 20th street
to tho east lino of the J. M. Shlvely
Donation Land Claim, all in the City of
Astoria, as laid out and recorded by J.
41. Shlvely, by planking said portion of
said avenue with new and sound llr
planks two Inches In thiekn3s, which are
to be laid diagonally ln said avenue, upon
the planks now In the same, nnd which
are to extend from edges of railway
track to curbs, all to be don9 strictly
In accordance with plans and specifica
tions and ordinances in relation thereto
The lands and premises upon which
special assessment shall be levied to
defray the cost and expense of such im
provement and the district embracing
earn lunas and premises be, and the same
are designated as follows: to wit:
Commencing at the northwest corner of
lot 7, In block 144, ln aald part of said
city and running thence easterly on tho
line running through blocks 141, 145, 14li,
147, 148, 149 and 150 and separating the two
tiers ot lots In said block to ihe cast
line of the J. M. Shlvely Donation Land
Claim and thence southerly on the east
line of said Donation Land Claim to tho
line separating the two tiers of lots in
block 1, and thence westerly through tho
centers of 'blocks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, upon
the line dividing the two tlars of lots in
the same to the east line of 2flth street
and thence northerly on a straight line
to the place of beginning.
All lands and premises in sail district
and not in any street or alley are sub
ject to such assessment.
Estimates of the expense of such im
provement and plans nnd diagrams of
such work for improvement and the local
ity to be improved hava been deposited
by the City Surveyor with the Auditor
and Police Judge for public examination
and may be Inspected at tho olllce of
such officer.
At tho next regular meeting of the Com
mon Council after tho final publication
of this notice, to wit: On Wednesday,
September 4th, 18!).", at tha hour of 7:3U
p. m. at tho City Hall the said Common
Council will consider any objections to
said improvement being made and if a
remonstrance against such improvement
signed by persons owning more than
one-half of the property In sufi dis
trict herein described and upon which
the speclaly assessment is to be levied
shall be filed with the Auditor and Police
Judge before the said tlmo of meeting
of the Common Council no such Improve
ment or work shall be ordered except by
the concurrence of nil the councllmen
lly order of the Common Council.
Attest: K. OSRLTt.V,
Auditor and Police Judge.
Astoria, Ore., Aug. 24, 1895.
Notice ls hereby given that the Com
mon Council of the City of Astoria, Or
egon, have determined to Improve Ex
change Street from the woit lino ot
17th ttrest to the east line of 23d (.trcet,
all in the City of Astoria as laid out nnd
recorded by J. M. Shlvely, by planking
said portion Qf said street with new and
sound fir planks two Inches In thickness
which are to be laid diagonally in said
street upon the planks now In the same
and which are to extend from edges of
railway track, to curbs, all to be done
strictly in tex'ordanco with plans and
speciilcations and ordinances thereto.
The lands and pranxse upon which the
special assessment ehall be levied to d,
fray the cost and expense of such im
proTOment and the district
eald land and premises eh.ill bo and the
same are designated as follows to-wit:
Commencing at the northwest corner
of Lot 6, in Clock 121, in said part of
said city, and running thence east on a
straight line to the nonthenst corner of
Lot 1, lilock 126, and theme south on
a straight line to the southeast corner
of Lot 1, in Uloek 141, and theace west
on a straight line to the southwest cor
ner of Lot 0, In Block 112, and thence
north on a straight line to the place of
beginning, all lands and premises in said
district and not In any street or al
ley shall be subject to such assessment.
Estimates of the expense of such Im
provement and plans and diagrams ot
such work for Improvement and the lo
cality to be Improved, have been de
posited by the City Surveyor with the
Auditor and Police. Judge for public ex
amination and may be inspected a: the
oiriee of such officer.
. At the next regular meeting of the
common council, a f tier the final publica
tion of tins notice, tawlt: On Wednesday,
Sept. 4th, 18U5, at tho hour of 7:30 p. in.,
at the City Hall, the eald council will
consider any objections to oald improve
ment being made, and if a remonstrance
against sue improvement, signed by per
sons owning more than one-half of the
property ln said district herein described;
and upon which the special assessment is
to be levied, sUall b? filed with the Au
ditor and Police Judge beforo the said
time of meeting of the common council,
no such improvement or work shall be
ordered except by the concurrence of all
the Coune.lmen elect.
By order of the Common Council.
Atjteat: K. OSBURN,
Auditor and Police Judge,
Astoria, Oregon, August 24th, 1S95.
that artlWe, nnd the British people are
far from Ibelng active buyers of pork
Tiodircts this sumim'er. The total exports
exhibit a decrease, while the value of
Imports for the latt twelve months Is
nearly double that of the year next pre
ceding ,und probably the cost of Ameri
can excursions to Europe this year will
at home and In Washington, than either much exceed 100 millions ln gold. There
Senator Mltthel or the editor of the Ore- h" a "i"'1'1 tM, mf fr Mp",
I tn iiriii'iwft ami Inna nf mil Mima ava c-nnnt
gonlan. If Senator -Mitchell was us faith- i iparu fineries. fr'Iinnet.'les. pictures, etc..
ful to his duties as a United States sen- I In adilltion to the costs of ordinary travel.
ator as his oath of office contemplates l 13 KMa, "iat some or lne rt'w"t cx-
he tfha l be, ho would .long ago have put 'tnc ....,. oTrerf(,' ,bv .,. ' nljrn 1 nt
a stop to the Eihameful waste of public wMtft the syndicate holds foreign ex-
money Involved In keeping the drelger change. Ui;t tne fact remains that the
Ladd In commission the year around 0X0T, L "ovrnmolIrt "P"'"'
' ","u"u receipts Was avernged more than a million
for no other purpose than to pump the dolilars per week for the Inst two yours.
constuntly accumulating eund out of the nn' It still 1s large, though government
river channel between here and Portland, of"0'' ttre ,u hu')B lh)lt 11 vvl:l 1,l
,th0 ""Hitor doesn t . know it, tho ol thla calendar vear. There harJCv Is
Aatorlan wlli Inform hlim that thU is a room to expect a sulilclently heavy slilp-
dlshonest perversion of the ostensible men'1 of our. cereals In the next two
montiis to meet tne toreign iiaiance
purposu for which the $50,000 he refers
to was appropriated by the river and
harbor bill, and i thus a use of public
money .wholly unauthorized and unpro
vided for by any appropriation or act ot
against us. Hence 1t Is exceedingly prob
able that tho president will have to sel;
anothter lot of 4 per cent bonds for gold
before congress -meets In December. It
offered they will be taken by the syndi
cate that now Is unalntalnlng the treas
congress. In the section of country that ury reserve, not because cf any oHllga-
Major Clark comes from the rquan-Wuig tion 10 the government to take hold after
of money to open mw channels every h close of next month ln.t on account
. .. . . of a wish to prevent losa to foreign holil-
uay -wiroug.i saiHi'imrs rormmg in the prs uf, the (bonds, which loss would occur
Mississippi mid Missouri rivers, out of If there were a collupse of our credit
funds voted by congress for the nerma- t home and abroad. The syndicate lias
miai'.ie nn enurniuus pruiu u-m ul us urn-
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids
will be received by tho committee on
streets nnd pub'.b wayn, at the office of
the Auditor and Police Jude, until Sat
urday, Aug. :!1, 1S'J5, at the hour of 2
o'clock p. m. of Fiid day, for the im
provement of Duane street In MeCIure's
Astoria from the east lino of Sixth street
to the weal line of 12th street (except
the crossings of 7th, 9th and 11th streets).
Said Improvement shall consist of remov
ing all defective plies, caps and stringers,
putting in new and sound fir plies, posts
end sills wherever necessary and new
caps and stringers and planking the same
with n';W and sound fir planks four
Inches in thickness over the trestle work
and three Inches In thtcknes on the solid
ground and by building sidewalks- on
both shies thereof.
All of sajd Improvements to be nuide
strictly in accordance with plans anil
specifications now on file ln Ihe office of
the Auditor and Police Judi;e and or
dinances In relation thereto.
No bid will i c. recetvad that does not
em'irace a.l the Work bid upon.
lihUniust be made on blanks furnished
by the Auditor and Police Judgo, and
must be aivompunled by a guaranty
signed by some responsible taxpayer lo
tho effect llvat if the contract be
awurded to such bidder he will enter ink)
contract therefor with good and sufficient
securities for Its faithful performance.
Work t,o be completed on or before
the iOth cf September, 1SD15, and the con
tiact shall provide that In case such work
Is not completed on or beforo said day
It shall bo latwful upon giving notice to
such contractor or contractors of Its lr.
tentlon of so to do and to proceed to the
completion and to complete such work
at the expense of the contractor or con
tractors therefor, and In such event the
city shall have entire charge of the work
from the time of giving such notice.
The right lo reject any and all bids ls
hereby reserved.
liy order of tho Commltt-'e on Streets
uml Public Vay3.
Atte;t: K. OSIit'ltN,
Auditor nnd Police Judge.
Astoria, Oregon, Aug. 21, 1S1I5.
nent Improvement of those water ways, is
.1 mun Willi Hie B"Voi uim-iii .-i-n minima
- uueumuvy uuncuru oi. .im at- tgu, and proibiub.y wouul like to make an-
ler coming out here and discovering the ot'her bargain as good
manner in whk-h congress has boen an-
ntuiMy Imposed on nnd t'ho public tr?m-
ury swindled fcr the advantage of a few
of Senator '.Mitchell's wealthy support
ers In Portland, Major Clark will not
te t'.-ue either to his immediate
censtitutency or the peoplo of the United
States If he falls to uso Cils utmost en
deavors to prevent any further looting t
the treasury In the interest of the,io men
and the one-horse town In which Senator
Mltc-hell happens to live, and have his
money Invested.
By the adoption of shorter hours for
work the available supply of labor In
relation to the dcouand for it would be
leWiueed, and the price of Tabor tend to
rise. Hut, if the higher price checked tho
growth of capital, It would hardly check
the demand for labor to an equal do-
gree. On the whole tlwre seoin to be
little sotld ground for denying that the
wages-fund might obtain, year by year.
tho Clon s Share of the Increase In the
national dividend. For shorter hours
will come gradually In one trade after
another. And they wUl coine gradually
In every trade, for overtime work will
disappear slowly. There 1s therefore no
reason to antloltaite that the national
dividend .will be diminished aluelutely.
though iprodmtlon may be Joss with short
hours than It would 4e w4th long. Nor
Is it Clkely that the dally wages of laboj-
ers will actually fall, even when life
shorter day Is Drat Introduced. Laborers
are not willing tp accept the shorter
day along with a heavy reduction In
wages. Therefore, It is likely that in the
tlrrt Instance a reduction In hours will
be obtained ln Heu of a rise ln wages.
Shorter boors, thus obtained, would Im
ply an addition to the wages Mil,- but the
addition would go to the unemployed
rati'hr than to be employed, Fays the
Journal of Economics. I
Hut, however, the economic effects of
reduction Jn hours of work might be
obscured, they would be non- the less
real. Dalfy wages would tend to fall,
owing to a diminution In the output per
worker, and tend to rlio because of the
Increased demand for lubor as compared
Real Estate fflan,
an J
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Notice Is hereby given that sealed pro
posals will ba received by the committee
on streets and public iways of the city
of Astoria, until Wednesday, Sept. 4t 1S03,
nt 2 oViAx-k p..m. for supplying the City
of Astoria with GO.OiK) feet (board measure)
of street plank, stringers, timbers, side
walk lumber, etc.
'lYoposuls is'liaX be endorsed, bids for
lumber and Hied with the Auditor und
Police Judge on or before the above Jats,
stating the price per thousand at mlils
or on dock, and also price per thousand
delivered on streets, as required by the
superintendent of ftrenis.
AM lumber must be gooil sound llr, free
from sap. shakes, loose or rotten knots.
All lumber to be furnished In quantities
and at times a4 ordered by the street
Bills will be paid monthly (by warrants
on tho City Treasurer) for all lumber de
livered the previous month.
The right to reject any and all bids
hereby reserved.
No contract will be entered Into unless
approved by the Coir.Tnon Council.
By order of the Committee on Streets
and Public Ways.
Attest: K. OSUIT.N.
Auditor and Police Judge.
Astoria, Oregon, August 31, 1893.
Of intention of Common Council to re
establish grade of Exchange street from
west line of l.'ith street to east line of
23rd street.
Notice is hereby given that the common
council of the City of -Astoria have deter
mined and intend to alter and re-establish
tho grade of Exchange street In that
part of the City of Astoria laid out and
corded by J. M. Shivcly fro-rl the west
lino of liSth street to tho east line of 23rd
street, so that tV; grado of eald portion
of said street when so-re-established will
be at heights above the base of graded
as established by ordinance No. 71, en
titled, "Ordinance No. 71, to establish a
base of grade for the streets of Astoria"
a follows, to wit:
At the crossing of Exchange street at
the west line of ISth street 24.5 feet.
At the crossing of Exchange street at
the east line of 18th street 24.5 feet.
At the crossing of Exchange atreet at
the east line of 23rd street 24.5 feet.
The grado to be on a straight or even
slope between said designated points and
to be of even elevation throughout the
width thereof at any point.
At any tlmo within ten days cf the
Ilnal publication of this notice, to wit:
Within ten days from the 7th day of Sep
tember, lS'Jo, remonstrance can be mu'de
against said proposed re-establlshment of
grade and if within said tlmo a written
remonstrance against the same- shall be
mude and filed with the Auditor and
police Judge, by tho owners of three
fourths of the property adjacent to said
portion of said street, such proposed al
teration of grade shall not be made ln
any event.
By order of tho Common Council.
Att?st: K. OS'.tURN,
Auultor and Police Judge,
, Astoria, Oregon, Aug. 21, 18J5.
TICE. Notice ls hereby given that the Common
Council of the City of Astoria, Oregon,
have determined to improve 4Gth street,
from the souih line of alWyway run
ning through blocks 11 and 101, to the
north line of Astor street, all la the City
of Astoria, are laid out a,ad recorded by
John Adair and commonly known us
Adair's Astoria, by grading through Its
full width and es-tabliethed grade, plank
ing the same to the width of 20 feet
bhroug1!! the center thereof, with new and
sound llr plar.k, three inches in thick
ness and building sidewalk on each side
10 feet wide with epace of two feet next
to curb for planting trees and construct
ing gutters and placing railings where
All the lmpiovements to be made strict
ly in accordance with plans and specifi
cations and ordinances ln relation
The lands and premises upon vhlcth the
special assessment shall be levied to de
fray the cost and expense of such Im
provement and district embracing said
lands and premises, be and the sarnie are
designated as follows, towlt:
Commencing at the southwest corner of
lot 6, ln block 104, and thence north on
a straight line to the northwest corner
of lot 6, In block 106, and thence east on
a straight line to tih; northeast corner of
lot 7, in block 107, and thence south on a
Btralyht line to the southeast corner of
lot 7, la block 103, and thence west on a
straight line to the place of beginning,
containing lots 1, 2, 8 and 7, in block 103,
lots4, 5 and 6, 1n block 104, lots 5
and 6TTn block lOti, and lots 7 and 8, la
block 107.
All In the City of Astoria laid out and
recorded by John Adair.
Estimates of the expense of such im
provement and plans and diagrams of
such work or improvement, and of the
locality to be Improved, have been de
posited by t'he city surveyor with the
Auditor ar.d Police Judge for public ex
amination and maybe inspected at the
ollice of Buch officer.
At the next regular meeting of the com
mon council folio-wing the final publica
tion of this notice, to wit! On Wednes
day, September 4, 1S95, at the hour of
7:30 p. m. at the City Hal! the Common
Council will consider any objections to
suoh Improvements being made, and If a
remonstrance against suoh improvement,
signed by residents of the City of As
toria owning more than one-half of the
property In said district tHiall be filed
with Ithe Auditor and Police Jud--, such
Improvement shall not be ordered, if at
all, except by a vote of two-thirds of
aJ members of the Common Council.
By order of uhe Common Council.
Attest: K. OSBURN,
Auditor and Police Judge,
Astoria, Oregon, Aug. 17, 1835.
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Notice Jx hereby given that N. Clinton
& Sons, contractors for the improvement
of 43d street, in Adair's Astoria, und.r
the provisions of Ordinance No. 1910, on
the 13th day of June, 1S95, filed in the
olilce of the Auditor and Police Judge of
the City of Astoria, the cert.flcate cf the
City Surveyor, and Superintendent of
Sireets, approved by the Commit! ee nn
Streets and Public Ways.
Arter tho expiration of the time here
inafter specified, If no objections to the
acceptance of such work fie filed a.nd the
common council shall dtm such im
provement properly comple:ed, according
to the contract and plans tnd specifica
tions tneretor, the same may be accepted.
uujeouon8 to tne acceptance of said
improvement or any part thereof, may be
filed .n the olllce of the Auditor and
Police Judge on or before Wednesday,
June 13th, 1S05
Auditor and Police Judge.
Astoria, Oregon, June 13th, 18U5.
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween C. J. Greenlund and Anton Brjx
llorlsts, ls hereby dissolved by mutual
consent, and all debts of the said firm
will be paid by C. J. Greenlund and C. Q.
Palmberg, and all outstanding accounts
are due and payable to them.
Notice (s hereby given that L .Leback,
Contractor for the Improvement of Duane
street, ln AdtUr's Astoria, under the pro
visions of Ordinance No. lXS, on the
13th day of June, 1S13, filed ln the office
of the Auditor and Police Judge of the
City of Astoria, the certificate of the
City Surveyor and Superintendent of
Streets, approved by the Committee on
Streets and Public Ways.
After the expiration of the time here
inafter specified, if no objections to the
acceptance of such work be Hied and the
Common Council shall deem such im
provement properly completed, according
to the contract and plans and specifica
tions therefor, the same may be accepted.
Objections to the acceptance of said
Improvement or any part thereof, may be
filed in the olllce of the Auditor and
Police Judge on cr before Wednesday,
June 19th, 1&5.
Auditor and Police Judge.
Astoria, Oregon, June 13th, 195.
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vive them. A friend recommended Dr.
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sults." bottles free at Charles
Rogers' drug store. Regular size, 50o
and (1.
Notice is hereby given that the Com
mon CVmncN of the City of Astoria have
determined a'nd intend to establish the
grade of Grand Avenue in thjt part or
the City of Astoria laid out and recorded
by J. M. Shlvely from the -east line of 17th
street to the east line of ISth street at
the following heights above the base
of grades for said city as established by
Ordinance No. 71, entitled, "Ordinance
No. 71, to establish a base of grades
for the streets of Astoria," os follows,
to wit:
At t'he east line of 17th Street 115.5 feet
o.i the north line of the street, 118.5 feet
on south line of the street.
At the crossing of 18th street, 90 feet on
all sides of the crossing, which ls to be
The north 6-ldi.- of sa'.d street to be
cn a straight or even tlope from the
ea3t line of 17th street to the west line of
18th sKreet. Tiie south line of eald street
Is to be of even elevation with the morlh
line thereof -throughout th; distance be
tween said 17;h and ISth streets so O.-at
me graue wi'.l be ion a stralghlt cr even
slope and the sdre t will be level from
north to south, except that In the lo
reeit next 1:0 'the east line of 11i;-h street
there Is k be a gradual and even rise
to tin- elevation e.ild street at the east
line of eald 17th street where It is to b;
3 feot higher on l.'he south lime of th-?
street than on the worth lira; thereof.
At any time within tea days frjm the
final publication of this cotice, -to wit:
Within ten days from 'th- 31st day of
August, 1S!)5, remonstrance cm be
against the establishment of -raid pro
posed grade aind if within said time a
written remonstrance against the sun
shall be made and filed with the Auditor
and Pol-Ice Judge by the lewne-ns of three
fourths of the property adjacent to salfl
portion of said s'treet sii'i gr-adi slvili
not be estohCIshed ln any event.
Py order of the Common Council.
Attest: k OSBURN,
Auditor and Police JuJe.
Astoria, Oregon, August 17, lSy.".
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Notice la hereby given that the Com
mon Council of the City of Astoria have
determined to construct a system of
drains or sewers In 'the City of Astoria
as lutd out and recorded by J. Adair and
J. M. Shlvely, t'he lands and premises to
b: drained to be known and designated
as "Drainage District No. 1," said sys
tems of drains or sewers shall consist of
one main drain to run as follows, to-wlt:
Commencing in center of alleyway run
ning through block 68 in that part of the
City of Astoria laid out and recorded by
J. Adair, at a point 75 l et east from the
east line of 30th street, running thence
westerly In aald aU'leyiway to 3&th street,
thence northerly In 33th atrart to Irving
Avenue, and thence weaterCy in Irving
Avenue to a point ln said avenue 15 fe.t
south and 30 feet west of southeast cor
ner of lot 6 in Mock 61, and thence north
through said lot 6 to the center of thie
alley-way running through said block 61,
thence west In said eSleyway to 84th
street and thence north In said street to
the alleyway running through blocks 41
and 43 and thence wast from said 34th
street through eald last mentioned alley
way to 33rd street and thence .north on
33rd street to the line of low water mark
on the south shore of the CoCumbla river.
Also consisting of a brunch drain com
mencing in center of alleyway running
throoigih block 43, on the -west line of said
block and running thence wuat through
said alleyway to connection with main
drain in 34th street. Also a branch com
mencing at the northeast corner of block
63, running thence north in 33rd street
to a connection with aaid main drain
at t'he alleyway running through blocks
io and 41,suld drain each to consist of a
frame wooden box drain to be placed
under ground at the necessary depth and
to be covered with loose rock to facili
tate so page of water, and the area of
waterway to be not less than three
square feet in the main drain nor less
than one and one-half square feet in
the branch drains (nor more than twice
the respective areas) and the covering
of -the drain to be at least two lnctu-.s
In thickness and the Inside frames not
less than four inches ln -thickness, the
work and the materials used to b. -strictly
ln accordance with plans and
speciilcations and ordinances in relation
The lands, lots and promises upon which
the special assessments ehtall be levied
to d.fray the costs and expenses of such
drains or sewera and the districts em
bracing said lands, lots and premised are
d.signated as follows, to wit:
Commencing at the northwest corner of
block 16 in eald part of eald city nd
running thence in an easterly direction
on the ,north lines of blocks 16 and 17
i'j the northwest corner of block 18
and thujiee south on the west line of
blocks 18 und 37 to the south line of
alleyway running through block 37
ihence east on south line of raid alley
way pj west line o 35th street, thence
south on east line of blocks 37 and 42 to
northeast corner of lot 5 ln said block 42,
thence east on s,outh line of alleyway run
ning through block 43 to a point thereon
equaiiy d.stant from east line and west
I. ne of tuid block, tli.-nce south to a
point on wild line of said block 43 that
ii equally distant from the east and west
II. '.e of said block,' thence east on sou ill
li.'.e of block 43 'and 44 to southeast cor
ner of lot 7 i'n. block 44, theno; south on
x stralg'ht line to southeast corner of
lot 2 in block 59, thence east on a
straight line to the southeast corner of
.ot 4 of said block 09, thence eouth on
ast ll..e of blocks 59 and 68 ter-tihe south
east Conner of -lot 17 in block 68, accord
ing to the recorded subdivision of taid
block, thence west on a straight line to
a point on the north lime of alleyway
run.-.lng thirougih said Mock 63 that 13
equally distant from the least and west
lines of said block, thence south to south
east corner of lot 23 in block 68 accord
ing 'to the stub-division of said block on
record, thence west on souih line of
blocks 08 and 67 to soulthwedt coinm-r of
block 67, thenee north on the west line
of siid block 67 to the 6ou'thwest corner
of lot 1 therein, thence west on a
straight llr.i3 to the southwest corner
of lot 3 In block 66, thence north on a
straight,, line to the northwest Conner of
sold lot 3, and ithetnee west on .north
line of said block 66 to the northwest
corner then.-of, thence mrth to Bouthwest
corner of lot 1 In block 61 and thence west
on north line of alleyway running
through Hocks 62 and 63 'to the eoui-hiwest
corner of lot 2 in block 63, thence north
on the line of the John Adair Don
ation land claim to the eu'st Cine of 3lst
st.reet.t hence north on east line of 31st
street, thence north on least line of 3lBt
street to the eoulthiwest corner of block
149 in the part of the City of Astoria
laid out and recorded by J. M. Shlvely,
thence easterly on south line of said
block 149 t'o the southeast oorner of lot
7 in said block and thence northerly to
the northeast corner of loct 7, thence east
rly on a straight line to iphe point where
the south Hne of. lot 3, block 150, of
Shively's Astoria initerseotis Or reaches
wast line of John Adair's donation land
claim, and thenee north on e-aid line to
p.aee of beginning.
All land, lota and pciiimisea within eald
described limits of Baid district and not
included in any street or alley BTe to
b subject to such assessment as bene
fitted by 6uch drain or sewer.
' Estimates of the expense of said drain
or sewer and the pluns and specifications
and dlagrums for the tune and of the
iocali'ty to be drained have been deposit
ed by t'he City Surveyor with the Auditor
and Police Judge for public examination
and may be inspected at the olfice of suh
At the next regular making of the Com
mon Council following the final publica
tion of this notice, to wit: On Wednes
day, September 4, 1S95, at the hour of
7:30 p. m. at the city hail the Common
Council will consid-.-r any objections to
such Improvement being made, a.nd if.a
remonstrance against such improvement
signed by the residents of uhe City
of Aaioria owning more 'than oni-hialf of
the property in said district In Which the
ipeciol assessment is to be levk.d to de
fray the cost of eald improvement shall
be filed with the Audiwor and Police
Judge such tmproven-ent shall not be or
dered, if at ail, except by a vote of two
thirds of the Common Council.
By order of the Common Council.
Attest: Ki'OSBURN,
Auditor und Police Judge
Astoria. Oregon, Aug. 17, 1895.
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i inneshelk county. Ia sav! Lsi.f - i
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been under care of physicians for Ln.h.
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