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Seat by mall, per year $7.00
Sent by mall, per ironth 60 ota
Served by carrier, per week.... 15 eta
Address all communloaitlona to The
Pally Aatorlan.
Sent by mall, per year, (2.00 In advance.
Postage free to subscribers.
The Aatorlan guarantees to Us sub
scribers the largest circulation of any
newspaper published on the Columbia
Advertising rates can be had on ap
, plication to the business manager.
The Weekly Aatorlan, the second old
est weekly in the state of Oregon, has
next to the Portland Oregonian, the
largest weekly circulation In the state.
Jno. T. Handley & Co., are our Port
land agents, and copies of the Aatorlan
can be bad every morning at their
stand on First street.
Telephone No. 66.
All communication intended for pub
lication should be directed to the editor.
. Business communications of all kinds and
remittances must be addressed to The
The trade paper, as wa have before
. hod occasion to remark, mis a place in
the JourauSletic nV.d at once more unique
and more inltirlnaioallly valualble than that
held by 'the ordinary dally, or the week
ly inewapatej The difference between
Una dwo can uHy bp discerned by any
person (Who htok tor a momenlt about
the subject. The dally paper Is of ne
cessity ephemeral. It deals with men
and Mings in a brlglht, trenchant way,
Us fiV.'d is a new one every twenty-four
nouns, and the value of Us work of the
day before is iroo often lost (a the hurry
and rush, the buatile and excitement which
is nowadays inseparable from its produc
tion. The trade paper, however, is a
pgwer not for u day but for years. The
flies on. wfclch (t ttiangis never grow rudty
through long disuse. A daily paper once
hung awiiy and preserved, at ops there
till U rdts .to pieces without ever being
dStm(lnd. The men iwho took part in its
product cm have no time to refer to it
if tlhey woufld, and the puWo who read it
have knot all interest in what soon be
comes to them ancient history. On the
oilher band Uhe trade paper, a record not
only of current commercial events but
of criticisms and ideas thut belong to
alt time, never loses Itis usefulness. To
the business man engaged In a special
line of tnduBlry ar.l Ideas, Wats, and side
lights tlhat cun be twouyiit to bear on
thlat Industry have for hlra an all ab
sorbing Interest. He wants to refer to
such (hlngs, to have them always at his
lttow, and to do itlhis he must of ne
cessity treat his itTade journal as It comes
to hdm every week like a valuaUe book
from a library, with the full knowledge
thiait in thut very tame he may find the
thought, the suggestion that will revivify
his falling buslneas, and bring his suc
cess. This, then, Is the great and honorablo
fleOd that t'h trade paper fills. And in
this field how many eager aspirants there
are, all with their own (ideas of manage
ment, many drWolng tvUdier and thither
wltlhout rudder or coronpasa, others, too,
faeb'.y waiting at the beck and call of
anybody iwtth money and Influence to
veer round to any point of the compass
(hat may suit their temporary ''becker."
Borne, we are glad o say In the United
States "many" that are conducted In
such a vay as to bring honor to them
selves and the branches of Industry they
represent". In the sea on which the Com
mercial Aatorlan found Itself launched
several months ago there were and are
today three currents, three strong in
tered.s. They art the producer of canned
salmon ("The man who packs It,") the
jobber ("the man Who sella It,') and the
consumer ("the man who eats tit"). Here
was a probKm, liow best to serve Ohe
salmon Industry, the city of Astoria, and
the state of Oregon, and which of these
currents to run Uvo, which to steer clear
of. It takes a very short acquaintance
with trade Journalism to realise that
only those papers with an absolute hones
ty of purpose, and with the determination
to be biassed by no man or clique of men,
can live and succeed. To be therefore
known and recognised as a "cannerymen a
organ" would not only be poor policy
but bid business, nor do we wish our
friends the packers to take umbrage when
ws teH them that nothing could be mors
suicidal to our success. To be thought
of on the other hand as the special rop
resentativi of the salmon Jobber would
likewise and for the name reasons, bo the
reverse of politic. To be considered and
talked about as the earnest Champion of
the rlghtis of 'the consumer, the honest
.tdvocate of the salmon canner as far
iie cwr.duola his bwaneas in an honora.
be and legitimate manner, and the chan
ge, by means of wnlch the Jobber two,
rf and four thousand miles away from
centre of the industry, can look for
a-.d obtain complete ad accurate staie
m aits of the condition of sffaiss-thls is
our iOm and our determination. In pur
suance of this aim we are prepared to
go on as ws have started, vigilant in Hie
e deavor to prottet the consumer, to ex
:s and drive out of Ihe business any
wymen who shall be guilty of the
. eing or salmon or the packing of
..' y fish, to alow to appear in
.- co twins no fatslfleaJLoa of reports,
..) Jttle "trick of the trade," matters
of "policy," or anything else that may
tend to deceive in ever iso small a way
h. men -who are looking to us and de
pending on us for the truth. By follow-l.-,g
on .rtiese lines up to the present time
our success has been as gratCfylng as It
has ben unexpected. On hss lines the
... "ry of the Orr"! Aorlan
will 1a tepei, and If In our Judgment
hr e exlKt mrtliods In the conduct of lbs
CWumbU Kivtr smbo Uduetry which
tfW.J not be allowed to remain, all the ,
strengrti of our hard won position In the
commercial Held will we promise the Job
ber, the consumer, and the canneryman,
be putt forward to expose and destroy
Mr. Cleveland' friends, says the Fhila
delpCila Times, have taken such liberties
witih'lhla nam mhalt his eilenoe makes him
a candidate for the Democratic nomina
tion in 1896. There is no reason for sup
posing that he will not be a candidate.
He has always been a CamJuiate ever
silnce he first commenced. He is the only
Democratllc president the nation' has
elected during the past 39 years. He has
been nominated and elected; nominated
and beaten and again (nominated1 and
elected. He does not, perhaps, consider
Ma possession and ownerefaip of the Dem
ocpatic party divided Into terms of foul
years. To him it may seem all one term
from 1885 until the present moment wtth
the little Interregnum of four years when
Mr. Harrison occupied the White House.
Why, then, may not that term continue
indefinitely? We have all heard of the
old toper who (was arraigned before a
police (magistrate for drunkenness and
leprlmanded for having gotltemi drunk
again so eoon after having been fined for
a like offense. "I haven't besn getting
drunk, your Honor," was the defense,
"this Is the same old drunk." If Presi
dent Cleveland Is marshaling his forces
for continuing imieflnltefly In the presl
dentlal oRlce, It is time for him to say
so, and -give some reason for attempting
to overthrow a national tradition. If he
has no such purpose in view, it is due
to the fourteen millions of American
voters that he ettwirld declare in unmts'
takaible terns that he will not permit his
name to go before the people in any
form or under any auapCces whatever.
Consul Robertson, located at Hamburg,
in informing the abate deportment of the
lntanltlon to hold an International nuval
expoisLtilon at Kiel from May 2G to Sep
tember 30, 1896, eaya: "The grounds
chosen for the exhibition are beautifully
situated along the shore of the bay of
Kiel, close to the eastern entrance of the
nuWly opened cwual, and with a splendid
view of the harbor of Kiel. They measure
atout 300,000 square meters. Large exhf
bitilon buLWlngB and small pavilions will
be erected, as we'll as open land half
covered giaClerte. The nnval exhibition
Is to compose ulH articles In any way con
nected with the navy or shipping in gen
eral, as well on tine sea as on rivers and
oanaOs. It Is utso to give a complete his
tory of the review of the development and
progress made In fhtp-bulMtng and Its
kindred industries. The waters of the
harbor of KileU offer exceffltint opportunity
for showing steam or electric launches,
sailing yadMs, roiwlng boa!t, etc. The of
ficial program will be rtiidy In September
next." The naval exhibition will be given
In connection with am industrial exposi
tion of the province of ScWiswig-HOI-stetin.
Many of the foreigners who went to
Europe during the ptrCod of depression,
making an exodus that strained the ca
pacity of Uhe ocean steamers, are evident
ly returning, attracted back by the re
port of returning prosperity. Flf.y
tflvousund more Immigrants have enteiul
flhe port of New York since January 1
tllian durtrng the samo period in 1891.
It aippears that the cost of collecting ,the
unconstitutional income tax Was S8,789.
That Is the price the country must pay
for one exujnpla of Dtmocroitlc folly.
The debate between Horr and Harvey
has not proved as interesting as was ex
pected, not from any lack of ability or
knowledge of his subject on the part of
unrr nr f skillful dialectic fencing on
the part of his untngonlst, but partly be-
up the time allotted to each to alt rnate-
,ng periods, npiwrenuy, ot live mmum,
did not admit of the connected or com
,invi,vr,nint of tha arstument on
Horr's side, which was desirable, and
partly becauBe the irreater pari oi me ue
bate up to the present time has been de
voted to questions chlotly of historical
interest, having only a rem'ote and lu
d.rect bearing on 'the main question.
From llarvey'r point of view these hls
.orliil mutters have a detlni'te, logical
.e.tlon to his position On the silver ques
tion. That poslV.oi Is, In substance, that
Une sliver dollar wus established, by our
Urat colnaae act, as the- sole unit and
measure of value; that It remained so
till It was stealthily, under British in
fluenco, demonetized In 1S73, and tha't
iheivby, In consequ nce of the fall In
prices and the rise in gold, (ire-ait wrong
,as done 'to all property owners nnd all
.ieb'iora, w hich can only be redressed by
the fr e coinage of sliver at the ratio of
H to 1, nnd the di-bisement of t!d coins
to the silver Standard. It Is unnecessary
to repeat lluilt every rftep by which he
re.ich.s this conclusion has been over
imi over again deimonsitnaiieJ to bo a"
fUltilUcaMlon if and economic
facta. Mr. IL'.wr has shown them to be
to, XM as fast as an old falsehood was
be.ntei doiivn Harvey was ready with a
new one to tuke Its liace, and ills reck
iesa disregard of fadts lias gone far to
make 'the dotiite ridiculous.
The plaCn, lmt!sput4iiU:e favt fs gold
has lieen, in all comiinvroial protlc.-, the
standard of value in this country for
over fifty years. AC1 contracts during
Hit time have been mado with tho un
derstanding that th.y were to be dis
charged In givld values. Every United
Stalics boml has bten issued and sold
n.Mt thlw: undiirstamMng. Every i-ailrond
bond: all the obl'.'rations of corporjtlo.-.s;
all mrtsraires; ail 111V insurance policies;
all agreements of every kind to pay
money at some futurj time have been
bs;d for fifty odd -ears on the gold
standard, w.h the Implied undej-standlng
that -they were to be paid in "ld. S.nce
1S73, or for twenty-two years, gold has
been the sole lentil rtundord of value.
And all contracts or aKreetrients by cor
porations or Individuals to pay money
In thut Mme have been virtually rold con
tracts. There are very tow existing con
tracts whose Itft dates back before 187S.
and there are ceowlnCy tic debts owned
by Individuals In this country which
wero nK Incurred si:w that time with
1 nhHLtviiOn to oa them
.n gold or tts iiutvaJe:k!s, Hint wherever
coni'.rac.s do extts; which antedate that
year they were srtu Incurred wnen goiu
was universally accepted and recognlxed
as the sols standard of value in com
mercial or common usRg.
Th.,aKm w4in Afr. IT.irvev oroooses
to sirtMtltu:e the llver doitor for the
goCd slarnlard on mflilch all ouslnesa cran
koniUn ihAv tv,n Kisel for over fifty
years, and to debase the gold coins to
half their present value in oruer 10
ihn ,ii.rn tn h level of silver, be de-
u,vi.i ni losatt. tie credit of unblushing
frankTits. For tMo 1" n orn eon.ton
that the free coinage of "liver contem
plates the most stupendous) swindle
JLvh nua enrer Al'Mnnted (X be CXDlolted
by madmen or knaves In any country un
der heaven. It is a scheme to repudiate
the half of every form of pecuniary ob
ligation entered Into toy the nation, by
the slates, cities, counties and school dis
tricts; by every corporation, savings
bank, Insurance company and private in
dividual. uch a scheme need mot be dis
cussed in these columns. It is staipJe.un
adiiiicerated rascality. The nation or peo
ple which should undertake Uo do this
sort of thing would sink to a level of
Infamy which would place It outside the
pale of civilization. The individuals who
attempt it have, alt leat, to go through
the form of bartkrurltcy before it can be
done without a protonped residence in
the penitentiary, and no legal sanction
could make It less a owtndle.
The man wtio is dishonest enough to
prbpose thiat the American people go Into
this scheme of swindling the world and
each other cannot be expected to be hon
est In his etultement of the facts by which
he undertakes to bridge his way to it.
But all his superstructure of falsehood
tumbles into empty Inconsequence in face
of the slimpte floct we have cited, a fact
that no cn- duputes) ;that all existing
debts and nu:.? - rionltrttcts of every kind
and nature, public or private, have been
Incurred on the gold basis. His scheme
of a single silver atandardlts morality
Its business expediencymust be tried,
therefore, by this imoontesSabie and con
trolling fact and It needs no other
Real Estate fflen,
Business JYIen
Of Astoria
8 3'Call Intp the Astorlan office
and get sample copies of our regu
lar Commercial edition.
It JVIeans Money
in Your Pocket.
Notice fa hereby given !that N. Clinton
& Sosis, contracitois for the Improvement
of Bond sVrc-eit, in Aduir's Astoria, under
the provisions of Ordinance No. 1911, on
the 3d day of August, 1895, filed In tho
olllce 'of .the auJItor and police Judtje of
tiie el'ty of Astoria, Uhe certificate of the
City Surveyor and Superintendent of
Streets, approved by the Committee on
&treet9 and Tublic
ACkr tho cxilra'tAon of the time here-l.-iaiUer
pecifiod, if wo objections to the
acceptance of eueh. work be Hied and the
Common Council shull deem sueJh im
provement pro?2rly computed, according
to 'the contract and plana and spedlkra-
tions therefor, the same may be accepted.
Objections to 'the inucejilLance of e.iid
lmi;roveme:.t or any p.irt thereof, may tie
filed in the olllce of the Auditor and
Police Judge on or before Wednesday,
August 7, 181-3.
AudlVur and Police Judge.
Adjorla, Oregon, August 3, 1S95.
Notice Is hereby given that J. A. Fas
t abend, contractor for the construction ot
1-tth street sewer, under the provisions of
Ordinance No. 1915, on the 1st day of
August, l.i9j, Hied In the olllce of the
Auditor and Police Judr;e of the city of
Astoria, the- Certificate of the City Sur
veyor and Superintendent of Streets, ap
proved by the Committee on Streets und
Public Ways.
After the expiration of the time here
inafter epecllled, if no objection to the
acceptance of such work be filed and the
Common Council shall deem such Im
provement prop, rly completed, according
to the contract and Bpeclllcaiions there
for, the same may be accepted.
Objections to tho acceptance ot said
sewer or any part thepi'for may be filed
.n ine onice oi me Auuuor anu rowce
Judge on or before Wednesday, August
7-1 h, 1895. K. OH BURN,
Auditor and Police Judge,
Astoria, Oregon, August 2nd, 1S9G.
Notice Is hereby given that L, .Leback,
Contractor for the Improvement ot Duane
street. In Adair s Astoria, under the pro
visions of Ordinance No. 1926, on the
12th day of June, 1S95, filed in the offlce
of the Aud.tor and Police Judge of the
City of Astoria, the certificate of the
City Surveyor and Superintendent of
Streets, approved by tho Committee on
Streets and Public Ways.
After the expiration of the time here
inafter specified, If no objections to the
acceptance of such work be filed and the
Common Council shall dem such Im
provement properly completed, according
to tho contract and plans and specifica
tions therefor, the same may be accepted.
Objections to the acceptance of said
Improvement or any part thereof, may be
filed In the ofllce of the Auditor and
Police Judpe on or before Wednesday,
June 19th, 1895.
Auditor and Police Judge.
Astoria, Oregon, June 13th, 193.
Notice Is hereby given that N. Clinton
& Sons, contractors for the improvement
of 42d Btreet, In Adair's Astoria, und r
tho provisions of Ordinance No. 1910, on
the 12th day of June, 189o,-filed in the
olltce of the Auditor and Police Judjre of
the City of Astoria, the'cert.llcate of the
City Surveyor, and Superintendent of
Streets, approved by tho Committee on
S treets and Public Ways.
After the expiration of the time here
inafter specified, If no objections to the
acceptance of such work he filed amd tne
Common Council shall 4 Kin such Im
provement properly completed, according
to the contract and plans and specifica
tions therefor, the same may be accepted.
Objections to the acceptance of said
Improvement or any rart thereof, may be
filed In the olllce of the Auditor and
Police Judge on or before Wednesday,
June 19th, 18
Auditor and Police Judge.
Astoria, Oregon, June 13th, 1895.
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Ogtlon, Denver
Omaha or
St. Taiil.
?roo u-e-jlinln; Oh Ira G -r
Astoria to San Francisco.
State, "Wednesday, July 3.
Oregon, Monday, July 8.
State, Saturday, July 13.
Oregon, Thursday, July IS.
State, Tuesday, July 25.
Oregon, Sunday, July 23.
State, Friday, August 2.
Astoria and Portlr-d Steamers.
T. J. Power leaves Astoria Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday und Friday at 7 p. m
Wednesday and Sunday upon apr.vail
from Ilwaco in the evening. Leaves
Portland Monduy( Tuesday, Thursday and
Friday at 7 a. m., Wednesday at 8 a. m,,
and Saturday at 1 p. m.
R. It. Thompson leaves Astoria dally,
exespt Sunday, at 6:15 a. m,; leaves Port
land dally, except Sunday, at 8 p. m.
On Saturday w.U leave at 10 p. m.
Harvest Queen leaves Astoria Wednes
day and Sunday at 7 p. m.; leaves Port
land Wednesday and Saturday at 7 a. m.
l'or rates nnd general information ca);
to or address
Commercial Agent, Astoria, Or
Cn, Fus. Agrt., Portlnnd. Or
"Do unto others as you would have
others do unto you." Id sympathetically
shown tn the following lineq, the pre
sumption being thut sympathy is torn,
or akin to pain or sorrow:
"Gentlemen: Please Bend Krause's
Headache Capsules as follows: Two
boxes to Flora Seay, Havanna. K. Dak.
Two boxes to Lillle Wilcox, Brookland,
M. Dak, 1 nave always been a great
Mirfeivr from headache and your Cap
sules are the only tning that relieves
me." Yours very truly,
Havana, N. Dak.
For halo by Chas. (topers, Astoria
)r.. Sdl, Acrent
Gentlemen: This is to certify that 1
have used Krause's Keanacno I'upsules
with satisfactory results. 1 bought a
box which cost ine -S3, nnd one cupsrie
cured me of a dreadful pick hMdnche.
My wife and mvself nave both used
the medicines manufactured by the
Norman Llrbty Mf's Co.. .".nd we re
commend them to the public as dbIhk
JJust what they are represented.
Ed. Gazette, Pleasant Hill. Mo.
Twenty-five cents, for sale by
Rogwrs. Astoria. Or., sole agents.
The only railroad lighting its trains by
The only railroad using the celebrated
electric berth reading lamp.
The coaches now running on "The Mil
waukee" are Palaces on Wheels.
On all its through lines, the Chicago,
Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway mns the
most perfectly equipped trains of Sleep
ing. Parlor, and DirJng Cars and Coaches.
For lowest rates to any poCnt In the
United tSates and Canada, apply to ticket
as rots, or address C. J. EDDY,
General Agtnt,
Portland, Oregon.
Blood purifier, given fresnnejs and
clearness to the completion and cuter
Constipation. ?5 tts.. St ctt . J1.00.
For Sale by J. "W. Conn.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
r- '.. ; -;C.-.
Canadian Pacific
Greatest -?- TCo!ittatal
Railway System.
" -IN-
Palace Dining Room and Sleeping Cars.
Luxurious Dining Cars.
Elegant Day Coaches.
-also -
Observation Cars, allowing Unbroken
Views of the Wonderful Mount
ain Country.
$5.00 and $10.00
Saved on all tickets East. Tourist csr the
beat on wheel!, tqulpmeuts oi the very llucst
Canadian Pacific
China and Japan.
China steamers leave Vancouver, B. C.
Empress of India
Empress of Japan
Empress of China
Empress of India
Empress of Jaran
Empress of China
Aug. 5th.
Aug a6th.
Sept. 161I1.
Oct. 14th,
Nov. nth.
Dtc, gth.
Australian steamer leave Vancouver, B. C
1GU1 of every month.
For ticket rates and information call
on or address
Astoria, Or,
W. F. Carson, Travelinrr Pass. Act.,
1 acomn, Wa-h.
Geo. McL. Brown, Dist. Pass. Af;t.,
Vancouver, B. C.
the Oasis of thf
Colorado desert
Dry and Pure Tropica
Pronounced by Physicians the
most Favorable in America
for Sufferers from . . .
Lung Diseases and
Many Remarkable Cures
The objections urged against Indlo
In the past by tho large numbers who
otherwise would have been glad to tak
advantage of Its beneficial climate, ha
been a lack of suitable accommoda
tion. The Southern Pacific Company,
takes pleasure In announcing that sev
eral Commodious and
Com ortable Cottages
have Just been erected at Indlo sta
tion, that will be rented to applicant!
at reasonable rates. Tfcey are fur
nished with modern conveniences, sup
plied with pure artesian water, and so
situated as to gove occupants all the
advantages to be derived from a mort
or less protracted residence in this de
llghtful climate.
(From the San Francisco Argonaut.)
"In the heart of the great desert of
the Colorado which the Southern Pa
jllio road traverses there Is an oasis
called Indlo, which, in our opinion, it
the sanitarium of the earth. We be
ileve, from personal investigation, thai
for certain invalids, the-e is no spot oi
this planet bo favorable."
G. T. Stewart, M. IX, writes: "Thi
purity of tho air, and the eternal sun
shine, fill one with wonder and delight.
Nature has accomplished sc
much that there remains but little for
man to do. As to its possibilities as a
health resovt, here is the most per
fect sunshine, with, a temperature al
ways pleasant, a perfectly dry soil
for rain is ah unknown factor; pure
'ixygen, denpo atmosphere and purf
water. What more can be desired?
It is the place, above all others, for
lunrr trouWes, and a paradise for rheu
matics. Considering the number of
sufferers who have been cured, I hav
no hesitancy In recommending this
(rental oasis as the haven of the afflict
ed." INDIO
Ts 612 miles from
and 130 miles from
Fare from Los Angeles
For further Information Inquire ot
any Southern Pacific Company agent,
or addresa
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt a P. Co.
Dist Pass. Agt
Cor. First ui Alder SU. Portland. Or.
Are Yon Going East?
Eo sure and see that your ticket
readi) via
I line:.
This Is the
And all Points East and
Their Magnificent Track, Peerless Ves
tlbuled Dining and Sleeping Car
Trains and Motto:
Have given this road a national reputa
tion. All classes of passengers carried
on the, veiHibuled trains without extra
charge. Ship your freight and travel
over this famous line. All agents have
Gen. Agent Trav. F. and P. Agt.
248 Washington St., Portland. Or.
Are You Going East?
If so, drop a line to A C. Sheldon,
general ngent of the "Burlington
Uoute," 2uU Washington St., Portland.
He will mall you free of charge, maps,
time tables, and advise you as to the
through rates to any point, reserve
sleeping car accommodations for you,
and furnl.-ih you with through tickets
via either the Northern, Union, South,
em. Canadian Pacific, and Great North
ern railroads at the very lowest rates
The Burlington Route Is generally
conceded to be the linest equipped rail
road in the world for all cliisses of
Astoria, Oregon.
Slu'p Chandlery,
Special Attention Paid to Supplying Ships.
AdJress. box 1S0, Postoflice. ASTORIA. Oft
Acts as trustee for corpora Uw. .)
individuals. Deposits solicited.
Interest will be allowed on " ,-.-
deposits at the rate of 4 per cent pel
J. Q. A. BOWLBT Prenldeiil
BENJ. YOUNG Vice President
J. Q. A. Eowlby, C. H. Page, BenJ
Toung, A. S. Reed, D. P. ThompsoB
W. E. Dement, Gust Holmes.
A complete (stock of lumber on hand
In the rou?h or dressed. Flooring, rus
tic, ceiling, and all kinds of finish;
mouldings and shingles; also bracket
work done to cider. Terms reasonable
and prices at bedrock. All orders
promptly attended to. Office and yard
at mill. H. v. l. LOGAN, Prop'r.
Spnplds, Orftiron.
As Franklin says, good dress opens
ill doors, you should not lose sight of
the fact that a perfect fitting suit is
the main feature. Wanamaker &
Brown are noted for fit, workmanship
and superiority of qualities. Their rep
resentative vlfit3 Astoria every three
months. Offlce 64 Dekum Rulldlng,
Portland, Or Reserve orders till you
have seen the sprintr Une of samples.
What the Gambrinus Beer Mall tried
to do in selecting their liquors was to
pick out what intelligent people would
want if they knew it as experienced
people should know It. Make a note
of this if you want pure liquors. George
Hartley, Proprietor.
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween C. J. Greenlund and Anton Brix
florists, is hereby dissolved by mutual
consent, and all debts of the said firm
will be paid by C. J. Greenlund and C. G.
P.ilmberg, and all outstanding accounts
are due and payable to them.
Gentlemen: I hnd occasion to use
everal box of Krause's Headache
'"apsule wh!'e traveling to Chicago to
Utend the National Democratic Con
tention. T??y acted like a charm in
oreventln? headaches and dizziness.
Have had very little headache since
my return, which is remarkable.
Tours, resoectfultv
Ed. Renovo (Pa.) Record.
For sale by Chas. Rogers, Astoria,
Or., sole agent.
ROYAL Baking Powder.
H-Zhszt cf all la kavcalng
Stre2th.V. S. Oorcnusnt Report,