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: JOHN T. LIGHTER, Editor.
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est Weekly In the state of Oregon, has
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WWle private business of all kinds
Is rtebdKy Improving, the focal affairs of
the governmer are still In bad condition,
Slid even the most sanguine government
officials must shortly aklmct that some
other expedient khan the creveolt mongrel
tariff most be adopted 4l supply an ln
come adequate co uie ordinary experos
of the aimbilatration. A statement of
receipts from customs In the month of
July since 1887 etibwa that they have
hoi to ittve elgwt years been so low ue
they will be for the current month, and
yet Importations are on, a. larger wale.
Under the McKmley act the lowest re
ceipts for July mew in 18S3, when they
amounted ito very nearly $31,000,000. There
ha ndt been, a July since 1836 In which
the recMpftj aid ntft exceed $30,000,000, so
I Halt (this til will fthbw the worst record
In a full decade or more. The excess of
expenditures over receipts his month
irta probably lb hot ar from 115,000,000.
Taere Is nothing Ito mtainiunjt expectation
of mn increase of revenue during the
succeeding Ave avortths of 1895, or at any
Mite Dot sudh an increase as will bring
tt up to expenditures. The Utter wlll not
b so Harge as for July, eo that the month
ly xJeftolt will tie less, but that there wl
be a deficit may be regarded as certafcu
It is pretty sate to say that -when cbn
tas theelts early far December at iwlll be
confronted by the fact than the receipts
of Ithe "treasury (have run (behind expendi
tures tturtng the flr live months. Of the
ntcul year to the amount of at least
$6,000,000, irtlh tJh outlook tuo batter then
(toan how for receipts wverltokllng expendi
ture. It appears that some of the treas
ury officials, Including, perhaps, Secret a
ly Carlisle, still hope that there will be
a cNange -winch will render unnecessary
liny reojirtmendaitlon to congress of means
fc.'r providing more revalue, but It li not
easy Ito see. upon what they are building
he hope, unless It be the expectation of
a greattr flood ot Importations. There is
ft reason to expect any material ln
crefase 6f lrtoorme from Inlternal taxes.
Clin amy further demonparaltlon than
hult lias been given during Wh eleven
mooths of the operation of the present
tariff law he necewury to prove it'hUt as
a revenue measure It is a most complete
fen ure T Is the fact tthaJt Whe receipts for
th' monlih wlH he lees by from fc.Ouu.OOO
to $6,000,000 than they were in July ot
lust year, under the Mn-Kiiniley law, nlot
conclusive evidence of the Inferiority of
tit existing act so far as providing V
goyenrarw-nt w.'th rewnue Is concerned?
CeKlkvlnly there can he no question aa
this, and yet a Democratic administration
will not permit any change to 'be miakle
In tins law in a OJredtlon to make it yield
more revenue, hut is expected to reco-nv
mend Increasing Inllennal taxes or putting
la ijjufty on 'tea or coffee, pitopoeltluns
which a RepuWlUbon house at representa
tives :wllt not and cannot reasonably he
expected to etttciluiin.
Th New York newspaper are devoting
c'onsCderahle space to the fact llihat Blehup
Politer has Ooregone his annual vucultlon,
and wiKI spend a mumlth an the working
rjctor Of the CWthedral mission on the
, aat aide of Now York. There are many
clergymen who labor all the year In Just
juch districts, who suffer privations pa
Uexitly amd (wUllngty, if by so doing they
- con help 'their flUawts, and whose devo
tionind Self-suicrWlce are m.ver heard of
In the outside wortdl. Blahup Potter, Jut
and geherous us he Is, has nut been stuw
to -acknowledge this fact .when lrtfervt.w
ed, miil has atao been careful to explain
that hi; was not going to Induce mvirtyr
doth, or ht he proposed "slumming."
He' Wiihfted to ll.arn toc himself the char
acter and requirements Of that particular
mfeatUrwAeld, and, oertulniy there was no
' b&tec way of obtaining such knowledge
'thafn ty mingling with Ithe ptwple who
live smd fetor there. But without giving
the (bishop's work sensational tmpont
nee, eorimeithlng that he himself depre
ctJ, his resolution lo go when? he has
gone -is a good example of self-aUnegu
tlon. He has set am exulmpCe to the cler
gy, and his course la a spo.'ndld object
teason :ln the Uwnocracy of the church
ill eiuuty of men In the sight of heav
en, owIJhlnt ahoult "which we heur a
great d.ul, but see very lltti-e. Chrtettom
ty '.wll become more of a reaHty to
weary t&Mera and workers when It Is
brought to thiem by just such simple and
gijfle e ram pi
The St. Paul PIrtoecr Press saysr Last
year niUny a farmer fci Nebraska sold his
irtm fbr enijush money to leave tin; state,
while, if reports are to be believed, oth
p, d-Mhturtoned toy th total failure of
i'.c t.,.i Mir.dancd their farms and left
the scene of their troubles empty-handed
t tugirj Hfe anew elsewhere.. The tiHure
pf two crops in that state undoubteOCy
sdaled the value of farm property to an
mrauvng extent, Judging toy the amount
mums would bring at an open sale. This
year the com crop, one of the beet In
the htetiary of the sUalte, will not Only nil
the pockets of the farmers of Nebraska,
but It wOl restore In one year the firm
values so frightfully undermined by the
past. What is true of Nebraska Is more
or less true of Mtaieaolta. and Ithe Dako
Bas. While there has been no absolute
fuBure of crops In the near Northwest,
the yield and prices for the pant two
years havo not been encouraging. It
not to be wondered at thlat Immigration
has .turned t the Southwest rather than
to that secltion and that the demand for
farm property has been very light. The
present crop will change this. Not only
wHl It bring talto that eeot&oiY epproxl
mately $167,000,000, an amount which wlU
represent about $76 for every Inhabitant
of theele three etots, but It will Increase
the value of the farms of the Northwest
ajmost 30 per cent, for the property has
become profitably productivev The crops
will he the moot effective adverlt'jsement
that seat Bon ever had, and already the
railroad land departments are feeling the
effect in inqiuirles by prospective settlers.
The happy incident of bountiful crops
amd fair prices at one time assures the
farmers of a good Income and adds to
their wealth by increasing the value of
property. In a few months the mart
gages of the Northwest ougihlt to be large
ly supplanted by bank accounts.
AtocordUig to a Washington dispatch
the Bimetallic Leugue-foleety so called,
for the object of the organization Is the
adoption of silver mbnamethlllsm Is go
ing 'to he first in the field w th a prestden
Ual ticket, and Senator Jones of Nevada,
Is to be at the head at ft. Evidently the
managers of the leagus have no hope of
success, tfhbugh they say .they have great
hopes, when they eelect as a danVlkltute
a man who, Oiavlng been born a foreigner,
Is intelligible. Electoral votes cast for
Jones could not be counted. These silver
monometatUists who call (themselves bi-
mdtnmats know that, and they are think'
Ing of listing Junes' name only because
he is a wealthy man, owning one or more
silver mines, and they believe he will
bleed freely if his van'.ity I9 tickled by
a nomination.
Harrison sayls he bellevus that "the
American flag should be hbiated on every
public building, and planted In the heart
of every American citizen." That kind
of talk, siys the CTbtjoDamtocrat, has
never yet done harm to a candidate for
the pres&Jenoy.
The treasury gold reairve is beginning
to decline again, but it Is to be hoped
that the uldmlnlstnittlon will not be obllg'
ed to hire andtlher syndicate of bankers
to protect It by selling bonds to th.m at
their own price.
It Is estimated 'that one of the counties
of Illinois will produce 13,000,000 bushels
of corn thus year. The general prevalence
of suoh facts is rupidly suppressing the
free stiver cnaze and other forms of polit
ical foolishness.
They Are Blind and Inhabit a Bottomless
Pond With no Visible outlet.
The aueer flsh What for a short time
every season Inhabit the Bottmless pond,
near MHford, Ct., made tihelr first ap
pearance for this year last Sunday morn-
r.s. The pond lies in a deep ravine on
the Bouthwest side of New Haven turn
pike, only two miles from the village.
The wayfarer llnds himself standing on
the edge of a circular gulf some 7b ieet
across. The ptrpenaicuiar wans are 01
green marble, beautifully shaded and mot
tled. About 30 feet below the level wnere
the nath terminates the walls end at a
fairly even shelf about 12 feet wide. On
one side a series of rudely cut steps af
ford menas of descent to the level border
cf the pond.
Old Dan Buckley was buckleberrylng
near the quarry three years ago when he
dlscovertd the flsh for which the pond Is
celebrated. As he apprdached the edge of
the pond quietly he saw albout 20 good
sized flsh lytrg motionless near the sur
face. He dislodged a pebble by accident,
and at the sound of Its fall t'he flsh van
ished as if by magic. Last year they ap
leard early In June and several unsuc
cessful attempts were made to catch
fhem. A New 'Haven flatting enthusiast
took Ashing tackle and a folding canvas
boat to (tie pond one morning. His
scheme was to snare the flsh if they re
fused to notice his bait. He launched tils
boat ao.fely and enjoyed the sensation of
being the first man to drift out on the
Bottomless pond, but the flsh disappeared.
For t'.vo hours ho waited In Vain for their
refurn. Before he came ashore he tried
to sound the depth of the pond. He let
out DO yards of trout line, well weighted,
but he found no bottom.
An attempt to catch the flsh Is to be
rnadt this season by a Yale professor and
his friends. Their plan Is to set a line gill
net horltonhilly across the pond at a
depth of about three feet. They hope that
the flsh In riftng will run into the mtshes
and be cauirtit. All the flsh are of about
the same size 18 li,ches long and sUnder,
like a dace In form, but almost a Jet
hlack. No scales are discernible, and
their (Ins and tails resemble those cf the
ctmmon brook trout. When in repose,
they are only about three or four Inches
below the surface and Invariably face to
ward the north. The eyes are large and
protrude from the head.
It has been virtually proved that the
flsli are atone blind, for although they
sink out of sight at the slightest Jar or
noise they do not notice Uhe waving of
poles or leaves over the pond. The people
here cull the flsh white yes.
If the pond Is fed by subterranean
streams at water, these fish, It Is thought,
may be visitors from an underground lake
or from a distant river. There are only
about two months In which to study their
lhablts. At the opening of August the
strange vlritants disappear as suddenly as
they come. Henry Tuttle. the expressman,
was the first person to see them this year,
and he says they look the Same as ever,
hut are rathsr blgycr than last year. A
dox.n or more persons have visited the
pond slnoe Sunday and have seen the flsh.
Meiw York Bun,
"One of the most Interesting and In
genious methods of raising water from
a river I saw recently on a visit :o
Green River," said Assistant Engineer
Gllcrest. "It was a contrivance arranged
by Charles McPherson at that place, u
consists of a wooden wheel two and a
half feet In diameter armed with paddles,
which were set In motion by the current
of the river, into which it was placed be
ttreon tiro scows. At one point In the cir
cumference of the wheel Is an offset with
an opening In It. As the wheel revolves
the wa'.er Is forced through the opening
Into a coil of pipe In the body of the
wheel, whlth Is arranged like a snail's
shell. This coil tmnHates In the exle
of the wheel, which consists of a gas
pipe two and a hUf inches la diameter.
A perpendicular aNivlplps rises from th
exle five and a half feet above the cen-
I ter of the wheel, and through this pipe
1 tlhe water is forced In a continuous
"All of the work on the wheel is rough
and ready, but the principle of the thing
was newi to me. The maker of the wheel
told me that a wheel eight feel In dla
meter would raise water through a two
and a half inch pipe to a height of 20
ireet. The height to twhlch It is raised de
pends upon tahe number of colls in the
interior of the wheel. The wheel I saw
was covered with Russian flron sheeting
so as to make It air tight except for the
opening at the offset, and I suppose that
compressed air has much to do with
forcing the water so far above the su.'
face. A good feature of the wheel is
Chat It need not he permanently fix;
anywhere. It is set between two scows
and therefore rises and falls with the
Current. It was well worth while going
a good distance to see It rwurk." Chey
enne cwyo.) leader.
I'd a:ways thine on holidays,
Were I the sun;
On sleepy heads I'd never gaze,
But focus all my morning rays
On busy folks of bustling ways,
Were I the sun.
I would not melt a sledding snow,
Were I the sun;
Nor spoil the Ice where stealers go.
Nor help those useless weeds to grow.
But hurry melons on, you know,
Were I the sun.
I'd warm the. swimming pool Just right,
were I the sun:
On school days I would hide my light
The Fourth I'd always give you bright,
wor set so soon on Christmas night,
Were I the sun.
I would not heed such paltry toys,
Were I the sun
Such work as grown-up men employs;
But I would favor solid Joys
In short, I'd run the world for boys,
Were 1 the sun.
-(Amos R. Wells, in St. Nicholas.
Notice ts hereby given that N. Clinton
& Sons, contractors for the improvement
of Bond street, In Adair's Astonfa, under
the provisions o'f Ordinance No. 1941, on
the 3d Hay of August, 1896, filed in the
office of the auditor and police Judge of
the cl';y of Astoria, the oetfaifloate of the
City Surveyor and- Superintendent of
Streets, approved by the Committee on
Streets and public Ways.
Afltier tho expiration of the time here.
InaPter specified, if no objections to the
acceptance of such work be filed and the
Common Council shall deem such Im
provement properly complete according
to the contract and plans mnd specifics
ttons therefor, the same may he accepted.
Objections to the laecepltamce of said
Improvement or any part thereof," may be
niea in the office of the Auditor and
Police Judge on or before Wednesday,
August 7, 18.
Auditor and Police Judge.
Aa.oria, Oregon, August 3, 1896.
Notice Is hereby given that J. A. Fas-
talbend, contractor for the construction of
14th street sewer, under the provisions of
Ordinance No. 1946, on the 1st day of
August, 1895, filed In the office of the
Auditor and Police Judge of the city of
Astoria, the Certificate of the City Sur
veyor and Superintendent of Streets, an-
proved by the Committee on Streets and
Public Ways.
After the expiration of the tlm here
inafter specified, if no objection to the
acceptance of such work be filed and the
Common Council shall deem such im.
provement properly completed, according
co tne contract and specifications there
for, the same may be accepted.
Objections to the acceptance of said
sewer or any part therefor may be filed
in the office of the Auditor and Police
Judge on or before Wednesday, Auguat
7th, 1895. K. OS BURN,
Auditor and Police Judge,
Astoria, Oregon, August 2nd, 1895.
Notice Is hereby given that Assessment
RtolU No. 4, containing the SDecial as
sessment for the construe tiois of sewer
In 12th, street, from the north line of
Grand avmtue to a point 50 feet north of
the norjh line of Bond street, all In the
city of Astoria, as laid out and recorded
by John MCClure and extended by
Cyrus OJney, has been filed In the
office of the Auditor and Police Judge
and Is now open for Inspection and will
so remain open-until the 1th uay of August
1895, prior to which time all objections
to such must be filed (In writing) with
the Auditor and Police Julge.
The committee on streets and public
ways, together with the street assessors,
of the City of Astoria, will meet In the
council chambers at the city hall, in the
city of Astoria, on' Wednesday, Aug. 7th,
1895, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m., to
review and equalise such assessment and
report their action to the common coun
cil. K. OSBURN,
Auditor and Police Judge
Astoria, Or., July 24Jh, 1896.
Notice la hereby given that Assessment
Roll No. 2, containing the special assess
ment fof the Improvement of alleyway
running through Blocks No. 2, 2, 4 and
6, from the west line of 38th street to
the west line of 42d street, all In the city
of Astoria, as luld out and recorded by
John Adair and commonly known as
Adair's Astoria, has been nled In the
office of the Auditor and Police Judge
and Is open for Inspection and wld remain
open uroUl the Tt'h day ot August, 18, prior
to which time all objections to toon must
be filed (In writing) with the Auditor and
Police Judge.
The committee on streets and public
wuys together with the street asaesors
of the City Of Astoria, will meet in the
council chambers at the City Hall, In the
City of Astoria, on Wednesday, Aug. 7th,
1895, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m., to
review and equalise such assessment ar.2
report their action to the common coun
cil. K. OSBURN.
Auditor and Police Judge.
Astoria. Or., July 2ii, 1886.
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In favor.
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rour blood, clear your complexion, reg
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clear us, belt 26 eta M Ct. said 21.00. '
Sold by J. W. Conn.
TICE, Notice Is hereby given that the Com-
mnn Cnntwll of the CttV Of AstOria,
Oregon, have determined to improve Du-
ane street from the east siae 01 oin sireei
to the west side of 12th street (except the
crossings of 7th, 9th and 11th
streets), all In the city of Asto
na as laid out and recorded by
John McClure and extended by Cyrus
Olney, by removing all defective piles,
cans and stringers, and putting in new
and sound fir piles, posts and sills wher
ever necessary, and new caps ana siring
ers, and planking the same with new
and sound fir plank four Inches in thlnk
nn over the trestle work, and three
inches in thickness on the solid ground,
and by building sidewalks on both sides
thereof; all the Improvements to be made
to the full width and established grade
of said street, and to Include railings
-where necessary, and to be done in ac-
cordance with plans and specifications
and ordinances In relation thereto.
The lands and premises upon which the
special assessment shall be levied to de
fray the cost and expense of such Im
provement and the district embracing
iM nrATtilsHlM. Allfl ttlA fl&me!
ar dMlffna'e? af tw.1.t:-
Lot one (1) ot Block Nnmbered 40, thencelP11 ounaay. On Saturday hih at 11
easterly along the center lines of Blocks
40, 41, 43. 43. 44, and 64, to the eastern
boundaries of Block Numbered 64, thence
northerly along eastern boundaries of
Blocks 64 and 61, to the northeast corner
of Lot 8, Block Numbered 61, thence west'
erly along center lines of Blocks 61, 60,
26, 27, 28 and 29, to the west boundary
of Block Numbered 29, thence southerly
along western boundaries of Blocks 29, and
40, to point of beginning; containing Lots
1, 2, S, and 4, In Blocks 40, 41, 42, 43, 44;
Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 6 and 7, In Block 64;
Lots 8, , 10, 11, 12, U and 14, In Block
61, and Lots 5, 6, 7 and 8, In Blocks 60,
26, 27, 28 andJD, all In the town (now city)
of Astoria, as laid out and recorded by
John McClure, and extended by Cyrus
Estimates of the expense of such Im
provements and plans and diagrams of
such work or Improvement and of the lo
callity to be improved, have been deposit
ed by the city surveyor with the auditor
and police judge for examination and may
be Inspected at the ofllce of such officer.
At the next regular meeting of the
Common Council, after the final publica
tion of this notice, towIt: On Wednesday,
August 7th, 1895, at the hour of 7:30 p. m.,
at the City Hall, the sild council will con
sider any objections to such Im
provement being made, and if a remon
strance against suoh improvement, signed
by persons owning more than one-half
of the property in such district herein1 de
scribed, and in which the special ussess
ment is to be levied, shall be tiled with the
Auditor and Police Judge before the
said time of meeting, of the Common
Council, no such improvement or work
shall be ordered except by the concur
rence of all the Councllmen elect.
By order of the Common Council.
Attest: K. UbtiuitiN,
Auditor and Police Judge,
Astoria, July iith, 1895.
J. L. Hartman us receiver of the North
west Loan & Trust company, plaintiffs,
vs. Charles F. 61iter, Lnulse Sllter, W,
C. Cowgill, Fred I. Girtanncr, R. A.
Frame and A. W. Stowetl, defendants
To Fred I. Girtanner, the ebove named
In the name of t'he State of Oregon
you are hereby required ito appear and
answer the complaint tiled against you
in the above entitled court and cause on
the first day of the next term of this
court following the expiration of six
weeks' publication of this summons, as
provided for in the order of publication.
to wit, on or before Monday, the ltith day
of September, 1S95, and if you fall to
appear or answer, for want thereof the
plaintiff will apply to the court for the
relief prayed for in tire complaint herein,
to wit:
Fird: That we 'have and recover of
and from t'he said defendants Charles
F. Sllter and W. C. CowglH the sum of
25,152, being the amount of principal, in
lerest and attorney's fees due upon said
promissory note and taxes paid by
plaintiff upon said real property as afore
said, together with ihe cosus and dis
bursements of this suit, and interest on
said J 1,910 from the. 11th day of June,
1815, at the rate of ten per cent per an
Second That the said deed .of l.he above
described real property made by the said
defendants Charles F. and (Louise Sllter
to said The Northwest Loan & Trust
company on the second day ot April,
182, be decreed and 'held to be a mort
gage upon the said real property to se-
oure ithe payment to plalnWff of the said
principal, interest, attorneys fees and
tuxes above mentioned and the costs and
disbursements of this suit.
Third That the said mortgage be fore
closed and the said real property sold
and uhe proceeds thereof brought into
court and applied tirst to the payment
of the costs and disbursements of this
suit and the costs, ohargts and expenses
of sale of the property, and then to the
payment to said plaintiff of the above
mentioned sum of S5.1&2 principal, Interest
and attorneys' fees and taxes, due him
as aforesaid, toget'ner with interest
thereon at the rate of ten per cenx ptr
annum from the dute of the llling of
Ihls complaint, and that If, after the
sale of said property and the application
of the proceeds Ithereof as aforesaid any
portion of said sums of money remain
still unpaid, that plaintiff have execution
therefor against said defendants Charles
F. Sllter and W. C. Cowgill.
Fourth That the defendants in this suit
and each one and all of them, and any
person claiming by, from, or under them,
or either or any of them, subsequent to
the commencement of this suit, be wholly
barred amd foreclosed of and from all
and all manner of ris'ht, title, interest,
lien, equity and claim of redemption In,
to or upon the above described real prop
perlty anid any portion thereof, save only
the statutory right to redeem.
FifthThat plaintiff have such other,
further,' or different relief as to the court
shall seem equitable In the premises.
This summons Is published by order of
'the Hon. T A. Mollrlde, judge of the
tbove entitled court, and made and en
tered on the 11th day of July, 1S9G.
Attorneys for Plaintiff, 510 Chamber of
Commerce, Portland, Oregon.
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most perfectly equipped trains of Sleep
ing, Parlor, and Dlrtng Cars and Coaches.
For kwt rat to any po.nt In the
United tSates and Canada, apply to ticket
agents, or address C. J. EDDY,
General Agent.
Portland, Oregon.
Telephone & Bailey Gatzert.
Columbia River and Pugct Sound Nav
igation Co.
Two Dally lloata to Portland
"Telephone" leaves Astoria at 7 p. m.
daily (except Snudny).
Leaves Portland "daily at 7 a. m., ex
cept Sunday.
"Bniley (iatzert" leaves Astoria Tues
day, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and
Kntnrilnv mnrninir at fi a m . Unn.lnn
. m ' ' ' 1 '
J Leaves Portland daily at 8 d. m.. ex.
p. m
Agent, Astoria,
' Telephone No. 11.
u. a. tscott, resident.
B. A. Seeley, Gen'l Agt., Portland.
Finnish Brotherhood
OF A3 fOItlA, ON
Sunday, August n, 1895
0. R: & N. Co.'s boat It. R. Thniniieon will leave
mo compsiiy w'art at'Ju clonic sharp, cou.
necting with train at llio bri go.
Fisher's Hall
In the Evening,
Tickets, round trip, including ball, fi.oo
Committee on Arrangements:
ilENUY KaUl'l'I.
E. flcNEIL, Receiver.
Gives Choice
Jmo Transcontinental
St. Taiil.
Og Jon, Denver
Omaha or
Pullman an.1 Tourist Metf
f ree eol'ning Ch Irs C r
Astoria to San Francisco.
State, Wednesday, July 3.
Oregon, Monday, July 8.
State, Saturday, July 13.
Oregon, Thursday, July 18.
State, Tuesday, July 23.
Ortgon, Sunday, July 28.
State, Frlduy, August 2.
Astoria and Portlnd Steamers.
T. J. Politer leaves Astoria Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7 p. m.,
Wtdnes'day and-Sunday upon Arr.vai
from Ilwaco In the evening. Leaves
Portland Monday( Tuesday, Thursday r.nd
Friday ait 7 a. m., Wednesday at 8 a. m.,
and Saturday at 1 p. m.
R. R. Thompson leaves Astoria dally,
except Sunday, at 6:15 a. m.; leaves Port
land daily, except Sunday, at 8 p. in,
On Saturday leave at 10 p. m.'
Harvest Queen leaves Astoria Wedms-
day and Sunday at 7 p. m.; leaves Port
land Wednesday and Saturday at 7 a. m,
Kor rates und general information call
in or address '
Commercial Agent, Astoria, Or
0ri. Pj Act.. Pnrtlan.-I.
Notice Is hereby given that L .Leback,
Contractor for the Improvement of Duane
street, In Adair's Astoria, under the pro
visions of Ordinance No. 1925, on the
12th day of June. 1805, filed in Uie office
of the Auditor and Police Judge of the
City of Astoria, the certificate, of the
Citv Surveyor and Superintendent of
Streets, approved by the Committee on
Streets and Public Ways.
After the expiration of the time here
inafter specified, if no objections to the
acceptance of such work be filed and the
Common Council shall dem such Im
provement properly completed, according
to the contract and plans and specifica
tions therefor, the same may be nccepted.
Objections to the acceptance of said
Improvement or any port thereof, may be
filed in the office df the Auditor and
Police Judg on or before Wednesday,
June 19th, 1895.
Auditor and Police Judge.
Astoria.. Oregon, June 13th, 1890.
Notice Is hereby given that N. Clinton
& Sons, contractors for the improvement
of 42d street, in Adair's Astoria, under
the provisions of Ordinance No. 1940, on
the Uth day of June, 1895, filed In the
office of the Auditor and Police Judge of
the City of Astoria, the cert. flea te of the
City Surveyor, and Superintendent of
Streets, approved by the Committee on
Streets and Public Ways.
After the expiration of the time here
inafter specified, if no objections to the
acceptance of such work te filed and ttie
Common Council shall dtem such im
provement properly completed, according
to the contracrand plans and specifica
tions therefor, the same may be accepted.
Objections to the acceptance of said
Improvement or any part thereof, may be
filed in the office of the Auditor and
Police Judg on or before Wednesday,
June 19th, 1896
Auddtor and Police Judge.
Astoria, Oregon, June 13th, 1895.
Mr. A. A. Snyder, Supt. Poor Farm,
Winnesheik county, la., says: Last win
ter Mr. Robert Leach used two boxes of
r..Wi;r Witch Ilaxel Salve and cured
larg running gore on his leg. Had
been under care of physicians for months
without obtaining relief. Sure cure for
Canadian Pacific
Greatest -f- Tt-ans-Coatinentai
Railway System.
Palace Dining Room and Sleeping Cars.
Luxurious Dining Cars. .
Elegant Day Coaches.' j
Observation Cars, allowing Unbroken
Views of the Wonderful Mount
ain Country.
$5.00 and $10.00
Fnvcd on all tickets Enat. Tourist csr Hie
best on wheel. IqulpmentP of the very finest
throui'lu ut.
Canadlan Pacific
China steamers leave Vancouver, B. C.
Empress of India
bmpress of Japan
Empress of China
Empress of India
fcmpress of Japan
Empress of Chim
Australian stennter leave Vancouver, B. C ,
10th ol every month.
For ticket rates and information call
on or address
Astoria, Or.
W. F. Carson, Traveling Pass. Agt.,
Tacoma, Wash.
Geo. McL. Brown, Dlst. Pass. Agt.,
Vancouver, B. C.
The Oasis of thf
Colorado Desert
A r4ew
Dry and Pure Tropica
. Climate
Pronounced by Physicians tl
most Favorable in Ameiica
for Sufferers from . . .
Lung Diseases and
Many Remarkable Cure
The objections urged against Indlc
In the past by the large numbers wht
otherwise would have been glad to tak
advantage of Its beneficial climate, haf
Deen a lack of suitable accominoda
tlon. The Southern Pacific Company
takes pleasure In announcing that sev
Commodious and
Comfortable Cottages
have Just been erected at Indie sta
tlon, that -will be rented to appllcuntt
at reasonable tates. Trey are fur
nlirhed with modern conveniences, sun
plied with pure artesian water, and fi
situated as to gove occupants all tht
advantages to be derived from a moit
or less protracted residence In this de
Ughtful climate.
(From the San Francisco Argonaut.)
"In the heart of the great desert o
the Colorado which the Southern Pa
cilia road traverses there is an oasis
called Indio, which, in our opinion, 1:
the sanitarium of the earth. We be
lieve, from personal Investigation, thai
for certain invalids, tlie-e Is no spot oi
this planet so favorable."
G. T. Stewart, M. I)., write&r "Th
purity of the air, and the eternal sun
shine, fill one with wonder and delight.
Nature has accomplished sc
much that there remains but little fot
man to do. As to Its possibilities as a
health resort, here Is the most per
fect sunsnme, wltn a temperature al
ways pleasant, a perfectly dry soil
for rain Is an unknown factor; pure
oxygen, aenps atmospnere and pure
water. What more can be desired?
It Is the place, above all others, for
lung troubles, and a paradise for rheu
matics. Considering the number of
surrerers wno have been cured, I hav
no hesitancy In recommending this
genial oasis as the haven of the afflict
ed." INDIO
Is 612 miles from
ami 130 .niles from
I -OS ano'eles
Fare from Los Angeles
For further Information lnnulre of
any Southern Pacific Company agen'.
or aouress
Asst Gen. Pass. Agt. S. P. Co
Dlst. Pass. Agt
Cor. Firs md Alder Sa, Portland. Or
Are You Going East?
Be sure and see that your ticket
reads via
I line:.
This Is the
And all Points East and
Their Magnificent Track, Peerless Ves
tlbuled Dining and Sleeping Car
Tralna uid Motto:
Have given this road a national reputa
tion. All classes of passengers carried
on the vestlbuled trains without extra
charge. Ship your freight and travel
over this famous line. All agents have
Gen. Agent Trav P. and P. Agt.
248 Washington st, Portland. Or.
Are You Going East?
If so, drop a line to A. C. Sheldon, '
general agent of the "Burlington
Route," 250 Washington st., Portland.
He will mall you free of charge, maps,
time tables, and advise you as to the
through rates to any point, reserve
sleeping car accommodations for you,
and furnish you with through tickets
via either the Northern, Union, South
ern. Canadian Pacific, and Great North
ern railroads at the very lowest rates
The Burlington Route Is generally
conceded to be the finest equipped rail
road in the world for all classes of
Astoria, Oregon.
Ship Chandlery,
Special Attention Pld to Supplying Ships.
Address, box 160, Posloffice.
Acts as trustee for corporatiii.s en.i
individuals. Deposits solicited.
Interest will be allowed on n..vir,?
deposits at the rate of 4 per cent pei
' Q- A. BOWLBT President
BENJ. YOUNG Vice Presldc-n:
J. Q. A. Bowlby, C. H. Page. BenJ
Voung, A. S. Beed, D. P. Thompson
W. E. Dement, Gust Holmes.
A complete stock of lumber on hand
n the rough or dressed. Flooring, rus
lc, celling, and all kinds of finish;
nouldlngs and shingles; also bracket
vork done to order. Terms reasonable
ind prices at bedrock. All orders
romptly attended to. Office and yard
t mill. H. v L. LOGAN. Prop'r.
'lumtrtc. Orog-nn
As Franklin says, good dress opens
ill doors, you should not lose sight of
the fact that a perfect fitting suit la
the main feature. Wanamaker &
Brown are noted for fit, workmanship
nd superiority of qualities. Their rep
resentative visits Astoria every three
months. Office 64 Dekum Building,
Portland. Or Reserve orders till vnn
have seen the spring line of sampleR.
The partnerahlo heretofore
tween C. J. Greenlund and Anton Brlx
florists, Is hereby dissolved by mutual
consent, and all debts of the said firm
will be paid by C. J. Greenlund and C. G.
Palmberg, and all outstanding accounts
are due and payable to them.
Nobody can do this who his dyanecsia.
Even a light meal, eaten with relish, In
flicts more or less torture upon the
wretched- victim of indigestion. But why
alio one's perf to be thus victimized
when succor in the shape of Hostettor's
Stomach Bit:ers can be summoned? If
you are going to any locality a remote
cr. try fern 'hure, or new settlement.
for i.. stance, where It is not reidily pro-
cura!:eprvida yourself In advance with
an ad.quate supply. An unaccustomed
diet is very apt to produce dyspeptic
qualms, so if brackish water aboard ship
and tne ea'lng of acta fruits. Forestall
further encroachment of the complaint
wi:n :ne sups-D ana genial corrictive
and prevei.a-ive. Heartburn, sour
"nictations, -biliousness, constipation, ma-
i.-ii, rheumatism and kidney trouble
promptly suceornb to the onsets of this
vanquisher of bodily aliments and restor
ative of vigor.
ROYAL Baking Powder.
Highest cf. til In leavening
Strength U. S. Omtnuteat Report,