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- - -$35'
1HK only way to lit man li to first And
out Just what kind of a man you have to
flt-that's Just what we do take your
measure esact-and cut the ault tor yoo-and
H must at. or we'll keep 'em.
chas. Mcdonald,
The Tailor.
S23 Commercial Street
Few Hen Would Ask
for a Finer Dinner
than those we serve. We're trying in
very way to make them the moat en
in tnwn. All the "good things1'
of the season-cooked by our excellent
,ook In the most delicious style. Perfect
If you invite a friend to the Palace
Restaurant the place Is a sumcienx guar
ante that he will receive a good meal.
The Palace Restaurant
Sterling Silver !
Never has there been suoh a stock
of sterling silver Jewelry as that now
on display at our store. Half the town
does not realize the immensity of this
EXSTROM, the Jeweler.
878 Oorcmerclal Street.
Manufacturers of every description of
Lounges, Mattresses, eta.
When the tide sets one way there is
always a cause for It
Women don't come here to buy roast
steaks, and all other kinds of meat
simply because it's Chiistensen & Co.'s.
Of course there are a few, a very
few, who buy out of compliment, or
from lgnoranoe, bat the great mass of
housekeepers buy where they can get
the best and for that reason we supply
the majority of the families in Asto
ria for they know by experience that
we have only the best
CHRI3TEN3BN ft CO.. Prop'rs,
flnndreds of business and professional
BMa are now coming to our place
Dally. WhyT Because they can at any
time, day or night, call for a sandwich
Iter and get it.
Ws expected to be mobbed for these
sandwaches and our fresh 6 cent beer
when the railroad comes.
Oiosbauer & Brach.
dtneral riachlnlst and Boiler .Works.
All kinds of Cannery, Ship, Steamboat
and Engine Work of any Description.
Castings of all kinds made to order.
Foot of Lafavette St., Astoria, Or.
A Poor Cigar
W. F. SOHIEBE never made.
Don't expeot to make, elthor.
But marks this s-a-t-l-s-f-a-o-t-l--.-n
of the 22-karet tort has
accompanied every purchase of
one of the cigars made by him
since he began business. We've
got the notion that a satisfied
customer "cuts a big figure" in
building up a business. That's
the reason La Belle Astoria takes
so well.
Grocers, : and : Butchers
Astoria and Upper Aitorla.
1st Ttaa and Coffers, Tabla Delicacies, Domestic
and Tropical rrults, Vegetables, Sugar
Curtd Haras, Bacon, Etc.
Choke Fresh and Salt Meats.
White iid Slippers!
White Kid Oxfords!
Wfyite Canyas Oxfords!
In buying these goods from us
for graduation exercises one can
be suited here Just as well as
thouirh they had sent to San
Francisco and had the goods made
for thtm.
The U. S Gov't Reports
Show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all of fieri?.
Hair Good nanufacture4 All Styles!
WIrs, Bangs, Switches, Combings
Made Up, Dressing, Shampooing,
Bleaching and Dyeing. Children's
Hair Cutting.
35 g Commercial 5t.( cor. Eighth.
Japanese Bazaar
Ladies and Children's hats
and duck suits. 4
Ladies' ' and Gentlemen's
underwear made to order.
Lowest price3 in Astoria.
n Street, next door to Moulor's
Wfpite Peque :
Kid Gloves!
, butlom and heavy stitching on back a'e the
newest tuing la gloves for summer.
Trv the P. N. Corsets and vrni will
wear no other.
Local weather for the twonev-fnur honra
endlrg at 5 p. rn. yesterday, furnished
by the United States denarrmnnt nf nirH.
culture weather bureau:
Maximum temperature, 69 degrees. - '
M'.nlmum temperature, 66 degrees. ,jy
Precipitation, none.
Total precipitation from September 1st,
ISM, to dato, 74.90 Inches. . .
Excess of DreclDltatlon from Benfemtior
1st, 1S0G, to date, 5.53 inches.
Try Smith's ice cream.
Fresh strawberries at Smith's today.
Sweet cream at Smith's 20 cents pint.
Don't use a cluster, but take Rosara
Kidney Cure for ltime back.
ness. No. 613 Commercial street
THE SPA Colman'a old srtand. la the
place for fresh candies end ice cream.
THE SAME PlAOE 118 12 Oi Street l
the place to buy fresh Ash, every day.
GRAND OPENING Of all kinds of for
eign novelty goods, at 666 Commercial
T. E. Schultx. friunA tt-nA apAnln i.
tlst, with B. F. Allen, 366 Commercial
WANTED 'Peonle to call at the Scow
Bay Wood Tard and lean: the prices on
The Palace Barter Shop is now giv
ing one of their two-tat shaves for
15 cents.
Our TYllllc 4fl ff-mn.TVl-nitAAA afrrfrvMw vyum
and fredh from h e.rna rinJilv ttnlth
Sc WUaon.
The Palace Bath. House encourages
folks to bathe toy having everything
first class.
The vanllta. and lemon exthaots put up
by the Prints-Orain Drug Co. are the
beet made.
PAT LAWLEB & CO. Fine line of
canned goods and fresh flab, 674 Com
mercial street.
Call at the Printz-Crain Drug Store and
gilt a cample of their Ajitloeptlo Tooth
Wash tree of charge.
GRAEFE & PLANK No. 628 Commer
cial street, will repair your clothes for
little money. Try them. ... . ,
finest line of liquors amd cigars in the
city. Call and sample them. . '
If your watch don't run; call at 674
Commercial street, across from Bhana-
han Bro.' and have It repaired.
DON'T FORGET That at Noe. 214 and
218 Tenth street is the place to have your
horse shod and repair work done.
Smith's ice cream is unequalled . Ice
cream soda a specialty. Private par
lors for ladles. Commercial street, ; -
street, has on- hand a fine collection of
Clocks, Rugs, etc., at lowest prices.
DROP .IN Next door to McLean's
Blacksmith Shop and get prices on all
kinds of carpenter work. At Paulsen, i
WE HAVE IT The place to get a
25-cent meal for 16 cents, only white
labor employed at 684 Commercial street.
PLEASE STOP, As you pass by Mat.
Strall's Becarul-hand store, on Commer
cial street, and" learn prices on his stock.
WAH SING & CO.-Merchant tailors,
623 Commercial street, cheaper than you
can buy ready made. New stock com
plete. A SURE THING That you can get
fruit and candy for lew money than any
where else at M. Mkmlar'e, on Bond
street. ,
Allen Co., "Branch," 710 Commercial St.,
Lead'.nR 'Makes. Low Prices. .Easy
What cows received first premium at
the World's Fair fotf produolng the
richest milk? Jersey cows, and those
are the only kind that J. A. Rowan
sella milk from.
No batter milk ws ever brought to
Astoria than la furnlsUied for five cents
a quart by Keith & Wilson, and de
livered in a clean and tlffhirly closed
glass bottle at your door every morn
ing. Arrived Mrs. Zwemer, trance medium,
Can be consulted on alt afoairi of lira.
Call alt Mrs. M. A. Hall's residence, 3d
Exchange street, old Ross residense. Cir
cles every Tuesday and Friday night at
8 o'clock.
What brings people back to the Asto
ria Wood Yard after they have sounded
the possibilities everywhere else? Muy
be it's one thing, and May be It's another.
Hut the fact remains back they come.
And ot course the Astoria Wood Tard is
proud of it. :.
Business men of Astoria visiting Port
land have for years been acoustomed
to take their mid-day lunch at the
"Gem." The ' Gem" Is now located at
7.1 Third street, next door to the A ins
worth Bank. Jos. E. Penny.
Friday - - July 19
Th Beaut fill Shetland Ponl , .k
The Ksyptian lloiiaer. ' Je'ryr
Tits 1 nker Comedian, "Whiskers!"
The Siberian uiooaiiounusi
See the Best Performance
you ever saw.
n:.-.;:t only -
Prices, as one 50 Cents.
ITncle Tom's Cal !
Fresh candles every hour at the Bon
bonnlere. Wild blackberries at Ross, Hlgglns &
Bottle of Gambrlnus beer and sandwich,
IS cents, at Jos. Terp'a.
Walt. J. Ingalls, the Melville farmer,
was In town yesterday.
Hay, oats and all Kinds of mill feed for
sale by Ross, Hlgglns & Co.
Best ice cream and ice cream soda la
the city at the Bombontiiere.
J. J. and Wm. Martin, of Kansas CKy,
are registered at the Parker (House.
Herman Duncan leaves this evening for
a week's pleasure trip up the country.
Elective Paste is sure death to cock
roaches, rats and mice; at Rogers' Drug
O. W. Fisher, the well-known keeper
of Walluskl br.dge, spent yesterday in
, Take a Sunday cutlng to North Beach
Sunday. The North Pacific leaves at 8
Get a NEW Hammond, pre-eminently
the best typewriter manufactured. W. S.
Wood, agent.
Have you seen it yet the NEW Ham
mond typewriter? Call and examine it.
W. S. Wood, agent.
Mrs. J. L. Weatherbee, accompanied by
her son, Ralph, are in town. They wlli
remain for several weeka.
Please bear in mind that the steamer
North TaclAc makes her regular Sunday
excursion to Uwaco next Sunday, July
Mrcus Wise, of Ilwaco, was In Astoria
yesterday. He says that the beach trade
Is much better this season than ever be
fore. Mr. 'Martin Foard and family, who
have been spending the past week la the
Nehaiem country, will return home this
J. H. Groom, who Is connected with the
Orcgonlan special, which is devoted to
the resources and 'Immigration of Oregon,
Is In the city.
The funeral of little lone Gsrdes took
place from Pohl's undertaking rooms yes
terday. The body, was interred in Green
wood cemetery.
Sen the beautiful Shetland) pony, the
Egyptian donkey "Jerry," and the Sibe
rian blood (hounds at the court house
square, night.
Mrs. Chrlstensen and her sister, Miss
Setta Smith, wtU leave during the coming
week for a short pleasure trip to Beaver
jn.i on (.(ray's r.ver.
The McGregor MM, of Upper Astoria,
is cutting 20,000 feet of lumber for the
new Methodist Episcopal church, to be
built on Gray's River.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Levy, mother and
father of Mrs. S. Danager, and Mrs. C.
M. Celler, are visiting In the city and
will rem j In several month
Mrs. C. W .Vanetten, of Shlcago, arrived
In this city yesterday morning. She will
spend the summer at Seaside, the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Campbell.
The hose team will meet Wednesday
evonlng next. The meeting will be an
Important one, and all interested in the
matter are requested to be present.
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" will be given in
Astoria next Friday night, In the big
pavilion to be erected III the Court House
square. It promises to be a great at
traction, .
The steamer R. tR. Thompson! will leave
for Young's Bay bridge this morning at
6 o'clock, where passengers can take the
cars for Gearhari Park and Clatsop
Beach points.
Mrs. Seholfleld, mother of Mrs. T. S.
Corndlous, 'of Upper Astoria, leaves for
her home In Hlllb'horo this evening. Mrs.
Seholfleld has been visiting in Astoria
several weeks.
It Is no exaggeration to say that the
NEW Hammond will out-wear half a
doxen typewriters of other makes. Prac
tically, there Is no limit to Us durability.
W. S. Wood, agent.
A game of baseball will be played to
day at Lewis and Clarke, between the L.
and C. team and a picked nine from this
city. Quite a large number of baseball
enthusiasts Will go along.
The Loyd's Pavilion peop'.e carry 2S
people, with an orchestra of lfi pieces.
They promise splendid production of
Uncle Tom's Oabln in the court house
square next Friday night.
Harry Mallet t yesterday proved up on
his (homestead consisting of lots S, t and
4, Section 2, and the southwest quarter
of the northwest quarter of section 11,
township 7 north, range 10 west.
FOR SALE At a bargain, one-half in
terest in well-established and best lo
cated confectionery business in Astoria.
Reason for selling, owner intends to
leave the city. Address "L," this office.
Chief of Police Loughery has issued an
order warning all bathers not to go in
bathing within the city limits without
proper bathing suits. He says if the
order Is not obeyed' it will be necessary
for arrests to be made.
Why stay at home when you can spend
a pleasant day at Tort Canby and the
beach. Remember the North Pacific will
leave the O. R. and N. dock Sunday,
July 14th, at o'clock in the morning.
Round trip ticket only 60 cents.
Mrs. Wailam Masie, wife of the Ta
com agent of ttie C. R. and P. 8. Nav
igation Company, and a party of lady
friends, arrived on the Telephone yes
terday. They loft this morning for a
short vacation at Clatsop beach.
Under he new management the Sea
side railroad Is now running four trains
dally to and from the summer resorts.
This is a move in the right direction,
and will be appreciated by the summer
visitors end general travelling public.
The steamer North Pacific will hereaf
ter ply between Astoria and Ilwaco, mak
ing two round trips dally, leaving on
arrival of R. R. Thompson and T. J.
Potter from Portland. For tickets and
detailed information, call at ticket office
under Occident hotel.
A good story la told of the mutilation
of one of the mirrors on a river steamer
by a certain young lady writing across
its face with her diamond ring and the
addition to the legend by a prominent
young man. A well-known canneryman
is authority for the incident.
' A pie eating contest between six young
sters took place at the court house square
last evening. The winner, young Ossen
berger, received a prise of CO cents. A
large crowd witnessed the feast, and
while some were no doubt amused, a
large majority went away disgusted.
Offlwr einnott last ntght arrested
grt'p f yii twn whom he caugil
tearing boards off a fence and placing
them across the side walk of down
down street.' But not being able to Iden
tify, the one "wtio was guilty Che officer
let them oil go with a lecture. Officer
Thompson ran in several , ordinary
drunks. -
At 12 o'clock last might, In the Chinese
restaurant a large praty was given to
the upper-tendom of Chinatown in honor
of the birthday of one of the children
lately arrived in that district. Some
twenty or thirty guests were present
and an elaborate bill of fare was served.
All seemed to be having a Jolly time and
.ntent upon the business of the hour.
Commencing Sunday, June SO, and dur
ing the seaside season, the O. R. and N.
Co. will make a 60 cent round trip rate
between Astoria and Ilwaco good on Sun
days only. Steamer North Pacific leaves
O. R. and N. wharf at 8 o'clock a. tn.
Time of departure returning will be gov
erned by tides permitting connection to
be made with Potter for Portland In
the evening.
Captain Miller and Lieut. Dickinson, of
the Salvation Army, farewell from As
toria tonight. It will toe the last service
conducted by them in this city, and all
(friends of the army are invited to be
present. Captain Miller goes to take
charge of the work in Centralla, and
Lieut. Dickinson will go to Newberg.
Captain Pot raff and wife, late of Cen
'tralla, will enter upon this field Wednes
nay. next.
The celebrated pacer, Kittitas Ranger,
owned by R. C. Smith, of Portland, was
brought down on the steamer Telephone
yesterday. The animal has a half-mile
record of 1:01, and will be taken to the
ranch of Col. John Adair. On account
of b. severe contraction of the feet the
pacer will not toe entered in any races
this season. It is thought that a sum
mer's romping on soft ground will bring
the horse around hi good condition.
Dr. Baker has returned to his quarters
at the Occident Hotel from a short va
cation, spent at McMinnvllle, this state,
where he owns a considerable amount of
valuable property and has near relatives
residing. The doctor seems In fine spirits
over the improved railroad prospects,
and it will be agreeable news to his
many friends and acquaintances in this
vicinity to know that it is rumored he
Intends resuming the active practice of
his prctfeaaOom in the near future.
The First Presbyterian Church of Up
per Astotria has been, re-organized, and a
board of trustees elected who have plann
ed ifor the sale of a portion of the prop
erty left In the will of Father T. P.
Powers, for the erection of a church and
parsonage opposite the Lelnenweber res
idence. The property to be disposed of
will be placed on the market. W. H.
Wadhams, a prominent merChiaint of
Portland, Is the executor, end Is In full
sympathy with the board of trustees.
Mr. Blalsdell, of Olney, was in the city
yesterdiay. He says that no new develop
ments (have turned up as to the origin
of the burning of the Kamm warehouse
at that place. The fire when discovered
had gained such headway that it was
impossible to save anything. The amount
of loss is estimated at about 11500. The
building was burned to the ground and
a large quantity of goods stored therein
destroyed. Among the neighbors it is
generally thought that the Are was the
work ot incendiaries.
The workmen engaged on the Irving
avenue improvement gave the ladles of
that neighborhood quite a ecare last
Thursday afternoon. The cause of the
fright was a large blast of dirt and clay
that had gone off In a different direction
from that Which the workers intended.
Several windows in the house of Mr.
G. W. Sanborn were broken and an ex
pensive lawn chair totally demolished.
Clods of dirt' were thrown near the resi
dences of J.' H. D. Gray and others and
a number vf women who were in the
yard narrowly escaped injury.
The three men arrested fr engaging in
a dlsgracefiA fight in a down town saloon
late Friday might were given their liber
ty by Chief Loughery yesterday morning
by depositing the sum of 10 each as
a guarantee that they would appear for
trial at the I o'clock session of the .
court. Not being on hand at the appoint
ed time, their ball was declared forfeit
ed. The men were evidently satisfied
wieh losing the light bail the chief re
quired them to put up, and had their
cases been examined by the court a much
heavier cost would undoubtedly have re
sulted. A man named Walter Marble, who for
a per.od of two months prior to July 1st,
was working for Mr. W. J. Ingalls, of
Melville, is missing. 'Mr. Ingalls was In
town yeeterdoy, and reported the strange
disappearance of Mr. Marble at police
headquarters. He says that the man
was a good worker, and has his trunk
end clothing at his house, besides some
money is due him for labor per
formed. He came to Astoria July 1st
and was known to have been somewhat
Intoxicated. Since the evening of that
date he has not been seen. Mr. Ingalls
Is at a loss to know what became of
The High Schodl football team scored
a splendid success yesterday. They went
over to Fort Canby to play Ilwaco, but
the Ilwacos were late In filling the ap
pointment and the Canbys hastily got
their team together and began to play.
For an hour the game was stubbornly
contested and the High School managed
to prevent their opponents from scoring.
Then the Ilwacos arrived and the As
toria lads, notwithstanding 'their hour's
hard play started in again and after
a beautiful game beat their opponents by
one goal to nothing. The medal iwas
awarded them at the end of the game
amid considerable enthusiasm. The A.
F. C. boys are particularly pleased over
the success of the Juniors; and they have
the satisfaction of knowing that young
and energetic players are growing up
In the places of the old rellaiblos who
started association football here five
years ago, and who have so well de
fended the honor of Astoria on the field
against all comers ever since.
Salaried men should assure, for their
salary ceases at death. Business, pro
fessional, and workingmen should assure,
for their brabis or their muscles are
their capital a swell as their Income.
Death stops them both. Assure your life
and death cannot stop that income or
steal your capital, and your loved ones
will be saved from want. The Equitable
Life, L and E. Samuel, special agents,
furnishes a very simple policy at a very
low cost.
J. R. Zern, Cathlamet.
A. Anderson, Long Beach.
Mrs. W. Foster, Olney.
John & Kelly. San Diego, Cal.
Eobt C. Brooks, City.
W. Hammond, Ilwaco.
Jos. Gonart, City.
A. F. Brown, Ilwaco.
E. Burkmao, WashougaL
E. L. Rector, City.
Chas. Baker, Kansas City, Mo.
J. K. Groom, Oregon Clay. .
W. J. Smith. Long Beach.
J. E. Wilson, Lewis and Clarke.
W. B, Prescott. Jewell. Or. -j
C. C. Bundy and family. Chinook.
' Aug. Nelson, Oak Point .
Henry Jormeon, South Bend. - ..
A well-furnished suite of roo.ns, with
iwe of Wuf. and, if deoired, good
table board, at reasonable rates. 403 Du
n street, corner of Ninth.
First Manufacturing Plant of
the New Era.
first-class brick being madk
Other Industries Will Follow in the
Wake of This Pioneer of Bet
tor Times in Astoria.
Last Friday afternoon the brick yard
of Irish & Qulnn commenced operations
This new enterprise is situated about one
and one-half miles from the Scandinavian
cannery, in Upper Astoria. Six men are
now employed and it is the intention of
the proprietors to double the force in a
few weeks. Two thousand bricks were
turned out the first day and yesterday,
with the same number of men 6000 were
made. A kiln, with a capacity of 60,000
Is now in course of construction and will
be ready in three weeks.
Messrs. Irish & Qulnn are both prac
tical brick manufacturers,, especially the
latter, who has had years of experience
in the Eastern states, and who is con
sidered am expert In this line of business.
A number of brick yards have, been start
ed In Astoria in years past; but the
quality of the brick turned out has never
come up to the expectations or to such
a degree of perfection that-'lt could be
called a first class article. Mr. Irish
has v kitted various parts Of Cl&tsogf
county, principally in the vicinity, of
this city, for the purpose of flndng what
he thought would be suitable clay for
good brtck, and met With such poor sue
cess that he was about ready to give it
up, when at Mr. Qulnn's suggestion a
Visit was made to the place where is now
situated their new brick yard. The quality
of the clay in this neighborhood lmmedl
ately struck Mr. Irish as .particularly
well adapted for the manufacture of
brick, and resulted' In the starting of an
enterprise which (before long will give
empTayiment to many men. The Friday
and Saturday turn-out of brick have ful
ly carried out the high opinion the ex
pert entertained upon first seeing the
clay, and other gentlemen who have vis
ited the yard and made an examination
were unanimous In the belief that, the
brick made at this place will equal if
not surpass thai of any yard la the state.
The new firm hate several contracts
on hand and were all till preliminaries
arranged, would now be employing quite
a force of men. Their first contract will
be the manufacture of brick for the new
water works system, and the fact that
these contractors have satisfied them
selves of the good character of the brick
will go a long way towards convincing
the most skeptical and bringing the brick
Into general use throughout the county.
This enterprise Is but one of many that
w.ll be started1 with the coming of the
Astoria railway, and (Messrs. Irish &
Qulnn are to be congratulated on being
the first men that have been successful
in manufacturing in (he vicinity of As
toria a truly Ant-plats Quality of brick.
The members of the Astoria Library
Association wish to thank very heartily
through the press, first: Hon. Benjamin
Young, for the generous offer of the
rcom which was used as an Art Gallery,
free of charge; Mrs. Ross, for the use
of her store for Museum; rent free;
Odd Fellows' Association, for the use
of their canvasj floor covering; the mer
chants, who at great Inconvenience to
themselves, .ltoanedl their show leases,
others who allowed the use of the-.r
dishes for refreshments and lamps for
lighting the building; the gentlemen who
kindiy assisted In hanging pictures; all
the ladies who assisted In the var.ous
committees; the promoters and those who
were aiding In the Museum; the pianists
and musicians; the High School for the
use of their p.ano; the Finnish Temper
ance Band; the gen'tlemen who acted as
doorkeepers; the Judges who so kindly
sacrificed themselves for the public good;
those who furnished flowers and' cakes
and all the contributors to the exhibit,
which made It such a valuaMe collec
tlon; the expressmen and errand boys;
the press for their liberal xlscount, and
all those who had patience with our mis
takes, and last of all to those who pat
ronized the exhibit, making It a success,
and showing how many warm friends
the public I'.brary. has -made for Itself
in Astoria and vicinity.
Astoria, Oregon. :
In this city last evening, at 7:15, Mrs.
Sarah Ooffenlbury, wife of Hon. G. W.
Ooffenbury, agon 75 years, S months and
13 days. Mrs. Ooffenbury was born Apr
1st, 1820, In Fayett County, North Caro
lina. When qu.te young her parents
mover to Warren county, Indiana, where
she married Judge Ooffenbury, Feb. 14th,
1S36. In 1846 she came with her husband
and three small children across the plains
to Oregon, and to Clatsop county in 1847,
residing here ever since. Mrs. Coffenbury
was one of the poineer women of Ore
gon and leavtS a large family of sons and
daughters who survive her.
Two Carloads of Kimball Pianos and Or
gans Are Coming.
The largest and finest shipment ever
brought to Astoria.
I am pleased to announce to the music
loving public and my friends of Astoria,
that two carloads of Kimball pfanos and
organs left our factory in Chicago for
Astoria on July S. This shipment con
tains an elegant assortment of pianos
of all Styles, s.ies and prices, from a
plain cse to our handsomest cabinet
grand upright containing our world's
fair scale. It also embraces a fine as
sortment of organs from a pluin neat case
to a most elaborate case with French
plate mirrors.
These Instruments win be sold to pri
vate buyers by the manufacturers direct
at wholesale prices, plus the expense of
laying them down at Astoria. This win
glvs every one a chance to get a high
grade instrument from first hand and Nve
retll dealers' profits and agents' com
missions. This Is your chance to get
ahead of the middle man and get a
fine piano and organ for lees than agents
are asking for second grade instruments.
The Kimball piano and organ have been
sold in Astoria for the last four years
and there are doseae ot thvtn in use here
new. They sfand Hie severe climate of
AatorVi and give universal satisfaction.
Only last August a carload of Klmballs
was sold im Astoria and they are so well
and favorably known that it would be
superflouB to -tell the citizens of Astoria
anything about tluir merits. In conclu
sion we will say that these instruments
will be on exhibition in Astoria by July
20th or 25th. L. V. -MOORE.
S. D. Adair and wife to A. Cope-
, land. Lots 1, 2, 6, 6, 18, and 14,
Block 120, in Mary Ann Adair's
Addition to Upper Astoria I 600
Mary H. Leinenweber to Ell Gus
tin, Lot 2, Block 47, Upper Asto
ria, as laid out by John Adair,.. 275
Wm. L. Van Harllngton to Uapa
Valley Wine Co., Lots 11 and 12,
Block 38, Dement's Addition 10
Elizabeth Buck to Georgia Bowl
by, Lots 7 and 8, Block 129, Mc
Clure's Add. tlon, 5
Mrs. Jeanette Evans to H. M. At
water. Dots 23 and 24, Block 19,
Lot 1, Block 8, section 15, town
ship 8 north, range 9 west, Rail
way Addition 400
Sheriff Hare to E. Z. Ferguson,
tax deed to lots in Adair's South
The Pioneer and Historical Society,
having been requested to conduct the fu
neral services of Mrs. Sarah Cofflnbury,
the members of the society will please
meet at the county court room at 2:45
p. m., Monday( July 15, 1895, and proceed
to the residence of the deceased on Astor
Street, for the purpose of attending to the
last id rites due a worthy friends and
Pioneer. J. H. D. GRAY,
Pres. P. and H. Soc,
Gust eture, of Knappa, was in the city
Mrs. W. A. Foster, of Jewell, is In the
city and stopping at the Astor.
T. W. Lee, superintendent of the O. R.
and N., was In the city yesterday.
Mr. A. B. Stewart, ot Portland, Is In
town visiting his son, R. M. Stewart.
Frank Leinenweber leaves tonight for
a short pleasure trip to Salem and Al
bany. Captain Buchanan, of Portland, left
yesterday, for a Sunday stroll at the
Mrs. O. W. Dunbar and Sheriff Hare
and wife, yesterday made up a party and
visited Seaside.
Mrs. J. T. .Ross went to Clatsop beach
yesterday, where she will select a place
for the summer's outing.
Justice Abercrombje, who has been
under the weather for several days, was
much improved yesterday.
Miss Alice Morris and Miss Birdie Bing
ham, of Portland, are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Max Young, of this city.
Miss Christie Farrell arrived yesterday
from Portland and will spend a few
weeks with friends In this city.
Judge Stearns, of Portland, and a par
ty of six ladies, left yesterday for a
month s outing at Clatsop Beach.
Mrs. Hannon and daughter of Portland
'ere In the city yesterday, leaving in
tne evening lor a visit to Btosiae.
J. M. Turpy, of Chicago, is in the city.
He is making a tour of the coast, and is
quartered for the present at the Parker.
C. C. MoDonald, of Portland, was in the
city yesterday, looking out for the bus!
ness of his firm, Messrs. Corbett, Fail
ing & Robertson.
Mrs. E. McGregor, of Aberdeen, Is vis
iting in this city, the guest of her son,
W'.lliam McGregor, of the Astoria Box
Company. She will remain six weeks.
.Mrs. R. A. Eddy and Mrs. A. B. Ham
mond and family went to Warrenton
yesterday afternoon, where they are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Warren.
Capt. Cook, of Portland, who has been
visiting for some In the city, yes
terday visited Greenwood Cemetery and
expressed himself as much pleased with
the beautiful spot.
Aug. Danlelson and Martin Olsen are
spending the day with Mr. London, on
John Day river, where they will eat a
large Sunday dinner. Mr. London came
in town for his friends yesterday.
Mr. Wm. Harder, the genial and wide
awake freight- agent of the Great North
ern .Railway, of Portland, paid a flying
visit to the city yesterday. No doubt
he secured large shipments of salmon
via his route, as his custom Is.
The fancy and Independent waists, tc
be worn with black skirts, which have
so continuously been the rage for the
last two years, seem to have lost none
of their popularity. They are still In
evidence everywhere and will probably
contlue to be so for a long time, since
they are remarkiably convenient and eco
nomical. The newest thing for these
waists Is crepon pKsse, Cn lovely Jardin
iere patterns. And it is one of the most
effective materials made. Black end
white crepon Is charming combined with
colored velvet and Jet.
A lovely creation from Paris Cs of
Nile green silk crepon figured with lilies
of the valley, and trimmed with a white
satin Jeweled collar end a folded satin
belt with a large Jeweled buckle.
Jet and velvet are lavishly used In
trimming these waists. Spangled laces
and glittering spangled bands set upon
black or white net or satin are also used.
The Fedora front, consisting of strands
of Jet or gilt beads, yokes, girdles, and
-Figaro Jackets are all conspicuous garni
tures. Great favorites are the yokes cut
In Vandycks and overlaid with fish scale
spangles of Jet, gilt and steel. Buttons
In Innumerable designs are popular In the
extreme. They have never before been
given to us in such profusion and mag.
niflcence. A beautiful imported chiffon
gown, made with a blouse wuist of white
satin, is trimmed with butttons formed
of cabochons of Jet, rimmed Rhine
stones, pearls, either white or black, ar
set In bands of Jewels. Miniatures of
beautiful women, surrounded with gems.
are among some of the ultra styles.
uoaey s Magazine.
Today at the M. E. Church will be
Bivcii a apeciiu musical program, Doth
mornincr and ewenina-. Th .woii.tra. n
choir are noted for their fine Anthems
ana soios ana are rapwiy making a name
for good music and an attractive service.
At August Erickson's can be found all
that can be desired In the way of re
freshments and amusements. Good mu
sic and Kopp's best.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.
1 1 -&. j
Seashore i)ailmay Company
In Effect July 11, 1895.
NiKht boats fiom Port
lloat from' Astoria anl on
Sunday with boaU Irom
Day boat from Fortl nd.
ISont from A.toria.
noata from Port and and
Boats tear Aatoiia one half hour before
train leaves bridge.
4:45 e. m.-..
8 a. m
i:4S p. is)-...
1:15 p. ill ...,
Day boats for Portland.
Bout for Astor'a.
Boats for Portland.
Bout for Astoria, deliver
ing passengers to boats
fur rortlxnu.
Boats for Ast-jrla and Port
land. 5 p. m. Sunday..
Dally exoept Sunday.
For freight and passonger rates apply to
O. F. LKSTKK, Sup't ,
Seashore Railway Co , eaide. Ore.
WANTED Fifty men at the Jim to get
a 10 cent shave and a 15 cent hair cut.
378 Astor street, next door west of the
Parker House.
WANTED AgenU) to represent the
old National Life Insurance Co., of
Montpeller, Vt. For further informa
tion, address G. M. Stolp, General Coast
Manager, 82-84 Crocker Building, San
Francisco, Cal.
WANTED Man or lady to collect, do
some office work, and manage agents.
You will deal through your leading mer
chants. Something new aid very popu
lar. We pay all expenses. Position per
manent. Send four references and ten
cents for full particulars. John Finney
Mgr., P. 0. Box 484, St. Louis, Mo,
$75,000 PER WEEK using and selling
Dynamos for plating watches, Jewelry,
and table ware. Plates gold, sliver,
nickel, etc., same as new goods. Dif
ferent sizes for agents, families and
shops. Easy operated; no experience;
big profits. W. P. Harrison & Co.,
Clerk No. 14, Columbus, Ohio.
for sale.
JAPANESE GOODS Just out-Just re
ceivedJust what you want, at Wing
Lee's, 543 Commercial street.
A good buy at Long Beach. Nine room
house. Furnished complete for summer
travel. For description and terms In
quire at Real Estate Exchange, Occident
FOUND A silver watch, which the
cwner can have by calling at this ofllc9
and proving property. "
FOR RENT A nicely furnished mod
ern house. For particulars Inquire of
Mrs. Smith, corner of 6th and Irving
avenue, or A. R. Cyrus, 487 Commercial
LOST Thursday night, about 10 o'clock
129 fathoms of net. Corks branded F. M.
Warren. Please return to Warren's sta
tion. M.AKE Attractive. Start by hein? the
HfiPlP mnst '),mul''u' creature in it.
nUJ It! It you 1) live beanty preserve
it. If not, you ran improve your looks
immensely. Where thpre'n a will there's
a way. A gnod nny ia the use of my
articles, especially
Lola Jlontez Greme
75c per pot.
Brings liPau'y lo
(lie f;ice by feetl
brunch the
ckin poree, Rivts
life to faded fHces.
Hold by Mrs D
457 Dtiane St. Ass
1 . ....... L 1
4irtiiUtJuyvrtl.-f0 rWuw "son. America'
Tuaaliowv I beauty doctor,
40 and 42 Geary St., San Kraiioiaeo, Cal.
The most pleasant little pills for regu
lating the bowels, are De Witt's Little
Early Risers. Cure sick headache and
constipation. SmaB pill. Small dose.
Charles Rogers.
May not retain her dimples and rosy
cheeks "blooming with health," until she
finds a good husband. A little neglect
or accident may bring about some one of
the many "female" diseases and "weak
nesses," to which the sex Is subject, and
health may be forever Impaired, and
hopes and happiness at an end. Thanks
to Dr. Pierce, his Favorite Prescription,
prepared by him for women cures the
worst case of uterine diseases, nervous-,
ness, neuralgia. Irregularities and "weak
nesses." It Is a great Invigorating tonic
and nervine and rapidly builds up the
health and strength.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets for constipation,
sick headache, biliousness, indigestion.
Once taken always in favor.
Can you locate ltT You ought to be
able to because you live in it. This world
Is the biggest curiosity shop that we have
known anything about up to date. Jupiter
or Saturn may be able to discount it,
Perhaps, and perhaps not. It Is pretty
full of people who are continually tinker?
ing with themselves patching themselves
no so to sneak, in a medicinal way.
If they are 'constipated, bilious or dys
peptic they rush to the nearest druggist
for a violent purgative. If they are ma
larious they fly for relief to that ancient
but ineffectual reliance the sulphate of
auinine. This Is what they shouldn't do.
Whit they should do Is to begin and pursue
a course of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters,
the Drim?st of alteratives and anti-malar
ial specifics, particularly valuable also tor
rheumatism, neuralgia, nervousness ana
debility, and a promoter of sleep ana
appetite beneficial to all chronic invalids.
Children Cryfor
Pitcher's Castorla.
disappoints, never fails to give Immediate
relief. It cures Just as sure as you take
it. Charles Rsrs.
um f tha uffln TrJlor and Days
the highost aaah price for tar skins.
9:30 a. m
3 n. m
5:45 p. m
C.l.j p. m. Sunday....