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Astorian.. :
Toe question ot the representaiMon ot
the Southern states In the nest national
RepuWttaan convention Is Dkely to be-
come of interest. It will be remembered
Ch-Jit the national convention of 1892, at
MlnneUpotls, adbpbed a resolution recom
mending We naitional commutes to so
alter the basis of representation that the
atates which give Republican majorities
shun Wave la corresponding representation
In the ton vend cm; that Is, that the states
which must be relied upon to elect a
Republican president shall have some
thing to say about Mis nomination of the
This resolution was adopted because of
the t act that President HaTrison could
not have been nominated at Minneapolis
had tt not' been for the support of (the
delegates from Hhe Southern states, not
one of iwhotn gave him an electoral vote,
In that convenUon there were 606 votes;
necessary ito a choice, VS. Harrison re
ceived the following votes from Southern
Democratic) sta'tes: Altilbama, IS; Arloan
as, 15; Floridi, 8; Georgia, 26; Kentucky,
22; Louisiana, 8; Maryland, 14; lilsaiselp.
pi, 13 1-3; 'Missouri, 28; North Carolina,
17 2-3; 'Boutin Carolina 13; Tennessee, 17)
Texas, 22; Virginia, I; and West Virginia,
12; .total, 210 1-4. Harrison's majority over
all, 168.
The national convntRtoe will not meet
until next February, but ' the matter Is
beginning to receive attention because
Senator Elklns, of WMt "Vlirginla, who Is
a condldute for the nomination for vice
preeld.wt, proposes to light the proposi
tion for a change. He calls himself a
"Southern man," and la going to run his
campaign, on that basis. iHence he does
not (want .tha power of' the Southern
states lu the convention abridged or cur
taKed.' Whether he will succeod In his
purpose 'to prevent a chlangs remains to
be seen.
The stlvar question fold fair to split
the Democratic party .wide open. The an
nouncement of Chairman Harrlty thai
no meeting of the Democratic national
committee win be culled this summer to
consider One silver question or the hold
ing of a silver convention His already
Inaugurated a movement 4n behalf of
a "volunteer" convention, and the men
who engineered the I'.Mrtole gathering are
at work preparing for a national meeting.
Secretary HlnrlchSrn, of tlhe Illinois
commM-tee, is In oammunlcaulnn with sil
ver men and officers of the stile commit
tees) to .the West nd South generally,
and ,1s urging them to take concerted
' notion in 'the. mlatlter. Thle friends of
President Cleveland ait Washington shake
their healds despondently, and uy frank
ly (that they do ndt see 4vow 'toa tidal
wuve to to, be checked or how ths pirty
can' stand tiny, show of suooees next year
It tthw agltblKon keep up. A few ot the
more angudne hope that Improved busi
ness condition may turn the attention
ot the public to other ma)Uters, but the
sliver 1 ciders evidently do no)t Imt,;nd thai
the nllver Question shall take any place
In .Uw background. There Is every reason
to beCHevs that a noitlonlal galfhettng ot
Democrats wl be called to conislder this
question, and that tt will be attended
by delegates from prohuUy three-fourth
ot tithe stulte, perhaps from aCI. Mean,
time, the Republicans are making the
moot of It, They are pushing for advan
trge lu the close states. They bellev
that they wW stand a show In Keu
tucky If tons silver lsune keeps to the
flronit ad it has Idons to I me. This
Is the exptoiwitlon of the eamsWtfiess In
the reoenit convention of the party In that
The free sllveplt leaders count on th
Ignorance of their foliowars to keep the
ki'tosr from seeing the cheat It Is pro
posed to pass toff on theim md Uhe rest
of tha people, which would benefit them
no more Uhlan the adUCng of water to
milk wtould Inomiee 'e quality of the
latter. They auk their dleludetd hearers
to believe tUvat two ha'.f-worth dollars
wuiiJd b btT SwMl VWi full-rtHll C'ji-
"tur; that w:tlh four coins wor.h 76 cento
each they could buy more than with
three coinis nuch Waving buying power
of 100 certis; and if tttve purchislng power
of the dollar could be reduced to 20 cents
of the present power tt would be batter
to have five of ioho cei dollars than
one dJtUr tWat has 100 cents worth of
buying pVjwer. That lis Ohelr argument,
and it U all thtro Is to the movement
oua'ldi of a ironomlwd desire to make a
tati persons rich at he expense of the
r. They Vk twX thow tor ire'tcnd to
eh.w thait fiiey war to Increase 'lw In
trinMo vt'ue of Ae lver dollar back to
iho c' 5 Ti'lHrd, fir lift woild nkvt sub
s rve 'iCiolr real purpose. If It were sought
t, v ithpm to tile rui of equal vlue
. . .., ...M.i..,!! .y sr?mr
fil,;y yar. they would cease to take an
Interest In t. They would etep aside
and go taunting (for another Issue, saying
there was nothing In tt worth talking
uVnil or agitating for. Can it be pos
sible itlhat Who masses are ro densely lg
norant as to be unbAiCe to detect the
specious sophistry that fobs been so clear
ly opposed by Intelligent men of both par
ties? Are the people so blind thut largj
nu nbers of them will continue to be
deluded by the supposition that the wuges
of tlhe toilers would be Improved and their
condMon made bcitter by paying them
with a larger number of Coins, the buy
ing power of each of which coins was
correspondingly decreased. Surety they
have sense enougti tb understand when
ffiie Is properly presented to them,'
thai Che value of Dhelr milk would not
be Increased toy adding to 'It an equal
quaintaty tof water, or their condition Im
proved by paying them) with1 twenty
halfJclotors instead of ten tull-worth dol
lars, and that this Is Uhe .beet result
offered to them by the advooaites of silver
monometalliHm. This being the whole of
their possible gain, while tt Is certain
they could not get even that until after
they Wad paeed through, year of terrible
commercial derireefrton and Industrial par
alysis, why ehoirld they want to upset
existing conditions, destroying half the
purchasing power of twto-thirds of the
money in the United States and driving
out the rest? Surely they ought to have
discernment enough to perceive that the
pleading of such a catastrophe, as a sup
posed means of producing greater abun
dance of cheap money In the long future
can only be made by a lot of played
out poWUclans of both parties, who have
been repudiated by their constituents,
or a set of arranlt rogues who wish to
wax fat on the miseries of the people.
There is a clergyman In Philadelphia
so popular that hU congregation has out
grown even the large church, where r.e
preaches, and he has consequently adopt
ed the device of connecting three halls
by telephone, bo that three congregations
can hear him at once. This is another
Illustration of the fact iwhldh some of
the ministerial brethren do not seem to
recognlze-'thait people wiU go to church
when they get good preaching.
The Astorian Is gCad to note the signs
of .prosperity shown by our neighbor,
the Pacific Journal, of Ilwaco, Wash, Not
content, merely, with giving its readers
two papers a week, Instead of one, as
formerly, it (hia mow enlarged its tise
to a 7-ccflirmn folio. The Journal is a
bright, newsy and clean paper, and Is
well worthy of the appreciation and sup
port tt Is evidently receiving (from the
good people of Il waco,
During the eleven months ended wltlh
May our exports decreased olbouit I74,0df
000, and by a significant coincidence, our
Importia Increased in that time about the
same amount. The average citizen can
readily see that the the effect of the new
tariff tow is flavorabie to more buying
than selling, or, In other words, to h
advantage of foreign countries ftt the
expense of the United tSutes.
It now bfgbns to look as If tlhe free
silver l;tiue will be worn out before the
nxt oampatlgn by the premature activ
ity of .Ohe MtmdB of tho white metal,
thus leaving the country free to consider
other and more tonportlant questions.
Prowpertty Mils iftninctat quackery.
Oeenlbacktom gwtt Its deathblow when the
factories tltaoitied up in 1879, and stlvertam knocked out by the demand
for whrkcra and the advances in -wages.
The Democrats! have rarely been known
to aay as many mrvton things about the
nepuUlcanS as Miey are r.ow aylng
about one another.
The advance in 'wag are to be re
garded as forerunners of an Inevitable
RepuKtcun victory In 1894.
a hiupIa, n T.'.inivrntKt .
rh nMoniatton in cWisrreBs on the first
fiirlff act-that of 1789-oiearly shows that
the fra-mers of that act, some of whom
tat In the convention which dratted the
Constitution, regarded no Interest Of
greater importance than that ot agricm
,. Th oulth is especially Interested
in that feature of protedtlon, because her
sugar, rice, tobacco una coruon, wier iuut
it tnii- tund In KTeoiter peril today
than at any epoch in our hisitlory, and all
because the cordon of foreign cheap labor
and competition ts being drawn around
nruducita doser and closer. ,
Old prejudices should give way to con
.ri Upt. The soutin. w.'in new in-
.minim, at men. looking anrfouaiy and
hopefiUly forward to bejtter dayts, when
there shall be more capital and conse
quently more business and less "politics"
there, is entitled to all the light on the
subject of protecr.on rnut n can got.
Tha amn jncldenit to the war between
the states have healed, the last vedtlge of
reconstrurtlon exemplified in the Fed
eral election or so-culled Force billhas
passed away, the feeling engendered b
twen those who were active participants
in the greatest eUruggle the world ever
sow tire being Cemented Into Ces of fra.
teroal friendalilp, ami new thus new tv
latlonalhi ps are rapidly forming, based on
she confidence which capital requires and
slowly Imbibes. A new Wood and a
new life ag'.tatea the south, which sees
an example in the norm oi wiwi we
protective policy can do as again for
eign rlvala and for those who have too
long restated the maireh of progress and
prosperity. ....
Hint am tMflf remains for tha south to
do. It muat unhorse free trade and en
ter the fight for the regeneration ot w
vctlon under the old Whig banner and
nrtiule of orotedtlon fo
home 1nuwtr(e-proitectlon for agricult
ihft raw mmaterUila grown on our
own soil which enter tafto our manufac
tured iwoduct That sentiment once
rinmirMtod tha south, and, whHs slavery
Apav. Ik. Into eclUflfflon W 1S4 ana lew
and stflwM out of mind, history has pre-
served the record of the raci. ino
of the country has a mors glorious cli
mate, none more important agricultural
products Including cotton, rice, swarand
tobacco-none is r".ch- In lumber and
waod. In mlnorol resources, water power
and energy than the soutn.
In aduptlng ttsoif to new ooncroions, iu
oikimr m attain tne run roiur v
v..n.flf tu derived Viom production
the old theories must bs oaat aslda and
nA -nl views rrnMt he accented. The
south cannot rope ior bwxzt vj
tt legislation or by sending men to con
gress to clog and hamper the march
of her product'. vs cV velupment and ln
duMtrUtl progress with a poUtlcal theory
... ia r ha noison the natJent, par
alyse Us energies and s-rmuajr reiuru
t. rv.riiv. A "tariff for revenue
only" takes no account whatever of our
business relations a mey "
seek to control our boms marlcet. Tts
future of southern agriouMure, commerce
and manufacturing Industry depends
upon that other (policy which can moot
readily be explained in these words: Stand
up for America! Protection or home.
hJduii.rles against the WorM.
How Two DltlnguiBhed Americans
'FUset;tI a Night on the Sahara.
The following 'js taken from a recent
letter written by Mr. IWhitetaw Held
describing the thrilling experience of him
self and Jirj. Riid' in a sand storm on
the Saham:
"The flnst gust ewiept the .tenlt from Its
fastenings and spread tthie auftbeatind
canvas over the rflepnemL Then it was
swept away into the night, leaving them
all at the trtercy of the 'blinding, choking
cloud ot sand. The minute particles cut
Into their flesh, got into their eyes and
mouths 'and burjed them In its drifts. It
fluni.d down their backs; filled their shoes
and every fold in their clothes. The
force of the bloat blew the particles even
through the chinks in their trunks and
when the bags and boxes were opened
later they were found to be full of sand.
The almost Imperceptible particles were
anvei.i between the leaves ot tne books
In these bags and boxes. The storm lusted
seven hours.
. "At (the outbreak ' of the storm the
camel drivers, who had seen such things
before, plied the camel saddles about Mr.
and Mrs. Raid, and covered their heads
with blankets. Then they built up a bul
wark of trunks arAl lay prostrate while
the suffocating beasts continued. The
seven hours ot the storm were hours of
ngony. Every one In the party was al
most suffocated by the sand, and when
it was -over they arose as if from the
dead. The faces of all were cut and sore
from the flying sand."
They talked or Medoru, Aurora and
Of 'Mabel and MarcUa and Mildred and
Debated One question of HeC'en, Honor,
Clarissa, OamiICa, and FhjtHs a'.id Fiiy.
They thought of Marcella,' Estella and
Considered CeceC, Jeam'tflte and Paul
ine, Alicia, Adeia, Anetite, Ambelia,
AUU Ethel antf Eunice, Hortense and
One liked Theodora, anolther Leonora;
Some argued for Edith, and some for
For Madeline, Adeline, Ltly and Lor a;
And 'then, after all, they decided on
A HtfJe boonle bird I know,
With, breast more soft than
A dress she wears of dappCe brown,
And sings with sweeter tone, I trow
Ah, sweeter tar this birdie sings
Trim all the birds that summer
Anld yet her song is only this:
"I love you, papa!" When a kis.
Not tenderest song of nightingale,
Nor sparkling trIF.s oind gurgling
Of Joy from vetvet-throaited thrush,
Nor brilliant pipe of mottled quail.
Nor tuneful plaint of whlppoorwHl,
Th'3 measure of her song can fill;
And yelt her song is only this:
"I love you papa!" then a kiss.
In years agjne when he hod not
The flV3-and-twenty cents,
He watched the dully ball game through
A knothole in the fence.
He sl'Us In the grandstand now
And marvels much to know
Why he sees not half ot what he saw
Through the kno't'hole long ago.
Cincinnati TnJbune,
Persons who are subject to diarrhoea
will ttnu a speedy cure In De Witt's CoLc
and Cholera Cure. Use no other. It
Is the best that can be made or that
money can procure. It leaves the system
In natural condition after (ts use. Wt
sell it. Charles Rogers.
WANTED Girl to do house work,
at 813 Exchange street.
WANTED A few more ttttnis.
Paclllo 1 uvlng Company.
WANTED Fifty men at the Jim to get
a 10 cent shave and s 16 cent hair cut.
378 ABtor street, next door west of tha
Parker House. .
WANTED Agents to represent the
old National Life Insurance Co., of
Montpeller, Vt. For further informa
tion, address G. M. Btolp, General Coasl
Manager, 82-84 Crocker Building, San
Francisco, Cal.
WANTED Man or lady to collect, do
some ofttce work, and manage agents.
You will deal through your leading mer
chants. Something new and very popu
lar. We pay all expenses. Position per
manent, fiend four references and ten
cents for full particulars. John Finney
Mgr., P. O. Box 484, St. Louis, Mo.
$76,000 PER WEEK UBlng and selling
Dynamos for plating watches, jewelry,
and table ware. Plates gold, silver,
nickel, etc., same as new goods. Dif
ferent sizes tor agents, fumllles and
shops. Easy operated; no experience;
big profits. W. P. Harrison & Co.,
Clerk No. 14, Columbus, Ohio.
JAPANESE GOODS-Just out-just re
ceived Just what you want, at Wing
Lee's, 513 Commercial street.
A good buy at Long Beach. Nine room
house. Furnished complete for summer
travel. For description and terms In
quire at Real Estate Exchange, Occident
FOUND On the street yesterday, a la
dy's pocketbook, containing a small sum
of money and soma visiting cards. Owner
can have same by colling ait this office,
payln s charges and proving property.
TO RENT A furnished room. Enquire
at W Fifteenth street.
FOR RENT A nicely furnished front
room with board. Suatable for man and
wife or two gentlemen. No. 355 Duane
FOR RENT A nicely furnished mod
ern house. For particulars Inquire of
Mrs. Smith, corner ot th and Irving
avenue, or A. R. Cyrus, 487 Commercial
T nd rnhnimldV ni.'Kt Ahout 10 O'clock
129 fathoms of net. Corks branded F. M.
Warren. Please return to Warren's sta
tion. . LOST On Thursday night, the 20th Inet.
near Point Elll about 120 fthoms new
net and lines, s'x mesh dep. 60-15 pty
twine. Some corks marked "K." FltiU r
wCl be suitably rewarded r leading
same at the Columbia cannery.
Notice Is hereby given that by virtue
of a warrant Issued by the Auditor and
Police Judge of the City of Astoria to
me directed, dated the 24th day ot April,
1895, and against
George Hill,
rvmmandlnir me to lew uoon lot No. 1,
Block No. 12, McClure's Astoria and col
lect the assessment thereon, amounting
to $33.65, for the construction of a sewer
on 6th street.
I have this day levied upon said de
scribed property, and on the 22d day of
June, 18i)6, at 2 o'clock p. m., of said
day, at the Court House door in the city
of Astoria. OlatsoD County. Oregon, will
proceed to sell at public auction, said
property to the highest bidder therefor
to nav Bald assessment and costs and
expenses of sale. Said sale to be for
United States gold and silver coin.
Uaited Astoria, Oregon, May 24th, 1895.
Chief of Police for the City of Astoria.
Notice Is hereby given that by virtue
of a warrant issued by the Auditor and
Police Judge of the City of Astoria to
me direoted, dated the zun oay oi Apru,
1895, and against
Georee Hill.
Commanding me to levy upon lot 2, in
block No. 12, McClure's Astoria and col
lect the assessment due thereon, amount
ing to S13.65. for the construction of a
sewer on 6th street.
I have this day levied upon said de
scribed property, and on the 22d day of
June, 18, at z o ciock p. m., oi said
day, at the Court House door In the city
of Astoria. ClatsoD County. Oregon, will
proceed to sell at public auction, said
property to the highest bidder therefor
to. pay sadd assessment and costs and
expenses of sale. Said sale to be for
United States gald ana sliver coin.
Dated Astoria, Oregon, May 21th, 1895.
Chief of Police for the City of Astoria.
Those who have used Dr. King's New
Discovery know its value, and those
who not Isave now the opportunity
to try it free. Call on the advertised
druggist and get a trial bottle free.
Send your name and address to H. E
Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a
sample box of New Life Pills free, as
well as a copy of Guide to Health and
Household Instructor, free. All o
which is guaranteed to do you good
and cost you nothing. Chas. Rogers
druggist, Odd Fellows Building.
Notice Is hereDy given that the partner
ship heretofore existing between the un
dersigned, under the firm name and style
Oregon Transportation Company, Is this
day dissolved by mutual consent. All
outstanding bills or accounts being pay
able to Capt. Paul Sohrader, and he as
suming the payment of all debts due by
said Arm.
Astoria, Or., May 13, 1895.
Notice Is hereby given that N. Clinton
& Bans, contractors for the Improvement
of 42d street, In Adair's Astoria, under
the provisions of Ordinance No. 1910, on
the 13th day of June, 1896, filed In the
office of the Auditor and Police Judge of
the City of Astoria, the cert.flcate of the
City Surveyor, and Superintendent of
Streets, approved by the Committee on
Streets and Public Ways.
After the expiration of the time here
inafter specified, if no objections to the
acceptance of such work be filed and the
Common Council shall deem such im
provement properly completed, according
to the contract and plans and specifica
tions therefor, the some ma7 be accepted.
Objections to the acceptance of sold
Improvement or any part thereof, may be
filed in the office of the Auditor and
Police Judge on or before Wednesday,
June 19th, 1890.
Auditor and Police Judge,
Astoria, Oregon, June 13th, 1895.
If you want a piano or organ, buy a
reliable make from first hands at a
reasonable price. We are the only
manufacturers of pianos end organs
who have a branch house on the Pacl
flo coaat, and are certainly In a posi
tion to sell you a reliable instrument
for less than any retailer or agent.
A large shipment of Klmlballs will be
sold in your town direct from the
factory Jn the near future. If Vou are
ready to buy before they arrive, write
US and we will aemd vnu rautnlninin onri
Pacific Coast Branch, Portland, Or.
"Do unto others as you would have
others do unto you." is symDalheticallv
shown in the following lines, the pre
sumption being that sympathy is burn,
or akin to pain or sorrow:
"uentlemen: Please send Krause'j
Headache Capsules as follows: Twt
boxes to Flora Seay, Havanna, N. Dak.
Two boxes to LUlle Wilcox, Brcokland,
N. Dak. 1 nava always been a great
sufferer from headache and your Cap
sules are the only tning that rellevet
me." Yours very truly.
Havana, N. Dak.
For sale by Chas. ctogers, Astoria
Or.. Sole Agent
Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, 111., write,
that he had a severe kidney troubl
for many years, with severe pains 1
his back, and also that his bladde
was affected. He tried many so-callei
Kidney cures, but without any goo
resuts. About a year ago he began us
of Electric. Bitters and found relief a
once. Electrics Bitters Is especlall
adapted to cure all kidney and live
troubles, and often gives almost In
stant relief. One trial will prove ou
statement. Price, only 60 cents fo
large bottle, at Chas. Rogers' dru
De Wirt's Colic and Cholera Cure never
disappoints, never fails to give Immediate
relief. It cures just as sure as you take
tt. Charles Rogers.
Me any is tha leading tailor and pays
tha hlghoat tub prtoe for fur skins.
Ono SugIIow
" don't make a spring." Neither
will one bottle of Scott's Emul
sion cure a well established case
of Consumption, but it will ease
the Cough, relieve the irritation
and arrest the progress of the
disease, and if persistently used,
with the observance of the laws
of health, will surely restore the
patient in the early stages and
give great comfort and prolong
life in the latter stages.
It is simply Cod-liver Oil
properly emulsified, combined
with Hypophosphites and Gly
cerine. It is a tissue-builder.
Poat b frntadd t accrpt s ivbttitoUf
Stttt Boms.K.Y, MDnggitts, JOcus'SI
Notice Is hereby given that L .Leback,
Contractor for the improvement of Duane
street, in Adair's Astoria, under the pro
visions of Ordinance No. 1926, on the
12th day of June, 1896, filed in the office
of the Auditor and Police Judge of the
City of Astoria, the certificate of the
City Surveyor and Superintendent, of
Streets, approved by the Committee on
Streets and Public Ways.
After the expiration of the time here
inafter specified, if no objections to the
acceptance of such work be filed and the
Common Council shall such im
provement properly completed, according
to 'the contract and plans and specifica
tions therefor, the same may be accepted,
Objections to the acceptance ot said
Improvement or any part thereof, may be
filed in the office of the Auditor and
Police Judge on or before Wednesday,
June 19th,.18.
Auditor and Police Judge.
Astoria, Oregon, June- 13th, 1895.
We recommend De Witt's Colic and
Oholera Cure because we believe ft ts
a safe and reliable remedy. It's good
effects are shown ait once in cases ot
Cholera Morbus and similar complaints.
Charles Rogers.
As a remedy for all kinds of headache
Eleatrio Bitters has proved to be the
very best. It effects a permanent cure,
and the most dreaded sick headaches
yield to its Influence. We urge all who
are afflicted to procure a bottle and
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of habitual constipation, Headache,
Fainting Spells, or are Nervous, Sleep
less, Exoitiable, Melancholy, or troubled
with Dizzy Spells, Electric ftltters is
the Medicine you need. Health and
Strength are guaranteed by its - use.
Large bottles only one dollar, at Chas.
Rogers' drug store, Odd Fellows' build
The best salva In the world foi Cuts,
Bruises, Sores. Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Con.s, and All Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price, 25 cents per box. For sale by
Chas. Rogers. Odd Fellows' building.
Mr. J. J. KelL. Sharnsburg, Pa.
Dear Sir: I am glad to say a good
word for Krause's Headache Capsules.
After suffering for over tnrae years
with acute neuralgia and Its consequent
Insomnia (which seemed to baffle the
efforts of some of our best physicians)
you suggested this remedy which gave
me almost Instant relief. Words fall
to express the praise I should like to
bestow on Krause's Headache Capsules.
Gratefully Yours,
Montrose, Pa.
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween C. J. Greenlund and Anton Brix
florists, is hereby dissolved by mutual
consent, and all debts of the said firm
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Palmberg, and all outstanding accounts
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est perfumery, and toilet articles, etc.,
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There is great danger In neglecting
Colic, Cholera and similar complaints. An
absolutely prompt and safe cure Is found
In De Witt's Colic land Cholera Cure.
Charles Rogers.
Having the needed merit to more
than make good all the advertising
claimed ror them,, the following four
remedies have reached a phenomenal
sale. Dr. King's New Discovery, for
Consumption, Cougns and Colds, each
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Gentlemen: This Is to certify that 1
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My wife and mvself nave both used
the medicines manufactured by the
Norman Llrbty Mf's Co.. and we re
commend them to the public as being
J just what they are represented.
Ed. Gazette, Pleasant HID. Mo.
Twenty-five cents, for sale by Chas.
Rogers, Astoria. Or., sole agents.
From a letter written by Rev. J. Gun
derinan, of Dlmondale, Mich., we are
permitted to make this extract: "I
nave no hesitation in recommending
Dr. King's New Discovery, as the re
sults were almost marvellous in the
case of ray wife. While I was pastor
of the Baptist Church at Rives Junc
tion, Bhe was brought down with
Pneumonia, succeeding La Grippe. Ter
rible paroxysms of coughing wculd last
hours with little Interruption and It
seemed as if she could not survive
them. a friend recommended Dr.
King's New Discovery; It was quick in
tts work, and satisfactory in its re
sults." Trial bottles free at Chas.
Rogers' Drug Store. Regular size 60
Gentlemen: I have always recom
mended Krause's Headacne Capsules
wherever I have had a chance. They
have proven a veritable boon In my
family against any and all kinds of
headache. Yours truly.
Leavenworth, Kansas.
For sale by Chas. Rogers, Astoria,
Oregon, sole agent.
Bold hr Dniinrtenor sent by mil afcJO,
and $1.00 per package. Sam pies free.
if r TTrt Tbs Favorite 5tCT3
For Eala by 7. XV. Ctmn.
Special attention paid tb steamboat re
pairing, first-class horseshoeing, etc
197 Olney street, between Third and
and Fourth Astoria. Or.
What the Gambrlnus Beer Hall tried
to do in selecting their liquors was to
pick out what intelligent people would
want if they knew it as experienced
people should know It. Make a note
of this If you want pure liquors. George
Bartley, Proprietor.
Columbia River and Puget Sound Nav.
lgatlon Co.
Leaves Astoria ior Portland and way
landings at 7 p. m. jaily, Sunday ex
Leaves Portland every day except Sun
day at 7 a. m. C. W. STONE,
Agent Astoria.
Telephone No. 1L
E. A, Seeley, Gen'l Agt, Portland.
U. B. Scott, President
: First Class funerals :
POflli'S Undertaking Parlors,
Rates ReuoniDie. Embalming a Specialty
The Oasis of the
Colorado Desert
A Hew
Dry and Pure Tropical
Pronounced by Physicians the
most Favorable in America
for Sufferers from.. . .
Lung Diseases and
Many Remarkable Cures
The objections urged against Indio
In the past by the large numbers who
otnerwise would have been glad to tak
advantage of its beneficial climate, has
been a lack of suitable accommoda
tion. The Southern Pacific Company,
takes pleasure in announcing that sev
eral Commodious and
Comfortable Cottages
have Just been erected at Indio sta
tion, that will be rented to applicants
at reasonable rates. Tbey are fur
nlthed with modern conveniences, sup
plied with pure artesian water, and so
situated as to gove occupants all the
advantages to be derived from a more
or less protracted residence In this de
ligfotful climate.
(From the San Francisco Argonaut.)
"In the heart of the great desert of
the Colorado which the Southern Pa
cific road traverses there Is an oasis
called Indio, which, in our opinion, li
the sanitarium of the earth. We be
lieve, from personal investigation, that
for certain invalids, the-e is no spot ot
this planet so favorable."
Q. T. Stewart, M. D., writes: "The
purity of the air, and the eternal sun
shine, fill one with wonder and delight.
Nature has accomplished sc
much that there remains but little for
man to do. As to its possibilities as a
health resort, here is the most per
fect sunshine, with a temperature al
ways pleasant, a perfectly dry soil
for rain is an unknown factor; pure
oxygen, denM atmosphere and pure
water. What more can be desired T
It is the place, above all others, for
lung troubles, and a paradise for rheu4
mattes. Considering . the number of
sufferers who have been cured, I have
no hesitancy In recommending this
genial oasis as the haven of the afflict
ed." INDIO.
lis 612 miles from
and 130 in ilea from
Fare from Los Angeles - j.oo
For further information Inquire ot
any Southern Pacific Company agent,
or address '
Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt S. P. Co.
Dlst Pass. Art
Cor. First md Alder St. Portland. Or.
Are You Going East?
Be sure and see that your ticket
reads via
This is the
And all Points East and
Their Magnificent Track, Peerless Ves
tlbuled Dining and Sleeping Car
Trains and Motto:
Have given this road a national reputa
tion. All classes of passengers carried
on the vestlbuled trains without extra
charge. Ship your freight and travel
over this famous line. All agents have
VV. H. MEAD, F. C. SAVaOE, .
Gen. Agent Trav. F. and P. Agt.
248 Washington st, Portland, Or.
Are You Going East?
If so, drop a line to A. C. Sheldon,
general agent of the "Burlington
Koute," 250 Washington St., Portland.
He will mail you free of charge, maps,
time tables, and advise you as to the
through rates to any point, reserve
sleeping car accommodations for you,
and furnish you with ihrough tickets
via either the Northern, Union, South
ern. Canadian Pacific, and Great North
ern railroads at the very lowest rates
The Burlington Route Is generally
conceded to be the finest equipped rail
road In the world for all classes if
Astoria, Oregon.
Ship Chandlery,
Special Attention Pld to Supplying Ships.
Address, box 180, Postoflice. ASTORIA, OR
Acts as trustee for corporations and
individuals. Deposits solicited.
Interest will be allowed on savings
deposits at the rate of 4 per cent per
J. Q. A. BOWLBT... President
BENJ. YOUNG..,. Vice President
J. Q. A. Bowlby, C. H. Page. BenJ
Young, A. S. Reed, D. P. Thompson
W. E. Dement, Gust Holmes.
A COmnlete Stock of himhAr nn honA
In the rough or dressed. Flooring, rus
tic, ceiling, and all kinds of finish:
mouldings and shingles; also bracket
work done to order. Terms reasonable
and prices at bedrock. All orders
promptly tttended to. Office and yard
at mill. H. L. LOGAN, Prop'r.
Peaslde. Oregon.
Oas and Steam Fitting,
Hot Air, Steam and
Water Heating.-
17J Twelfth street Astoria. Or.
We buy fertilizers and fertilising ma
terial of eveiy description. Bones, borne,
eta, and pay highest casb prices. Send
as a trial shipment
Western Bone-Meal Co.
" 771 Mission Street
San Fnanciaco, Col