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;-.HE only way to fit a man Is to flrrt find
out Jujt what kind of a man you have to
nt-lhat's Juat what we do takeyonr
measure exact and cut the ault for you and
It Blunt fit, or we'll keep 'em.
chas. Mcdonald,
the Tailor.
523 Commercial Street
Few Hen Would Ask
for a Finer Dinner
than those w serve. We're trying In
every way to make them the moat en
tr,M in timn All he "(rood things'
of the season-cooked by our excellent
ondrln 1hm mnWt dellclOUS Style. Perfect
tf vm jniti a friend to the Palace
Restaurant the place ia a sufficient guar
antee that he will receive a gooa mem
The Palace Restaurant
Sterlirie Silver I
Nr hu there been such a stock
or sterling silver Jewelry as that now
on display at our store. Half the town
uoes not realize the Immensity of this
A EXSTROM, the Jeweler
378 Commercial Street.
Manufacturers of every description of
Lounges, Mattresses, etc.
When the tide sets one way there Is
alwava a cauae for it.
Women don't come here to buy roast!
teaks, and all other kinds of meat
imply because It't ennstensen a 00. s.
Of course there are a few, a very
few, who tuy out of compliment, or
from lgnoranoe, bat the great mass or
housekeepers buy where they can get
the best and for that reason we supply
the majority of the families In Asto
ria for they know by experience that
we have only the best.
CHRI5TEN3EN A CO., Prup'ra,
Hundreds of business and professional
men are now coming to our place
Dally.' WhyT Because they can at any
time, day or night, call for a sandwich
here and get it.
We expected to bt mobbed for these
' sandwaches and our fresh B cent beer
when the railroad comes.
'' Qtoabauer & Brach.
t,feJMli Works,
densrsl rUchlnlat and Boiler Works.
All kinds of Cannery, Shljv Steam boat
ana engine Work of any Description,
Castings of all kinds made to order.
Foot of Lafavette St, Astoila, Or.
A Poor Cigar.
W. F. SOHIEBE never made.
Don't expect to make, cither.
But marke thls--a-t-l-s-f-a-c-
t-i-.-n of the 22-karet trt has
' accompanied every purchase of
' one of the cigars made by him
' since he began business. We've
' got the notion that a satisfied
'customer "cuts a big figure" In
-building up a business. That's
1 the reason La Belle Astoria takes
so well.
Grocers, : and : Butchers
1 Astoria and Upper Astoria.
Flna Taas and Coffees, Tabl Dellcaclei, Domeitlc
ant tropical rrults, VegaiaMei, sugar
Cured Hams, Bacon, Etc.
' Choice Fresh and Salt Meats.
White fy'd Slippers!
White Oxfords!
Wfyite Canvas Oxfords!
In buying these goods from us
for graduation exercises one can
' be suited here just as well as '
though they had sent to San
Francisco and had the goods made
for them. -
The U. S. Gov't Reports
Show Royal Baking Powder
superior to nil others.
.; OUR SHOES ? ' ;
Aren't they workauround the sole
Somewhere T Don't toeyieed a patch on
the side?.. We will make them good as
new. . i,, . ' : i ' I
; B'.'A. Gl LIBRE, .
Kitty Corner From Flaher Bros. Store-
4o Commercial Street.
Fresh Candy MaJeEverv Day.
Butter, Cse. Chars and all kinds of 1
Fruit la Stuosi
Cigars, bacco and Groceries.
Special Prices
. ON- ; - !
Children's Straw Hats
$1.00, 85c, 76c. Re
duced to 50c
Try Smith's Ice cream.
Fresh strawberries at Smith's today.
Sweet cream at Smith's 20 cents pint,
Don't use a plaster, but take Rogers'
Kidney Cure for lume back.
THE SPA For fresh candles and lc
cream, Colmaran's old stand; .
ness, No. S13 Commercial street. , .
JUST DROP IN And try one of those
26-cent meals that Jeff puts up..
WE HAVE IT-The place to get fresh
fish every day. No. 118, 12Ui street..
GRAND OPENING-Of all kinds of for
elgn novelty goods, at 566 Commercial
T. E. Schultz, frescos and scenic ar
tint, with B. F. Allen, 366 Commercial
If you want a bottle of Joy's Sarsapa-
rllla, go to the (Prlnitz-Crain Drug Store
for It.
The Palace Barber Shop is now Hiv
ing one of their two-bit shaves for
16 centb.
Our milk; Is gua.tatitced strictly pure
ana rresn. from tne cow dally. ' Relth
& Wilson. :',,- ,
The Palace Bath House encourages
folks to bathe by having . everything
first class. ' .!
PAT DAWLER ft CO. Fine line of
canned gaods and fresh fish, 574 Com
merclal street.
YOUR TURN NEXT To get one of the
finest cigars for the least money. No,
459 13th street.
FOUND On llifh street, the finest meal
In the city; and lit only costs 25 cents,
Number 120, Joe Terp's. .
ORAEFE & HANKE-2s Commercial
street. Is the place to have your clothes
repaired and made new. , s
finest lino of liquors and cigars In, tha
city. Call and sample them.
Just drop Into the Astor House and nee
Dr. Howard. Office up stairs.
If your watch don't run, coll (it 674
Commercial street, across from Bhana.
han Bro. and have It repaired. . .
DON'T FORGET That at No 214 and
216 Tenth street Is the place to hlave your
horse shod and repair work done.
Smith's loo- cream Is unequalled . Ice
cream soda "a specialty. Private par
lors for ladles. Commercial street.
WAH SING & CO.-Merchant tailors,
620 Commercial street, cheaper than you
can buy ready made. New stock com
RAILROAD SURE If W. T. Beverldge
cannot suit you with cigars and tobac
co on Commercial street, he can on 11th
A SURE THING That you can get
fruit and candy for less money than any.
where else ait M. Mauler's, on Bond
street. ,
STOP At the Horse Shoe Chop House
and try one of those 15 cent meals, same
as you p'jy X cens for elsewhere, 510
Commercial street.
Will spend the summer In Astoria, one
of Portland's most artistic dressmakers,
late from Chicago. Patronage solicited.
Look for ord later.
JUST RECEIVED-At 815 Commercial
street, fine line of extension tables, cen
ter tulbtes, lounges, and kitchen treas
ures. J, G. Rose, proprietor.
If you want a 'bicycle repaired or a
lock fixed, or any other ' first-class
work done, call on C. H. Orkwiti, next
door to Miairtin Olson's' Auction House,
L. I. JOHNSON Opposite Central Ho.
tel, will kindly thank the public for a
share of Its trade. Fresh strawberries
by every morning's steamer. Prices to
What cows received first premium at
the World's Fair for producing the
richest milk? Jersey oows, ans those
are the only kind that J. A. Rowan
sella milk from.
No ibettter milk was ever brought to
Astoria, than is furnished for five cents
a quart by Keith &v Wilson, and de
livered tn v clean and twrvcly closed
glass bottle at your door every morn
Arrived Mrs. Zwemer. trance medium.
Can be consulted cm ell affairs of llr.
Call at Kirs. M. A. Hall's residence, 801
Exchange street, old Ross residence. Cir
cles every Tuesday and Friday night at
What brlnira oeonle back to the Asto
ria Wood Yard after they have sounded
the possibilities everywhere else? May
be It's one ching, and May be It's another.
But the fact remains bock they come.
And of course the Astoria; Wood Yard Is
proud of It. .
Mothers raising their babes, on the
bottle will have fat, strong and heal
thy babies by using ,T. A. Rowan's Jer
sey milk, as lie makes a specialty of
milk for babies and the sirik. Try hi in
and be happy. . .
Business men of Astoria visiting Fort
land haVo for years been acoustomed
to take their mid-day lunch at the
"Gem," TheGem' Is now located at
78 Third street', nextj door to the Alna
worth Bank. Jos. E. Permy. :
What Is the use of having a "human
form divine" unless you .cars for It,
and drape It and clothe It so as tc
make It a source of Joy to yoursejr ami
a pride -to your friendsT Nature sup
plies the term. A. Lake, the tailor at
339 Commercial street will make the
raiment. See him. .
. M ' -
DROP IN-Next door to McLean's
kinds of carpenter work. Af Paulsen. .
EYES Two hard-woklnar servants
Tet quickest to rebel when over-work
'ed. Qlasses-the right ones scientif
ically, delicately adjusted ones the
remedy. The ability that experience
and Htudy gives can be had at J. H.
Seymour's. Charges only for glasses
are modest.
At your own price at Foard & Stoke
Local weather for the twoney-four hours
ending at 5 p. . m. yesterday, furnished
by the United States department of agri
culture weather bureau:
MaxlmunTtemperoitntre, G8 degrees.
: Minimum temperature, 46.5 degrees.
Precipitation, .072 Inch.
Total precipitation from September 1st,
1S94, to date, 73.73 Inches.
Excess of precipitation from September
lHt, im, to date, 6.26 Inches.
A full line of mns underwear, "at low
eat prices. P. A. Stokes.
Duck suits, J196 at Shanalhan Bros.
The milk Inspector from Portland yes
terday made things lively for Che local
milk men.
ShannlHan Brow undersell everyone. '
Sheriff Hare's young daudhttr Is very
sick, threatened wltfh. typhoid fever, but
It Is hoped that the danger may be arerN
Ladies' ve'sts, 6c, at Shianaihan Bros. .
Teoterday a scow load of Wade Hamp
ton Smith's olay was towed up the river
for ilhti Oregion Petitory Company, at
Paper paltterna 10c each.
the Tlgh'e Hotel, in Astoria during
"' ""T . ,;Z1' uu .'.
Portland, guarantees stylish, perfect fit'
ting gowns.
Men's Bal'brifcgan shirts, 20c.
The Ploneetna iwill meet Monday even,
ing at Judge Gray's office to further con
sider the Fourth-of-July celebration ar
rangements. Pure white LisCie vests, 20c.
The box of fine tobacco, presented to
Pete Brach by one of his sea captain
friends, has beeen passed around quite
STt'.l 5i 9nl'Tan ?d e "umber
overalls, 40c pair. Shanahan
For the oarwenlence of the customers
of the N. P. Brewery, , John Kopp has
erectled a cold storage tor his celebrated
beer at the Sunny Side saloon. Mr. J. L.
Carlson will eucit as agent for John Kopp
and will be much pleased to serve the
customors of the North Pacific Brewery.
Men's fine sateen shirts C0C. Shanahan
The Kwht keeper at Smith's Point was
In trouble nd In about a ten minutes'
conversation with Captain Gregory, of the j
stand that ha had dropped his lantern
overboard in a swell. The captain re
assured the man with the promise of a
new lantern.
han Bros.
assortment laces. Shana.
Cirahlng Post, No. 14. elected Messrs.
LnL?A ,J?"LJr:i
the G. A. R. encampment to be held at
Oregon. City the 17th and 18th,
Oregon City the l?th and 18th. The dele
gates will leave Astoria tonight.
Children's yachltlng caps 25c, at Shan
ahan Bros.'
The following were among the passen
gera for Portland on the 'Potter last
evening: E. B. Condon, Mrs. Clarno, W,
O. Allen, A. Tucker, Cheap Chart; y, Mrs.
Smith, Mrs. Hackney, Capt. Geo. Pope
and wife, T. W. London, J. F. Bchm,
L. V. Moore, O. Gould, P. W. Weeks,
Mrs. Young.
Boys' wool suits, two pieces, J2.W suit.
Shanahan Bros.
Mrs. A. E. Raleigh, representing H. B.
Lilt's, tlhe leading suit and cloak house
of Portland, has decided to remain In
Astoria only during tomorrow. All who
desire too Inspect the ltvteet styles In la-
dies garments will do well to call on
Mrs. Raleigh, at Mrs. McKenxle's, in the
Masonic building, before she leaves the
city, as this will positively be her last
visit here this season.
Fine assortment of ladles' waists to
select from. Shanahan Bros.
The toutvty officials are chasing after
several suspects who are supposed to be
some of tlhe men recently engaged in tha
robberies along the river near Knappa.
A number of men have been under sur
veillance for a few days past and It Is
expected that some of them will Irs
landed. The matter Is having close at
tention and every effort Willi be made
to apprehend the guilty rjartieai
Electric (Paste is sure dt&'th to cock
roaches. Sold by Chus. Rogers.
The following were among the passen
gers for Portland on the steamer Bailey
Gatsert lost evening: R. Andrews, Mrs.
Maxwell Young, Mrs. N. Clinton, R. B.
May and wife, Mrs. Kurts, J. T. Merrill
Miss ChrdWell, S. Keckner, G. Murray,
James Mayer, A. O. Robbins, A. Boenxk,
Miss Wed ford, A. J. Robinson, A. J,
Wetherbe, W. M. Kelly, Mrs. Lyde, Ben
Net son and wife, Wm. Dent, H. Jones, W.
Young, Miss Rudcer.
Why play more elsewhere when you
can buy the same at Shanahan Bros.'
Brother Blount, of the K. P.'e, told a
good story on himself yesterday. It seems
that he had wrltiten an Important busi
ness letter several weeks ago to
in the Bast, and not receiving a reply
within two weeks, wrote a second letter
for an explanation. Mr. Blount discov
ered the first letter, sealed and stumped,
lying on his desk, having never been mail
ed. Explanations will now be In order
from Mr. Blount.
American Lady Comet Bock.
everywhere for $1.36; our price
Shanahan Bros.
A large number of fishermen were; In
town last night and an unusual stir was
noticed among them. It was learned up
on Inquiry that Sheriff Hare and Fialt
CommlsKlooer had notified the
Fisher Men's Union that the river would
be patroled between the tvours of ( p.
m. Saturday and 1 p. m. Sunday, and
that ths laws In regard to Sunday Ash
ing wDuld x enforced. The sheriff
has a number of launches engaged and
will be out on -the river with his dep.
utlea during the hours specified.,
. Thres fishermen yesterday afternoon
started on a run from Ross, Hlgirins ft
Co.'s corner, Jumped Into a boot at the
dock blow, and commencpd rowing and
sc:tlr.2 SAlH f 'r rtr Hf. -A eiww mt ti
ered In a moment, and the cries uf "mat
drowned." "boat upeet," ana ' otker
alarms-- tlUed the .air. Just Jthen the
launch FoHChon pushed out into the
Stream, the "three men in a boat" tossed
hn a llnA nrut VAM towed ACmtift the
for Imagining romance when theirs was
none. ,
Measns. F. Flynon & Co. have. -their
new brick yard at Alderbrook in running
order now, and U the weaober, Is ' fine,
expect to have their first kiln of brick
up in six weeks' time. The yard is lo
cated at the corner of 9th and ' Elm
Streets, end contains all modern improve
me its. These gentlemen are all Astoria
people and deserve much credit for their
enterprise. Five men are already at
work and the force will be increased as
needed. It is expected to make as good
a brick aa there is in the market, as
this clay bank is one of the very best.
They declare that their prices will be
so reasonable that there will be no ne
cessity for importing brick here.
The notice for children's Day exercises
In the M. E. Church in yesterday's paper
was a mistake. The principle parts In
the program were to have been taken by
young misses who are members of the
High School. The Baccalaureate sermon
must necessarily be this evening, and, the
exercises of commencement being so near,
their time is fully occup.ed. There will
be only some responsive readings, a ten
minute talk by Dr. Buehong, appropriate
to the day, and some music by tne church
choir. There has been no Instrumental
music provided for the day. This was
also a mistake. '
Supt. of Sunday School.
The A. F. C..Determlned to Miake Their
Entertainment a Success. '
As the time approaches for the musical
and literary entertainment to be given
under the auspices of the Football Club
on Wednesday evening next, Interest In
the affair increases and many .questions
are daily asked members of the board of
directors as to the numbers on the pro
gram. A reporter called on a member of
V. , 1 1 , 1 . Inl.m,,4
ho4 ., i, v,h
i sented to. assist, as had also Miss Edith
Conn as accompanist : Mrs. J. T. Rose
with a vocal solo; a vocal trio consist
ing of Messrs. Belcher, Bennett and Gar.
nar; Mr. H. O. Smith and Mr. W. T.
The board expect also to be able to
Induce others of Astoria's best Singers to
lend their aid to making' the entertain
ment a grand success from both an artis
tic and financial standpoint, bojh of
which .desirable reeuBts may even now
be co red as absolutely certain. Mr.
Herbert L. Brown, writes from Portland
that he has succeeded in Inducing Miss
L. Beaupre, the charming exponent of
the Terpeiichoreian art who drilled the
members of the Hutoomoh and Seattle
Amateur Athletic Clubs for several of
their public performances before the foot,
lights, for the occasion, and that she will
give an exhibition of grace In dancing,
that has never been excelled. Her skirt,
dance, which is done in long skirts, with
stereoptlcon lights In varied colors, Is en
tirely lucking in anything that would
offend the most fastidious. It is the
poetry of motion and certain to create a
furore. The fact that Miss Beaupre will
perform under tine auspices of the club is,
however, sufficient recommendation for
her and guarantee of the character of the
performance. Of Alias Beaupre the Se.
aittle Post-Intellncer recently had the
following complimentary notice: "Tha
fancy dancing of Miss Lorene Beaupre
ay? securing for a7ndrt " and
from an audience compbeed of the best
people in this city.
Reserved scat tickets for the ,ntertaln
memit w.U be, on sale at Griffin & Reed's
tomorrow aflternoon, and all who desire
a favorable seat should apply at once,
xf r f f r t.-ti mi t i t.att'
. u x.
Orders Glvri by the Fire Department for
Repairs to Be Made.
. Orders ware Issued yesterday by the
fire and water committee for the re
pairs to Enguie'No. 3, which Wire found
to be necessary from the test given Fri
day afternoon. This Is quick action and
in the right direction. The energy of
Acting Chief. Stuart is highly commended
and much credit is due for the manner
In which he went about the matter. First
making a practical test of the engine In
the presence of members of the fire com
mittee and ascertaining Just where the
trouble in the machine was, and then
striking while the iron was hot and pro.
curing the necessary orders from 'the
board for tha repairs. This is a business
like method of handling city affairs which
leaves no room for criticism.
Let the good work go on. Engine No.
2 should also be put in proper shape for
duty . at once, to be used as a reserva
force and Mr. Stuart Intends to take the
mattoer in hand at onc. should his term
of oitlce extend further, as the approach
ing dry season calls for prompt action.
Sheriff Hare Spends the Day on the
Sheriff Hare yesterday was towed up
the river in a row boat by a launch and
visited the various sloughs, Islands, fish
ermen's cabins and ranches along the
rivor near Knappa, where recent thiev
ing has been going on.
A thorough search was had but no
discovery of the thieves was made nor
tha hiding place of their plunder found.
As far as known none of the stolen arti
cles have been offered for sale. It la
an easy matter for .thieves of this class
to operate at night and conceal all traces
of their work.
Sheriff Hare states that he has In the
past had deputies on the river who were
unknown to others, and that there were
parts of his business that It was unneces
sary to adverttee. To thoroughly pa.
trol the lower part of the Columbia river
would require a very large force of men
but of course It could be done tf the
necessary'funds were provided.
Seaside win celebrate the coming 4th
of July with, a good, old-fashioned pic
nic, oration, songs, games, foot races,
house races, etc. We expect a number
of people from Astoria and elsewhere.
We are pleased to learn that Mrs.
Lalghton has recovered from her attack
of erysipelas In the face.
The aw mill 1s running with both a
day and night crew.
People are getting ready for the sum.
mer travel.
The following bids for the improvement
of Fourteenth street and the building of
a sewer for the same were opened In the
office of the auditor yesterday afternoon:
Fourteenth street Ross ft Wirt, $2933.14;
3. A. Fastaband, $2&U,06; Clinton ft Sons,
$2099.56; L. Lebeck, $2076.14.
Fourteenth street sewer W. H. Smith,
$589.00; J. A. Fast abend, $u64.68; Worsley j
& cfernrtfr.TS, ra.&; a. n. em. 10, s.w.
LIN COUNCIL, NO 11. J. O. V. A. M.
Nou ore treretoy notified to assemble at
the foal at 1:30 p. m. today to attend
the funeral of our late jbrotbec, John P.
Dickinson. By order of the president.
. A. R.CVRW, R.'S.
la hereby given forbidding Tackwood or
any other persona from cutting or re
moving wood or stone from any of my
land without first making satisfactory
arrangements with Jsms W Wk-h.
Dr. PrW Cream Baking Powder
Warts' Fair Highest Msdaf sad IMoSssm.
J P. Dickinson Has Gone to
His Long1 Rest.
A Consistent Christian During:
Long: Life Death Found Him
Ready for the Call.
Death ended a long and useful life yes
ttrday morning at 4 o'clock. J. P. Dick
inson, well beloved by all who knew him,
has passed Into that long sleep which Is
the common lot of man. In but a few
hours, stricken down by apparently triv
ial causes, It Is difficult to realize that
one so recently seen in the midst of his
fellows Is no more. His end was a quiet
passing away, unconscious from first to
last he knew no pain. The family and
physicians were with him to . the last,
and all that science knew was used in
an effort to prolong life, but to no avail.
Mr. Dickinson was well known and re
spected by a large circle of friends and
acquaintances, and his life record re
mains a clean and unspotted history.
Always kind-hearted and charitable,
never ostentatious, the good he d-d on all
sides during a busy iife will never be
known. For Fifty years a member of
the Chrictlan church, he carried his re
ligion with him to hiB office or field of
labor and its principles dominated his
dally life. His word once given It was
scrupulously kept and no amount of out.
side Influence could make him deviate
from a course he believed to be right
All have lost a good neighbor and many
have lost a kind friend and benefactor.
The citizens of Astoria generally Join
their own sorrow with the bereaved
family in heartfelt mourning for the de
parted friend and brother. .
John Pendleton Dickinson was a native
of Virginia and born in Caroline county
of that State May 2d, 1819, and hence at
the time of his death was 76 years of
age. His parents, SamtKl C. and Eve
lina. (Pendleton) Dickinson, were also na
tives of the same state, his father being
a physician, and passed his life in Caro
line county, where he engaged In his pro
fessional and agricultural pursuits. Mr.
D.ckinson secured his academic educa
tion in Caroline county, continuing the
scientific and legal studies In the WJliam
and Mary college, from which he was
subsequently graduated, shortly after,
ward locating In Bowling Green and
commencing the practice of law. In 1848
he removed to King William Courthouse,
Va., and continued in the practice of
law until 1850, when Secretary Stewart
appointed him clerk in the pension office
at Washington, D. C. Removing to that
city he performed thfe duties of that of
flee for four years, afterward being en
gaged in prosecuting ciaims before the
several departments. In 18tl he returned
to Virginia, and locating In Goochland
county, followed agricultural pursuits,
giving his services during the war to the
Southern Confederacy.
In 1871 he came to Oregon, remaining
in Portland in the insurance business
until 1880, when he came to Astoria where,
he has since res.ded, being occupied at
first as chief bookkeeper for M. J. Kin
ney, and from 1836 until 1804 as County
Clerk Trenchard's chief deputy.
HT'has occupied many positions of In.
fluence and trust as. a. citizen while hero,
and at the time of his death was a school
director for the dlsitrict. In 1816 he was
marr.ed to Sally T. Woolfofik, who was
his- life's companion, and who died In
this city six years agv.
. Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson both became
members of the ChrlsUan Church before
their marriage and lived consistently in
the faith to the Qa&t, a period of about
60 years.
Of his brothers and slaters there are
still living, Charles W. and Samuel C.
Dickinson, living In Washington, D. C;
W. F. Dickinson, living In Alabama; Mrs.
Elizabeth Row, Kvlng In Georgetown,
Texas, and Mrs Belie G. Hart, living in
Marshall, Texas. He leaves three chil
dren, all residents of this city; Mies Helen
W., who Is a teacher In the Shively
school; Louisa P., wife of Dr. Alfred
Kinney, now mayor of Astoria, and Fan
nie L., wife of B. VanDusen.
The funeral services will be held at the
residence this afternoon between the
hours of 1:30 and 2:30, at which time the
casket will be opened that all friends
may have an opportunity of taking a lost
look at the face of the departed. The
Rev. Garner and Rev. Short will officiate
The remains wH'1 be buried in Clatsop
cemetery, 'where the services will be pri
A. Blair, city
Alice Clelland,
Albany, Or.
NeKle Coburn,
Alb.iny, Or.
Mrs. Wm. Dickson
I Cathlamet, Wash
j Mrs. Mclntire,
I Cathlamet, Wash.
I Miss Susie Mclntire
Cathliaimet, Wash.
Geo. Reischman,
Chinook, Wn.
Adam Re-schman,
Chinook, Wn.
P. Casper, Chinook
G. L. Hill, Ft Stvns
Jno Murray Pllr Rk
Jno Cole, S. F.
Lewis Ol sen, Oneida
Jos Anderson, S. F.
and child. Golden
dale, Wn.
C. W. White, War
renton. Or.
A. B. Bronnon,
Long Beach, Wn.
K. Chrisholm,
John Day, Or.
W. P. Mclntire, - j
Omaha Bee.
Silver is the poor man's money, re
peats Senator Teller. So It is, but when
poor man toUs for one silver dollar
he demands and has a right to receive,
a dollar that w(U buy as many things
he eats and wears as any other dollar.
The moment a free silver colnnage act
shall become effective every silver dol
lar will lose half Its purchasing power
and the poor man who now receives $12
a week for his labor will under such a
law receive but $6 worth of groceries,
clothing, etc. Meantime the silver mine
owners of Colorado will gather In enor
mous profits by reason of an advanced
price of silver bullion which a free coin
age low would bring to them.
Amid the 'never ending comments on
the price of provisions, it ia difficult for
us to realise the fact that a time 'existed
when wheat, Wi England, as food suffi
cient for one hundred persons was worth
only one shilling, and the average price
of sheep only four pence. In the reign of
Henry I, the price of wine was raised
from three to sixpence quart for red
and erght pence for white. In order that
the selers might be enabled to live by It,
when wheat was at six shillings a quarter
(eight bushels) the farrhng loaf was
to be equal in weight to twenty-four
ounces, if made of the whole grain, and to
sixteen ounces If consisting solely of
white. When wheat was only one shll
Bng and six pence per quarter, as It
sometimes was, the farthing white loec
was to contain sixty-four ounces, and
tfeoes made of the whole grain ninety-six.
Think of purchasing six-pound loaf o
good whesten bread for a farthirw! Tn
ths nineteenth year of the reign of Ed
ward I., tha price of provisions Irv Lon
don was fixed by the common council at
a tariff by which two pullets were soM
at three half-pence, a partridge or two
woodcock, for the same, while a fat lamb
To be built soon after the beginning of the
Railroad construction would not please
you anv more than the fctyle of our
numerous New Lines of
Iflen's and Boy's Suits,
Your trade will be appreciated at the
store of ,
The Reliable Clothier and Hatter.
was .to be six-pence from Christmas to
Snrovetlde, and tne rest of tne year tour
pence. In the fourteenth century parlia
ment fixed the price of a fat ox at 48
snul.ngs, and a enorn sheep at nve Shil
lings; two dozen eggs at threepence, and
tne best wtne at .twenty shillings the tun.
An act of parliament paseea in lb&i set
tled 'tne va.ue 01 tne beef and pork at a
halfpenny per pound, and veal at three
farmings. There was at that time, it :
pernaps necessary to add, no boards of
trade, cold storage houses, or refriger
aitor cars. No bucket eivups, bulls, b.ars
or any of these luxuries of mouern times.
W. G. Howell has returned from Port
land. '
Sheriff Hare returned yesterday from
Geo. Bartley yesterday returned from
T. DeMartinl, of St. Paul, Is at the
S. K. Stanley, of Seaside', 1s at the Par
ker House.
Ohas. R. Keeier, of Asftor, Is at the
Parker House.
W. O. AUeni of Portland, Is at the
Parker House.
Dick Springer, of Chicago, Is a guest
at the Occident.
James Maher, of Elk Creek, spent yes
terday in the dty.
Mr. A. O. Robbins. of Ogden, Utah,
is at the Occident.
W. H.' Bunner, of Seattle, is stopping
at the Parker House. '
State Fish and Game Projector Mc-
Gulre arrived yesterday.
Capt. Geo. W. Pope, Lloyd's surveyor,
was in the city yesterday.
T. W. B. LOndonv of Portland, relumed
home on the evening boat.
Miss Johnson, Of San Francteco, regis
tered at the Occident yesterday.
Mrs. Dr. Aug. Kinney returned from
Portland oro he Gatzert yesterday.
Judge T. A. McBride and Dls.rlct At
torney Barrett will probably arrive to
F. E. Leonard and H. M. Leonard, ot
Winnamucca, are guests at the Parker
E. B. McFartand and wife, of Port
land, were guests of the Occident yes
L. Gertinger, of Vancouver, Wash., was
in the city yesterday, stopping at the
Cheap Charley went to Portland last
night to meet hiB family who are en
route fnom the Sound.
Robert .Mcintosh, the ship carpenter,
of Portland, arrived in the city yesterday
and Is stopping at the occ:aenit.
Deputy Marshal Stuart will go on the
excursion tomorrow to witness the burn
ing of the Reed, and will see that order
is preserved.
Shipping Comrnlssionetr: Weeks was
down from Portland yesterday investi
gating the case of the deserting sailors
from the barkniune at imappton.
" On Monday night, at the Casino thea.
tne, Jim Ryan, of Australia, and Billy
Armstrong, of San Francisco, the latter
now engaged at the above mentioned
piaoe. Will give a six round glove con
test. Both men are considered very
eraod and of equal cleverness. Mr. Arm
strong, though but a young man, has
quite a favorable record behind him,
from a pugilistic point of view, having
come out victorious In many battles
fought in California and elsewhere, de
feating some of the best men on th
coast. The contest at the Casino Mon.
day night promises to be very Inter
esting. North Paeifie Bremery
Bohemian Lager Beer
Leave orders with J. L. Carlson at the
Surmyslde .Saloon or Louis Boentge at
the Cosmopolitan Saloon. All orders will
be promptly, attended to.
But ride Inside the Electric Lighted
and Steam Heated Vestibule Apartment
Car trains of the Chicago, Milwaukee
and St, Paul Railway, and you will be
as warm, comfortable, and cheerful as
In your own library or boudoir. To
travel between Chicago, St, Paul or
Minneapolis, or Between Chicago and
Omaha, In these luxuriously appointed
trains, s a supreme satisfaction: and
the somewhat ancient advertisement
sael to-read, "for further particulars
see small bills." Smr-11 Mils (and Urge
ones, too) will be accepted for passage
and sleeping car tickets. All coupon
ticket asTts on th coast sell tickets
via the Chicago, Milwaukee and St
Paul Railway, or address C. J. Eddy
General Agent. Portland, Or.
Hats and furnishing Goodsl
Those who have used Dr. King's New
Discovery know its value, and those
who not have now the opportunity
to try it free. Call on the advertised
druggist and get a trial bottle free.
Send your name and address to H. E
Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a
sample box of New Life Pills free, as
well as a copy of Guide to Health and
Household Instructor, free. All o
which Is guaranteed to do you good
and cost you nothing. Chas. Rogers
druggist, Odd Fellows Building.
Lost, two nets, as follows: On April
27, down below, 2uu fathoms of net 100
miliums last year s weo, large mean,
and iuu tatnoms new small mesh net.
oume corks branded a. P. Co.. And Fri
day lorenoon, -uay lu, on Peacock Spit,
aoout IUU tatnoms all new net, 4g mesnss
aeep. .baruour's tu-12 and 60-ib twine.
I will pay one hundred dollars reward
ior tne arrest and conviction of the man
ivno cut elmer of the aoove nets. Finder
ji' pajiy tiumiiutf uie i award pieaee re
port at Scandinavian cannery.
WANTED Girl to do house work. Cull
at 843 Exchange street.
WANTED Fifty men at the Jim to get
c av uciu onuve auu a 10 ccin nair cut.
iii Astor street, next door west of the
rar&er House.
WANTED A rel.atte girl for general
hauaewor. Must be a gjod cook, and
umie'.faYiwid J-jngiisn. Uw-.uty oonars a
momn to a conipeteiJ: person. Soa urand
WANTED Agents to represent the
uld Auuunal laiie insurance Co., of
jvluntpeiier, Vl. For xuruier imunnu.
liun, uddrtiss U. M. otulp, General Coast
Manager, 82-84 Crocker Bunding, ban
rruucisco, Col.
WANTED Man "or lady to collect, do
some oitlce work, and manage agents.
You will deal through your leading mer
cnanis. tiouietnlng new and very popu
lar. We pay an expenses. Position per
manent. Send four references and ten
cents for fuh particulars. John Finney
Mgr., P. O. Box 484, St. Louis, Mo.
J75.O00 PER WEEK using and selling
Dynamos lor plaluitf wtuolies, Jeweiry,
and table' ware. Plates gold, sliver,
nickel, etc., same as new goods. Dif
ferent sines tor agents, families and
stiops. Easy operated; no experience;
big profits. W. P. Harrison & Co.,
Clerk No. 14, Columbus, Ohio.
JAPANESE GOODS-Just out-Just re
ceivedJust what . you want, at Wing
Lee's, 643 Commercial street.
A good buy at Long Beach. Nine room
house. Furnished complete for summer,
travel. For description and terms In
quire at Real Estate Exchange, Occident
FOUND On the street yesterday, a la
dy's pocket'book, containing a small sum
of money and some visiting cards. , Owner
can have same by calling ait this office,
paying chargts and proving property.
TO RENT A furnished room.- Enquire
at 362 Fifteenth street.
FOR RENT A nicely furnished front
room with board. Suatable for man and
wife or two gentlemen. No. 355 Duane
FOR RENT A nicely furnished mod
ern house. For particulars Inquire of
Mrs. Smith, corner of 6th and Irving
avenue, or A. R. Cyrus, 487 Commercial
LOST Thursday night, about 10 o'clock
129 fathoms of net. Corks branded F. M.
Warren. Please return to Warren's sta
tion. Awarded
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Host Perfect Hade.
40 Yean the Standard.