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    V; .jo le , diftsrenee batwan our
! - n i nd ether that va know of. On
' reme la the shaping, another 1
i h(( workmanship, and another Is in
tin style of goods. Nearly all of our
are Imported cloths; you can eee In why every third man along1 the
;!. (hasn't a ault like wa S'-ld you
hi 1 why ours look different. It taksr
m r tlian wood and Iron to make th
'!i!iVrinee between a ferry-boat and a
ii-itty otxan steamer.
chas. Mcdonald,
The Tailor.
523 Commercial Street
OOOD Wl-ITSKT. That Is the test
of a saloon's stock. Competition for
Ions time ran to biff mlrroin. Folly
Jf that were. , all, the saloon buslnesi
mis-lit quickly 'capitulate to the senst
or BlKht, and not to taste, our move
The otRce move, has been toward qua!
lty. That la the reason we obtained th
agency for HOPE WHISKY, and the
more cultivated and critical your taste
la the Iietter chance our whisky will
Your Mouths,
One groat basis principle of the Pal
ace Restaurant is mutual dependence.
To thrive and grow, each dish must be
better than any one else a. Our aim it
to reach the only roomy trade place,
the top. No lower Idea can be per
mitted. And When the top, our top, ic
reached by any other restaurant, we
will lift the top.
The Palace Restaurant
knowledge is Power
And power la salvation. To do a thin
right one must know how to do It.
This is as true of carpenter work aa
anything else.
C. G. PflLrVIBEtyj,
Whose shop Is at 473 Fourth street, will
build you anything from a wood box
to a 150,000 building and do It well,
What About
...Your Shoes? -
Aren't they worn out around the
Bole somewhere? Don't they need a
patch on the aide ? We will make them
good aa new.
Kitty Cornerfiom Usher Bros, store.
A Poor Cigar.
W. F. SCHIEBE never made.
Don't expect to make, either.
But marke this s-a-t-l-s-f-a-c-
t-l-.-n of the 22-karet aort has
accompanied every purchase of
ona cf the cigars made by him
alnce he began business. We've
got the notion that a satisfied
customer "cuts a ulg figure" In
building ud a business. That'i
the reason La Belle Astoria takea
ao well.
Little Giant.
Seema Is If half the mothers In Aa.
toria have bought a pair or two of
thoao LITTLE GIANT achool shoes for
their children. The other half will as
on as thev hear of the wearing qual
Hies of those that are being worn about
the city. Vou can have your choice
cf leather, kid, grain or calf.
Sterling Silver !
Never has there been audi a stock
of sterling silver Jewelry as that now
on display sit our store. Half the town
does not realize the immensity of this
EXSTROM, the Jeweler.
13 ONES.
We buy fertilisers ami fertilizing 11111
terial of every drfHiuipliou, Bones liorut-.
etc, ami pay limui-st oust prices, hen
us trial sliipineut,
Western Uoiie-Meiil Co.
t 771 MisMiou Sirtvl.
Kttu Fininoisco, (Jul.
378 Commercial Street.
Manufacturers of every d.ttcrlptlon of
Lounges, Mattresses, etc.
When the tide set one way there la
always a cause for It
Women don't come here to buy roasti
steaks, end all other kinds of meat
simply because lt'a Chrlstensen & Co.'a.
Of course there are a few, a very
Tew, who buy out or compliment, or
from Ignorance, but the great mass of
housekeepers buy where they can get
the best and for that reason wa supply
the majority or the families in Asto
ria for they know by experience that
we have only the best.
Warrant that the most com.
fortablo appetite in the city
may be spoiled by drinking
poor whisky. We've studied
and studied all the whisky
fuda and Ideaa and we have
learned that
"CUTTER'S Whiskey."
Is the best made. Hut you must be
sure you gt't Cutter's. Some people
advertiae It but don't keep it; we do.
Local wair for thV twenty-four
knur eftdinK at 5 p. m. yaatardaor, fur-
I United Btua Depart-
r, st of Agrloulture. weathar bureau.
iinxlmum temperature. M degrees.
"Minimum temp reature, 57 degrees.
IT illation, X Inch.
"jm.nJ pixiiJtaU.n from September
1st. 1 vM. to luR- 67.C1 ftK'hes.
of jr-(rlt.tln from Sept"
I... - 1 ilHlO. 1.K9 IlKlipS.
c:4 00
v. j 1
Will lmv
mi all wool
(Iicsh, in lilack
or c
Albert Dunbar.
Sole Agent for ti e P. N. Corset.
The tux roll for 18U4 in now In my
hnnilH for collection. Taxes will be
cc'Tie delinquent on March 30, 1835.
i-'rhruary 19, 1895.
Sheriff of Clatsop County.
The Only Restaurant
See Swope.
6f 8wope about decorating.
tie Swope about decorating and sign
Meany is the leading tailor and pays
the hlgbuat aah price for fur skins.
Something new In the line of Sachet
Powders Just received at the Prlntz
Crain Drug Store.
Why do you suffer with that cold
when E. O. Cough Syrup will cure It;
for sale at the Prlntz-Craln Drug store.
Heaver Hill Coal. . No Smoke, no
Soot, For sale at Finlayson'a shipping
and commission agency, 9th street
wharves, at J5.G0 per ton.
S. E. Utzlnger Is th- agent In Astoria
for the celebrated Gumbrlnua "otriel
Lieer. of Portland. Dr p linn a postal
card and he will call (or your oider.
Watch yout watch When It runs n
little too alow or a little too fast, bring
it to J. H. SEYMOUR, He will at
tend to It. He knows how. He learn
ed his trade In a watch factoiy.
For years the ABtorla Wood Yard
has given our citizens only the very
best of wood and coal. Tuey are am.
doing it. In fact, they are taking the
lead. Why? Because they know what
the public wants, and the public knows
Fonrd & Stokes Co. have secured the
affencv of the ramous btkwaktb
TWINE manufactured In IRELAND
Their new stock goods are much su
perior to any other kind.
When a man buys a lottery tlckei
and draws nothing hut his breath h
feeis sold. When ne buys his wood and
coal of the Scow Bay Wood lard
whose office la opposite Fisher Bros.' hi
la pleased, aa they sell only tne best.
Mr. Humphrey has some choice Chi
nook salmon at his market near Res
oue Hall. He also hus oyBters that sell
at a less Dri e than at any other mar
Uot In the city. He carries clams and
other shell fish, and as a Bide Issue.
has a stock of Marshall's famous knit
ting twine.
It may be that you are dissatisfied
with your grocer. If so, why not glvi
Foard & Stokes a trial? They Bailafj
others, and feel pretty sure that ihej
will suit you. Many a dollar is lit
erally thrown away by those who buj
groceries of an Inferior quality. It't
penny wise and pound foollsn to glvi
good money for goods that are almost
ThQ U. S. Gov't Rcporti
' show Royal flaking Powdc.
superior-to ult others.
Wanted The present address of MaJ
von Swunktnzel, late of the Austrian
army, who lert Vienna on rne wtn 01
January last, en route for Astoria t
purchase a pair of GoodmunDs shoes
2. E. Ward, who runs a barber shop
at 219 Astor street has placed In con.
neetlon with his place two Russian
baths for the accommodation of the
ptrblle. He guarantees them as first.
class In every particular. Ladles' and
gentlemen's department separate.
The Finnish Brotherhood will meet at
r.vthlan Hall Tuesday. April 2d, at 1
P. m. A full attendance is desired.
' Financial Secretary.
Madnm Nelson, reads head and palm,
also cards, and tells past, present and
future. Consultation on all affair.
Price, DO centa and upwards. Recom
mendations from several hundred per
sons. 455 Exchange street, corner of
10th street.
Highest Honors World' Fair.
A putt Cttpa Ctiiii of TjiI.ii Powder. Fie.
tail Ammonia, Alum or any ctliar adulterant
. . .,. , ,-i,it ...I.. 11. "ii
A 5Sfoot Uunoh frota To?m fc&i
arrived. In port.
P. W. Weeks was In the city yeater
day from Portland.
For the latest and best odors In per
fumery go to Rogers.
Miss Frankle (Holden will Boon take
charge df a school on the Nehalem.
Councilman. Patrick O'Hara arrived
In the city yesterday from Warranton.
Nels Anderson was taken to the hos
pital yesterday suffering1 with chronic
Attorney A. 'M. Smith, who has been
on the sick list, was able to be out
Yesterday the British ship Chelma.
ford was towed to sea, ibound for
Lloyd West, of Clatsop Plains, was
taken to the hospital yesterday suf
fering with the grippe.
Yesterday fflie Sarah Dixon brought
down a second consignment of tile
pipe for the Twelfth street sewer.
In fihe Justice court yesterday John
Frankman pleaded iguflty to assault
upon John Lido. He was assessed
Dr. A. L .Fulton, who foas ibeen in
Portland for the past two days, re
turned yesterday on the 'Bailey Oat
R. C. F. AsBbury came up from Sea.
side yesterday. He has been doing
some surveying near that place during
the past .week.
And now the young men headed by
Jim Taylor Intend forming a tennis
club, having their court near the Ce
dar Street school.
Yesterday the two-masted schooner
Neptune sailed for San Francisco. The
pilot schooner San Jose is still at an
chor off Fort Stevens.
The Manzanilta Is still In port, hav
ing "been unable to get to the light
ship wilch supplies. She will go ou!
at the first opportunity.
Still they come. New goods errivlng
dally. Lots of clothing, shoes, and
hats; lowest prices. Oregon Trading
Co., 600 Commercial street.
At the sheriff's office yesterday the
boys were kept on the Jump making
out tax receipts. It was the blggesl
day so far, and over 910,000 was col
lected. At Martin's ship yard yesterday the
scow being built for J. O. Hanthorn
was successfully launched. Mr. Mar
tin still has four days left In which
to complete the contract.
Yesterday's boacs brought a large
number of people into the city from
up the river. Many of them are evi
dently visitors In the city, anxious to
g-et in on the railroad work.
Alfred Levy, tirother A Mrs. Dan
4iger and Mrs. Ceiar, who has beet;
lSiiung in tne city for the past two
luoiutis, leaves on the steamer Satur
day for his home In San Francisco.
Mr. I. L. Osgood has sorie timothy
iay that he cut last year from a farn.
ja the very top of Green mountain
along iil.le of the military road. 'int.
..aui.s are si t lecc tall and uh
are nine inches long.
The Btoamer Mayflower yv;s:erdaj
ot a raft of logs, which she was at
lennptlng to land at the Clatsop nUh
oiitanigled with, the Caaaites and t
couple of barges. She finally got th
iOijs free, but not without conalderabk
The Amateur Brass Band boys lhavt
taken the music stand from the cornet
j Duane and Ninth, and moved It U.
oho top of the hill back of Dr. Logan'i
i-esldence, where they will be so hlg..
that they can play "My Sweetheart'i
the Man In the Moon" with some vim
in It.
Some time the steamer Dwyer struck
a snag with her prpellor and Injure.
it considerably, "besides springing het
shaft. Yesterday she went on the
jea li at the Astoria Iron Works and
machinist set to work making the
needed repairs. She will probably be
In service this afternoon.
The 20-horse-power gasoline engine
has been placed In the Scandinavian
Cannery launch at the Astoria Iron
Works, and yesterday was being con
nocted. Aa aoon as the machinists get
through with. her. Mr. Lethers will
finish the cabin, and the boat will then
be turned over to her owners.
The balloon man has yone but he
has left his trail. One of Astoria's
Third Reader boys la begsdng, "Sorry
In' " and buying all tne empty nour
sacks he 1 can find and with the old
of a pot of varnish, he hopes Boon
to have a aky scraper that will be
the envy and awe of hla 6econd reader
Last night the M. E. chuivh gave a
young people's concert at which a
large crowd of both Juveniles and
grown people were present. An excel
lent program consisting of many mu
sical and literary gems, was rendered
and irreatly enjoyed by those present.
A splendid lunch was served during
the evening and was freely partaken
The little steamer Louise Vaughn la
still at the Iron Worka, and repairs
are raipidly toeing made to her pro
peller ami nhaft. The steamer will
prolxUdy be,uaod aa a tender for some
of the canneries during th fishing
season. The Iau1s Vawhn has done
much .service In acting as a tender
for the Portland dredge In towing
loaded scowa to th dumping grounds.
The sttMuner waa also used for some
time aa a fire-boat along the Portland
city front.
i .Mum ....!.. un .MAiim
Easts fiuaA&j corcfll J&$t Uti), W$ 1 VfCtiXS. KEpUX.
year. It la tald an early Ajirll U -wayi
a prwurser of m early apring, , Contractor Wattl Eaa th Sooor of
and a late Eaater la a aure precurae Starting th nrt TVork on th
of a late, backward spring. Aa the ' New Road.
22d of March is the earliest date upon ;
. . . t I j nr i t
which it can come, and the 28th of J
April the latest date, Easter this year
can hardly be said an early or lato
The London, 'England, county coun.
oil have made arrangements that In
future every Are engine In the Met
ropolltar Fire IBrlgUi'? na11 carry
Ibandatges, lint, wool and oil for use
in cases of iburns or Injuries, In which
cases firemen may be alble, pending
proper medical alttorttlon, to render
Immediate reJllef to any one In need
of It.
About Che most unfortunate thing
that happened yesterday In relation tc
the beginning of railroad construction
was the fact that "Windy" Pat Doman
was not present. It la hoped that the
newa of actual building of the Asto-rla-Goble
road will put an end to the
silly and uncalled for letters that he
has been writing to a Portland weekly
during the past few months.
For the past few days Architect Fer
guson has .been bo busy with various
plans and specifications that he has
ibeen unable to "finish, the plans for
Fisher Brothers' new theatre. Today,
however, he will again take up Dhe
work and 'push it to completion, and
then bids for the construction of the
theatre will be adtvertlsed for. No
expense will be spared to make It
the most comfortable little theatre In
the Northwest.
The German bark J, C, Pfluger, Bays
the San Francisco News, which sailed
from this port March 14, 1894, with a
valuable (general cargo, including a
large quantity of brandy, ordered by
the xGerman "government for use In
military hospltalls, arrived at Bremen
on the 21st Inst, fihe was detained a
long time at Valparaiso, a port of dis
tress whiohi it was necessary to make.
The underwriters and Invalided Ger
man soldiers alike, will be glad she
has arrived out safely.
Tramps are becoming quite plentiful
about the city and as a number have
railed at a prominent merchant's resi
dence during the past two weeks, Just
at meal time he come to the conclusion
that the first tramp that visited the
reuse and was fed must have placed
some secret mark on the front fence;
One of their number was noticed sev
eral days ago to turn a corner and
pass all other dwellings and drop right
through the merchant's front gate as
raturally as though he had adver
tised. Sutton & Beobe yesterday received
advices that the ship Reaper will be
ready next week to load general car
go at New York, for this port. A pre
vlous report that the Reaper was com.
Ing here was premature, as negotla.
tlonB were only condluded yesterday,
and It was generally supposed that the
3olltalre would come. The Reaper is
one of the badt-known vessels that
visits Astoria, and she has an estab
lished record for quick passages and
turning out -hier cargoes In perfect
London millera, among- other3, agree
in complaining of the generally les
sened demand for flour, in spite of the
low prices. One London miller ex
pressed the opinion that the working
;nan and his family do not eat bo
lUL'h bread as formerly, for the rea
son that wages are higher than they
:;ver were "before, and that all other
rood is cheap as well as flour, so that
.he poorer classes spend more in meat
xni eat less bread. This Is a'iso the
xpressed opinion of many large Lon
Jon bakers.
Andrew Chrlstensen, mate of the lost
.ug Vlos, was endeavoring to pick up
.1 crew for the tug CcnBtamce yester
Jay, said the Victoria ColonlM. The
Constance Is owned by Bwan & Co.,
owners of the Velos, whose work it
Is said she will take up, in eharfi-p 01
Captain Chrldtensen, until Capt. An
lerson, who is now In tlu ihopltal, Is
Uile to get around again, tt Is ojily
ibotft 'a year since the Constanoj was
employed about the hat'wr, and when
the returned to the- Fraser river the
elos came down.
The Bailey Gatzert, ever since nh
.nade her first trip three weeks aito.
has had difficulty with her whistle
At first it sounded like the bellowing
of a ciw Just recovering from a sever
attack of the grippe, and every time
in attempt was made to remedy it the
sound grew more hideous. But yester
day there was a genuine surprise in
'tore far the people along the river,
for when the Gatzert 'blew her w'hlstle
a deep melodious sound came forth,
and caused the people to stare !n won
der. She has the most musical whistle
of any steamer on' the river.
Yesterday a man named Pat Han
wrlght was brought In from Nehalem
and placed. In the hospital Buffering
from serious Injuries retelved by be
ing struck by the butt end of a tree
which he was felling on Tuesday last.
He was brought In from the Nehalem
to Olney on a aled. by Mr. H. M.
Sjiencer, and tha trip consumed two
daya' time. Dr. Rates is attending the
Injured man, but aaya he cannot de
termine at preseailt how badly he Is
hurt. Both legs are ibadly crushed,
and one of them broken, bealdcs aev-e-al
other bad brulsea about the bo 1y.
On Sunday the harkentlne Wrestler,
which las been at anchor In James
bay all winter, waa towed around to
be refitted1 on the marine railroad at
EdquhnaTt. 6he la to have spars plac
ed In her and wilfl be barken tine rigged
aa she had toeen formerly. Recently
the Wrwrtler tias changed ownership.
a number of Americana being now In
terested In her. She is a very grace
ful looking craft, and WW be aa good
as new when ready for service again.
She will, tt Is expected, be hauled on
the ways thla week, and within a few
weeks It ia thought win be ready to
vail. I
il.ini IK imm mumm'i ,-tm
YeBtcjday shortly after tlw dinnej
hour, Contractor Wattls left the tele
graph, comer on Commercial street
with a squad of men,- each carrying t
bright new bruah hoolc or axe. They
took a atreet car and went ,to Tongue
Point, where actual work was com
menced clearing, the right of way
across Tongue Point for the Astorla
Gdbel railroad. Later in the day May.
or Kinney and J. C. Stanton went
eiboard. the launch brought here from
Tacoma, and visited the scene of opera
tions. They found the men busily en
gaged slashing brush and felling trees
and though the force was small, they
were rapidly making a big clearing
In the underforusii and timber. At 6
o'clock the launch returned with the
laborers on board. Mr. Stanton In
structed iMr. Wattls to engage a suf
flcent force last night, to clear the
right of way ty tonight, and on Sat
urday 1t is expected that a large dele
gation of citizens will go to that point
and ibe present at the throwing of the
first shovelful of dirt, .whlohi will prob
ably toe done by Mr. Hammond, who
will arrive In this city this, morning.
There has been consideralble discus
sion aa to Why work on the railroad
was commenced at Tongue Point,
when the Bonner and Hammond con
tract with the Buteldy committee culls
for the first work to be done at a
point near the O. R. and N. wharf.
The reason was explained yesterday
by a member of the committee, as fol
lows: In the first place the engineers
have never decided definitely the ex.
act location of -the line at that point,
and another thing, the inability to get
a sufficient number of pdtkng in time
to make the start caused them to se
lect Tongue Point as the starting
ground. There was a sort of under
standing with the committee that this
part of the contract should be chang
ed." While the right of way through th'
city has not as yet been entirely secur
ed, the committee has assurances that
It can be arranged within a few hours'
time! It is not knowin as yet just who."
changes in tho contract Mr. Ham
mond will ask of the subsidy com
mittee, but at a' meeting which wll'
be held today the matter will P'Ohafoly
be determined.
H. B. Caldwell, of Caldwell Bros.,
Tacoma, Pacific Coast agents for the
Gas Engine' and Power Company, ol
New 'Sork, manufacturers of "The
Only" naphtha engines, is in the city
looking about with a view of locating
their boat building plant In this city
Mr. Calthvell was induced to come to
Astoria bv Mr. Robert Lowe, who
met him at Kalama and piloted down
the river one of the prettiest naphtha j wef stod ail),t the Qne
launches that ever graced the water, fl h.
of any r ver. Mr. Caldwell brought,3' . , f , .
the iboat over for the purpose ! eddy m all the of men's Mings rush
showing the cainnerymen what kind of ! '"8 throuth this store.
vessels his firm builds, and, if he can
see a 'field here for his business, will
otaher remove the Tacoma plant to
this cUty or start a ibranch plant here
The 'boat is 33 feet in length. 8 feet
beam, and has an 8-horse power naph
tha engine in her. She goes througl
the water llite an arrow, and attracted
many people along the wharf when
she oame in. The boat has no upper
works on her as yet, Mr. Caldwell
thinking that if he had an opportu
nity of disposing of the 'boat to one
of the local cannertes they could com.
plete It to BUit their requirements.
At the residence of Mr. and Mrs, Ed.
Tiouslowa this afternoon waa given a
birthday party In honor of iMlss rau-
'Ina Rotislow, who celebrates her fifth 1
birthday. The af ternson was spent
n games and music. Those who were I
nrcsent were: Misses Paulina Rou-
slow, Nanette 'Adhms. Molly Moore,
M'.lnnle iHl"-gIns, Irvn? Uarker, Reto
"t-WUKOai, IFanny wul Mate Gregory,
"d Messrs. Haro'd, Thompson, Earnest j
v.-viikc.ii, Ja:l: AOam., Ella FuHon, j
'"I'd -r P'trker. v:sm RMe Ufa" Par-;
'! H", 1 Mls Katie Louise, Tiualow aa- !
-'Vi-O )n mn.klntr dt ffnp-rv for 1hp HtMf f
'A'-", who dprmrtod -vlth -many
i,v luid lir'hdays to Miss Paulina
Th- r"inv friends Herman Ba'-tlev i
-"ldo wMl? he win vlaltlnfT Ms btirher
"V-ircf-. at Se.ilde, last summer, wll
grieved to learn that word was re--Mvwi
here by telnrrar'h the first part
this wrk 'VhH. he wa9 seriously
.nd probaNy fatally lnjiirfd hy an ac
"Ident which had occurred' at Cleve
Hml, Ohio. A 'lir-'tter has iben re-elved
from there since by Mr. Bart!y, which
"tates that Herman and another broth
er were testing a new enalne which
'hey haU Hmtlt for a. steamboat, when
the cylinder hear! blpw out and cam
very near causing the death of both,
but since sending the telegram thr
brothers were in a fair way. to re
cover. (Mrs. MacKenz'e keeps a lodging j
r-use on Commercial and 13th streot.
A few nights ago ahe listened to the
pleading voice of an Individual who
claimed he was stck and wanted a ;
night's lolglng but had ik means to
pay for It. The good lady gave him a '
room but d'seovered In the morning
that the fellow had disregarded all
laws of hospitality but followed the
scriptural Injunction ' to take up his j
bd and walk," for he was gon?, and j
with him the b, comfort, blanket,
and pillow.
The steamer Cella cleared from San '
Francisco on Saturday for El Trlum
fo. For the benefit of the uninitiated j
It may be stated that El Trtumfo la
In the republic of Salvador, and the ;
Celia goea down there practically to
establish a port. A San Francisco
company has contracted to bufld a
wh.irf Iherw mil 1h fVlla IaVm .ivn :
. .
la.iW reoi 01 lumoer. sceei. iron, watt-:
ons. launcnea. etc.. in raci, an equip-;
menta to orosecute the work. When I
the wharf la complied steamers wilt
stop there for poffe?.
who care to pay a little more than the cost
of ordinary trade cigarettes will find the
Made from the highest-cost Gold Leaf
grown in Virginia, and are
Kansas City, March 28. Members of
the Kansas City nan-partisan W. C.
T. U., have adopted tho following reso
lution: Resolved, that we wdW here
after remove our hats at divine wor
ship and all indore speaking:
San Francisco, March 28. Eugene
Ta.iiere, a young artist, met Instant
death on bis Ibicycle this afternoon,
He was coasting down the Fulton
street hill at a terrific rate of speed.
He lost control of his wheel and waa
hurled Into a bituminous rock crusher
with suoh force that his skull was ab
solutely crushed.
Regular monthly meeting of the Col
umbia River Fishermen's Protective
Union will be held at Fisher's Hall,
Tuesday, April 2d, 1895, at 7:30 p. tn.
The price of salmon for the year 1895
will be set.
A patrolman and light keeper for
Sand Island to be elected and other
business of importance to be transact
ed. Members in good Standing are re
quested to be present and have their
book or receipt along.
E WAIT you to make no al
lowance. Our Gents' furn
ishings are as good as we
say they are. Do you think
how rare such agreement is?
We run a clothing store for men with
no deid places in it! You know how easy
it is to heap up a lot of things tiiat nobody
t d s naie a show of plenty.
The Clothier.
HordTimes Have Com
Trying to Make it asy,
We wish the pulbllc to understand
that we sell exclusively nothing
For 10 cent3 a drink, and Kcpp's ce-le
brated N. P. Beer at 5 cents a glaiH.
The whisky Is the same as we havi
been selling ever since wc have tcei
in business, and we are going to con
tinue the same as long as we can gst
square deal on both sides.
Corner 9th and Bmd.
: New and Second-Hand : j
Full line Crockeiy
Tinware, Stoves.
Stove Repairs a Specialty.:
Highest c ish prices
paijfor seiniiJ-hand
gooJs of all kinds.
434 Bond Street.
(Opposite Paiker & Hansen.)
KKAT. Ml & "'J will opi'n thoir
Music Dol t 3'0 Asior street, t
Saturday fie !0ih. They will j
keep minitwrU'im grol liquors '
mid 1 ifiirs besides having good music ull the j
Saturday, March 16,
At 566 Commercial Sireet,
Jflaseam & Optical Illusion Exhibition.
Niue beautiful and mystifying Illusions
, rieasimr s'sge t'erforoiani-e. An enter-
taiuuieut expressly for Ladies and child-
Will ! open daily from 1 to 10 p.
'.xliiliitioiis evrrv ,'!0 minutes.
! Admission Uk hewrwd hairs 5u extra.
thlrjjs need co adrertls-! -inir
b"t liidits we jui
want to ttll nu the extra
urttinnry low rice of (
millenery ff.'O'ln for,'"
lriiK and summer wear.
rtimv una wa u uJ-
lore pun-hslnfi.
Cor. lOih andCemmensal Sts.
What the Gambrlnus Beer Hall tried
. 1 i . ; 1 K..I f HH1 nr m-ojt to
w 't, --
.1, n u x ni- thlr linuord was 10
pick cut what intelligent people would
'wan, lf tn. krieW u experienced
nni. hmiM know It. Make a note
of this If you want pure liquors. George
I Bartley. I'ropneior.
H. A. HVflTH
Rooms 1 and 2, Pythian
over C. H Cooper'a store.
W. C. LOGAN, D. D. 8..
Manseil Block, 673 Third street
Rooma 6, 6 and 7, Flavelo Brick
Office In Flavel'a bilck building
Astoria, Oregon.
May be found In hla office until li
o'clock mornings, from 12 noon until i
p. m.. and from 5 until 7:30 evenings.
AT .Jtxr.
Office on Second SU-set, Astoria, tn
Office over Olsen'a drug store. Hours, 10
to 12 a. m.; 2 to 6 and 7 to 8 p. m. Sun
days, 10 to 11.
J. S. BISHOP, M. D.,
Office and rooms in Kinney Block.
Office Hours, 10 to 12:30 and 4 to 0:30.
Surgery and Diseases of Women a Spe
Office, 584V4 Third St., Astoria, Ore.
Special attention given to all chronlo
. PHTSrritN AND PUR:p"oN
Speela' atlxnllr.n to dlmww ' wom
en and surgery.
Office over Danatsrer'x store Atorls
Telephone !o. 52.
Office, Rooms i and 6, Pythian
Building. Hours, 10 to 12 and i to
5. Residence, 639, Cedar str"
German Physician. Eclectic.
OHke west of Ross, Hig?ins & Co.'a
store, E18 Bond street. Prices, calls,
$1; confinements, $10.00. Operations at
ollice free. Medicines furnished.
Houses to rent. Ail kinds of prop-t-j-iy
lor Gdhe. ConespojiJeaoe and
outness so,icUed. Oliice Vteluh iilock,
Ul Commercial! streec, Astoria, oren.
J. N.
Dulph. Richard Nixon,
onester V. Doipn.
l'oi'tland, Oregon, 21, 2o, 10, and 27,
i.a.,ii;iou xiuiidiiig. All legal and col
ucujii busiiiusa pion.ptiy aiUndjd 10.
against tne government a spe-
littllj. v
A. Uvular communications held
on lio lirsi a;id tlaird Tuesday evening
01' t-a.;U rno.Hii.
I!. C. HOLDEN. Secretary.
JAPANESE GOODS. Just out- Jusl
received just what you wt.ii'. .it Wing's. 29 Third strert.
WANTED To rent, or will buy at a
fair price, a second hand type-writer.
Smith machine preferred. Inquire at
this ollice.
i WANTED A girl to do genera
j housework. Apply to E. Gustin. 520
; Commercial strest, Uppertown.
! WANTED Agents to represent the
;old National Life Insurance Co., of
1 Montpelier, Vt. For further informa-
j tion, address G. M. Stolp, General Coast
! Manager, S2-ai Crocker Building, San
Francisco, Cal.
WANTED Situation
tq do general
housework iby an-experienced person.
In-quire Sal Eighteenth
Scow Bay Foundry.
street, near
$75.00 A WEEK paid to ladies and
gents to sell the rapid dish washer.
Washes and dries them In two min
utes without wetting the hands. No
experience necessary; sells at sight;
permanent position; Address W P.Har
rison & Co., Clerk No. 14. Columbus,
Hundley A. Haas. 130 First street, and
?et the Dally Astortan. Visitors need
not miss tnelr morning paper irhne
fandel wine instead of coffee or tea.
Fifty rents per Kallnn. IVin't f-ricel ,
peach and ap'leot hrnndy. Alo Kn-h
'N'iiir and rtn i Ali Ollhrf"
J'0'iors -r. ,,M .1
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
umu yiiwnw n v trw-j-