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VOL. XLIT, NO. 83.
The flouth of the Columbia.
Will now be covered more and
more with the white-winged fleet
while it gathers the harvest that
has made Astoria so prosperous
in the past as well as in the pres
ent, and is so far giving us as
good trade :n Fishermen's Sup
plies as we have had for the past
four years and raake3 the outlook
bright for the future sale of Men's and Boys' Clothing, Fur
nishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes Trunks, Valises,
Umbrellas, Blankets, Quilts, Gum Boots, Oil Coats, Pants,!
Apron Sleeves, Petticoats, Etc.
p '4 --.V V;. - -
resolution, which he asserted did not
touch or affect the general question of
bimetallism; that It was simply a sug
gestion to a friendly sister republic
thRt mm IHIa Tnlnta In thn wnat. atinnt1
Tlie Tariff Debate Under Fnll be m operation in the coinage of silver The Leadin?; Theater of Mil
which had been put in circulation In
the Orient Senator Sherman said he
saw no objection to the resolution, and
that If arrangements could be made to
carry It out 1100,000,000 of sliver might
be usefully employed. Senator McPher-
The Income Tax Amendment Bit- 8011 ip-i it. and at his request it I Several Firemen Burned or Killed
went over unui tomorrow.
wankec Burned.
Osgood Mercantile Go.
The One Price Clothiers, Hatters And Furnishers,
506 and 508 3rd St.. Next to Griffin & Reed's Book Store. Astoria.
Hp HE UNITED STATES paid Russia $7,200,000 for
B Alaska and the seals, lhe ingush have said, if they
swim out of our creeks, they belong to them. It
just like tho crows coming over from Washington every
day. They're sure to return towards night. They belong
to Washington. We don t claim them, lhat s the dispute
in a nutshell. It s just about like that with our fancy work
baskets. As soon as they get awav from our store the mcr
chants of Portland or San Francisco get credit foT having
sold them. We don't want war, however. We 11 arbitrate
Give the other fellows all the credit but so on buying our
baskets. unttin x Keecl.
fine tines and Mqaors.
I have made arrangements for supplying any brand of wines
in quantities to suit at the lowest cash figures. The trade
and families supplied. All orders delivered free in Asfofia.
A. W. UTZlgGEt, -
flaln Street, Astoria, Oregon.
Str. R. P. ELijMORE
. R
7. 1
(ilill Leave for Tillamook Every four Days as flear
as the meather mill permit
The steamer R. P. Elmore connects with Union Pacific steamers for Portland and
through tickets are issued from Portland to 1 illamook Bay points
by the Union Pacific Company. Ship freight
by Union Pacific Steamers. .
terly Attacked by the
New York Senator.
Associated Press.
Washington, April 9. The second
week of the tariff, debate opened today,
Allen, populist, of Nebraska, offered
a resolution closing general debate on
the tariff June 4, at 2 o'clock, and the
final vote June 7, at 2 6'clock.
Senator Hill then addressed the sen
The speech of Senator Hill was
chiefly devoted to an extensive and bit
Attorney Carlisle Argues For
and Number Seriously
Associated Press.
Milwaukee, April 9. The Davidson
theatre, the finest theatre in Mllwau
Washington, April 9. In the Breck-
enridge case today Judge Bradley an
nounced his decision on the prayers for
Instructions. Nine of the prapers for kee, waa destroyed by Are today. The
plaintiff were granted In. a modified theatre roof, on which a score or more
lorm and five were refused. Six pray
ere ior ueienaant were crantpd in n
ninnin.! fr.rn .... j wc" " "even were
- ! . v n t ' : iciubcu.
Incidentally, Judge Bradley said that rescued. It is stated that ten more are
while the burden, of proof rested on In the ruins. The police report 16 lives
plaintiff to show that the contract to host, Losg to the Lilliputian company,
many waa eiuerea into, lr Defendant
set up that contract was not made In
ter attack on the income tax feature good faith, the burden of proof would
JG0.000; to the theatre, J400.000.
Following is a partial list of the fire-
of the Wilson bill. Referring to the
foreign policy of the administration, he
said: "Our foreign policy, especially
that relating to Hawaii, has not met
the expectations of the people. It was
a natural consequence, however, re
suiting fromi the placing of the depart'
rest upon him to show there was an burled under the ruins: George
understanding to that effect. Junssen, assistant chief; August Juns-
Attorney Carlisle opened the argu- Archie Campbell. Thomas Morgan
"'cm iur iJituuuii. I
Attorney Carlisle, who Is more deep- JameS Freem 21l CrWley'
ly versed In international law than In Later. Nino of the firemen are dead
breach of promise litigations, consum- and six are seriously Injured, and Mil.
meiu or state m cnarge or repuoucan eo. tlie day in the criminal court with waukee's leading theatre. - the David
ntn.tpmpn . Tn rtt h rpaivrta tha nppG. I T nnU... ti.. .....i .-.. . . I . . . . . .
... , . (ciicit ui me leeuinony oeiore ineison, is in ruins, as a result or the lire
ent administration affords scant Jury In the Pollard-Breckenrldge case, which was mysteriously Btarted In the
grounds for just criticism." His statement was a detailed review of rotunda at 4:30 thl mnrnlmr. Th i,..
all the evidence, and was delivered in a of the building and the scenery and
clear, disimssionate manner, although
at times the lawyer referred to Col,
BreeKenridge In very scathing, but
coolly worded terms. The silver-haired
congressman conducted himself very
nonchalantly, chatting with his law-
carry the army back from whence It
came. It Is Impossible to ascertain
whether or not tho company will com
ply with the order. The result of the
Injunction has caused a great deal of
excitement, as lb Is known there will be
danger of trouble In enforcing It, the
Industrials having repeatedly assorted
that they will not go back. At 11:50 to
night the United States marshal sworo
In 60 deputies. '
Reno, Nev April 9. Capt. Kelly, of
the Industrial army, passed through
here this morning, en route to Ogden,
The regiment here numbers 82. and.
recruits are still arriving from the sur-""
rounding towns. This afternoon they
paraded the principal streets, led by a
hearer of the stars and stripes and a
. Denver, April 9. The United Coal
Company, with $1,000,000 capital, was
Placed In the hands of a' receiver to
day, on the application of the German
National bank, a creditor for $88,000.
The bfjik charges General Manager
James Cannon, Jr., with mismanaging
the company's affairs and with mis
appropriating $3,488.
Coming to the question of tariff re
form, he said it should be approached
with a realizing sense of the changed
condition of the country since 18S8 and
1890. What was safe and wise then It
would be criminal folly to attempt now
In the face of the paralysis In general
business, as the treasury deficit at
equipments of the Lilliputian comnay
aggregates $300,000, on which there Is
an Insurance of $89,000. Twenty fire
men were upon the roof of the build
ing working under , the direction of
their chiefs, and it was thought that
yers during the day, while Madeline Uie blaze was under control, when sud-
tests. The present bill sought to double pollard sat directly In front of him, denly the roof seemed to bulge under
keeping her face shaded by her black- their feet, and In a moment every man
gloved hand most of the t'me. Only was pitched 4n to the auditorium of the
once was there any interruption, and theatre, some falling onto the par-
ihat was when Col. Breckenrtdge set quette and others upon the balconies.
the speaker right upon a point of fam-1 Later the fire took a new start, and
ily title, about which he seemed to be amid the groans and shouts of the lm-
very particular. Carlisle will continue Prisoned men the work of rescue be-
the deficit by discarding the customs
revenue, and to fill the void by an in
come tax. He protested against the
democratic party being made a tall to
the populist kite. "For my part, as a
democrat," he said, "I prefer Indirect
taxation and tariff reform above direct
taxes and tariff extinction. I prefer tomorrow, and it is not improbable that Kan, and was kept up until S oclock,
taxing foreign products rather than
home products.
"I stand ready to support' any rea
sonable measure for tariff reform. I
will cheerfully vote for tht Mills bill
and Join you In making any material
reductions of duties therein. I am
ready to waive all minor reference of
details which do not Involve questions
the speaking will last till Friday.
A Bank President Acknowledges That
He Embezzled the Funds.
when the last body was taken out and
work abandoned until tomorrow. All
but one corpse) was removed, that of
Third Assistant Chief Janssen,
brother, of Chief of Police Janssen.' "
Following is a revised and corrected
list of the dead: Third Assistant Chief
August Janssen, Frank McQurk, Fred
Pueblo, Col,, April 9. Bert Hamil
ton, captain of. the Colorado division of
Coxey's army, and 40 of his followers
were wrested In the railroad yards
here and spent the night In Jail. They
were released today on condition that
they leave town immediately.
Salem, Ore., April 9. Hermann was
nominated by acclimation for congress
man from the first district. Tongue's
name was presented to the convention
amidst applause, but he declined to en
ter the race,
Portland, April 9. For Washington
and Western- Ooregon: Showers and
cooler. , , .:
For Eastern Oregon:, Fair weather.
Milwaukee, April 9. The Investiga
tion of Judge Jenkins began this after- 1
noon . .
Indianapolis, April 9. To the great
surprise of ail except his attorneys,
Theodore P. Haughey, ex-presldent of Kroesechmuer. Capt Archie Camnhell.
of principles. Mr. President, this Is an the Indianapolis National bank, which 0f Are boat Foley; Allle Riez, killed by
important crisis tn the history of the ""iea on juiy ti, ioo, ayiwureu m me a failing ladder; , James', G. Freman,
democratic party. Failure or tariff re. unueu uibuiui tuun una even-
vision means defeat of democratic po- ln8 and pleaded guilty to systematical
sition. If not annihilation of our party, 'y wrecking the bank, and having em
Moreover. It meajia Ininrv tn th hwf bezzled its funds to the amount of
Interests of the country. Let those near'y 1.000,000. The trial of the bank
who insist on Injecting into this bill wreckers begins tomorrow morning In
the odious and undemocratic principle tne federal court. The older Haughey
of Income tax pause and reflect upon la 1,16 first on tne Ilat of ven. The
the possible consequences of their de- others are his son, Schuyler u. Haugn
mands." ey: Percival and f ranK comn, or the
Indianapolis Cabinet Company; Cashier
Rexford, Albert S. Reed and R. B. F.
Pierce. These men will all be tried as
Frank Winne, found on the balcony
of tha theatre; Thomas Morgan and
John Farell.
Over the Enforcement of the EdmundB
Act In Alaska.
Agents, Astoria.
Agents, Portland.
FOR 0 $80 LOT I
Llot to Build a flome, for
The Packers of Choice
olumbia : River Salmon
Their Brands and Locations.
Astorl T)i'i Co .Astoria.....
Booth A. fi'gCo As!ori...
ColnmbKirerritjCo' Astoria.
Elmore 3 nnie'. Astoria.
I f ,itorit Pk'gCo.
.. ! Kiiiueyf M.J. Kl
i (John A. Levlin.
nnejr. .. Antoria...
) W Diamond. A tHoM Jchle0
. Cutting Tig Co
n -Kranclroo
1 VnrnnlH Elmor, Fanborn
lUliiteSmr , 6 Co Aitorls
..Attofia. .. .-
' J Ei'inire Plm.
, I iKfleruooa
George & Barker Aatorii
j o. H Ethora & Co. Astoria,....
, J.O.HanthorutCo J. O. II an thorn 'Aatorla. .
J,G Meg!erCo-
FiUiennrn't PkgCo-Atoria.
Brook Held.-- U?,St. George,
J.C. Mctfer...
. BiookfUld Wn
Washington, April 9. The house was
depopulated today. Three-quarters of
the members were at Uie senate listen
ing to Senator Hill's speech on the
tariff. Those who remained were oc
cupied with District of Columbia af
fairs, but little actual business was
Connellsvllle, April 9. Nearly all the
works closed down by the strikers
have resumed operations and are
peaceful. The operators, however, fear
the ominous silence. The strikers are
assembling in the vicinity of Trotter
and Lelsenrlng, ostensibly for a meet
ing, but the Impression prevails that
they are contemplating an attack.
Port Towsend, April 9. The steamer
City of Topeka, which arrived here this
evening from Alaskan ports, brintcs
news of impending trouble over the
recently ordered enforcement of the
Indicted for aiding and abetting In the Edmunds act relative to Illicit cohabl-
fallure. The indictment of T. P. tatlon. Many hard characters are llv-
Haughey contains 167 counts, and he In with squaws, and every arrest pre-
pleads guilty to five of them. Hughey clpttates a quarrel. In each case the
appeared In court bowed and broken Prisoner demands a Jury trial, which
with the weight of C5 years and the always results In acquittal. "The squaw
consciousness of having wilfully robbed nien who have been tried and acqutted
hla lifelong frlendB,' neighbors and as- once state that they will not submit
toclates In the fraternity of Odd Fel- to arrest again, and seriou altercations
lowshlp of hundreds of thousands of
dollars. He has been for 40 years one
of the most trusted citizens. The pen
alty is from five to ten years' imprison
ment, and the only escape is by death
or a pardon by the president.
are expected.-
Salt Lake, April 9. At Ogden this af
ternoon hearing came up on the order
to show cause why a permanent In
junction should not be issued In th
case of the Southern Pacific Company
St. John's, N. B., April . In over
half a century, a storm equalling the
one prevailing now, commencing last
night, cannot be recalled. Since day
light the wind has blown a. hurricane
and snow has been falling. All traffic
Is suspended. All railroad communica
tion Is shut off, and the public schools
are closed.
San Francisco, April 9. C. P. Hunt
ington has Instructed the land depart
ment of the Central Pacific Railroad
Company to reduce the rate of interest
on all land sales hereafter made from
to 6 per cent. This Is a reduction of
per cent In the rate of Interest on
nearly 1, 500.000.
Omaha. Aoril 9 So far as the lTnlnn to "strain that company from unload-
Pacifl3 Is concerned, that company will 'ng :,at 19 known as the Industrial
not furnish transportation for the In- ' wunin tne city limits of Ogden.
dustrJal army. 1.250 stronir. now cor- 1,,B courl B""el the Injunction.
raled on the property of the Southern TnlB eve"'" Judge Minor and Mer-
Paclfic railway at Ocden. Suot Ban- ritt "ei a mandatory restraining or
croft, of the Wyoming division, has der on lhe Southern Pacific Railroad
been advised to protect the Interests nf omIany, restraining them from keen-
the Union Pacific Company, and not to ln8 or ftllwlng tho Industrial army
allow the army of commonweal to Drou8ht by the said railroad comnanv
come east, unless the unemployed ore uniawruuy into the territory." and or.
able to pay their transportation across derin the" all back Into the 27 box
the country from Ogden. ar"' 8n(1 also from keeping any. pon
on vi we army in cars any loni.r
in tne territory than absolutely neces-
Coston. Aoril 9. Not until this alcr. 10 na"' away. - This meana
noon did the storm which raged ln this lnat tn ""Uthern Pacific must at once
city and vicinity since Sunday clear
up. Since lost night It has snowed con
Why the Vessel Won Her Great Com
bat With the Rebel Commerce
Destroyer. ' -
The old Kearsarge, which sunk the
Alabama, has herself come to a violent
end. She was wrecked In the Carib
bean sea, happily without los of life. .
It Is all but 30 years since she fought
her great fight off Cherbourg, so she
has kept the seas a long time. She de
served an honored place on the retired
list of the American navy, for she had
claims on national gratitude only sec
ond to those of the constitution, says
the Lc.idon Dolly News. Her fight
with the Alabama was a duel conduct
ed very much on the model of the old
personal contests Jn the age of chiv
alry. After a hot pursuit she had at
Ittet cornered the confederate cruiser
which had wrought so much ruin to
American commerce, and it was well
understood that pursuer or pursued
must perish. She watched the mouth
of Cherbourg harbor, which her enemy
waa under short notice to leave, and
the fight was Inevitable. The steamers
In port came out to see it, and some of
them carried excursion parties from,
Paris. The Kearsarge won by superior
artillery, . superior, discipline, . superior
patriotism. Her crew had a nobler Idea
to fight for than the medley of mer
cenaries that crowded the privateer.
These were a desperate gang, and they
had given their officers endless trouble
before the Kearsarge took the reforma
tion of their manners In hand. As the
Alabama steamed out of the harbor at
10 o clock on Sunday morning. June 19.
she found her antagonist waiting for
ner, and tne two approached each
tther ln ever-narrowing circles, firing
all the time. The Kearsarge was bet
ter prepared for defence, as well as for
attack. Her commander had roushly
armored ner In' the most vulnerable
parts by . laying all his snare chain
cables In folds over the sides. The Ala
bama opened lire at a distance of about
mile, and when the ships had made
seven complete circles, she suddenly
turned and headed for the land. She
was sinking, for both shot and shell
had reached her with fearful effects on
ship and cre-v. A-British yacht, the
Deerhound, which had come out to see
ihe fight, came up In, time to save
about 40 of th? crew M they 'Jumped
for their lives. The last shot was fired
as she went down, it was a glorious
victory. We can say i with a clear
conscience, now, as the Dally News waa . ...
nmong the few metropolitan Journal
that said so when It won won.
tlnuously, but it melted as fast as it fell
and there Is now not more than three
Inches of snow on the ground. The
telegraph and telephone systems In all)
directions have been badly crippled. A
I large fleet of storm-bound vessels are
Washington. April . In the senate n the harbor
the Woicott resolution lookinjr to the
coinage of Mexican dollars for the WIIECKMJ ON BEACON HILL BAR.
v ..... u.acuweu, out action Chatham. MaM. Anril 0 T-
tn it was deferred until tomorrow. It!nimn r.t n( k
provides for the negotiation of a treaty j dad ior' a carg0 50J
. T,. l"e co,na,te orbass of sugar, went ashore on Beacon
Mexican dollars at the Lnited State. .,, w ,mkW w ..,,. .
mints for export to China Walcott ed- j , ft tota wWcfc Rt of lhe er.w I
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