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The Great Protectionist Given An En-
; thuslnstlc Reception.
Minneapolis, Marvh 28. Great repub
Regrets That the Employes There Must
Leave Other Matters of Interest
The Astorian's Fort Stevens corrc
londent sends the following:
Fort Stevens, Ore., March 26, 1894. .
Editor of Astorlan: The Jetty work
will shut down Indefinitely this week,
and the employes will scatter to various
parts, with many regrets, for all unite
In saying that the time here has been
very pleasantly spent. All of the people
have been of a first-class order, which
Is due to Mr. Hegardt's skillful Judg
ment In selecting hia help. We all Join
in hoping that wherever he may go he
will have unbounded success, and also
his efficient clerks, Mr. Philebaum and
Mr. Sanberg, but the latter-named will
never have to ask for blessings, as he Is
so tall that he can reach up and take
them. We understand that he wanted
his picture taken Btandlng, but Photog
rapher Crow was unsuccessful In secur
ing a plate of sufficient length.
We feel that we owe a great deal to
Mrs. Sherman, who organized our Sun
day school, and has since conducted It,
with her able assistants, Mrs. Hall as
organist, and Mrs. Lowe, Mrs. McBur
ney and Mrs. Mudd aa teachers. We
also thank Mr. Hegardt for the trouble
and expense he was to In fitting up a
room, and In making everything com
fortable, where we could meet and lis
ten to the sermons of Mr. Rounds, of
the M. E. church of Warrenton, who
has been here once every two weeks,
rain or shine, , i
And again, we must not forget that
gentleman on the Mendel!, Capt. Brown,
The ladles especially say they appreci
ate the many courtesies he has shown
them on their frequent trips to and
from town.
The latest arrival at the Fort is
Lucretia Vivian Mudd, who will make
her home with Mr. and Mrs. Mudd, and
now Willis wearB such a bright smile
that everybody feels happy in his pres
ence. Willis said he could not afford to
buy cheap articles for playthings, bo he
sent over to town and purchased a nice
bright faucet, with about a foot of gal
vanized iron pipe attached for a handle.
Mr. W. Hall and family will return to
their home south of Portland.
Mr. Morrison will return to his family
in Astoria, '
Mr. Lowe will move his family to As
toria Mr. WIlBon and family will move up
the Lewis and Clarke.
Mr. Slams will move down Into the
Kindred settlement.
Mr. Danlelson, who has been on the
sick list for the past three or four
months, is rapidly recovering, under the
skillful treatment of Dr. Jansen, of As
toria The destination of Mr. Stoneman, our
worthy foreman, has not been learned.
A farewell dance will be given Friday
evening In Furney's hall. C, W. 13
A Large Attendance at the
Weekly Meeting,
There was little standing room left In
Kearney's hall last evening when Pretd
dent Delland called to order the meet
lng of the Scandinavian Young People'
Society Minerva The election of ofll
cers for the second quarter was held
and resulted as follows: President, So
fus Jensen; vice-president, Peter Walde
secretary, Miss Lund; treasurer, Miss
Hess. Five new members were aim
The program was as follows: Vocal
solo, P. Anderson; paper, Mrs. Folden
recitation, Miss Thompson; dialogue
Julius Wlllbur, Lambert Larsen, Miss
Clara Larsen and Miss Emms. Larsen
reading, E. Lund; vocal solo, Ludwlg
Chrlstonsen; reading of society paper
"Fremad," Editor A. T. Drakke.
A resolution was unanimously adopted
extending the thanks of the society to
the Uppertown Troubadors for the
meritorious manner In which they have
on several occasions entertained the
members and friends of the society.
A vote of thanks was also, extended
to the retiring officers for their faithful
Report That One of the Boats Wan
Picked Up By Indians.
The many friends of Capt. Dawson, of
the British bark Archer, are beginning
to fear that all hands perished after the
vessel was abandoned on the west coast
of Vancouver Island recently. The hulk
which is In tow of the tug Pioneer, has
not reached port. It Is thought prob.
able that the tug will take her to Port
Townsend or Port Angeles, unless ar
rangements were made by the owners of
the British steamer Maude to tow her
to Victoria The Maude was the first on
on the scene. A terrible gale was rag
ing about the time the vessel was aban
doned, and for that reason fears are en
tertained that the men were unable to
erach the shore. In any event, It Is
likely to be some time before cny defi
nite news Is received, on account of the
country thereabout being Inhabited
chiefly by Indiana
A Victoria dispatch says that one of
the boats was reported to have been
picked up by Indians near Uculet. From
the appear uK-e of the wreck, when
found In Barclay Bound, It is evident
the trouble was caused by the shifting
of the ballast. Had tt ben properly
Htowed before the vessel left Victoria
the accident would not In all probnblll.
ty have occurred.
Caller Tve found that there dog y'r
wfe is advertlsln' tS reward for.
Gectleman You ia-e, eh?
Caller Yep; an" If yetl don't give me
JlO rn take It to Jer. New Terit Week
ly. r - ' -M ? v i
m nwuivM ftwIIMIf Bui
aiir ml Hi . je. )
lican enthusiasm is manifested here.
Goy. McKlnley arrived this morning,
and spoke to a big crowd at the West
hotel. He afterwards delivered a longer
talk to . the State League Republican
clubs at the exposition building, and
was received by the 2,000 delegates with
tumultuous applause. Everywhere this
Is taken as the opening of the, McKlnley
campaign for president. There will be
a big rally at the exposition tonight.
Washington, March 28. The United
States vessels designated for the patrol
of Ben ring Sea are as follows: The Mo
hican, Yorktown, Alert, Bennington,
Ranger, Adams, Concord, Petrel and the
revenue cutters Bear, Rush and Cor
win, and the first commission vessel Is
the Albatross. The patrol will include
12 serviceable vessels.
Chicago, March 28. The Western Pas
senger Association lines have fully rati
fied the deal between the Atchison,
Northwestern and Union Pacific, and
notice of the restoration of rates will
be Issued tomorrow.
Omaha, March 28. The town of Suth
erland, 16 miles west of here, was to
tally destroyed by fire lant night. A
high wind was raging at the time.
A republican convention for Clatsop
county Is heieby called to me?t at Mc
Klnley hall, In the City of Astoria, on
at 10:30 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of
electing 9 delegates to uttend the- Re
publican State and Congressional Con
vention to bo held nt the City of Port
land on April 11th, 11)1, nnd for the
purpose of nominating the following
county officers to bo voted for at the
election to be held on Monday, June
4th, 1XK lo-wlt:
1 State Senator, 2 Representatives.
County Judge, Commissioner, Clerk,
Recorder, Sheriff, Treasurer, Surveyor,
Assessor, Superintendent of Schools.
Coroner, and one Jumiee of the Peace
and Constable for each precinct.
inn committee hereby recommend
that the primaries in the various nre-
clncts he held on Wednesduy, March 28,
IMM. 'The following apportionment has
been made, being 1 delegate at large
from each precinct, and 1 delegate lor
every '25 vnt?s or fraction thereof, over
or under 2G votes cast for Kills for con
gress In 1892:
Astoria 33
Rear Creek 3
Clifton ' 3
Corle 2
Clatsop 4
Fishhawk 2
Knappu 3
Iwls & Clark 3
. Mishwatika , .. 2
North Fork 2
Seaside 3
Vesper 2
West port 2
Walluski 2
Young's River 3
All voters in favor of the republican
principles of protection to American In
dustries and labor and the upbuilding
of the home market and fishing Indus
tries of the Columbia liver, ure cor
dially Invited to unite with us.
Astorlu, Ore., Feb. 20, 1894.
C. J. CURTIS, Chairman,
Notice Is hereby given that the Com
mon Council of the City of Astoria pro
pose to establish the grade of Fourth
street, In the City of Astoria, Oregon,
as Inld out und recorded by John Ailalr,
at the following heights above the base
of grades as established by ordinance
No. 71, entitled "An ordinance estab.
Ilshlng a base of grades for the streets
of the City of Astoria, us follows, to
wit: Feel.
At Intersection wl.h Auger avenue, .22.1
At Intersection with Abernethy 2tU
At Intersection with Honnevllle 38.1
And that the grade of the Interven
ing streets be a straight line between
the crossings mentioned.
And unless a remonstrance signed bj
the owners of three-fourths of the prop
erty fronting on said portion of salt
street be filed with the Auditor nut'
Police Judge within tn days from tin
final publication of this notice, lo-wlt
On Monday, March 12th, K'M. the Cum
mon Council will establish said grade.
H ardor of the Common Council.
. Attest: K. OSUUKN,
Auditor and Police Judge.
1 Astoria, Ore., February It!, 1S94.
In the Circuit. Court of the State o'
. Oregon, for the County of Clutsop.-
Rosu l. Jackson, 1'lalntllT, vs. J. J
Kinney, Defendant.
Ry virtue of nn execution and orde.
of Kile Issued out of ami under the sea
of the above-entitled Court, In thi
above-entitled cause, on the 21st day o
February, 1S94, and to me directed
upon a decree of foreclosure and judg
ment rendered therein, on the 23rd l.i;
of December, 1S93, In favor of the above
named plaintiff, and against the above
named defendant, for the sum o
$386.25, nnd the costs and disbursement!
of this action, taxed' nt J III AO, and nottci
is hereby given that on Tuesday, tin
3rd day of April, 18:4, at the hour of b
o'clock a. in., of snld day, In front o
the County Court House door, In tin
City of Astoria, In said County am
State, I shall proceed to sell all the
rlttht. title, claim and Interest of tin
above-named defendant In and to tin
following deserllied real estate, to-wlt:
Lots numbered live thirteen tl3
and fourteen (14), In block nuiuberet
one hundred and sixty-two (162), In tin
town, now City, of Astoria, as laid on:
and recorded by John McClure, and ex
tended by Cyrus Olney, and situated lr
Clatsop County, Oregon, or so much
thereof as shall be sutllclent to satisfy
the asld sum of ?3t.25, and the costs
and disbursements taxed at fltf.M), aim
accruing costs of this suit, at public
auction, to the highest bidder, for cash
In hand, lit CIW States gold win, at
time or snla. II. A. SMITH,
Sheriff of Clalsop County, Oregon.
Dated Astoria, Or., March Jut, lxst.
Act on a new principle regulating
be liver, stomach and bowels through
the nerves. A new discovery. Dr.
Miles' Pills speedily cures btlllousness.
bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constipa
tion. Uneoualed for men, women and
children. Smallest, mlldent, surest) 0
dot SJ c. Samples free, at Chaa
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cur guar,
Prepared by the Now
jinnnnnnnrj xTxs,Jniu
On Top,
Is conceded by all lo lo llie Lest.
It fishes bettor and wears better
than any other twine used on
the Columbia river.
.If You Want Cannery and
.Fishermen's Supplies,
Call on-
How Are You Fixed for Insurance?
Fire and Marine.
We are agents for the largest and best companies
represented in Astoria.
Royal Insurance Co., awets, ; 21,502,370,00
London Assurmeo Corp' a 8,030,423.00
.Etna Insurance Co. - - 10,015,829.00
Western U. S. Branch, 1.017,195.00
New Zealand Insurance Co., - 2,077,219.00
Combined Assets, j ' $43,403,044.00
l . J?a Sh Music ofthilS
- Utf .1 brichtret. liveMt and must popular 52
fc: sclwUom, N.ih vocal anj Instrumirul.
la t!f n ur In tht most manner. In- 52
clujine hmr larte siiC IVYiraiu. 2
CT CAKHtlior. f,, DaiKtr. S
S v,ci '' ' r2
t- tt;nkli StLlaMAH CUWKO. TSt
w. dom an. vai.i,, "
it: TratroBlJf..NwYoik City. 13 J
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ileuxJ Milk, ili-sire (!". best? You call
obtain il I y Siliiiy cur j;rac:f I'. r
Evaporated Cream
guanntet 1 1vy t!is thirty years' reputation
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pany I . lie decidedly superior to anything
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an iibso't-ii'ly pure milk product! Yes, we
nuarante it, and t!ic pu'ilic havi learned that
-.tec ii substantial. d
Yorl: Condcnrw! ?Ji!k Co. 5
- - snsusmrjuis uvirmnnnnnrii
Cotton Hope,
Cotton Twine,
Marshall's Twine,
Trap and Seine Web,
Tanbark, Acid and Salt,
Strip Lead, Pig Lead,
Copper, Tin Plate,
Tin and Zinc,
In Stock.
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pnuiula a month. NO STARVING, sick
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Habblness. STOUT ABDOMENS nnd
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rect frojn our otRce. Price $2.00 pet
wackajin, or tbrpe package for $5.0f
W mail. posipaiJ. Testimonials ant'
particular, (sataied) 2 rents.
All correspondence strictly conflden-
Novelty is the Hey to Success-Be Original
and Your fortune Is (Dade.
DOES wlvM-llHlnB pay? Ym n.e often
puzzle over this problem. Some
times you think It does, and then again
you are not certain.
There ore days when an attractive ad
vertisement Just "packs" your store
with trade, and Inquiries come dribbling
in for a month afterward for articles
advertised that day. Hut some days
the advertisement seems to fall flat. It
is on these days that your faith grows
shaky, and If you do not doubt the util
ity of advertising you blame the card.
If you write your own advertisements
and lose conlldence In yourself, you hail
better employ some one who makes ad
vertising Ills special business.
To write an original advertisement,
every day in the year, on the same
never-changing theme, is very much
like taking ten yards of dress goods and
making a new and entirely different
dress of it 3H0 times in succession. It
takes a clever head tu do either. He
must see the store side of the advertise
ment and the customers' sl.le of it, the
one as clearly as the other. Unwise ad
vertising can pull down trade and ex
haust your finances mure rapidly than
good advertising can build up the one
or add to the other.
Think of a house which, in the "busy
season," when everybody is buying cost
ly outer garments, wasting Its advertis
ing space on three cent and live cent
notions, often not mentioning their val
uable stock once in a whole week. It Is
like a sportsman who wastes his am
munition on sparrows when ducks are
flying overhead. The harvest time for
expensive merchandise Is at best but a
short month or two. The cheap, little
profit stulf, like the poor, we have nl
ways with us. If an advertiser does not
possess business wit,, along with literary
ability, he will never make a success of
his calling. AVe often see advertise
ments without the slightest literary
merit, written In faulty English and set
up atrociously, which nevertheless are
great advertisements great in their
power of attracting people. They were
full of buMnss, even though they lack
The kind of advertisements which
would prove a success fur one store
might not. do nt all fur another, even
though In the same line of business,
and perhaps located right next door.
The capacity for knowing his audience
must be Innate in the writer; so must
the business sense.
Remember there are other stores, Jus'
as good as yours, who sell at equally
low prices. Your only advantage and
it is yours If you take It Is to have
better advertising than they. This does
not necessarily mean larger advertising
or more costly, for it is not the size of
the space that tells, but what Is said
and how it Is said that attracts notice
and excites surioslty.
If you cannot spend $1,000 a week in
advertising, spend $:oo. If you cannot
spend so mucji, spend $lu0, and If your I
business wi) not aI!,.Vy more than $10 to
be so Invested, spend that, bo pot pas-
there Is no advertising except in a
large way. Onu might as well say that
a five-cent package of seeds from the
florist will not. grow as well as the same
seed bought In bushel quantities. Have
good seed and plant it In good soli, In
other words, write a good advertise
ment and put it In a good paper. Ten
dollars In The Astorlan will pay for 100
lines of display advertising, nonpareil
measurement One car. do more with
100 lines In The Astorian than with i00
lines in most other papers, because a
line In The Astorian means generally a
line of type, whereas those papers
which are printed in larger types, a line
of advertising display type w!J take up
twr. to ten line. ,.f ,;,r Tvor.
A snntll advertisement enn be mailt
very attractive In The Astorian. Hero
are samples of small advertisements,
showing different ways of displaylrg
them with thejdainest of plain type:
Blank & Co.
This Week Only
This Week Only.
SacrificedNo Reserve
arils Hindi Satin and Moire,
4. inches wide, cents, wmi
50 cents per yanl.
Fancy Surah Sash, 15 inchei!
wide, ('ream and Colors, (i'j
cents, formerly $2.00.
rnA Pieces of Jilack Habutal Silks
11 II I n...l I 4'.. I
. V' ami OU(l, 111!
11, l)tlC.
per yd.
Novelties in Kai Ki Wash Silka
Damasse India, Etc., at low figures.
I t,i) Handsome styles in Silk QflO
Li Waists, Japanese and X
I India Striped Silks U
Only Sl.50, formerly sold for Stl.00
Blank & Co.
A little study will enable you to
evolve many other attractive ways of
setting up your ads. in The Astorian
type. There is hardly any limit to tho
combinations possible. Large type eato
space, but you are not obliged to use lb
in order to mr'-e a showy nd. in Th.1
Astorian. Lt.U ,e would advise you, U
using the plain type, to have your ad,
on those pages of The Astorian where
all advers. nre so set up, as then your
small ad. has an equal chance of being
seen. A plain ud. might be lost to.
view entlroly when printed alongside ol
fancy type neighbors. There the con
trast Is against you, but on the page
with other nds. printed in the same
type as yours the advantage of the
most attractive setting is yours If you
but choose to have it so.
The advertiser who has Ills eyes nnd
wits about him has his finger on the
public pulse and knows Its beat. In
cases of emergency his art and wit
may do wonders. Observe the unique
use which a Yankee advertiser makes
of the classics. This man had dog col
lars, name-plates and rubber stamps to
sell. It was a most unpromising theme
for what can one say of dog collars?
Here are some of the things he said;
IN THIS cultured city that we see signs
In the windows announcing that "Here
we sneak French." nr "Hero wo ut,.,it
German," &c. These signs are common
nuin mew lorn 10 san j? ranclaco. In
Boston, osvirig to the culture, it is taken
for irranted. without th niima vu n
engraving In any language, especially
on Dog Collars; also Door Plates and
Cadges, Medals, Stencils, steel and Hub-
iiur clumps, corporation seals, Uangles,
Uramls, Kibbon Hadges, &c. JOHN
SMITH, 2000 Wank street.
TO BE supposed that the Mahomnm.
dans look with favor upon the possibili
ty oi tne rise or a unrlstlnn power to
the south of Turkey and Egypt, und If
this shop did not fit out an expedition
for the relief of Stanley, It was solely
for the reason that we were so crowded
with orders for Door Plates that we had
no time to attend to the necessary de
tails. This we say in self-defense, as
the rumor has gone abroad that we
were favorable to the Mahommedans.
Also Badges, Medals. Stencils, Steel and
Rubber Stamps, Corporation Seals. Dog
Collars. &c. JOHN SMITH. ?MW RlanR
This hp said every day, each; time
using another Incident of past or cur
rent history, or quoting a different au
thor of ancient or modern times. Al
ways winding up with some absurd or
comical allusion to the universal end '
crying need for dog collars, name plates,
etc., and apparently proving the Impos
sibility of beipg happy in this world,
without them. Who with a ranlns
could resist these appeals? Who with
a front door would let It go bare; who.
Indeed, would write his name with pen
when a rubber stamp eould be had with
which to do it? Novelty is the great
charm ,ff ad vert!slng. Originality 1
- -
what the world sigh-for. IV" orlsln-il
t - .i
i.v.'.T t rr::rc Is tsalc
rubers. , ;