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VOI j. XI.II. NO. 41.
Special Reduction Sale.
On account of removal to $c6 and 508 Third St., next to the
Astoria National Bank, on February 21, we snail, regardless of
cost, sell from February 12 until removal
Men's or Boys' $8 Suits and under, for 55 00
S12 " " ?7 5
$15 " $1000
$18 " " 5i2 5
$25 " " $1500
Boys $2 50 Knee Pants Suits $1 5
$3 " " ?2 0O
S3 50 " " ?2 5
$4 " " ?3 co
$5 ?3 50
56 " " 54
Men's and Boys' Overcoats, also Pants and Vests at the
same reductions.
Furnishing Goods. Hats, Caps,
same proportion.
GSPA child buys as
Osgood IIergaiitm Go.
The One Price Clothiers,
600 Third, Cor. West Ninth
How the Box Writing Paper has gone out of this
store the last two weeks! Two or three dozen boxt-s
some days! Yes, more than that. They were the rea'
old-time sales days. It looked as though Ave wouldn't
have enough. Yesterday we got some more.
The writing paper trade tide is surely turned this way.
All prices too, from the high-priced down to within. reach
of the very slenderest of purses.
GRIFFIN & REED - Astoria, Ore.
Fine fines and Mqaofs.
I have made arrangements for supplying any brand of wines
in quantities Jo suit at the lowest cash figures. The trade
and families supplied. All orders delivered free In Astoria.
Str. R. P.
Klill Leave for Tillamook Every Foup Days asT flear
as the meathep mill permit.
The steamer R. P. Elmore connects with Union Pacific steamers for Portland anc"
through tickets are issued from Portland to Tillamook Bay points
by the Union Pacific Company. Ship freight
by Union Pacific Steamers.
&y for flfl $80 Lojn
Llot to Build a Home, for
The Packers of Choice
olumbia River Salmon
Their Brands and Locations.
A,Mrk-gCo.... jworti
Booth A-mCo jwofl
, Antorla.
' 1 oval
Elwore ssrau" 1
J,G i!e6rCo 1
.. ricCO -'A5'-07'
truth X
Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Valises Etc. in the
cheap as the most experience
Halters And Furnishers.
Sts., Opp. Foard & Stokes.
Jdala Street, Astoria, Oregon.
Agents, Astoria.
CO., Agents, Portland.
k V
la Pkrr. i
Kinnev'. . ..J m.j Klnnej. ,
John A. I)c lin!
" Booth & ons Chicago
lllfc ,forl.
! 1 E loiin- P,m I ' j ' ' , ' '
", 1 It- iilerann. "Oeone ft Rrker -torl........
! I I
J.O.nan'hrna.-"o J. 0. Hanthorn'.' trla
! i
tR,Bt. r.pore... J.c. Mcgler . ISrookfleld Wo
! l Fl-hf rami '. . , -
ftC.r.Hn,.an AitcU
J liiii.-iaen l rC Co -
Embezzler Brady Caught in
The Absconder on His Way to Port
land in Charge of r
Frank C. Brady, whi left thin city
early In July, 1892. with J15.000, mainly
funds of the Sunnyslde Land and Im
provement company, was arrested yes
terday at Leavenworth, Kan., says yes
terday's Oregonlan. He was apprehend
ed through the Instrumentality of Mr.
Henry W. Minster and Mr. Thomas G.
Conklln, the respective superintendents
of the Portland and Kansas City
branches of the Pinkerton National De
tective Agency.
The story of Brady's criminal career
Is an Interesting one. He came to this
city about six years ago, and took the
position of bookkeeper and confidential
clerk of the Oregonlan. He was a very
competent man, and his diligence and
attention to business soon gained for
him the position of secretary and treas
urer of the Sunnyslde Land and Im
provement company. During his con
nection with this company he embezzled
thousands of dollars, but so cleverly did
he conduct his operations that not a
shadow of suspicion was fastened upon
him until after his departure for un
known pastures.
Brady applied to the management of
the Oregonlan for his usual summer va
cation about July 1, 1892. He represent
ed that he was very much fatigued by
his year's work, and his request was
readily granted. He then took his de
parture for, so he Btated, the mountains
of Idaho. Weeks passed and nothing
was heard of Brady. Then his long ab
sence alarmed the officers of the Sunny
side Land and Improvement company.
They lhvestlgated his accounts and
found that he was a defaulter, and then
determined to cause his apprehension.
On December 30, 1892, Mr. A. II. Brey
man, one of the officials of the com
pany, called on Superintendent Mins
ter, explained the affair to him and re
tained the agency to "work up" the
case. Operatives were Immediately
placed on Brady's trail, but before they
had got fairly started, Mr. H. L. Pit
tock received a letter from his truant
bookkeeper. It was dated July 18, was
apparently written from Liverpool, Eng
land, and the envelope bore the cancel
lation stamp of the postoffice of that
city. Brady stated that he had gone to
England to arrange some money mat
ters with his father, and expected to
be able to sail for the United States In
two days or in six days at the most.
Dr. Bell, of Portland, furnished the
first clue to Brady's whereabouts, hav
ing met the absconder in Montreal, and
the Pinkerton mn continued their ef
forts until Brady was finally located In
Leavenworth, Kan.
Before February 2 the detectives had
positively established the Identity of
Brady, alias Howard, Durham and Mc
Laren. But as a precaution It was de
termined to have some Portlander Iden
tify him. Secretary Clark, of the Sunny
side Land and Improvement company,
jvas sent for, and arrived In Leaven
worth on the 8th of this month and
ecognlzed Brady, and this fettled the
..uestlon of identification. The necessary
requisition papers were then obtained,
ind Brady was placed under arrest yes
terday. Detective Hols.ipple, of the
Portland police force, who went east
with the requisition papers, left Leaven
worth yesterday for this city, with
3rady In custody.
Yesterday Lineman Darling of the
Western Union succeeded In getting the
.vlre up as far as Knappa, but dark
.iess set In before the breaks beyond
chat point could be repaired, and the
work was necessarily abandoned for the
A reporter stepped Into the Astoria Iron
Works yesterday on his rounds and
found all hands there finishing up re
pairs on a half-dozen buoys belonging
to the United States lighthouse service.
The Job has taken a week to get out,
and n?xt Monday the force will start to
repairing a lot of canning machines.
Thes? machines werj broutht up from
San Francisco on the steamer South
Coast, and will, as soon as they leave
the shop, go up to Alaska.
Mr. Fox states at present he
has only 12 men at work, but In ordin
ary times his working r rro Is no less
thin so. It Is to be regretted thnt As
toria has not more such Institutions as
the Astoria Iron Work-. vM-h ersr-lcys
skilled labor all the year round.
Seven More Property Owners Give Ad
ditional Subscriptions and Join
the Ranks of Progression.
Although a number of the members of
the subsidy committee worked all day
yestcj-day, from early morning until
late In the evening, there were but
seven property owners upon whom the
eloquence of the. committeemen was
successfully expended. These seven
were persuaded to Join those who have
give i additional deeds to property suffi
cient? to complete the 20 per cent sub
scriptions. The committee are now pre
paring for publication a list of those
who have absolutely refused to do any
thing toward Increasing the subsidy, In
order that the public generally may un
derstand who are the stumbling-blocks.
One of the tracts of land secured yes
terday comprised about 107 acres, given
by Collector Page and S. S. Gordon,
and, wjiile It Is outside land, would, in
the .event of the railroad being built,
I conJnand a ready sale at a handsome
..THe names of those ,who gave the
deeds yesterday are: D. K. Warren, H.
G. Smith, the Boelling Estate, Henry
Langworthy, George Davidson, S. S.
Gordon and John Enberg.
The following is a corrected list of
the names of those who have done
their share in full:
C. ,w7 Shlvely.
Alfred Kinney.
Van Duson Family. . .
G. Wingate. . ;
C. n. Thompson.. . '.' " . '
James W.- ".Valch. S vv
George Hill.
II. A. Shorcy.
Nancy Welch,
V. Boelling. .
I. W. Case.
IX II. Welch.
Peninsular Land and Trust Co.
G. W. Wood and wife.
W. B. Adair.
Lafayette Park Co.
A. McFarland.
W. a. Kinney.
LymVn Kinney.
S. D.'. Adair.
W. C,; Howell. . '
C. H. Page.
J. C. Dement.
S. H. Crow.
John Hahn.
West Shore Mills Co.
Isaac Bergman.
J. II. Mansell. . '
F. S. Daniant.
W. Edgar.
Ben Young.
D. McTavish.
Charles Olsen.
S. T. McKean.
J. A. Fulton.
F. Spittle.
J. P. Dickinson.
B. F. Packard.
A. C. Dal?ity.
R. L. Jeffery. s
W. W. Parker. .
Mrs. B. Grant.
J. N. Griffln.
A. A. Schenck.
C S. Wright.
Herman Prael.
P. O'Hara, 1
W. L. Robb.
A. Danlelson.
John Kopp.
Charles RogerB.
Mrs. L. P. A. Barker.
A. Holman.
H. S. Ward.
C. J. Trenchard. . ,
Columbia Land and Investment Co.
A. H. Stone.
C. J. Curtis et al.
Maxwell Young.
E. C. Lewis. ;
Astoria Real Estate Association.
O. F. Morton.
G. Reed.
Martin Dillon.
H. W. Strlekler. '
Cosmo Franclscovlch.
T. A. Hyland.
J- Q. A. Bowlby.
George C. Flavel.
T. L. Osgood.
W. E. Dement.
Mary E. Carruthers.
Sophia Klrchoff.
II. A. Smith,
John Lewis,
Mary A. Jordan.
B- F. Allen.
Thco. Bracker.
Sarah K. Saxe.
James F. Carney.
S. Freeman.
J- W. Hill.
D. K. Warren.
H. G. Smith.
Boellln Estate.
Henry Langworthy.
George Davidson.
8. S. Gordon.
John Enberg.
The birthday nf Lou, Kartwig was
celebrated t the rrsldence of his par-en'.-,
on Frld-y ev;nfr, between forty
end f fty of his youthful friends beln
present. Onmp, cf many descr,pt,on,
-e-o Indued ;n, and tne youn(r foIk
re-rtlly r-nlr.v tu , .
hr,i,i.-., provided In the way of re
I freshmcnts. -
But Eight Republicans Vott
for His Confirmation.
The President's Favorite Finds Ablt
Supporters, but aulnsnf
flciency of Votes.
The following dispatch was taken
from yesterday's Oregonlan, The As
torlan having failed to rccetve It Frlda
evening on account of the lnterruptloi.
In telegraphic communication with Port
land: Washington, Feb. 16. The senate ad
Journed a few minutes past V O'clock,
after spending the better part of two
days considering the nomination of W.
H. Peckham, of New York, to be asso
ciate justice of the supreme court. The
vote taken on the motion to confirm tht
nomination resulted 32 for and 4.
against, and accordingly the nomination
was rejected. The proceedings of tlu
executive session, prior, to taking thi
vote, consisted, entirely of specchmjil;
Ing, Vilas, Mitchell of Oregon, Gcorgi
and Gray speaking for confirmation am.
White of California and Hawlcy agulns
It. All addresses, except those of Vllat.
and George-, -were very 'brief and con
sisted mulnly of .explanations of th..
Vote of the speakers. Vilas spoke fo.
two hours, devoting himself to a de
fense of the character of Peckham am.
the president's right to appoint in t.
case like that of a justice of the su
preme court without consulting the sen
ators from whose state the nominee lb
chosen. He read extensively from let
ters concerning Peckham, which huu
been laid before the Judiciary commit
tee, giving extracts from letters of con
demnation as well as praise, and an
alyzed and dissected the letters as ht
progressed. Summing up,' he declareu
the balance of the tesUfiony was fav
orable to Peckham, and showed him to
be a man deserving of the high hoflbf
the president had sought to confer upol
him. Vllaa also made an explanation ot
Peckham's telegram to Judge Caldwell,
concerning the receivership of the At
chison and Topeka, saying his motive
In saying Judge Caldwell's older would
not be obeyed was found In the fact
that the Union Trust company, for
which Peckham vas acting, was of the
opinion that the order would place the
trust company In the light of a pre
ferred creditor, Instead of the bondhold
ers, for whom It acted.
Senator George discussed the consti
tutional points Involved In the case and
declared his belief to bo that Peckham.
was a man entirely fit for the position.
He had given the subject careful con
sideration, and had reached the conclu
sion that Peckham should be confirmed.
White, of California, Bald the selection
of a supreme court Judge was a matter
which greatly Interested the people of
California. There was now pending In
the courts a suit involving the owner
ship of the water front of valuable prop
erty In that state, estimated to be worth
$20,000,000. This suit, he added, would
eventually reach the supreme court, and
be determined by that tribunal. He
had observed some friends of the nom
inee In the present Instance were men
Interested in the result of this and other
suits, and while this might be a mere
coincidence, It. was sufficient to decide
him against the nominee.
Mitchell said he had become con
vinced, from an Investigation of all the
facts, that Peckham was well fitted for
the supreme bench. He called atten
tion to the fact that eminent lawyers of
New York and elsewhere had spoken In
the highest terms of him. A lawyer,
who had personally known all the su
preme Justices for 20 years and had
been acquainted with Peckham during
that time, had assured him the nominee
was entirely capable of filling the office.
The same gentleman was quoted as say
ing he was a great deal llko the late
Justice Miller, firm and Judicial. The
speeches of Gray and Hawley were
brief, but emphaUc, the former for and
the latter ogains the confirmation.
The vote In detail, with pairs and ab
sentees, was:
Ayes Bate, Blackburn, Brlce, Butler,
Caffery, Dixon, Faulkner, George, Gray,
Hale, Harris, Hunton, Kyle, Lindsay,
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
MePherson, Martin, Mills, Mitchell of
Jregon, Mitchell of Wisconsin, Palmer,
'asco, Pettlgrew, Piatt, Proctor. Ran
xm, Roach, Squire, Stoockbrldge, Tur
tle, Vilas, Voorhees and White of Lou
slana 32.
Noes Aldrlch, Allen, Allison, Berry,
Jail. Cameron, Carey, Chandler, Cock
ell, Coke, Cullom, Daniel, Davis. Dolph,
.''rve. Oilllnirer. Gibson. Gorman, Hans-
orough, Hawley, liigglns. Hill, Hoa
.rby, Jones of Arkansas, Lodge, Mc--Aurln,
Manderson, Morrill. Murphy.
defter, Perkins, Power, Pugh, Snoup.
itewart. Teller. VeBt.Wa8hburn, Wldte
jf California and Wilson 4L
Paired for Peckham Camden, Gor
don, McMillan, Morgan and Smith, 6;
gainst Peckham Dubois, Jones or ie
ada. Quay, Vance tnd Wolcott, G; ab
nt without pairs Colquitt and Sher
.nan. Colquitt released Wilson, who voted
vgalnst confirmation, and Sherman re
eased Brice, who voted for confirma
tion. ",
An analysis of the vote shows the
distribution, politically, to be: '
Rep. Dem. Pop. T 1.
For confirmation 8 23 1 2
Against .23 15 - 3
aired for 1 4 0
AgalnBt .-. 4 ' 1 0
Vbsent and unpaired... 1 1 0
Occasionally there is heard specula
Ion as to what will be the president's
:ourse,. In view of the rejection of his
second nominee for the associate Jus
ticeship. No one, whose opinion Is of
'alue, will venture to surmise or sug--cst
a name. The supreme court Is now
n recess, and will be until March 6, so
hat the necessity for a full bench will
ot be urgent until that time.
New York, Feb. 1G. A reporter called
tonight at the home of Wheeler H.
''eckham and sent up his card. Peck
ham sent back word ho had nothing to
say In regard to the rejection.
William H. Hornblower said: VI am
very sorry, the. senate has refused to
confirm Mr. Peckham's nomination. Of
course, under the circumstances, It is
proper I should say very little on the
subject. I am only sorry Mr. Peckham
was not confirmed. I say this because I
think Mr. Peckham would have been a
good man for the office and would have
filled It with credit and dignity."
Hornblower courteously declined to
express himself any further on the sub
ject. ... J
BRIEF mention;
All the ships that sailed from the Co
lumbia river prior to October 14 have
arrived out.
The tug Fearless is expected today
from San Francisco with the Hawaiian
ship Hawaiian Isles In tow.
The High School Choir will furnish
the program for the Rescue club en
tertainment next Saturdoy evening.
The passage of the Peter Iredale from
this port to Liverpool was 122 days. Her
cargo consisted of 07,000 centals of
wheat. - '
Tho captain of the Brltlwh ship Clan
McFherson was an apprentice on board
that vessel when she arrived in this port
eight years ago. ,
t -
The Football club had an exciting re
lay race last evening between two teams
composed of five men each. The' dist
ance was a mile and a half, and there
wero not half a dozen yards between
the leaders from start to finish. The
heavy-weight wrestling match was post
poned until next Saturday evening, on
account of one of the contestants being
not quite In condition; A game of bas
ket ball between teams captained by
Messrs. Tallant and Gunn was won by
the latter by a score of two goals to
one. Throughout the game the play was
fast and close, the teams being ex
cellently matched.' (
Consults his best Interests by havlnc
a box of Krause's Headache Capsules
at hand: taken as directed will prevent
or stop any kind of a headache, no
matter what the causein fact If your
skull were cracked it would prevent
pain. The frequency of the attacks
will diminish, and by taking the caD
ules at the approach of a headache
you will never have another. Twentv
flve cents per box. '
For sale by - Chas. Rogers, Astoria RaI A A front