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ThebuHlness office and editorial rooms
of the Asloviau ofiice will be closed
nfter 11 p. in. of each day. All commu
nications or busiiiesH locals should be
handed in before that lime, ns the
editor will be at the down town oliice
nfter that hour. At the present time
the business office and editorial de
partment will be found In the office of
rcimore, Sanborn & Co., where Ihey
will remain until the work of remodel
ing the Astorlan building, on the cor
ner of Third and Cass streets, Is com
The school census Is being taken by
Clerk Ferguson.
A girl baby has been born to the
wife of Albert Johnson.-
No cases were tried yesterday In
or the Justice or police courts.
The schooner Jewett is on the way tr
this port from San Francisco.
The pilot schooner San Jose Is ex
pected to leave out early in the week.
A marriage license Was granted yeir
terday to Arvld Nlemi and Alaulla Uri.
The street lights were out for an hour
or so last evening, and the city was left
In almost total darkness.
A year's subscription card to the
Library would make your friend a very
nice New Year's present.
The steamer Bandorllle, which arrived
from Sluslaw on Friday last, Is expect
ed to sail for Coos bay today.
The next meeting of the subsidy com
mittee will be held on Tuesday morning
at the office of the Astoria Real Estatt
Exchange at 10:30 a. m.
Auditor Osburn yesterday straight
ened up the affairs of the city for the
year about to close, and deposited the
funds with tiic treasurer.
Americans would have no cause to' of Kalania, says. The stakes were $75
blush, and the ltuwaiimi question would
Ion since have been settled satisfacto
rily to all concerned, if Gresham's rtlpK
macy and patriotism had been equal to
that of his illustrious predecessor
James G. r.Kilne. For full particulars of
the negotiations in theChlllan affair, the
Ilalian Mafia troubles, and the Bering
hea controversy, see the Astoria n's Life
of Dlalne.
A dispatch -ecelved from. Tillamoo
via Forest Grove yesterday conveys thi
Information that ths steamru Elmore,
although still aground, is considered on
of all danger, and expectations were In
dulged In that she would be off at high
tide last night. With a favorable wind,
It was considered the steairor would U
quickly lifted Into deep water. She Is
now In such a-position thit there
but little danser of a strain, and Cap
tain Tatton is not alarmed at the ou:
Positively all goods sold must be for
cash at the present great, sale at C. H
Wagner & Co. have a new lino of
souvenir spoons. Watch, clock and Jew
elry repairing a specia!ty.Opposite the
Astorian onice.
The Coffee House, E22 Third street
best place for chops and steaks: oys
ters by the quart; received dally and
always fresh.
Zoe, the little eight-year-old daughter
of Mrs. Weatherford, was fearfully
burnt yesterday by the ignition of her
clothes while popping corn. The little
one was standing In front of the
stove, and her dress caught fire, the
flames rapidly encircling her entire
body. Her mother hastened to the
scene und made frantic efforts to
quench the flames with her hands, but
before Bhe was successful .Mrs. Weath
erford was seriously burned about the
hands and wrists, and will be unable
to attend to her household duties for
some time to come.
Every person should attend the New
Year's social Monday night at the M
E. church. Fine program, home talent,
A fine series of tableaux. Frae to till.
Services as usual at Grace church to
day a 11 and 7. Sunday school at 12:30,
p. m. Divine service with holy com
munlon Monday (Jan. 1) at 10: 30 a. m,
There will be services In the Swedish
Lutheran church, Upper Astoria, this
evening at 7:30. New Year's flay a
10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. F. Carlson,
The steamship State of California
sailed yesterday for San Francisco,
Among the shipments from this port
were 1513 cases of salmon, 115 sacks o!
oysters, 14 boxes of fish and 41 empty
An S0 lo or 12.
Groceries cheap for cash at Howell
Sc. ward a.
The Helmont cigar can be had at
Chas. Olaen's.
All groceries sold at bottom prices
lor cash at Howell & Ward s.
Meany is the leading tailor and pays
the highest caBh price for lur skins.
Tom Irving, says the Cathlamet Ga
zette, ls'in receipt of a lettsr from Tom
Boyle, who went to British Columbia
recently to search fur his brother,
Hugh Boyle, stalling he had located
the lost man, who was sale and well
J. P. Bushee, late grand lecturer ol
the Masonic order for Oregon, wIk
was killed by falling from a movii,
train In tiie city limits of Pendleton,
as he was returning to his home on
Christmas morning, was well known to
a number of people in Astoria.
Three victims of the opium habit
named W. H. Page, Ella Wilson ami
iac8 Morris, were exairjliKsd yester
day as to their mental condition by Dr.
W. D. Baker before Justice Cleveland,
and committed to the asylunt for the
insane. One of the girls is but twenty
years of age, and the other but twenty-one.
Rovers of a good cigar can always
nna imiq, iresti .uqimonis at Chas. oi
For Sale Thrre good lota at Smith's
Pclnt. A bargain, Address A. B., thl3
Ohinawnre, in the latest designs, at E.
II. H4Wps'. Prices nevor before equaled
in this city.
Jvlisa li.t!iei Andrews has heen ap
pointed to fill the vacancy jn Court
Street Scboo) caused by the resignation
(if Mis3 Cullie Brodle, whose marriage
to Mr. Borchers was celebrated recen.
ly. Beginning with the next term of
school, Miss Andrews will take the Un
jontoyn school and Miss Bayles will bp
transferred to th Court Street School.
If money Is scarcer In this city ai
present owing to the effects of the gen
eral business depression, so much of ii
is not. needed as in former times. Pur
chasers of dry goods can readily satis
fy themselves of the correctness of thir
statement by calling at C. H. Cooper's
tnd examining the" first-clafcs goods that
are being offered at Immense reductions
from the former price.
For $2, a lot is delivered every week
to the buyer in Hill's First addition.
The City Chop House and" Restaurant
at 410 Second street is open day and
night. Everything first-class. Nothing
but white labor. John Dragolich, Pro'r.
Eastern and Shoalwater Bay oys
lu quarts or pint at the Third street
restaurant. Private rooms for families.
Jo Kinckelia, proprietor, Vi Third
Anything in the line of gents' furn
ishing poods, in the newest styles, can
tie had from P. A. Stokes & Co. during
the present month, at prices never be
fore equalled.
JEf F'S, The Only Restaurant
The trustees of the Public Library art
ery anxious to Increase the Bubscnp
lion list to that institution the begin
ling of the new year. The only way
it seems, Astoria can have a HbraVy 1.
by popular subscription, so If you arc-
not already on the list, send In youi
name. The library is improving as fast
as means will allow, The past month
there have been added to the reading
iables,w eekly editions of New Yoik,
Xew Orleans and Chicago papers. Tin
principal periodicals are always to be
found on lh tables with encyclopedias
dictionaries, naps, etc., for reference.
The use of the reading room Is free
and nine-hundred and thirty-nine per
sons availed themselves of its benefits
during the month of November. Tht
library hours are 3:30'to 9:30 each day,
except Thursday and Saturday, wher
for the benefit of country subscriberr
the opening hour Is 1:30.
Hill's First addition is located in the
centre of the city. Lots are now selling
in it for J2.
There is no risk taken by Joining
Hill's lot clubs. Everybody gets the
full value of their money.
Ladles' writing desks, recking cralis,
and dining chairs, suitable for Christ
mas presents, at G. V. Porter's, Second
street. Handsome crayon portraits
with $25 purchases.
a side, it Is alleged. The sequel to the
affair la told in the following, which
also appeared in the Bulletin:
"I wish to state to the public thai
II. J. Powell, who backed me in the
foot-race at Woodland last Saturday,
sneaked oft with the Btakes and did nr.t
divide up with me as he promised to do.
Flashlight photos of the maskers: al
so printing on silk. and satin, now on I
exhibition at Crow s gallery.
The dining room at the Astor house
has again been opened. Only the best of I
white labor is employed. Give the fa
vorite a chance.
The following goods at C. H. Cooper's
sale are exempt from reductions, owing
to manufacturers' restrictions: 13. &
W. collars and cuffs, Centemerl kid
gloves, "W. C. C." corsets, oil clothing
ana ruDDer goods. Everything else will
oe slaughtered.
Great Midwinter Sale
Commences Tuesday, January 2.
Our Immense Stock of
Fine Dry Goods, Clothing: Etc., '
To be Sacrificed.
The Product of tno Tannery Gaining a
Great Name.
Charles Olvls, the tanner of Upper-
town, has returned from the East. Dur
ing his absence he visited the World's
Fair, where exhibits of Astoria leather
took four prizes. A. Ortmeyer & Son, of
Chicago, who made one exhibit of the
product of the Astoria cannery, was
awarded three medals, and John
O'Kanc, of Sau Francisco, took the only
prize for horse-boots made from the
same material. Mr. Olvls has entered
tilt-, ivintl-nnt 1 1 1. nutmntm, 0- Unn . I
ship them leather twice a month. ' He I M"e determined to place our immense stock on the market. Bargainsand great bargains will
siaiea uiai in cnicago me poverty is I
nmnnthlnff frto-hf ful nviv inn ASM nAAnla I
...... q lQll.a.wa.a v T v. ivv,vvv svsjyiG
being out of employment; while St.
Paul had 20,000, and Minneapolis 10,000,
In St. Paul some men are sawing wood
at the rate of twenty sticks for a meal
ticket, and hundreds watting their turn
to earn sufficient food to keep them
from starving. "Here in Astoria," said
Mr. Olvls, "I do not think there is a
single person starving, and nowhere in
the country can a city be found the
residents of which have so much cause
for congratulation."
Our Annual Inventory of Stock takes place on January 31, and before that time we
ned to place our immense stock on the mark
Many goods will be sold regardless of cost.
The Leading House, Astoria.
Dalgitus Iroi? Works.
At Cooper's Midwinter Sale you car.
buy fine imported dress goods formerly
sold at from $1 to $1.25 for fifty cents
per yard. Combination suits, formerlv
sold at from 515 to $22.50, can be had Boiler Repairing and Cannery Work.
uuiuig me iii-eeem saie ior (.ou. All ine
JAJ1ES DALGITY, Proprietor,
(Successor to Arndl & Ferchcn.)
Repairing of River Craft a specially.
worK ot an kiiiJs none,
Shop, foot of Lafayettt St.
goods are new and of the latest style.
A great sale of dry goods will be
commenced at the store of Shanahan
Bros, on Wednesday next. It. is thi,
intention of the proprietors to retain
their well-earned reputation for1 giving
bona fide reduction sales, and in the
coming one, as In those that preceded
It, will be offered bargains in dress
goods, fancy goods, notions, ladles and
gents' furnishing goods, etc., that musi
appeal to the good Judgment of all who
examine the goods and prices. It is
needless to sav that the stnek cnntnlna
nothing but new and fashionable goods CHRISTENSKN & CO.,
or ail descriptions, Shanahan Bros, in
arlfiKlv iv.fnl ulnar ovnnlUn, rvmn. .
n making their quarterly purchases I i VV Y A I f
Vashington ftleat Market.
Corner Second anJ Main Streets.
Wholesale and Retail
Butchers : and : Packers
Steamboats, Ships and Mills supplied on
short notice. Families supplied promptly
at the lowest rates.
Special attention paid to steamboat re- t
1'ttlrlDK, Hist-cla-'B horaaihuelng, etc.
197 Oliicy street, between Third and
Fourth, Astoria. Or.
Miss Bessie Arndt Is visiting friends HAflDWARE AND SHIP CHANDLERY
in Portland. ..... .
ruie uiiiii varnisn, mnacie LJII, l-OI-
ton Canvas. Hemp Sail Twine. Lard OH,
Wrought Iron Spikes, Galvanized Cut Nails.
Agricultural Implements, Sewing Machines,
Faints and Oils.
A Short Program and a Large Audience
Last Evenlne.
The meeting of the Rescue Club last
evening brought out a large number; oi
the friends of the club, and while the
program waa short there was much
enthusiasm displayed. President ITstes
was In the chnh and Miss Frankle Hoi
den officiated at the piano. The pro
gram was as follows: Song, "There's
One Who Will Never Porgt," Miss An
nie Oratke, accompanied by Mrs. Ma-
comber. In response to an encore Miss
Gratke sank "Biddy Magee" very clev
A duet, piano and violin, by Mrs.
John Wirt and Master Gus Wirt, was
rewarded with an encore, and they re
sponded with an attractive selection.
Mr. Silas B .Smith was next intro-
luced, and he entertained the audience
for a short time with an address which
proved very interesting.
Dr. Estcs followed with some happy
remarks, and after appointing a com
mittee on program for next week con
sisting of Miss Maggie Burns and Miss
Laura Fox, the meeting adjourned.
A. L. Gile came down from Portland
yesterday. .
raiss iNeine apencer, ot uare, is a
guest at the Occident.
Mrs, M. M. Hunter, of Portland, nr-
Ived in, town yesterday.
Miss Ocia Campbell, of Warrenton,
visited this city yesterday.
Hon. and Mrs. J. G. Megler came
down from, Brookfleld yesterday.
-H. Trenkman and family were pas
sengers from Portland on the Telephone
Captain John Olsen, who has beei
ailing for some time past, left for Cal
ifornia on the ocean steamer yesterday.
Is the Best of Its Class
On the Pacific Coast.
Rates, Si dally and upward.
Compiled at the Fort Canby Station
by Observer Williams.
Pile Driving, House, Bridge and
Address, box 180, postofice ASTORIA, ORE,
Butchers : and :
Astoria and Upper Astoria.
Fine Teas and Coffees, TaWe Delicacies, Domestic
and I ropical hrults, Vegetables, Sugar
Cured Hams, Bacon. Etc.
Choice Fresh and Salt Meats.
Steedman's Soothing Powdura relieve
teverisnness ana prevenc nis ana con
vulsions during the tce'ining period.
Gents' overcoats, in new and nobby
styles, tailor made, will bo sold at from
25 to 50 per cent less than the former
price during the greaj sals au Cooper's.
Don't go to Portland to buy your
tickets for the "Old Country" and the
East when you can get them for the
same price at the Union Pacific office
In this city, and thereby save your lo
cal fare to Portland,.
All the patept mudicb.ea advertised
n this pausr. toisettior wiiu mo onoio-
est perfumery, and tollfct articles, etc..
an be bought at the lowest prices at
W. Conn' drug store, opposite Oc
cident Hotel, Aitoria.
A foot-race of seventy-five yards was
run at Kaiama lasi eaiuraay oeiween
Charley Devol, formerly of this city,
and E. E. Dunham, who has also fig
ured In foot-races in this city and Vl- j velocity, ot the wind during any Jan
clnlty. Dovcjl wen easily, the Hulletln, uary was M miles on me sun. ikki,
The weather bureau at Fort Canby,
Washington, furnishes the following
data, compiled from the record of ob
servations for the month of January,
taken at that station for a period of
ten years:
Temperature Mean or normal tem
perature, 41 degrees.
The warmest January was that of 1871
with on ftvprage of. 46 degrees; the cold
est January was that of 18S8, with an
average of 36 degrees. The highest tem
perature during any January wa3 CO
degrees cn the 7th. 1893; the lowest
temperature during any January was I hardware, Iron, Steel,
11 degrees on the 15th, 188S,
Precipitation Average for the month
7.93 Inches, Average number of days
with .01 of an inch or more, 20. The
greatest niontiily precipitation was
12.07 Inches In 1890; the least monthly
precipitation was 3.69 Inches In 1893. The
greatect amount of precipitation re
corded in any tw'-nty-fmr consecutive
hours va 27 Inches on tho 23d and
Tho greatest amount of snowfall re
corded In twenty-four consecutive hours
(record extending to tfie winter of
1884-5 only) was 4.50 Inches on the 5th
and 6th, 1S90.
CloucU and weather Average num
ber of clear days, 6; average number of
partly cloudy days, 8; average number
cloudy day3, 17.
Wind The prevailing wlritM have
been from thu oulheast. The highest
& CO.,
Iron Pipe and F'ttings,
Stoves and Tinware.
House Furnishing Goods, Sheet aud Strip Lead, Tin
and Copper, and Sheet Iron
None but the Best Materials used.
Bread delivered to any part of th dry.
H- B. Parker,
liealer in
Lime, Brick, Sand, Fire Brick, Fira Clay, Cement,
Mill Feed, Oats, Hay. Straw.
Wood Delivered to Order.
Draylng, Teaming and Express Business.
Portland ant) Astoria.
Leaves Astoria every evening except
Sunday at 7 p. m.
Arrives at Astoria every day except
ounuuy at i u. ril.
Leaves Portland every day except
ounauy hi u. in.
C. W. STONE. Act. Astoria.
E. A. Seeley, general agent, Portland.
I. R. & N. CO.'s
Steamer llwaco.
leaves Astoria dully at 7;30 a. m. for llwaco,
CbllliiR at Tansy Point, and connecting with
rullroud running north at 10 a. m, aud with
boats on shoalwuter bay for
South Bend, Sunnlilne, North Cot
And oilier points through to CJray'a liar
bor. Itetiirnli'g connects at llwaco with
a'eamersfor Astoria and Night Boats for
nec-TOiury. President.
K, V. KGllKltr, Bupettnteudent.
IJI EastMail
"a pict
Central - Hotel
Cor. 3rd and West Ninth Sts.
On the European plan. Larpe. alrv rooms and a
first-class restaurant. Board dally, wixUy or
monthly. Private rooms for families.. Oysters and
fish In season. Finest Winei, LWuor's and Clears.
floFth Paeifie Brewery
Bohemian Lager Beer
All orders promptly attended to
The only I'ure Creata of Tartar Powder. No Amaiouia; Ko' Alum.
tysed in-Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard.
Is the Bon Toa IJestatjrant of tfc? City
The Finest on tho Coast.
Dinner Parties and Banquets a Specialty. W. B. HCRtEURT, ?. W. Lot'KSDEKRT,
Bt Wine, ana Uiru. - Y.'br. 1.0,.
PUTS YOU in Chicago
Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis and all
Eastern Points
24 to 36 Hoars Ahead
y Of Any Other Line.
Pullman and Tourist Sleepers
Free Reclining Chair Care, Cln.
Ing Care are run dally via the
Union Pacific Flyer leaving Port,
land at 7:00 p. m.
ST. PflUli
Connecting with All Transcontinenta
Lines Is the Only Line running
St Paul and
Omaha and
Th Express Trains consists of Vestlbuled, Sleeping,
' Dining and Parlor Cars,
And furnished with Every Luxury known In moder
railway travel.
This Line Is Unequaled.
Tickets on sale at all prominent railway offices.'
For further Information Inquire ot any tlckot agent,
C. J. EDDY, General Agent.
J. W. CASEY, Tav. Pass. Agt.
-TO- .
Via tht Ml. Shasta Rout of the
Southern Paeifie Co.
The Only ffoute Through Califor
nia to Points East and South.
Astoria to San Francisco.
Col-imbla, Tuesday, Dec. 5.
Slate, Sunday, Dec 10.
Columbia, Friday, Dec. 15.
8tae, Wedni.'edny, Dec. 20. -Columbia;
Monday, Dec. 25.
State, Saturday, Dec. 30.
Astoria end Portland Steamers.
Steamer R. R. Thompson leave As
toria at 6:45 a. m., dally except Sunday,
via Washlnsrton side of the river; re
turning, leaves Portland at 8 p. m
daily, except Saturday. The Thomp
son makes landings on both sides of
the river above Waterford, on both up
and down trips.
it. n. rr ark,
OI.IVKH iv.iiivji VBex-rrcra,
For rates and general Information sail on or
Attached to express trains, affordlne;
superior accommodations for second
class passengers,
l-'or rates, tickets, aleonlno- nr
yatlonn, etc., call on or address B. p.
UOaiiRS, Assistant General Pausen
ger and Freight Agent, Portland, Or.
Opposition Line!
-to- .
Will lev Astoria Mondays. Wednes
days and Fridays at 7;30 p. m.
Sundays at 8:30 a, m.
Leaves Portland, Morr!?a street .T.-
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and
Sunday at 11 p. m.
F ARE Single trip l; round trip, fi.W.
Astoria Shipping Co., Agents,
, : Main street wharf.