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Labor Day tomorrow.
The soldiers will have better luck
next time.
The Astoria Select School will reopen
cn the 11th, of the present month.
A larpe batch of Walluskl bricks
from Eartoldus' kiln will be forwarded
to this city next week.
Colonel Hughes has not yet disposed
of his horse. Bids were too slack at
the sale yesterday.
An J80 lot for J2-
The lielmont cigar can be had at
Chas. Olaen's.
For $2 a lot 1 sdellvered every week
to the buyer in Hill's first addition.
Big discount on all goods at the
gents' outfitting store of P. A. Stokes.
The regular monthly meeting of the
wardens and vestry of Grace church
will be held at Van Dusen's office to
morrow night.
A chunk of coal, said to come from
a seven-foot vein Just discovered on
the line of the Gobel road was brought
In yesterday and exhibited around
ThU afternoon a grand concert will
be given at Utzinger's popular Cos
mopolitan Theater. The success of all
previous affairs of the kind at this well
conducted house will doubtless be re
peated tdday, and all who attend are
assured of spending a couple of hours
very enjoyably.
Tomorrow being Labor Day the post
oJTlee will be closed for Ihe transaction
of public business except between the
hours of 8 and 10 a. m., and 5 and 0 p.
The Ladles' Guild of the Episcopal
church will mecic in the vestry of
Grace church at 2:30 on Tuesday after
noon. The total proceeds from Mrs.
Trenchard's garden parties are $72,
Which sum will go towards defraying
the general expenses of the parish.
Remember McGulre'u Hotel at Sea
side is open the year around.
Groceries cheap for cash at Howell
& Ward's.
All groceries sold at bottom prices
for cash at Howell & Ward's.
Several firemen leave for the Dalles
tonight to attend the tournament
there. The Astorian has, made its
usual arrangements for a full descrip
tion of the various races by telegraph,
as soon as they are run. May the boys
meet with every ' success. They will
no doubt sustain the reputation for
lightning work that they now hold all
over the state.
Only the purest wines and liquors
are sold at Alex. Campbell's Gem.
For fine wlnea and liquors call at
August Danlelson's Sample Rooms.
Wing Lee has just received a full line
of Japanese curiosities and fancy goods.
Will sell at cost. 029 Third street.
A great reduction sale is in progress
at P. A. Stokes' gents' outfitting
The ladles of the Methodist churcm
In anticipation of the coming of Rev.
Dr. Bushong today have spent some
time in decorating the interior of the
building very beautifully with flowers.
It was a source of great disappoint
ment therefore when their new pastor
failed to arrive on last night's steam
er, having been unavoidably detained
in East Portland. He will be here in
the latter part of the week.
Get your hemlock wood for $3.25 per
cord delivered, at the Astoria Wood
Yard. Satisfaction guaranteed. .
For bargains in real estate, call on
Wm. B. Adair, 44 Third street.
Men of small means can buy leal
estate In Hill's first aldlUoa.
Sewing machine and general repair
ing, lock-fitting, etc. C. A .May, 132
To show how wheat is falling as a
crop in the Willamette valley, an In
stance may be cited in this season's
yield. Oliver Beers harvested from a
arge field on the Old Mission place,
thirty bushels of wheat to the acre.
This was grown on land that had
been in continuous service for half a
century, too. New wheat is bringing 50
cents a bushel now; old wheat is as
last quoted, 48 cents. Salem Indepen
dent, Hill's first addition is located In the
centre of the city. Lots are now sel
ling in it for ,2.
Del. Ferguson, general job printer,
Astorian building, upstairs. First
class work at reasonable rates.
Parties visiting In Portland can get The
Dally Astorian at Handley & Haas' news
stand, 150 First street
For all kinds of job printing, go to
Del. Ferguson, upstairs, Astorian build
ing. Here is a chunk of hard sense from
the Portland Dispatch: "A proper
economy in everything is laudable at
all times, hut there is such a thing as
carrying this virtue too far. Times are
hard, but to make them still harder,
stop all public Improvements,' reduce
wages to tiie lowest rates, and then
hoard up the money. This will make
hard times if nothing else does."
The'e is no risk taken by Joining
Hill' lot clubs. Everybody gets the
full vaiue of their money.
The Office liquors and mixed drinks
are unexcelled. Genevieve street, be
tween Second and Third.
Water colors, crayons and sepias cray
ons, copying and enlarging, a specialty
at Crow's gallery, 638 Third street.
Fresh fish received at the Albatross
Fish market daily. Salmon 10 cents
per pouna.
Lovers of a good cigar can always
find mild, fresh BelmonU at Chas.
Sportsmen Intending to purchase
their winter's supply of ammunition
should communicate with Foard &
Stokes before purcdaslng eisewnere.
In the. mining building at the World's
Fair, one of the most attractive feat
ures of the mineral display is a min
iature appliance at the Oregon exhibit
which shows the various processes of
placer mining. A little stream of water
comes running down an incline, wash
ing away by dsgrees, a pile of earth
which is supposed to represent a moun
tain rich in the precious yellow metal.
Regular placer dirt, full of gold. Is
used in the mine and very naturally
the process attracts a good deal of at
tention, and great crowds constantly
cluster around the place and watch
with curious Interest the workings of
the outfit. Each little particle of gold
seems to act as a potent magnet to
the fingers of those who stand around.
It Is so easy and so natural to forget
tc put them back again. This thing at
first was repeated so often that it
grew very monotonous, and the com
mission was losing the gold as fast as
they could wash it out. Finally It be
came necessary to station a man at
the place to specially guard the nug
gets. Now, whenever any very curious
spectator picks up a piece of gold juBt
merely to examine it, you know, this
faithful sentinel keeps his hawk eye
on the person and does not fall to re
mind him or her not to forget putting
It back again.
Call at the- AWorta Real Estate Ex
change and get a 'ot 'n IlM's firs,; ad
dition for $3.
AnmAM tf Tiro!oa nan niirAliflBA fnmn..
V.al1'n TInnf TJowoflir nnrl nil ttio fnU
limhln. Voterlnaxv Remedies at Fred.
Salz' Saddlery establishment.
WoiniAi Jfe- Cln linvo n. llnfl nf new
souvenir spoons. Watch, clock and jew
elry repairing a specialty. Opposite The
Astorian office.
Wanted Purchasers for general mer
chandise. Everytlhlngi at cost price
T. F. Laurin, 630 Third street.
Here is tho best bear story of the
!enson from the East Washlngtonlan.
"The Widow Bosely and P. Browder,
while picking huckleberries on Cum
mins creek one day this week, came
across an old bear and two cubs. The
cubs were chaRed up a tree whore they
were safely guarded by Mrs. Bosley,
while Browder walked to a mill, two
miles distant, and returned with a gun.
While the widow was standing at the
tree watching the cubs the old bear
tore around, crashing the brush at a
fuirful rate and growling frightfully,
but kept some distance away. The
widow stood plucklly at her post and
delivered the 'bar meat' to the gunner
who dispatched both cubs on short or
der upon his return. The cubs made
s( vera! attempts to get down the tree
to the ground, but were as often beat
back by the woman, who rapped them
unmercifully with a stick, while she
kept one eye on the old bear, who was
kicking up such a racket . as would
have caused the famous bear hunter
of Pomeroy to either skedaddle or
climb more rapidly than the cubs."
T won't be under sold on wall paper.
Always a low as the lowest. The best
stock to select from in the city. B- F.
Allen, Third street.
For delicious ice cream soda go to
Colmann's Ice Cream Parlors. Choice,
fresh candles manufactured dally at
rim, fcomlnslr to nnrl riallvpreri at 3.25
per cord by C. W. Everest, Alderbrook.
Leave orders with Ben coe. care or tnis
office. Terms cash.
Theo. Bracker keeps a varied and
choice assortment of cigars, tobaccos,
playing cards, cutlery, stationery,
pipes, amber goods, etc. .
Eleeant bath tubs, first class shav
ing and neat and artistic hair cutting
at the Astoria Baths. Gillet & Corbett,
The B. C." Commercial Journal says:
"The methods resorted to by certain
canners on the Fraser to secure an ex
tension of time for cperat Ions' from
August 25, to August 30, are Just now
the subject of considerable animated
discussion. It is contended that such
extension will result in the demoraliz
ation of the salmon market. Nearly all
of the packers had filled their con
tracts, and it appears that there was
really no necessity for an extension.
All contracts contain, or should con
tain, the stipulation that they shall be
completed in the time provided by law,
barring accidents by fire, water, or in
transportation. All have the same
chance to complete their contracts,
r.nd no cannery should be conceded
privileges which must result in dam
aging the market for ell. Of course
the light pack on the Columbia may
result in )the prices maintaining a
stiff position." '
The Rev. Mark Guy Pease, the emi
nent English Divine, writes:
"Bedford Place, Russell Square,
London, Dec. 10, 1892.
"I think It only right that I should
tell you of how much use I find All
cook's Porous Plasters in my family
and among those to whom I have
recommended them. I find them a
very breastplate against colds and
coughs." 4
' There la no place in Astoria where
John Kopp's famous beer is kept in-
such good condition as at Utzinger's
popular resort.
Thor Frederlckson, piano tuner, has
moved to 1053 Third street, Adair's As
toria, near Eagle cannery. Leave or
ders at Griffin & Reed's book store.
The Coffee House, E22 Third street;
best place for chops and steaks: oys
ters by the quart; received daily and
always fresh.
lyj I i li l IsS ILa
Sunday services at Grace church,
Episcopal, at 11 a. m., and 4 p. m., to
day, Rev. W. S. Short, pastor.
There will be the usual services in
the . Presbyterian church ' today,
morning and evening.
The Y. M. C. A. will meet at 3 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon at the hall, corner
Benton and Third. Mr. C. A. Hansen
will address the members. -
The Norwegian Evangelical Luther
an church, on the hill above Columbia
cannery, Uprertown: Divine services
by Rev. L,. Nlssen, Sunday 11 a. m.
(Holy Communion 10:30) and 7:30 p. m.
Sunday school (Scandinavian) 9:45 a.
m. (English) 2:30 p.. m; Song meeting,
Friday night at 7.
Services at the Congregational
church as usual. In the morning, re
ception of members and celebration of
the Lord's Supper. Subject In the ev
ening: "An Evil Heart of Uubelief."
The Sunday school meets at 12 m., and
the Christian Endeavor at 7 p. m.
Divine service with Holy Communion
will be held at Grace church this morn
ing at 11. Evening prayer (children's
service) with address at 4. The evening
service at Holy Innocents, Upper As
toria, at 7:30.
At tho M. E. church today class
meeting at 10 o'clock a. m. Sabbath
school at 12 m. Young peoples meet
ing at 7 p. m. A telegram late last
evening announced the unavoidable
detention of Dr. Bushong. Preaching
service will therefore be dispensed with
both morning and evening.
The dressmaking parlors of Mrs. S.
A. Ross at Miss McRae's millinery
store, Genevieve street, will be reop
ened September 1st.
Meany Is the lead in l- ' and pays
the highest cash price f.r fur skins.
The finest and most extensive line of
blue and white steel enameled ware
ever displayed in Astoria has been
received at Foard & Stokes.'
Rev. J. McCormac will conduct di
vine service on board the ship Ther
mopylae at 4 p. m., today. The ship Is
lying at Kinney's dock, and all are
cordially Invited.
John R. . Cartwrlght, near Harrls
burg, will have 10,000 pounds of hops
from his 'yard, ready for the market
this week. The hops are of the new
variety known as Fuggles, an English
variety which are proving a success,
netting a fine yield and being much
earlier than any others. They will be
quite an acquisition. Albany Herald.
The Bohemia gold mines are attract
ing considerable attention this sum
mer, and from the showing they are
making it is safe to say that in the
near future this will be an Important
camp, Mills now" in operation have not
the capacity to take care of the ore
that is available, but are more of an
experiment thin anything else. But
the experiment is proving eminently
satisfactory to the holders of claims in
this district. Thera have been over
$8,500 worth of bullion shipped from
Cottage Grove this season, besides sev
eral tons of concentrates, which in
creased the output to at least $10,000.
There are now about one hundred men
In camp, and the ledges that are be
ing worked are showing up well.
At The Monogram you can find fra
grant Belmont, Wedding Bouquet,
Flor do Madrid and all other choice
and favorite brands of cigars.
J. W. Thompson, organist at the M.
E. church, gives lessons in music, pi
ano and organ. Organs tuned and re
paired. Address 589 Astor St., Astoria.
Fred Olsen takes the lead in manu
facturing boots and shoes. All work is
first class and warranted. Repairing a
specialty. Corner Second and Olney
rs, W-Kf - ' u you ro a Buuurmg wu
(OTSnSi :;S8Mnan, The messenger in
v f,iM this case is Dr. Pierce's
W'&frl'i 'W 'avorlte Prescription.
all need the beet of
care, proper regard
for hygiene and the
" Prescription."
Tt'a a ton in and
nervine, a remedy pre
scribed Dy an enunens
ntivRininn and fmflcialist
f. all fli nnnulior ilia and
oiltnonta nf woman.
Some dispositions are gunny even in pain.
But. it was not meant that women should
suffer so. She need not, while there's a
reniody that regulates and promotes all the
proper functions, dispels aches and pains,
brings refreshing sleep and restores health
and vigor. In the " complaints," weaknesses,
and irregularities of womanhood, it's the
only unaranUed remedy.
If it fails to boueflt or cure, you get
your money back.
Breath bad or Head achlnltP One of Ihea- Pl ' -Uevea
dlalrcaa in the atomwh end cure. 'd,(-'j
one each night for a week eweeten. the
puridea the breath. They lnaure P?; f"'
iwulate lha bowela and sure ulpaii..r i. a
act promptly, yet mjidly.never iirlpe 01
Druggiata or mail. Boaauko Med. Co, Fl Ua i a.
For sale by J. W. Conn, Druggist
The tournament of "the Slate Volun
teer Firemen's Association will be held
In The Dalles, Monday and Tuesdav
next, September 4th and 5th, says the
Statesman.. The program for the first
day will consist of the reception of the
visiting firemen and the parade of the
teams. The secretary of the association
has reported that the following com
panies had notified him of their inten
tion to take part: Veteran Firemen's
Association af Portland, Volunteer
Firemen's Association of Portland, Or
egm City Hose Company No. 1. Ore.
gon City Hose Company No. 2, Oregon
City Hook and Ladder Company, Van
couver Hose Company No. 1, Vancou
ver Hose Company No. 2, Fulton Hose
Company, Astoria Engine Company
No. 1, Astoria Engine Company No. 2.
Multnomah Hose Company No. 2, Al
blna Hose Company No. 1, Tlbbetts'
Addition Hose Company, Woodlawn
Hose Comnanv. Sunnvaide Vlnaa. fnm.
pany. The committee on hose races at
Ihe Dalles has arranged two races for
next week's tournament. The first race
will be similar to the New York test,
being a total run' of 600 feet, lav 300
feet of hose, uncouple and recouDle
several lengths of hose. The first prize
is $100 cash, and $50 second The second
race is the wet test, and $Cft Is the first
prize, $25 second, and $15 third. The
only representative from Salem this
year will be in the person of F. E.
Hodgkln, assistant state treasurer. He
was secretary of the association for
several years.
Report of School District No. 21.
Young's river, for the term beginnlmr
April 10, and ending September 1, 1893:
Number days taught, 97; number days
attendance, 1354; number of pupils en
rolled, 16; average number belontrlnir. !
14.8; average daily attendance, 14; Tar
dy marks a part of the dally Droeram.
Number days absence, P5. Names of
pupils neither absent nor tardy: Jul
ius Young, Daniel Young. Names of
pupllB who averaged 90 per cent, or
better In deportment: Kate Osgood, Lu
lu Henderson, Emma Wright, Alice
Wright, Anna Osgood. Harry Helcht.
The school has received eleven visits
from the directors and thirteen from
others Interested In its welfare. Early
In the term two fine blackboards were
placed In the school, which have been
a great aid in developing the minds of
the young. The affairs of the district
are admlnUtered In an efficient and
intelligent manner by the board and
the promptness and liberality with
which school supplies are furnished by
them would delight the heart of any
teacher of varied experience in coun
try schools. 'Altogether, the school is a
desirable one and the teacher who se
cures the position for the next term
will find her lines have fallen in pleas
ant places.
Quite a novel, interesting and at
tractive feature of the exhibit made
by the state of Oregon in the agricul
tural building t the World's Fair, Is
the weather-crop bulletin of Oregon,
as It Is telegraphed each week from
Salem and posted on an Immense
blackboard In the Oregon pavilion.
This affords the enquirer an opportun
ity to draw his own conclusions. He
tees at a glance the condition of crops
in Oregon and learns the state of the
weather. Oregon Is receiving dally ship
ments of fruit and vegetables and
grain, and will continue this during
the entire season. She wishes to Illus
trate to the farmers and fruit growers
Just what can be done in Oregon, and
as nothing demonstrates so well as the
pr.iduct3 themselves, the commission
ers will keep constantly renewing their
exhibits. Prairie Farmer. j
boiiM ami go to school, inquiro at thin
Hi ...
afx A I T. AV l niVlru A1H THItfl, HTHWWT
j and have your clothes dyed mid cleaned.
Ceo. McLean, corker olney ani a--Ttor
street, doe" a general bus! iH-!Mlu black-
Smithing and repairing.
1$ to 1J inch points in
all styles.
8-inch Sturgeon Hook
Files, $1.30 per doz.
Corner Cut and West N Luth.
On the Humoral, nlan Lurac. Airy rooma.
and a tlnit-clKa rcitaurtmt. Hoard daily, week
ly nr monthly, l'rivute rooma lor tamillea.
Oysierx and tiali In aeason.
Finest Wined, LlijtiOfs aud Cigar.
EVKN.-ON t COOK, - - Proprletora.
Dealer lu
Stoves a Specialty.
Lamp and Olrtinware In Eniilrai
Second 8tree, Astoria, Or.
Incandescent, all night. ... $1-50
12oVlock... 1.00
- 10 " ... 75
F7r nnrtirnlara initnirn of snv member
r,f tlifl T.f in or el Ihe otiicc, f;ot cf Coa-
comljr Ht. West hhorb mii.m tx..
Money Slipping Through Your Fingers
fmt-clnss and direct from tho m:uiuf:iclim'i-.
iJA child buys as cheap as the mosl expt iieuei
The Reliable One Price Clothier and Hatter,
GvK), 1102 Third Street, Opposite Foard & Stokes', Astoria, Or.
CITY Hooks, Fine Stationery,
Baseball Uoods, Footballs,
Hammocks, iJnby ( 'arriages.
New Goods arriving daily. Low Pi Ices for Cash.
Loaves for Tillamook Hay IVints .tliu day following (n arilvjl
of the Union Pacific stoiiinor.s from H m Francisco. ;
Hie Hteamor R. I. Elmoro coiuitxu with Union Pacific Htpamrn for Porllim '.
and Mmmirli tirkctsarn isHiiod from I'oi tliind to Tillamook Huy nninu l v
thu Union 1'iu'ille U Shin IVdsrht from Portland liv Union hiclfL-Rteainoi'M.
ELMORE, SANBORN & CO., Agents, Astoria!
UMO I'AClKlc It. It.'TOM ANY. Ariitx Port I a nil.
TXT. 12
Accoimtn ol Firms aud Individual olicllrd
on Favorable Ternn.
Foreign and Doincstlo Kxeliaiigo bought ain
Monei Lonncd on Pcraonal aecurlty.
Interest paid on Time Deposits us follow:
For 8 month, t per cent per annum.
" G ft " " "
i. 12 " 0 " " " '
Having been rstulilMind In connection wllh
the Hliove, depo-tlt will be received hi amo iiils
of one rtolliir mid upwiird.
Interest trili be allowed as follows : On onll
nary saving books, 4 per cent per Huniiin ) on
term attvliiu bonks, 0 per cent per annum,
D. K. Warm, President.
i. K. Hlsvla. Cashier.
J.C. Pemeni, Vlea fresldoiil,
II. K. Warren.
.1. C Dement.
V. K. WrlKht,
Joba llotMun.
II, ('. Thomnsoa.
Directors .
T h Hrar It er. J
Dclers In ,
Stoves, Met Iron SCoppir Ware
Bole aienl for Magee Stoves and
Jobblnir of nil kinds promptly at
tended to.
4.11 Second street, Astoria.
Couci.inly street, loot JhcVoii,
An tor I a, Oiejron.
General Uinixt & lloilcr Makers
Und and Marine Enxlnes poller work. Steam
boat and Cannery Work aripecialty.
Castings of All Description! Kadi to Order it
Short Notics.
J'M.N VOX , .l'res1de,ntand8np-
. U FOX .Vice fresldeii
EViriy rU'(lllIU) for
Polil's tiiderlaling Parlors,
put r-"M-''!". fcrnbat-aiag a
Don't let your money slip
through ywur fingers by buy
ing your goods elsewhere
when you can save from 10
2-3 to 331-3 per cent by buy
ing at my 25 per cent
clothing reduction salo
your Men's and Boy's
Clothing of all kinds. Al
Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoe.i
or Boys' Furnishing
Goods. Theso jLMiods niti
Chop and Oyster House
JOS TERP, Propiietor.
Tho best meal In I lie oily for I ho ninner.
I' intern ovsters. ext door to Odd Fi !
lows' building, 4lill Third HI., Asiorlu.
Cents' - Faroislung.- Goods
Clothing In Endless Variety
S, Diiiizigcr's, Third Street
Is the Best ot Its Class
On the Pacific Coast.
Hales, J dally and upwards.
Cli as. Heilhora & 8on,
Importers and Dealer! In
mmu, -.carpets.
And UjilioMery,
Ml, .VB, ritti Third Htrect. Atorla.
Dalgity's Iron Works,
JAM. IALITY. I'rop'r.
(Huecessor to Arndt & Ferchco.)
Boiler Repairing: and Cannery Woik. Repair
ing of Klver Craft a Kneitlally. Maeblne Work
of all kinds dmio. Hhop, foot f l.afuyt tie hi.
Good Bread CaVet and Pastry,
H"r lt the K::t Mitcrl-li
Satisfaction Guaranteed Custoren.
Bread delivered In any part of the city
JEFF'S, Tie Ciij fiestairanL
The only Pure Cream of Tiirtur p-
Used in Millions of Home;
0 Ammonia; No Alum.
Years t"he Standard
T. O. Trullinger, f resident.