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VOL. XL. NO. JiOl.
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LI 24
NTow going
till in the
The staying powers of Marshall's Twin o are Mipevior
lo those of any other evr used on the Colombia river .
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Now is the (fh m
to build a V ff
r? i ; I '7
Ee WsHalfaMnoi - pproprlatsa
' for Tiitfr Reim!. i
Tim General S- r.(i::irul iu the Senate ioiu
I'uviir t.f I'liUiing Clio r.c-llrntln V
I.r.w lo a Coucttulon.
Wanlilnsion, Ecpt. 2. In the senate to
(,l?.y, Dolph spolca ii favor of his bill
appropriating half a million dollars for
Uie enforcement of tho Chinese cxclu
nlon act. Dolph revlevod In detail the
lo;iahition find treaties relating to "the?
subject end the conditions which , l:d
up lo the enactment of the Gosry act.
Tl:o provision for the registration' 'of
Chlnere van drav;n up hy himself (ind
Intended to be within the limits of .the
treity. Tie Ro.ld that there had been a
great dal of abBiird talk and ignorant
rUi-:i:m ciuo'ilt the provision requiring
the Chinere to register. He was more
re:-,po:isib!e for the provision requir
iii7; lion than any other man
in the United States, for he drafted lt.
The.; the provision being de
trrr.olr.s vr.n abaurd. In every state In
H e Union voters wera required to.reg
l?tor In order that they might lawfully
b:- entitled to vote, and yet there
world be no t-u-seslion of degrading.
!:i th'.t. An ih? deportation of Chinese
war, not the purpose of the law It was
rot tnromilllile with the Intention of
the ret not to oxtend th etime In which
lio Ohii."o may register. ;
V.'hUe, democrat, of California, Bald
the re,ir;!.or from Oregon (Dolph)
rcemed It have been' treated badly in
the ixnalo befor he CWhite) came there
in f.iKin?r to have hia name attached to
th Geary cct. The bill which the sen
der i'ror.i Or2.?oa introduced had noth
in? l:i I", with reference to registration;
i;o van not the fither of the registra
tion Idea, tacausQ that Idea hadjeen
Incorporated into the original house
bill. There was not enough money ap-
prop:i:itcd lo enforce the act' and
therefore h" v.-aa In favor of some leg
islation to cr.nb'.o tbo law to be car
ried out.
Polpli nslced v.helher all the money
appropriated to enforce the act had
been expended. V.rhito said he had the
f.-urcs, rr.d proceeded to give them.
SInie 3SS3, ..250,00) have been appro
Tti. .1, of whi.h there la an unexpend
ed balr.ncc a" fifty odd thousand dol
l;i!'. It would b3 better he said, if
Dolph, ir.siead of trjlns to establish
himself do the father of the measure,
would dovoto himself to securing ap
proprkV.iona to enforce the law. Dolph
replied that he had done all he could
to secure appropriations end that there
wa3 nothing in his remarks to justify
the uigijoslion that ho claimed to be
I he. r.u'.hor of the act, or that he had
bicn badly treated by the senate.
At 2 o'clock, the repeal bill being un
fnished business, wan laid before the
sonale, but was temporarily laid aside
apia to allow discussion to continue
on the cubject of the Chinese exclusion
Gray, democrat, of Delaware, said:
"There hns never been a lime during
tthleh the recent legislation haa been
ell::cu?ted In congress that the United
States could not have initiated by di
rlf'tnacy a .modification of the treaties
and have accomplished all that was
rouylit to bo accomplished by legisla
tion." Kitcheil of Oreson," Inquired how the
senator from DeUwarc (Gray) recon
ciled lib statement wKn the fact that
after the United Stales lind negotiated
it treaty with China, having for ita
pinpore the exclusion of Chines elabor
erri from this country, and had sent
that treaty back to China thnt It had
brr-n in fact, never accepted. Dolph's
bill i t the conclusion of the debate
thereof, was referred to the committee
cn foreign relations. After a brief ex
ecutive Fession the senate adjourned
until Monday. . , .
Vr.Hhhiatcii, September 2. The de
bate over the house rules la develop
hii? jomiJernble feeling between the
Iii.h loiders and Borne gentlemen who
c.n:,t!!itcJ the factional opposition in
their own party to the speaker's ad
mlrlstvation. in the last house. This
was eppnent by the vigorous manner
in .which they are fighting some of the
proposed chanes of rules proposed In
the inUrcsti of exnditing business and
pr:-vcaUr.i; destructive tactics. Mo
Millrn who J3 leading democrat of the
opposition to these changes, Is being
ably supported, by Hooker, of (Alaba
ma) Turner of (Georgia) and quite.
number cf dem congressmen who op-po-jj
the adipUoh of any expedients
of the Heed conre?s. The republicans
led hy e.--?reaker Reed, are using all
their (ircnully to drive the Wedge In
between the democratic factions.
lo'.e of (Llirs) offered a resolution In-crcc-ir."
the rtun:t,cr of menibcrs con
stituting a quorum of the committee of
the whole to a majority of members
of the house. The under rule brought
In by the committee all the members
are made a quorum In the committee
of the whole. A hot colloquy took
place between Catchlngs and McMillan,
of (Tenn.) the latter asked why If the
change was advisable now, it had not
beeni made at the last congress.
Catchlngs, replied warmly, that Mc
Millan was the last man In the house
who should ask such a question; r.nd
that a number of changes desired hy
the. speaker and "himself (Catching
at the last seBslonfalled treatise! Vf
McMillan's opposition. This was taken
by many members ns explanation or
why McMillan dropped front the rule?
committee this time, after further' de
bate the house susperided consideration
of the rules to piss an amendment to
the urgent deficiency bill, end after
adopting a resolution making the d y
of the centennial celebration cf the
laying of the corner stone of the capl
tol a legal holiday adjourned until
next Wednesday.
Washington, Eept. 2. In the Fenal"
today, Vcftrhecs gave notice that he
would move on Monday to tcgln the
daily sessions at 11 o'clock instead of
neon, adding that ho had en old fash
ioned notion that the senate should
submit to th j will of the majority. The
f.ilver men see In the motion and the
accompanying remarks an Indication
that It Is the Intention to force mat
ters in the repeal bill debate with the
probable effect of adopting the cloture.
Washington, Sept. 2. The senate in
executive session tonight rejected Hen
ry G. Stuart as tecretary of the Gua
tavnala legation of Guatamala and
Honduras, and consul general to Gua
tamala. Among the confirmations are: Chas.
H. Page, collector of customs for the
District of Oregon. .
D. R. Murphy, United States attor
ney' for Oregon,
II. C. Grady, United States marshal
for Oregon. . .
Indian agents: J. F. Hrentano, Grand
Ronde. agency, Oregon. L. T. Erwlrv
Yakima agency, Washington.
Washington, Sept. 2. Orders were
E'ent by the navy department today
for the dissolution of the Bering sea
fleet. The Bear and Rush will remain
In Bering sea until November and Oc
tober 1st, respectively, whllo the Mo
hican, Ranger, Albatross, and Corwln,
will go to San Francisco Immediately
on receipt of their orders. On account
of the uncertainty of American inter
ests In China, because of the Geary
law, the gunboat Petrel will bo sent
to China without delay. Letters re
ceived from China state that private
parties and secret organizations on the
Pacific Coast are sending Chinese hack
to their native land and the prenent
bad feeling has been augmented.
Washington, Sept. 2. - Ex-Governor
Procter Knott of Kentucky, was today
offered the Hawaiian commission ana
declined It.
New York, Sept. 2. Under Instruc
tions from Secretary Carlisle, Post
master Dayton todiy took forcible pos
session of the rooms In the federal
building occupied by John I. Daven
port, United States supervisor of elec
Pittsburg, Eepc. 2. Labor Day vun
observed throughout Pennsylvania to
day. There was no demonnlration of
any kind In this city.
"Philadelphia, Sept. 2. Theodore, i;u
cholz of this city, broke the World't
record at pole-vaulting this afternoon
by clearing 27 feet and thre-cjuarters
of an inch. " .
Jersey City, Sept. 2. Another sus
pected case of cholera was dlscoveied
here today In the person of John
Lnch of Baltimore. Vigorous meas
ures are being taken to prevent the
spread of the dirense.
Washington, Sept. 2. The cholera
outbreak in Jersey City has caused a
scare amonjf the congressmen, and
may do much toward shortening the
session. Officials of the Marine hospi
tal service do not fear a general qut
break. London, Sept. 2. A sailer who fell
111 of cholera aboard of a Grimsby ves
sel In Stomness harbor, two days a;;'",
died this morning.
Savannah, Ga., Sept. 2. A cloud
burst Is reported at Guyton on the Cen
tral road, three miles from here. The
people were caught In the ftreets and
country roads and had to run for thlr
lives. Bridges were washed away. It Is
thought that some lives are lost. The
wftr wrrr Is sz'.i to hs f.r.;r ' .-(. . i
In the streets of Cuyton.
16 IS
A Mob ol Hootes Attacks the Chi
nese Resident's.
Xho I'ollce Ifmee With Hie Aid of Vfin-
ctieUrm KrU ui tli How ami
Ai-i CKtiMl Hio tttnglenderii.
SCelma, Cnl., Sept. 2. - Some time ojto
me citizens o Soinia. gave the Chinese
laundiymen notice to leave by the 1st
of f-.'eptember. No force was to be used
ind the Chinnmen Avere preparing to
Icavo Last night a mob of
vineyard hands and tramps lead by
T. It. VIn:cent, manager of the Stroud
vineyard, come Into town and made a
raid on the Chinamen. The raid was
without the sanction of. the people of
the town and was '.cad by drunken
bocdlunia. The officers tried to stop
lhoiu before they had done any. dam
age but the mob vaa too largefor
them. One hpuee in Chinatown wns
broken Into, the money tills and trunks
of the Chin uuen were forced open and
tilled, and clothing, cigars, and other
goods were stolen. The mob marched
through the town, taking seven Chi
namen; 'with them towards Fresno,
when Constable Spencer ordered them
to stop, and r.o heed being paid lo his
order, he opened fire with his Win
criestov. Six shots were fired, one o
them grazing; Vln.ent's forehead and
another going through the hat of one
of the gang. The. mob broke and ran,
part of them going townrds Fresno
with the Chinamen. The officers se
cured help and tennis and overtook
them near Fowler. There ure now elev
en men under arrest and warranlH me
out for several others. The Chlnaim n
claim to have lost about J2000 In coin,
besides other property.
Redlamls, Cab, Sept. 2. Precautions
taken by-(tilling -out.;. of the' National
Guard prevented. the cxpepted attempt,
to drive out the Chinese last night.
The town was perfectly eyilet today. It
Is believed the anti-Chinese movement
Is checked.
San Bernadlno, Cab, Sept. 2.-The
night passed quietly and without-demonstration'.
The Chinese were barricad
ed nil night long in their quarters,
aimed with suns of all descriptions.
Portland. Or.. Rent. 2. Today was
I ho lest day of the fall meeting of t'ic
Portland Speed A't'ovlatlon. The lol-
lowing nri the BumroaHr-s:
Itunnliifi; tbree-MiwrU-r nrtlo dash:
Rockland IV v. !:.-irO: N' I-'-' -inl :
Later On, third. Tl.i.e 1:17.
Th.i One ntvl one-ri-itficofh !!.: ".
Idaho won; Viceroy .second; Sir Heii'-y
third. Time, 1:51.
Paclnir free for all: Our Dick won;
Doc Speny, second; Del Norte, third.
Best time 2:13.
Troftincf free for all: Ott.lng won;
Klamath, second; Richmond Jr., third.
Best time. 2:1S.
T.iconia, Wash., Sept.' 2. Mayor IIu-t-on.
two members of the Board of Pub
lic Works and the superintendent of
the water department who were ar
retted yesterday for takin gproperty
claimed by them to have been pur
chased from the Light an dWater Co.
vere released tday on habens corpus
proceedings. The Llsht and Water Co.
h:.s brought suit' for $30,000 damages
agalntit the offlcluls.
Buenos Ay res, Sept. 2. Advices from
Corrientes that have been received
here state that the troops, In disregard
of the order of the national rtovein
mwt'n arbitrator, attaeed the rebels;
r.t Santa Tomo, and celzed and sacked
tho town. A body of troops has been
font to disarm the troops.
Louisville, S'pt. 2. The Louisville
and Nashville railway rdrlke Is off. An
agreement has been made whereby Hie
matter In question Is deferred to De
cember 1st, when another conference
will be held wUh a view to restoring
old rates. Meanwhile the 10 per cent,
.'ill will operate- as announced by Pres
ident Smith.
. Highest of all in Leavening rower. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
A w V f c
Charleston, S. C, Sept. 2. The New V
and Courier has mado a full lnvestigr.
lion of the condition of affairs on th.
coust of Carolina and finds that Its re
ports are not exaggerated. The Iohs cr
life will aggregate kOO in Beaufort
county between Charleston and Savai.
nan. The storm swept away most of
the homes as well as the grov.lii -crops,
and left the people In deatltu In
state. The loss of life and property In.
found to bo the greatest on St. Helen.;,
Ladles, Wusso, Coosa, Paris, Dawfu
kle, and Dathan Islands. These island:-,
tjsether with Port Royal Island h.u.. '
a population of about 15,000, most o.
whom are negroes. It la estimated i..
tills time that the figures of tho.,
lost are Incomplete. Reports show th:.
there Is great distress the col
ored people, Their homes have been
washed (uvny, and their crops des
troyed. There la no work for tbem to
do and they are suffering for food. E.
Congressman Elliott says that stnrva
tion Is sure and Imminent. A relic : -committee
has Iheen organised unt
an address Is being prepared calling ov
the American people for help, oidppin.
has suffered and nine-tenths cf th;
vessels In Tort Royal - and Beaufort
ure wrecked. The phosphate industry
has been temporarily paralyzed by tlu
loss of dredges and tugs, und damage
to drying plants.
Arkansas City, Ark., Sept. 2. The
latest from the reported fight between
the United States marshals and th"
Dalton gang at'Angell'B yesterday say:'
that two of the deputies Speed uno
Shadley were kllleA and a thin'
named Huston, was fatally woundeo
N. A. Wnlne, N. W. Murray, G. Ti.
Ransom, and a boy nained Biongj
were painfully wounded and a youn;,
man named Slmmonds, was kllletl. All
kansas Tom," escaped.
IndlnnaiKdis, Sept. 2,-The city toda.
welcomed tho veterans of tho Grand
Army of the Republic to" their 27lo
annual encampment. Today's chic"
feature was the parade of I he navel
brigade under command o Stem- Ad
miral Osborn. An informal reception
wns afterwards held on board the mud
el' of the war ship Kearsni'ge.
Plttshurg, Sept. 2. Carnegie's Home
ntead plant which has been partlall;,
Mint down for nix weeks, will resum;
all departments on Monday. This will,
glvo employment iter 200(1 Idle men.
London, Sept. 2. Morgan Crow the
br.s accepl-?d a challenge from Geor.'v.
Slddons to light in America for tl.t
largest pulse offered.
Iiidl.i.nap.'ills, Sept. 2. In nccordam ..:
. ;U sccitjt orders IsMied by Govern'.
Matthews, several companies of the
M.itu militia will go to Roby, Ind., U;
night to remain thero to prevent th
light at the Columbian Athloile Clu
on Monday night.
New York, Sept. 2. Pierre Lorillar t
has decided to sell his entire stable t!
horses In training, and temporarily re
tire from the turf. His retirement i .
due to ill hialth.
St Louis, Sept. 2. F. C. Story o
New York, compiler of "Story's Legal
Digest," died here today.
The regular weekly meeting of the
Rescue Club was held lust night. D
Estes was In the chulr und Ml, :
FrnnUie Holden'accompanh d througl
out. Tho attendance was splendid lit: I
the seatlnw capacity of tho hall wi i
taxed to the utmost. After prayer I .
the K-'V. Mr. McCormac, the followit. :
fine program was rendered: Bumoroi i
reading, Thomas Irwin; recllatlo.
"Richmond on the James," Miss Lena
Hanson; piano solo, Miss Mabel Older;
reading, Rev. J. McCormac; Instrumen
tal solo, Mlss.Jt)sle Christenson; reci
tation, from Longfellow, Miss Ad.....'
Sovvy; Instrumental solo, Miss Geri
Kearney; vocal solo, "Too Late,,'- L .
Cigale), Miss Kale Grant; solo, "Th-.-Man
In th'3 Moon," Miss Eva Cole. The
program committee- for this week Is:
Mrs. R. M. Stewart, Mrs. E. R, Haivcj,
and A; R. Kanagu. One person tilgned
tho pledge.
s'rer! c yi- !T