The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, August 27, 1893, Image 4

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Jiii Intoxicated Hustiani Tells His Wife
' a Secret,
Mn, Haaaett Finds Itoraelf Almost the
Victim of a Murdoroui Plot and
Divorce Hranilul
Afsorl.-ited Press.
Chloago, Aug. 2C In a bill for di
vorce filed In the superior court to
day by Mrs. Bella Hassett against
William E. Hassett of Oils city, the
most astounding charges are made. It
alleges, and the allegations are sup
ported by written evidence, that lias
sett conspired wlthi the wife of a
wealthy farmer named Stone, now liv
ing near Nashua, Iowa, to murder
Stone, get a divorce from his own
wife, and then marry the widow Stone,
who, by the letters attached, was more
than ready to put her own husband out
of the way, that she might marry Hsis
sett. The alleged plot as evidenced by
the data attached to the bill, was to
hrlng Stone to Chicago on a trip to
the World's Fair, and place a quanti
ty of poison In the medicine he was
taking, Mrs. Ilassett became aware of
the so-called Intrigue through accident.
Not long ago her husband came home
Intoxicuted and a quarrel arose re
sulting In the defendant telling his
wife he had a woman living In Iowa
who loved him more than she, and If
tthe did not believe It she would find a
number of letters In hg trunk which
would prove It, Mrs. Hassett opened
the trunk while her husband was away
from home and found the letters. She
was horrified at their contents and
Immediately placed the matter in the
hands of her attorneys, who' prepared
the bill for divorce.
A Chinaman named Sum, on a liiwh
a mile of Independence, rep rted
yeblcrduy be'.n fibbed of $I'iM In g'dd
which he '.iA'l In hW bod, nml si.nie
clothing. Another Chinamen on a
ranch near Salem was arrested find Ik
In Jail. The clothing wus found In his
eablifi but no money. After a hear
ing before Judge Bachelor, no evidence
was found against Sam and he was
discharged. He Is one of the Chinaman
who were handled pretty' roughly
sometime since for resisting a tax cei
"Do unto others ns you would have
others do unto you," Is sympathetically
shown In the following lines, the pre
sumption being that sympathy hi born,
or nkln to pain or sorrow:
"Uentlemen: Please Bend Krause's
Hcadaeho Capsules ns follows: Two
boxes to Flora Heay, Havanna, N. Dak.
Two boxes to Lllllo Wilcox, Uroi'kland,
N. Dak. I have always been a great
sufferer from headache and your Cap
Miles are U'o only thing that relieves
me." YPurs very truly,
Havana, N. Dak.
For sale by Chun, lingers, Astoria,
dr., Sole Agent.
In the stomach and bowels produced
by a violent purgative and Its conse
quent drenching uetlon, never are, be
cituHe It Is Impossible they should be,
followed by permanent good effects.
No speclfle which WPukens and con-
ulses the organs for whoso relief 11 Is
used can do good, llluo pills, calomel,
podyphyllln, suits and senna, vegetable
or mineral pills, aro drastic, remedies
generally void of benefit, A reliable
and effective substitute for them Is
Hosteller's Htonrieh Hitters, which ef
fects a change both natural and thor
ough In the bowels when they at con
r.llputed. A sulllilent nml regular se
cretion of bile by the liver and sound
digestion are iiIho promoted by Its UBe.
Miliaria In nil Its forms, rheumatism
nml , kidney trouble nve obviated by
this tine reformer of disordered condi
tions of the system. A wlneglusHful
threo times a day Is about the dose.
12. W. Uuykendall, the lending under
taker. Imvllig completed iirningenumis
i purchase goods direct from the fac
tories, regardless of middle men, hns
made u great reduction In the cost of
6.00 Collins reduced to 3.00
8.00 Collins redinVd to 6.00
23.00 Cotllns reduced to .... 18.00
Sti.OO Collins or ciiBKets re'd to 23.00
40.00 Collins or caskets re'd to 30.00
Mi 00 Cotllns or caskets re'd to 40.00
','.'..00 Cnskvts reduced to.,.. 60.00 Caskets reduced to .... 75.00
WVich lllock, 718 Water St., Astoria,
( . ,. .n.
A Jlllllmi Friend.
A friend In need Is ft friend Indeed,
and not less than one million people
have found auh a friend In Dr. King's
New Discovery for consumption, voids,
and coughs. If you have never used
this great couglr medicine, one trial will
convince you til It haa wonderful cur
ative powers In ll diseases of throat,
chest and lungs. Kach bottle Is guar
anteed to do all that Is claimed or money
will be refunded. Trial bottle free at
Charh-a Rogers' drug store. Large bot
tles Wo and fl.00,
!luekh'ii' Anne .vl.o.
The best salve In the world fol ruts,
bruises, fc'irea, pleern, salt rhtMiin, fevnr
l-urea, letter, chapped lunula, chilblains,
ruins, and all skin eruptions, nml positive
ly cures piles, or no pay required. II
Is guaranteed to give perfevt satisfac
tion or money refunded. Price 2i cenla
oer box. For sale by Chua. Rogers, suc
cessor to J. C. Dement.
Those desirous of furnishing houses
can llnd as good bargains at O. V.
Porter's as"at any other store In the
Northwest. Give him a trial and prove
Irs Vlitfandel wine tntead of coffee ov
lea. W cents per gallon. D'int forget
IV;:.V ami nurleiit biamlv. also Frencl"
'wine snd wine at Alx. Hubert's.
All lln patent nieoirrniH advert Ifed In
tliW paper, totretlier wllh llio rhoicnt
perfmiK rv. and toilet articles etc.. esr
1 l ou Dl lite lowest price at J. W
r.mti ' ilni ft. .re, oppoMtt tl'i blent lidel
Anttii in.
Notice Is hereby given that I have
been appointed administrator of the es
tate of James P. Metz, deceased. All
persons Indebted to said estate, aro no-
tilled to pay the same to me, at Astoria,
Oregon, forthwith; ana all persons hav.
Ing claims against said estate, are
hereby notified to present the same to
me, at the above place, within si
months from the date hereof.
Administrator of the above estate.
Dated at Astoria, Oregon, this 7th,
day of July, 1893.
A now and complete trrrvnieiit, consisting ol
(iippofllnrlex, ointment In rut. miles, kIbo It
box and fills; a posillvo rnre (or e-tcriinl, in
termil blind or blveillnx, IteliiiiK, cbrotile.
recent or liercuilnrf piles, and ninny otnei
diseases mid female witukiiesKi's; ll in always n
great lienelli. lo the reucrnl lieultli. 'i'lio ilral
iHcovery of & mod leal cure rendering in oner-
tion with the kuifo tninoKeHKary liort after
This remedy lias never been known Id fall.
41 per box, 8 for scat by mail. Why sulfur
Iriiui tint lorrirmi utKeiise tvnen u written Kimr
sniee Is irlven with C boxes, lo rcfnnu the
money If not cured. Hoinl stiunps fnr free
imnlii. OuHrnntce Issued br Woodward
(!UrV 4 Co., W'iiiilesnlc and Retail PniKKlsts
So Agents Portland. Or. Jor sale by J. W.
mill. Astoria urevoii
when you buy
shoes or clotli
Ing ? Don't
you go to the
place (if you
can llnd it)
where tlicy tell
you that you
may weur tlio
A articles out,
niul then, if
you'ro not satisfled, they'll refund tlio
money? Whyjiot do tlio Biimo when
you buy medicine r
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
la sold on that plan. It's the only blood
purifier so certain and ell'ectlvo thut it
can bo guaranteed to benefit or cure, in
every case, or you have your money
It's not like the ordinary spring medi
cines or aitranparlllas. All tlio year round,
it cleanses, builds up, and Invigorates the
system. If you're MHom, run-down, or
dyspeptic, or have any blood-tuiut, noth
ing can equal It as a remedy.
Easily, Quickly,
Prr..ancntly Restored
n:-d nil iha Irnlii of Mils
1r tut Hi ly ei rornnr l(itr
t-xei KM'ii, tlio ri'niiJts of
t ut k, hiv k it e hh,
ni t ,i:to. Fulb trt'iiiih,
(It vf.'lii.iitieiit utMl (uti,t
llivrii ' evory iiv,nn nml
ii i linn v
film pit'. niitumlniBlltnilA
I linn vi TPiw iMMij.
H 'Mi. Kulluro IniiJUhltrlP.
y,UM refcrenctn. Himk,
explaiuitlixi niul prtAjft
muUtul (twaleUj freu.
Tlicso tiny Cr.psulc3 nre superior
to Uulsara of t'opalba,
Culichs ami InJuctloiiB. IflUJjy
They cure hi 48 hours tho
same dlacunes without anylncon-
A1 fi -.i Curn
Iji li-.' nier Tt't iriirn,
l-'t.t t:i n ,! tl. .(
t'.i:... linnot li-i;
lnui.i.t's. ,U iihims,
Or ni'ilie.1 on letvml of
SS I'll.e- .11),.. .. rl.e.
.'WliiKUt'AMN A 6R0WN
353 ' l'rH..' l.aiii.iiun, Mil.
lnoundescent, nil nitiht. . . . $1.50
. . -12 o'clock... l.W)
" 111 " ... 75
For pnrtienUus inquiro of nny member
of tho llrni or nt tho otllco, fxt of Con
coiuly 8t. Wkst SiioitK Mti.i.b Co.,
T. O. TrulliiiKor, Vresident.
Seashore Railway.
Train leaves Seioldo t
7 :;w a. m. timiy.
S ::io p. in daily,
b -..ves Yovum's ll.iy i-.ei i
V s. in. dully,
fi li. ni. dully.
J. I A. llOWI.IIY, 1. K. MtlU N.
oeeretaiy.: . ,
lloals leave Ailmln oue-half l.onr In for.
triuin leave (lis pier.
J. 33. WTATT
IH-aler In -
cert snd Ship Chandlery,
me ml. Brtl't VtirnMt, Hlnaole Oil. Cot
i.ii, fNv;, I'emp Mail Twine. ' rd Oil,
Wr ti:i U- ' "pikes, uatvauiztcd Out Nails
i f ooorloB, Hito.
Airiliiilnniil Impli nient.1, r!wlnt Ma
iinic liltien, 1'ioiits and Oils.
Heavy and Sh jlf
Cnr.-y In I uvk
Wagons ami Veliicles,
Farm Maehlnerv, Palnlx, il, Varnlho.
lioffgera' Biiijlle, Kaliliankt tiealea,
Door aud Wiiu.owi.
FLOl'R nd MI 1.1. VbtD.
i. n. dj n, ooo
Klrmnor llwaco
Uve Aiina d;tl!y at :. m. f.w llwaea.
Uhllinif at Tinisv I'olnt, i leoieellli Willi
rllniid minim nertli ' : m. ai-d
lmU m '"ihvner fl
vHllt Keul, IHrI i ve
l-i.l o. I'.'inl. r unit ! liraf'allar.
bar. lSeluniliit loimee's t l';u' with
wimlur Aslnrit imil Xljlil ltoa lor
I'ort llllld. .........
JOHN li utU'l.TE K. U A. 1.IHM1.
s.n-l:irv. 1'ifMdeii!.
U. V. KliUI UT. Hiiieiii.leiutei!t.
fl l S VMS
C;. 6
J Your
Take no substitute for
Notice Is hereby given, that under
and purBuant to the provisions of a
certain chattel mortgage executed and
delivered to mo, the undersigned on
the 15th day of February, 1893, by the
Astorlan Columbian Publishing Com
pany, upon the personal property here
inafter described, to secure the pay
ment of the sum of $11,925,86, and in
terest thereon from that date until
paid at the rate of eight per cent, per
annum, I have taken possession of the
said chattels because of default made
In the payments In said mortgage pro
vided, and will, on Monday the 28th
day of August, 1893, at the hour of ten
o'clock In the forenoon, at the Astorlan
Olllce In the City of Astoria, In Clatsop
County, State of Oregon, offer for sale
and will sell at publlo auction for cash
In hand to the highest bidder therefor,
as a whole, tho following described
chattels In said mortgage described,
to wit:
1 sitting desk, 4 bricks, 4 maps, 1
standing desk, 4 Shannon files, letter
size; 1 bill nle, 3 small spindle files, 2
clips, 1 letter press, 1 chair, 2 stools,
1 coal Btove, 1 scuttle, 1 poker, 4 joints
stove-pipe, 3 picture frames, 1 pen
wiping glass pot, 1 book rest, 4 Ink
wells, 1 mucllugo bottle, half full; 1
Amberg letter lilo, 1 duster, 1 hat rack,
1 letter box, 38 paper weights, 1 pair
shears, 200 letter heads, 100 envelopes,
50 J. O. Blaine pictures, CO sheets-proof
of publication, GO statements "Asto
rlan" 6 large envelopes, 50 blll-heaila
"Astorlan" 1 waste paper basket, 1
dully paper lilgeon-hole rack, 3 blue
prints, 2!i yards oil cloth, (on floor), 2
yards twine, 3 copying clothes, 1 gas
llxture, 1 red ink pari, 6 pen holders,
2 rubber erasers, 1 12" rule, 1 18" rule,
1 ball twine, 1 Ink stand carpet, 2 doz.
Dlekon's paper novels, 1 D. G. Coal
box, II ofllce books, acct. 4 blinds with
cord nttached, 1 view, 1 National cabi
net tile, 3 maps, 2 pigeon-hole racks &
contents, 4 newspaper Hies, 1 waste
paper basket, 2 blinds, 29 books, 1
blotting pad, 12 square feet of linoleum.
1 gum pot and brush, 4 spindle files, 1
editor's desk, 4 bottles Ink, 1 cupboard,
0 old letter tiles, 1 gas fixture, 1 rocker,
1 chair, 1 paper case, 1 diary, 1 calen
dar, 1 spring lock, 1 breeches stretcher,
nickel plated, 1 House and Senate bill
file, 25 newspaper cuts, 1 wisp broom,
1 high cupboard, containing: 35 single
person acknowledgements, 10 appoint
ment of road supervisors, GO old
acknowledgements, 25 corporation ac
knowledgements, 40 secretary . or ad
ministrators accounts, 25 nflldavlts of
attachments, 13 atlldavlts for publica
tion of summons, 9 affidavits on claim
and delivery of personal property, 30
appointments of road viewers, 4 assign
ments, 411 ngreenient of stile of real es
tate, 72 administrators of exc. bond, 75
Idlers of administration, 75 writs of
attachments, 25 articles of co-partnerships,
"H bond of guardian sale of real
eslale, 40 bond of guardian, ') bill ot
sale, 20 bench warrants, 40 bund of
mad petitioners, SO general Indemnity
bonds. 150 bill of costs, 15 county
clerk's certlllciiles, f0 certificates ot
clecllon, 75 bill ot costs nnd disburse
ments, 50 regular term circuit court
proceedlmvs, 50 certificates of naturnlr
Iztillnn, It com. to InUo deposition, 10
regular term of circuit court proceed
ings.' 5 special, dlllo; ito cover of judg
ment roll, 35 ccrllllcates of transcript,
20 creditors claims, 40, citation, 35 clerk
certificates of olllclnl character, 33 cer
titleates ot record, 20 deposition, 12
exc. fr. circuit court on judgment
rendered In justice court, 75 executions,
40 trial discharge, 20 Inventory und ap
pointment, 15 Indictments, 35 letters
testamentary, 35 letters of guardian
ship, 2o lease thing term), 12 mortgages,
8 per cent, and taxes, 1 ditto It mort
gage covenant of warranty, 30 ditto
chill tel. 30 mechanic's liens, 00 notices
to Judges ot election, 30 ditto to clerk
ditto, ;:o ditto of appeal, 40 ditto
sheriff's sale, 35 orders of publication
of mimnions, 60 oflklal oath and bond,
35 order appointing appraisers, 30 ditto
administrators, 23 orders granting writ
of habeas corpus, 30 petitions for ap
pointment of guardian. 20 orders ditto,
50 power of attorney to sell real estate,
17 petitions for probate of will, 20
pewer ot attorney, 25 petition for writ
of habeas corpus, 33 ditto letters of ad
ministration, 70 grand jury subpoenas
copy, 100 ditto original, 75 subpoenas
(copy). 2ft ditto (original), 10 ditto
criminal (original), 100 ditto criminal
(copy), 50 sheriff s certificate of sale
& foreclosure, 225 ditto on execution,
60 summons (original, 20 transcript of
Judgment, 50 testimony of sub. witness
to will. Ifiundertnklng on appeal, 2
ditto Injunction, '10 ditto for attach
ment, 20 venire, 40 ditto special, 12 veri
fication of claim against estate, 20
wills, 12 writ of habeas corpus, 40 ditto
review, 1 folding machine, 1 cylinder
press complete, 1 gas engine, 1 monkey
wrench, 1 shooting stick, 1 fret saw,
1 14" Hie, 1 6" file, 1 box copper rivets,
1 roll prors tape, 3 oil cans, 1 dipping
table, a paper board, 1 cockroach bel
lows. 5 pieces pipe, 1 stove, 6 roller
moulds, 2 lamps, 1 don. cans lye, 2 cans
machine oil, C bdles. paper, 2 1-2 rms.
on. 24x36 30-lb, 33 bdles. paper, 2 rms.
ea. 2.'!xS2 23-lbs, 2rms. flat news 40-lbs.
1 folders table, 5 stones, 7 frames, S
lotteries, 2 galley rack, 1 barrel ink,
1 counter. 1 book case. 2 sets shelves,
1 elevator, 00 feet shafting, 7 pulleys,
li hangers, 175 feet of belting (about
that). 1 cabinet. 1 step ladder, 1 desk,
1 chair. 2 ptools, 1 proof ' press. 14
chases, 1 folder table, 1 box "wander
ings" tyix, 8 brevier enp cases & type,
4 ditto lower cases & type, 8 minion
miner cap cases, 4 ditto lower cap
eases, 4 nonparlel cap cases, 4 ditto
lower cap eases, 64 cases advertising
tviMvltnlie full cases, 44 2-S advertis
ing type-, 19 single galleys,- 5 double
galleys. 9 gas fixtures with 150ft. pipe.
1 smoothing plane, 2 pinners, 1 mallet,
1 shooting slick. 1 set Hempel's quoins,
2 keys, 3 lend cutters, 1 Mltra machine,
1 Webster's dictionary, 2 newspajior
files. 1 slug case & lead, 1 box wood
(itiotn. 11 galley sticks. 5 Iron lock-up
slicks, 1 lot type sorts, 1 hand-saw. 1
Mitre- box. 1 box wrapped brevier t"p,
1 dust pan, 12 lwixes stereotype plate,
1 gl. oil can, 1 shovel, 1 pan. 1 wapte-
Is often ruined by manufacturers, who,
relying upon that alone allow the char
acter of their goods to deteriorate. The
Condensed Milk is always the same.
Rest assured that its standard of excel
lence is constantly maintained. Its
purity, cleanliness, richness and perfec
tion of process in manufacture has never
been equaled. It stands First. It has
j for Thirty Years.
Grocer and Druggist sell it.
the Eagle brand.
paper basket, lsponge, 4 news sticks,
100 pounds leads, 12x13 em, 25 pounds
slugs, 12x13 & 26 1-2 em, 350 dashes &
..ln 10ft nrorraniv rlppllS. 45 Olllt Claim
deeds, 62 New York B of lading, 35 for
sale cards, 10 for rent carus large,
house for rent cards, 39 for rent cards
small, 220 bonds for deeds, 50 chattel
mortgages, 250 bond for deed large,
200 lease, CO criminal subpoenas (copy)
circuit), 60 ditto-(original) circuit, 75
civil subpoenas (copy) circuit, 125 ditto
(original) circuit, 100 ditto (copy) jus
tice, 125 ditto (original) justice, 40 writ
of attachment circuit, ditto 100 ditto
4..olna m-ltrlnnlV 75 ditto Justice (COPy),
40 summons ditto (copy), 60 summons
ditto (original, 13U writ or. bitcbi, uiti,
30 warrants ditto, 200 affidavit for writ
of arrest circuit, 40 ditto attachment,
300 writ of attachment, 300 undertak
ings for attachment,, 300 subpoenas
civil, 25 undertakings on ball before inn mimmrms fcony) clr-
cult, 75 ditto original ditto, 35 search
warrants, 2U commitment, mi" in
dictment justice, 25 subpoenas, 125 ex
ecutions (original) Justice, 25 garni
shees, lOOundertaklng for costs, i!5 in
formation, 100 complaints, 75 bonds f n
costs (justice), 40 shippers manifesu,
25 ditto coasting, 100 marriage certifi
cates, 30 county disbursements, 75 mar
riage licenses, 75 notice of protest, 30
protest, 2 file backs, 75 for rent cards
small, 9 road supervisors notice books,
200 relief of tax applications, 22 fur
nished rooms to let cards, 12 This
awning is dangerous keep off" cards,
r. inn ot jiomonta ctr." cards. 9 Posl-
ll nreillr etc." Cards. 6 'NO
soliciting etc.," cards, 11 promisory
notes, 50 teacher's agreements, 500 ho
tel call lists, 100 complaint backs, 1
half med. challenge job press, 1 nos
pariel press, 1 paper cutter, 1 card do,
1 lead do, 1 mitre machine, 3 stoves, 1
coal stove, 18ft. stove-pipe, 1 perforat
ing machine, 1 glue pot, 2 composition
buckets, 3 half medium chases. 1 chase,
17 24x17, 6 nonparlel chases, 6 half
med. rollers, 2 galley racks, 75feet gas
pipe and fixtures, 2 stapling machines,
1 hand saw, 1 screw driver, 1 pair com
passes, 1 half med. roller mould, 1
quarter med. roller mould, 1 rack wood
and furniture, 1 single galleys, 6 double
galley,2 job galleys, 5 job sticks, 3
stools, 24 hemple quoin with key, 1 bel
lows, 1 broom, 1 rule shaper, 5
wrenches, 1 butcher knife, 1 punch, 1
hatchet, 1 coal bucket, 7 tin lamp
shades, 1 bird cage, 1 short step-ladder,
1 looking glass, 1 funnel, 1 dust pan, 1
planer, 1 lye brush, 2 oil cans, 2 Ink
knives, 1 proof roller, 2 dust brushes,
1 job elevator, 1 wash stand, 1 past pot
and brush, 1-2 paper steel wire brads.
1-2 paper Copper tacks, 2 small screw
drivers, 1 box (500) small staples, 2
spools thread, 1-2 box McGUla paper
fastners 10 lbs, 1 awl, 2-3 qt. diamond
dve, 2 cans roller composition, 2 cans
green copying ink, 1 1-2 lb. can purple
copying ink, 1 pound Ultramarine blue
Ink, 1-2 pound bronze, 1-2 lb. printers
gloss ink, 1-2 lb. steel blue ink, 1-2 lb.
photo brown ink, 1-2 lb. gold size Ink,
3 lbs. red Ink. 1-4 11. blue Ink, 1-4 lb.
gold Ink, 1 1-4 lb. white ink, 1-2 cardinal
red Ink, 3 lbs. poster red ink, 2 lbs.
ultra, blue ink; 1 lb. red ink, 3-4 lb.
liose Lake Ink, 1-2 lb. green Ink, 1-2 lb.
vellow Ink, 1-2 lb. Queen city red Ink,
i ounce purple ink, 1 blue blank Ink,
at) lbs. book .Ink, 53 packages grocers
statements, 111 packages single state
ments, 21 packages double statements,
8 packages mere, bond paper, letter
i heads, 9 pkgs. Ulster linen, lener
heads, 62 pkgs. l'acillc mills lener
heads, 13 pkgs. heads, 9 pkgs.
ledger statements, 12 pkgs. packet
heads, IS pkgs. linen note-heads, 16
pkgs. No. 6 bill heads, 8 pkgs. No. 4
bill heads, 10 pkgs. No. 2 bill beads,
45 pkgs. No. 2 close ruled bill heads, 32
pkgs. No. 4 close ruled bill heads, 5
pkgs' No 2 close ruled bill heads, 26
pkgs. memoranda, 20 pkgs, cold press
lines, 11 Pkgs. Atlanta mills, 9 pkg3.
No 2. Atlanta mills, 1000 six and one en
velopes XXX, 6 boxes No. 6 XXX en
velopes, 2 boxes No. 0 yellow envelopes,
15000 wh. XX envelopes, 250 wh. wove
XX. No. 10, 9000 No. 4 shipping tags,
6000 No. 3 shipping tags, 6000 No. 1
Bhlpplng tags, 600 No. 6 shipping tags,
200 sheets white card board 22x28, 800
assorted colors card board 22 x 28, 125
sheets R. R. board, 71 pkgs. thin China
cards No. 9, 11 pkgs. ditto No. 9, 18
pkgs. tough check cards No. 9, 12 pkgs.
tough check No. 12 cards, 85 pkgs. R.
R. board, 6 reams chromatic folios, 1
ream gun paper, 6 reams white folio,
17 X22-20 lbs. 1 1-2 ream pink folio, 17 x
22-20 lbs. 1-4 ream yellow folio. 77x22
20 lbs. 1-2 ream linen folio, 17x22 20
lbs. 1 1-2 ream Japanese linen folio
17 x 22 20 lbs. 1-2 ream Super Royal
folio 17 x 22 20 lbs. 1 ream cap 14 x 17, 3
ream book folio, 200 sheets cover paper,
600 sheets glazed paper, 1000 sheets
ruled folio paper, 15 sheets stencil
paper, 7 sheets straw board paper, 9
sheets heavy manllla paper, 60 Bheets
thin 6traw board paper, 200 sheets
black cover paper, 3 reams colored
poster paper, 3 drawers scraps paper,
200 lbs. labor saving slugs, 1 font labor
saving leads, 2 fonts dotted rule, 2
fonts face rule. 3 fonts brass rule, 17
fonts border, 10 ft. border, 15 $-lago-types,
15 No. lagotypes, 6 shears, type,
8 bought of type, 1 ree'd. of type, 1
dollars type, 3 sets card ornaments, 47
boxes assorted sizes, 1 drawer cuts,
Gr. Tris. Ex. Cond. No. 3, Ronoldson
Cond. brevier wide gothlc, French
Clarendon, 3 fonts, nonparlel, .-long
primer, pica, steel plate gothlc, pica,
3 li np. 3 h. pica, tinted, pica, S L. pica,
celtlo minion, brevier, Gr. Pr. gothlc
No. 9 pica, I.. prim. Aquatint, Gr.
Prim. 2 L. pica, pen text 3 X pica, 2
I., nonparlel, haw Italic brevier, L.
primer, manuscript plea, Gr. primer,
double parogon script, Gr. prim. Bos
ton, Canon, Boston, Payson script,
black Cond. No. 3, Ronaldson extra
Cond. nonp. brevier, pica, 12 point
gothlc wide, lining gothlc Na. 14.
Venetian pica & I prim. 24 point
handard, 24 point dado, 11 point fancy
eeltic, 24 point Edson, gothlc condense
& poster, Gr. Pr. paragon, Pble. pica,
Gr. Pr. 4 L. pica, paragon. 5 L. pica,
69 fonts type. 3 cs. small pica, 150 lbs.
S cs. nonparlel 150 lbs. 2 cs. brevier
100 lbs. 1 c. Italic small pica. 10 lbs.
1 20 A font Gr. Pr. post Ionic. 1 10 A
ease paragon Inioc, card ornanvents,
Palmer & Key's typographical charm
word ornaments, borders No. 22 1-2 N.
P. 14 1-2 N. P. 83 1-2 N. P. 29 1-2 N. P.
21 1-2 N. P. 207 N. P. 215 N. P. 228 N.
P. 217 N. P. 4 N. P. 212 N. P. 207 pica,
1 N. P. 321 N. P. wood, border 10ft,
plain, 10ft. 10ft. fancy, 10ft. fancy,
wood type 2 fonts 36 li. pica, 2 fonts 20
11. pica, 2 fonts 15 11. pica, 2 fonts 12 11.
pica, 6 fonts 10 II. pica 6 fonts 8 11. pica,
2 fonts 6 11. pica, 1 font 5 11. pica, 2
fonts 4 11. pica,4 rule cases, 2 slug case9
6 frames, 1 cabinet, 21 cs. 107 full size
cases, 32 2-3 cases, 1 set Initial letters,
1 set ornaments, 25 lbs. metal furni
ture, 2 sets shelves, 1 set pigeon holes
with sorts, 1 table with drawers, 1 low
table, 50 lbs. leads, 8 yards binding
cloth, 100 sheets binding paper, 25 cents
glue, 1 small work table, 250 Miss cuts,
1 strip' clothes hooks, 1 mallot, 1 shelf
stand, 1 proof planer, 1 font circular
quod, 1 numbering machine, 1 Lino
type, 1 engine & boiler, shafting pul
leys & belting, 1335 lbs. type metal, 1
pig of tin, 1 safe, 1 galley rack, 61
type rocks with old type, 1 old Hlckok
press and fittings, 1 lot pull;ys ocd
pieces machinery, etc, 1 lot oH .'o.rnps
& shades, 150 books (about,) 20 bundles
old Astorlans (about), 4 bundles salm
on colored paper, 1 box Kinney salmon
ads, Astorlan building, situated at cor
ner (S. W.) Cass & Squemoqtia streets,
Astoria, Oregon. Western Associated
Press franchise. The franchise & good
will of the Dally & Weekly Astorlan,
news papers, published at said city of
Astoria, to satisfy said sum of $11,925,
86, and interest as aforesaid, and the
costs and expenses of sale, August
10th, 1893. "
Notice Is hereby given to all persons
In the State of Oregon holding
policies in the State Investment & In
surance uinpuny, oi onu iiuuwov,
Of the withdrawal from the state of
Oregon of the State Investment & in
surance Company, of San Francisco,
California, and to all other persons in
terested, that the said company has
reinsured Its business In the State of
Oregon, in the Fireman's Fund Insur
.nce Company, of San Francisco, Cali
fornia, and has filed noUce thereof with
the secretary of state, of said state,
and proposes to withdraw Its securi
ties on deposit with the treasurer there
of, and to cease doing business in Bald
Any policy holder in the State of
Oregon, or any other person naving
claims against said Insurance company,
are hereby notified to file the same with
secretary of tate of the state of Or
egon, within six (6) months from the
date of the publication of tills notice.
This notice is given pursuant to the
provision of an act of the legislative as
sembly of the state of Oregon, entitled
"An act to amend Sections 3564,, 3568
and 3580, of Chapter L, of the Miscel
laneous Laws of Oregon, as Complied
and Annotated by W. Lair Hill." Ap
proved February 23, ' 1889.
By George L. Brander,
Attest; Charles M." Blair,
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been appointed admin
istrator of the estate of Caroline Han
sen, late of Clatsop county, Oregon,
deceased, and all persons having
claims against said estate must pre
sent the same duly verified to the un
designed, at the fllce of Fulton Bros.
Attornles, In the City of Astoria, in
said county within six months from
this date, August 5th, 1893.
Notice Is hereby given that I have
been duly appointed, administrator of
the estate of Mary Ann Adair, de
ceased. All persons indebted to said
estate are requested to coll at my of
flee at No. 119, Genevieve street. Asto
rla, Clatsop county, Oregon, and pay
the some. And all persons having
claims against said estate must pre
sent the same to me, with, the proper
vouchers, at tjie above named place,
within six months from fate of this
. Dated, Astoria, Oregon, July 25, 1893.
Administrator of said estate.
In the Circuit court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Clatsop.
Astoria Iron Works Plaintiff vs.
Dean Blanchord Defendant.
By virtue of an execution and order
of sale Issued out of and under tho
seal of the above entitled court, in the
above entitled cause, on the 22nd day
of June, 1893, upon a judgment duly
made and rendered therein on the 19th
day of June, 1S93, which said execution
and order of sale was to me directed
and delivered, I did on the 14th day of
August, 1893, levy upon all the right,
title, claim and Interest of the within
named defendant in and to the follow
ing described real estate, to-wlt: Be
ginning on the meander line 30.23
chains, westerly from the NE corner of
the S. C. Smith Donation Land Claim,
thence N 65 deg. 30 mln., E 300 feet,
thence N 24 deg.. 30 min., W to ship's
channel of the Columbia River, thence
westerly along the said channel to a
point 24 deg. 30 mln. W. from the
place of beginning, thence S. 24 deg. 30
mln. E to the place of beginning, In
Section 7. Tp. 8 N. R 9 Wof the Will
amette Meridian, Clatsop County State
of Oregon. And notice is hereby given
that I shall on Tuesday, the 14th day
of September, 1893, at the hour of 10
o'clock a. m. of said day, In front ot
the Court House door, in the City of
Astoria, In said county and state, pro
ceed to sell the same or so much there
of as shall be sufficient to satisfy the
sum of 3530.58, with interest thereon nt
the rate of ten per cent, per annum
from June 19, 1S93, together with the
further 'sum of $16.90 costs and dis
bursements and occruing costs of this
suit, at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash in hand in U. S. Gold
coin at the time of sale
Sheriff of Clatsop County, Or.
Dated, Astoria, Or., August 14, 1833.
Headquarters Department of the Co
lumbia, Office of Chief Quartermaster.
Vancouver Barracks, Wash.. August
25th, 1893. Sealed proposals. In tripli
cate, subject to the usual conditions,
will be received at this office, until 11
o'clock, A. M.. September 25th, 1S'j3,
nnd then opened, for transportation of
t'-oopa and stores between Astoria, Or
egon, and Fort Canby, Wash., during
the remainder of the fiscal year end
ing June 30th. 1S94. Blank proposals
furnished on application. The IT. s. re
serves the right to reject any or all
bids. Envelopes containing proposals
should be marked: " Propolis fr
transportation between Astoria and
Fort Canby." nnd addressed to the un
dersigned. A. G. RoHnscn, lvputy
Ounrtermaster General, U. S. Army.
CMef Quartermaster.
IpBifet Mail ,t
Pats Mia Chicago
Many hours aieai
Of any otter Imc.
Puilman and Tourist riocncrs
Freo Reclining Chair Curs, Lin
ing Cars are run daly v. n tho
Union Pacific Flyer leaving Portr
land at 6:30 p. m.
Columbia Sunday Annus! 27.
Hate Krlil.iv Ktv.tcmber 1.
Col iniliia Wednesday Hupteinlicr C.
htiitc. Monday tjtteinler II.
Culuiiililn t-Htunliiy Suptemlier 1.
State lluirsday September 21.
Columbia Tuesday September 20,
Morning boat leaves Astoria dally,
except Sunday, at 6 a. m. and Sundays
at 9 a. m.; returning leaves Portland
dally, except Saturday, at 8 p. m. and
Saturdays at 10 p. m. Night boat leaves
Astoria dally at 6 p. m-; returning
leaves Portland at 7 a. m., dally ex
cept Sunday, and Sundays at 8 a. m.
Morning boat from Portland makes
landings on the Oregon side of the river
and night boat on the Washington side
The morning boat from Astoria makes
landings on the Washington side of the
river, and night boat on the Oregon
side, except Sunday, and on Sundays
via Washington side. All boats make
landings on both sides of the river
above Waterford. The Potter makes
connections at Young's Bay wit hears
for Clatsop before leaving for Port
land, Sunday mornings. The Queen
runs through to the bridge daily nnd
connects with the 6 p. m. train.
For rales anil general liif.iiiiituioii e;ill on or
w. ii. iiUKi.i;ui!i n. w. lounhbekky,
A. (illtl. Ha-i. Al!l. API'Dt
Ityrtliiud, Or. Astoria, Or.
Is ill. ;ine'ln lake to all
k points
It otr.n M'.e best sniv re, con J
It Is tne i opulnr route w ith tlio.-e ttlm
wiili to liav.-l on
It Is therefore tlio rmile ymt tlieu'tl
take. It. runs thnuiuli vestibule.)
trains every day in tin year to
Wo Change of Cars.
Elegant Pulliniui Sleqii'rs,
Superior Tourist Sleeper!!,
Splendid Free Sctonil-elass Sleepers.
Only one c!i'Ui!! n rare
Portland to New York
Through Tickets
t o Any Part of tne civilized wnrld
Passengers ticketed via all bouts nitintin
between Astoria, Kaluma iiikI 1'urMiiml.
Full Information conccruim:- rales, ul
trains, routes sitd other deuils turuiiiiMl
application to
Atfeltl Astoria
Meuiner Telepbaiie Hurl;.
Assistant (ieueral Vasseuger At;eut,
No. Kirst ht tVaMimgUiii,
rVrtlaurt. t Prevail
S".l First street, Astoria, Or.
X. Froo Concert
Everv uiclit t-rpinnlni; at s oYlix k.
(ioixl niiiKii-. i he iivsi of iviHi-s, II
Miiors and ehars always on h ind.
TRO I'lff NIi KfTriNrtv.
House Fitnl-liiHa Ooods, Sriee I Mrl.Rtrip
Leji.1, Niirl Iron 1 in and (.lovper.
Eastern Points