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lira. Linchfelter, of Chinook Beach,
died of consumption on Saturday eveu
, ing last. -
Oregon Btrawberrles at Smith's today.
Raser's Extract Root Beer, the purest
Postmaster Hare desires that August
Junge will call al the postofflce on
business of Importance
Strawberries and cream at Col
mann's. Mcnny 13 the leading tailor and pays
the hlKliest cash price for l'ur skins.
Rescue Engine Co. No. 2 last even
ing nominated Ed Foster for the ofllce
of chief of the fire department.
What Is Antlfermentlne? Ask Foard
& Stokes.
Westpcrt cream fresh every morning
at Smith's Ice Cream parlors. Third ut.
The Astoria Library will be opened
Tuesdays and Saturdays at 1 p. m. for
tho use of county subscribers. Time
on books is extended to 21 days.-
If you want some extra tine photos,
ib me piace 10 gei mem.
For fine wines and liquors call at
August Banlelson's Sample Rooms..
At the election for the purpose of
Issuing bonds to pay off the indebted
ness of School District No. 1, all the
votes cast were In favor of lsusing the
bonds. . .
For genuine sweet cream that will
whip, go to Colmann's.
Remember McGulre'a Hotel nt Sea-
fide 13 open the year around.
Messrs. F. D. Wlnton, J. Bryce, Thos.
Dealy and Dr. Jay Tuttle delegates
from Seaside Lodge, A. O- U. W will
attend the grand lodge session in. Port
land tomorrow.
The Belmont cigar can be had at
Chas. Olsen's.
Lad!i3, sk Foard & Stolcos 'how to
preserve fruits.
The grand council of th Improved
Order of Red Men met In this city yes
terday, and after transacting routine
business, adjourned until Today.- Be
tween thirty and forty representatives
were present from different parts of
the state-
Don't stew your fruits over a hot
Ftove. Preserve them without cooking.
Foard & Stokes will tell you how.
Wing Leo has just received a full line
of Japanese furiosi ic-s nnd fancy goods.
Will sell at cost. 59 Third street.
A communication on tue water ijues
'tion was received a- tM office -last
night, but too ' 'at j 'or publlea-.Ion tc-
. rlsiv Tr will hnwmrpp nrnAnr In to
morrow's Issue, and show that there
is no occasion for alarm on account of
the present condition of the water sup
ply of Astoria. - -
Crow has made some very fine photos
of the United States ship Monterey,
which are acknowledged to be the best.
The best and only sure way to pre
serve fruits is with Antlfermentlne.
For sale by Foard & Stokes.
, The will of the late John "Williamson
has been filed for probate. Mr. C. R
Thomson - Is named as executor,
and the property, which Is
estimated to be worth. $3,000, is divided
among the heirs, three In number.
They are Mary Brown, of Tacoma1, Eli
za Hutchens, of Yamhill county, and
Wesley Williamson.
Turtles visiting in Portland can get The
I Jul I y Astorinn at Handley & Haas' news
(Hand, First street.
Your fruits will not ferment if you
use Antifermentine. For sale by Foard
& Stokes.
Sunday's Oregonlart contains news of
the death on Saturday of Miss Loretta
L. Allen, whose foot was amputated
at St Vincent's hospital in consequence
of injuries received by a fall from a
bicycle. Miss Allen was well and fa
vorably known here, and the news of
her death was received with1 deep grief
by the many who knew her here.
Fresh fish received at the Albatross
Fish market daily. Salmon 10 cents
per pound. L
For all kinds at job printing, go to
Del. Ferguson, upstairs, Astorian build
ing. When tho Columbine first arrived in
this port it waa supposed mat tne pro
posed cable from Tillamook Head to
Tillamook Rock would be layed with
out delay, Major Handbury having
expressed himself In such a manner as
to convey' that, impression. But the
cable still lies in the buoy depot, where
it has beeit for two or three years, and
no Intimation has been given of an in
tention to use It In - accordance with
the plan originally mapped out.
Del. Ferguson, general Job printer,
Astorian building, upstairs. Flrst-
ciass worK ai reasonable raieu.
rrijrve your fruits without cooking,
by using antifermentine. For sale by
Fonrd & Stokes. '
The town of Clatsop yesterday passed
an ordinance prohibiting the discharge
of firearms within one mile of any ho
tel Inside the town limits. Clat
sop is the largest town In Oregon,
being bounded In the North by the Col
umbia river, on the south by Necanl
cum creek, the Pacific ocean on the
West, and Sklpanon, creek and the
chain of lake and foothills on the east.
Clatsop 1" about sixteen miles long and
about three nrrtes. wlde-x
Lovers of a good cigar can always
find mild, fresh Belmonts at Chas.
Olsen's. ; .
L. P. Fisher, newspaper advertising
" . n if .v. . ..' Han ITr-an.
cirtoo, Is our authorized asenu This paper
is kept on file at his office.
The second of the series of football
matches between teams representing:
America and Great Britain w411 be
rtayed tnls evening at Smith's point.
The cars will run down but once, at
half-past six sharp- The charge will
Ttm-Dn rot- p-if Dsrtrrr:::!
be 20 cents for the round trip, Including
admission to the grounds, and the pro
ceeds will be disposed of as before
The teams will be as follows: Amer
ican Tallent, (captain) Higglns, R.
Carruthers, Rathom, Taylor, Smith,
Weeks, Small, McLean, Hayburg, ana
Bufflngton. British Bartholomew (cap
tain) Bell, J- Carruthers, Rldehalgh, J,
Flnlayson, Jr.,- Spittle, Addis.. Bennett,
Thompson, Davis and Gibson-'
The firm of Corbett & Davis, barbers,
has been dissolved, and the former has
purchased a one-half interest In the
business of L. E. Gillett of the Asto
ria Baths, Third street, where he will
be pleased to see his former patrons.
There la no place in Astoria where
John Kopp's famous beer is kept In
such good condition as at Utzlnger's
popular resort
Dry hemlock wood delivered at 53.25
per cord by C. W. Everest, Alderbrook.
Leave orders with Ben Coe, care of this
office. Terms cash.
Two fishermen employed by the Cut
ting Pocking Company werjo drowned
yesterday on Clatsop spit, and several
other boats were reported to have been
swamped, but whether with fatal re
sult could not be learned- The men
known to have been lost were Isaac
Backular and his boatpuller, of boat No.
11. It was thought at Fort Canby that
at least two other fatalities occurred.
Three fishermen lost their nets owing
to the extremely rough weather, and
several other boats were towed up to
this city, but the fate of tho occupants
remains in doubt. It 'was rumored
during the afternoon that e man fishing
for the Scandinavian Packing Com
pany had been drowned, but the ru
mor could not bo confirmed.
Owners of horses can purchase Camp
bell's Hoof Remedy, and all the Col
umbia Veterinary Remedies at Fred.
Saiz' Saddlery establishment.
At The Monogram you can find fra
grant Belmont, Wedding Bouquet,
Flor de Madrid and all other choice
and favorite brands of cigars.
During the next thirty days I will
sell all grades of wall paper and deco
rations at a discount of 25 per cent.
Examine the splendid bargains. J. W.
Crow, successor to Ryan & Company.
. 1
A gentleman over from Wlllapa yes
terday brings the sad Intelligence of
the drowning - of the wife of Rev.
Crouch of that place on Saturday evening-
Mr- and Mrs- Crouch and baby
had gone out on the bay in a small
row boat, and at a request from Mrs.
Crouch to be allowed to row, tlie two
attempted to change places. This re
sulted In the boat rocking violently,
and In their endeavors to steady It,
they were thrown Into the water, com
pletely capsizing the boat Mr. Crouch
grasped the baby and threw It upon the
upturned boat, and Immediately
looked . around for his wife, who
had d:frpeared beneath! the water
never to return. ' Up to yesta.dey
morning no trace of the body had been
found, although a diligent search had
been made.
J. W. Thompson, organist at the M.
E. church, wishes to take a few more
pupils in music, piano or organ. Ad
dress, B89, Astor street.
The liquor, opium, morphine nnd to
bacco habits are dreadful powers in a
man's life. Many would sacrifice all
they possess if they could rid them
selves of these evils. It has been made
possible to be cured, for it is a disease,
and at a moderate cost. The Ameri
can Institute guarantees a cure. Call
at their ofllce over the Astoria Na
tional bank.
Notice is hereby given that there is
money in the County Fund to pay all
warrants -out standing, endorsed prior
to April 17th, 1S90, bearing interest to
M. FOARD, County Treasurer.
Dnted Astoria, Or., July 15th, 1S93.
25 per cent discount on all grades of
wall paper for the next 30 days nt B.
F. Allen's. '
At the forks of Deep River, Wash.,
at Anderson's store, on Tuesday, Au
gust 15th, 1893. at 10 o'clock a. m., will
be sold by auction the following prop
erty: 1C0 acres on Salmon creek, con
taining 70 acres of bottom land with
one, million feet of fir timber. For
further particulars apply to Martin
Olson, auctioneer, Astoria.
Is In this city. She makes chronic dis
eases a specialty. Deafness, catarrh,
asthma, dyspepsia, diseases - of the
throat and lungs, kidney, urinary or
gans and all private diseases. Special
attention given to diseases of women,
Consultation free. Cure or no cnarg
es. Offlo hours, 9 to 12 a. m. and 1 to
5 p. m.. Office rooms 18-and 19, Hotel
Tlghe. '
Tha flmn n wiiarm A Hendren. ex
pressmen, is this day dissolved by mu
tual consent, mi aeina uue mo
must be paid to Wm. Hendren. All
debts owed by the firm will be paid
by the old firm. Wm. Wilson will con
tinue the express business ai me viu
stand. WM. WILSON
A Sure Cure jnr Fllc.
Itcnm nes a.e kmuwu ..............
like perspiration, causing intense Itching
wuen will 111. xiua mi -.
Bleedinic or Trotrudlng. yield at once to
Dr.. Bosanko's Pile Remedy, which acts
directly on the parts affected, absorbs
tumors, allays itching and effects a
iw.rm.jint rTf. BOc. Drueclst or mall.
Circulars free. Dr. Bosanko. 329 Arch
strept, 1'niiaaeipnia, 1 a ovi "
R Is) IS
The only Pure C ..a t r I'
"Used in Millions of !I'ne
13 MM. N
esh. -rfU rl 'A
Along the
Water Front,
The Truckee came In yesterday
morning and unloaded 75 tons of freight
at the Astoria S. jCo's dock at the foot
of Main street. About noon she moved
over J.0 the Telephone dock and dis
charged 45 tons of mixed cargo for
Portland, the some going up on the
steamer Telephone last night. The
Truckee5, after taking on a light cargo
here, left out last night for Tillamook,
where she will load with' lumber for
San Francisco. This makes the second
trip of the Truckee where she has dis
charged her-Portland cargo at this
point.and put back without, proceeding
up the river. Mr. P. F-. du Flon, the
Portland manager of the Independent
line of steamers, was in the city yes
terday, and explains the action as fol
lows: "We have lumber contracts at
ports south of here that demand our
Immediate attention, and as freight is
now running very light, it does not
pay us to increase the number of boats
at present, so In order to save time
the Portland cargo is sent from here
via the Telephone. This saves us three
day's time on each trip, and as you
can see, also saves a gpod sized pile
of money. Of course as soon as we
have cleared up the lumber contracts
the steamers will resume their regular
Portland runs."
Speaking of the Sound trade, Mr. du
Flon said: "The trade here is far bet
ter than -on the Sound at the present
time. Of course, over there we are
guaranteed a certain amount of freight,
and the money comes right along if
the freight does' not While times, are
quiet here in Astoria we have no cause
for complaint, as the Astoria mer
chants, with' one exception, are stand
ing by us to a man. Your merchants
here cam tell you whether we have
saved them any money on freight rates
during the past few months."
The Solitaire went to sea yesterday
morning In tow of the tug Columbia.
Her crew was filled on Sunday and
that done, Captain Thompson began at
once making preparations for an. early
start on Monday morning- The sails
were all bent Saturday night, and the
last of the supplies taken aboard Sun-?
day evening. As the lis &hip swung
around she came cloae up to the wharf,
numerous friends of the genial cap
tain were on hand, waving their hats
and wishing him bon voyage.
The Elmore was busy yesterday tak
ing on a cargo of mixed freight for
Tillamook- She leaves out this morn
ing. The South Coast will leave San Fran
cisco for Astoria on Thursday next.
The British ship . Sutherlandshire
from . Antwerp for Astoria, passed
Beachy Head Saturday.
The steamer' State of Callfomlaf
sailed yesterday for San Francisco, tak
ing the following freight from this
port: 110 sacks oysters, 4,000 bundles
snooks, 1875 cases salmon, and 5 tons of
miscellaneous freight
The Manzanlta returned Sunday from
Cape Flattery. Her boilers will be
thoroughly cleaned today.
The "British ship Earlscourt left up
the river yesterday in tow of the
steamer Willamette Chief-
The Telephone came down yesterday
with a large cargo of freight and a
big passenger list. She left up the
river last night loaded down with local
freight, and that of the Truckee un
loaded during the morning,
Iies-rvtiig I'm 1 mi.
We desire to say to, our citizens, that
for years we have been selling Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, Dr.
King's New Life Pills, Hucklen's Arnica
Salve and Electric Bitters, and have nev
er handled remedies that sell as well, or
that have given such universal satisfac
tion. We do not hesitate to guarantee
them every time, and we stand ready to
refund the purchase price, if satisfactory
results do not follow their use. These
remedies have won their great popular
ity purely on their merits. Sold by Chas.
Rogers, Druggist.
The 13th series of stock of this
association, will be opened August 1st,
1S93. All persons wishing to subscribe,
will please call on the secretary on or
before the above date.
W. L. ROBB, Secretary.
this paper, together with the choicest
perrumery, aim luuev nruiitra wlu.. vnn
V.n....V. n thn I nuraat rtf (- at I U7
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident hotel,
VMI Aif nn
1 Tt.m k n'ul'l nt ho:r.f. Tr.otliT made m take tea r.f ri.v: vr.ii nt riirht, the next morning
myeop." .fAS f r.r. For Croup It had no eiuL
J'. cii Vliv i itt -.'poi liirrln Dr. Ounnt Onion
v-r-v .th :i M"W yr'wcA. moro pleaflttnt
.1 J m '.toui t:e at awsll ot tha oalaiu. 80W at o.
For sale by J. W. Conn, Druggist
: .".:jiaoi;ia; No Alum.
"cars the Standard
nil3 rO1)
r. m a 1 ar.-i r 3 rm us 1 a a -a
nn 1
The problem to solve is where you can
values for your money. We have decided to
the next fifteen days than we' ever dreamed'
Jvindly pay attention and read:
10c and 12k Gingham, -
l Q. Pol
12c and 15c Chambray GiiigiiMin, - -20c
and 25c Sateens, - -
8ic Challie, - - - - -
12ic and 15c Dress Trimmings, -50c
and 75c Moss Trimming. - -$1:50
and 1.75 Corsets, -25c
Ladies' Vests, - - -
50c Ladies' Vests, - ;
&5.00 Parasols.
$2.50 Parasols,
$1.25 Black Henrietta,
75c Black Henrietta,
50c Ladies' Fancy Hose,
25c Child Hose,
20c Child Hose,
15c Child Hose.
2.50 French Broad Cloth, - - . $1.00
Blankets at half price. 1
Children Hats and Caps almost givjen away.
Ladies' Blouses to sell :t any price.
Ribbons, Laces and Gloves at prices never before unequalled.
Men's Furnishing Goods at half price.
Ladies' Wrappers at half price.
These prices are made with a cuarantce of irood faith and we
solicit, your most critical inspection of the above price list.
1 nesc are only a tew 01 tho many Darains to be Jiad. v ome early.
FOIt HA Lit.
view. Apply al this orllun
yillPJP k VUVU I'linil'UJflTJ TM IIUMI'C
J Aslurln Knv t-riiit. H Krauk bull tie at
lorney lit liiw 173 Caw Olivet.'
hoiiHe work. Apply lu tho forenoon at 'Ml
Asior Htreet. .
(illtl. IMlt (iHNKKU, IIOirtlKWOKK,
. good cook. AppU at till olUce.
1 1 coinmlBulim, and tM.uiKI divided (iinoMir,
inein nexi wuiior. rpeenii alinmiotiK to lie i
niimeii in is year lor which wo wimt I
vl.'e of bent nrem pverywlierc. The
I iiullxlitn Co. i.oom t bronlclc lluildlni,',
San KmneUco.
It ) If MS ro UK ST.
LliiqiiiraHt Mr. K. C. II 'I.I1K.V.S.
T. li
trally Ineiti d. Iimiilre ut li tilllee.
uuil have your clothes dyed and eleuned.
tnr slrei l , does UK buslm HhIii blaek
inltbliii.' d r Mlriiu'.
Foard & Stokes
IValer. In Obwwarp, Crockery, Ship Supplier,
loliiicen. Wines and riiic Wlnklex. KIiib tens
and Coffee a Specialty, 'lb Km.-sl Dl.ipUy of
FnilH In HirOilv, Kresh on H.ery Hlenmer.
Comer of Third and West Kixntn MreeK
Seashore Railway.
Train leaves Heiulrfo :
7 :30 a, m (IkIIv.
S jfO p. m dHlly.
Leavea Yoiiiik'i Bay pier j
S p. m. liemday, Wednesday, Friday and
5:ao p. m. Tuemlay, Thnraday and Bator
dav. 1. Q. A. BOwlbv, 1). K. WRBFX,
rcretary. I'rerldenI,
Boats leave Astoria at 8 SO a. m and 4:30 p. m.
c:lu"::a Tnisrcn co.,
General Expresa and Delivwv Rninea9.
'JZLCH 115 Clory airrni, ma f leu loot of Went
Ninth nt, Aitoria. Tei phone No. 44.
- - -
27") Thir.i .-'In I A.-
The -Store cf Joh G. Nicm
Has been purchased by
Butterfie d i ros.,
Whonro poind to closo out Hip "look,
Internum; imrehnH rs will (In well to cull
hiiiI ix inline imn mill im'en lefnre
I'lneliHsloK lwlierc. iliey hIho Iiiivo
ii Kiiod wiileliiiiuker to (In rcpulrlliif.
j Merchant Stoamsliip Cos
Line, ConneclliiK with
Cbuh.iIiiii rmtlllr and Urnat Norlliuin
ItHllwny anil China Hleainlili Line.
n' Inn freli'ht mid iinmrnKPm for anrouver
nn I Victoria II ('. nnd rVntlle, lai nimi and u 1
Hon nil I olnlH.
LeMVlnc A'torla ever 10 Any.
I'nr parlieiiliirH vpply al thn nlllec Aslnrifl.
AbHtra IT. & T. (.
KKKOU.lO.N 1IIIOS., Al!enl.
Tide Table tor Astoria.
Hlilll WATKK.
li. 111. ( It. t
P.K. ft,
U "
8 4H 7 8
4 20 7 3
4 SH 7 6
5.H7 4
0 22 7 7
7 IK 7 II
8 118 0
9 OH 8 4
10 Ot 8 ft
11 01 8 7
II frill 1
1 iil7 2
2 2117 6
8 02 7 8
:i 7
4 20 8 0
ft 00 8 0
8 42 7 8
6 -.(17
7 20 7 .1
8 (rt;7 S
(1)7 8
.'iO:7 V
10 .TH'T 6
11 2-1" 8
1 1.1 4
1 4ii 8 7
2 l't 7 0
1 41,7 X
8 l:i,7 6
ll. III. It.
P. M.
li. in ft.
"h t : ft
9 2(i ,8 3
1U 18 2 9
10 ft8 2 S
11 at) 2 0
12 li 2 i
1 m j2
3 oi :i 3
4 10 : 2
ft li! 8 2
0 118 1
7 (Ki 12
7 09 2 7
8 M 2 3
9 42 ,2 0
10 :!A il 8
11 27 jl 7
12 (M i 8
12 it 1
2 01 !.1 2
8 10 :3 ft
4 11 8 9
ft M 3 9
6 01 3 8
42 8 7
7 IH ;.') ft
7 A3 3 1
8 29 , 2 b
07 ; 2 2
1 i 7 7
2 a t
S 01 7 :i
.1 fiX l H
4 V) 'II .1
5 53 16 1
7 OB f
K 2.1 5 7
9 40 1(1 0
10 .11 6 1
11 IA ,6 4
12 47p,6
6 4 fl 0
1 40 H 7
8 :tl -1 1
9 0.1-0 9
9 at'-O ft
10 17 0 0
11 00 0 7
11 511 1 4
1 ot; 1 4
2 II 0 8
8 22 .0 I
4 M -1 0
ft 1!) -1 7
6 It -2 8
7 OU -2
7 44-2 8
8 28 -2 8
V II -1 0
9 fil -0 8
10 82 0 0
11 l.'l 0
0 28 1 6
1 M 18
I 40 0 8
8 40 0 8
4 27 -0 1
ft In Jl fl
h hi -1 0
8 Xi -1 8
7 (i -I 4
7 a
8 li -I 1
8 4M) 8
W 13
T. M
r. n
. Hi
M 17
T. in
T. a'
2 III K :t
Z 21
4 14
(i 111
a 40
10 01
11 us
1. -A
h. n
M i
T. r.
T. Ti
Y. W
8. W
M 81
12 00,!
12 41Pid 1
0 10
1 ox
Tho honrH Ix-twoeii mftlnlifiiliiiid cihhi are
4MnnMl lir f , '- ?t?xr:n r...
und "hiidiiiKiii i'y ii. iii.i.o li. uuia. A rteuottn
nildnlibt,Uh. OOia. P dcuotm uoou.
m 1 f:
get honest gools and
sell goods cheapo,- lo:
of selling before.
f cents
5 cents
8 a cents
15 Pconts
ill cents
T cents
10 cents
1)0 cents
15 cents
20 cents
90 cents
75 cents
45 cents
20 cents
15 (tents
10 cents
rior!!) Pacific Brewery
JOHN KOPP, Proprietor.
Irolipiinian - Lager - J?eer
And XX Torter.
All orders promptly atteiuledito,
Acoount.ol Flrmtand Individual! rollclteil
on Kavorablo Terim.
Forelgu and Domestic Exchange bought ai-1
Mono Loaned on Personal .ee.nrlty.
Interest puid on Time Dupoelti hi follows:
For 8 months, 4 per cent per annum.
A " ft il I.
' 12 " 6 " "
IIuvlnR been establblied In ' connection nllli
the above, (tepo Its will he received In umouiit-i
of one rtollur and niiwurd.
Interest wd. be Hllnutid as 'ollows i On ordi
nary savings books, 4 per cent per annum ; on
mini xuvIiik bo.ikr, 0 per eeul per nnmini.
0. K. Warrea, President.
1. V, IIIkkIss. Cashier.
J.0. Ilemeni, Vice Presldeui.
I'. K. Warrsa.
J. C. Iiemi'iit, '
I'. H. Wrivht, !. .
Joha Holwoa, ( '''Of.
t II. C. Tlicimii.oB,
Thee (tracker, J
Don Ton "Ton Restaurant in the Tow n
(And the Finest op the Coaat.
D oer Panics, Banquets a Special
Tb Flaeat tTIrm aad Liiiaors.
(Knee..iir to Arni'.t i Fen lii n.)
, .""l'"'"';-t !'- " I ) V. in . Hen tlr-
liiK of Kiver ,'r(t a i-nocluity. Mm I !m ' lt tc
of all kinds fl one. tiiiup, ,H,t o Lafayeue til.