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The condition of Mrs. N. Clinton, who
haa been ill for some time past, was
improved yesterday.
Oregon strawberries at Smith's today.
What la AntifermenUne? Ask Foard
os oioKes.
Prizes Secured.
Root Eo
When it was found yesterday how
Superior to all responsive business men and citizens
generally had been in donating hand
some gifts at the call of the executive
committee of the Astoria Football Club,
It was unanimously decided not to tax
their good nature any further, and all
solicitation was at once dropped. Not
withstanding this, costly prizes contin
ued to pour in all day yesterday,
Among these may be mentioned a fine
rifle and cartridges from Mr. J. H.
Mansell, a gold and opal ring from "a
friend of honest sport," who does not
sign his name, and a hleh bred bull
The death of George Clark, a logger calf, the gift of Colonel Adair. This
employed at Harris' camp at Wood's latter will be brought over from War
landing, occurred at Westport Wed- renton on the day of the sports, and
nesday. The funeral will stake place led into the football srounds by the
ji you want some extra nne photos,
i3 mo piace 10 gel mem.
A man named H. Nelson was arrested
yesterday for having created a dte
turbance in the Astor House.
Go and hear Captain John O'Brien
u-i lAoeny Hall tomorrow evening.
Remember McGulre's Hotel at Sea-
ClWla la mtnn I. - - I
.v- "j vise ma year uruuna.
- Ladies, ask Foard & Stokes how to
preserve fruits.
The bark St. James, hence with! grain
for Queenstown for orders, has arrived
at St. Nozalre.
The bark Aureola is on the way from
San Francisco to Knappton, where shft
will-load lumber.
Meany Is the leading tailor and pays
ma uiguesi casn price ror rur skins.
The original Root Beer Extract
colonel himself, who will not lose
sight of his charge until Mayor Crosby
takes the rope In his hand and leads the
animal to the lucky winner. The list
of prizes is now swelled to 47, and
Westocrt cream fresh pvp mnmin mougn e programs set tneir value at
at Smith's Ice Cream parlors. Third st. 500 thev are worth very much more
at a low valuation. .
The Danish bark Danmark. hence
with grain for Queenstown, passed the
Lizard on the 25th Inst.
The bark Kitty is loaded and lying
in the stream at Portland. She takes
a cargo of lumber to China.
News is received from Portland that
the ship Landseer has been chartered
to load wheat for Queenstown for or
The steamer Augusta passed out yes
terday bound for Tillamook.
During the month of June the North
ern Pacific has secured sixty-three car-
loads of salmon shipped from this city,
all of 'Ajich went up the river on the
Strawberries and cream at Col.
! or lino wines and liquors call at
August Danielson's Sample Rooms.
Raser's Extract Root Beer, the pur
Froperty owners have been notified
by Chief Engineer Grosbauer to re
move the moss off the roofs of their
buildings in order to lessen the danger have given in the past to public enter
al day yesterday people crowded the
front of Colemann Bros', store, where a
few of the gifts were displayed, and
their beauty called forth unanimous ad
miration. The prizes wi'l remain on
view up to the day of the sports. It
is Impossible to show the whole of the
presents, aa many are crowded out of
the windows for want of space, but all
are alike costly and beautiful.
The committee once again desires to
announce that the kindness of Astorlans
In this respect, far more than repays
the football club for any aid it may
of fire on the Fourth of July.
genuine sweet cream that
go to Colmann's.
Your fruits will not ferment if you
UHe AnUfermentine. For sale by Foard
& Stokes.
Preserve your fruits wtthout cooking,
by using antifermentine. For sale by
Foard & Stokes.
Ordinances will he introduced at the
next meeting of the city council "ex
tending the pound limits to Summit
avenue In McClure's Astoria," and "fix
ing the salary of the city physician."
For all kinds of job printing, go to
Del. Ferguson, upstairs, Astorian build
ing. Lovers of a good cigar can always
find mild, fresh Belmonts at Chas.
Wing Lee has just received a full line
of Japanese curiositleB and fancy goods.
Will sell at coat. 529 Third street.
Blake Delllnger, who was indicted by
the last grand Jury for malicious des
truction of property, and who escaped
from the county jail a few months ago,
was brought back to this city yester
day morning by Sheriff Smith.
All worklngmen should attend the
labor meeting tomorrow evening at
liberty Hall.
The steamer Telephone will In future
leave up the river every evening except
Del. Ferguson, general job printer,
Asioriaii'"' building, upstairs. First
class work at reasonable rates.
Suit has been begun in the circuit
court by H. Olverson against W. J,
Sills to recover the sum of $114.85 for
goods sold and delivered, and for $82
as rent now due and coming from de
fendant for use of certain land, and
for costs and disbursements in the
action. '
Fresh fish received at the Albatross
Fish market daily. Salmon 10 cents
per pound.
The best and only sure way to pre
serve fruits is with Antifermentine,
For sale by Foard Ez Stokes.
The semi-annual entertainment of
Astoalr Lodge No. 50 A. O. U, W.,
promises to be a magnificent success.
The excellence of the program, and the
acknowledged ability of the partici
pants in the affair have led all who ore
to be present to Indulge In the pleas-
antest anticipations.
Buy Raser's Root Extract to make
a healthful, refreshing beverage. Sold
Don't stew your fruits over a hot
stove. Preserve them without cooking,
Foard & Stokes will tell you how.
A shooting match at clay pigeons
took place at Smith's point grounds
yesterday, the contestants being Messrs
ifliwab' and Rosenberg. The stakes
were $25, and were won, by Rosenberg
with a score of ,18 out of a possible 25.
Schwab's score was fourteen, which
fails much short of previous perform
ances. IYee at Crow's gallery, a life-size
rrr.yon with every dozen cabinets or
C y i Oftet good for 30 days.
There is no place in Astoria 'where
John Kopp's famous beer is kept in
such good condition as at Utzlnger's
popular resort.
To the officers and members of As
toria Lodge No. 50, A. O. IT. W., You
Rre hereby notified and requested to
meet at our hall, this, (Friday) evening,
promptly at the hour of 7 o'clock; so
that the business of the lodge may be
disposed of by 8:30 o'clock, when our
entertainment will commence. E. W.
Kuykendall, Master Workman.
To the members of Seaside Lodge No.
A full attendance of the members is
hereby requested at their lodge room
next Saturday night, July 1st Grand
Master Workman B. J. Hawthorne will
be present at that meeting, and will
Install the officers of the lodge for the
ensuing term. . F. D. WTNTON,
Master Workman.
Capiain John O'Brien speaks on the
labor question at Liberty Hall tomor
row evening at 8 o'clock.
prises and charities.
Judge Cleveland Is busy preparing
one of his characteristic orations for
the big day, and the mayor Is a little
awed to think of the number oj speech.
es he will have to make, when he pre.
sents the prizes that seem to be coming
In without end.
Thirty energetic young meu are hust
ling for the magnificent gold beaded
cane, that Is to be presented to the one
who heads the list of ticket sellers.
The tickets were only printed at noon
yesterday, and by 1 p. m. there was a
general cry for more. Severe 1 of. the
contestants are abreast so far and
many have sold from 150 to 20 apiece.
Yesterday morning Street Superin.
tendent Chadwick was seen by some of
the members of the club, and lie elated
that his name was used In connection
with the street celabration on the
Fourth without his authority. He
would, he said, decline to act, and fur
ther, would do all in his power to as
sist the football club to make a sue.
cess of the field day at Smith's Point.
Mr. Danielson, another of the c!ti:ens
whose names were use! in the same
connection, declined to serve. -
A practice game was played test
evening at Smith's Point, and two full
teams turned out. The contest was a
warm and fast one, lasting for ninety
minutes without intermission, and the
members, almost to a man. showed the
benefits of their training. Nearly all
are getting In good shape, and are
not easily fatigued. Master (leorge
Cherry made his fl.'st appearance on
the oval, and acquitted himself rorra.'-k-ably
well In many respect3. He iioved
himself cool at receiving charncs, and
neatly upset some of the heaviest and
strongest players on the ground.
In addition to the races already an
nounced the executive committee has
decided to offer a special prize for a
professional event, the distance to be
100 yards, handicap. The winner will
receive $20 and the second $5.
In the article In yesterday's Issue
containing a list of the prizes offered,
several lines were accidentally trans
posed, with the result that the names
of the gentlemen who donated the
beautiful and, costly trophies were not,
In a few instances, set opposite their
respective donations. The list, together
with the givers, is therefore repub
lished, as follows:
Alex. Campbell Sliver cup.
Theo. Bracket- carved meershaum
H. Eckstrom Gold and diamond
scarf pin. :.".
J. Smith: Gold scarf pin.
Phil." Stokes Fine leather valise.
Griffin & Reed Photo album.
J. Strauss Pair of bisque figures.
P. , J. Goodman Football boots to
Heilborn & Son Fancy parlor orna
Col. Hughes Box of cigars and cose
E. R. Hawes Hanging lamp.
G. V. Porter Oil painting.
H. Hambleb-Box fine cigars.
George Hill Lot 12, block 19, Ocean
Carnahan & Co. Pair of vases.
Charles Rogers Box Lundborg's per
fumes. Wagner & Co. Silver medal.
J. B. Wyatt Sack of flour.
C. H. Cooper Fine leather valise.
Hon. C. W. Fulton Handsome pearl
opera glasses.
Saml. Elmore Case of Magnolia
salmon. ' i
B. F. Allen Oil painting. .
Victor Rost Gold sleevellnks.'
Hon. C. W. Fulton Solid silver ber
ry spoon.
Foard & Stokes Parlor lamp.
E. W. Tallant-Case of Cocktail salm
on. . ..
I. W. Case Fancy cottage clock.
Judge Page Sterling silver pickle Jar.
Everson & Cook Yorkshire ham.
Astoria Football Club Gold heivded
S. B. Crow 1 doz. cabinet pictured.
The steamer South Coast sailed for
San Francisco yesterday.
The Northern Pacific steamer Mogul
sails for the Orient from Tacoma tomorrow.
The ship Solitaire is loaded and ready
to start down the river. Her cargo con
sists of 2,075 long tons of wheat.
The British ship Hornesfleld, previ
ously reported burned at sea, was
sighted June 11th in latitude 6.31 north,
longitude 147.30 west. Her hull was ap
parently uninjured.
The British ship Cabul is aground on
the hogback above Tongue Point.
OO funning land with fruit, trew. 20 iu:n
cleared, 20 acres pasture. Dwelling home, ware
Iiuum and other buildings. Hilt mile from
Steamboat laiidlus at llninkflcUl, by boat or
road. lu(iiird ul owuer on premises MISS. II. K.
J Astorla-Eay term, Sse Frank Spittle at
torney at law 173 Ca.ts Street,
( heap, one Him 1 in gooa repair. Leave
word at Dili oflloe.
commission, and H,U00 divided 6ino:iir
them next winter, ppirlal attractions to
': ezpf TV
s" vs.. v
pushed thin year for whleli w iiiiih
vieci of best amenta everywhere. The Curtis
lUOiisnmK to. Itoom UO. Cliron r i n tu luir
u.... .......1......
o.u riuuuinuu.
Inquire at Mr. E. V, 11 JLDKN S.
vriuj iwii.-u. luquiro hi ui a ouux).
I' hiniw. kvtirvthlur ncwlv tlmm,.),.
uiu, no, no mum lit, 11, ai'M.i Mbtlf
week (irmo;iili leims very reasonable a
uih unei, iiu iiuru mreei.
A UliCEll'f 1SOOK Willi A l'EW WttlT-
ten out rceeliiia. Owner can nave sumo b
paying tor this ail.
Enquire of Rohb &
Money to loan.
Owners of horses con purchase Camp-
Deirs Hoof Remedy, and all the Col
umbia Veterinary Remedies at Fred.
fcalz' Saddlery establishment,
At The Monogram you can And fra
grant Belmont, Wedding Bouquet,
Flor de Madrid and all other choice
and favorite brands of cigars.
Astoria Lodgo. No. 60, A, O. U. "W.,
will entertain their invited guests this
evening at their hall, in the Odd Fel
low's building, it being the occasion of
Its first semi-annual entertainment, and
an official visit by the Grand Lodge of
ficers of the jurisdiction of Oregon. A
splendid program has been arranged,
and all will undoubtedly enjoy them
selves greatly.
Strawberries are at their best and
cheapest. You will find a large selec
tion or the choicest "Wilson berries to
day at Ross, HIggins & Co.'B.
The American Institute for the cure
of liquor, opium, morphine and tobac
co habits is now turning out daily
patients cured. Cures guaranteed or
money returned. Inquire at Institute
on 3d street, over Astoria National
Circuit court yesterday morning was
occupied listening to the case of Hon
eyman & Company vs. The Columbia
Quarrying Company et al. The suit
was to recover the machinery used at
the quarry near the mouth of the John
Day river, which was sold under an
attachment to Fisher Bros, of this city
some time ago. The plaintiffs were
represented by Frank Spittle and the
defendants, FlsheVi BroisV by Judge
Bowlby. After an argument lasting all
morning the case was taken under ad
visement by Judge McBrido, the points
raised being too close for immediate
The firm of Wilson & Hendren, ex
pressmen, is this day dissolved by mu
tual consent: AH debts due the firm
must be paid to Wm. Hendren, All
debts owed by the firm will be paid
by the old firm. Wm. Wilson will con
tinue the express business at the old
stand. WM. WILSON,
Is afforded those fast sinking into a
condition of hopeless debility. The
means are at hand. In the form of a
genial medicinal cordial, Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters embodies the combined
qualities of a blood fertilizer and de
purent, a tonic and an alterative.
While it promotes digestion and assim
ilation, and stimulates appetite, has
the further effect of purifying the life
current and strenghtening the nervous
system. As the blood grows richer and
purer by its use, tney wno resort to
this sterling medicinal agent, acquire
not only vigor, but bodily substance.
A healthful change In the secretions is
effected by it, and that sure and rapid
physical decay, which a chronic ob
struction of the functions of the sys
tem produce, is arrested. The prime
causes of disease being removed, health
is speedily renovated and vigor re
JEFF'S, Tie Only Mmt
Is a pleasant drink, which will be
borne by the stomach without nau
sea or griping. It acts thoroughly on
the liver, kidneys and reproductive or
gans. A gentle physic, efficient diu
retic, and is most useful in scant or
painful menstruation. It aids diges
tion and reduces corpulency; clears the
complexion, rendering it fair, and re
storing the natural tone of the skiB,
for it removes the bile, which by ac
cumulation, produces the sallow, mud
dy complexion, peculiar to the. con
stipated. Sold by all druggists.
J. W. Crow, successor to Ryan
& Co., 537 Third street, have just
received a full line of , 1893 patterns
in wall paper, and comprising all the
latest designs and shades, at the low
est prices. Call and see them.
Of Herman Wise's rtock Is now In full
blast. Everything sacrificed.
M. WISE. Mortgagee.
P. S. All persons Indebted to Her
man Wise will please settle at once;
rULU ON 1. BAKKK. 478 TUlltl) 8 1'KEKT
J and Imvo your clothes uyed and cleaned.
nio Mclean. corns ek oln r y and as
JI lit stmts, does a biislntssin black.
sniUhinjj and re puli'liiK.
Accounts nt Firms aud Individuals i-ollrited
on Favorable Teims.
Korelgu and Domestic Exchange uoiiRht n1
. Mono? Loaned on Personal fceurlty.
1 merest paid ou Time Deposits :iiillnv:
For .1 montlH, I percent per iinmini.
' o " 5 " "
11! " 0 11 " 11
Having been established In connection with
the uhovo. deposits win he received in amounts
ot one aoiiar anu uuwaru.
Interest will be allowed as follows : On oral
nary savings books, 4 per cent per annum ; on
term savings oook?, t ner ceui per milium,
l. K. Warren, President.
1 L 1 1 1 .... I I - n . . V. I . . -
J. C. Dement, Vice President,
l. K. Warreiv
J. C. Dement,
U. 8. Wright,
Jobs llobson,
II. C. Thompson,
Theo llracker.
Astoria, - Oregon.
In Eating
has been brought about by the
introduction of Cottolene, the
new vegetable shortening. The
discovery of this product, and the'
demonstration of its remarkable
qualities, has attracted the widest
interest. Hitherto the common
shortening has been lard, or
indifferent butter. Every one has
probably suffered occasional dis
comfort from lard-cooked food ;
while it is well known that thous
ands are obliged to abstain entire
ly from everything of that kind.
To such people, Cottolene is of
peculiar value, widening as it
does, the range of what may be
eaten and enjoyed. Cottolene
is a cooking marvel. It combines
with the food imparts to. it a
tempting color, a delicate flavor,
and an appetizing crispness.
No trace of greasiness remains
to offend the taste, or disturb the
Cottolene is worthy of the
careful notice of all those who
value good food, of itself or frr
its hygienic properties.
Sold by Leading Grocers.
Hade only by
ST. LOUIS and CUeago, Hew Tork.
Brnrth bad or Head tctilvt? Ono of the. pljlsrt
lunre dlitnM in the stomach and oure. licodnci-
on each ni h t for link nwatM the tomnet and
purine the breath. Thej Insure perfect dllt:"i,
.v.. byA mira eonatloatlon.
act promptly, yet mildly. neer xrtpe oraluken. ISO
Srtigglata er mall, boaanko Mod. Co, rhlM a a.
For sale by J. "W. Conn, Druggist
H i n
1 -n M -
The t;'.:ly l'-urc C "r.-'-ii cf ,r..-r I'
Used in Million? of H'-.tne-
AiUKiusi'it; N. Alum.
rs the
Our Stock Represents Over 1O0O Styles.
Trouserings, Overcoatings, Suitings.
Prices $5 to $50.
-Samples, Self-measurement
Rules, and Tape-line
Mailed Free.
Portland, Oregon.
V-.iitli more than standard value worth two fcr
o- tho vVold's Fair and more than that to you.
We are selling half-dollars tor a dollar a-pioce.
You get a
; Fair
Souvenir Coin
for a Dollar
"A 'Work o? Art in itself.
We devote the entire amount towards dovaloping
and ennobling the People's Great Fair. .
Souvenir and Rare Coins as an
Face Alarket
value, value.
J.oo 900.00
1.00 900.00
.o 52.50
.05 100.00
OI 5.00
.01 50.00
4-33 3J-00
1.00 4.00
.66 1.25
.66 1.25
?5 Goklpiece 182a
1S04 Silver Dollar
Half-Dollar 1796
1802 Silver 5-Ccnt Piec.
1856 Eagle Penny
1793 Copper Cent (Amen)
Queen's Jubilee 5-Sovreign, Eng.
Napoleon's 100-day 5fr., French.
King William Coronation, Ger. 1861
Genua"h "Peace" Coins 1871
Thif will be the best investrjient you ever made
A World's Fair Souvenir Coin
A National Heirloom for only $1.00.
Under Act of Congress we have 5,000,000
Souvenir Coins, of the denomination of 50 cents
each. That the money may 'go as far as possible,
and that all the people may have a chance to pro
cure these artistic and patriotic souvenirs of their own
iCv position, we have resolved to offer the whole Issue
fcr sale at $ 1.00 each.
,:':1v to any Bank, or send Post Office or Express Money
K-r. k Draft, or Registered Letter for as many coins as !
, v.-;s , ; ' ,:.'u i;ons how to send them to you, to
World's Columbian Exposition.
The S ora of John G. Mem
Has been ptirchasi d l,y
Butterfie d Bros.,
Wlionrfi wilng to cIoma nut l.lio Btopk.
liiU'iiilinif iiic"'. r will (In well to cull
.mil ixiiulic in 8 anil lirii'tH lieforo
imi c hhI g rKi wheri'. I licy h1o Iimvm
11 yi'ii 1 wiV luiiHKcr to do repairliix.
Icrcliaiit Steamship Cos
Mne, CdiineclliiK wllli
Cutiaillnn I'liflflo ml (irnt Nnr,lim
ICitllniiy nml China Htxamalilp iilnc.
Taklnu frfhrlit :mI viissoiiwrn fur Vanronror
1X1 ViHo-ln !! . m il Suntilr, lui iilna and nil
Mlllll foilltH.
I.r ivlns' A'torla uvorv 10 (!.
h'or DHrhriilHra : I Iv al Ilia nlllf c Aninrli
Abstrnct T. 'I. U' .
I'KHfUlrtON I1IUW.. AwilK
Xlle Tuble Hr AHtorin.
rJjuh Pacific Brewery
JOHN KOPP, Pi opt leu,..
Bohemian Lager - Wc.y
And XXrortcr.
All M(lort promptly ntd'inlcilgto.
II 1011 WAIKIl.
A. M. V. M.
liinr. i IVi li.'in" i ll
A.M. i
il. 'ill. "ft.
f. M.
Ii. in (U
lr 1 21
i t m
i i S 17
M. .'i i 4 00
0 I .) 10
w. 7,; i ih
.. Us 7 xi
.. llij H MH
, 10 9 VI
. II 11 01
M. 121,11 Ml
w II
.. HI
0 II
1 111
1 ll
a 4..
M. in i 4 iV
..2i i .'. ;,s
W.2I 6 4
..21 10 lit
.i'i II 16
.a; 12
.-7 I J ul.
W.2X ...
T..2. 0
1V 1 0
2 .m
(1 ,'!li
4 II
4 tVi
f 41
7 II
M :
9 411
10 !
11 XI
12 M
I ii;
i .
!) M
i 13
.. Ul 7
.' 4i; !7 :.
0 !U 17 ft
7 21 !7 ft
x ! 7 .'
H M (7 ft
! -II 7 ii
ID 2.' 7 7
tl ft r
8 11
K Al
10 27
11 ,
-0 !l
H III i-0 7
27 :-0 B,
10 (Hi .() 2
10 Til 10 2
II 41 j tl 7 j . ..
0 2H I 2 tl , 12 SI
1 .'Ut 2 2 1 81
2 M 1 ii
II Hi 0 s
4 41 i-0 7
I) M 1-1 ft
21 -2 2
7 1:1 1-2 4
8 til 1-2 A
8 48 j-2 S
: i-l 7,
1'. 21 l-t 0
II I I i-0 I
0 0 I 2 8
1 t'.l i 1 U
3 7
8 8
8 8
8 7
8 4
i 2
1 '
1 1
I i'i
i M
- l
0 ,
Do You Know
That the
Goes Everywhere?
2 4'J
3 41
4 M
8 8-'
9 21
7 17
8 O.I 2
tl 0! 2 l'
10 (m'2
11 0-12 ti ; T
II 4i
1 81
2 (W
2 41 ifl
-'M l
S 111 I II V !
4 tJ i 0 4 .
4 ixi -0 2
li !) i-0 7 i
18 i-l O j
5fi -12
7 W i-l 2
8 Ul Ul 2 .
12 O liO
12 fx'.il
1 .'-"il2 8 '
2 H;- 7 !
5 51 8 2
4 41 .1 4
ft w :i r,
6 18 8 7
6 V) 8 K
7 .".1 ?. 7
8 im 8
iiDo you see
Your chance?
Tlie lioiira tjptwen iiillnlvlilanl iiihmi nrr
iiifiiaU.Hl by A lu. in. I. tlit lMtvet'n ikmhi j
nd inliliiU'lit hy v ii). m.),0 Ii.IMiii. A ili iiuli-a !
uiiitnlilit,01i.0uiu. V dfuotca umiii.