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    iillS DAILX AarOItlAJN, ASTOltlA, 'JntUiSiiaV MUILMIMU, JU3SE .15, li,3
-tin gtity $tvriu.
Astonan -Columbian rubliskinK Company.
i'f xiis Huildin.j. - - - Cass 8th Eur
rrf of Sabieriptloi.
cl (ed o Currier, per week is cte
f l by Hull, per muiith t:o cUs
toy .UBii, per near .7.ijo
rf .it mall, per year, 12 00 In advance,
i Me poataKe U vubecrlbert.
(Hit oki an guarantees U 1U advertisers
ill- uiixeal circulation ol any netvnpaper pul)
rj uu lue lAiiuiuuia iviver.
Portland, Juno 14. Forecast for Or
egon: Showers, followed by clear
weather; fresh westerly winds.
Local weather for the twenty-four
hour ending at S p. m., yesterday,
ft rnlshed by the U. S. Department of
A- Iculture, weather bureau.
Maximum temperature, 06 degrees.
'Minimum temperature 61 degrees.
Precipitation, .90 Inch.
Total precipitation from July 1st,
1892, to date, 85 .50 Inches.
Excess of precipitation from July 1st,
im, to date, 10 .93 inches.
In these days, when such wild opin
ion are rife, It la encouraging to read
the sound, conservative remarks which
President Kill of tha Oreat Northern
railway made lost week la St Paul, at
tha banquet which tho merchants
gave In compliment to hUn. Mr. Hill
''The lant month or six weeks has
been a. stormy one financially, but the
country at large la prospering. The
uondltlons of the country are moro
than unusually favorable, and the con
ditions of our northwest are certainly
aa promising as they had been at any
time during the past 10 years. If there
hi one thing more than another that
bus caused these jolts, It Is the attempt
on the part of those charged with our
legislation to tinker with matters that
caJinofl be controlled by legislation.
Commercial laws are as certain In their
operation as the laws of nature. Com
mercial laws carry with them the
means to execute themselves. They
enforce their, own penalty. The con
Oil Ion of our country today Is due to
our financial legislation. If we could
remove the so-called Sherman act we
would have what no country can do
without we would have confidence";
but I think the United States today
stands better than any part "Of the
world for Investment. If we could re
move the one condition brought about
through want of knowledge on the
part of men who were responsible for
It. I bare no doubt we would begin an
era of prosperity the like of which we
have never had. You can no more
mend the financial or commercial con
dition by legislation than you can
mend a broken limb by statute, and
hope tha time will come when our peo
ple will Bee that the protection of every
man in all his natural rights will be
the limit of our legislation, and when
nil our commercial matters will be
governed by commercial law and com
mercial usages."
It may be seen that Mr. Hill has the
fullest confidence in the revival of pros
perity In the Northwest, provided
congress repeals tho so-called Sherman
law, which has destroyed confidence
at homo and abroad. When that Is
done, he says, we may look for "an
era of prosperity tho like of which we
have never had."
Mr. Hill has shown confidence In his
predictions by building tho first trans
continental railroad constructed with
out a government Butwlily or lnnd
grant. Mr. Hill ts a democrat, but not
an Inflationist. Ho belongs to that
hard money school which since the
days of Hamilton and Jefferson ha
held in check the cranks and repudla
tlonlsts of ail parties.
With all her faults, and she has a
good many, Tortlnnd should be hon
ored for her adherence lo honest money
and sound banking. In view of such a
good record, it Is astonishing to find the
Telegram speak thus;
The thing to do now Is ta undo what
congress has already done. A repeal
of the McKlnley law and the restora
tion of silver to its constitutional use
as money U what the people are de
manding. That will leave us where we
were before congress began to tinker
with commerce and the finances. Yet
singularly enough Mr, James J.
II111 doesn't seem to be will
to take hla own medicine. He
rtttlly wants congrera to do some
more tinkering. He wants the Sher
man act repealed, and the country's
finances reduced absolutely to a gold
For the Next Thirty Days,
To meet imperative demands, I will
offer at such low prices on install
ments, with easy payments, that
basis. The only way for congress to
remedy Its tinkering Is to substitute a
law for the Sherman act providing for
the free and unlimited coloue of both
gold and silver.
Just now when democratic congress
men are preparing to eat ceow, in other
words to repeal tha Sherman law, the
Telegram would have them go deeper
In the mire by eBtablishlng "free and
unlimited coinage of silver."
We must hesitate to advise the dem
ocrats to nominate Henry Watterson
of Kentucky for president in 1896,
much as we admire him, when he
writes so unsoundly as follows:
In round numbers ihe expenses of
government ought to be within $350,
000,000. Ono hundred and twenty-five
millions of this we get In round unm
bers from the Internal revenue tax.
Fifty millions more can ho got out of
Income tax, which would be felt by
nobody. The remaining $175,000,000 can
be raised by a tariff so simple that
children might understand it; a tariff
so plain that rogues could not manip
ulate nor protectionists confuse; a tar
iff, In short, on fifty Items; as far as
possible laid on articles not produced
In tho United States; tea, sugar and
coffee, of course; no schedules; no class
ifications; no free list; everything, not
taxed, free; and no chance for double-
dealing anywhere or by nobody."
We are quite willing, however, that
the democratic parly shall go to the
country In 1896 on this ' proposal to
raise $175,000,000 by duties on "tea, su
gar and coffee" and other "articles nap
produced In the United States." Will
Mr. Watterson second the motion?
Europe will await with anxiety the
net result of tho German elections.
This can hardly be determined for Borne
time. In due course, however, Emperor
William will again ask the German
parliament to sanction two years' ser
vice with an Increase In the military
forces, and a corresponding Increase In
taxes. If tho parliament again refuses
the imperial request; the Emperor may
have recourse to violent measures. But
. . . , . .,
Bavaria and other states are not dls-
posed to humor the kaiser. The ardor
which the war period created has suM
sided, and the old dislike to Prussian
supremacy has revived. All this will
serve to hold the Impetuous monarch
In check.
There Is nothlmr In the growth of the
city or county to warrant the rapid In-
c-reos in taxation for which we recent- I
, . . . . ... ,
" - I
advancing, but taxes should not be so I
much out of proportion with the public
resources. The tax-payers' committee
should elft the subject thoroughly, and
apply the pruning knife where needful
There are Indications that Mr. Cleve
land Is secretly urging on newsiaper
attacks upon the proposal to Impose!
an income tax. lie does not want
such a tax, ilvut he Isn't going to say I
so until certain of the temper of the!
people on tho subject.
Kentucky has only one republican
dallf newspaper, nnd Its editor Is I
president of the State Press Associa
tion, which shows 'that even the dem
ocratic editors of Kentucky know
where to look for the best presidential
The honry-hemled old chestnut about
tho capture of tho southern states by
tho populists, which ought to hnve
been burled forever by tho returns!
from tho Presidential election, has
again been set upon Its feet.
Mr. Cleveland is sold to be In doubt
as Ui (be public, sentiment toward
Hawaii. Tho people have certainly
spoken , plainly enough through the
press nnd the mouths of prominent
Secretary Morton may not know
much about fanning, but he appears
to have seen tha populists thnmgh
comnion-senso glasses when he said
of them: "I nm opposed to all of their
vicious vagaries." '
Chairman Harrlty of the Democratic
National Committee la out In favor of
an Issue of $100,000,000 In bonds by the
administration. Is this another public
pulse feeler?
The new comptroller of currency Is
In danger of being over-advert Isod by
tho Washington correspondents.
The popularity of the Union Pacific la
best letei 'mined by the superior service it
accords to tlie traveling public In main
taining two daily through trains to
Omaha, Hi, Paul, Chicago and points east,
thoroughly equipped with all tho latest
appliances for the comfort and safety of
its patrons besides shortening the distance
materially with its fast trains. The pres
ent truln schedule enables passengers to
reach St. Paul seven hours quicker and
Chicago twenty-four hours quicker.
Omaha find Kansas City and intermediate
points, forty hours quicker than any line
from the l'aclllc Northwest.
Patronize the Northern Paelfln rn!!nd
If you are proing East. Low rates of fare,
through tickets, butane checked to desti
nation. All purchasers of second class
tickets can stop over at Portland.' Rates
of fure same as from Portland.
If you have friends in EuroDe whose
pom-age you wish to nrenav to Astoria.
call at the Northern Pacific ofllce.steamer
Telephone dock, and make known your
wants. Jteduced rates via all the lead
ing steamship lines.
All the patent medicines advertised In
this paper, together with the choicest
perfumery, and toilet articles etc.. can
be bought at the lowest prices at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident hotel,
llandley ft Huas, 130 First street. Port
land, have on sale tho Dally Astorlan,
o that visitors need not miss their
morning paper when they are here.
A young society lady.'after a round of
gaycly, lieconies suddenly conscious of an un
usual sensation. She has frequent attacks of, her back aches, and site feels blue aud
generally run down.
Mothers, look well to your daughters I
Daughters, look well to yourselves I
Let tho liiat symptom denoting the ap
proach if disease receive vour instant atten
tion. Healthy women are the hone of the
race, and it is well-nigh criminal to neelect
anything which promises relief.
There is Aoicfor all sufferers from JVctwm
Vtaeixscs. i.eud what follows:
Mrs. Jennie C. Davis, a fine artist and an
accomplished authoress, of Weslfieltl, Wis.,
hud been subject to headache ever since she
could remember. So severe were her at
tacks ns to cause at times temporary delirium.
All treatment had failed to relieve Iter, but
after using Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine
she writes : " My record is to me, at least.
satisfactory. No headache, constantly in
creasing appetite, and a consequent gain in
weight of two and a half pounds in just one
Six weeks later she writes; "Have read
nd sowed immoderately of late, but my
headaches do not return."
Mrs. John R. Miller.of Valnarniso. Ind
was attacked three years ago with turn of life
10 its worst lorm. Jt linaliy went to her
iead, and all indications were that it would
result either in insanity or softening of the
i - "u"suunul"U8 wou
of her tujferingi during all this time. She
was treated by our very best local physicians".
wan but temporary benetit. She has taken
four bottles of Dn. Miles' Restorative
Nerving, and is cured. She has gained
twentv nonmlfl in wpirrht. T tall vnn. rIia
you 'or wnat you nave aono lor
I Her."
Kecollect that for the cure of all Ner-
vous Diseases there is no remedy winch an
proaclies Dr. Muct Restorative Nervine. It is
free from dangerous drugs and opiates, hold
liy all druggists, on a positive guarantee, or
w - MUes Medical v. iUknart, lad,
Guaranteed to cure Bilious attacks,
Sick Headache and Constipation. 40 In
each bottle. Price 25c. For sale by
druggists. a
Picture 7, 17, 70" and sample dose free.
). F. SMITH It CO., Proprietors, NEW YORK.
0. A. STUTSON & CO..
Sliln and Cannerv work. Homnsnoeinf. Wair-
ons imule and repaired, (ioxl work guaranteed
in i n.1.1 street,, opposite tne iicn lain oince
TN EVERY Receipt that calls for
baking powder use the "Royal." 'It
will make the food lighter, sweeter,
of finer flavor, more digestible and
"We -recommend the Royal Baking Powder as superior
to all others." United Cooks and Pastry Cooks' Association
of the United States.
Can avail himself of tliis golden opportnnity.
rclutcseilteh m:rn
A troublesome skin disease caused
me to scratch for ten months, and was
cured by a few days' use of fFZttZfl
M. H. Wolff,
Upper Marlboro, Mil.
I was cured gome ye araagn of White Swelling
In my leg by nsin and have had no
symptoms of re v'- -vtir'f';il turn of tha dis
ease. Many prominent physicians attended
me and failed, but H. S. S. dM the work.
PAUL W. K1RKPATRICK, Johnson City, Tcnn.
TreMite on Blood and Skin Discuef mailed tree. LJJ
8wirr Specific Company, fetl
AlUnu, r.l L A
A New Remedy
A true Specific- a positive and permanent elimination
of all poison from the blood, and a restoration of healthy
vigor to the tissues is offered to sufferers for the first time
in a remedy which has been undergoing the most severe
private experiments for the past three years. It lias not
... r i -n r . : i' . . u. m
vet failed, and it will not fail, as it is a 1 rue Bperllic
for Syphilitic poison and all blood diseases. Io you be
lieveit? Sena for full particulars and proof free. Slop
filling your system with mercury and other poisons.
I his remedy will cure you in 30 to 00 days without tail.
We guarantee ft cure or refund the money
Address .
'to Flnt Street TOIITLAND, OB
Successors to I. W. Cusp, Importer anil
Wholesale and KeUil dealer in
Cor. Second and Cass Strtot,
Incandescent, nil niht. . . . $l..r)U
" 12 o'clock... UK)
" 10 " . . . 70
For particulars inquire of nny member
of tho firm or lit the ofliee, foot of Con
comly St. . West SnoRu JIiu.8 Co.,
X. O. irullwger, President.
Ilpodqua turs Department of the Columbia,
OllUeot Clitei Qmirteimniiter, Vancouver har
ruckn, Wash , Mhv Hi, lays. H-alcd proposals,
in triplicate, will be received at this odiceor
ai ine oinirea oi tno ynartermasters at mo fol
lowing named doiHs until 11 o'clock A. M.
12uth meridian lime, June liilh, 1818, hiici then
opeuea, iorinruisning r uei, I'oiuko a-a ilea
dinir at the nuvcral militiirv bIkUoiih in tho De
partment of tho Columbia, during thu fiscal
jeur t-oinmencini; juty i, irw.i, viz: BolfcO liar
racks and Fort Sherman, Idaho. Portland. Ore-
con, and Forts Cauby, Spokane, Townscnd,
Walla Walla and Vancouver Depot, Wash. All
.Information furnished on application here, or,
at oftlees ol respective Post Quartermasters.
The U. 8. reserves the ritrlil to reject the whole
or any pait of any hid received, and bids will
ue consKierea lor a smaller amount tliun the
whole. Envelopes contaiiilnir nronosals should
be marked: "Proposals lor fuel and Foraijo at
," anil addresHO I to the undesigned or to
xno respective yuariennasiers. A,u. KOHI.N
HON, Depu y Quarterinuster Oeuora), U. H A.,
In the Circuit Court of the State
Oregon, for Clatsop county:
William Lehnlg, plaintiff vs. Emma
Corder, Liydli Jamison, Jennie John
son, Sophia Lehnig and Augusta Mc
Connell, defendants.
To " Emma Corder, Lydla Jamison,
Jennie Johnson, Sophia Lehnlg, and
August McConnell.
In the name of the state of Oregon,
you are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint filed In the above
court and cause, on or before, the first
day of the term of this court, next
following the expiration of six week's
publication of this summons, which
will be the nineteenth day of June,
1893, and If you fail to appear or an
swer, for want thereof plaintiff will
take judgment against you for the
sum of six hundred and nlnty-elght
dollars, with Interest thereon from the
15th day of August 1891, at the rate of
eight per cent, per annum, and for
costs and dlsbursments of this action;
nnd will also take an order directing
the sale of certain real property
belonging to you, which has been at
tached In this action, and which real
property Is situated In the county of
Clatsop, State of Oregon, and partic
ularly described ns tho northwest quar
ter of the northeast quarter and the
east half of the northwest quarter of
section thirty-one, of township seven
north, range eight west In Clatsop
county, Oregon. .
Service of summons In this action by
publication is made pursuant to an
order of the Hon. Thomas A. McBrlde,
Judge of tho above entitled court,
dated the 4th day of May, 1893.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Dated May 4th, 1893.
Ripans Tabules
Ripans Tabules act gently
but promptly upon the liver,
stomach and intestines; cure
habitual constipation, dispel
colds, headaches and fevers.
One tabule taken at the first
symptom of indigestion, billi
ousness, dizziness, distress
after eating, or depression of
spirits, will remove the whole
difficulty in a few minutes.
Ripans Tabules are com
pounded from ;i prescription
widely endorsed by the high
est medical authorities and are
presented in a form that is be
coming the fashion with phy
sicians and patients every
where. One Rox (Six Vials) Seventy-five Cents.
One I'acluge (1'our Uoxcs) 1 wo Dollars.
Ripans Tabules may be ob
tained of nearest druggist; or
by mail on receipt of price.
Fov free sample address
(til J
I. XX. c 3NT. GO. J3
Htcauicr II waco
Leaves Astoria (l:itlv nt 7:30 r.. in. for llwaoo
L-hllinir at Tansy Point, and coiinectliii; with
railroad r inn-u north at 10 a. in, and wltb
boats nn shtmlwatrir Ihv for
South Bend, Sunshine, North Cove
And oilier points tl r.muli to Grajr'B Har
bor. Ketiiriiii-g coinu'cis at Ilwaco with
s earners for Astoria and Night Hoati for
-retHrv. President
It. V. KKUnltf. Siipeiinteudeiit.
Steamer Telephone.
Knaves Astoria Every ovetiing except Sunday
at 7 i . m.
Ar lresat Astoria Everyday except Sunday
at 2 p.m.
Leaves Portland Every nay except Sunday
at 7 a. m. 0. W. STONK, Agent, Astoria.
E. A. Seeliv, General Agent, Portland Or.
Author ol Animal Elllgies and Kmlilfliuatic
Mounds, etc.
This book treats of tho Mound-builders; llieli
oeeupatlon, moles hi life, religions systems,
irmai envisions aim early migrations.
The work contains descriptions of the earth
works of nil classes. The classllieation of the
mounds Is mailH according to their uses.
whether ns vitiligo residences, as defenses, as
rengi- us structures, or as saeruieiai or burial
The work contains manv IllusirHllona nnd
aoerintlons ol Mound-builders relics, es
pecially pipes and pottery.
The viih e nl the book is that it contains
comprehensive view of the whole Weld, and
give lufnm.ution about the mounds Mid relies
oi an stales ana districts, it is one of a series
which l devoted to nre-hlstorle America, nnd
perhaps would be regarded as tho most inter
esllng volume.
The author sollelts subscriptions. Orders can
be sent to the publishing house, 17ii Wabash
avenue, :hiosgo,or to the author at Avon, III,
For - Thirty - Days - Only
I mako this vfFer. Less than one mile
from Astoria Box Factory on Columbia
river. Streets 75 and alleys 20 feet wide.
Electric Lighted Cars
Tho EXPRESS THAIN8 consist of VEST!-
And furnished with every luxury tnown- Br
nioucrn railway travel.
For Speed. Comfort ami Safet?
this Line is Unequaled.
Tickets ou salo at all nromiucnt nttTw
For furlhor information Inquire ol any tick
agent, or
C. J. EDDY, Goncral Art.
J. W. (JASKY. Trav. Pass. Agt.
Via the M t. Shasta Routn of the
Southern Pacific ijip
Tat JOnly Route Through California, to tt
Points East and South
The Seenie Route of tbe Pacific Coast
Attained to exor.-s.-i trains. ntTm.lino nnnnA..
accommodations for spcond-clsiss uassrwen.
for rates, ticlspts, oieeiiiuj,' err reserTatioiis
etc., call uix-n or H'Wre-w K. 1. KOtl Kits. Assist
ant General Krvyht nn 1 t'ax&etiKer Ant-lit. Port-
wiu. ur.