The daily morning Astorian. (Astoria, Or.) 1883-1899, February 12, 1893, Image 4

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Many Mummies
At The Fair
It women .re the most Interesting GeJ ta.ned It would I leave old Dutch pipe
orailv they contain the worn DaK ueu seuer . m ,
erauy wey , . i : i. a hiutnrv Tacoma Ledger.
h,, h woman In lire. Tnis wa i" ViV- .
" - I- 11
woven fiber, and, llKe me douics, .
nreserved. The clothes in which mum
mles are
More than a hundred South American
mummies, carefully wrapped In straw
and sewed up In heavy canvas bags, are
now stored In warehouse "A" at th3
world's fair grounds. This distinct ad
dition to the foreign colony now located
at the park was made Jast week. The
mummies came in unobserved and were
removed from a red freight car without
attracting so much as a passing notice.
They ere piled up in long rows in tho
warehouse, and will remain there several
weeks, at the end of which time they
will be taken from their straw and can
vas wrappings and removed to the an
thropological building, as Professor Put
nam calls It. Profeflsor Putnam Is chief
.ha HaruirmtMit of ethnology and arch
aeology at the fair. For several yean-
past he and a number of assistants have
been ransacking the earth for Just such
things as came In the other lny in tin
red freight car. The platoon of mummlee
hat arrived last week Is only the advance
guard. Many more are coming. The lat?
arrivals will hall from tho regions of the
in toiler nnd nerhaDB from several
Rn.ith American countries that abound
In mummies and Insurrections.
rLu.c i rinrncv. a. young man rc
cently graduated from Harvard univers
ity, unearthed all tne mummies nw
rk Mr. Dorsey Is an assistant
to I'rofesor Putnam. He fills the chair
of ethnology and archaeology at Harvard,
besides attending to a corresponding de
partment at the fair. When I was de
elded to send out young men to get thing
for the fair, Professor Putnam put Mr.
Dorsey in charge of the Peruvian expe
dltlon. Tuesday Mr. Dorsey told an In
terestlng story of his quest for mummies,
Wa selected Peru." he ' began, "bo.
xmiao mummies abound there. Along the
Purinn coast, between the Andes and the
ocean, a barren desert stretches the full
length of the country. The sand Is highly
charged with saltpetre, and this preserve:
nont iii-ion bodies buried In the sol
Mummy hunting is quite a fad amon.
Via A m fir I p fin tourists who visit. Peru
They go out and dig open a grave or two
i,.t u thev visit the Vatican when J
Ttnm or Pere la Chaise In Paris. I havi
. never heard of American tourists carry
in if bwilv mummies. They seem to d
satisfied with digging them out of tlr
wound and perhaps taking away som
of the trinkets found in the graves.
"The first to do in hunting mummies Ik
to get in a section of the country when
they abound. Any of the natives can tell
you that, although It Is scarcely neces
wiry to consult thern, for the old town or
Ancon is known to be the best field. AC
ter you pick the field you Intend to work
all that ts needed Is a long Iron or steel
rod, much like the ramrod of a musket.
This you press Into tho sand, and If it
strikes any obstruction you know you
havo found a grave and one or more
- mummies. I went out every day for slx
...... ninih. and In that time I opened
180 araves, getting more than 200 bodies.
Of these, a number were so thoroughly
" that thev wore broken in being re
moved from the graves. I brought back
i,.,, iv. in rood condition
"Tho natives of that country bury their
dead in a peculiar manner," Mr. Dorsey
continued, "The hand of the dead per
Bon were spread over the face and the
arms pressed against the chest. Then the
knee were drawn up until they almost
touched the elbows. The body was then
prepared for burial. Usually It was
wrapped In a peculiar cloth made of fiber,
with leaves or other vegetable growth
stuffed in to nmko a compact package;
After this the bundle, was Inclosed in a
sack of heavy material.
Tho. ohinnok which has so long been ex-
rrha MnthpM tn Which mum- . ... . .1 .. t A - hoa nt ItiH.
wrappeu k" ...w. and under its influence tne snow a new ami u.iu.j ' : ,V". ,,," in
preserved. Several of the blanke iu at afe al8appearing. There has been and Plil; a 'poMtive cure, in
came in with tne snipme-.t ............... dea, Qf dlscUBBlon pays tne ran- jernal blind or bleeding, ltcmug, .
j. A,iM tin port nurtf n 18. HUU iunu v....'.
lon Telocrrnm. as to mo airevuu" ""
patterns I ever saw. Fish nets taken wh,ch tne cmm,ok wind comes. Under
from the graves are In a perfect state or q( terday ..H R Bends the fol-
. . a..iL. i.iinlii In
preservation, parrots ieau.r , , t
the heads of several of the bod es were 'newcor
apparently as brume as me mr
there. The green and yellow colors do
not seem to have faded In the least,
1 ior Home yearn, nuiuo .......
"The features of these mummies ore in, ., . ,,,, h true direction
perfect preservation," Mr. Dorsey con-j wWch u comeg you win confer
tlnued. "Of course they are slightly favoronboth ,
drawn and the figures are somewhat ema-( The Cnnool Indians, famous for fiat
however, than thone . ,.. .., , infanta lived
of a person wno uieu ui vU.."...- - at the mouth of the Columbia river
any other disease that.wasted the frame, j w,nd that came fr0,
We will keep then In the warehouse lor 1 meU the snow was for a long time
several weeks yet and then take them out . . orlKinate off the mouth of
of their wrappings and arrange uicm in. Columbla. hell(.e the wind wa8 namej
in the building." Lete theae Indluns. Old Oregonlans say
Tt,r. are in the city oiiito a number that there Is no Chinook wind, excopt
. , ., ii,w, ihv are eon- i tt,f wlitrh Mown from the mouth Of the
noisseurs in all matters pertaining to . river; but the same genial Influence, tak-
1 J:-2r
b - .... . ,
'A newcomer maintains that tne cni-
nook wind comes from the northwest,
hi., friend, a resident of the city
for some years, holds that It Is from tne j
recent or uuiciuimy f"-" --, --. .
dlBeasos and female weaknesees; it is a ways a
S real oene iu nit: ncn.. .........
Iscovery of a medical cure rendorlnfr au oner
.. 1. .l. i...trn ..nimnuaaiirv neroaner
llOn Willi l"W AUHU uuutB"-, - . , .
This remedy has never ben kuown to fail.
1 per box, 6 for 6; lent by mail. TST
Irom this terrible disease when a wrltt. n guar-
1 a ViAvoa in rniiinu me
money II not cured. Bemi stamps 1 f.r Ire;
..mnla. Guarantee Jssuta Dy .r.muwn. u
CUrk A Co., Wholesale and Retail wrureiais
Sole Anents Portland, Or. for sale by J. W.
Coun. Astoria Okboii.
m.iLimr outfits. Quite a, number of these
gentlemen have very creditable collec
tions of pipes and cigar holders, of all
sorts and sizes, and from almose every
country In the .world. These lndlvlduuls
are always open to a trade, when they
think they can add to tneir collection a
rr.ra ivM op coBtlv cIdb. This, weakness
on the part of the average pipe smoker
was taken advantage of in a very neat
manner hv a. slick Individual, who worked
the collectors of curios and old pipes lor
all there was In them, and, Bince ne nas
nn rinnht hv thin time cot throueh work
ing the smokers of our city. It will do no
hurm to tell the story. It la very amus-
Inu- to aea what nalnH the nossessors Of
these wonderful old Dutch pipes take to
lng Its beginning from the Japan current,
spreads Itself all over the racitic jNorm
west, Including Krltlsh Columbia, and
even warms the frozen plains of Mon
tana. .
Mrs. J. W. Conn left on the Queen this
morning for San Francisco to visit her
daughter, Mrs. A. F. Johns, who has just
returned from the Host. She will be ub
sent about two months. ' '
The fancy for parting the hair, which
for a time was entirely discarded, has
been struggling to the front again, which
remark Is not intended to be funny, only
actual. It has not got to the front, how
ever, for most women who take to the
part let It end at but not come through
. . . -
impress upon their friend, the full value the short fringe wMch is ov r
lUl clltuU, liiuo ,yi v-"o
feet. '
of the treasure, which they so cheaply
and strangely picked up. "Several days
ago I was lounging In a store on Pacific
avenue," said a gentleman, who was the
possessor of one of the pipes, "when a
seedlly dressed man came in tno store
holding In his hand tills pipe. He came
direct to me and asked me if I could di
rect him to a pawnbroker, stating that he
wanted, to obtain a temporary loan on
the lonly valuable j piece of perjsonul
nrnnortv the hard times had left him.
As he held up, this rare and costly pipe
the tears came into his eyes at the
wMrv thnliu-ht nf hnvlnir tn nnrt with the
only thing left to him from better days.
"1 felt sorry for the poor devil so 1
told him it he put it In the pawnshop It
wmlltt aurelv he lnat. na if he rniilii not
redeem It the broker would confiscate It
nt the end of thirty days. I agreed to
limit him 17 with thA iinilprntnnrllnir that
If he did not redeem it in three months
it was to be mine. He told me, ana-1
do not doubt his word,' as he had such
an honest look, that the date the pipe
bore, 1813. is the correct date -when his
grandfather got the pipe in the old coun
try from a friend who was working In
the factory where it was made, and that
It had been In the family ever since.
There is a very pathetic history con
nected with this pipe but I have forgot
ten the details so I won't say anything
about it, While I don't wish the poor
felllow any hard luck, yet I hope he won't
be able to redeem it. How much do 1
think a pipe like this worth T I should
suv about 110: thouirh I am doubtful if
you could duplicate it at any price, for
the factory in which tneso pipes were
made has long since been destroyed."
The pipe which the gentleman referred
to was shown to tils friend, and was a
largo meerchaum, or what purported to
he a meArarhanm nine. The bowl, which
Is heavily carved, la colored as though
it had been smoxea ror scores or years,
and Is about 44 Inches deep and about
1 Inches In diameter. It has a lontf
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria
When Baby ras tick, we gave her Castoria
(Vlion she wu a Child, she cried for Castoria,
When she became Miss, she clung; to CestorU,
Then she had Children, aha gave them CastorU
, All Fre.'.
Those who have used Dr. King's New
y-ni . i,B ...I,,. nnil Ihnna who
liBcuveiy miuw lin .wire,
have not. have now the opportunity to
try it free. Call on the advertised drug-
Klnt and get a trial Dome irec. oenu
your name ana aaureus io ri. c.
,, - nkl . I ..... Damn hn nf
Ur. King's New Life Pills free, as well as
a copy oi uuiue iu xiou.iii
i. i .i i au ftf . whiph la
IIU1U 11'BllUl.lMI, . ' - - ' '
minranteed to do VOU Rood and cost you
nlklnn PhaO 1 ) lllinra fl VI ll'M f (in. .
or heavy matermi. 1 1V4 inenes in aiameter. tt nas a ionsj
formality peculiar to these people i cherry-wood stem and Is heavily mounteJ
the sewing of a small bag on the end ,n what ,upp0TC i0 sterling silver,
ie package tn which the head rested. but the appiicaUon of a file soon Bhows
ruue th I. k-.
... VlA
1L I " "
nn,i. i,. wax docorated to wear a
resemblance to the human faca. The nose,
mouth, eyes and ears were all represent
. - . i ik. avab wl-A lndloate1 hi
(Hi, Boini'iiin'- "- post tnree montns ov
Bcwlns shells on tne Dag ana in omer hftv, bten du,p0Be1 f
entiro race was woruea out ... .
wart d'
a roof.
ovr .
ii ml
A meerachaum test will
j show that tho bowl la nothing more than
.mi, '- - - - lire i-iuy, n is efsiuiukicu uiu.i wiiiiii.
Sometimes the eyes wero Indicated by pagt ,hree months over 150 of these pipes
. u..iia s.n tha Vinir and In nther . .. . . m
nave oeen ausposea oi in oeauie anu iu
coma. In every case the same story and
history haa gone like a trademark with
each and every pipe, and the strangest
thing Is that no one owner seems to sus
pect the genuineness of his pipe. These
pipes have been bought at prices ranging
from )S to J15; the range of price being
limited only by the appearance of the
iuyr. If he looked as though he could
stand It the man with the pipe for sale
would strike for 15; If he looked as
though he could not stand so much then
he was touched lighter.
The gentlemen who own these pipes
occupy almost every position In social
and business life. Senators, state and
county officials! doctors and lawyers
and even gentlemen of the cloth, point
with pride to the "pipe with a history."
At a rough estimate the pipes are- worth
about tl.50 each, as they can be bought
wMnM. in Nw YorH d'y fr f'9 a
doten. Taking J7 s an average price ob-
tho entire face was worKea out
riido embroidery, men tne ooay
.i ,,, in the sand, sometimes In
' .iirht or ton feet deep, but most
frequently near the surface Occasionally
formed of woven twigs, wua ouiii
tha body before tn sana was
n on. Thnt compietea xne cere
except in the case of a person of
Home prominence. - 1
itle jars or pots, containing food and
lk.uliis, were r!ced in a row In frontfof
the con se. I one of the graves I found
lix of these pots, one filled with parched
vorn an.ulier with something ilk rice,
the oth.-rs filled wltn similar rooa.
( 1U-.1 with a liiutd.
"n-arionnlly wa found gold Image, and
,he i-r-pinn.,. uwd by the natives. A.
where .H our avan. were
',7.4 '"many cf, ' The graves
Use Zinfnndel wine intead of coffee or
tea, 60 cents per gallon. Dont forget
Peach and apricot brandy, also Frencn
Cognac and wine nt Alex. Gilbert s.
A81UI 111, . . " I M J i
As T expect to retire from the clothing
buHlnefis, J desire to collect all outBtand-
nnA.,.ina lllllu ramiilnliiff linnniil hv
I IK tVV VVUlllP. i ' ' " (MiiuooKn
Februnry 15th 1SS3, will be given to an
attorney for collection. Have costs.
q For the millions oi consumers ot Q
B It jjlves lr. Tul t pleasure to an-Q
H no that lie i uow putting: up a v
which is of exceedingly small j!ze, gp.
fS v.-t retaiiiiear all tlio virtues of the V
lurirer ones. tHiaranteed purely
vece table, Ilothslsosm these pills fi j -till Iwiued. The exact alio of
lss:u ninthebor!eroftlil"a(l."
Tlieso tiny Ccpsulcs aresuperlor
&to Balaam of Copaiba,
Thev cure in 48 hours the VII
J game diseases without anvincon-
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lig Card '
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wl h to travel on
It in therefore the route yen iihouM
t.ike. It tuiin tlirouiih vestibulea
tiulus eveiy Uay tu the year to
No Change of Cars,
FKBKTJABY, 1893. '
4 Scientiflfl American
Agency fo'
I His V OflQVDICMTa. tn.
aim tamnft.
For Information ni free Handbook write to
Oldest bureau for teourliiit patente In America.
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f tmtHit mmim
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Orepon FrldiV tVhr'nry 3.
Vi.luinb ii nu y V i.iunry7.
Mutt, t ii'"r iiy I', tvi-iry 11
ir-K-iM V'n k. February.
CoUi'mbni. S.-n ; eiiruary ID,
t,il lln rv iv I't- n uryiS.
Oieou .V.nii tiv Krijaiary 27.'
' MornluR boat loaves Astoria da'ly. excepj
Rtimlav, af.7 a. in.; returning, leaves Portland
daily, rx.ic Satuiday. at8u. m. MRht boat
leavc-.t Astoria daily, cxnept Sun. lay, at 0 p m ;
r mmli cle.. vs Portland dally, exqpt Sunday,
at 7 a. in. flie morning boat from ro:tlandmak. s
lundlimsoii tUf Orenon side Twsdayn, lbuis
dajw.Hii i S wurdavs ; nn Wa-sMi gtoii side Mni
ilais Wdii'' and Fridays. Prom Astoria
the liiomniK lat nmkes laudiiu on the Ore sli Mondays, Wednesdays nnd Frldais,
and on the Washl'iBWii fide Tuesdays, 1 l.uis
das mill S;-.tnid8.
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W. n. HUllLBUItT, i. W.LOraSEEKRY,
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Cliildreii Cry forPitchcr's Castoria
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The best salve In the world for jcuts,'
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Weeding or Protruding, yield at once -to
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niook feav muiits on TnostlAva and Fridays...
rhe steamer R. 1'. Elmore eonnrt.1.4 with lin r.if ifle Rteamers for Ptln'J.
and throng tickets are Issued from Portland to TilUmopk P01"13.
tho Uniou Pacific Ok Ship frelffht from Tortlaud by Uiuou laeifle
Btfamers. "
coxxectino vrna am- trauscomis
18 THE
Slectric Iiiglited Car3
ritv. Tillamook City, ana
Tillamook City and Tilla-
. ELMORE, SANBOxtH & CO, Agents, Astoria.
j -.k - a a
The EXPEFPS TKAIU3 rontrt of VE6TI-
111 LKU, fl.Kr.Kii'iw, i'iiiu nu
And furnished with every lnxnry known to
modern railway travel.
Fcr Spasd, Ccinlirt anJ Safety
lh!s Una is Usequafci . ;
T'.ctets on aslo at all promlueDt railway
office. , . s ., . .
For further Information Inquire of any ticket
a&vut, or
C. ,t. EDDY, General Asjt.
J. V. CASEY. Trav. Pa v. Art.