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VOL. XL. TO. 37.
a- t i i 9 ill ifi
kJZ Bam$ Ziv mm MB M
.Asssignee'S sale at
All their immense stoclc
In 30 Days or Less,
To Suit the Condition and tho times.
W. W. PARKER, Assignee.
The Above Sale i3 Discontinued for 15 days,
or until further orders,
.. . Astoria, Or., Feb 2,
As the Flax
So the
... You can't go wrong if you buy
The 1893 make is now being delivered .
to customers. It is made of the flax . -crop
of 1890.
,N . Because the 1891 and 1892 crops have
been inferior. Marshall never uses in
ferior flax. That is why his twine
Sole Agents for Astoria,
(8nceens"rs to Warren A dmpoeil),
lealers iu
' Hats, Capa, Boots, fehoea
FANCY, Iron rnd Steel, Crockery, Glassware
Woodenware, Notions, etc., lluy, . ,
Grin, Flour iiud Feed.
DOTTO: "Small ProllU Ul Cash Sales."
- Cuncomlv street, loot Jackson,
Astoria, Oregon.
Ceacral Ikdiinists & Bailer Makers
Land and Marine Enprlnci, Boiler work, Steam
boat audCanuery Wors a Special ty.
Castings of All Bworiptioni Had ta Order at
Eiwrt Hoties.
JOnif FOX President and Sup-
f. U FOX . ' Vice PrwiUcu
Chris Ereaaon.
Frank Cock
clean rooiua, a firsi-v-luss re-taursni. H-erd
by the day. week, or m ntx Privaie ru"nn I u
fauillira etc , Transient citoin solicited
Oysters, fisli,elC.,Ovlte t to order.
A fir8t-c:a" sh'o 'i run iu conueelion with
the premises. Th b"i of wines, liquors and
clears. Good biatunl tableland privaUtcsrd
Comer Water Street and West Xiath.
anson s
Twine Lasts
On Meter System.
To Consumers:
The Went Shore Mills Co.. at great ex
pense have perfected Ibeir fjectiic light
plaut to the latetit known appnfalus, aod
are now able to go to the public with a
8vetera that will be satisfactory in price
and quality, its can be biiown oy tne ioi
lowing rates ou and after Feb. 1, Wfl3 :
Incandescent, all nitrht.... $1.50
" J2 o'clock... J.rKJ
u ' 10 "... 73
Or by meter, j cent per boar.
installation - Free - of
For nnrtiiMilnra inutitre of anv laembcr
oi the lirm or at tne oiuce, toot oi uon
eomly Ht. Wkst Hnoitu Co.,
J. J. 1 rnimiKer, rresiuent.
Merchant Steamship " Cos
Lice, Conncctlug witb '
Cuadlaa Pnclde Railway and Cbiats Stsam-
8klp Uafit
TaVtncr frelehtand naasetiffert fi Port Anue-
VWriorii, P.irt Town-nil, watile, Tacoma,
Wli:tleont Kalrhaven, Ntt'.:i'ino, Ke tt'estnilu
iteran t VaioUkr: !aUig ;
8. Hsytiau iteyui)llc.
3 . Wilm uufon .. ..
S. Hyiin-i Its-' ublic '
Freight M'-lctd at lliu-tlrr wh.trf, foot of
Miiin -rt-eet. For further -anicular apply M
Ute oQce, enier Tbird tuil ilala street
FEHGCSOS BK03., Agent.
m Brilisli SliiD Pomeranian lias a
v Terrible Experience.
Wheelhonae, Boats, Bridge, and Irery.
thlna; on Deck Swept to Destruction
In the Middle or th Weht.
Associated. Press.
Greenock, r Scotland, Feb. ll.-Tho
steamer Pomeranian arrived here today
after a terrible experience. During the
heavy storm, her first and second officer
two stewards, two seamen and Ave pass
engers were washed overboard . and
drowned. he captain was dashed apalnst
the bulwarks and killed. -The
Pomeranian encountered boister
ous weather Immediately after leaving
port. It was thought that the wind would
eoon blow itself out but Instead of abat
ing, the gale Increased in severity until
on the day of the disaster, the 4th of
February, dawned with a frightful gale
raging and a tremendously high sea run
ning. The hatches were battened down
and covered with tarpaulins, the ventil
ators turned to the leeward, and every
precaution dictated by good seamanship
hr.d been taken to prevent the water
getting below.- Several seas were Bhipped
but they did no damage. Suddenly, a tre
mendous sea reared its crest a short dis
tance ahead of the steamer and she
plunged down a wave and before She
could rise, th sea came over her star
board bow and tons of green water; aft,
almost at the same time, the falling wave
astern came aboard the deck. The saloon,
chart house, bridge, and boats were
smashed In pieces and partly washed
overboard. The deck was covered .with
an almost Inextricable mass of wreckage
and the utmost confusion reigned. . At
first, the full extent of the disaster was
not known. The steamer began to pay off
before the wind and sea, and It was at
once . see that the quarter must have
been carried away. When the sea boarded
her, every man about the deck who saw
it coming, grabbed hold of stanchions or
anything else that was convenient, and
was due to this action that the loss of
life was not much larger than it was,
For a time, almost consternation pre
vailed, but this gave way to a feeling of
sadness when It was found that so many
lives were lost, with Captain Dolzlel fa
tally Injured and unconscious In the cab'
In, the command devolved upon the first
officer. When the chart room was carried
away, the charts, sextants and quadrants
In fact everything absolutely necessary
to the navigation of the ship, went with
It. The binnacle box and compass on the
bridge, were also gone overboard, and
had it not been that the after pompass
remained, it la doubtful if tne steamer
would have reached port for many days
yet. The situation of affairs was terrible.
The first officer called: y Remaining olft
cers of the steamer for "consultation and
it waa decided to put about and return
to Greenock. This was at once done and
without any Instruments with, which to
take observations, the average had to
be made entirely by dead reckoning, and
progress was necessarily slo-,
The Hawllan Commissioners Received as
t Envoys by the President. .
Washington, ' Feb. 11. The Hawllan
commissioners followed up the distinct
advantage they gained today . by their
official recognition by the president,
which gives them a diplomatic standing,
by calling in a new capacity as the rec
ognized envoys on Secretary Foster at
the state department this afternoon. The
conference lasted an hour and a half. The
president In accentuating the cordial re
ception of the .commissioners. Intimated
to them that the negotiations which
formed the subjet of their mission would
be conducted by the secretary of state.
The commissioners accordingly repaired
to the state department at the close of
the ordinary routine of the day's busi
ness and laid before Secretary Foster In
detail th practical proposition they were
authorized to make and submit. Same
progress was made as to arriving at a
harmonious view of the exegencles of
the situation' but no definite conclusion
was reached and the conference adjourned
until Monday.
Rutland, Vt, Feb, 11,-One of the worst
diRosters in ' the history of the marble
quarries occurred today at West Rutland
a little after l.o'clock this afternoon tn
the quarry operated by the Vermont Mar
ble Company. A great mass cf stone fell
Into the quarry and seven men were In
stantly killed and a number of others
f erlously wounded. The victims were
crushed so that some could not be recog
nized. The killed are
who are unrecognizable.
Washington. Feb. 1L The resident to
day sent to the senate the following nom
inations: J. V.. I. Findlay, of Maryland,
arbitrator; G. H. Shields, of Missouri,
agent; A. W. Feguaon, secretary on the
part of the United 8tates, under treaty
for a claims commission between the
United States and Chili.
Portland, Or., Feb. 11. The Joint com
mittees appointed . by Oregon and Wash
ington legislatures to investigate and re-
port on the condition of the fish industry,
on the Columbia river and to frame such
bills as will protect fish, met In this city
today. The committee today simply heard
the evidence of the commlssoner and
others as to the condition of the fish in
dustry and the best means of proposition
The fish committees wil report the re
sult of their labors to the legislature,
when some legislation will probably be
commenced for the benefit of the industry.
"he House Passes a Bill to Prohibit Prixe
:' Sulem, Or., Feb. 11 The senate spe
cial committee on Jute mill reported, re
ducing the appropriaton to $19,000. The re
import was adopted and the bill passed
The state fair committee reported the
affairs of the state board of agriculture
In good condition. -
The senate adjourned until 2. p. m.,
The house passed the following bills:.
Ford's bill requiring county courts to
levy school tax.
elt'a bill providing for the care of dis
eased sheep, etc., and the duties. of In
Ring's bill to protect beaver In Mal
heur and Baker counties.
The senate bill providing for a recorder
of conveyances in Umatilla county.
Northup's bill providing for the drawing
or jurors was passed.
l ilxton's bill providing for a . Hen on
the baggage of guests at lodging houses.
ine nouse concurrent In the senate
amehdments to the Jute mill bill. -
Before adjourning, the house passed a
bill to" prohibit prize fighting
He Doesn't Think the Financial Situation
-, Is Critical. '
New York, Feb. 11. Secretary of the
Treasury Charles Foster In an Interview
tonight regarding the financial situation,
said:- . ; ;
I do not think the Situation crltioa!
enough to warrant the Issue of bonds.
The banks of New York, today, have
600,000 of gold, and they are ready a
any time to give It to the United State,
In exchange for greenbacks. I don't think
the failure t repeal the Sherman sliver
act will result in" driving gold out of th?
country. The government is in a position
to redeem all its promises, but I think
the gold reserve ought to be increased."
"Is there any way of stopping the ship
ment of gold abroad?" he was asked.
"Nonej, that I am aware of," he replied.
Two Chinamen Who Tried to Get Across
The Border.
Detroit, Mich., Feb. 11. Chong Fong
and Jong Bong, two Chinamen who were
arrested In Port Huron, charged with be
ing In the United States without the nec
essary certificates, were tried before the
United States circuit court at Port Huron
and sentenced to ten days Imprisonment
They had In their possession Canadian
naturalization papers showing that they
were British subjects, accordingly they
will be deported back to Canada at the
expiration of their sentences. A proml
nent lawyer here, thinks this cose may
lead to complications between American
and Canadian governments, as it may
perhaps be deemed a breach of the treaty
between the two countries.
Oregon City, Feb. 11. Word was re
ceived here today that Fn.nk Burgelmyer
was killed near Canby, Or., this morn
ing. He was cutting down a tree, when
a large branch from above fell upon him
mashing In his head and killing htm in
stantly. The deceased was a young man
and single.
Chicago, Feb. 11 The Railway Genera!
Managers' Association has given official
notice In advance of any demands from
their employes that they will not be dis
posed to consider any demands for In
crease In wages. The association em
braces the general managers of twenty
one railroads running Into Chicago.
Washington, Feb. 11. A bill to protect
and promote the safety of railroad em
ployes, and travlers upon railroads by
compelling the railroad companies to
equip cars with automatic couplers and
continuous air brakes, passed the senat
today, by a vote of 39 yeas to 10 nays.
Louisville, Ky., Feb, 11. Dr. Norvln
Green, president of the Western Union
Telegraph Company, Is dangerously ill
at his residence In this city. He has been
unconscious since yesterday morning. He
Is 76 years of age and very feeble.
The Crown Prince of Roumanla Is to
nave an allowance from his country of
(12,000 a year, and his uncle. King Charles,
Is to give him 112,000 a year. In the event
of the Crown Prince's death Princess
Marie would have a Jointure of 12,0W a
yeast half coming from Roumanla and
the remainder from King Charles. The
Prince of Hohenzollcrn Is to make a set
tlement on his son, and the Duke and
Duchess of Edinburgh are to give their
daughter an allowance, but she will not
receive any dot until after the death of
her parents , .
It is no secret that there has been a
prolonged and not altogether amicable ne
gotiation respecting the settlements that
are to be signed at Slgmartngen on the
day before the wedding. It Is understood
that the Prince of Hohenzollern proposes
to allow 1,000 a year to Frlnre Ferdinand
with an ultimate sum of 100,000. Princess
Marie Is to get 2,000 a year from her
parents during their lives with a sum of
50,000 after they have deceased. This arrangement-will
permit of a settlement of
150,000 upon the younger children of. the
Colonel Ingersoll at tlie Ecpnlca
Clnti Banpct,
The Speeches are Full of Hope That the
Party Will be Swept Back to Power
In 1800. .
Associated Press.
New York, Feb. 11. The republican
club tonight gave a Lincoln Anniversary
dinner. More than three hundred men
distinguished In nearly every walk of lit
were present, and orator on the occa
slon from all parts of the country,
each In his own words typifping and rep
resenting some sentiment or phase oi
national politics. The president of the
club, John A. Smith, presided; at hit
right sut Secretary of the Treasur,
Charles Foster,, and at his left Colons
Robert. G. Ingersoll. Others at the guesta
table were Chauncey M. Depew, Senftlo
Squire of Washington, and others.
President Smith in making the opemu
address, said: "Tho little mishap of las
November was but a temporary trlump:
for the great anglomanluc which will b
blotted out in the great tide of repub.l
can victory that would sweep U.e part
Into ower in 1396."
Colonel Ingernoll responded to the toas
."Abraham Lincoln." He said in fail:
"Abraham Lincoln' was a slrahgo minfc
ling of the tragic, heroic and grot?sque
a personification of. all that was gen'.l
and Just, humane and honest, merclfu
laughable and lovable and divine, an
all thoce s telling attributes he conoale
for the uno of man. Lincoln had no on
cos tors. Ho had no fellows and no sue
cessor. Ills was the grandest figure I
our times and the gentlest memory of ou
world." .
Prospects of .a Meeting at Last Begin t
Grow Certafh.
San Francisco, Feb. 11. Peter Juc'tso
today issued a challenge to fight to a fin
lsh with James Corbett, with Marquis o
Queensbury rules governing, for the thai-
plonship of the world and a side wage
of $10,000 and the largest purse ever be
fore offered by any club. It has bee
mutually agreed upon 'that the contes
shall take place not sooner than six an
not later than ten months from date. -
Milwaukee, Feb. 11. "I accept Pute
Jjick;-n's tfrullenge wfth the provis
that the acceptance is void If I succee
In arranging a match with Charley Milch
ell," Bald Corbelt tonight. "My manage
Win. A. Brady, and Wm. Delancy m
trainer, will meet Mitchell on his arrive
In America the coming week; They wi
have $10,000 of my money which Mltchel
must cover within ten days or forfeit al
right to a match with mo. Should Mltchea
full to cover the deposit ! shall consiuV
my acceptance of Jackson's dialling
binding. j ;
One of America's Physicians Says W
WU1 Have More Cholera.
Berlin, Feb 11. Dr. Kempsher, specla
health officer, of the United States, ha
Just arrived In Berlin, and after a lou
of Inspection of Hamburg, Bremen, Ca?
sel, and Fieltbon, He told a reporter to
day that he was convinced that the pre
ent year would see a fierce outbreak o
cholera all over the continent, and In
stead of being a sporadic disease, as I
1802, the plague would sweep the who'
of Europe. Dr. Kempster refers to in
cldents connected with his visit to certai
large towns In reference of which lbca
sanitary reports are unreliable. Dr
Kempster also discovered dlscrepauclc
between published figures of cholera am
the number of cases registered on th
government lists, showing that the tru
figures were kept from the public.
Chicago, Feb. ll.-A. E. Walters r
freight conductor on the Union Paclfl
railroad, was arrested and taken to Oma
ha tonight by the chief detective of th
Union Pacific railroad. The arrest fs con
sldercd Important as It Is the first o
twenty others to follow, the result beln
the breaking up of a gang which durlnr
two years past, It Is said has robbed th
railroad company of $140,000 worth of
merchandise. Walters was arrested whll
attempting to dispose of some cigar
stolen from the company, which were sen;
him by a confederate.
New York, Feb. 11. A number o'
steamers are overdue at this port: Th
Westerland, from Antwerp, January 20th
the Germanic, from Liverpool, ' February
1st; the Danla, from Hamburg, January
23th, and tho Persian Monarch, frorr.
London. The severe weather encountered
by incoming vessels shows that but lit
tle peed can be expected In the face of
such conditions. None of the steamerr
are sufficiently behind their schedule
time to cause any uneasiness.
Tacoma, Wash., Feb. 11. Muldoor
Brown and his companion Charles Hal
strom, went rowing on the Sound las'
night, both being intoxicated. Brown fell
overboard when changing position and
was drowned. Halstrom towed the body
to the city, arriving this afternoon.
Memphis, Feb. 11. The Fields, who as
saulted Mrs. Jock, a white woman from
this city, was lynched today. at Forest
H1U by several hundred cltlsns. The vlc-
tim after recovering composure identi
fied the nevrro fully and It was with much
diltlculty that the woman's husband was
re-vented) from shooting him. melds
when confronted by the victim, confessed
the crlme.
Salt Lake. Utah, Feb. ll.-LIeutenant
Capers Daniel Vance suicided by shoot
ing himself at Fort Douglas this morn
ing. He was courtmarshalled a short
time ago on charges preferred by Lieu
tenant F. H. Johnson, who claimed that
Vance attempted to enter the apart
ments of his wife one night while under
the influence of liquor.
Lakewood, New Jersey, Feb. 11. President-Elect
Cleveland went to New York
this morning, and Don M. Dickinson re
turned with him thl. evening and will
remain over Sunday. .
Hubbard Springs, Feb. H. Bush Mor
gan, one of the worst outlaws In the
mountains was murdered last night by
some unknown man.- Morgan had mur
dered 17 men.
Chicago, Feb. ll.-George W. Ingraham
died at hit home at Dixon, lis., this
morning from paralysis. He was one of
the most noted horsemen In the coun
London, Feb. 11. In the commons to
day the queen's Bpeech was approved by
a vote of 234 to 119..
If defeat comes to Mr. Gladstone, It
will bo through the Irish faction, and he
seeks to avoid that by putting forward
at once the promise of half a dozen meas
ures that he. holds would help him in
a general election. The new Home Rule
bill, as It Is given out, Is drawn with an
astonishing detail of precaution. First,
there Is to be on Irish legislative body
empowered to make, amend and repeal
laws for the peace, order and good gov
ernment of Ireland." Then there Is re
served for the Imperial Parliament the .
power to enact laws effecting the status
or dignity of tho Crown, or the succession
to the Crown, or a regency; the making
of war or peace; trtb urmy. navy, -militia,
volunteers, or other military or njival
forces, or the defense of tho realm; treat
ies itind. wh relations with foreign
states, of the relations between the vari
ous parts of her Majesty's dominions;
dignities or titles of honor; prize or booty
of war, and many other things, including
coinage, legal tender, patents, transmis
sion of mails and telegrams; and there
Is a sub-clause that retains to the Im
perial Parliament five years' control over
land legislation. This is meant to help
Mr. Gladstone over the fence, as It were.
Then the Irish Letflslnture Is restrained
from pasHsing any law respecting the es-
iuujjnmm'(H ot reiigiuiii or prumimiiiK
the free exercise thereof, or Imposing any
privilege or conferring any disability on
account of religious belief, or abrogating
jr derogating from the right to estab
lish or maintain any place of ucnomlua
clonal education or any denominational
institution or charity, or prejudicially af
fecting the right of any child to attend
a school receiving publl: money without
attending the religious iimtructlon at that
school, or Imparlng, without either the
leave of her Majesty In Council first ob
tained or on address presented by tho
legislative body of Ireland, or the consent
of the corporation Interested, the rights,
property or privileges of any existing
corporation Incorporated by royal charter
or local and general act of Parliament,
or from enacting any legislation changing
the terms of the Home Rule act, except
In so f&r as the act Is declared to be al
terable by the Irish Legislature.
This Is meant for the reassurance of
North Ireland. Much use Is made of tho
shadowy, power of tho Queen, who Is to
believe, If she will, that she has as much
power over the Irish legislature as over
the Imperial Parliament. The Lord Lieu
tenant Is to give or withhold the consent
of her Majesty to bills, under tha direc
tion of her Majesty. Instead of abolish
ing the office of Lord Lieutenant, it Is
rather magnified. Is this treating Ireland
like Scotland and Wales? Thei-e are to
be two distinct houses of the Legislature,
and disagreements are 10 m reierrea 10
a Joint committee, and may at last be
referred to the people "a popular refer
endum" The Upper House is to be of
103 members, 75 elected, the rest "peerage
memberal' and the elective members
must have 'an Income of $1,000 a year from
property, and each must own or occupy
some land or tenement of the net annual
value of $125 or more. There are to be
the same number of Irish members of
the Imperial Parliament as of the Irish
Legislature, and the aume man may bo
a member of both bodies. If the Queen
announces a state of war, the Irish Legis
lature Is restrained from passing any
vote, resolution, address er bill for th.,
raising or appropriation for any purpose
of any part of tho public revenue of Ire
land, or of any tax, duty or Impost, ex
cept In pursuance of a recommendation
from her Majesty signified through the
Lord Lieutenant.
Tllot Jones, of Vancouver, was In Seat
tle a short time Wednesday, having come
over with the bark Sabrlno, from Elver
pool to .Nanalmo with a general cargo,
and under charter to load lumber at Port
Blukely. The captain of the Sabrlno took
sick and had to be removed to a hospital
In Vancouver. The bark was In tow of
the tug Wanderer, and being In very light
ballast, Jones said he thought at times
she was 'going to capsize from the fore
of the gale and seas. The Wanderer was
almost a solid cake of Ice. He heard
that the rumor of the wrecking of the
American ship Kennebeck had been ron
flrmed but could not furnish particulars.
The report first came through the Indi
ans, who had said she was ashore in
Clayoquot sound, but afterward it was
tatcd to have been in Carctay ew.i.