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, . ...OCTOBER 20, 1800
Publisher and Proprietor.
Astoiuax 1$uii.dio. - Cass Stueet
Terns or Subscription.
Served bv Carrier, per week 15 cts
Sent by Mall, per mouth CO cts
nt b Mail, one j eir $7.00
Free of postage 10 subscribers,
Thk Astokiax Ruarantees to Its adver
tiser the larpest circnlation or any newspa
per publicised on the Columbia rh er.
All the returning Knights of Pyth
ias have pockets full of Indian arrow
heads gathered at The Dalles.
Some one has left a silk umbrella at
this office, and the owner can have it
by proving property and paying for
this notice.
Most of the day yesterday it was
clear and sunny, a very agreeable con
trast to the stormy and unpleasant
weather of last week.
A silk umbrella has been left at the
store of Parker k. Hansen, which the
owner can have by proving property
and paving for this notice.
Miss Eunice Goodrich and her com
pany were passengers to Portland last
night on the 1L 1L Thompson, where
they open -this evening for a week's
The Snohomish Sun says it has the
bigget potato in the civilized or un
cfrilizcd world' on exhibition in its
office. It weighs just over seven
pounds. It is nearlyas heavy as some
potatoes that havo been grown and nro
-on exhibition in this part of the en
i:ghtened world.
The gain in membership in the
Knights of Pythias throughout the
state, has been very gratifying, as re
ported at the session of the grand lodge
last week at The Dalles. In a very few
days Grand Chancellor Cleveland ex
pects an invitation to institute a new
lodge in the Willamette valley.
The returning Knights of Pythias
are all loud in their praises of the
fraters at The Dalles; and not only
they, but the citizens generally, all
had kind words and warm greetings
for the visitors. It w;is indeed a gala
occasion, highly enjoyed by a? I who
were fortunate enough to compose the
The Washington Independent
offers the following candid remarks
for the possible benefit of some aspir
ant for political preferment in its
neighborhood. t4Wo should like to
say something good of all the candi
dates if wc could do so, but as a few
of them are not enterprising enough
to take this paper, we do not desire
them to commit ' larcenyby" stealing
uiything good we might say about
them; and therefore, wo omit any
laudations of the many virtues they
pcem not lo possess. Our columns aro
our bread and,butler, and we propose
(scrupulously to guard"' them from
being ovcr-ladcn with praise of those
who have not public spirit enough to
patronize an agency that works night
and day for the interests of tho entire
L Tj. Osgood went toPortlaml last
George Wallace returned Saturday
from Alaska via tho Sound.
Inspector Tom Linville went up on
the steamship Mexico in his official
i Judo C. EL Page and wiro started
last evening on their visit to tho east
ern states.
JfJamcs Auderson is in this city for
a few laysbuUisjgoingJto JMk creek
again soon.
Charles S. Rogers, who- is con
nected with tho Union Pacifio railroad,
was in tho city yesterday.
Charley Clausen, the candy man,
who has been on a trip to Europe is
in Portland and will bo'fhere in a few
days. , .
Richard Turk, number one of Fojrt
Canby life saving station, returned
last evening from a two-weeks' visit to
J. A. Monroe, assistant general
traffic manager of the Union Pacifio i
Railroad company visited this city
Mrs. W. C Ricord and son left Son'!
Francisco yesterday on the steamship
Columbia, and will bo duo here to
morrow morning. - -,
E. A. Seeley, president of the Co
lumbia Transportation company wasl
in the city yesterday, and went up to
Portland last evening. a .
Dr. O. B. Estes was elected assist
ant surgeon of the First regiment,
Uniform Rank, Knights otPythiRB,of
Oregon, with rank of first lieutenant,
at the regimental election held at The
Dalles last week.
PasseBgers to Portland.
The following is tho list- of passen
gtrs having rooms who went up the
river last night on the steamer R. Ii.
Mrs. P. P. Johnson and son, J. "W.
McGowan, W. Scott, E. A. Taylor, J.
E. Ferguson, J. O. Hanthorn, 0. H.
Page and wife, John Hobson and son,
Harry Gotcbell and wife, Miss Alice
Stockton, M. Foard and family, Mrs.
E. E. Ross, Miss Eunice Goodrich, G.
W. Sanborn, Miss Ella Rucker, E. A.
Secly, Miss Je&nette and sister, James
Turk and wife, Fred Brown, Wm.
Fitzgerald, C. G. White, F. Kelleher,
John Matter, J. Kaboth, L L. Osgood,
H. Baker, Thos. Trullmger, H. E.
Brown..H. B. Thielsen, G. Truxell and
wife. Dr. Mnllinix, Capt Smith, H.
Smith, R.C Carson, T. H. Lienen
weber, Ohler, James R. McCann,
Harrv Jackson, Maurice Bronnan, W.
R. XcKey, Fred. Kay, Miss Lizzie
Kendall, Miss Pearl Kendall, Miss
Ella Lawrence, Miss Annie Strong.
. mm m
Abo it ten ladies and gentlemen to
s'll llakcr City property. Salary or
commission. OaM on A. L. Uuny, at
IVirkw Ilnuse.letiiMi 10 a m. and 12
m. :-iia ami to-morrow.
:;..j Untitnl
V bngiit iifl'w lv v:i trtl.
the New Y't. . Now! y Siuu .
jo:-r-l ho Mwrk in n jnuill
Aji -li .f tlii- uffiiv.
t.Hl l ItCllt
1 ii t..x!i,-l -r iptfuriiihcl on Court
Mnvt, cat of Sum'l Elmore's.
Mits. O. A. Mat.
IPieasaat Farrtiskcrt R tem
Te refit Enquire of Mrs. C W. Stone,
cerar 0Ur aad West 8th streets.
They Brins Baci the Drill Prize
and Other Preiinms.
It was what might be called a
triumphal march. Tho local Knights
of Pythias returned home yesterday
and proudly through the streets did
the company bear the premium it had
won in the prize drill at Tho Dalles.
It was an eventful occasion, Astoria
division had won everything and in
the way of trophy bore the Sir Knight
bronze clock that had been awarded
the company and which was after
wards presented to Alex Campbell,
who had drilled the boys.
When -the steamer Thompson
docked, the drum corps and the
Knights that had previously arrived
were on hand to welcome them. An
informal line of march to Carnahan's
hall was taken up headed by the
drum corps, with Grand Chancellor
Cleveland in the front. At the hall
which had been handsomely decorated
an informal breakfast, preceded by an
address of welcome was served.
The returning knights were Alex.
Campbell, A. A. Cleveland, L. G. Car
penter, Wm. li. McCroskv, Ben Ward,
O. B. Estcs, C. H. Cooper, C. J. Curtis,
James McComber and James Hare.
Many of the gentlemen had their
wives with them.
On arrival at Pythian hall an ad
dress of welcome was delivered by C.
J. Curtis, which was aptly responded
to by A. A. Cleveland, the newly elec
ted grand chancellor. Then came
speeches from other membeis of the
The trip, the returning members say,
was one of the grandest they ever had.
As has been announced in The Asto
ktuj, nothing Tho Dalles had was too
good for our boys. It was good cheer
and good will all around, and Astoria's
delegation left the little city reluc
tantly. Tho prizes won by the home
boys are on exhibition at Alex. Camp
The steam schooner Michigan will
sail this morning for Puget sound
The steamship Elder, loaded down
pretty heavily with wheat, will sail for
San Francisco on tho tide this morn
ing. The steamship MoyigTcut left yester
day for Victoria via Puget sound.
She has on board a general cargo of
flour, etc., for Hong Kong.
The customs officers detailed on the
steamship Mexico failed to unearth
any contraband opium. They live io
hope, however, that there is stuff on
board and that it will be dug up by
the officers at Portlands She sailed
up the river .for Portland yesterday
afternoon at 3:30 o'clock.
The steamship George- W. 'Elder
which arrived from Portland yester
day was in collision lust outside the
mouth, of the Willamette river and
lost a littlepaint, besides going ashore.
The vessel that collided with the
Elder was. the Willamette Chief and
it was In pulling back in order to
avert a bad accident that the Elder
went ashore She touched lightly in
soft mud and is indebted to the
steamer 11. IL Thompson for being
pulled off.
Jfewtpnpers Arc Often Asked to Make Sim
ilar Corrections.
A thin,nervou3looking men stepped
up jtothe pastor as the latter came
down jlrorbL the '.pulpit "Jou have
had a good xleal to say this morning,"
ho observed, "about a feller that
killed a man named Abel." "Certainly,"-
replied, the pastor. "'The
Sin of Cain,' was the subject of my
discourse." ''I wish't you'd do me
the favor next Sunday," said the thin
man iasomejkcitement, "to tell the
folks that the man you was talking
about this mormngainTt no relation
to the Kane that keeps a livery stable
down by the grist .mill.. I don't want
none .of my friends to think that I
had a hand in that kfllin'. 'That's alL
Good day." Cliic&go Tribune.
Chicago, -now having the biggest
and prettiest theater in the world, is
soon also to havo tho biggest extrav-
uganza ever produced. An English
-theatrical speculator has bought all
the scenery and.costumes of "Uinder-
jella,'.1 which, with Minnie Palmer, was
seen .at her majesty's theater, in JLon-
don, and to it he has added the cos
tumes of "Babes in the Wood" and
ittie,fRed. -Biding Hood' all to be
rolled, n to one gigantic show, and put
upon IhOf mammoth stage of the
"Auditorium." The, costumes alone
jire said to have cost the earls and
"dukes inveigled into the London
scheme 120,000.
T , r tr v
- v.0i the twenty-six barons who signed
Magna Gharta-:oll but three hod to
"make their mark," being unable to
Two-mpre Lady Waiters at Jeffs New
K estaurant.
Board and .odcinjr.
At -Mrs. Rucker's Hotel.CUS Third street,
at reasonable rates.
Wanted Yonng Woman
To take care ol a baby. Good wages
and home Apply at 16 Second street.
Go toOlsen's for Cuban Blossoms, 10c
Furnished Rooms
For rent, on Main street No. 307.
Mrs. II. Bebekdks.
Finest Barber Shop
In town at Joe Glardina's. Shaving
15c, 15c, 15c.
Remember the Austin houso at the
Seaside is open tho year 'round.
Go to the Columbia bakery for all
kinds of cakes.
Sons of Veterans.
Tho next regular meeting of Cashing
Camp, Sons of "Veterans will be held
on Monday evening, October 20th, 1890.
A full attendance is desired. Members
of G. A. It invited. Br order,
did Captain.
I.ii '' rxdM' S3.00 Fine Shoes;
. 11 ih Mi.h'hniul-tiii tied Frrnch Kids
ii r. '. oodiiian & Co.V.
Uiith:inl't Itcer.
fifteen ball Pnl T!ile and all the
'railing iiewsjtapi-rson fil- at the San-
-i Ii Saloon.
.mi i N;iiTird Like Success.
It isverifud bv I lie fact that nearly
ever body eats nt Jeff's New re
staurant. Wcinhard's Beer
And Free Lunch at tho Telephone Sa
loon, 5 cents ,
Cutlery it i Third St.
Clipped From the -'Oregon 3Iist" of Fri
day Last.
Nine divorce and two criminal cases
are included in the long docket for
this term of circuit court. That is an
unusually large number for Columbia
in this line.
m Horticulturists say that tho yellow
jackets are doing splendid work in
the orchards of Rogue river valley by
destroying the green aphis. When a
swarm of jackets light on a tree afflict
ed with the pest it is cleared within
two hours.
A test has been made of the coal
of the Yakima fields of tlio Cowlitz
liver. It was tried in a Northern Pa
cific engine, and the engineer reported
that sixty pounds of Yakima coal pro
duced as much steam 03 eighty pounds
of Roslyn coal, was free from clinker
and gave little ashes.
"Lum" Jackson, Portland, an uncle
of Prof. J. J. Jackson, of this place,
accompanied by another nephew, O.
K. Jackson, of Kansas, was in town
this week. O.K. is in Oregon, with
the intention of locating, providing
after an examination of the state he
becomes satisfied. It only takes one
look, generally, for eastern people to
become infatuated with Oregon, and
Mr. Jackson is probably no exception.
Last Monday, while the family of
Mr. Reeder, of Seeders landing, on
Sauvie's island, were out in the
garden, two tramps entered his house
and stole a watch, and helped them
selves to victuals. The same fellows
were caught by one of Mr. Reeder's
neighbors eating a pig which they had
killed and roasted. They each
carried a new Winchester rifle. Mr.
Reeder followed their trail till he
found where they had left the island in a
boat He is anxious to get eyes on
them and his new watch.
In compliance with a request from
tho steamboat men on the Cowlitz
river, Major Handbury has had a small
party, under charge of Captain Orin
Kellogg, at work removing a point of
the Toutle river bar, which interfered
with the navigation of the Cowlitz.
They turned the current of tho" Cow
litz into a new channel and attacked
the obstruction with scrapers and
wheelbarrows and removed the hard
surface crust of the bar, leading the
sand exposed. The stream, when
turned back into its channel, will soon
wash the sand away and enable steam
boats to pass up.
A few miles down the river from
this place is one of tho finest logging
roads in tho country, and considering
its length it has cost more than most
of tho railroads in the "West The
road belongs to MoFarland Bros., who
aro operating two logging camps at
Westport and one at Kuappa. It was
built to render accessible a large body
of timber a short distance back of
Wrestport Tho most expensive feat
ure of the road is a tunnel through
solid rock nearly 300 feet long. The
tunnel was built in order to maintain
a down hill grade to tho road clear to
tho water, thereby enabling teams to
haul out loads that it would bo impos
sible to move on a level road. The
outer end of the tunnel is near the
head of a small canal leading out to
Westport slough, so that the logs aro
run from the entrance of the frinnel
right into the water. As the road
leads back into the hills it passes
through an extremely rough country,
and within a distance of half a milo it
crosses three immense bridges.
Tho system of indorsing is all wrong
and should be ntteriy abolished. It
has been the financial ruin of moro
men than perhaps other causes. Our
young men especially should study the
matter carefully in all its bearings
and adopt some settled policy to gov
ern their conduct, so as to be ready to
answer tho man who asks them to sign
his note. What responsibility does
one assume when ho indorses a note?
Simply this: He 13 held for payment
of the note in full, principal and inter
est, if tho maker of tho note, through
misfortune, mismanagement or ras
cality, fails to pay it Notice, tho in
dorser assumes all the responsibility,
with no voice in tho management of
the business and no share in the
profits of tho transaction if it prove
profitable,-but with a certainty of loss
if, for any of the reasons stated, tho
principal fails to pay the note. Boole
keeper. 'The largest reservoir or artificial
lake in the world is the great tank of
Dnebar, twenty miles southeast of
Udaipur, Rajtootana, which covers an
area of twenty-one square miles; the
masonary dam is 1,000 feet long by
95 feet high, 50 feet wide at the base
and 15 feet at tho top.
JBticltIcn'8 Arnica Salrc.
The Best Salve in the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rhe
um, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin
Eruptions, and positively enres Piles,
or no pay required. It is guaranteed to
?;ivo perfect satisfaction, or money re
unded. Trice 25 cents per box. For
sale by .1. W. Conn.
Weeden, in his "History of New
England," says that in 1758 fifteen
families came to Newport, K. L, from
Holland, bringing with their goodsJ
and mercanblo skill, the first three
degrees of Free Masonry.
"Where are yon going, Sam?' "Go
ing to the Astoria Baths, of course, for
my regular Sunday morning bath.
They are the finest in the city."
Attention Smokers.
La Peria Cubana all imported.
Flor de Madrid.
La Palladina.
La Ermlna.
LaFamana in Key West Brands.
The Belmont
Reading Boom in rear of Cigar Store.
Charles Olsek's
Worse Than leprosy
Is Catarrh, and there is but one prepa
ration that does cure that disease, and
that is the California Positive and Neg-
Latlve Electric Liniment. Sold by J. W.
Conn. It also cures ncuralcia. rheuma
tism, headache, sprains, burns and alll
pain, i ry it nnu icu jour iuignoor
where to get it.
tbi With flu; 'I f ijioj.
l:'.ilro.ul is Shaving 15c at
lot (.lintdtnaVt
Tin- Finest Pkolo.s
Are now tnken by H. S. Shustor.
new samples.
Itrftt Iinrhcr in Town
At .lo Gianlina'i. Shaving K-c.
Skariug, SknriBfr,
15c, 15c, 15c, 15c, at Giardlna's.
A lino lino of Cigars and Cigarettes
can be found at the Columbia Bakery,
59G Third street.
First-class shaving, 25c, Ferd Forrell's.
A California Lady is io FouM
"LooMde Bactraf coloiy.
The principles set forth in Bellamy's
"Looking Backward" aro about to bo
tested by Mrs. Olive "Washburn, a
wealthy lady residing in San Francisco,
who will devote nearly her entire for
tune to the founding of a Nationalist
colony, where the ideas advanced by
the National leader can be developed
to their fullest extent
Mrs. Washburn is the wife of Henry
Washburn, a live-stock dealer, and re
sides with her husband in a hand
some mansion at 2,728 Howard street,
Son Francisco.. She is a pronounced
Nationalist and Spiritualist, and ever
since reading the book mentioned has
been imbued with tho idea that her
mission in lifo is to aid her fellow be
ings as much as possible, and that the
founding of such a colony is the surest
method of attaining her desire.
She states that communion with tho
spirits of tho departed has served to
strengthen her conviction.
A part of her large fortune consists
of a tract of 1,700 acres of land known
lis the 'Washburn ranch, situated on
tho road between Mount Hamilton
and San Jose, California, and it is
there that tho colony will be located.
The tract is very desirablo in every
respect, and 'when improved accord
ing to Mrs. Washburn's plans will bo
a veritable paradise.
Over SxOO.OOO will be spent by Mrs.
Washburn in tho erection of factories,
dwelling houses, etc., and the pur
chase of farming implements, and
when all is ready she will present the
entire estate to the colony.
All people of good moral character,
irrespective of religious belief, who
are willing to work for the benefit of
the colony are welcome to become a
part of the community. Mrs. Wash
burn does not expect or wish any of
tho colonists to use any funds they
may have in the founding of the col
ony, and merely asks them to do the
part of tho work of tho community
alloted to them and work for tho gen
eral good of alL
The work of improvement was bo
guu about two months ago and at
the present time is well advanced.
Mrs. Washburn has invited several
hundred prominent nationalists to be
present at the dedication of the
colony, which will take place shortly,
and is in hopes of having Bellamy
himself present Jp lead the exercises.
Ho has been written to regarding tho
matter, and his answer is anxiously
Several families aro ready to start
for tho colony as soon as the arrange
ments are complete, and many others
havo signified their intention of join
ing. Mrs. Washburn is very sanguine of
success, and says that she will be
satisfied. with the labors of her lifo if
her hopes are realized.
The founder of tho colony has been
a resident of California for many
yearn, and has long been conspicuous
for her generous gifts to charity and
the active part sho has taken in the
advancement of tho nationaKcause.
She is about CO years of age.
Her husband, while not so pro
nounced in his ideas as his wife, is
willing that she should employ her
fortune in tho way sho lias done.
Both are now at tho ranch superin
tending the arrangements.
The Chicago l Times."
Thc Chicago Times, now in its
thirty-sixth year of successful publica
tion, continues to be tho leadiog
democratic'journal of tho Northwest
and one of tho few grent newspapers
of the world.
Since 1870 it has been a champion
of tho reduction of war taxes, especi
ally thoso cunningly laid less for pur
poses of revenue than for the promo
tion of the interests of a class whereby
tribute is compelled not to the govern
ment alone but to a relatively small
body of beneficiaries, whoso constant
cry, deeded in the MoKinley tariff bill,
is for more.
The Times has the satisfaction of
seeing the tariff question squarely
presented for settlement, with tho
democratic party unitedly arrayed
upon the side of tho reform, which has
long been necessary and is now
Printed in Chicago, the Times
responds fully to the demand of that
great metropolis for local recognition.
bub while strongly a local publication
it is essentially a great newspaper,
whose enterprise covers tho whole
world of news. -
The Chicago Times is thoroughly
well equipped. It has always been a
pioneer in the employment of every
mechanical improvement calculated to
increase its efficiency.
The Times is a paper of tho people.
Tho confidence of people who hac tried
Hood's Sarsaparllla, In this preparation, li
remarkable, it has cured many who have
failed to derive any good whatever from
other articles. For diseases caused by Im
pure blood or low state of the system It Is
Only One in the United States.
Out of 1357 cough syrups manufaej
tured in the United States, but one has
been found to be entirely free from
opiates and that is the California Posi
tive and Negative Electric Cough Cure,
which is the best on earth for coughs,
colds, croup, etc Sold by J. V. Conn.
What Would Astoria o With
out Jeff?
S1.000 reward lu OV S.trold coin will
be natd-hyMeHy the World Ilenowned
Catererito-any- person whocan satis
factorily prove-he can-get a better meal
or a greater Variety of all the Delicacies
of the season to choserom, than he can
at JeTrs'for the money.
Second street, opposite Telephone
Fine Tahl& WIhc
Delivered at CO cents a gallon, to any
Bart of tho city. A line- line: of pure
alifornla Tvincs at -low -prices, at A.
W. Utzinger's Cosmopolitan saloon.
Tclenaene JudatlIl6uBc.
Best Beds in to wm vRoomsper night
50 and "25 cts., "J it week SL50. Ne
iew and
ciean. rrivate entrance.
For Choice Roll or Tub Uuttcr, call
on TnoMPsox & Ross.
At Holmes, G46 Thjrd street.
Cudy dV4.3Vufs
At llolmr-s, GlO Third street.
The-lateM hlylt ofs Gents' .Boots and
Shoes at I. J. Goodmas & Cos.
How dear to this heart is the old yellow
When orchards are barren for stuffing
for pies!
When peaches and apples havo both
been a failure,
And berries of no kind have greeted
the eves, I
How fondly wo turn to tho fruit of the
Tho fruit thai our children are taught
to despise;
Tho old yellow pumpkin, the mud-covered
The bigbelhed pumpkin that mako
such good pies!
O, golden hued pumpkin, you surely are
"in it,"
You jolly old rascal, so recently
We ask your forgiveness for thus having
wronged yon,
"When from your dear prcsenco we
scornfully turned,
Como rolling down hill till we meet you
and greet you,
Your bulk is a feast to our fruit-hungry
We love you, old pumpkin, so well we
could eat you.
For you are a "dandy" when made into
Puiixst'taiCTiei Spirit.
Heathen nations have different
legends as to the origin of woman. The
Japanese believe that she grew on a
tree; the Laplanders that she was once
a rabbit, the Persians that she fell from
the heavens and the Australians that
she was once a toad.
In Astonishing Oflor Somo of tha
The San Francisco papcra ot recent dato
contained the following effer:
"As an evidence of the ability of Joy's
Vegetable Sarsaparllla to prevent sick head
aches, we will ghc to the first twelve re
Bponslblopersons who will apply attmr office
& bottle free if they will agree that after
they have been cured that they will admit
the fact over their signatures."
This offer so startllngly asserted thf- effi
ciency of the remedy that many accepted,
and the letters of the parties, nearly all of
whom responded, ere probably the most
convincing attestations that any remedy
en er received. The following is a sample of
thoso received:
I have been subject to billons headache
anJ constination lorsocral jcars past; in
,;t lave been compelled to take a physic
every other night or else I would havo a
headache and dull, mean feeling. I havo
taken that bottle of Joy's Vegetable Earsa
panlio, and have derived benefit from
it, and intend continuing it. A Iter my own
experience I can heartily advise those trou
bled with biliousness and constipation to try
125 Locust Avenue, San rrancisco.
In China all the land belongs to the
state, and a trifling sum per acre,
never altered through long centuries,
is paid as rent; this is the only tax iu
the country, and it amounts to bnt
about sixty cents per head.
.1 PIi3'sici:m Opinion.
Dit. A. M. Spauldixg, of Grand
Kapids. Mfch., says: l prescribe llib
bard's Rheumatic Sjrnp in my prac
tice, and unhesitatingly recommend it.
it operates upon the liver, kidneys and
bowels, destroying the poison in the
blood and tissues. It is a grand Ionic
and appetizer, and for a diseased stom
ach or dyspepsia, has no equal.' For
sale by J. w. Conn.
All the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
Eerfumery, and toilet articles etc can
o bought at the lowest prices at J. W.
Conn's, drug store, opposite Occident
hotel, Astoria.
We are prepared to Supply our Patrons
and others with the best Msh Xclting. in
Traps or Seines, ou- I-o:ig Expcrienco War
rants, for 1691. Wc Invite early orders.
Boston Of f ice, 01 Commercial St.
-a Mi
General :-: Jobbing
The undersigned is prepared to do any.
work iu his line at short notice, in a satis
factory manner.
Orders left at Foard & Stokes, or at Asto
ria Box Factory will receive prompt atten
ticn. F. FEAKES.
Contractor and Stone Mason
All kinds of Stono Work done in a neat
and substantial maimer.
Address all Orders or Correspondence
Box 213, Astoria, Or.
The Largest Stock, Best Quality and
Lowest Prices at the bign ot
The Golden Shoe.
All Night Lights, per Month, each ...$2 CO
12 o'clock - ' " " . 1 50
10 " " " 1 25
West Shore. JTIIlls Company.
Practical : Watchmaker,
A fine line of Gold and Silver Watches,
Solid Gold and Plated Jewelry Clocks, etc,
at reasonable prices. Repairing Promptly
Done. Next to Morgan & Sherman.
The Oregon Bakery
A. A . CLEVELAND, Prop'r.
Gooi Breatl, Cate anfl" Pastry
-None but the Best Materials Used.
Satisfaction Guaranteed Customers
Breaddellvercd In any part of the city.
Carpcstcrs ami Builders.
Holt & McCurtrie's old stand, have over 200
plates and drawings ot all kinds and styles
of dwelling-houses, ranging from $900 to
112,000. CaU and see them.
aimon fisheries
jmmmmi vSEir &i
I EREfe E!Ch!r,a a m mj
Advance Styles of F
Leading Dry Goods and Clothing House
Saturday, September 27th,
"We will open our
Cloaks, Wraps, Jackets,
Our House has a standard reputation
which net er fails to attract general atten
tion during our Cloak Sales.
mcallex & McDonnell,
131 & 1G3 3rd St., l'ortland, Or.
Leading Dry Goods Store for first class
goods at Eastern prices.
Agents for McCalls Bazaar Glove Fitting
Scow Bay Ffliiry
Of all Descriptions
. Contractors aM Bniers,
Estimates Given on Brick, Stone, or
Wood Work.
Concrete and. Cement Vorlc
a Specialty
118 Genevieve St.
A Large and Well Selected Stock of Fine
DiaioMs 1 Jewelry
At Extremely Low Prices.
All Hoods Bought at This Establishment
Warranted Genuine
Watch and Clock Kepairiug
Corner Cass and Squemoqua Street3
Insurance Agent.
California Marine Ins. Co., S. F.
Columbia Fire and Marine Ins. Co.,
Home Mutual lnsuiance Co., S. F.
Phoenix of London.
Imperial of London.
Jolm C. Dement.
Successor to W. E. Dement & Co.
Carries Complete Stocks of
Drugs and Druggists' Sundries.
PrescrlpUoas Careflally Compeaarted.
Agent lor
Mexican Salve and
-Norwegian Pile dire
Sacra tVi i t5 Svs a inK
For Desirable Acreage
Call on or Address
Leinenweber & Coodenough,
SECOND ST., Near Postofflce. ----- P. O. Box 63.
Office 487 Third St.,
Lots in Case's Astoria Are Now on Sale
Astoria Real Estate Co
TERMS One-IlaI Cash ; the Balancb in Six and Twelve Months.
Frankfort Eeal Estate Co.
rivi-rniro S Cor. Commercial and Tearl Sts., Frankfort, Wash,
ObFlC" "J Flavel's Brick Block, 433 2d St., Astoria.
Investments Made for Non-Residents, a Specialty.
. v p00 J Correspondence solicited. Maps, Circulars and all Information
P.O.BOX662 i cheerfully furnished.
North Pacific Brewery,
"ZSL 3S1 I O JEt. T IE HL .
(Opp. Telephone Landing.) j
Is tlie Bon Ton Restanrant of Bib Towfi
Dinner Parlies, Banquets, a Specially
Tlie Finest Wines and Liquors.
Private Entrance and Rooms.
N. B. Xo connection with his old place on
Main Street. f -S
Dress Goods
Next to W. U. Telegraph Office
- ---