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"- a ' fwf'JW"- ftr
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Highest of all in Leavening Power.
hv nils': Jlariiioaiid Life
'H DUSE & 00.. Ag'is,
Ki'liatW Foreign
... aicutics :
I 1 j .-4Ml l.ntH i Clobe. Noiili
!:-!- . mm( MfimnlHc. Scottish Union ami
. .ijU. iMlMnl ol 0mv:icut, Goinisier--
. , . Cili6mut. luit(M ami Lancashire of
r!-.ij. Omninerdl ITnkm of Ioiulon.
.njiri:4M C lwihni. Northwest orrortlaml,
M .lu j! Ij f New York.
. .v:pf , Adjustments Guaiantccd
,. W. (-ASK
Insurance Agent.
California Mvi2 i"-s. Co . S. F.
Columbia Fir n 1 Marine Ins. Co.,
Horns Mutual Instance Co.. S. F.
P.'.snix of London,
hnpenai cf London.
Robh & Parker.
I ire and Insurance,
WHU xn Aggregate Capital or
. ii'!::iAiof loiuiou.
a t.tniKNI.. of California.
!vrirn.-f sinnioni.
ikl.M) llOMf'ttf Mkl..lil
i iS.. iHoi.m.
. IKK: " ITN1. of Ctlilomta
. Kl . vf l.i:ul44
Washington Market.
Ui!n Mice:.
t.tirl.t, Oregon.
.. rt:oi'ztiiritt!:.
.. ..C...VU.U cam. nils attkn-
1. hi . r tfco imMir !o the fact that the
m ; ,rVM . u: xlv s he supplied u it h a
1. vu:;kty ami erst quality
tttitott w he sW at lo;t rates, whole-
7 jv-tol ttii'Mtlou given to supplying
Krcsh and Cured Meats,
UK VSSt'S Wirt'cl. AHtnrln, Of.
ILoadway Market.
O'llsrn A!s Piopr'-.
0iitsi 1 iKTtl Jt Stoke.
A first-Class Meat Shop.
Fresh and Salt Meats.
,l rsirrtrees delivered in any urt of the
Jpfim titer's
"he Jjvcrand Kil:csand Stomach,
- Mi, Dvprrwii, irtJtci an Appc
1 - . v the Isipurc Blood, and
Mates The Weak Stronc
Ts Mil M E III i t u i 1 1 '1 1 i I d 'X
Uacd everywhere 51 abeltlo;bixfor?5-
" W.Wmri:
'Am i:...
Kirn mid Hakky,
Cnii Engineer.
Wherry & Harry,
Real Estate
i i' ad Sulmrtmi rmierty Sold on Com-
miion. I nves: incuts Made for
.ntMf rarties.
I W.Caw. Knnker. .Iiidjie C. II. rase.
OfTicr on Tliinl Street,
&carCMirt ll'Htse. - ASTORIA, OR
Morgan & Sherman
And Dealers I?i
Special Attention Given to Filling
Of Orders.
And Supplies rnrnlslied at Satis
factory Terms.
Purchases delivered In any part ol the city
Office and Warehouse
In Hume's New ButldluR on Water Street.
P. O. Box 1SX Telephone No 37.
ilfgWt 1
Ceien Sifes!
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
Wingate & Stone,
-Ti ie-
Clatsop Beach.
Two Choice Blks in Adair's Astoria
ran sai.i: i:v
Van Dusen & Co
Lois in Block "8V S200.
Lots in Block "88' $150.
Kjilt' Cash, Balance in Three
and Six 3Ionllis.
C3FAI1 lots slaked :il four f timers.
Contractors and Builders.
Given on Brick,
Wood Work.
Stone, or
Concrete and Cement Work
n Specialty.
1 1 8 Genevieve St.
' Lsster &
Surveyors and Architects.
1. O. ISox 813. .VSTOltIA, OR.
Wall Paper and Oil Paintings
All Work Guaranteed.
Cas and Jefferson SLe.. Astoria,
John 0. Dement.
Successor to W. E. Dement & Co.
Carries Complete Stocks of
Drugs and Druggists' Sundries.
t'rcsrriplloii!, Carefull I'ompoiuiilcO.
Agent lor
Mexican Salve and
Norwegian Pile Cure
Manufacturer and Dealer in
Snsli, Doors. Mouldings and
All Kinds of llaid Wood and House Finish
ing Lnnibf r. lio it Matctial a Spe
cialty. Wood Turning.
Cor. Genevicic :m Aslor Streets.
Astouia, - - Okegox.
Practical : Watchmaker,
A fine line of Hold and Silwr Watches,
Solid Cold and I'lated Jewelry, Clocks, etc,
at reasonable prices. KctKiltin;; l'loinplly
Done. Next to JIoi-Ran & Sliernian.
Groceries and Provisions.
Butter, Eccs, Canned Goods, Potatoes, Wood
and Willow Ware. Kte.
W. F. Scheibe,
Smokers' Articles in Stock.
Special Brands Manufactured to Order.
MAIN STREET. - - Astoria, Or
Interesting Political, Social; Sensa
tional anil General Hews.
A Smmnavy of ihe Latest and Principal
Events Occurring Through
out the Land-
Stanley has not been restored to perfect
A fire at Yacaville, Cal., caused a loss
of 20,000.
The cruiser Sin Francisco hna sailed
for a trial trip.
Tho British bark Docerby was sunk at
sea in collision.
Congressman L. F. Watson of Penn
sylvania dropped dead.
Tho annual convention of grangers has
opened at Carlisle, Pa.
President Harrison will leave Capo
May cottage to-morrow.
United States Minister Lincoln denies
that ho intends to resign.
Ten women in Oakland, Cal., demanded
to ho registered as voters.
Henry P. Walker, ex-British consul at
New York, died yesterdnj.
Three women wait berrying in Wis
consin and got lost in tho woods.
Many people in Oklahoma aro in wnnt
of food, and tko fanners need seed.
On Yang Keug io to bo recoguized cb
tho Chinese vico consul at San Francisco.
California has been invited to make an
exhibit at tho Spoknno Falls exposition.
Win. Fallm is on trial in San Francisco
for tapping tho Western Union telegraph
Tho body of Harry Johnson, tho
sprinter, is to bo sent to St. Louis for in
terment. G. II. Bnnlz has been held to answer
at Portlnnd for cutting timber on govern
ment land.
Tho bodies of five persons drowned in
Long Island sound last Thursday wcro
Tho order for the removal of tho army
headquartors from Los Angeles has been
Tho seizure of tho schooner Malllc
Dyer promises to cost tho government
considerable money.
Tho schooner Maygie S. Jluss, went
ashore in n fog near Port Town send and
was slightly injured.
Y.r. W. Morrow was ro-nominated for
Congress by acclamation in tho fourth
California district.
Two men wero burnod to death and
others injured by a firo in the Queens
hotel, Sunrise, Ont.
Additional suits have been filed nt Port
Townsend against Max. Nathanson, an
insolvent merchant.
Tho Ormondo club of London lias hung
np a purso of 5,000 for n match bplwepn
Dempsey and Burke.
Tho strike of the engineers and firemen
in tho Chicago stock ynrds was settled,
both sides making concessions.
Tho committee appointed by Southern
Pacific trainmen to demand an advance
in wages aro in session in San Francisco.
There are four candidates for the Re
publican Congressional nomination in
the sixth district; a lively contest is ex
pected. It is reported that tho supreme eounoil
of the Knights of Labor has refused to
endorse the striks on tho Now York Cen
tral road.
The Northern Pacific Hailroad Co. has
been sued for $21,000 by a San Francisco
jewelery firm, the value of a trunk lost
in transit.
The American consul at Pulmero hns
gotten into trouble with tho government
by advising Americans to keep away
from Sicily.
The President "Will Lcavo Gape
May Cottage To-Morrov
Special to Thk ASTOitiAX.l
CArElL Y.Aug. 25. Signs of break
ing up are already visible at the presi
dential cottage and by Thursday it
will be closed for the season.
The president will probably leave on
Wednesday for "Washington. Mr.
and Mrs. McKee will go to their west
er loan ;iul Mrs. Hirruja an I
others will go to Cresson.
Though the wind was high to-day
the president entered the water and
remained for some time.
The Sea. Gives: Up tUc Victims of
a. floating Accident.
Special to The Astokiax.1
New Yobk, Aug. 25. The bodies of
Marc Ilulse, Moritz Stadler, Bertha
Schulz, John Logan and Peter Hauke,
who wero drowned by the capsizing
of a row-boat off Whitestono, L.I.,
hist Thursday, wero found floating in
the sound this afternoon off Port
Schuyler and fully identified.
To Recognize Ow Ynnjr Kentr.
Special to Tnit AsTOitiAN.I
"Washington. Aug. 25.-Assistant Sec
retary Spaulding, m compliance with
a request irom Secretary Blaine, has
directed tho collector of customs at San
Francisco to rccoenize. temnorarilv.
Mr. Ow YangKengas vice consul of
China at San Francisco, pending tho
presentation of his commission and
issue of a correspondent's exchequer.
A Physician's Opinion.
Dr. A. M. Spaui.dixu of Grand Rapids
Mich., says: 'I prescribe Hihhard's
Rheumatic Syrup in my practice, aud
unhesitatingly reoommed it. It operates
upon tho liver, kidneys and bowels, de
strojing the poison in the blood and
tissues. It is a grand tonic and ap
petizer, and for a diseased stomach or
dyspepsia, has no equal." For sale by
J. W. Conn.
Close of tlic Session of Dcard of
Special to The Astoriax '
Boston-, Aug. 25. The conimitleo of ;
nine, chosen to investigate the
methods o the executive oflicera of
the American board of commissioners j
for foreign missions, Tvhich has been1
sitting in the Congregational House,
during the past week ha3 fiuished its
labors for the present.
Tho sessions were occnnied with the
reading of reports of sub-committees
and acting upon the same. The pro
ceedincs were secret and the commit
tee refuses to divulge its action. It is
understood, however, that harmony
prevailed. It is said that other sub
committees were appointed to reiiort
at a session to be held in Boston,
September 23d, with a view to final
action at tho annual board meeting.
Two Wen Burned to Death in n
Special to Tjik AsjTOKian.1
Sukridoe. Ont. Aug. 25. The
Queen's Hotel was burned this morn
ing, and tue guests, 01 wuoni inure
were a larco number, had great diffi
culty in escaping. As it was, Thomas
Powers and Herbert Laytou, the lat-
ter irom uttawa, were ounieu 10,
uuaui. , -""Vxi '1 V t
mo nanus unu siiuuny uumeu. o.
McGuire, a news agent, was badly
burned on tho face. Thp Joss is not)
eslImatetL !
ITIorrjir Itc-Nomlnatcd.
Special to Tin: AsrORUs.l
Sax Fraxcisco. Aug. 25. Congress
man "W. "W. Morrow was re nominated
bv acclamation by the Fourth Bepub-
lican Congressional district conven
tion this evening.
Chinatown Can Slay in lie Heart
of the City,
rni: mxaiiAM jsvaliik
S.ocIal hr Tko Ujhtko 1'bcsj
Sax Fraxoisoo, Aug. 25. Circuit
Judge Sawyer, to-day, decided that
tho Bingham ordinance, which pro
vides for the removal of Chinatown
outside of tho limits of San Francisco
is invalid.
Thojudgo holds that it is contrary
to tho constitution, tho statutes of tho
United States, and our treaty with
Seizure of a Schooner Likely
Cau.S Tronbln. ,
Special to Tiik Abtokiax.j
Sax Francisco, Aug. 25. It is
believed that tho seizure of tho Amer
ican schooner JIaltie T. Dyer by
Deputy Collector Eraranui, of Sitkr,
will cost the United States a large
sum of money.
Captain Mockler was offered his
ship back if he would sign a paper
agreeing not to hold the United
States liable for anj' damage he might
have sustained, but he refused the
offer point blank, and says he will
hold the government liable.
Oakland "Women Demand
Right to Vote.
Special to Tiik Astoimax.
OaktjAXd, Aug. 25. Ten women
walked into the county clerk's office
to-day and demanded to be registered
as voters. An acting county clerk de
clined to register them, and a legal
argument followed, but the ladies had
to withdraw. They all belong to the
"W. C. T. U- and wish to vote for Gen
eral Bidwoll, tho Prohibition candi
date for governor.
The Schooner ".tlacrgic E. IEnss"
Slightly Damaged.
Special to Tiik Astobiix J
Port Towxsexd, Aug. 25. The
schooner Jfaggie E. llass went
ashore near Point "Wilson at low water
to-day and remained a few hours
when she got off in an injured condi
tion. She went ashore 111 a thick fog
near where the bark Oaldand ground
ed a few weeks ago.
Eoiifr I'assnjje.
Special to Tiik Astoriax. I
Port Towxsexd. Aug. 25. A largo
number of vessels have arrived from
California ports, all ot which have
made long passages.
Au Army Order Countermanded.
Special to The astoriax.
Los AxoeTjES, Aug. 25. A special
to the Tribune to-day slates that an
order for the removal of the army
headquarters from this city to Santa
Fe had been countermanded.
A S20,000 Blaze.
"Special to The Astoriax.1
YACA.Yn.LB, Cal.. Aug 25. A fire,
which broke out in a harness shop
about midnight this morning destroyed
the same and a building adjoining.
Tho losses aggregate $20,000.
Shipping Notes.
Special to The Astoriax.
Sax Fbaxcisoo, Aug. 25. Sailed.
Barks Seminole, Nanaimo; Shirley t
Port Townsend; barkeutine Quickstep,
Port Townsend.
Death of n. Congressman.
Special to Tiik Astoriax.
Washington, Aug 25. Congress
man L. F. Watson ot the twenty
seventh congressional district of Penn
sylvania, dropped dead to-day.
A Kerap oi Paper Sarcs Her Lire
It was just an ordinary scrap of wrap
ping paper, but it saved her life. She
was in the last stages of consumption,
told by her physicians that she was in
curable and could live only ashorttimc;
she weighed less than seventy pounds.
On a piece of wrapping paper she read
or Dr. Zinc's Xew Discovery, and got a
sample bottle:; it helped her. she bought
aiargeUOUie.ll. liuipeu net muic, uuuni,
another and grew better fast, continued
its use and is now strong, healthy, rosj
plump, weighing 140 pounds. For fuller
Eartlcnlars send stamp to W. II. Cole,
irugglst. Fort Smith. Trial bottles of
this wonderful Discovery Free at J. W.
Conn's Drugstore.
RBJOfl 110111 1116 UWfM CflRUCll
nf thp KllitflitiJ nf T.Qlinr
Ul lUD Mllll& Ul LrtUUl.
Employes on All the Liues of the Sys-
cm Want an Increase in the
Bate of Wages.
Special by Tiik Uxitkd Pkkss.
New York, Aug. 52. Vice presi
dent "Webb, of the Nov. York Contral,
received a message at 2 o'clock faying
that the supreme council at Terre
Haute had refused to endorse the
strike on tho Central. A similar mes
sage was received at the Produce Ex
change. Members of the Kiughts of Labor
the anthentitv of the dis
sus thekn pacific fiiHi'LOYKs
They Will Demand an Advance
S:t rial to Tit r. Abtoiman.I
Sax Fr.vxclsco, Aug. 25. The fif
I teen trainmen from various Kints on
the Pacific coast lines of the South
cm l acme, wi o are in power sis rcpre- ,
sentauves of tue Brolherood of ton-
dnctorsnnd brakemen to comply with 75 years of ae and had been a
the company's oflicinb relative to auiontof'thiscftv for over 30 rears
general nuvnucc in pay, uesmes ortier
nlinmrn? .till unf ltnlil ! mnnlifw.
vuuiikO) HIU llrfl t.rJ.K. i.J. .MV.Jli,; It. j
11. S. Bodman, of Los Angeles,
chairman of tho grievanae committee,
which the fifteen constitute, say that
while the men are determined to sain
their point they will not act rashly as
uiey nave commence 111 ineir nullity
to convince tho company that their
demands are reasonable.
The committee will visit the railroad
officers to-morrow, and also hold a de
cree meeting, a unai answer is ex-1
pected from tho company at to-mor-1
row's conference. " The dramatic event ot tho season
If the decision should be against the was the magnificent rendition of the
men, many of (hem think it Avould bo pathetic plavoi "Inherited'' last even
best to strike immediately instead of ing, at the o'pera house, bv the emo
wnitmg fill tiio railway company has I tional actress, Maude Granger, sup
time to begin a regular system of :,ub-1 ported bv a fine company. It wa3onc
stitutiou. The grievance committee, of those finished productions which are
however, announces that thoy would ( onlv occasionally seen, and then aro so
not aot lmmctuaioiy upon an ativerse
uceiston, nut report ;o
council for instructions.
llto supreme
What the Action or the Fctirra
ticn Means.
Special to Tin: Astoriax.
Alraxy, Aug. 25.- A United Press
representative showed Grand Master
Workman Powderly a dispatch from
Terre Haute saying that a strike
would not be ordered by the federa
tion. Powderly said that it was the first
intimation he had received of such
action, but declined to talk, stating
that it would not be policy for him
to make any comments upon
it until he had been officially notified.
He did not seem to be very "much sur
prised or downcast at the result, but
went to his supper in good spirits. reason assorts its sway in the mind,
Local labor leaders, however, looked ' aud then back again to the iuco
very glum, and were evidently very herent ravings and the wild laugh
much displeased at the action of the which indicates that the mind is
council. Secretary Hayes said: 'If 1 turned and tho poor wife is demented,
the dispatch is true, it means a single-' and as one closely observes Maude
handed fight, with the Knights doing Granger in these varying emotions
the lighting, and 'other organizations
aiding financially.'
Croivds- Waitine; for (he Su
preme Council to Report.
Special to Tiik astoki x.l
Terre Hatjti:, Aug. 25. Tho crowd
in tho lobby of the hotel waited pa
tiently throughout this morning, but
no signs came from the committee
room until 12:30 o'clock', when the
doors opened and the members filed
out. It soou developed that they
were going through the report of the
sub-committee, clause by clause; that
tho final claiuse had reference to the
action recommended, and that until
this was reached the matter wonld be
practically in statu-quo.
The council -will reassemble at 2
o'clock, and now expects to finish the
balance ot its labors by 5.
Official Notice Kent to Plaster
Workman tcivderly.
Special to Tin: Astoria v.
Terre Haute, Aug. 25. -The fol
lowing dispatch has just been sent to
T. Y. Powcrly, at Stanwix hall, Al
bany: TUURC 11AUTK, IllU., AUg. lJ.
T. V. Powderly; Grand Master Work
man, Albany:
Tho supreme council adjonrned tbis
afternoon, after caref nlly considering the
striko in all it3 details. You will notice
tho result of our determinations in to
night's dispatches, which it is hoped
will meet with your approval. Tho coni
ruitteo was unanimous in endorsing your
proposition and the proposition of the
grand executivo board aud most
earnestly hopo that tho right,
which j'ou aro championing in tho great
conflict on the Now York Central may
finally and powerfully prevail.
(Signed) E. P. Sargent, President.
"W. A. SnciatAX, Secretary.
"Will Not ho Called Out.
Special to Tiik Astoriax.1
Terre Haute Aug. 25. Tho Fedor
ation men will not be called out The
striko motion was defeated late this
Dr. Nanseirs expedition to the North
Pole is to start m thespriugof 1892.
His companion, Captain Svcrdrup,
will take tho nautical directions. He
is at present on board a fishing boat
in the Polar sea in order to practice
in maneuvering amongst the ice.
Science Works "Womlers.
1 had sciatic rheumatism so that 1
was all drawn over to one side. My hip
sank so that you could lay your hand
in the cavitv. and I did no work for a
year. Nothing did nu; any good until
I tried Ihbbard's Rheumatic byrnp.
Four hotllos cured mp.
Alrert King, Yan Yeit, Ohio.
For sale by J. W. Conn.
! One Vessel Sunk And the Other
1 Damaged.
i Special to Tiik Astohiax.
j Sax Feaxcisco, Aug. 25. The
iuuua.ims jiiciiuugu recuivcu 11 tus
patch to-day stating that tho British
bark Docerby, from Antwerp for
Valparaiso, and tho British ship
Aryomene, were in collision. The
Docerby sunk and Argomene pnt
into Parauiba. She has her stern
damaged and had to jettison a portion
of the cargo.
The American Consul at Palermo
in Trouble.
Special toTixn astokxax.1
Paris, Aug. 25. According to the
correspondent of the Paris Soir at
Bome. tho United States consul at
Palermo has got into trouble ith
Premier Crispi for having sent a re
port to the state department at Wash
ington in which he advises Americans
to keep away from Sicily because of
the dangers from brigands, to which
1 tourists on that island are exposed.
j M. Crispi has asked the United
States minister in Borne to order the
1 cousul at Palermo to modify his report,
1 adding that if this were not done he
would withdraw the nsul's "exeqna-
tur. ' 'iho United States mimster has
not yet made reply to M. Crispi's de
mands. Dentil or at; Ex-RritisI: Consul.
Special to Tiik Astokias.J
Xew York, Aug. 25 Henrv P.
"Walker, ex-British consul io this port,
aicd tins cveniiiL' at his
home in this
.;k- nr piimmV rvntJj
Walker wa3
a resi-
Mamie Granger anil Her Talented
very sratifvinrr to a critical observer.
familiar Mith theaters aud actors. It
I is a piece in which human nature and
tno emotions ot love m its vaneil
phases are portrayed with a
fidelity and brilliaucy equal to
life, and are so realistic
as,to sway the audience like tho wav
ing of a field or grain, in just the di
rection the spirit of the play has been
rendered. One moment tho house is
convulsed with laughter, again the
patriotic fervor of joyous America
breaks out in ringing applause, aud
then the pathos, the solemnity,
and the deep sorrow of the human
heart as the 4,curse'' comes upon
''Helen Carrnthers," aud Maude
Granger so vividlv depicts the maniac,
brings tears to many an eye, and
touches every heart.
Wonderful indeed are the chanjres
J from insanity to lucid moments when
winch are so truthfully portrayed, the
admiration is intense, for the beholder
and listener mentally acknowledges
that she is grandly beautiful and true
to nature.
Harry Mainhall sis "Julian Baymoud"
ia a kind and loving husband, Charles
II. Mcstayer as 'Dr. Baymond," his
father, is admirable, C. II, Brooke as
"Sammy,' the ouug American, and
Carrie Elbcrts as his beloved "Fay"
furnish the comical gart of the play,
and Estha Williams is a splendid
"Alice." Little Baby Parker as
''Louise," Helen's child", is an infan
tile prodigy, singing sweetly, and 111
the dialogue speaking her lines with
the accuracy of a star, while her sweet,
I childish recognition of her "real
I mother" was touching in its lruc-to-
life production, and moved many a
heart to pity, as it moistened many
' an eye,
In fact, every character was well
portrayed, and as a whole, it is a mag
nificent piece, though full of sadness.
The death sceno in which the hus
band and his lost wifo are united only
for a moment, when death sets him
free, andgthe last meeting between the
two wives, were both very affecting.
A few of the audience giggled and
snickered at those scenes, but those
around them pitied their ignorance,
and their lack of heart and soul to ap
preciate and tuulerstand.
ax interview wrrn the .star.
After the close of the theatre a rop
rescntativo of The Astoriax called at
tho Occident, aud was very kindly
welcomed by Maude Granger and her
representative, Arthur Aiston. The
j lady is agreeable and entertaining in
conversation, and tnough playing the
same part so often, says that it has a
charm for her, and she sinks her own
personality and actually seems for the
lime being as if she was hi reality the
Helen Carrathers, afterwards the lov
ing wife with tho terrible curse of in
snuity upon her.
The last week in Portland was very
pleasant. Three years have rolled
away since she was last on thus coast,
when she appeared in "The Planter's
Wife." a fine pliy, which was quite
successful. A week or more will be
cocnpied between here and San Fran
cisco, and on the 8th of September
tue company opens at the Bush street
theater in fliat city, for an engagement
of two weeks.
"From there," said Miss Granger.
"We go down throngh California as
far as Los Angeles and San Diego,
thence through Arizoua and Texas,
aud will be in New Orleans in Decem
ber. You can say to yonr people that
though I have not been on this coast
for three years, I have often remem
bered with pleasure my visit to this
wonderful region, and though I know
not wll0n j siall come tllis way aain
I T ,,!, nr i,or,-ai, in-,ii.. ww,!!!
I shall ever cherish kindly rccollec
lions of tho Pacific slope and its warm
hearted and enthusiastic residents."
A 171 uch Mixed Contest for a. Con
;rrcsiional Nomination.
Special to The Astoriax.j
Fresxo, Cal., Aug. 25. Wednesday
afternoon the Sixth Congressional Bc
publican convention meets in this
city. It will be one of the most no
table conventions ever assembled in
California. Chester Bowell, of this
city, is prominently spoken of in con
nection with the" nomination. The
other candidates are Senator Bowcfs,
of San Diego, Henry Lindley, of Los
Angeles, and Judge Heacock, of Santa
Barbara. Wild, of Yentura, who was
prominently mentioned in connection
with the office, it is rumored, has
withdrawn. This leaves tho field con
test to Bowell, Bower3, Lindley and
Judge Heacock is an eleventh hour
candidate, brought out last Saturday,
and it is said will receive the vote of
the Santa Barbara and Yentura
county delegations. The fight, be
fore Judgo Heacock's candidacy, was
badly mixed. It is worse now.
I.t is stated that Senator Bowers'
friends will not support Lindley and
that the latter s friends will not sup
port Bowers. There is no telling what
combination may be formed. With
the three candidates in the field from
southern California, Bowell is bound
to receive the nomination. At Uiis
writing even-thing favora him as the
prize winner.
Dr. A. J. Pedlar, of this city, is prom
inently spoken of for senator from
this district and if nominated will re
ceive the full strength of his party
vote throughout his district. Dele
gates aro arriving on every train.
flarry Jotmssa's Body to lEcScut
to St. Louis.
Special to Tn k Astoiuax.
Sax Fraxcisco, Aug. 25. Of all the
professional sprinters in thi3 city, only
one, J. P. Hanghn, has come forward
to assist in sending tho remains of
Harry M. Johnson home to Ins rela
tives. Tho majority of the profesional
sprinters at present infesting this city
owe their success on the cinder path
to Johnson.
When he first becamo sick the ama
tenr sprinters of the Olympic club
promptly came to his assistance, and
when they heard of his death yester
day they ordered his remains to be
taken in charge and embalmed. They
will also sco that his remains are ship
ped to hi3 family in St. Louis.
California is Invited to Make an
Special to Tiik Astoriax.1
Sax Fraxcisco, Aug. 25. The
Chronicle says: General Manager C.
W. Bobinson of tho Northwestern In
dustrial Exposition, wliich is to open
at Spoknno Falls October 1st, says
that any exhibit of fruit, wines or
other jiroducts of California will bo
given a good placo for display free of
cost, and that the state or San Fran
cisco would find it profitable to send
snch exhibit, .is such a fine offer 13
not to be ignored.
Spokane Falls, as shown by the cen
sus, has 27,000 people and is growing
very rapidly. We raise and manufact
ure a good many things whicu tho
people of eastern Washington cannot
get from tho East or Sound country
and it wonld bo a good idea to seize
this opportunity and make a suitable
display of our products.
The National Evhibitlon Open
in Pennsylvania Vcstcrdaj-.
Special to Tun Astoriax.!
Carlisle, Pa., Aug. 25. The Sev
enteenth Annual National exhibition
of the Grangers opened at Williams
Grove, near Michamsburg, to-day with
an attendance of upwards of 2,000
people. This afternoon tho State and
National Grangers held their annual
business meeting.
To-morrow exhibitions will bo put
into active operation.
i'or Tapping tlic Wires.
Special toTuc AstoriaxI.
Sax Fraxcisco, Aug. 25. Wm Fal
lon was placed on trial this afternoon
on a charge ot felony, having in com
pany with J. W. Naglo tapped the
wires of the Western Union Telegraph
Co., in order to obtain "tips" on the
eastern races before tho results
reached the pool rooms.
Held to Answer.
Special to Tin: Astori s.l
Portlaxd, Aug. 25. G. II. Bnntz,
the man recently arrested at Ashland
for cutting limber on government
land, was held to answer before tho
grand jury this morning by the United
States commissioner, llo was allowed
to go upon his personal recognizance
and will be here when wanted.
"Will Not Resign.
Special to The Astoriax.1
London, Aug. 25. Bobert F. Lin
coln, United States Minister to Great
Britain, emphatically deuies that he
is contemplating tendering his resig
nation. A Tiling One WouM Never Gn?-..
Do you know how many SI bills it
takes to weigh as much as a $20 gold
piece? Driving out to White Bear
recently, one of those walking com
pendiums of useful information spia'ig
the above query, aud the opinions that
it elicited showed a remarkable range.
Ono member of the party, whose
business is to handle money in large
sums, after profound thought, sug
gested that the number would be
from 1,000 to 1,200. Others guessed
down the lino to 500, but no one less
than that number. After all had
placed themselves on record, the com
pendium stated that the number of
bills was thirty or thirty-one, accord
ing to their condition as to dirtiness
and age. St. Paul Pioneer Press.
So Says an Oregon Pioneer Nincty
lears Uid.
Forest Grove. Or.. March 10. I
have used the OREGON KIDNEY
TEA and obtained immediate relief.
It is God's blessing to humanity. I take
pleasure in recommending it to the
afllteted. 1 am now nearly ninety years
old, came to Oregon in 1842 in the em
ploy of the Hudson's IJay Company,
and since I began using the OREGON
KIDNEY TEA I enjoy good health.
Strange Disasjearance of Tiro
f omen in lie Voofls.
Easiness Suspended and All tha Peo
ple Go in Search of the
Absent Two.
Special by Tho United Press.
Medford, Wis., Aug., 25. Satur
day afternoon Mrs. Barney Moliter of
tue town of Moliter in this county,
and a sister of Mrs. Moliter and Mrs.
Mother's daughter, 15 years old, resid
ing at Chicago, went out berrying and
got lost. They have not baen found
although the whole town has been
hunting for them.
This morning at 1 o'clock the fire
bell were rung and the meD of the
city were called together and another
large parly started to Moliter, fifteen
miles distant, to hunt for the lost
The Grist mill and also the saw
mills have shut down, the employes
joining in the search.
lhere is intense excitement here
and news of the missing women is
anxiously awaited.
The Strike in lie Clicap Taris
Special by Tin: United Tress.
Chicago, Aug. 25. Tho strike of
engineers and firemen at the stock
yards was settled this afternoon. Both
sides made concessions, the company
granting an advance of 3 cents an
hour to engineers and V cents to the
The original demand was for an ad
vance of from 2G to 30 cents an hour
for engineers and from 16 cents to
20 cents for firemen.
ITIost oS the 1'eoplc Arc in Abso
lute Want. toTiiE Astokian.1
Washington, Ang. 25. Senator
Platte, chairman of the committee on
territories, laid before the Senate a
letter from Secretary Noblo transmit
ting the following telegram:
Kingfisher, Oklahoma, Aug. 21. After
many days of house inspection we find
that fully one-third of tho peoplo need
aid: that two-thirds of tho farmers need
seed wheat. Many aro now in want of
food. Thoy have no work and nothing
to sell and the prospects aro gloomy.
Tho extreme south of tho territory is not
so bad.
(Signed) Thomas Newsham.
The special land inspector in the
secretary's department has no re
sources with which to relievo the des
titution, and tho only course is to lay
the information before Congress.
A Jewelry Company Wants S21,-
OOO for Its Loss.
Special to Tiie AstouianJ
San Francisco, Aug. 25. M.
AVunsch & Co., jewelers, of this city,
brought suit to-day against the North
ern Piicific Railway company for S21,
000, tho value of a trunk and contents,
which were destroyed by fire in a bag
gage car near Spokane Falls last
The trunk was in the possession of
a drummer in their employ, who was a
passenger on tho train.
Suits Against an Insolvent Mer
chant Piling up. to The astoriax.
Port Townsend, Aug. 25. Addi
tional civil suits have been instituted
against Max L. Nathanson, the com
mission merchant who failed a few
weeks ago, the total amount of which
aggregate now about 820,000.
A store owned by Nathanson Bros.,
at Port Williams, was attached to-day
by Sheriff Morse to satisfy California
Tlic Portland Census.
Portland, Aug. 25. There was an
absence of bustle and stir in the cen
sus office to day, because about 45
enumerators had been equipped and
sent out into tho field at an early
hour this morning.
A Ii;T Purse Hung' up.
Special to Tin: Astoriax.!
London, Aug. 25. A purse of 5,
000 has been offered by the Ormonde
club for a boxing match between
Dempsey and Burke.
Atlantic Shipping.
Special to XnE Astoriax.
New Yorit, Aug. 25. Arrived.
Steamer State of Nebraska from
.lfiiiic.7U!l Tclcuraph on Fourth Page.)
ssafe, niior
Hurts amb Brusses
A Doctor Saw It.
Lawrence, Kansas, Aug. 9, 18SS
George Patterson fell from a 2d-story window,
Etrittns a fence. I found him using St Jacobs
Oil freely all oyer his hurts. I saw him next
morning at work ; all the blue, spots had gone,
leaving neither pain, scar nor swelling.
At DacGGisra and Dealers.
surf Jilllilte
w"" 2K&i$S38"