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L. XXXV. NO.r,r,.
Absolutely Pure.
Hi- jM.wU-i Mewi arifi, A marwi tt
, n. irvtwiJt .iMi vIilMiiiii'!itis':. More
niM-xl ttmM ti nn'.iHmy kiml-.aixl can
: I m.M it NH'tilh'ii Vith the uiiilti
l mix tst -4i.rl tti'iKlil.almn orjhos-
kmv. lriKicCi. li'! '':ii!-m.. ,. A.
I.i ! M. .&nsos & Co.. Agents, I'ort
ni.l -'nip.
Kiiv ;uici Marino. and Life
VAN DUSEN & CO.. Ag'ts.
f lUo I'olUm.iig Kcliabb' Fotclgn and
I' -iit.' ftHtuitK :
1 n""l and luiilon :in! J I !.!(. North
!..u-h -mm! Miwaiitili. S.-dllisli Hilton :tml
k .It-Mnl, UntlftHil : ti!it'o.'ii-iiI.(iiiin.'r-t
. ! t'.ltftniia. Iiih1oii aiiil lmrashin.' f
I kinml, (VmiiiR-roiiil Union of ionilon.
(.luntiaw of IaukIhii. Northwest of 1'ortl.inil.
Uu'iut life of New York.
rtompt.Libeial Adjustments Guaranteed
Insurance Aent.
kki'kivskn n.;
California Marine Ins. Co , S. F.
Columbia Firs m i Marine Ins. Co.,
Home Mutual Insmance Co ,S. F.
Phoenix of London.
Imperial of London.
Robb & Parker,
Fire and Marne Insurance,
Willi an Aggregate Capital of
IMl'KKIAUor I-nmlon.
l AUFOKNIA. or California.
CONMftTIClT.or Hartford.
OAKLAND IIO.M K. or Oakland
I.IUN.of ltiufon.
FIKKM A VS FUND, ot California
Ql'IXN. of limlna
Washington Market.
Mala Mrrct. AforIa, Oregon.
rMKiTi:si:v v vo ruoiMciirruns.
tion ol the public to the fact that the
atwvc Market will always be supplied with a
Wnicli will be sold at lowest rates, whole
sale and retail.
ee"-Special attention given to supplying
Fresh and Cured Meats,
cnKXAXOH Street. Astoria, Os.
Roadway Market.
O'llsirn & Inalls, Propr's.
Opposite Foanl A tokes.
A First-Class Meat Shop.
Frosh and Salt Meats.
AH Purchases Delivered iu any part of the
(1 t4Mt-c the Ijvorand Kiilncvs ami Stomach,
rv.n. It i.Ucho. Dvsrcisi.a. creates an Appe
titr, Pun(io Uic Impure UhkhI, siul
Makes The "Weak Strong.
Used everywhere $1 ahotllo;8ixfor$5-
Wm. V. Whkkkv.
RiriiAitn llAitnv,
Civil Engineer.
Wherry & Harry,
Real Estate
am townsitk work
a specialty.
City and Suburban Property Sold on Coin
mission. Investments Made Tor
Outside Parties.
L Y. Case, Banker. Judge C. H. Page.
OUIce br Xkird Street,
Uer Court House, - ASTOBIA, OK
Interesting Political, Social, Sensa
tional aM General News.
A Summary of ihe Latest and Principal
Events Occurring Through
out the Land-
Sunol failed to beat Maud S.'s record.
The railroad strike in New York is un
changed. Now steamers will be put on the Can
ndian Pacific line.
S. S. l'ringle has been appointed post
master at Desert, Or.
E. J. McCauley shot and killed Alfred
Craighill at Saule Margarita.
Another battle has been fought and
won by the Salvadorean array.
The steamer iri7nuiyfoi went ashore
at the entrance to San Diego bay.
Trains on the A. k P. and A. T. A; S.
F. roads are dcla-ed 03 washouts.
An acrobat was seriously injured by
falling from a trapezo in New York.
The- coming week in congress has
been apportioned to various committees.
A French vessel shelled a village in the
New Hebrides, and killed hundreds of
Tho body of Peter White was found on
the railroad track at Chehalis; murder
is suspected.
Evan Lewis and Me.Leod, "Tho
Slrangler," will wrestle in San Fran
cisco Wednesday.
Tho Kanier Mill company' mill at Se
attle was destroyed by fire; loss, $TiO,0C0;
partly insured.
At Livingstone, Minn., a maniac butch
ered his wife and children nnd was
killed in being arrested.
Tho secretary of the navy has decided
to Luke no further action in regard to
the case of Itear-Admiral Gillis.
Chnuncey Depew is not worried over
tho New York Central strike, nnd does
not propose to give up his vacation.
The striking cigar makers of 'J'. J. Dun
& Co. havo gone back to work, tho com
pany granting tho advance asked.
Secretary Pioelor will npKint tho
army board to select a site for the
ordnance foundry on the Pacific coast in
a few days.
tiii; akmv itoAitu.
Secretary Proctor Will Appoint
it in Feu- Days.
Special to Thk Astokiax.1
Wasiiingtox, Aug. 24. One of
Secretary Proctor's lirst official acts
on returning to Washington will be to
appoint the army board provided for
by the fortification bill to visit the
Pacific coast and select a site for an
ordnance foundry for the army. The
board is to consist of three officers not
Below the grade of lieutenaut-colouel,
one lo be selected from the ordnance
corps, one of the engineer corps and
one from the artillery.
The secretary is anxious lo have
this board organized as early as possi
ble so that it can at once visit all the
available sites and after a careful
study of them file their report in time
to be submitted to Congress as soou as
it convines in December for the second
The secretary and ordnance officers
are anxious to begin the erection of
the new foundry early next season.
How the Time Will Ke Taken
up in Senate.
Special toTiiKAsTOKXAX.
Washington, Aug. 24. Tariff dis
cussion, to exclusion of almost every
thing else, will again predominate in
the Senate this week. In conformity
with a mutual agreement of the Re
publican and anti-Democratic leaders
in the Senate, Mr. Aldrich, it is ex
pected, will, some day during the
week, ask that a day be" fixed for final
vote on the bill. The discussion may
ue interrupted oy tue conference re
port on sundry civil bills should an
agreement be reached this week on
the irrigating reservoir item.
Monday, in the House, will be for
the committee on the District of Co
lumbia. Tuesday and Wednesday
have already been set apart for the
consideration of the Butterworth bill
to prohibit dealings in "futures," etc.,
on which a vote will be taken on
Wednesday. The committee on rates
will bring in an order setting apart
Thursday and Saturday for business
brought up by tho committee on
labor and this order will probably be
agreed to. Friday will be private bill
The Gillis Court iTIartial.
Special to Tun Astoiuax
Washington, Aug. 24. Tho Sec
retary of the Navy has decided that
no further action is necessary in the
case of Rear-Admiral Gillis, who was
charged by Captain Reed with cer
tain violations of the naval regula
tions. The court found Admiral Gillis
guilty, and also found that Captain
Reed was gniltyof using disrespect
ful langnago lo Admiral Gillis. The
secretary lias decided lo take no
further action in the matter as to
either officers.
New Postmaster.
Special to TlIK ASTOKIAN.l
Washington, Aug. 24. Tho follow
ing havo been appointed fourth-class
pestmasters: Oregon S. S. Pringle,
Deseret, Cook county, vice W. G.
Rogers, deceased.
Science Works "Wonriers.
1 had sciatic rheumatism so that 1
was all drawn over to one sldo. My hip
sank so that j'ou could lay your hand
in the cavity, and 1 did no work for a
year. Nothing did me any good until
1 tried JiiDbnrds Kheuuiatio yrup.
Four bottles cured me.
Alhekt King, Yau Veit, Ohio.
For sale by J. W. Conn.
New Steamers Will Be Put on
All Line.
Specal to The Astorian.1
San Francisco, Aug. 24. There will
be marked changes in the Trans-Pa
cific situation next spring. The steam
ers of thS Canadian Pacific bteamsnip
Co. will be supplanted by magnificent
fast steamers. The Canadian Pacific
Railroad Co. will then be in a very
stirring position to compete for freight
and passenger business.
The Pacihc Mail, however, will next
year have a line of new American-
built steamers running. They Have
been determined on and will be as
fine, but not quite so large as the Can
adian Pacific steamers.
Should the Tonnage bill nowbefore
Congress become a law the Occidental
and Oriental Co. will also build new
and fine steamers and return its pres
ent chartered steamers to their En
glish owners.
To Meet " The Stranifler..
Special to The Astouian.
San Francisco, Aug. 24. The only
event of interest in sporting circles
in this city is the wrestling contest
between Evan Lewis and D. S. Mc
Leod on Wednesday. "The Stran
gler" will try lo throw the Scotch
champion three times out of four,
catch-as-catch-can. The match is for
a purse of 800.
A Wife Beater Resents Interference
With Fatal Resnlts.
Special by Thk Unit kd Pities.
San Luis Onisro, Aug. 24. C. Mc
Cauley, aged about 19 years, shot and
killed Alfred Craighill at Bean's hotel
Santa Maragarila, this afternoon.
Craighill received a 45-calibre bnllet
in each breast, causiug death in two
Craighill was an old resident of in
temperate habits and irasciblo dis
position. Last night he was abusing
his wife, when McCauley, who was iu
Craighilfs employ aud stopping at his
house, endeavored lo mako peace.
Craighill resented the interference and
attacked McCauley savagely. The
latter escaped for the time leing, but
Craighill pursued him further, to-day
abusing him and threatening his life,
until finally ujion Craighill making n
motion as if lo draw a pistol, Mc
Cauley drew a revolver aud fired.
McCauley camo in at once aud sur
rendered himself to the sheriff. Ho is
generally justified by public senti
The Railroad Strikers Spend a
Quiet Sabbath.
Special to Thk Astorian.1
New Youk, Aug. 24. All was qniet
at the Grand Central depot to-day,
and there were few indications that
there was a strike on the New York
Superintendent Voorhees was at his
office. He had heard nothing new
from Terre Haute, aud did not
expect to.
Two men were arrested aud held iu
bail for throwing stones at men on
freight trains.
A IiOiig Swim for liittlc Money.
Special to Thk ASTOniAN.l
London, Aug. 24. Davis Dalton
has accepted challenge to swim from
Blackwall pier to Gravestone, a dis
tance of twenty miles, for a purso of
50, before the end of September.
All Spiders Arc Poisonous.
Spiders, for some reason, are as
scarce in Washington City as moths
and fleas are plentiful. The spider,
however, is not an insect; uuliko in
sects, its head and chest are in one
piece, and it has eight legs instead of
six. It is a fact worth knowing that all
spiders are poisonous, secreting in
their mandibles a venom which, from
the effects produced by it, is very
likely more powerful, in proportion to
its quantity, than that of the cobra di
capello or rattlesnake. The most
dangerous of spiders are the "black
widow" with the red dot on the tinder
side, and its cousin, the "katipo,"
which often kills human beings in
New Zealand by its bite. The com
mon "jumping spider," with the three
red spots on its back, that one often
sees on sunny Avails, is to be
avoided; it will jump at you if
you point your finger at it and its
bite is dangerous. Severe spider bito
produces symptoms resembling those
of lock-jaw. The ordinary "gossamer
spider" that one sees floating about in
its web on warm fall days is fond of
attaching a thread to tho ground and
permitting the breeze to blow it off
in the air, where it remains suspend
ed at anchor for days at a time, often
miles and miles from its place of an
chorage. The greatest enemy of the
spider is the wasp; but monkeys eat
spiders, as do also snakes, turtles,
birds and some mice. St. Louis
M. de Gaste. the Froneli Minmninn
of woman's rights, who would not
onlv trive woman vnts. Imfc conta in
Parliament, sought to have his 40-
year-oia uaugutor declarged incom
petent to manage her own affairs.
He said she was hysterical, bnt the
court uemeu tne petition.
Kncourngeaient ror the FeeMp
So lonjr a the falling embers of vitality
are capable or being re-klmlled Into a warm
and genial glow, just so long as there Is
hope for the weak and emaciated invalid,
lid him not, therefore, despond, but derive
encouragement from this and from the
further fact that there la a restorative most
potent In renewing tho dilapidated powers
or a broken down system. Yes, thanks to
its unexampled tonic virtues, Hostetter's
Stomach lUttcrs U dally reviving strength
In the bodies and hopo in Ihe imiidsof the
feeble and nervous. Appetite, rcrreshlng
sleep, the acquisition of flash and color, are
blessings attendant upon the reparative
processes which this priceless iuvigoraut
speedllv inlllats and carries to a successful
conclusion. Digestion is restored, the blood
fertilized and sustenance afforded to each
lire-sustaining organ by the Hitters, which
Is Inoffensive even to the feminine palate,
vegetablo In comiosltlon. and thoroughly
safe. Use It and regain vigor.
! Causea By VanderlJilt Carryius Oat
His Famons Policy.
It is Too Late Now to Arrange for a
Postponement and the Meet
ings Must be Held.
Special by The United I'iiess.
New York, Aug. 24. Delegate
Hannan of the Firemen's Brotherhood
voiced their sentiment last night, when
he said that Webb and Vanderbilt
were only carrying out the public be
d policy, aud if General-Manager
Toucey had had his way there would
never have been any strike.
It is given out officially lo-night
that strike or no strike, Ihe national
convention of firemen and conductors
and trainmen, which have been an
nounced for next month, for San
Francisco, Los Angeles aud Toledo,
respectively, must take placo under
the constitution of each order. A
postponement can only take place
upon an affirmative vote of a majority
of the lodges and it is now too late to
put the machinery into operation.
At 10:30 the Supremo court ad
journed until Monday morning.
The sub-committee was in session
throughout to-day.
Tho advices referred to in Sargent's
letter lo Powderly are the bills of
grievances upon which the council is
required to act.
The IKnilroad Strike Does Not
Worry Him Any.
Special lo Thk astoiman.1
Pauis, Aug. 24. Dcim?w was inter
viewed here last night, lie says he
has no intention of letting the railway
strike at homo break his vacation. He
will sail from Hamburg on the Teu
tonic, September 3d.
Continuing Mr. Depew said: "The
notifications I have received from the
officers arc to the effect that Iho situ
ation is not sufficiently serious to re
quire my iiersonal attention. Had I
anticipated the rupluro I would not
have taken a vacation, but now it has
occurred iu my absence I will not re
turn on account of it. I have known
my officers o long that I have abso
lutely confidence in their discretion,
wisdom and justice. I have received
no message asking me to nrbitrate.
All the, information I receive from
America comes from the Central
Another Small Rattle Fought
The Enemy Repulsed.
Special to Thk astoki an.1
San Sata'adou, Aug. 24. Another
battle has been fought by the Salva
doreau army, aud again it has shown
its invincibility aud scored another
President Bogran, of Honduras, a
few days ago issued a boastful mani
festo, telling what ho could do to Sal
vador, but lie has met the enemy and
has been soundly thrashed. He will
bo lucky if ho possesses his capital for
a week. Bogran sent 4,000 troois to
invade Salvador. They made the in
VtTsiou, but did not got far before they
were stopped by Gen. Moliua with
2,000 men. After a five-hour battle,
they wore driven "from Salvador with
heavy losses, and left on the field sev
eral cannon and large quantities of
ammunition. It is not known here
whether Ezeta will order an advance
upon Tegucigalpa or not.
San Juan Strawberries.
Tho strawberry harvest at Friday
Harbor has closed, and the returns are
all in, excepting the shipments made
by Mrs. Sweeney, and the result is
6,857 boxes, or 34,285 pounds, which
is a trifle over seventeen and one
tenth tons. It is estimated that 3,000
boxes were used at home or went lo
waste on account of lack of pickers to
save them. Some pickers earned
S4.50 per dav. C. C. Reed shipped
1,217 boxes, L. B. Carter,
1,321 boxes, Judge Bowman G55
boxes, and G. B. Driggs, 3,054
boxes. The shipments made by Mr
Driggs were from two and three
quarter acres of ground, and it is esti
mated that 2,000 boxes went to waste
for want of pickers. The average
price received was forty-five cents per
box, or $1,644.30. This same two and
three-quarter acres is a thrifty young
prune orchard, and the berries
were raised between the rows of trees.
The prunes are yet to be heard from.
Wo gathered fine berries from Mr.
Driggs' vines on the 1st of August.
.Header, please consider for a moment
the capabilites of one acre of San
Juan county soil. Friday Harbor
More Honors For Hearst
Senator George Hearst of California
has reached the full measure of pnblic
fame. A literary society has been
named after him. It is a colored
literary society at that, and its object
is tho promotion of culture. Senator
Hearst is a firet rate judge of horse
flesh aud he can tell bettor than any
man in America whether a holo in the
ground can bo worked for silver ore;
but he has always been a littlo weak
in his spelling. It will take some
time for him to feel at home as a man
of letters, bnt the Senator Hearst
Literary society has tho senator's per
mission to use his name. Washing
ton Corr. Chicago Tribune.
So Says an Oregon Tioneer Ninety
Years Old.
Fokkst Grovk. Or., March 19. 1
have used the OREGON KIDNEY
TEA and obtained immediate relief.
It is God's blessing to humanity. I tike
pleasure in recommending it to the
afflicted. I am now nearly ninety years
old, came to Oregon in 1842 in the cm
ploy of tho Hudson's Bay Company,
anu since 1 began using the OREGON
KIDNEY TEA I enjoy good health.
The ?ZUtilatcd IJody ol" it Ulan
Found on the Track.
Special to The Astorian1.
Seattle, Aug. 24. A Journal spe
cial from Centralia, Wash., says: "Yes
terday Peter White, a stranger, came
here with two others, presumably
friends. He spent the day making
a tour of the town and visiting the
saloons, intending going south as far
as Kalama on the night train.
This morning his remains were
found on the Northern Pacific rail-
road track opposite the new Arling
ton hotel. His body was badly mutil
ated, both legs beiug cut off. Some
believe he was killed in trying to
board the south bound trniu, which
passed here about 2 o'clock in the
morning, while others believe he was
foully dealt with, and his body placed
on the track.
The absence of any considerable
amount of blood or bloodstaius tends
to sustain the latter theory. An in
quest will be held. Meanwhile the
remains lie at Butterworth's under
taking parlors.
The Strikers Win.
Special to The Astouian
PniTjADEijPuiA, Aug. 21. Differ
ences between T. J. Dunn Sc Co. and
their striking cigarmakers were set
tled to-day, by the firm agreeing to
pay the men the advance asked.
A Maniac Bntclicrs Bis Wife AM
Children With a Broad Aid.
Special bv The United 1'nns.s.
Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 24. -A
Livingston special to the Trib line says:
A man who gave his name as Arling
ton reported to Sheriff Templcton
about 5 o'clock this afternoon Hint a
rancher named Quinn, living twelve
miles w'est or Livingston, had killed his
wife and five children with a broad
Tho man was crazy, and when dis
covered was silting in the corner
of a room eating from the arm of one
of the children.
The bodies of nil were horribly mu
tilated. The arms and legs had been
severed from their bodies. The eldest,
a girl of about 15 years, was cut al
most in two.
Several men went lo- the houc and
tried to capture the murderer, but he
would allow no one to approach him,
and was killed by one of the men in
self defense.
Vantlei hilt's Yonin; Man Who Is Ffchl
iiii; the Knights of Labor.
Mr. Webb is a son of that .fames
Watson Webb who was a famous New
York editor in the days of tho war. He
inherits much of his father's determi
nation of character and concentration
of purpose, and having had advantage
of a thorough training in railway ser
vice, the directors of the New York
Central system decided that he was
the man for the emergency which had
Mr. Webb, furthermore, has an in
fatuation for the railway business and
an honorable ambition to win esteem
as a most competent manager. He
does not need to work for his support.
He is sufficiently well off to be able to
pass his days in ease if he so chose,
but laziness is something abhorrent to
him, and a proper ambition inipells
him. He labored so exhaustively
when he took the new office that
he was suddenly seized with a pecu
liar illness, which caused temporary
blindness and threatened the imma
nent loss of eyesight, but a brie
period of rest, combined with an ocean
trip, reinvigorated him, and he re
turned to work just iu time to see the
emergency which had been threatened
arising. It is probable that much of
Mr. Webb's labors was dcroted to
ferreting out the causes of the de
moralization which exists along the
line. It was a work which entailed
patience, secrecy and great determina
tion, and it resulted in the discharge
of tho sixty-five men.
There is no doubt that Mr. Webb
discovered that outside influences had
been secretly at work for some time to
bring the whole body of employes on
the New Yrork Central system under
the control of the Ivnights of Labor.
There is also good reason to think that
it was the purpose of those whose
energies were thus directed to assume
toward the corporation a policy which
it must have regarded not only as of
fensive, but a3 imperilling its business.
How this discovery was made Mr
Webb and his associates in tho man
agement of the road alone know.
Nor do they admit to an indis
criminate public that the' havo dis
covered any such condition of things
as has here been described. Yet those
who are close to the management of
the road tell me that there is no doubt
that a discovery of this kind was
made, and that, in the opinion of the
managers it called for immediate and
heroic treatment. This was adminis
tered when the orders camo for the
discharge of sixty five employes.
Philadelphia Press.
Tho Roumanian government has
offered prizes to the architects of
all nations for the best plaii3 for
its now assembly and senate
chambers. The first prize for each
building is S3.000; the second, $1,500;
third, 600.
The transition from long, lingering
and painful sickness to robust health
marks an epoch in the life of the indi
vidual. Such a remarkable event is
treasured in the memory and the agency
whereby the good health has been at
tained is gratefully blessed. Jlcncc it is
that so much is heard in praise of Elec
tric Bitters. So many feel they owe
their restoration to health to the use of
the Great Alterative and Tonic. 1 f you
are troubled with any disease of the
Kidneys, Liver or Stomach, of long or
short standing you will surely find re
lief by use of Electric Bitters. Sold at
50 c, and SI per bottle at J, W. Conn's
Drug store.
Massacre ofHnnMsofMYGSIn
tbe to HelriJes Islands.
An Entire Village Demolished The
Natives Elee to a Volcanic
Mountain For Safety.
Special by Tm: Umted Press.
Meluoukxe, Aug. 24. News has
just been received here from the New
Hebrides Islands, of a disastrous re
sult of an attempt on the part of the
commodore of a German vessel to se
cure native laborers to work on the
docks at Sydney, where the shipping
is all tied up and commerce para
lyzed by a strike of stevedores and
ship crews.
The "German commodore anchored
his vessel off tho island of Ambrim,
whose inhabitants are warlike savages
and went ashore with his crew to nego
tiate with the chiefs for a largo gang of
men. Whether or not he attempted to
seize some of the natives and take them
aboard is unknown, but for some rea
son tho natives became suspicious of
his intentions, and taking the captain
and his sailors by surprise, made a
sudden attack upon them in the night
and killed all who were ashore.
The inato and a part of the crew re
maining on board tho ship learned in
tho morning what had happened, and
to escape from the natives, who were
apparently intending to attack the
ship, made sail and stood off from the
A day or two later they spoke a
French war vessel and informed the
commodore of the massacre.
The French captain laid his course
for Ambrim and when within short
range of the shore, opened fire on the
village of natives.
The Frenchman shelled every col
lection of huts on the islands, killing
a great many of the inhabitants, who
were too terrified for some time by tho
bursting of shells to do more than
rnsh about in aimless panic.
After a great deal of damage had
been done the natives lied from their
villages and sought refuge on a vol
canic mountain iu tho center of the
island, where thev were safe from tho
j Frenchman's lire.
Tlin Frpueli frrmrinr"?nrr rnnf?niirw1
bombarding until scarcely a vestige of
a hut remaiucd, but did not land any
men to pursue the fugitive natives.
" Sunol ' Fails to 2!cat I5cr IIcc
ord. Tint Wins New Laurels.
Special lo Thk Astorux J
Chicago, Aug. 24. "Maud S." is
still queen of the the turf, "Sunol,"
this afternoon failing to beat her time.
( The latter, however, won new laurels
j by lowering her fonr-vear-old record
I to 2.10.
Chicago, Aug. 24. Both '"Palo Alto,"
1 the conqueror of ''Jack" and '"Sunol,'
j are to be shipped from here to Phila
J dclphia, where on September 4th. over
! the Bclmot Park track, theformer will
bo driven to neat the stalliou record of
2:12, now held by "Axtell"; while tho
latter will bo sent against, not only
her own record, but that of "Maude
S." as well, aud with good weather
aud good track, both feats are within
the limits of possibility.
Indian': Captnre a Whale.
J. D. Lowry, who has jnst returned
from Qninaiult reservation, brings an
account of the capture of a large whalo
off the Qninaiult river hist week. The
Indians at that place engage in whale
fishing as a regular vocation, using
their canoes and crude appliances for
ensnaring the monsters of the deep
with great skill. This particular
whale, forty-five feet in length, they
were three days and nights in subdu
ing aud bringing lo shore. It is a
coast whale, its value to the Iudiaus
being about S100. Gray's Harbor
Wealthy Fruit (trowel's.
Four Riverside aprieot growers
have received 30,000 for their cron
1 this season, says thePmw. And yet
upiiuui.s ;iro a mere suie issue uown at
Riverside. It is not surprising that
most of the fruit growers of that lo
cality live in homes of such elegance
nnd pretentious as would do credit to
a good-sized city. Los Angeles Ex
press. An Ancient Schooner.
The schooner Polly, which was
built at Amesbury, Mas3., in 1804, is
said lo be tho oldest American-built
merchant craft afloat. She is in good
condition yet, nnd delivered a load of
! coal at Nantucket only a few days ago.
1 Two men constitute her crew. Ex.
'He that whoopeth up his own busi
ness in tho newspaper, shall reap a
bountiful harvest of golden sheckles.
He that readeth the adverisements
andprofiteth, shall have an abundance
, of this world's goods at little cost. He
that chooseth not to subscribejfor his
home paper, shall wonder at the intel
ligence of his neighbor. He that ad
vertiseth liberally, getteth the cream
of the trade.''- Proverbs.
Teuaweek Sir, I wish to marry
yonr danghter. Gruff father My
daughter, young man, will continue
under the parental roof. Tenaweek
No objection will ba raised to that, sir.
Harper's llazar.
IVrspciKSin For Sixteen Years.
M. P. Holland, Postmaster, IJockaway
Beach. Lonr lslnml. N V. ivns nnlimlif
cured of dyspepsia and rheumatism of
I sixteen voars' sf.nmlintr liv f ii-in ,,.,
Buandueth's Pirxs every night for a
month. During the month he took them,
he gained eight pounds in wcicht.
Bi:anij:eth's Pills are purely vege
table, absolutely harmless, and safe to
take at any time.
Sold in every drug and medicine store,
either plain or sugar-coated.
j A Steamer Goes Ashore at the
I Entrance to San Diego.
Special to The astorian.1
San Diego, Aug. 24. The steam
ship Wilmington attempted to run
into the harbor this morning just
at dawn, loaded deep with coal, and
without a pilot. She mistook her
course and getting out of the channel
ran aground on the sand near Rose
ville. As the vessel wa3 going at a
good speed she stuck hard and fast
and all efiorts to get her off were una
vailing, until high tide at noon.
An Acrobat ITleet AVitli a Serious
Special to Tin: astouian.
New York, Aug. 24. William Han
Ion, aged 30 years, fell from a trapeze
at the Academy of Music to-night,
owing to the breaking of a gny rope.
He was seriously injured, but it is not
thought fatally.
The accident caused great excite
ment and brought the performance to
an abrupt close, the audience refusing
the manager's offer to continue. Han
Ion is one of the three brothers in the
Hanlon-Volkes combination, which
opened at the Acadanly of Music to
Serious faslionis on Transcontin
ental Roads.
exi: n.iit niti:cK itEroitTEn.
Special by Tho United Press.
AiinuQUEUQUE, N. M., Aug. 21.
Heavy rains arc prevailing along the
Atlantic & Pacific and the Atchison,
Topeka & Santa Fe roads and as fast
as one washout is repaired others oc
cur. Twice this week washouts have
ocenrred in the vicinity of Honck's
tank, on the former road, but the one
last night is the most serious. Several
hundred yards of track is gone or
nuder water and three passenger
trains from California are due.
A freight train on the Santa Fe
went into a washout near Pope's sid
ing, south of San Marcial and a num
ber of cars jumped the track. The
wreck delayed last night's east-bound
passenger train from the south twelve
One brakemau sustained painful
injuries abont the body, bnt no one
wa3 fatally hurt.
The Charm or a Frivolous Woman.
The frivolous woman is much more
necessary to the nation than a presi
dent. She is as delightful .13 fresh
soda and as easily shut off. She is a
rest after tho cares of the day and hpr
frivolity becomes charmuic if she
couples prettiuess with it. Frivolous
women seldom do the mischief in this
world. Women who affect frivolity sel
dom do. Everybody would lose by the
disappearance of the frivolons woman.
Business would stop, no classes for
general culture would be formed, and
women would be as uninteresting and
as tiresome as most of the men. The
charm of a frivolous woman is the
aud yet there have been frivolons j
women who, when the time came,
could do great things, could endure
pain Avithont wincing, could smilo and
make the best of poverty, or, putting
their dainty shoulders to the wheel,
could help tho household cart out of
the deep mire into which it has gotten.
A frivolous woman is likeyeast she
rises equal to theoccasion.and that's all
3on want her to do. Bring a man
home from a dusty day, put him down
to the dinner table and ho would much
rather hear the idle chat chat that is
at once amusing and interesting of a
frivolons woman than the weighty
argument on political economy that
is always possible to the woman with
an iron frame. Women framed in iron
mentally and physically, who couldn't
bend to a frill or curve to a frivol, are
the women who make men think that
women are wiser not to know any
thing. Let a woman know everything
under the heavens that she wants, but
let her learn when to use this knowl
edge. Fired at a tired man, it is a
boomerang that will come back and
strike her dead.
It was a frivolous woman who said,
"I have been going to a class in litera
ture all winter and I don't know how
to pronounce goethe yet. A woman
who wears her hair off her fore
head and affects a reformed
style of dress speaks of him as 'Getty,
the divine writer.' Another one who
wears a stiff turban hat, with not a
bit of bang showing from under it,
calls him 'Guty,' (it rhymes with duty)
aud says he really knows the meauing
of love. A young lady who lias been
cnlturing herself ever since she left
school, and who from great culture
presumably, in the color of a
lemon, and would staud a train
ing with sulphur and molasses,
admirably refers to him as 'Gutty,'
(rhyming it with putty) the prince of
Germans. A stately lady whose point
lace is a thing of beauty calls him
'Go-eeth,' and she's frowned upon by
another woman who addresses him as
if he were present in spirit as 'Geeth.'
The nearest achieved by any clas3
rhymed with 'dirty.' For my own
part I always say Goeth in contral
to cometh, as the nearest that I can
come to it." Terre Haute Express.
Many persons, of all ages and both
sexes, in perfect health cannot hold
their tongues when asleep. Tliis
habit is due to indigestion or to cere
bral irritability. The remedy is an
early meal before going to bed, taking
half a pint of cold water before put
ting tho head on the pillow, and al
ways sleeping ou the right side never
on the back. Iu case of premature
wakefulness a copious draught of
water usually induces sleep. Ncio
Yorlc Telegram.
AH the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
perfumery, and' toilet articles etc.. can
be bought at the lowest prices at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
hotel, Astoria.
Tie Ranier Company's MmoUi
Mill Laid In Ashes.
The Plames Eesist All Efforts to Olieck
Them Origin of the Pira
Special by Tho Usited Pkess.
Sax Fjrancisco, Aug. 24. An Ex
aminees special from Seattle says:
The Ranier Company's mill on the
shores of the harbor at the foot of
Mercer street took fire this morning at
11 o'clock. Before assistance arrived
the flames were beyond control and
the mill, together with a large stock
of lumber was destroyed. The origin
of the fire is not known, but it is
thought it originated in the boiler
room or m the dry kiln.
President Evans, of .the mill was
standing near by when some one
came running out of the mill yelling
fire. Mr. Evans turned and saw
flames darting out of the building, di
rectly over tho boiler and before any
thing towards staying the blaze could
bo accomplished they spread with
great rapidity and beat all through
the mill.
Mr. Evans summoned men and
tried to work the pumps, tho plant
having a private fire department, but
owing to the heat nothing could be
accomplished. The proprietors of
the mill had taken every precaution
against fire, for, realizing their iso
lated position, they knew that in cases
of an emergency the fire department
could render them no material assist
ance. All along the roof of the build
ing wero barrels filled with
water, and buckets and extin
guishers were placed at frequent
intervals all through the mill. Water
and extinguishers were nothing to the
fierce flames that ate their way along
rafters, through shavings, flooring,
seasoned quantities of sashes and
doors and the rubbish with which the
place was crowded. The men who
fought the fire gave up the unequal
contest in terror and fled for their
Tho fire department was called out,
but the mill was in an inaccessible
place and the firemen abandoned the
engiues and set to work with axes to
chop away the connections with the
lumber yard and trestle of the Seattle
Lake Shore and Eastern railroad, and
adjoining wharves.
Several hundred thousand feet of
lumber wero thrown overboard and in
this way saved. Within an hour after
the alarm was given, nothing was loft
of the large mill but a few smoulde
rinjr piles of timber. A post, as it
burned away, dropped into the bay
leaving -notliiug to mark where the
building stood.
President Evans estimated the I03S
of the company at 50,000. A complete
plant of sash and door machinery had
jnst been put and on this thejestimated
loss is 15,000. The company held on
their plant and stock an insurance of
15,000, and Mr. Evans held $2,000 in
surance with tho Hanford & Beach
insurance agency for machinery in the
A great reputation is a great
If a man could be conscious of all
that is said of him in his absenca, he
would probably become a very mod
est man indeed.
Wo think onr fathers fool?, sowiso wo
Onr wiser son3, no doubt, will think
us so.
Stern parent (to young applicant
for his daughter's hand.) "Young
man, can you support a family?"
Young mau, meekly. . "I only want
There would be no objection raised
against any absconding financier set
stJing in Canada if he would first set
tle in this country. Binghamptcn
He Oh! what a charming plant.
Elder sister Yes, it belongs to the
Begonia family. Small sister. No, it
don't. It belongs to tho Brown family,
who lent it to us this evening.
A San Francisco paper uses as an
argument against tho wearing of cor
sets that it is double the pleasure to
dance with a girl who does not wear
corsets than it is with one who does
wear them.
The beginning of all good law, and
nearly the end of it, is in these two or
dinancesthat every man shall do
good work for his bread, and that
every man shaU havo good bread for
his work. liuskin.
"Yes," said the tramp, "1 should like
to get some employment; but then
when I think that cider never does
any mischief until after it begins to
work, I feel that it is better to remain
as I am."
Some men try advertising as tho In
dian tried feathers. He took one
feather, laid it on a board and slept on
it all night. In the morning he re
marked, ''White man d n fool."
Some business men invest a quarter
or fifty cents in advertising, and then,
because they do not at once realize a
great increase of business, they de
clare that advertising does not pay.
Hurts amp Brujses
A Doctor Saw 1.
Lawrence, Kansas. Aug. 9, 1SSS.
George Patterson fell from a 2d-story window,
striking a fence. I found him using St. Jacobs
Qil freely all over big hurts. I saw him next
morning at work : all the bine spots had gone,
leaving neither pain, scar nor swelling.
C. K. NEUMANN, 31. D.
At Druggists andJ)ealehs.
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