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'(JL. XXXV, NO. 44.
& N i II IT Jl P III lis R"4ig2 M inH E 1 i B I I I I I ""
Absolutely Purs,
Tilts powder never vanes, A marvel ol
,rity, strength and wholesomcncss. More
.mica! tlian the ordinary kinds, and can
mk l xiltl in competition with the multi-Ih.1-
r low t'st, short weight, alum or iihos
nHn i.iw.lers. Sold mlv in cans. ItoYAl.
Haki: nmiiBR Co. 10G V'all-sU N. V.
I.rwis ai. Johnson & Co.. Agents, I'ort
n:id. Oregon.
8 and 88
Two Choice BIks in Adair's Astoria
Van Dusen & Go
Lots in Block "8" S200.
Lots in Block "88" $150.
Half Cash, Balance in Three
and Six Hlonths.
t5T"All lots staked at four corners.
o O T T N A T-
Life Size Portraits
35. OO
You may during the next 30 days get a
Which wc guarantee TO FADE for
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To obtain a good piece of work for the
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tcae vour orders w ih Air. IF. A Derhy.
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iViitiT9tr"et, Chicago. Hi.. foniHMiy l Sui
Francisco. Cal. if esisli awomp.intes order
we will allow you a. discount of M per cent
Neimi & Engross
Jewelers and Watchmakers.
Jewelry Waclii. :tni 'Ioc-Us
CCairl :t ".vtr"-ly
t.uw fi'i Im'.
628 Third St..
Fresh, Young and Tendor,
WtlO'.liS.Vl.K AND KUi'AlL.
Poultry Market.
JTew Barber Shop
:-: IS NOW OPEN :-:
And lie Is ready to serve his fricmls to their
SHOr-NeU to rhil Stokes' store.
Magnus 0, Crosby
liealer in
Inm ripe and IFIttlngs, Stoves, Tin
ware, and
Sheet F.cad. Strip Lend. Sheer Iron.
Tin and Copper.
I r
iWIHGATE & STONE, Astoria,
Hen on tlie Central ani West Shore
Roafls OrJereu Ont.
Special by Thk United Tiiks.
Albans:, N. Y., Aug. 13. Ecod of
the Locomotive Firemen's Brother
hood is authority for the follewing:
"Wo are all ordered ont by an order
from headquarters."
Reed is division " chief of the
Brotherhood. The strike is ordered
by Sargent, general chief of the fire
men's brotherhood. It is understood
that the order applies to the Now
York Central and "West Shore roads,
and it is reported that the firemen on
the latter have struck and the road is
tied up. It is probable the strike
may extend to other roads to night.
Yice-president Webb was in Albany
late this afternoon, and after a hur
ried consultation with the officials iu
the New York Central office he re
turned at once to New York. No
hour has been fixed for the firemen to
go out. Three carloads of Pinkerton
men have just loft the depot to pro
tect the non-union men in the West
Albany yards. Serious troublo is an
Say tlie Officials Violated Their
Special to Thk Astokiax.j
AiiBAKX, Aug. 23. The Delaware
and Hudson men -who went out to-day
ctaim tnat tney detected tne JJelawaro
and Hudson officials endeavoring to Minneapolis, Aug. 13. A telegram
Snirfnf'LS1 WS'V Tottase. Ontario, says the
violation of a promise made to the j . ,. , . . ,- ,. ,
district assembly. They say tho Canadian and American Indians have
Btrike "will extend the whole length of taken possession of Gordon island, in
tho road before night , Passenger i Lake of the "Woods, and havo ordered
Knights claim that the action of the section within four days. Tho pnnci-
Central people in bringing on a large
number of switchmen from the Michi
gan Central yards at Chicago will at
once extend the strike to western
lines of the Vanderbilt system.
More Railroad. Strikers.
Special to The Astoeias.
Albany, N. Y., Aug. 13. At neon
the Delaware and Hudson Canal Co.'s
freight and yard men, except the en
gineers and firemen, quit work as
though the signal had been giveu on
that road. It is said the Boston &
Albany & Fitchburg freight depart- j
ments will strike. Trouble is feared
here now. General Manager Young,
of tho Delaware & Hudson railroad,
said the strike only included the
freight handlers, switchmen and yard
men in the Albany yards.
The Strike Unchanged.
Special to Thk Astouiax.
Nr.w York, Aug. 13. Tho strike
situation remains practically un
changed, except that the officials claim
it is practically improved. They say
that they arc running passenger trains
and everything has resumcifiis nor-1
mal condition.
- ;
A strange FWi.
A mm and peculiar 1I2I1 was cjipt
u red by Mr. John B. Parsons, Jr., intinent was at
tho Milk island trap on the 3d mst. It j
is provided with a sucking disk on the
back cif the head. At first there vriv
much conjecture as to what it might
be, but it wjis soon found to be a
. ... .1
J uu iljr,
ramora, or sucking lisu, a speci03
found inostlv in tho souUi Atlantic,
JlmtoccaBionallvfuiindasfariiorth asi80"0.116"?? an nng. ab tucywere
! the Britih coast. They aro said to
'attach themselves to vessels, and
in oldc-n times were leported to
1 be iiiilmmental iu sinking them;
1 but tho sinkinir nart of the
, story is now relegated to tho domain j
of fable. On the coast of Mozambique
they aro usedfor purpose of capturing
turtles. A ring is fixed around its
tail with a long cord, and the fish,
placed in a vessel of sea water, is car
ried out in a boat. The fishermen
row gently towards a sleeping turtle
and throw the ramora towards it, and
the fish seldom fails to affix itself to
the tnrlle, which is drawn in by tho
cord, becoming an easy prey. Mr.
Parsons has taken this curiosity to
the Peabody Academy, Salem, for
preservation there. Cape Ann
Jireeze, 5.
So Says an Oregon Pioneer Ninety
Years Old.
Forest Grove. Or., March lfl. I
have used the OREGON KIDNEY
TEA and obtained immediate relief.
It is God's blessing to humanity. I take
pleasure in recommending it to the
afflicted. 1 am now nearly ninety years
old, came to Oregon in 1842 in the em
ploy of the Hudson's liay Company,
and since 1 began using the OREGON
KIDNEY TEA I enjov good health.
All the patent medicines advertiseu
in this paper, together with the choicest
perfumery, and toilet artich s etc -nn
he bought at the lowest prices nt J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
hotel, Astoria.
Blocks 200x200, $300 o $400. Lots 50x100 to 350 feet, $40 to $100.
This Choice Property is now on the market, and is the Finest Summer Resort on the Coast. It joins the Seaside Hotel
property on the south, and has one-half of river frontage, on tlie jSTecanicum river with line boating and fishing.
Has Hauled a Largo Amount of
Special to The Astojuax.
New Yokk, Aug. 13. President
Oakes says the gross earning3 of the
Northern Pacific for the last year aro
S22,G00,0K), and the surplus after pay
ing 1 per cent dividend on preferred
slock at nearly 1,000,000. He expects
the gross earnings to bo 3,000.000
more for this year than last, and the
net earnings to be S1,000,000 in excess
of last year. He estimates that tho
road will haul 100,000,000 bushels of
wheat to Tacoma and 20,000,000
bushels to Chicago.
THE G. A. R.
Alffcr Delivers
Special to Thk Astoiuax.1
Boston, Aug. 13. The convention
of the 24th national encampment of
the Grand Army of tho Republic
camo to order in this city at Music
hall this morning at 11 o'clock.
Prayer was offered by Past Chief Chap
lain. L M. Poster, at tho conclusion of
which Commander-in-Chief General
B. A, Alger delivered tho annual
Canadian and American Indians
Mine in an UprlsiHg.
Special hy Thk Uxiteo Fhess.
pal company is tho Baltimore Packing
company, which has branch houses in
Denver, Omaha, Salt Lake City and
other places. Tho governor has been
appealed to to send troops and they
will probably be sent to day. The
company's manager here fears tho In
dians may in addition destroy the fish
ing plants and massacro the men in
charge. It is not yet known what
caused the uprising.
Wants Something- In licltcrVcin
Special to Thk Astokuk.
New Yoek, Aug. 13. It is reported
here on the authority of a private
letter from London, that Miss Leiter,
tho daughter of Levi Z. Leiter of Chi
cago, is engaged to bo married to Sir
Chas. Hall, privato attorney of the
prince of Wales. Miss Leiter has a
large fortune in her own right
John Boyle O'Reilly's Funeral.
Special to Thk stow tx.j
Boston, Aug. 13. The funeral of
John Boylo O'Beilly occurred from
St. Mary's church at Charlestown.
Vast quantities of costly floral offer-
ings lined tho church. Great crowds
lot people were unable to gain admis-
8jOI j0 fno cliarcli- The services con
sisted of a requiem hish mass and a
sermon by Father Fulton. Tho intor-
Monut Calvalry ccm-
Old and Young Killed.
.-pecial to Thk Astouiax.
Oraxge, Mass., Aug. 13.--Joseph A
Ni.nfmiiM rmi j . rn.v. vi.n
., ; . ' , ,, .
"'b,'.uituii ,,' utV4 " j"io i"
morning too his four-year-old grand-
crossing the track of tho Fitchbnrg
railroad near the station, the pay train
dashed by it and struck tho two and
instantly killed them.
hTviicTiinen nndBrakcmcn Strike
Special to The Astoriax.
AiiBAxr, Aug. 13.- The Delaware
and Hudson switchmen and brakemen
havo gone out and the road is tied up.
One hundred and fifty Michigan Cen
tral men were sent to west Albany at
11 o'clock to movo freight for tho
Now York Central.
"Do hens pay?" asks a poultry
journal, Mrs. Panzie, who had $10
worth of garden flowers destroyed by
her neighbor's chickens, says that if
tho hens don't pay she will sue their
owners. Norristown Hearld.
Everything Goes Wrong
In the bodily mechanism when the liver peti
out of order. Constipation, dyspepsia, con
tamination of the blood, imperfect assimila
tion are certain to ensue. Rut it is easy to
prevent theso consequences, and reniovo
their cause, by a course of Ilostettcr's Stom
ach Bitters, which stimulates the biliary
oryan and rejjulates its action. The direct
result Is a disappearance of the pains be
neath tho ribs and through the shoulder
blade, the nausea, headaches, yellowness or
the skin, furred look of tho tongue, and
sour odor of the breath, which characterize
liver complaint. Sound digestion and a
regular habit of body are Westings also
secured by the use of this celebrated res
torative of health, which imparts a degree
of vigor to the body which Is Its best nuar
anteo of safety from malarial epidemics.
Aerve weakness and over tension are
relieved by it, and it Improves both appetite
and sleep.
WcIuharri'A Siecr.
And Free Lunch at tho Telephone Sa
loon, 5 cents.
Kept Secret hy the Government.
Special to The Astoria.
"Washington, Aug. 13. The report
of consul-general Sewall at Apia, was
received at the state department to
day, but it is being kept secret by act
ing secretary Wharton. It is learned,
however, that it corroborated the re
port that tho natives are dissatisfied
because the dual government na3 not
been formed, and there are fcar3 of
trouble. It also intimated that
Sewall, in his well-known blunt
manner, raps tne foreign rep
resentatives pretty severely m lus
report of some of their actions.
Locomotirc Engineers Will IVot !
Strike. j
Special ta The Astoria.!
Terrs Hatjte, Ind., Aug 18.-3:45
r. m. TJp to this hour it has been im-
possible to obtain any information I
from srand master Sargent as to his '
ordering out tho New York Central '
faremen. In an interview yesterday lie lam its supply from that section. It
said in answer to a question whether has .also the largest coal fields on this
tho firemen would go out, that many coast, with iron, limo and building
of them -who were Knights of Labor stone. It is not a good agricultural
undoubtedly would, but that the region but for fruits and kitchen veg
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen ctable3 it cannot bo excelled, Its
would tako no part in the strike. climate i3 like that of Great Britain.
It has 150 rainy dnvs in the vcar.
Want to Keep Clear ol Politics. While San Francisco after twentv
Special to Thk Astoriax.1 j ycar3 has failed to obtain ono compet-
CoiiTjinjus, Ohio, Aug. 13. Four J iug railroad, Washington has already
hun dred and fifty farmers met here in three advancing to compete with the
tho state convention to-day in re-,
sponso to a call by prominent agri
culturists, to take action toward pre
senting their interests to congress and
me legislature. j.uuru is u sirou ul-
fort to keep the movement out of po-
litical channels.
Tho "Fat Contributor" Speaks to a Toat '
for Coloaol Bob Ingcrsoll. ;
11.- T ?1-L- mi Z 1. r I
Tho following imitation of Colonel
Ingereolls stylo of address was given
at a club dinner not long ago by A.
Miner Griswold, -witty editor of 1 exas
"I am requested," said Colonel In-
gersqii, "to give my laeas aoout maK-
ing this world of ours. But you must
remember, was not consulted about
the making of this world. I don't
even know why it was made in tho
first place, and I don't know why it
was made in tho way it was. There
was really no call for tho world wo
live in. "The universe teemed with
worlds already, many of them lying
idle for the want of business. Over
production had laid its paralyzing
hand on the world-building industry
even before ours was placed on the
"While there were millions of
worlds under a high state of cultiva
tion and densely populated, thero
were millions more almost deserted,
not paying running expenses. Why,
there aro myriads of dead worlds
floating in the starry ether, celestial
tramps headed for nowhere, drifting
aimlessly about ottthc.sjja of illimit
ablo space!
"Why did they die? Because there
was absolutely no call for them, not
even a call to repentance. Worn-out
worlds to bo had for a song. BHlious
and billions of starry acres wailing to
be taken up under the homestead
Intp. ninnsinns in tlift skips in ir hnd
for tho asking, and yet they go to
work and make another world!
"I tell you, my friends, the waste of I lugeison iiutci ana ine x-ogson uiock
raw material in the construction of row of one-story buildings, was de
this universe is appalling. Congress ntroyed by lire at 11 o clock last night
ought to look into it.
"But I am digrcssiug-and if I die
grossing I have arranged for a stenog-
rapher to take down my last words so
uiubiufj iii.iji.utuu K.UUH.-U u n.u
relisrious and sporting press
" Now, had 1 been consulted about
the making of this world, which I was
not you all know that there arc
several improvements that I might
have suggested. In the first place, in
stead of making tho world round like
a globe I would have made it diamond
shaped, the belter to accommodate
base balL That baseball was des
tined to become the universal industry
of this world ought to have been fore
seen from tho Big Inning.
"I would havo arranged tho seasons
differently, so that we could have
snow storms in the dog-days and the
heated term in mid-winter.
"I would have reversed the laws of
gravitation, then when a man fell out
of a six-story window, instead of com
ing down to break his neck, ho would
fly up into tho air, sail about like a
balloon and come down easily at his
"As I remarked in a former lecture,
I would havo mado health contagious
instead, of disease, and then a man
laboring under a well-developed
attack of good health might go
around and give it to tho whole neigh
borhood. 'Finally, what a boon I would be to
old ago. In old ago a man sheds his
teeth, when he needs them most, and
keens his corns, which aro really of no
service to him whatever. I would
havo him shed his corns and hold on
to his teeth.
"In conclusion, I must say I see no
uso for tho making of this eartn,
unless it was foreseen that a day
would come when Jay Gould would
want it!"
A fine lino of Cigars anilaCigareUes
nn 1m fniinil if. tlin fVilmnhia R.iknrv.
1 59G Third street.
He Eulogizes tie Glorious Pacific
Sp ciat li The Uxrrr.D Funs-.
Sax Fraxcisco, Aug. 13. At
meeting of the Geographical society I
of the Pacific la3t night, John S. Hittell
delivered au address entitled "YTest-
era Washington, or Washington west
of the Cascades."
The lecture stated that western
Wcslmlgton iiad facilities uncqnaled
. ,. e ., , , J m,
m an3' Prll0n 0t tll Slobo. The
largest spars come from Pnget sound
and for a century California will ob-
Northern Pacific, leaving out the re-
ported advance of tho Southern Pa
cific toward- Puget sound. Tho mam
attraction is to have a terminus on
- n . I m, T-r - -,-v - .
x'uget sounu. xuc union Jtracuic is
going there under compulsion, and the
Great Northern also, the new line of
tho 48th parallel. The Northern Pa-
cific is looking for feedera in all direc-
tions, and to reach a seaport where
commerce can be carried on at the
Jt Pefff- ,Scat", bas "dy
3o,000 inhabitants and Tacoma 30,000,
while Port Townsend anil Olymma
navo 4,590 each. Tho contest between
thosc cities EUCS aa nunsUal activity
consequent on the advance of these
competing railroads. Tacoma is tho
only terminus of a railroad at this
tjme bufc otuer 1 are 0flering jn.
aucemenls to make their uoiuts ter
mini of other roads."
The address Avas very interesting,
and full of facts and figures, -which
show tho reason of the great activity
displayed by the people of western
Scars Important BivpatcJic;.
Special to Tun Asiom.vxl
Sa SaiiVadok, Aug. 13. Minister
Mizner camo ashore at La Libertad
j on Saturday and on Sunday arrived
here. The provisional president,
Fzetn, entertained Mizner at a ban
quet to-day, and the best of feeling
prevailed. Minister Mizner appeared
disposed to act in the interest of a set
tlement of the difficulties between
Guatemala and Salvador. When he
arrived hero minister Mizner brought
a copy of President Barrillos' formal
declaration of war against this repub
lic. This was tho first information on
the matter received at the capital of
this country, and tho first official in
formation Hint tho government or San
Salvador had on the subject.
A $10,000 Fire.
Ri-ecl.-.; toTitr..Toi:iAs.i
j Jurciawrrsip, Lai., Aug.
J-ho hro originated witli an exploited
j Jarap m a mimyery store. J-uu juss
j v.'as about 310,000.
one" ciTinTinaTr i,c...
Sneria. to Thk ASTOKi I
Sax Fit.YKCisco, Aug. 13 Woo
You, a Chinese domestic, while going
to worn this morning, was fatally shot.
In Ids dving statement You acenses
Ny Iloy, a highbinder, with doing
tho shooling aud lie lias neen arrested.
An old feud, it 13 said, existed between
An institution for tho blind Mar
riage. Pud:.
The limo that is money mn&i be
time and a gain. Pack.
"Do yon dictate to your type
writer?'' "I used to do so, but I
married her, and now she dictates to
me." Hostoii Courier.
Never do anything you aro ashamed
of. or tho kodak man may tako your
Tiictnre whuo yon are doing iv.
Boston Globe.
Choking Him Off Mr. Goodolo
Tymes Now, my mother's cooking
Mrs. Tymes (interrupting) Hush!
It's horrible to speak that way of the
dead! Puck.
There is always room for ono nioro
in tho waste basket. Dallas News.
If, in tho heat of a family quarrel,
tho angry wifo makes a move to pick
up a flatiron, by no means is this to be
taken as implying a willingness to
smooth things over. Detroit Free
The confidence of people who have
tried Hood's Sarsaprilla, in tins prepar
ation, is remarkable. It has cured many
who have failed to derive any good
whatever from other articles. Por dis
eases caused bv impure blood or low
state of the system it is unsurpassed.
Go to
kinds of
tlie Columbia bakery for all
An Extract
Their Plat-
Special to The AsroniAX.
Sacramento, Aug. 13. The plat
form adopted at the Bepublican state
convention to-day states that the Be
publican party has successfully con
ducted the government of the nation for
nearly thirty years, performing deeds of
statesmanship and military achieve
ment worthy to live forever upon the
brightest pages of history. It has
contributed to our conntry statesmen
suchas Lincoln, Seward, Chase,
Sumner, Garfield, Logan, Conkling
and Blaine, and such soldiers as Grant,
Sherman, Sheridan and Thomas,
names whose fame will livo in tho
world's galaxy of heroes so long as
the love of liberty survives in the hu
man heart. It has preserved the
unionof states against the attack of
a million of men in armed rebellion.
It found the nation without credit at
home or abroad and it organized a
financial system under which we
have steadily advanced until our
conntry has become the most power
ful of all the nations of the earth.
Better than all it has not only been
time to its original purpose of pre
venting tho establishment of slavery
in any of the territories of the United
States, but it has also destroyed slav
ery in all of the states.
Powers' Carelessness tie Canse of
Tlie Sal AcciSent.
Special bylho Usitku Press.
Eugen-e, Aug. 13. It transpires that
W. H. Walker was not shot by his
companion, from whom he had separ
ated, as at first reported, but that ho
went out hunting with Frank Witter,
of Eugene, on Monday evening, taking
a pony, blankel3, provisions, etc., with
him. The next morning (yesterday),
about 7:30 o'clock, the two hunters
were returning, and were about a mile
and a half from the bridge, when a
shot came from the brush and Walker
fell, the bullet having penetrated his
head. The shot was fired by a young
man named Glen Powers, who live3
in that vicinity, and was out
for a morning's hunt Neither Walker
nor Powers knew the other was in tho
mountains. Walker wore a light
colored hunting coat which Powera
mistook for a deer and as soon as ho
saw it through the brush ho fired
The body was carried to tho camp and
soon started for Eugene. Mrs.
Walker procured a team and drove
with all haste to Eugene, arriving
hero at 10 o'clock and took the -1
o'clock train for Portland this morn
imr. Tho bodv arrived here at 8 this
morning where it was embalmed and
packed in ice and shipped on tho 10
o'clock train to Portland. No inquest
was held and no charge is made
against Powers except that of care
The Remains Identified oy the
Special to Thk Asto::ia.I
PohtijA3.d, Aug. 13. This morning
coroner Biver received a telegram
stating that a man had been killed
on tlie Union Pacific track, near E. J.
.Teffrey's brickyard, in the rear of
Mount Tabor, about six miles from
this city. The accident must have oc
curred last night, as tho first TJnion
Pacific train coming this way this
morning discovered and picked up the
remains. Coroner Biver found upon
the person of tho deceased, several
empty envelopes postmarked Astoria
and "directed to Strachan Bros., St.
nelens, Columbia county; also a letter
from Vincent & McCnllough, dated
Astoria, and then thero was a short
business communication in one pocket
written by E. J. Jeffrev, dated August
8th, 1S90, addressed to George Strat
ton. Later in tho day a stranger visited
the morgue, asking to bo allowed to
view tho remains above referred to.
The visitor, who was greatly affected,
identified them as those of his brother,
George Strachan, a paving block cut
ter and a resident of St. Helens, who
leaves a wife and four children.
IVIiat Tliey Arc Good Z'or.
Braxdrkth's Pn.iiS aro the best
medicine known.
First They ar? purely vegetable, in
fact a medicated food.
Second The sanio dose always pro
duces tho same effect other purgatives
require increased doses and finally cease
Third They purify the blood.
jFburWi Thoy invigorate the digestion
and cloanso tho stomach and howols.
Fifth They stimulate tho liver and
carry off vitiated bilo and other depraved
Tho first two or threo dosos tell the
story. Tho skin becomes clear, the eye
bright, the mind active, digestion is re
stored, costiveness cured, tho animal
vigor is recruited and all decay arrested.
BRAXDRETii'sPiiVLsanssold in every
drug and medicine store, cither plain or
sugar coated.
All the Choicest Delicacies, made by
only hrst-class men at the beaside
ahb Austin House, Seaside,
Tie Potato Crop a Total Failure iu
Tie Eierali Isle.
JITSlSTEIt 2I1ZXEH uaxqvettei
JTpccial by Tun Umtkh Pkess.
Lootox, Aug, 13. Michael Davitt
returned to-day from his hurried visit
to Ireland whence he was called late
on Friday, and in reply to a query of
a reporter said:
"I have made a brief trip through
Ireland for the purpose of inquiring
into the facts concerning the impend
ing famine. My inquiries fully con
firm tho fears that have been ex
pressed as to tho probability of the
disastrous consequences of a famine
and I find that tho potato crop is
almost a total failure. In addition to
this, thousands of smaller fanners
will suffer.
Refuses to Lower a Coat for
Special to Thk AstoktaxJ
Paris, Aug. 13.-tA telegram from
Fecamp to the Temps reports tho ar
rival at tnat port of tho crew of the
Christopher Colombo which was re
cently run down and sunk by tho
Netherlands American Steam N'avioa-
tion company's steamer Ob dam on the
banks of Newfoundland. The crew
declare that the captain of theObdam
refused, although asked to do so bv
the captain of tho Colombo, to lower
a boat and aid in picking no tho crew
of the French vessel, four of whom
were drowned. Tho passengers of the
Colombo have also signed a statement
attesting to tho same fact and assert
ing that the Obdam showed, neither
its port nor starboard lights.
Won't Let the Women
Special to Thk AstomajtJ
DuEfDix,N. Z., Aug. 13. There is-a
general strike of the men employed in
4.1.. i.r : i -t .1 !
iuu biujjijiujj iruuu uuu railways immi
nent. Tho troublo arises from the ac
tion of a firm in Christ church which
employs a number of women. The dis
charge of tho women was demanded
by the unions, and upon the firm's re
fusal a boycott was declared against
them. The shipping and railwav
companies continue to handle the
goodsof the firm, and the men declare
that if this is not stopped a general
striKo win oe inaugurated.
Review of Naval and S,autl
Special to Tin: a.stokiax.1
on an immense scale will take place
here before the lteet leaves for Quebec.
The war ship3 will tako an active part,
The fleet will attack the city. The
military are making extensive prepara
tions to repel the attack. Prince
George will havo charge of the ships.
All the forts, from tho mouth of tho
harbor up, will bo tested to their full
est capacity.
Passed Through the Elands ol
Cc 1 111 mi.
Special to Tin: Astokiax.1
Loxdox, Aug. 13. A dispatch fiom
Bnenos Ayres states that the financial
statement to be issued by the govern
ment will show that 300,000,000 in
currency passed through Celman's
hands while ho was president, and that
tho country derived but little real ben
efit from it.
Will Have a ISctluccil Porcc.
Special to Tit r Astouiax.
Loxdo:,, Aug. 13. Tho postmaster
general has given a final decision in
tho matter of applications for rein
statement made by postmen who
wero discharged for taking part in the
recent strike of 400 men dismissed.
Ho decides that only fifty shall be
again employed. A number ot men
who wero discharged are emigrating.
60,000 Idle Men.
Special to Tin: Astouiax. j
CARDiFF.Aug. 13. Negotiations be
tween the railway directors and the
strikers were resumed and the out
look for a settlement is good. Sixty
thousand men arc idle in consequence
of the strike.
Shannon Ifas Showed Up.
Special to Thk astoriax.!
Dnnmx, Aug. 13. Shannon, the
Dublin editor of the London Times,
who was connected with tho Pigott
letters scandal, and who mysteriously
disappeared several months ago has
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizens that
for years we have been seltnu: Dr.
Kinc's New Discovery for Consumption,
Dr. King's New Life Pills, Buklen's Ar
nica Salve and Electric JJitters, and
have never handled remedies that sell
as well, or that have given such univer
sal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to
guarantee them every time, and we
stand ready to refund the purchase
price, if satisfactory results do not fol
low their use. These remedies have
won the:r great popularity purely on
their merits. J. "W. Coxx, Druggist.
Seaside Momes I a
The Race Between the Northern aad
Union Pacific Becoming Lively.
CnT.iTAT.TS, Aug. 13. Besides a de
sire to build railroads,the companies at
work in this locality seem quite will
ing to do a little spitework. Some two
miles southwest of Chehalis the lines
of the proposed TJnion Pacific, from
Portland to the Sound, and the North
ern Pacific, from Chehalis to Willapa
harbor, cross almost at right angles
Each company have strong crews o
men at work, with the intention of
completing their grade first, as there
is a difference of four feet between. the
level of the grades, and tho company
last to get finished will have to con
form to tho level of the other crrade.
The TJnion Pacific's grade is here nine
feet high, and the Northern's only
five, so it will make a big difference to
tlie company that gets left. Tho
Northern's work is being done by the
contractor, while that on the Union
grade is being done by a force taken
from Hunt's graders on his line to
Gray's harbor. This fact seems to
confirm the opinion, which is
gaining ground, that the TJnion
Pacific is really backing Hunt in
his building toward the harbor.
Bight-of-way agent Herriot said
hero Saturday that his company, the
TJnion Pacific, had not yet secured
the right of way through Winlock and
Centralia, and that it was not improb
able tho former town would be
missed. Chehalis has given a guar
antee of a free right of way, and it is
about all secured. The company paid
Mrs. Barrett 1,700 cash to pass
through her unplatted grounds, and
is paying liberally for passing through
adjoining farmlands. Of course the
work they are now doing here is only
to "hold the fort" so that the North
ern Pacific will have to conform, to
their grade. One of the engineers
said yesterday that this would cost
the Northern nearly 20,000, and is
being done in retribution for the lat
ter's obstructive policy with Hunt on
the way to Gray's harbor.
The county commissioners sitting as
a board of equalization, have de
cided to raise the assessor's valuation
on railroad lands in Lewis county,
and to-day sent a telegraphic notice to
Paul Schultze at Tacoma, to show
cause, if there is any, why it should
not be done. Their lands have been
valued at from 1 to 3 per acre.
Some of the lands assessed at 1 are
held for and being sold at from 6 to
8 per acre, and some of their lands
are held as high as 20, or refused for
sale at any price.
A stream of men are constantly
coming and going between town and
the Northern Pacific camp, about four
mile3 out. About 200 men are at work
on the grade. Horses and supplies
como on every freight, and from twenty
to thirty new men go to work every
day. The TJnion Pacific have a camp
and a large force of men about a mile
sonthwesl; of here on the Gates' farm,
on the grade, between hero and Win
lock. Orefjonian, 13.
corrcii river Indians.
Women 3Ieio Beasts of Barden The
Region Littlo Known.
A permanent water-house occupied
by the aborigines of Copper river is
constructed of poles, slabs and spruce
bark. It3 plan is similar to the na
tive houses in southeastern Alaska,
but is not so substantially built It is
about eighteen feet square and four
feet high. Around the inside
is a platform five feet wide and
three feet hih, which serves for a bed
at night, where all their household
goods arc thrown down promiscuously.
In tho center of the house is an open
fire-place, directly over which is a
largo hole in the roof for the escape of.
smoke. Overhead are poles for smok
ing and drying fish, while inmates
and all present a dirty, smoky, dingy
appearance. They build their houses
without lumber and with no pur
chased tool save an axe. Bawhido
thongs and withes answer the place of,
nails and mortised tenon. "Necessity
is the mother of invention." Most oE
their belongings aro home made.
Their wants are few; their means
scanty indeed.
They havo not come in contact with
the whites very much and they have
not the native ingenuity of the Thlik
nets. They know little of the arts
of living" "Useful things beyond
their pressiug needs are not
thought of, and luxuries of any kind
are uever even dreamed of. Their
clothing is made of skins; they have no
furniture, tho ground or slab floor
answering every purpose or, conven
ience and comfort. Although they
have procured shot guns from traders
in exchange for furs, yet the old-time
bow and arrow is yet in uso. Each
member of tae family is the owner of a
faithful dog, their only domestic ani
mal. However, this is true of all the na
tives of Alaska. None have cows, pigs,
or even chickens. The Copper river
natives do not ornament as much as
tho Thlinkets. The nose and ears aro
usually pierced and are ornamented
with rings. Most of them paint their
faces, but this is about the extent of
their personal decorations.
Mr3. Wixslow's SooTmxa Strut
should always be used for children
teething. It soothes the child, softens
the eums.allavs all pain, cures wind
cholic. and is the best remedy for diar-rhcea.Twenty-five
cents a bottle.
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