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. 0)
Absolutely Pure.
nls powder never vanes, A marvel ot
uritv, strength and wholesoraeness. More
economical than the ordinary kinds, and can
not bo sold In competition with tho multi
tude or low test, short weight, alum or phos
phate powders. Sold only in cam. Koya i
iltKIVO Tow DKB Co. 106 V'all-st.. N, V.
Lkwis M. JonNsox & Co.. Agents, Fort
and. Oregon.
8 and 88
Two Choice Blks in Adair s Astoria
Van Dusen & Go
Lots in Block "8" S200.
Lots in Block "88" $150.
Half Cash, Balance in Three
and Six Months.
15TA II lots staked at four corners.
Comedy Troupe
THURSDAY, Aug. 14, 1890.
Hero You Ara !
Prof. Gustave Peterson
And His Company or
12 STARS 12
A Surprise
For sou alL You may no, think so, but
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Manufacturrr'und Dealer in
Sak, Doors. Mouldings and
11 rackets.
All Kinds of Iiard Wood and House Finish
ing Lumber, Bott a Spe
cialty. Wood Turning.
lir. Gchctictc and Aslor Streets.
Astoria, - - Oregon.
Frosh, Young and Tender,
Poultry Market.
"Guilty of Muraer in the First De
gree," as CkaiKBi.
Pacific County Jariei Meet and Hold
Business Sessions.
Special to The Astouian.
bysTERvmciE, "Wash., Aug. 10.
Tho counsel for the state closed the
argument in the case against John B.
Hose at 10 o'clock last night, Hon. O.
W. Fulton making a speech of -three
hours, full of sound argument, and
brilliant in itaeloquence. It was
such a masterly effort that it will bo
almost certain to have great -weight
with the jury. There was a large au
dience present in tho court room who
listened intently during the speech.
Judge Bloomfield delivered his
charge to the jury and they rotired to
deliberate. Three times to-day they
have called the judge for special in
structions in reference to points of the
case, which were being discussed in
the jury room.
Later A dispatch from The
Astokiax's special correspondent
"The jury returned a verdict of
murder in the first degree at 8 o'clock
this evening."
This concludes the trial proceedings
in Pacific county against the parties
indicted for tho murder of tho
FredrickBons, and the others will bo
tried at Mbntesano, Ohehalis county.
For Catching Whales In the Gulf of
Captain T. P. H."wTiitolaw,thQ well
kifown wrecker, and owner of tho
wrecking steamer bearing his name,
has made application to the Canadian
minister of customs for permission to
hunt and take whales in the Gulf of
Georgia. Captain "Whitelaw's venture
is a big one and he feels continent
there is money-in it lie feels con
fident that whaling", .with steam
launches and the latest and most im
proved patent gans can bo made a
most profitable industry. If his theo
ries prove correct, he intends to or
ganize a stock company to systemat
ically hunt the leviathan of the deep.
There has been no whaling in tho
Gulf of Georgia for seventeen years,
as, with the old-fashioned methods
adopted,, it could never bo mado to
pay in the past Captain "Whitclaw
intends to fit out the old and recently
purchased steamer Alexander as a
floating refinery, for reducing tho oil
from the whnles taken on tho scene of
their capture. His method of kilHng
will be a new and thoroughly scien
tific one, -allowing no whale that has
been captured to escape, and having
received the necessary permit from
the Canadian customs ho will at once
proceed to carry his scheme into ex
ecution. Do it Now.
Don't live a single hour of your
life without doing exactly what is to
be dono in it, .and going straight
through it from beginning to end.
Work, play, study, whatever it is
take hold at once, and finish it up
squarely and cleanly; and then to tho
next thing, without letting any
moments drop out between. It is
wonderful lo see how many hours
these prompt people-contrive to make
of a day; it is as if they picked up the
moments that the dawdlers lost
And if you ever find yourself where
you have so many things press
ing upon you that you hardly
know how to begin, let me tell you a
secret; take hold of the very first one
that comes to hand, and you will find
all the rest fall into file and follow
after like a company of well-drilled
soldiers, jind though work may bo
hard to meet when it charges in a
squad, it is easily vanquished if you
can bring it into line. You may have
often seen the anecdote of the man
who was asked how he accomplished
so much in his life. "My father
taughtme," was tho reply, '"that when
I had anything to do, to go and do
it" There is the secret tho magic
word now, for God and souls, and all
tho duties of life. Exchange.
So Sa'.s an Oregon Pioneer Ninety
Years Old.
Forest Grove. Or., March 19. L
have used the OREGON KIDNEY
TEA and obtained immediate relief.
It is Gods blessinc to humanity. I take
pleasure- in recommending it to the
afflicted. I am now nearly ninety-years
old, came to Oregon in 1842 in the em
ploy ot the Hudson's Uay Company,
and .since 1 began using the OREGON
KIDNEY TEA I enjoy good health.
Go to the Columbia bakery for all
kinds of cakes.
Blocks 200x200, $300 to $400.
Choice Property
property on
A Brewery Depot Burned.
Special to TnB AbtoriarJ
Helena, Mont., Aug. 10. An alarm
of firo called the department to the
lnrrrn rtpnnt of the AuheUSCr JSlloCll
brewing company near the Montana
lnrrrA nliprt nnd fitnblo was a maSS of
fire when tho apparatus reached tho
scene. Tho locality is ono whero hy
drants were scarce, and much timo
ttrnn fvwiKnTTifvI in cettine water. As
but two streams ot water wore avail
able, for a long time, tho flames soon
flnrna1 to n. dwellinc and saloon and
for some timo tho conflagration threat
ened the large wareliouso or Jbinusay
"Rv stmnf? nflbrts the laroe ware
houses were saved. The other build
ings wore a total loss. The loss is
about S10.000 with an insurance of
$2,000. .
Movements ef tho Cm Ivor.
Scc!al to Thk Astomak
San Fbakcisoo, Aug. . 10. It is
probable that the cruiser San Fran
cisco will take a spin around tho bay
to-morrow, when, if everything proves
satisfactory she will soon leave for tho
Santa Barbara channel.
And the Charmer Sues for Posses
sion of-a Valuable Estate.
Special by The United Press.
Peovipexce, R. L, Aug. 10. The
last scene in Mme. Lillian Nordyica's
marital experience will be in court
She sues for letters of administration
on her husband's property and in
cidentally demands the residue of the
estate from G. L. Gower, her hus
bands brother, which she claims ho
has wrongfully taken. In the early
days of the telephone, professor Bell
used the circuit between this city and
Boston for his first experiment. A
young newspaper man named F. A.
Gower became deeply interested in
the new invention nnd went on a lec
turing tour with Bell. Ho mastered
tho main points in telephonic science
in a short time and secured tho right
to introduce it in Europe. Ho went
abroad for a few years and mado
S30q,000. While in Paris he met Miss
Lillian Norton, an American girl who
was studying music Unfortunately
Miss Norton's funds were about ex
hausted. Gower was smitten with
the young singer's charms and married
her soon as he could, suddenly halt
was called. A relative of Gower's
sprang up with a demand for $50,000
which had to be met
(Here, the line went down some
where between Knappa and Clifton."!
Evidcutlr Exceed Their Judy
. lucnt.
Special to The Astoeian.1
Chicago, Nov. 10. A Washington
special says the. absurd story that the
president proposes sending a special
message to congress embodying his
views on tho reciprocity question is
still floating about political circles,
Tho story never had tho slightest
foundation in tact The suggestion
was a taking one and found many bo
lievers. .
The evening papers make an an
nouncement that the -unusual length
of the cabinet meeting yesterday was
caused by a discassiou of tho propri
ety of the president sending a special
message to congress in regard to the
reciprocity question. It is had from
the very best authority that no such
question was considered, nor oven in
cidently referred to.
A Cowardly Insinuation.
"Does your cow cringe nnd curl,"
asks the New England Farmer, "and
appears fidgety when you sit down to
milk ber?" Well, not much she
doesn't, says Bob Burdette. She
isn't that kind of a cow. She isn't
ono of your shy, timid, -bashful eows.
She just fixes her eyes on vacancy
with a glare that will raise a blister
on an oak knot, sticks her tail
straight up in tho air stiff as a
poker, plants three Jeet firmly
on the ground, and then feels
around with the other for the milk
pail, milk stool, milkmaid; finds. them,
fires them up somewhere into tho
blue empyrean, and remarking, "Ha,
bal" amid, the shouting, jumps over a
six-rail fence and tramples down an
acre of young garden. Don't talk,
about cringing and curling to a cow
that has to be milked with a pipo lino
ana a pumpmg station.
Berlin has a RtflnnrrrnnTiAr with n
unique specialty. Ho attends all fu
nerals of prominent persons and takes
down verbatim tho aiMrftRPs nf flm of
ficiating clergymen. Then he pre-
yuiua xugiuj uijjcuueuuxi copies Ot LUQ
addresses and Bells them to the friends
of the eulogized dead. His business is
so good that he has taken an assist
ant and has advertised for another.
is now on the market, and is the Finest Summer Resort on the Coast. It joins the Seaside Hotel
the south, and has one-half of liver frontage, on the'Necanicum river with line boating and fishing.
Their Generous ContrilnHon to. the
Mm MoMers.
Special by Tho United Psess
San Francisco, Ang. 10. Last
night the iron molders union re
ceived a check for $100 from tho Co
lumbia BiTer. Fishermen's Protective
Union of Astoria to aid in its struggle.
A number of strikers have obtained
situations in Oakland and the smaller
foundries of this city, to which the
strike does not apply. Tho proposi
tion is again being revived lo establish
a foundry which will give einplopment
to all the molders that aro on strike.
It is claimed that sufficient capital
can bo interested in the scheme to in
sure the success of the undertaking. -
O. T. Oweun' Four-Horse Team
special to Tub Astorux .
Livermore, Cat, Aug. 10. This
afternoon O. T. Owens of this place
had a narrow escape- from death. He
was driviner -a four-horse team 'and
was just crdssing the railroad track
about a milo tho other sido of Alta
ment whenihe passenger train dashed
into mm. Killing iour norscs uuu
completely demolishing tho wagon.
Straugo to say, Mr. Owens eocaped
without any serious injury.
The English Syndicate In It.
Special to Thk astoiuan.
Eureka, Cal., Aug. 10. -A state
ment has gono abroad that most of the
largo timber holders in Humbolt have
beenoffefed a bond for tho sale of
their holdings to an English syndicate.
There may or may not bo truth in the
statement, but it is probably true,
however, that one of the largo com
panies here are negotiating a sale and
tho bargain may be closed any day.
This would bo a transfer of dne of the
most valuable properties in tho country-
Great Excitement About the
Special to The Astorian.J
SaiiINas, Cal., Aug. 10. A natural
gas well is being sunk here and a
strong flow of gas was struck yester
day at a depth of 860 fee't There is
830 feet of water and sand in the pipe.
This is the seventh vein struck. Tho
people are wild with excitement and
hundreds are going to see the new
Almost a Bad Accident.
Special to Thk AstoriakJ
Boise City, Aug. 10. Yesterday
tho rear trucks of the tender of tho
eastbound passenger - train- jumped
the track near Shoshone, and ran half
nail a milo beiore tno accident was
On the same road a terrible acci-.
dent was averted by tho opportune
discovery of a break in the running
gear of tho engine.
To Resume Passenger Service.
Special to The abtouian.j
San Francisco, Aug. 10. The
agent of the Vanderbilt lines in San
Francisco received tho following tele
gram from tho Chicago headquarters
last night:
"Passenger service on the Now York
Central will bo completely Te3umed
to-morrow morning."
Blytho and Gay.- to Thk Ast h:ax.
San Rafaei., Cal., Aug. 10. There
is a rumor that the guariian of Flor
ence Blythe is negotiating for the pur
chase of the magnificent county resi
dence of the late Hall McAllister at
Meramonte in Boss valley.
Too Good for This World. .
Applicant I would like a position,
sir, m your store.
Merchant Have you any references,
young man?
Applicant No, sir, but I think I
would suit you. I have been care
fully raised, and my habits are unex
ceptionable. I have no vices. I
don'trknow one card from another. I
don't know what tea, coffee, tobac-
twT lirmnr tnsf fa like. Never ffO out
night Never saw the inside of a bil-
uaru saioon or leu-pm wiv).
"MVwhnnf. MihinnsM Til take VOU.
young man, but I am afraid I shall
not bo able to keep you long, xou win
VinvA n Rifnniinn no. n. Rhinincr ancel
before many years you're too good
for such a world as this. Chicago
Mr. and Mrs. Navarro havo been
making a tour in the midlands of
England and have spent some time at
Nottingham. They went there very
quietly and unannounced, so that,
though the features ot the bride are
familiar enough to most people, they
happily escaped recognition and tho
inevitable mobbing of tho" curious
which would have followed.
An Inquest on His Body.
Sneclal to Tun Astouian.1
San. Diego, Aug. 10. At tho in
quest on tho body of John Grady, the
burglar, who was fatally wounded on
Thursday night while attempting to
rob the Coronado Beach company's
office at the point ot a pistol, a verdict
was rendered thathe camo to his death
from the effects of a shotgun wonnd,
received at the hands of a party un
known, whilo in the act of robbing the
uoronauo .beach company s olhcc.
It transpired at tho inquest that two
shotguns were picked up by bystand
ers utter tho excitement had subsided.
but the man who did the shooting re
fused to make his identity known.
Nathan Earns Fell Scad.
Special to The Astorian.J
Grass VaiiIiEt, Cal., Aug. ID. This
morning at Forest Springs, four miles
south ot this place, Nathan Earns fell
dead just as he aroso from his break
fast table. It is supposed that he
died from the effects of tho heat. He
was G3 years of ago and a highly es
teemed pioneer. Deceased was a na
tive of Maine.
Dissatisfaction Among the Troops
Canses Bail Ffflns.
Special by Tho Uhiteo Press.
Crrr op Mexico, Aug. 10. A mes
senger from tho city of Gnatemala
brings" the follewing:
"The press, though nominally free
i3 handcuffed and overawed. Most
of the information regarding tho war
with San Salvador comes through the
government Tho public receives but
little more than tho government
chooses to give. The general results
of the fighting up to date have been
against Guatemala. The Yallavicencio
movement is believed by many to havo
been a ruso neatly played which
coBt Guatemala a great many troops,
though there is as yet, no
reliable information on tho subject . A
great many Guatemala troops are dis
satisfied with their officers, and prefer
generals under whom tlioy served in
former campaigns. Becauso of this,
some of them fought badly, two com
panies going to the extent ot throwing
away their arms and running away at
the first fire. A number ot young
Americans offered their services, to
president Barrillas, especially offering
to accompany him to the field
as a body guard should ho
find it necessary to go. The presi
dent expressed the warmest apprecia
tion at this generosity of tho Ameri
cans, as itis about the only safe body
guard ho can havo in these troublous
times when his most reliablo officers
might prove false If war. continues
for a month or two-it will cost tho
owners. of coffee plantations in this
country millions of dollars. It is just
in the midst ot the harvest here and
tile crop will bo lost Tiro plantations
are completely drained of pickers to
supply troops for tho arniy- Not" only
will almost the entire crop of this year
be lost, but as the coffee tree will not
bear for five or six years after it has
once remained unpicked, the war will
cause the ruin of the coffee crop for
several years to come.
Teak Wood.
So indestructible hy wear or decay
is the African teak wood, that vessels
built of it havo lasted fully one hun
dred years, to be then broken up only
on account of their antiquo mold or
defective sailing qusdities. This wood
is one ot tho most remarkable em
ployed in the human industries for its
great weight, hardness and durability,
its weight varyiug from 4:2 to 45
pounds per cubic foot. It works easily,
but from the large quantity otsilex con
tained, the tools for working require
to be hard, and even thqn are subject
tosevere wear. It also contains an
oil which prevents the iron spikes and
nails driven into it from rusting. The
East India teak wood is somewhat
lighter and easier worked, and also,
from its salicious qualities, a perfect
germicide to marine life, so destruc
tive to other woods. It requires from
sixty to eighty years for growth suffi
cient for ship-building purposes. It
is largely in use in. English ship
building. What Tlxvy Arc Good For.
Brandretii's Pilt.s nro the best
medicine known.
First They aw purely vegetable, in
fact a medicated food.
Second The same dose always pro
daces tho sanio effect other purgatives
require Increased do3iS and finally cease
Third They purify the blood.
Fourlli They invigorate the digestion
and cleanse the stomach and bowels.
FifUi They stimulate tho liver and
carry off vitiated bile and other depraved
Tho first two or three doses tell the
story. The skin becomes clear, the cyo
bright, tho mind active, digestion U re
stored, costiveness cored, the animal
vigor is recruited and all decay arrested.
Brandreth'sPii,i.s aro sold in overy
drug and medicine store, either plain or
BUgar coated.
Lots 50x100 to
Puhlic Opinion BecomiJuUronsei
To Beiani Justice.
Special by Tue United Press,
London, Aug. 10. Leading mem
bers of the Jewish communion in this
city and Berlin differ as to tho line of
action which it is advisable to adopt
in order to mitigate tho sufferings of
the Jews in Russia. Unless some
harmonious policy is agreed on it is
not likely that much good will result
from their philanthropic efforts.
Letters have been received by them
from Russia warning tljem that En
glish or German interference will
cause Russian vengeance to wreak
itself on thousands of miserable beings
whose cries cannot be heard beyond
the ears of their oppressors. France,
too, is aroused by the hardships of
the Jews in Russia and the Hebrew
financiers in that country havo been
made the recipient of an appeal, ask
ing them to uso their influence to in
duce the French government to make
quiet representations at St Peters
burg in-favor of the Jews.
He Scclarcs Gladstone to Be
Special to The Astoriax.1
London, Aug. 10. Balfour, in his
address, at Manchester last night, de
clared that Gladstone's insinuation
that the government had sacrificed
the rights of tho Protestant residents
of Malta in order to secure tho favor
of tho Catholic ministry, was totally
unfounded and a most bare faced at
tack from a man who sent Errington
to Rome in '81 to enter into direct re
lations with the Pope.
"It was," said Balfour, " one of the
many instances of Gladstone's per
versity in attacking tho government
through his own reputation. Why
was Gladstone determined to repudi
ate every act of the first fifty years of
his life and accuse the government
when they followed his precedent of
betraying their trust?"
Unless the Workingiucn Support
Special to The Astouian.1,
London, Aug. 10. Lord Dunraven
and . cardinal Manning have been
ask&d to accept the office of mediator
between tho strikers at Cardiff" and
their employers. They will assent to
this proposition provided both sides
agree to accept their decision and
cease all quarreling at once. Socialist
John Burns says tho fund which has
until now supported him is exhausted
and he therefore will be obliged to
return to work" as engineer unless the
workingmen support him.
Thu Suchcss of Fife Slclc.
Special to The Astoriax.1
London, Aug. 10. There are all
sorts of alarming rumors concerning
tho health of the Duohess of Fife.
It is known that the Queen is, conse
quently, much concerned regarding
her illness. The duchess left yester
day for Scotland with her husband
and her physician, hoping that tho
bracing air of the' highlands would
have a beneficial effect
Alleged. Disloyalty ef California Fish
At the meeting of the California
Sportman's Protective association in
San Francisco on the oth inst, a mem
ber said:
"I am inclined to believe," he said,
'that there js J something .radically
wrong in the fish commission, and I
think that this club should take some
measures to bring to light the expose
ex-Deputy Commissioner Tunstead
has made of other deputies who have
been accused of 'pocketing bribe
money from Chinese, who make a
business of illegal fishing."
Another speaker said:
"Why, tho public is not aware of
half the crooked work that has been
going on among some. of these deputy
fish commissioners. Ennis and Cal
lundan have Been for months enjoying
a royalty from tho unfortunate China
men, forced to pay 15 per boat,
which amounts on an average to S825
per month. These men are paid a
salary of S100 a month by the state,
and seo how they serve it"
This is really very discreditable to
tho California fish commissioners, if
true, and we ought to bo thankful that
such humiliating charges aro not
brought against our Oregon fish com
missioners. -
A Physician' OnmiQii.
Dr. AM. SPAurDiNG of Grand Hapids
jHicn., says: "i prescribe Jiiubaru's
liheumatio Syrup in my practice, and
unhesitatingly recommed it It operates
upon the liver, kidneys and bowels, de
stroying the poison in the blood and
tissues. It is a grand tonia and ap
petizer, and for a diseased stomach or
dyspepsia, has no equal." For sale by
J. W. Conn.
350 feet, $40 to
MS Austin House, Seaside,
ThinlCN theJcw Can't Combine.
Special to Thk Astoria:?.!
London, Aug. 10. The Jewish
World, commenting on the proposal
which has been put forward that the
Jews ought to use the general busi
ness solidarity of their race to boy
cott Russia and thereby force the
statesmen of that country to reverse
tho Jew'sh laws and act humanely,
says nothing could bo more illusory
than tho supposed ability of the Jews
to combino for any purpose whatever.
They aro thoroughly scattered as a
race. In 18S3 Rothschild declined
to negotiate a loan for Rus
sia on account of the persecutions of
'82. Tho czar found no difficulty
whatever in obtaining a loan through
tho agency of the Berlin Mahsell
esohns, another Jewish firm. The
London financier Benjamin Cohen,
advocates a joint remonstrance by all
the European powers but there is
little chance of anything of this sort
being really attempted.
This thing is getting monotonous,
in fact it is terribly trying on edi
torial Christian patience, to havo tho
wire go down in the sudden and en
tirely unexpected manner in which it
is of late so frequently indulging.
Last night at 850 it snapped between
Knappa and Clifton, when only a part
of our dispatches had been received.
The Deadly Centipede or Texas A Va
queroTs Fri-;litfal Fate.
Texas is proverbial for tho number
and venom of its "pizen critters."
Every shrub is reputed to bear a thorn
and every insect armed with a sting,
and both poison to a greater or lesser
extent While tlm is not- literally
true, tho tarantula, centipede, rattle
snake, adder, moccasin, mosquitos,
bees, etc, as well as tho mesquite.
mimosa, cat-claw and cactus of the
chaparral, make it very interesting
for a tenderfoot fresh from tho efft to
east There is very little sleep for
him by the chaparral camp-fire after
he.ha3 listened a few huurs -to the
hair-bristling stories of deaths, instant
and inevitable, from bites of taran
tulas, centipedes and rattlers.
A frontier stockman related the fol
lowing instance of a centipede's sting
which camo under his personal obser
vation. Ono night in theTO's, he, with a
party of cowboys was encamped on
the bank of the Neuces, in Atascosa
county, Tex., and after supper they
were sitting around the camp-fire en
joying their pipes and cigarettes. A
Mexican "vaquero" had withdrawn his
boots, and his trousers drawn up
around his knees left his legs bare.
Suddenly a look of horror in Ijis face
attracted the attention of all, and
following his eyes they saw an
enormous centipede, perhaps twenty
inches in length, leisurely creoping
over his unproteced limb. His swar
thy face was livid with terror and his
fingers writhed in nervous suspense.
Every man was breathless in silence,
all realizing that any attempt to Brush
the monster insect away would . be
dangerous, as the chances were that
he would imprint every ono of his
numerous stings before he could be
dislodged. The only chanco seemed
to bo to leave him undisturbed until
he wa3 inclined peacefully to go away
of his own accord. All in vain; he
drew his full length diagonally across
the exposed limb and stopped, seem
ingly content to bask in tho firelight
All waited in "terrified suspense; sec
onds grew into minutes and seemed
hours, until at last a thought struck
the Mexican. Ho cautiously drew a
revolver from the holster near his
side, and placing the mnzzlo against
his leg, pointingjt so that the bullet
would take away the insect without
touching the limb, ho fired, and with a
yell of relief bounded to his feet But
all in vain; not evt-n tho bullet w .-;
quick enough. A led track sw- . I
where the venomous in-ict had 1 t i.
and the unfortunate cowboy .va a
corpse within two hours Nor . s
that alt. The bullet .-.track a pick
mule in the hoof, and the pofcuu it
earned from the inject killed the ani
mal also. Detioit Free 1'ress.
From an exhaustive study of the
very largo collection of meteorites at
Harvard college, the conclusion has
been arrived at that many" of the
masses of meteoric iron now known
are cleavage crystals, broken off prob
ably by the impact ot the mass against
the atmosphere. It 13 fonnd that these
masses show cleavings parallel to the
planes of all the three, fundamental
forms of tho isometric or regular sys
tem. From all that appears, the the
ory has come to be entertained, in re
spect to the origin of meteorites, that
the masses were thrown off from
a sun among the fixed stars, and that
they were slowly cooled while revolv
ing in a zone of intense heat.
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HorriMe Cruelties to WM Cattle
are Snhjectei on Shinhoari.
j? on ''j'ltiME exgtjISH'' iteat.
A correspondent of Bradstreet's
A great deal of interest has already
been excited in this country by Mr.
Sanluel Piimsoll's new pamphlet on.
cattle ships, and when tho public gen
erally come to read his revelation of
cruelties, which are a disgrace to the
civilization of the nineteenth century,
there is certain to be a loud outcry for
the prevention of such outragesupon
dumb creatures. Having myself re
ceived private information from a pas
senger in a cattle ship confirming
many of tho horrible details given in
Mr. Piimsoll's publication. I believe
that they aro simple facts, and there
is very little, if any, exaggeration in
the description of them. I propose to
state briefly the conclusions to be de
rived from "the evidence.
1. Cattle are commonly packed so
closely that they have not room to lie -down;
therefore even in fair weather
they must suffer severely by being
.kept standing for a fortnight or more.
Bearing in mind the fact that they are
fat cattle and thereforov heavy, it is
clear that gross cruelty is involved in
such a method of shipping them.
2. In rongh weather the sufferings
ot the cattle aro terrible, as, they are
thrown down by wholesale when the
vessel pitches, and they gore and
trample upon each other in the most
horrible manner. Moreover, as the
hatchways havo to ho closed when
tho sea i3 rough, tho animals between
decks aro slowly stifled, and as they
struggle for their lives they- mutilate
each other to a fearful extent
3. No matter how terribly, muti
lated a beast is, or how improbable is .
its recovery, it is never put out of its
misery, because, if not left to die a
'natural death." its insurance money
would bo forfeited. Therefore the
wretched beast is loft to die in slow
L Knowiug that if a beast sinks
down from exhaustion it is liable to be
trampled to death by its companions,
the attendants upon the cattle resort
to the most cruel expedients fgr keep
ing tho animals on their legs, such as
beating them with sticks, prodding
them with pitchforks, or pouring
parailine oil into their ears.
5. The common plan of loading the
upper deck with ctttle. and covering
it with the shedding necessary to
shelter them, 13 highly dangerous to
the lives of sailors, because a vessel so
loaded is often top-heavy, and always
unmanageable in a storm. Another
result 13 that tho boats are shifted out
of their proper positions, and are
ortMi so placed thatihey j:ould not b9
got at in timo of the event of sudden
wreck, such as occurs sometimes when
one vessel is run into by another.
G. The losses of cattle through tho
scandalous system of overloading ves
sels are often very heavy, and many
cargoes iiro totally lost
7. The meat ot cattle killed on tho
American side of the Atlantic and
sent to- England in refrigerating
chambers is better than that sent over
in a suffering coudition.
8. The only substantial reason for
sending the beasts over alivo js that
English butchers will give higher
prices for them than for their carcass
es, because if tho animals are slaugh
tered in England their meat can be
sold a3 "prime. English" or "best
Scotch." Therefore there is no reason,
from a consumer's point of view, for
continuing tho trans-atlantic live
stock traffic. On the contrary, it sim
ply enables butchers to deceive and
defraud their customer.
'.). T;f. a- is probable, it would not
pivto bnug beef cattle oer-under
uuinant I'on-h win. -a'h as are ob
vi v.' I viej v it. i tl li'-v a ii
iiitnair! iijv-i.1. ic -h il ' iof oo
brought alive at all.
Dr. Cratliuj, themvon'or of tlie fam
ous gm which bears his name, -is .a
j most industrious man tor one ot cis
I years, and whil lit has dune little in
' the way f inve"ntioii -.ince he w'ave.
Iin f.irnons field-niece to the vorld. O
has been far from idle a.i Mie e ea s.
Eepnriee "I kin lick.jou with
both hands tied behind my back."
"Yes, you'll die some day wif both
ver ban's tied behin yer back.
Pud:. . .
Martinez. Cal., Octobers, 1888.
I could hardly walk or lie down from Iame
b&ck; suffered several weeks. St. Jacobs Oil
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Cloverdale, Ind., Feb. 8, 18S7.
rromabad cold pains settled in my back
and I Euflercd greatly ; confined to bed and
could hardly move or turn. I tried St Jacobs
i Oil, which, cured me. I do not fearrecurrence.
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