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.IULY13. 1890
Publishers and Proprietors.
Tcrai of Subscription.
Served by Carrier, per week 15 eta
Sent by Mall, per month . . cocts
ent by Mail, one year ... $7.00
Fice or postage to subscribers.
The Astoiiiax puarantets to its adver
:iscri the largest circulation of any newspa
per published on the Columbia river.
The seven looping camps at "West
port are all putting in logs.
Bead R. B. Power, the iopular boot
and shoe man's ad. on third page.
So rainy a July as the present one
has not been seen since the last one.
Fish are reported running light in
the vicinity of Cathlamet at present.
Bev. F.T.Howell -will preach this
-doming and evening at the Metho
dist church.
Warren & Wright, the live real
edtftfe- rustlers, now have an oflice at
Iho Seaside.
Reserved seats at the New York
Novelty store tor to-morrow nights
And a DelU;htfu' Day to the Parlicipanls.
Afino hundred dollar desk arrived
at the court house yesterday for Judge
Taylor's private office.
The funeral of the late Heinrich
Hegglund will be at noon to-day from
F. H. Surpronant & Co.'s.
Three days have elapsed without
any telegram from Wm. Beid, and
the absence of those bullletins is
Reserved seats at the New York
noveltv store for the Swiss bell ringers
and Oakes Comedy Sketch club to
morrow evening.
To-day's services "in the Congrega
tional church. Morning theme, "How
Blessings Come." Evening lecture,
subject, ""Babylon."
Sheriff Smith sold the Vienna res
taurant, furniture, fixtures, eta, yes
terday afternoon. It was bought in
by judge Page for 8S00.
From county clerk Trenchard yes
terday Oskar W. Compo and Ida
Wittanikeinii received official permis
sion to commit matrimony.
In tho police court yesterday Mons.
Germain vras charged with drunken
ness and abusive language and
assessed ten dollars on conviction
Tho Bay Bailway company will run
cars over Its line to-day, leaving Wash
ington street cannery every hour from
9 to 11 o'clock a. m., and every half
hour from 1 to 5 o'clock p. m. Fare
fivo celits.
New residence and business houses
are going up in every part of the city,
lots are being put in readiness for
buildings, new streets are being laid
out and old ones regraded.
The number of stylish buggies and
carriages monthly increase, and there
are moro horses in Clatsop county by
far thaa -there used to be. A few good
roads would occasion a wonderful in
crease iotbe amount of fine horseflesh
displayed here.
- On Tuesday morning those desiring
to attend court at Oysterville that
day can leave here atfi:45 on the Qen.
Canby and go right through on the
train from nwaco. The Qen. Canby
or Suomi will also make the regular
trip, leaving Tiere at 8 a. m.
In the hose ' race- at Salem on the
4th, running lOff yards and laying 100
feet oJMiose. the-Corvallis team won
SlOOfime 33 seconds. In tho engine
raoa,-&xgine to set at.cistern, run 100
vary and lav Iflftfeefc of liose, Corval-
lk -won atain--prize' SoO, tune 2
There was no session of the grand
lodge A. O. TJ. W., yesterday: the busi
ness having been closed up the even
ing before, yesterday was given up to
At eight o'clock 122 members of the
order and their friends, started on the
street car line, thence, via. the Bay
railway to the wharf at Young's bay,
and were ferried across to the Astoria
and South Coast train which whirled
them over to the beach. Dinner and a
stroll on the sand, and then back they
came, to bo transferred to tho Gen.
Canby and Stlomi, to the jetty where
every provision was made to" enable
them to see the building of the giant
mole that makes the Columbia bar a
thing of the past.
Then a hasty visit to Fort Stevens
and back to Astoria.
While returning, the following was
drawn up as a slight token of appre
ciation by tho visiters:
Resolved, That we, the undersigned
members of the grand lodge A. O. TJ.
W. of Oregon and Washington, having
tho pleasure of participating in the
excursion especially provided for us,
wish to express our heartfelt thanks
to the committee of arrangements of
Seaside lodge No. 12. and through
them to Col. Jas. Tavlor, Judge Frank
J. Taylor. andE. A. Taylor, of tho Bay
Bailway company, the directors of tho
Astoria and South Coast railway, P.
G. M. L W. Case, and G. B. Hegardt,
Esq., superintendent of the government
works, for the delightful trips, their
uniform kindness and generous care
for our comfort and pleasure during
the entire day, and we assure the
members of Seaside lodge and the
citizens of Astoria that the uniform
kindness wo have received from your
hands, shall always remain green in
our memories. Thanking you one
and all, and wishing your beautiful
city a prosperous future, we remain.
Respectfully and v raternally,
C. A. Wheeler.
H. D. Bamsdei.Ii.
D. M. O. Ganet, Max Muller, W. J.
Plymale. B. M. Davis, John A.
Child, G. P. TiL; Wm. Halfpenny,
John Gwilt, B. T. Durham, G. R;
James Browne, G. M. D.; A. W.
Witherell, JohnEdington, W. H.WU
ton, W. H.Barr,W.T.G.Witlock,
O. G. Boot, T. C. Martini, J. F. C.
Abel, J. J. Daly, G. M. W.;
Newton Clark, G. B.; James Mitch
ell, G. W. Boardman, F. A. Blank,
James Griffith, J. H. Latz, C. Hallo
way, James Mitchell, E. H. Stolte,
Gideon Slotz, J. W. Hanricker, C.
D. Thomas, S. S. Jones.
Seldom has an excursion been held
under more favorable auspices. Tho
day formed a fitting close to an occa
sion that will form to those who par
ticipated a pleasant retrospect to hang
upon the walls of Memory's picture
The editor of The Astomak yes
terday received an answer to a pre
vious letter from Edward Casey,' the
chairman of tho committee on arrange
ments for tho coming session of the
Uregon state editorial association. .
At last years meeting it was de
cided, to hold the session of 1890 in
Portland, but it is the wish of the as
sociation to devote a large part of
their time to Astoria.
Mr. Casey says there will be from
100 to 150 in tho party, including
ladies. They will bo here on the
afternoon of August -15th. He sug
gests a fish dinner at 5 p. M.; a meet
ing and social reunion in the evening;
a trip to the jetty the next day. He
says they havo a proposition to go to
the Sound but prefer to confine their
visit to our own state. They will
bring a special boat and band from
Portland, and will only expect enter
tainment while here.
The writer took it upon himself to
answer the letter last night assuring
the chairman of the committee of ar
rangements that the Oregon editors
and their wives, eta, would be wel
comed here on that day, and made the
guests of the city while here.
Astoria appreciates the preference
accorded this city, and will endejiYor
to make the occasion a pleasant one
for the newspaper men of Oregon.
The Astoriak is asked to explain
why the names of the streets in the
street notices now running in these
columns are printed 'Concomlv,"
"Squemoque," etc., instead of "Firs"t,"
"Second" "Third rtn 'Phn ma
The Jilan Who Lost the Sturgeon.
oeconu, "xinrd." etc. Tue reason
is this. Those first mentioned, and
which are used to designate the
thoroughfares, are the regular names
as used in the charter and the or
dinances. About two years ago The
Astobian, tired of calling them by
uncouth names, and announced one
morning that hereafter it would talk
United States and call them "First,"
"Second," "Third," etc. Accordingly
the most of the people now know
them by no other names. When we
have thegcharter amended next winter
we can have the names changed so
that will be their legal as well as their
popular designation.
Dangers to Navigation.
Deeds filed or recorded on July 12,
1890, as reported for The Moriong
Astoria- by tho Astoria Abstract
Title and Trust cempany:
Michael. Lawler to A. P.
Oliver, all SWlf of sec 1,
T. 7 N., B. 9 W., excepi
30 acres.., 5
B. D. Church to David B.
Colo, 20rds x 40rds, from
SW corner of NW of
SEJ4' of sec 22, T. 8 JS., R.
9 W., containing 5 acres. .
Charles Henry and wifo to
Geo. A. Bewy, lot G, blk
20, of Laurel Park addi
tion Herbert F. L. Logan to
Samuel Harris, lot B.block
17, town of Brighton
Beach, sec. 31, T. 5 N., B.
10 W
Previously reported tliis
year $1,493,395
Geo. Noland and wife returned
terdny from a visit to Eugene.
Fred. Strong, president of the P. &
C. S. Co., is in the city on business.
W.L. Bobb andJ.W. Hume left
last evening on the Qen. Miles on a
trip to the sound.
The steamer Qen. Miles left last
evening for Gray's harbor.
The four masted schooner Qaulncr
City arrived at the Knappton mills
yesterday to load lumber for San
The A. O. U. W. Excursion.
seco3The faamial tender team
won he tender race 100 yards, lime
13j seconds.
Judjrt &;afoore, of St Helens,
has ba offered Byhe Union Pacific
Bailrped' Co., the -position of right of
way Taffeni 'on their tnew line from
PoHAad'to SoaWe, to have charge of
that part ot the Use from Portland to
Centralis. 'Hip acceptance, with a
charge ot$500.?por jnonth as salary,
has Ueienjtorwardedjto the head office
at Omatnf for the company's approval.
The employment ot the 333 convicts
at the state penitentiary at Salem is
as follows': With .contractors, 216:
The visiting members of the A. O.
TJ. W. grand lodge, to tho number of
122, and a local delegation, left yes
terday morning on the extensive ex
cursion mapped out, and had a splendid
day aud a gcod time. That they
enjoyed it goe3 without saying. It
was a day of sight seeing and pleasant
experience, and when they returned
from the jetty at six o'clock last even
ing they, one" and all, agreed that for
variety of travel, unique views and
general jollity, the day as one of
pleasure was unsurpassed by any in
their remembrance.
There was a general farewell last
evening, and by to-night the most of
the visitors will have separated to
meet again in Victoria, B. C, next
Under the caption "Who has lost a
sturgeon?" The Astoriak of tho 1st
inst, had an item about the finding of
a sturgeon in the last trap at the
mouth of tho river the day before with
a chain nearly five feet long, showing
that he had been caught and staked
out somewhere, and had got away.
Dave Upton, of Deep river, was in
town yesterday, and says that's his
sturgeon. He got away from him one
night in March, '89, and he did think
some of advertising for him in TnE
Astoriak. Ho know if tho fish was
ever heard from again it would bo in
The Astoriak, and on reading the
item told his beys: "That's my stur
geon." He makes a business of catching
sturgeon, and to keep them fresh ho
puts a chain through the mouth of
each fish when caught, and ties the
chain to a log. The fish flounders
around in shallow water till Upton is
ready to remove the works from the
inside of the fish and send the raw
material to be worked up into bone
less codfish. This particular sturgeon
got away, and has been shassaying up
and down the river ever since. Upton
thinks that the incident shows that
the sturgeon go out of the river and
come in again, all same salmon.
Passengers to Portland.
Tho following is the list of passen
gers having rooms, who went up tho
river last night on tho steamer Telc
pJione: 0. E. Bain, H. F. Donohoe, M. Mul
ler, W. J. Plymouth, B. L. Durham,
A Hnlbert and wife, B. Williams,
Thos. Wilson, . Strang and wife, J.
W. Bordman, Miss Bordman, Mrs.
Sears, J. A. Child and wife, L. Sam
uels, Miss Davidson, B. Sloth, A. D.
Baker and wife, N. Clark and wife, N.
J. Thomas, C. A. Peters, A. W. Cook,
O, G. Boot, B. Marrion and wife, A. G.
Coleman, W. G. Stuart, M. C. Gault,
A. G. Barker, F. B. Beed, A. P. Oliver,
C. H. Warren, Mrs. Gus. Taylor, M.
Dooney, IL Beversdorf, J. N. Plymull,
Mrs. Thorn, Max. Millar aud family,
O. li. Simpson, A Cx. Rarr. UIioh.
Strang, Capt. Snyder, W. S. Bay, L.
W. Lawless.
The County Ases-inciit.
County assessor Lindell came in
3'esterday, and got a big bundle of
assessment blanks. Ho says that he
has finished up Clatsop and Skipanon,
aud is now through assessing all the
county outside of the city. He and
liis deputy, D. H. Welch, will began
assessing the city next week. We
always havo an assessor or two assess
ing for something. One month it is
school district, the ni'xt it is city, then
county and so on.
It would bo better to have one man
do it all; pay him a good salary, give
him work the year around, and make
one job of it.
There has been considerable discus
sion among ship captains and owners
in this city in regard to dangers to.
navigation that are now known to be
floating around off the coast. Last
week the schooner Napa City cap
sized off Point Reyes, and i3 now
drifting arouud bottom up somewhere
to the southward of the Farallones,
right in the track of steamers and
sailing vessels bound up the coast or
to this port.
On Friday last the steamer Southt
Const lost off Mendocino nnrfc of n
raft of logs she was towing down from '
Fort Bragg. These logs, like those of J
the famous Joggins raft, which broke
adrift on the Atlantic coast, are now (
floating around, a menace to passing .
vessels. Said one old ship captain: '
"It is impossible to see an upturned
vessel or a log in the water at night,
and if a vessel going at a good rate of
speed should strike a log end on it
would probably go right through her.
There are hundreds of lives and mill
ions of dollars' worth of propcrh at
stake, and it certainly is the duty of
the government, which exacts heavy
taxes from shipping, to send out a
vessel to remove these obstructions to
navigation, to tow the logs into some
port and to tow in or blow up the
derelict If they do not we shall cer
tainly hear of some accident occurring
by their agency." S. F. Call, 9.
1 hey Were Not AH So! J.
Total to date 1,498,165
Oysters all the Year Ronnd.
Fine oysters are daily served up in
Astoria restaurants. It doesn't make
any difference in this favored clime
whether there is an "B" or not in the
name of the month. The oysters are
eaten in July or January, and are
good all tho year round.
It appears that all of the plans and
drawings of the Astoria & South Coast
railway were sold under execution a
few days ago for S2.50. Mr. Cooper,
who came out from Portland to pur-
chase the chest containing them, I
Makes many jjeoplc miserable, and often
lends to self-destruction. Distress after
eating, sour stomach, sick headache, heart
burn, loss of appetite, a faint, "all gone"
feeling, bad taste, coated tongue, and irrcg
. ularity of the bowels, aro
DiStrCSS n;e more common syin
After t,,,s- Dyspepsia does not
." get well of itseir. It ic-
Eciting quires careful, persistent
attention, and a remedy like Hood's Sursa
parilla, which acts gently yet efficiently.
It tones tho stomach and other organs,
regulates Hie digestion, creates a good ap
appetite, ar.d, by thus Sick
overcoming tle local . .
symptoms, cures thcHeadaCn
headache, refreshes the tired mind.
"I have lecn troubled with dyspepsia.
I 1..-.U hul hltle appetite, and what I did
t!,0 . cat distressed me, or did
,T nic little good. After cat-
s3Um jug i would experience a
fciinti:c-s. or tired, all-rrno feeling, as
though 1 !-:d ixt eaten anything. My
troul le, 1 tl ::.!:, was aggravated by my
Lu?!iic- s p-.;.il::., ar.d from being more or
lcss.tilu:inaroon with
Nottingham Lace Curtains
Sixty Cents per Pa
to Five
U Ti ill
Just Received, at The
Leading Dry Goods and Clothing House of the City
517 and 521 Third St.
quietly remarked as be closed the lid, , ," ".,', j f ' ,
I would not have allowed it to jjo for
$1,000." This snrely means that some-,
thing is intended to be done after .nil j
on the site of survey, otherwise Mr. j
Cooper would not have troubled him- J
self about coming to Hillsboro to see 1
after tho pnrcbase.-Y7.s&oj-o Jncle
pendent. WoinIiaritVi Ur.
Ami Free Lunch at the Telephone Sa
loon, . cents.
Drink Knickerbocker bottled beer.
T ln.t- l!r.x.'-s fi.irMR-rill OlOHIdUH
and it did mo an Immense amount or gcod.
It gave me an appetite, and my ft,d u-1-Lshedand
satbfied the craving I Lad i re
ii.Ui!ycrcriir.ccil." Geoi.ue A. Tack,
X. R. i f you decide to take Hood's Sar,
Eaparilla '.o not le induced tobuyany other.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold!iyilrii5fsist3. ?l; stxforf:;. J'rcparedbj
CI. HOOD it CO.,.A,,3.ottC.ll,Xass
lOO Doses One Doila?
Th.e Popular Boot and Sko Store, 3To. 537 Tkird St.4,;
Are receiving goods from tho following manufacturers: Hey wood it Co., Worcester. Mass.: John. Strootman,
Buffalo, N. Y.; Paunce & Spiney, Lynn, Mass.; Marcio&Cio. New York-City; A. E Brown & Co., Phila.; and an
Extra Line of California Goods.
JELm -E3. DE0"?Cr03? cSs Co, Astoria, Oregon. -T
First Prize
o&re 6T jinsahy.Vj convicts' katcuen, 7;
offioera' lalcbcn,75f in ilie yard, 11;
laundrv.G: trardebsv'j: farmwork. "10:
A Very Fine Instrument.
One of the finest instruments, if not
the finest in that line ever brought
here, is at surveyor Raymond's office.
It is a telescope theodolite, and is a
model of ingenious mechanism. It
cost $425.
It Cannot Be Collected.
Wc Will Now Have Fine Weather.
brickyard. 27:-caraof steckl'3: team
Bters,; bakery 2j teilors, 3; hospital
nureesf 2: one each, shoemaker, black
smith, plumber, carpenter, butcher
and soapmaker; Biok, maimed, aged
and decrepit, 12.
If you have made up your mindlo buy
Hood's Jsarsaprilla do not be induced to
take any oilier. "Hood's Sarsaprilla is a
peculiar medicine, possessing, by -virtue
ot its -peculiar coinbiuatfy n, proportion
and preparation, curalivf i.mvcr su
perior to any article of the kind.
JefLtf iH give another n his famous
Suftdaydlnners in" ifis 2Tev Restaurant
to-day. from 3 to 7, Tamo ro:ut duck
and alljthe delir-aciesj of the s2ason.
Grand - concert durinir dinner hours.
The la&tr restaurant on this coast or
any other. ' ,
For a 6odliavejgoJto-F:Perrell.
Apply Ja.TJ.--'b2af)'A Hesidence,
northeait" corner JTif Ui and Cass itreeta.
Now that the grand lodge A. O. TJ.
W. has adjourned we may expect
cloudless skios and brilliant weather
till the next association or organiza
tion meets here. Then it will rain
again as usual.
Is Consumption Incurable?
Head the follewing: Mr. C. 11. Morris,
Newark, Ark., says: "Was down with
Abscess of Lungs, and friends and pliy
sieians pronounced me an Incurable
Consumptive. Began taking Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, am
now on my third bottle, and able to
oversee Uie work on my farm. It is the
flnest medicine ever made."
Jesse Middiewart, Decatur, Ohio,
says: Had it not been foi Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumplien I
would have died of Lung Troubles. Was
given up by doctors. Am now in best
of health." Try it. Sample bottles free
at J. W. Conn's Drug Store.
The city asssessment roll has few
to say a good word for it, except those
who are not assessed on all their prop
erty or get off with a low valuation.
The roll is unequal and unsatisfactory.
The assessor shonld be paid for his
work, as he did tho best he could.
Then the city auditor or some other
competent person should be paid to
go over it and compile a new roll.
With the erasures and multilations,
the roll as it stands cannot be col
lected and is of no legal value.
Women's Ways are Winnin
C (St1
v tZ?r4fr,
A Snap so Real Estate.
11X Acres, close to river and street car line. Only 500 per acre, for a few days
only. $5,000 can be made on this property within three months.
Winn i Hiiiife
Odd Fellows' Building,
His Goods,
Incoming Passengers.
Tho steamship Orcyon is due from
Sau Francisco to-day, with the follow
ing passengers: G. W. Spencer, W. J.
Howard, li. A. Howe, Capt. A. J.
Lowell, wifo and daughter, Eev. A.
Dowsley, Mrs. Victorian, F. C. Mor
gan, John Laradijaf, J. II. Sargeant,
Leon Sweet. Mrs. J. D. Curtherbert
and child, Miss C. J. Watson, Miss L.
M. Mclntry, Miss Bay Frank, E. Mc-Gowan.
Postponed Till Next Sunday.
MMiii Siicce-eils Lite
So said I'ulwer. that greatest of
norolists, nml ho never spolto
moro truly, and lio might havo
added with equal forco, that
Merit Is tho llsscneo of Success.
WisJom's Itobcrtine is tho syno
i-ym of merit, and its hibtory is
success. 'Iho magical effects of this
lire cription havo been attested
by thousands of tho leading ladies
uFfocioty rnd thotaga. It is the
only article over discovered which
gives a Natural and Beautiful tint
to the complexion, rcmeving all
rouzhcefs of the faco and arms,
and leaving tho skin soft, smooth
and velvety. It has long been tho
study of chemists to rroduco an
articlo that, whiles it would bcau-
1 U RE AS UHILDH00D bavo tho merit of being harmless,
but these two important qualities
M. N. L) riO were never brousht together until
combined in "Wisdom's Uobcrtino.
Harmless as Dew Drops Wilncs3-
Thoabovoarobutafewof thoinanv like testimonials which wo havo from prominent
pcoplo from different sections of tho United State, but lack of spaco forbids our pub.ishinp:
moro hero. Sufllco to say that thoso given cinbraco tho opinions of every lady who has used
this delightful preparation. Wo court correspondence from any who may question tho gen
uincnojs of tho testimonials hero given, i nd solicit it from others who may wish any further
information regarding
li ico Ui cents each. Thcso Delightful Toilet Articles aro sold by tho following drugtaats :
J. W. Conn. J. C. Dement. H.W. Strieker. Th. Olson.
Which Are
First Class
And Draws Trade By
1st RATE
Messrs. Wisdom & Ce: Gentlemen Al
though it i3 very unusual for me o use any
Iotious or washes, still in answer to your re
quest. 1 havo trio'l Wisdom's Violot Cream
and Hobertine. Tho former I consider cs
September 4, 1S37.
bear Mr. Wisdom Many thanks for tho
boxof'M'obortiiio I'owdcr." I havo used it
for tho stage, also for tho street, and find it
almost impossiblo to detect. Tho Kobcr
l.pcially mcaeious in cases of roughness of fino" and Kobertino Towdcr" aro requisite
Gl io .the. Coluiiibia bakery for all
kind of sakes
Gorto "UieiUoJmuuia bakery ice crfnm
parkro iBil try a ttisli'or their tiie ice
For the very best Photos, go to Sinis
eLB&irtHfc Huuse.
liTtownr Roanirf uer nicht
FctsriorietO. New and
itTr1 vtde "entrance.
Puti?ijHBttrUuIe rooms
mUfcraEta2bnablo rates, can be
acceiiWWaWaattIrs: . C. Holden's,
rornerTJaln and Tour Ui street.
Talk is cheap. We lead, others fol
low. Trvtlie home made biead at the
Oregon liakery, and judge for yourself.
All the Choicest Delicacies, made by
only first-class men at the Seaside
Go to the San Francisco Gallciv for
the finest Photogiaphs and Tintypps.
Olney Street.
Fecket Beek Lost.
Containing $35. Leave it at H. W
ShiTuian & Co.'s stable and get 510 reward.
Hab&Ra Cigars.
Just xeceived a large stock of clear
Habana cigars at TV. L. Holms, i;:o
Third street
Owing to tho parachute belonging
to the balloon being side tracked be
tween Portland and Pendleton, tho
ascension will not take place to-day.
Arrangements will be made to have
the ascension and jump off next Sun
day so as not to disappoint tho public
Harden on Exposure to the Weather.
Dressmaker, first, wishes situ.i
tion in private family by day or week
Call at this office.
t House.
Room, go to the
Ice;erciai- at"deffs
new restaurant
GooUuoods'itntlow rates at the Sea
side Bakery.
TbeTatesrstvle of Gents'. JJoots and
Sbees at P. J. Gooduax & Co.'s.
Ludlow's Ladies' S3.00 Fine Shoes;
also flexible hand-turned French Kids,
at P. J. Goodman & Co.'s.
WciHhnrU! Beer
At the Sunny Side saloon. Furnished
rooms up stairs.
Remember the Austin house at the
Seaside is open the year 'round.
Delicto hs' Ice Cream
Served daily at the Columbia bakery.
The massive stones in the front of
the new Kinney building on Third
street, attract universal attention.
They are of a kind of sandstone that is
said to indurate and harden upon ex
posure to the atmosphere.
A City I.ady "U'lio lleqnired Proof
Before Believing;.
There recently appeared In the San Fran
cisco Call, Chronicle, and .Ecamfnrr, a propo
sition hitherto unheard of. It was an
advertisement in which the Edwin W. Joy
Coinpauy, In proof of the curative propertiea
of Joy's Vegetable Sarsaparilla, offered to
submit it to the terrific test of "no cure no
pay." Many accepted, and their experience
are so convincing as to bo almost beyond
belief. Here Is another, written under date
January C, 1890:
Deap. Sibs: I accepted your offer to teat
the merits of your vegetable remedy In sicl:
headaches, and called forabottle and got it
I had been troubled for a long time, and
had tried nearly everthin$r, with little or
no effect; but Joy's Vegetable Sarsaparilla
acted almost like magic, and the first bottle
relieved me from one of the worst cases of
sick headache one ever had.
16 Prospect Place, San Francisco.
Wo will from time to time publish others
of these letters. 1 1 Is doubtful I f .any remedy
was ever before such a ieve
tho skin, and I havo usod it every day for
the lost fortnight. havo found your liObor
tino an excellent preparation for removing
sunburn, tan and the effects of cold wind,
heat, otc. Please send mo at onco a dozen
bottles each. Kobertino and Violet Cream, as
I am loavinn for Europo Saturday week.
Yours faithfully, I.H.UK Langtuy.
Chicago, November 13th.
Mr. Wifdem: Dear Sir I beg to thank you
for tho delizhtful and refreshing "Itobcrtino"
you so kindly sent mo. 1 havo used tho toilet
preparations of tho most cslcbratcd manu
facturers of London and Paris, but consider
your "ltobertine" their superior in point of
Eurity and exccllcnco. Wishing yoa tho un
ounded success you deservo, I remain,
Faithfully jours, Emma. Abbott.
Esmond, August 11. 1S.33.
Mr. W. 51. Wisdem: Dear SirrYour
"Hobertine" was so highly spoken of in San
Francisco, and a l'ady friend induced mo tJ
try it. It is very fine and an excellent appli
cation for whitening and beautifying tho faca
and hands. Tho ltobertine Powder is de
lightful. Very truly, Fajjxy Davespoet.
Juno-1. 18S7.
To Mr. V. M. Wisdom : Dear Sir I havo
tried your 'itobertins." It is excellent, and
I shall be rl cased-to recommend it to all my
lady friends. Bel:cvo mo, yours truly.
April 7. 1SS7.
Dear Mr. Wisdom I havo tried jour
"Kobertino." and it gives mo ranch pleasure
to say that it is excellent for the complexion
being one of he best articles of tha Kind I
havo over used. Yours f inccrcly.
7. 'lRKr.KM.1.
November 8, 1837.
Mr. Wisdom : Dear Sir 1 consider your
"Kobortine," for tho comploxion. tho finest
S reparation I havo ever used. It is perfectl j
armless, and 1 am sure no lady's toilet is
complete without it. Yours respectfully.
Maud Giuxckb.
to any lady's toilette, and a positivo boon to
i no people in the profession, lours truly,
UniEi. BKA3D0X.
San Francisco, September 13, 18S8.
Mr. Wisdem: Dear Sir I havo tho plea
sure to acknowlcgo tho receipt of a bottle of
your famous "Kobertino." Ihavou3Cl it at
tho theater, and find it to bo all that is claimed
for it. It has a warmer flesh tint than most
of tho washes, and is both agreeable and
harmless to tho skin. Very sincerely yours,
Phoebe D VTIES.
Lj-ceum Theater. N. Y , August 1, 18S9.
Dojr Sir I havo given your "Kobertino" a
fair trial, and tako great pleasure in writing
you, and frankly confess that I think Wis
dom's "Kobertino" .to bo less harmful and
moro pleasant to uso than any lotion I havo
over tried. I havo tho honor to remain.
Very sincerely, Charlotte Tittelk.
Leading Physicians also Have Their Say.
, Chicago, January 31. 1SS8.
W. M. wisdem: Dear Sir As yu re
quested. I havo examined tho formula- of
j'our toilet preparation, called Kobertine."
t can assure you that tho Ingredients aro both
b anu anu harmless, and that tho compound
would form an excellent application in irri
tated conditions of tho skin. Yours truly.
Author Deax Beyai M. D.,
Prof, of anatomy. Rush Medical Collcgo and
P. A. Surgeon. U. S M. II. S.
., . . March 2.i. 18SS.
Tin is to certify that I havo examined tho
constituents of Mr. V. M. Wisdom's toilet
preparation designated "Itobertino." I con
sider it a safo and elegant articlo, and ono
destined to tako tho place of tho many dan
gorous compoundsTiow in tho market.
r, ,- , .P.KOTHWELI,tM.D.,
Prof. Medical Chemistry and Climatology;
Oros3 Medical Collcgo.
March 10, 18SS.
Dear Sir I havo mado a chemical exami
nation of your toilet articlo called "Kober
tino," and find it to bo composed of harmless
ingredients, and well adapted to tho nurposo
for which you recommend it.
, rm. , W.U.SAVLOR.M D-
Prof. Theory and Practico of Modicino.
Medical Department, Sta to University.
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Victoria. 11. C November 20, I8S7.
My dear Mr. Wisdom You havo roason to
foel proud of tho success of'Mtouertino." I
have used it constantly for n year, and find it
beautiful and beneficial, for tho comploxion.
and I havo much pleasnro in recommending NbtO What tllQ Celebrated Chemists of
it. Tho "Kobertino Powder," your latest ad- c r,.:. o-
dition to tho Artistic toilet, makes a charm- an JrranClaCO bay.
inc finish, and is worthy of its companion can r?,n(.:, Tnon 1B5M
"ltobertine." Yours truly M -. W. wLrSr'ifr-
jkanmr vi.sto. Vo havo mado nn oxj,aasliv.0 Chemicai
Juno 9, 188S. analysis of asamploof Wisdom's "Itoljertino,"
Dear Sir I havo tried a botllo of your obtained by us in tho public market, and find
"Itobertino" for the complexion, and find-it a it to bo froo from all poisonous and deleterious
most deltehtful preparation, boiutifyinir the ingredients, constituting a harmless prepara-
fkin and leaving no ill effects. For tho future tion for tho face. Yours truly,
I shall uso no other. Sincerely yours. Tnos. Price & So,
Jeffbfya-Lkwis. Analytical Chemists.
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