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jgi -Mw ismmiK,' m& Jf'JU'WHQ1! -L I '"'I J4. -lJ!ll'lii'ffil''MlfPUl-JlU -- ' -!l" -w-t . pgraH
Te AM More Liberal Pay For
Shitcm Traticrei Mi
m 11 tr cr.A T.sttr co 1 xtv . 1:1: its.
,1 lyThe Unitbk rciSkS
WvsnixoroN. .luue 24. !r. Allen,
frKB tbo committee on public lands
retried to the senate to-lay a sub
stitute for the bills heretofore mtro
lnMl. to provide for the Miney of
public l.inLs in Montana, Washinstoii
and tlie l"akotas. an amenilment to
the smuln. civil appropriation bills
marine an appropriation of $."00,000
Tar th purjo-e: and a further amend
xneat, pmvidin? that the commissioner,
of the general laud office may allow
for the Mirvey of lauds heavih tim
bered, mountainous or covered with
dexvse undercrow th, in the state of
Oncgiw and Wasliinglou, at rates not
orccedm;: SIS er lineal mile for
andanl and meander lines, Sb"i for
townships, and S12 for section lines;
ako an amcnibnent providing that of
llie appwpnation for public jurves,
SUVXIKX), instead of 10,000, as pro
vided m the house bill, may be ex
pended for the examination of .sur
veys m several districts, to test the
nciuirac of the -work in the field notes,
Tti xivi:tiiki:i: sc'iii:vs.
VHCScvlrtl Change In Hip JWvr,
Special UjThk AMttiu K.
Washinotov, June 21. Secretary
Tracy has decided to adopt
the recommendation of eugiueer-in-chicf
Melville, to have the
cruiser provided for in Uie
pending naval appropriation bill, with
three screws, instead of tho ordinary
ttrvx She is to bo about -100 feet long,
TS feet Ivani. 7.r00 tons displacement,
and "wrill dcvelope an average speed of
Ul knots an hour, maintained foi four
liours. or 22 knots over a measured
mile. The cruiser -will be the fastest
over produced and added to the other
qualities, -will prove a most formidable
war craf L She is to have no armor,
but to le provided with a protected
deck. Three screws will be a most
decided novelty in this country, noth
ing of the kind ever having been
built here.
Another I'tistoffiic.
JSeefcd to TtiK Astoki v.
Wasiuxcton', June 24- A new
postoffice has been Chtablished at Kest,
llarne comity, Oregon, with Samuel
F Ilnlton, postmaster.
govi:k.tii:t ship.
from Nan Francisco lo rv Vork
Ity Natl.
VycUll loTllK ASTOKIAX.1
W.vsnnfGTOK, June 2L A telegram
was received at the navy department
to-day. saying that the Monorjahela
was spoken at 10 o'clock this morning,
v miles eat southeast from Capo Hen
lopexuwith all well on loard. The
xessel left San Francisco on the Slh of
March last, and this is the first nev
from her mucc that date. She has no
cnjnnecr. and made the entire voyage
under sail. Her orders were io pro
ceed to New York without touching at
am port en route, excepting in case of
necessity. Upon arriving at New York
she will be fitted out for a traiuiug
ship. Her present erformancc is re
garded as verj creditable for a vessel
of her class.
Sorted Hint Jnsl Kight.
SjccijUloTiiK Amrian
SrKcrsK, X. Y June 2L -Nichols
M. Betsinger, the well known Mariel
lus Falls apiarist, couvicted of :issuilt
upon his adopted daughter, was
to-day cntencetl to Auburn state
prison for 11 ears and 10 months.
lnctincr in Washington Itcal
Nvwl luTnr AstoMan.
Nkw York, June 2L A special
Trvim Washington to tho Mail and
Kxytrcs. says that president Harrison
and family are showing eonfidenco in
Washington real estate, by investing.
Danng the past three or four dajs,
Ue president and members of his fam
ily have leen making extensive in
vestments. Tho president is a mem
ler of the syndicate that recently pur
chased a large tract of suburban
property on the Potomac river. A
hotel has been erected and will bo
opened soon. Yilla sites are being
offered for salc.
coci:kmc; cigars.
liXlcHi c Strike of Cigar lakers
Sraal IoThk Astoriak.1
Ninr YonK, June 2L Over 4,000
tnen and women, employed in tho
snannfactnrc of cigars, have struck for
higher wages. The German element
complain that Cubans, employed by
several manufacturers, are receiving
better pay than the German workers.
This the manufacturers deny. Tho
firms who are now practically without
heads are Josh Hirscli, Seidenberg &
Gvx. Victor Vallett & Gj., and Eschel
bftch fc Meyer. Conferences are being
feeld, and a speedy settlement is con
sadered probable.
Tc have a largo list of Fine Residence and Business Properly in different parts of
tfee City. "We also have some Fine Lots in Hustler & Aiken's and some choice corner
Lete ia McClnro's, with a splendid View of the City and River, which we will Sell Che3p.
Xo titrable to show property to intending purchasers.
Trj ing to Iadp the Tenor of i!:e
Special to Tin: Astokiax.I
New Yokk, June 24. A Inter le
spatch from Saratog.a, sajs llie dis
cussion in the court of apeals
settled the main question at issue in
the sugar trust. General Prior, who
represents the attorney general in
cases brought against the ti ust, sa
the ellect of decision is to de-lioy one
member of the trust, the North J!iwr
Sugar Refining company, and now
notliing lemaiub but to sue each mem
ber of the trust w ho proposed a t ransfer
by the sugar trust, of its properties to
a corporation, under the laws of C jii
necticut or New Jersey.
This may not be easily accomplished,
though the court has already granted
an injunction against the trust, pro
vidiug against just such a move. The
next step will be taken by the attorney
The action of the court of S.iu Fran
cisco in the case of the Amcricsn
refinery, will give the sugar trust
people there some comfort, for it nsa;.
be a precedent in the present cise.
The price or sugar certificate-, w.t-.
well maintained, after the publication
of the final decision, as lhe were held
firmly between seventy-one and sev
cut -two. Theodore Haveme;.cr. of
Havomeer A: Elder, said: "Tim
trust will not disband. It will he so
altered as lo bring the organization
within the letter and spirit of the lav.
There is nothing but the opinion, -
far as I know, preventing thrt cn-oH
dation or the remieria.'
a Rici rAii .tici::i:ss.
Committed bj a Woman :t:ul
Special la ThkAstoiuan
Ottawa, Ills., Juue2L David M.
Mcore. a traveling man, representing
the Scott Lumber Co., of Moirill, was
decoded to Allen park last night, by
Mrs. Geo Ford and a man named
Gary, and brutally beaten to death
with a coupling pin. The bod' when
found this morning, presented a hor
rible appearance, and the pockets
were turned inside out. His jewelry,
consisting of a diamond pin and ring
was missing, but in an inuer pocket in
his vest, securely fastened v. ith safety
pins, was found 3140 in currency.
Mrs. Ford was seen at an eaily hour
this morning, walking nervously about
the street, tearing up a memorandum,
and throwing it away. The coei and
pieces of the book were gathered up,
and identified as belonging to Moore.
When confronted with these evidences,
the woman broke down and made a
confession, which resulted in her
arrest and the arrest of her husband
and Gary an hour later.
The Strikers Arc Victorious.
Special to Tin: Astoki n.
New Youk, June 2L -Hopkins k
Marks members of the association or
cloak firms, surrendered this morning
to the terms of the locked outwork
men, and the latter will go back to
work at once, and will be paid in full
for the lime they ha.e been out and it
is onl a matter of a short time, when
the other firms will yield.
Versus theSayrar Trust.
Special to Tin Astoki tv
S i: vron v, June 2 L The New York
state court of appeals today handed
down a decision against the sugar
Tiivil ol Matiiiui'uv.
Yeslcrda another wife who desires
to have the bonds of wedlock severed,
filed a petition for divorce iu llie cir
cuit eburt June 11, 1SS3, Margarita
was wedded to Gils Sand in 1'acilic
county, Washington, and the fruit of
that union is a family of foui children,
a girl of six jears, a loy of fmr. an
other of two, and a girl of five months
old. She seeks a diorce, the custody
of the children. 20 per mouth while
the suit is pending, and SltM to defnn
the costs of the suit. She claims her
husband drovo her out of Uie house on
the 7th insh, and on the 22nd called
her foul names in the pi escnee of her
children, and has frequently threaten
ed her life, but she has alwa s been
kind and loving toward him, a- she
affirms. She sajs he does not con
tribute to her support, but she has to
work out to provide for herself and
children and therefore asks the court
io set her free. On the question "Js
marriage a failure V she would evi
dently vote iu the atlirmalhe.
A Matter of Interest lo Trawlerfc.
Tourists, emigrants mid mariners fuul th tl
llostetter'j. Stomach Hitters i- a
s laniard against unheal! hful influences, ni
on which they cm inipliuilj relj, miici- it
Ire cuts the effects that an inlic.ilth) cli
mate, i mated atmosphere, unaceiist mcd or
unwholesome diet, had water, er other con
ditions unfa orable to health, woul 1 other
wise produce. On Ions oa;;c8, or jouniejs
bv land in latitudes adjacent to the dpi itor,
it is especially nsehilasaprcuMit Uiwof the
felnile complaints and disorders of Uie stom
ach, liver and how els, which are apt to at
tack natl as of the temperate 7ones sojouni
iiiK or travelinj: in such regions, .rid is an e
cellcnt protection against the influence of
etreme cold, sudden changes or tempera
ture, exposure to damp or extreme fatigiit.
It not only prevents iuternuMe it and remit
tent fever, and other diseases of a malarial
tj pc.hut eradicates theni.a fact that h is hecn
notorious fr ears past in North and .South
America, Meicot the West Indies, Aiistmlin
and other countnas.
All the patent medicines advertiser
i n this naner, together with the choicest
1) erfumery, anil toilet artieh s etc ean
e bought at the lowest prices : t ,F. V.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
hotel, Astoria
He Airtses His Hod to Patronize
Simflay Amnsements.
;r;.v to ;;. .s uxiayi'Aveiis.
"pee a! U t'.MTrn 1'kkss
Si:vto3, N. Y.t June 2LTho
court of appeals to-day affirmed the
original judgment in the Kemmler
cise. Kemmler must I3 electrically
executed by warden Surslon.
.11 os I Too Miieh So to Please His
spfrtal IO rilK ASTOKtAX.I
St. .losnnr. Mo., June 2L There is
considerable excitement in ecclebisisti
cal circles over the pulpit utterances
of Row J. C. Grumbine, the bestknowu
Unitarian clergjman in Missouri.
Grumbine has alwajs been known as
a lihcraled, but his congregation was
astonished Aestcrdav. Tuev never
t heard such radical talk and they don't
know what to make of it. The people
of other denominations do, however,
and they have set down Grnmbinoas
a man dangerous lo the Christian
He saj.s with accompiuj ing ges
tures, that he was in faor of Sunday
theatrical performances, Sunday ball
games, Sunday horse races, and all
Sundaj. sports. Ho said that he be
lieves in them, and intended patron
izing them, whenever he had an op
portunity. In support of this advocacv, he
stated that Christ said the Sabbath
was made fur man, and not man for
the Sabbath, and if the people found
relaxation and pleasure in Sunday
bporls he favored them. He believed
that they would tend to keep people
from the saloons, and he advised all
of hi- hearers to read all the Sunday
The Imprisoned miners.
-pecial I Tin: Ast"i:iaxi
Pitkbukg, Juno 21. A report
reached the city that about 350 this
luorniug the rescuing party at Dun
bar made an opening to Farmhill
mine and at once walled it up again,
pending necessary preparations for
exploration. The report, however,
lacks confirmation.
Inter Duxnu:, Pa, 9:K a. ar. A
fresh air passage has just been opened
by the rescuing party. It is believed
il leads into Farmhill mine. The end
is likely lo come before noon.
vi ioIjUs vic uxxr.isu.
I"onr HJfuriJcrers I?xcrxttctlou one
Special in I in. Astomaj.1
Ivlr.HPHLs, Tcnn., June 2 L Parker
Harris, El Carrand Hardy Ballard,
colored, ami Frank Hrcmish, white,
were hanged this morning, the colored
murderers together, the white man
alone, as JJremish objected lo being
hanged with negroes. Tho blacks ex
hibited no signs of fear. All confessed
and said they had made their peace
with God. The necks or all three
were broken.
Dremish, supported by the deputy
.sheritK half walked, halt staggered
on to the drop. lie v, asslupified with
whisky and exhibited no concern.
His neck was broken. Bremish,
Harris and C.irr killed their wives, and
Ballard killed a street car conductor.
The first two attempted suicide by
cutting I heir throats.
The American larty.
su e al to '1 ni; AstOHIAX.
CKKI.YND, Cal., Juno 24. The Ala
meda county delegation to the Ameri
can party state convention willr)resent
the name of Geo. W Grayson, a well
known mining and live .stock man, for
the nomination or governor. As Ala
meda eonnh is the American party
stronghold, it is not unlikely that Gray
son vill be the nominee.
Silver Llullioii and Certificates.
Spccia' lelin: astoki w.J
Xi:w Yonic, Juno 24. The stock ex
change report silver bullion on hand,
o,(KvS,212 ounces; certificates outstand
ing, 31,311. Since Juno 1st, the
amountoisilver bullion on hand has in
creased 207.307 ounces, and certificates
onktanding 1 ,37L Bar si! ver in Ixmdon
is 175i pence per ounce, New York
price as reported bv bullion dealers,
is SI 01.
Annual International Conven
tion. Special to Tin: astokiax.j
Prrrsnuna, June 2L Tho interna
tional Sunday school annusil conven
tion met this morning. Over 1,200
delegates were present, from all the
stales and territories and tho provinces
of Canada, including all tho Evangelist
Sic Criticised Freely.
Special to Tiik Astoiuajt
Madisok, Wis., June 24. Ex-president
John Bascomb, of Wisconsin Uni
versity, now of Williamstown, Mass.,
created a sensation to-night, in Ids
address to tho graduating class in law,
by unmercifully criticising a decision
of the Wisconsin supremo court ex
cluding the bible from tho public
: i
The "Bear" Mi at Port Towisent
for Fnrtter Orders.
Special by Tho UsrrrD Pbess.
Chicago, Jnue 2L The Inter
Ocean's Washington special says: Ir.
Blainohas declined an invitation to
bo present at a meeting of tho World's
fair commissioners at Chicago, on July
28, when they are going to organize,
on the ground that ho will bo detained
by business in connection wilh the
Behring sea complications. This
ono of the fiKt official statements j
to indicate that negotiations as to
Behring sea. are pending aifd in
dicates that the outgoing revenue
cutters have been detained at one of
the northern ports on the northwest
Pacific coa3t to await their final in
The statement is made in various
quarters that t rouble is to be expected g AK prds-, ,Tune 2L The trial
on account of these instructions. . o Frank Tjame tToe Bowers, J. J.
These statements are, to sy tho least. Ijamieson and others, engaged in prize
premature. Instructionn as to the -fitting in the Golden Gate Athletic
conduct of the Amencon revenue cut I club xvas resumea to-dav. John
ters m Behring sea have not yet been , WelI:, reporter, testified " that ho
issued but it is expected that they will rera0nstrated with the club directors,
be before many days. -The under- and sccry Jamieson of tho club,
standing is that the state department nganWt jdiobjg ch unscien
has delayed the issuance of mstruc tiUc mea rcBrido and
tions in order to await the expected nm to fight, but tho officers
reply from London, as to certmn pro- rerIHea to stop the fight as the men
portions which have not been madohverc Oghtlug for a stake. Finally
public There is going to be trouble McBridc became so weak from con
about the enforcement of the act of j stant piinishment, that he fell back
congress to enforce the claim oE.on his hcad and fractured his skulL
the United .States lo tho,Then the club officers became fri ght
esclusive jurisdiction on the enetl antl tricd to Bnppre3s the fact as
waters in tho Bearing sea, jsaid . o the mcn fighting for a stake,
senator Brown, of tho .foreign aaaiw Wm. PhUlips, a waiter in tho Palace
committee, "the administration has hulel statcd to a police officer that the
simply a duty to perform. It must jmcil were fighting for a stalje, but the
carrj'outthelaw. There is no escape polica expect to be able to prodnce
from that In doing so thero will be Fr;mk Pvobinson. head waiter in tho
Mnu uuybi ui. ubiu p"- v"
extent that interference may bo
carried. It is hoped that it will bo
merely a diplomatic difficulty to bo
arranged by correspondence and that
some satisfactory treaty may be made.
I don't think we are going to have any
difficulty that cannot be settled by
peaceful means.'
Are Promptly Grauteft by tlie Reicii
stas Without Delate.
Spocial by The Uxitkd I'niss.
BERiiis, Juno 21 -The reichstag
has finally and without debate ac
cepted tlie estimates for colonial
credits upon the government state
ment that the Auglo-Germanic nego
tiations have not cl been conclnded.
The AMialic Cholera in Spain.
Special toTn Astorivj
TdAiinro, Jnnp 2L -The commission
of medical experts, sent by the govern
ment to the province of Valencia for
the purpose of investigating the
epidemic raging there, pronounce the
dise:ise to be Asiatic cholera. The
commission also reports that the
origin of the pestilence is uncertain.
Locating the Cause or a IHariiic
Spec :il to Thk Astoki k.
Ijivnnroori, June 2L The board of
trade court of enquiry and investiga
tion into the cause of the recent
accident lo the Innfan line steamer
City of Paris, lo day conclnded its
labors and rendered a decision. Tho
court attributes tho casualty to the
wearing off of tho propeller bearings,
and also decides that tho safety of the
vessel was not sacrificed to a desire to
attain a high rate of speed. The court
pronounced tho Qily of Paris to be
ope of the finest ships in the mercan
tile marine.
Bernhardt JVarrewly- Escape
Special to Tiik Asrouixl
Ijondok, June 2-i. Upon returning
toher hotel after having performed
at her Majesty's theater last evening,
Aladamo Sarah Bernhardt suffered
from an attack of insomnia. Finding
herself unable to go to sleep she took
what proved to be au overdose of
chloral. When her attendants dis
covered her, tho famous actress ap
peared in a dying condition and phy
sicians were immediately summoned.
After persistant efforts lasting four
hours and the application of powerful
remedies, Bernhardt began slowly to
The latest Myle of Gents' Coots and
?!uh at p. J, Goon man's.
" "um :iX'ui"ai "" " since the fight, and prove by him that
government will interfere, ow of hc TO stake holder aml tbat tllQ club
Course, 110 One knOWS to Vhat , nllioors fcnnw nF flm frnh.
Kindred Park.
On the oompletion o tie-Astoria k Sontk -Coast, and Albany & Astoria Railroads, this property will be worth
nent many Haws teamonntfofwl - ' -
Rwrwrnber th Hiertory of Othor Cities
'AndyamoCttoJ&e.lje Lotis Selling Fast ' -Buy Now!
How They Capture! tie Celestials
anft Jailei Tlei in Tacson.
Special, by U.mted Puks
Oaktiaxd, June 2L No more car
penters have struck since yesterday,
and there is a feeling in favor of a con
ciliation of the strike and a compromise
with the employers.
He "Wanted te Die.
Special to Tiik astoriax.j
OakiiAXd, CaL, Juno 24. A laboring
man jumped off the 11 o'clock boat
from San Fraucisco lo-day. He was
I rescued. He refused to givolusname,
but said ho wanted to die.
The Uoldcn Gate Athletic Club
in Trouble.
'special to Tiik astoki ax.1
I'aiace notci, wuo uas been niding
Larue, the survivor principal, is
very independant, and savs that if
certain prominent men don't come to
his assistance, he will tell of their ac
tion in the famons French restaurant,
in ne was neau waiter.
3c Denies the Crime.
SpCCl.ll t0TlIKASTOlUA?r.J
Sax FiiAxczsco, June 24. Edward
F. Lading accused of shooting and
killing his wife last May, who is held
for trial w-ithonfc bail, "this morning
slill insists that his wife shot him,
then killed herself.
ThclHcxican Goniul Apprehends
Danger. toTiiR Asroi:iN.J
" Svx Fnvxersco, Juno 21. Mexican
consul A. X. Coney, applied to tho
chief of police lo day for protection,
as hc is nfriid his residence will be
burned, lie states that he has been
informed that there is a plot to burn
his honse, in the hopes of causing
death lo himself or some of his family.
Orders to keep a sharp watch on
tlie place have been issued A short
time ago Coney had Manuel S. Facio
and A S. Mandaz arrested, on charges
of .attempting to extort money from
him, because he refused to give them
position! in his office. The trial oc
cupied several weeks, and resulted in
the defendants being acquitted.
A Dishonest Manager. to Tiik AsroiUAX.l
Sax FiuxRisco, June 24. Messrs.
Fitch and Pickering of tho Call and
llullctin, h ave decided to prosecute ac
tion against their ex-business manager,
John White, who defrauded them of
large sums of money. Fitch brought;
btiit to-day against Whito for $50,000,
alleging tbat the defendant was in
debted to tho Call in that sum.
June Hail Storm in the Sacra
mento Valley.
Special to The Astorian.i
Colusa, CaL, Juno 24. This after
noon a hail storm struck this place,
accompanied by rain, and was tho
largest storm ever known here. Trees
were stripped of their leaves and fruit,
and a great number of windowe were
broken. People in tho streets at the
time were severely bruised by hail
Let the Wires Alone.
Secial to The Astokiax.
Sax Fbaxcisco, June 24. Wire
tappers, Win. Fallon and J. W. Nagle,
who wero arrested yesterday, were
booked this morning for felony, con
sisting in trying to learn "tho contents
of messages, sent over tho wires of
tho "Western Union Telegraph com
pany. Wanted a Higher Price.
Special to The astoriax.1
Sx Francisco, June 241 The
Southern Pacific Coast Railroad Co.
has offered the widow of J. R. Irwin,
who was drowned in the disaster of
May 30th, at the Webster street draw,
$5,000, in settlement of all claims for
damages, but she declined to accept
the settlement.
The Slmmn. Eyed. Heathen Neatly
Special to The Astoria.
Sax Fbaxcisco, June 24. Special
agent of the treasury L. G. Irvin has
returned from Tucson, where he has
been engaged in the Chinese cases,
now on trial in the United. States dis
trict court Irvin left here about two
months ago on the steamer Newbern,
in company with a number of Chi
nese, who were suspected of being
smugglers, who were going to make
an attempt to cross the Mexican
border, in definance of the law.
How they tried to carry out their
design and were captured, is already
known, twenty-four of them being
now in custody in Tucson, awaiting
the action of the court, which, will
probably return them to China. The
special agent made his headquarters
at Nbgales, and from there directed
the movements of the force of men
under him. The twenty-four Chinese
who went down on the Newbern,
left Guaymas on the train and
traveled as far as the Altar district,
where the services of Mexican team
sters were secured, and the team set
out on their journey. They traveled
for several days in a westerly direc
tion. Behind the team, watchingits every
movement, were two of special agent
Irvin's men on horseback. For three
weeks the party were out on a hot des
ert, it being particularly hard on the
deputies, as they had to keep the
smugglers in sight all the while, with
out themselves being seen. The Chi
nese camped at watering places, some
times for four days at a time. On
these occasions the deputies were
obliged to make a detour of the coun
try, to reach another watering place
miles away.
For three weeks this kind of a chase
was kept up, and the invaders were
finally dropped near the line, to the
southwest of Tucson, and they tredged
across the desert for tho remaining
few miles and crossed the line. The
deputies were close behind, however,
but made no attempt to molest them
until they were well into Arizona. The
entire lot was then arrested and
placed in Tucson jaiL Special agent
Irvin went to Tucson, and after giving
his testimony, was allowed to return
to San Francisco.
Long Cantest Over Property.
Special to Thk Astoria?.-.
San Fbaxcisco, June 24. The
Blythe trial is drawing to a close, and
the case will probably be submitted
to the jury next Monday.
Death of an 1 Citizen f Cal
ifornia. Special to The astoriax.I
Modesto, CaL, June 24. Robert
McHenry, a banker, land owner and
capitalist, died this morning. Two
years ago he was stricken with par
alysis, sinco which he has been a help
less invalid. The deceased was a na
tive of Vermont, aged sixty-three
years. Ho was a Mexico war veteran,
and camo to California in 1849. He
was highly esteemed and identified
with all public improvements. His
widow and son survive. Tho funeral
will take place Thursday.
Presecmting a Quack.
Special toTns AsroniAx.l
Spokaxe FaiiLS, June 24. Mr.
Stoddard, of Liebig's dispensary, San
Francisco, who was arrested yester
day, on a warrant sworn out by the
secretary of tho local medical society,
charging him with being a quack and
practicing without license, is attract
ing mucn attention, xne meaicai
fraternity propose to push this and
similar cases under the new law, and
will carry the case if necessary to the
supremo court.
A Boatswain In j area.
Special to TnE Astokiax.1
Sax Fbaxcisco, June 24. Boat
swain E. Ward, of tho steamer State
of California, was injured Saturday,
by being crushed in the hoisting ma
chinery which he was running at the
Killed, by a Drunken Comrade.
Special to The Astobiax.
LosAxGEKES, June 24. Wm. Mo
Art was stabbed by a companion
named F. Worthington last night
during a quarrel in a saloon over a
game of cards. Both men were in
toxicated. Over a Dark: River.
Special to The Astoriax.1
Los AxqeiiES, June 24. Annie
Winship, a dissolute woman, died thk
morning from a dose of poison taken
while despondent
A Ulan
Killed in the Bold of a
Special to The astoiuax. I
Oaklaxd, CaL, June 24 A fatal ac
cident happened to-day on the steamer
Areata, which was discharging a cargo
of coal at the wharf." A rope broke
and the bucket of coal fell, striking
two brothers, Wm. and Edward Kelley,
who were in the hold. Edward was
killed instantly, and William 'is badly
Steamer Movements.
Special to The astoriax.j
Sax Fbaxcisco, June 24 The
steamer Willamette arrived to-day
from Seattle: the steamer State of
California cleared for Portland.
S I-
" VvvvF p-
---' i - tJ-.
Nmerons OriiBanees mi Resolu
tions AJojtei ffirmonlonsly.
Opened at 8 p. 3c., tho mayor in the
chair, and councilmen Parker, Wick
man, Welch and Fox present.
Petition to have city purchase a
pair of horses for Astoria engine com
pany, number one, signed by a large
number of persons, was read, and. on
motion of Welch refered to com
mittee on fire and water.
Petition of Charles Korpela for
liquor license, on morion of Fox
Committee on fire and water to
whom was referred petition to appoint
an engineer, state that the communi
cation is not addressed to the coun
cil and does not coma before them.
It was received and placed on file.
Comnuttee on fire and water in
reference to franchise for Columbia
Water company, recommended that
the ordinance be not granted.
Read and adopted.
Committee on fire and water in
regard to purchasing horses for No. 1,
recommended that Uie matter be de
ferred until a new engine house be
Read and adopted.
Bill of Dr. O. B. Estes for profes
sional services, recommended by Dr.
Jay Tuttle, city health offieerT that an
itemized bill be rendered. Recom
mendation adopted.
Ordinance for sewer on Jackson
street amended by city attorney.
Report of city attorney as to owner
ship of north ends of streets rrmning
to the river. They are owned by the
city and must remain open for the
public, buildings on them can bo re
moved by order of tlie city at any
time. On motion of Welch report
received, placed on file, and the sub
ject matter referred to committee on
streets and the city attorney.
Ordinance to order the issue of war
rants by auditor and police judge for
collection of assessments remaining
unpaid ou Water street, read and
Ordinance to order tho issue of war
rants by auditor and police judge for
collection of assessments remaining
unpaid on Third street, read
twice and laid over.
'Ordinance to determine probable
cost of improving Third street,
from Madison to Spruce streets, read
twice and referred to street committee.
Ordinance to grant to N.J. Levinson
right to operate tho American Dis
trict telegraph system in Astoria, to
be completed in three months and to
run for fifteen years, with the privi
lege of the purchase at any time by
the city, on six months notice, read
and adopted.
Ordinancoto require superintendent
of streets to place signs at street cor
ners showing the names of streets, and
providing for punishment or anyone
who defaces the signs, read and
Ordinance extending time of com
pleting assessment roll extended to
June 30, 1890, read and adopted.
Ordinance providing for probable
cost of sewer on Jackson street, read
and adopted.
Ordinance amending ordinance No.
1150, concerning electric, telegraph
and telephone poles, prescribing their
size and requiring them to be painted,
electric poles to bo forty feet above
the street, and all others thirty-five
feet, read third time and defeated.
Yeas, Parker, Welch, and Wiekman.
Nays, Fox.
Bills of Wilson & Fisher 2.38, and
of 0. A. Stinson & Co. S2.50, read and
Mayor stated that he has refrained
from signing two warrants because
they call for a larger amount than
8100, and such bills shouldjbe paid by
an ordinance and not by a simple vote.
Resolved, that tho city auditor be
requested to advertise for bids for the
city printing for one year from July 1,
1890; adopted.
Resolved, that tho city auditor bo
requested to advertise for bids for
boarding the city prisoners for one
year from July 1, 1890; adopted.
Bill of H. B.Thielsen and associates,
for surveys in May, amounting to
$59925; read and laid. over.
Welch brought up tho question as
to how to get our correct wharf lines
established, and mayor Crosby stated
that Col. Mendell had promised to at
tend to tho matter. Welch moved,
that the mayor correspond with CoL
Moved by Welch, that the city audi
tor do not allow any ordinances or
records to pass out of his hands.
On motion of Welch, tho city- as
sessments were returned tathe assessor
for completion.
Tho council adjourned at 9:80 p. m.
The Steamer Eclipse.
Will make regular trips to Knappa and
Swensen's Landing, on Saturdays, leav
ing Knappa at 7: 30 a. it., and leaving
Wilson & Fisher's dock at 2 v. zt. For
freight or passagaapply to the captain,
on board.
Fine Table Wine
Delivered at GO cents a gallon, to any
part of the city. A fine line of pure
California wines at low prices,, as A.
W. TJtzinger's Cosmopolitan saloon.
- . -
have some Good Acreage and soae shoaURaneaes, a gooslkeaeian, at a.
Investors wffl do well to call on or write to
k to their advantage to list if wita-ue, as
Mr. N. J. Levinson. of Port Towm-
send, Washington, is inthe city.
George Fisher, nronrietor of. tfco
Vienna restaurant, who haabeomaori
ously ill, is again able to be arouxd.
Miss Martha Case, of Providence. R.
X, Lite ot Denver, Colorado, is vkifc-
mg wunner cousin, Mrs. sj. jl. war
ren, at Warrenton.
The ship ChallengeryrhJch left bore
on the 18th of, February with wheat,
has arrived at West HarUepooL
The schooner Charles Hanson ar
rived yesterday afternoon, from San
Francisco, and Zwill load with lumber
at the Clatsop mill wharf.
The steamer Oswego came down
towing the large barge Lincoln, car
rying a heavy load.of wood, and went
up the river last evening, r
The ship Alameda, which, aaflad
from here on the 20th of February,
with a cargo of wheat, is reported to
have arrived at Havre on the 21st
Tho British bark Arthurstone
which sailed from here with a cargo
of wheat, on the 26th of last January;
arrived at Sutherland on the 20th
The steamer City of MonUerrat.
haying a deck load of sheep, pawed
by Cape Hancock yesterday afternoon,
bound from San Francisco to Paget
The German bark India, Cant
Regencr, arrived last evening bam.'
London, which port she left hut
Christmas, having been 182 days on
the way, or almost six months.
The brisr Courtney Ford. Cant
Nelson,-in ballast, arrived here yes
terday arternoon irom Hen JTranaaeo,
and went up the river to Skamokawa.
Washington, where she will load with
The steam tender Manzanita,CpL
Riohardson, returned to this city' yes
terday morning at 6 o'cleck: The
steamer landed the balance of the
lighthouse material at Destruction
island on Saturday afternoon and
Sunday morning, then went to Neak
bay, remaining there until 4 o'clock on
Monday morning, when she started
for here. It was very rough, cotsang
down the coast on Mondav and daring
that night and entering the river yes
terdaymorning. The steamer-goes to
Tillamook rook with supplies and
then will leave here for San Francueo
to have a new boiler put in.
Mrs. Wixslow's Soormxa Srair
should always be used for children
teething. It soothes the child, softens
the gums, allays all pain, cares wina
chohc, and is the best remedy far dlar-rhcea.Twenty-five
cents a bottle.'"
BRUISES arjd WOljfbt,
Fell Fron a TeUsn
j. J?Tt
bam. telegraph pole;
Doctors did no good. 1
cored me. yr. H.
I was kicked by a i
could not walk for
weeks, bat St. Jacobs'
Jsa USE IT!,
Il rouses the Liver and Kidneys and Slow ct
cures 1 Ir.t Jache. Dyspepsia, creates su Appe
tite, Punfes the Impure Blood, and
Makes The "Weak gtronn. "
Used everywhere, tlabottleiaixfaclSk
Are ready to raise aad move
We are the boas at baildise streets, i
walks and bulkheads. ShnutflBt; fceeaos a
specialty. Jack screws, Necking, xeUecs an
cribs for rent. Shop on Fourth St., bet. Caw
and Genevieve.
Everything la gteasoa.
Barber Skes In the
Next to Ceatral Hotel,
Wm . Edgar,
Cigars, Tofcacco and -Snuff,
MeeieekaaK aad. Briar flees.
Pocket Cutlery Marine Glneeee
StetioeryadNeUe. "
Corner Mate: aadCfaeBewasSte.. Astoria. OF
Etc? SSt JhD SlJok!.
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"evntra5 -?
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asi.and partiesInmg property- to sest3 r
oaxfacuita for iliepoatng-oC ntaiMJn
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jorreBiJOHuetice ,ommww.
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are aW beet.
ssi AaLaaiL erBiH
Wfc-VV.. '&ry JBkmmrAmm arJBr:
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