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She gaitjj gtoriutt.
.AI'KIL 1J. 1SS0
(Monday excepted.)
The Situation as Between tie Can
ners and Fishermen.
Publishers and Proprietors.
Ten days or the open salmon season
on the Columbia river have gone by,
and there is lililo change iu. Uia exist
ing situation. N ea::nrie-? are run
ning and no ii-h siv 'n'lnr caught in
tlio Coln:nbia or in lhe Willnmetto
below Portlf.nd. Considerable lish
have been brought lo PorLlaud that
were caught iu ;iie Clackamas, and are
CITY AND COUNTY OFFICIAL PAPER. , being sold at what is considered a low
price. Une man brought to Uarnes ,
corner Third and Morrison streets, last
londay, 2,100 pounds of salmon that
he caught at Oswego, aud for which
j j3arnes offered him 'i'f cents a pound.
The first of a series of three socials i -Vm. Hume, of Eagle Cliff, is re
by the Terpsichorean club, will be j ported to have said that he would pay
given ai rruuan casucon intra street $L25 a tish, but this he denies, saying,
Term of Snliscrlptlon.
Serve! by Carrier, per w eek is c! s
Seat by Mall, per month.............., oocts
Sent by Mall, one year .... S7.W
Free of potage to Mibscribers,
The AsToniAX guarantees to its adver
tisers the larcet circulation of any newspa
per published on the Columbia river.
Sheriff Smith wants those who have
not yet paid their county taxes to do
so by to-morrow evening.
the northern pacific.
Two of Its Rcnrorntative in This City.
this evening.
Yesterday a sub contract was let by
Hoffman & Co. to Gordon. Egan & Co.
to bufld the Astoria & South Coast
railroad to Byrd's.
Messrs. Granger and Hallonquist are
busy laying out a four hundred acre
tract of land near Young river and
will put it on the market in a short
The Gen. Canby will leave at G-Ao
this morning instead of S o'clock as
usual. She will make two trips to
morrow on account of losing one on
Spring houso-clcaning has com
menced in good earnest, and there is
hardly a house but what has the car
pets pulled up and is receiving a gen
eral overhauling.
Granger fc Hallonquist are platt
ing the property on loung's river re
cently Ixmght by Messrs. Stewart and
Eckler from M. Xowlcn. It will
hhortly be put on the market.
A prominent financier of eastern
as do all the other canuers, that he
' cannot pack and pay that price. He
said that he was going to start up his
, cannery on the lOtli.
' It seems a mutter of impossibility
1 for the canncrs to pay $1.23 for sal
i mon in the face of the present out
look. Unfortunately it is equally im
possible for the gill-net fishermen to
J make anything like decent wages at
' anything" less, it the same number
of boats run on the river this season
' that ran in lSsi).
I Thus the situation is a ditlicult one
to both side. There is a natural de
sire of the canncrymeu to utilize the
, expensive plant that lies idle, anyhow,
' eiirht months in the year, and there is
I the actual necessity on the part of the
fishermen, for some of them at least,
to go to work and earn a subsistence
for themselves and thoe dependent
on them. Some destitution is re
ported among dwellers on the banks
of the Columbia, at Coffin Rock and
elsewhere, and the Union has extended
assistance to several who were in want
of the barest necessaries of life.
There is but one direct solution to
the problem, and at the risk of af
fording tiresome but well meant ad
vice. Tin: AsToniAX repeats that the
Oregon will arrive here this morning J oniv thing that can be done is to cut
for the purpose of buying a suitable j down the number of boats. Then mat-
Among the passengers arriving last
evening on the steamer S. G.
Reed from Portland, were A. L.
Horner and E. S. Alexander,
who are said to be here in the
interest of the railroad. A representa
tive of Tnx AsTonrAX interviewed
them at them at the Occident hotel,
and was kindly received. Mr. Alex
ander was rather quiet, but Mr. Hor
ner is a pleasing conversationalist, and
quite entertaining.
He is connected with the Northern
Pacific and located at Tacoma, but in
sists that their visit here is in no way
official, but simply to get away from
business for a while, enjoy a pleasure
trip, and see this section about which
thev hear so frequently in Tacoma
such interesting accounts.
When the reporter presented the
advantages of Astoria, in regard to the
largest slnp3 or steamers discharging
or receiving ireigui at our wuarvos.
and the great convenience it would be
were a through line of railroad con
necting here, Mr. Horner was much
interested, and believes that it is only
a question of time when ships will
connect here with railroads and thus
be enabled to load and unload full
cargoes here instead of now going to
or coming from Portland with part of
the cargo and having to use barges to
unload or take on the balance here as
they arrive or depart.
The eentlemen co over on the Gen.
Can by this morning, will visit Shoal
water bay, also forts Cauby and Stev
ens and the government jetty.
Judging from Mr. Horner's knowl
edge of pile work, its cost, durability
of piles and the action of the teredo on
them, it is safe to infer that he must
have had considerable experience in
the construction of wharves, piers,
trestles aud bridges. Mr. Alexander
is interested in water works and the
water supply of cities and towns.
The gentlemen will remaiu iu this
vicinity for a few days, and propose
investing in real estate if it is not held
at figures above its value. It is very
likely that they are hero for the pur
chase of land, and if so, it is doubtless
for the Northern Pacific, with a view
of the extension of the lines of that
road here, or over on the Washington
PERSONAL, mention.
business location on which to erect
brick building and establish a bank.
Some of the young men of the city
have secured an 18-foot Columbia
river boat and are having a bowsprit
put in and the boat yacht-rigged, the
tors would adjust themselves.
This wonld not be a panacea for the
ills of the present situation, but it
would reduce friction and give the
resident fishermen a chance to make
good wages. It would not lessen the
: catch, materially, and wonld result as
forerunner of the Astoria Yacht club. I Well for the canuers with decreased
There were 1,100 o
the river last year.
At a regular convention of Astor
Lodge, No. 3, K. or P., held at Pythian
castle on Wednesday evening, II. A.
Smith resigned as keeper of records
and seal, and D. R. Rlouut was eleclod
to fill the vacancy.
1,139 boats on
Thev averaged
1,000 fish apiece for the season. To
cut down the number of boats say 40
percent and have only 830 boats run this
season would, it is fair to presume, rc-
suit in an average catch of 1,500 to
lorn portion of last evening the j the boat That many salmon wotdd
streets were shrouded in darkness, as j p-Ve the men a chance for good wages.
me tuectnc nguis were in gioom lor ( it would keen awav a good many men
Successful Launch of The New Steamer.
As riled iu The County Kerordcr;
P. L. Cherry and wife to
Mina P. Rogers lots 3 and
i, tract 1, Gray's subdivis
ion of blk 27, H. & A. addn
The little steamer which has been
constructed in rear of the Astoria Iron
works, was launched yesterday after
noon in the presence of several hun
dred spectators, who had assembled
.- -11 1 I 1UU UL UH
H iue5urroimuuiBwiuuta,.uiu iu.uu- t ,T n. D. Grav and wife to
taineu ineir ixteHioii ior iuuk uic-, E,Icn g Chern. ots 3 aud
m spite of the cmlly wind whicn was .j. ract j Qrs snMvn
blowing strong. of blk27, IL & A. addn...
At o:18 r. m. the last supports were ; c s Dow ;,n(1 wife to T T
removed, and the vessel very j,! B Woodward blk 1!, Pio
slarled to slide down the greased ways, j t pir,
the motion being scarcely percvplible wlm . -jj-vj- j
for over a foot, then tne movement Fitz.j;Ur;-c,: b. 4., Pk0S3.
was more rapid and soon she slipped e
swiftly down the incline and into the ! w UL; j .;, j- ' ' yQ
ater. I AwaKi Afnv Infc !l n.,1 c
mi 1- , ...-,,. .li:.... I .. .u. niw j buu
JLiie rucs-iuLT ucs cic tuiiiuu
awhile, but as they were soon burning,
their value was quite apparent. 'Yu
never miss the water, etc."'
The lecture by Archbishop Gross at
Ro" opera house next Tuesday even
ing trill be an interesting one, and he
will donbtless have a large audience.
It is ven rarely that he appears, and
his discourses, in subject and etyle,
always attract a multitude of auditors.
That flag staff over tho eustom
house seems oppressed by the weight
of two flags. It is a terrible strain on
oae pole to have to sustain the custom
flag and the stars and stripes. The
treasury surplus at Washington, D. C.
would not be greatly depleted by an
appropriation for a suitable
from the Sacramento and elsewhere,
who wouldn't come here when they
heard of the reduction, and who are
not much aid to anybody when they
arc here: their presence having tho
effect of cutting down the
average earning, no matter what tho
price paid, and involving additional
expense and annoyance to the can
neries. The Union has issued several circu
lars since the first of tho month. One
issued yesterday afternoon is as fol fel fol
eows: To the Fishermen of the Columbia iiml
Willamette llitess.
Gentlemen: c presume that every
fisherman is aware of the stand whic!
imr nccnriit inn linvrt t:ikf-tl tn limillt 11I1
flag pole, i waKcs during the present salmon fishing
season, aud while wo are sure that we
On Wednesday evening, while a i c::i obtain .$1.2.1 per fish for this season
party of young men were playing ball
near the Main street dock, a swiftlv
thrown ball struck John Cryan, night
clerk at the Parker house, in the left
eye, knocking him squarely off his
feet and discoloring Ins optic Mr.
Cryandoos not care to play ball much
This is Arbor day, aud will be cele
brated at the Court street school, dis
trict No. 1, and at the Cedar street
school, district No. IS. Trees will be
set out in each yard, and at the latter
school there will be an address by
Rev. Mr. Short, of Grace church, as
well as exercises by the children, com
mencing at 2 o'clock.
The carpenters have completed their
work in the new rooms being fitted up
lor tho Athletic club, aud painters
we solicit tho earnest and practical co
operation of each and ever' ushorman
upon tho Columbia aud Willamette
rivers. In sending out this circular letter
wo wish to call your attention to tho fact
that certain unprincipled parties have
been fishing for salmon, aud have shipped
i their catch to certain fish dealers in Port
land. Or., at the rate of Scents per pound,
and in sonic instances for even less. You
will readily understand that 3 cents per
pound amounts in tho aujjregaio to con
siderably less than S1.00 per fish, which
tho cannons offered to pay us some time
auo. Now this sendint! of fish to
the Portland markets at such
low figures, have enabled tho
said dealers to send tho very same fish
down hero to Astoria, to a certain can
nery wno navo oeen canning some oi
I these fish already. These fish are laid
down hero in Astoria ior not moro than
3 cents per pound, which is away be
low the prices that wo contend for. For
thesako of present gain, the few men
G. R. Hegardt, superintendent, was
up from the jetty on government bus
iness yesterday.
Miss L. V. Chapman of Tillamook,
arrived upon the Augusta yesterday
and is a guest at the Occident.
P. S. Mattox, general agent of the
Cleveland-Haverlv minstrels, came
down from Portland last evening, to
arrange for the appearance of his com
pany hero on I nday evening of next
week, and favored Tiie Astohiax
with a pleasant call.
Capt H. Wherity leaves this morn
ing for Shoal water and surrounding
points, on a business trip in the
interest or E. C. Hughes & Co.
The Old Vctcraus.
Cushing Post, No. 14, G. A. R., had
a very interesting session last evening
at their hall on Second street Pre
liminary arrangements were com
menced for the proper observance of
memorial day. It was proposed to
carry out a suggestion made at the
recent state encampment at Eugene,
and that is to present at least one
school with a handsome American flag,
and a committee was appointed to con
sider the matter, and ascertain the
For the good of the order, there
were appropriate remarks by post
commander May, chaplain Grannis,
quartermaster Rrodie, tho adjutant
and comrade Hall, or Cashing Post,
and comrade Weed, of the Depart
ment of California Tho post is in a
good financial condition, being clear
of debt and having S122 in the
Calculated to Advertise Aitoria.
arc putting on the ornamental touches.
The seats, ring-posts, desssing and ,
bath rooms are ready for use. A splen
did gaslight of large size and great
power is in ioition over the center of
the ring.
Quite a variety of furs were seen by
a reporter of The Astoiiiax yesterday
iaP. .T. Meany's tailoring looms on
Cass street He buys them and ships
them abroad. The collection about
ready to le sent away, and embraces
skins of wildcat muskrat, beaver,
s&unk. otter, mink, raccoon and bear,
all of which were captured within
thirty miles of this city.
Every one has seen those huge yel
low spatches which look like lillies, and
grow in such profusion around here.
A young man picked one last evening
and presented it to his business part
ner, saying that he never know before
that lilies grew wild here. Aud he
and all smiled when told that the
pHaat- while pleasing to the eye was
offensive to the olfactories and was
commonly known as skunk cabbage.
-The Reston Store," Shanahau
Bros, proprietors, is open. The com
aodious building southeast 'corner
Second and Benton streets, opposite
the poatoiEce has been leased by them
and a large stock of dry goods, fancy
goods, notions, mens' furnishing goods
and ladies wear invites the attention
of the Astoria public. Note their
opening announcement on second
To Arrive at 4 P. M.
have nearly finished and papcrhangers ' who have sold fish at the nboro named
lisures, must certainly uo aware oi ine
injurious effect which their ill-advised
action havo upon the honest endeavors
of all other fishermen, who are trying to
obtain fair and living wages, not alono
for themselves but for these Bruno men
also, who havo been undermining us, by
selling fish below established prices. If
any such there be, into whose hands this
circular letter rnay come, wo ask them in
the name of the sanctity of labor, in tho
nanio of hundreds of honest, hard work
ing fishermen, to slop this kind of work
at once, and to join us in our struqelo
to obtain living wages; and while this
contest is being waged, let each and
every fisherman bear in mind that it is
for his individual good that this battle
is being fought. Nowadays when corpor
ations combine into groat and gigantic
trusts for tho purpose of robbing tho la
boring masses, let us, too, who labor on
tho rolling waters of Oregon and Wash
ington, clasp hands and make tho battle
of each the battle of all. Again wo re
quest each and every man to abstain
from fishing for tho "Portland markets,
and to use his individual influence in
such a manner that others also will ab
stain. Do this, comrades, and victory is
ours, and no power or combination of
canners, fish dealers or speculators can
stay our triumphant, onward march to
complete victory. Do otherwise, and if
in years hence, you are compelled to fiBh
for f0 cents per fish, don't blame
anyone but yourself for it. However,
we are convinced that the hardy
fishermen of the Columbia and
Willamette rivers are not that kind of
men, but that you will stand by us until
this contention is passed and the noonday
sun of complete victory shall once moro
shine upon us. In conclusion let us say,
that "The Union expects that every man
will uo his duty."
Write to us and let us know what is
going on in your vicinity. Do your duty
comrades and we must and shall win.
By order of
The Columbia Eiveb Fisuebmen's Pbo-
tective Union.
"What is Said About Astoria," is
the title of a neatly printed pamphlet,
received yesterday morning contain
ing a large amount of matter about
Astoria's prominence, its commercial
jxisition and its manifold advantages.
It contains 1,038 lines of good reading,
calculated to show Astoria's true
position. Of these 1,038, 744 are from
The Daily Mokninq Asteihan: 109
from the Oreijonian, 45 from tho
Pioneer, 28 from the Columbian, 28
from the Portland Journal, 28 from
theiV. W. Lumberman; and the re
mainder from other sources. The
pamphlet will receive wide circulation
all over the United States and thus
direct universal attention to our un
rivaled situation and the probabilities
and possibilities of the future.
To Far Off Russia.
Mr. Lindenberger, who has been
having salmon put up hero in barrels,
salted, for shipment to Europe, sent
off his first carload yesterday. It is
bound for St Petersburg, going to
New York over the Union Pacific,
thence by steamship to Hamburg and
thence by steamer to St Prtersburg.
Tho salt will bo extracted from the
fish on its arrival there, and it will
then be canued and put on the mar
ket This scheme is adopted to avoid
the payment of the heavy duty on
canned goods. If nothing goe3 wrong,
in a little over two weeks the czar of
all the Russias may flop his imperial
lip over a hunk of Chinook salmon,
and if he does not think it a finer fish
than tho sturgeon of the Danube, it
will be owing to the way in which he
has been brought wp.Oregonian, 10.
high, as if old King Neptune was
reaching up, anxious to receive his
young daughter in his arms and bear
her proudly on his strong breast.
Just as she reached the water, A. L.
Fox broke a bottle of champagne over
the bow of the'vessel, and she was
christened a daughter of the sea, to be
known as the " J'. Elmore'. This
is the name of the father
of the senior member of the
firm of Elmore, Sanborn & Co., the
owners, who resides at Milwaukee,
Wisconsin, and the boat is named in
honor of him.
As she floated on the wave?, cheers
were given by the people on shore,
and whistles were blown by the little
steamers, Elect rir, fninve: and
liical, who were just outside, await
ing the launch. The Weal then
towed her to the inner dock of the U.
P. wharf, where she will receive her
boiler and engine, and be fitted for sea
as soon as possible, then start for
Alaska, to be used there in the fishing
The buildar is Jos. Leathers, and
the Astoria Iron works furnishes the
iron used. The length is 74 feet,
breadth 18 feet, depth of hold 71 C feet,
and the total cost will be nliont
A (Jonil Story Kivm .1. 15. Montpmirry.
Mr. J. B. Montgomery has been
somewhat indisposed since his return
from a three months' visit east, a few
days siuce, and hasnotbecn out much.
He is much pleased with the new hotel
and says he has seen no building dur
ing his trip so pleasing in appearance,
so elegant in appointments, and so
perfectly arranged for the convenience
of the traveling public as The Port
land except the Auditorium in Chi
cago, which is said to have cost S'3,000,
000. Mr. Montgomery says the story go
ing the rounds of the papers in regard
to his offering wine to Speaker Reed
has been garbled. The facts in the case
are, that, wishing to let a number of
his friends know what a Chinook
salmon was like, he sent out. here
for a couple. He then invited his
friends to dinner, and had placed be
fore them a fine forty-pound Colum
bia river fish. There was quite a
parly present, among them speaker
Reed, the members of the river and
harbor committee, and congressmen
from Illinois, Penusylvania,JCalifornia,
etc The guests greatly enjoyed the
luscious Chinook, and Colonel Hen
derson, chairman of the committee on
rivers and harbors, jokingly remarked
that he should hereafter feel bound to
oppose all appropriations for the im
provement of the Columbia, for fear
the salmon might be destroyed by the
Speaker Reed, who was sitting by
Mr. Montgomery, was asked by him if
he would take wine.
''Oh! certainly,'' was the reply.
"I was a little timid abonl asking
yon," said Mr. Montgomery, "knowing
what stale you came from."
"Oh," said he. with his inimitable
drawl, "we are different iti our state
from the people of Kentucky; we
never carrv our habits out of the
The point of tho allnsiou lies in the
fact that only a few days before, a
judge from Kentucky had shot a man
dead with his wXo.--iheynuian, 10.
A Sad .Innrnrv.
Mrs. Pennington, of Raker City,
arrived in Salem Sunday evening.
Her's is a sad mission, she having come
to make an appeal for executive clem
ency in the case of her son, Clinton
Pennington, who is sentenced to be
hanged at Baker City within a few
months for the murder of a fellow
man. This is the case in which a man
named Hamm was joiully indicted
with Pennington for the murder,
and after Pennington was con
victed Hamm's indictment was
nolle prossed. Being indicted
on the same charge Hamm was not
permitted to give testimony iu the
trial of Pennington, and partially on
this ground a new trial was asked.
The request was refused and the cause
anno beforo the supreme court, where
it met n like fate. Mrs. Pennington
is an old woman, whose heart is break
ing under its heavy burden and as a
last hope, armed with petitions and
affidavits, she makes an appeal for ex
ecutive clemency in behalf of her boy,
whose former home was in Holt
county, Missouri. Sa lem Statesman,
blk 11, East Astoria
Previously reported this
year 1,178,0S4
Total to date.
Happy Iloosierx.
Wm. Tinnnons, postmaster of Ida
viile. Ind., writes: "Electric Bitters
has don more for me than all other
medicines combined, for that bad feel
ing arising from Kidney ami Liver
trouble." John Leslie, farmer and
Mockmau of same place, says: "Find
Electric IJittcrs to be the best Kidney
and Liver medicine; made me. feel like
a mv man.' J. W. Gardner, hardware
merchant. town, sivs: Electric
IJiltor.- i- just the th::ig fi.r a man who
is :!'. i tin down and don't care whether
he iu-sor dies; he found nw strength,
gi -d ap. tite and felt just like Iu had a
in w In on life. Only .".&. a bottle, at
.1. V. Conn's Drug Store.
i'im? 'i:il! Wine
Drlivrcdnttti c ul-. a gallon, to any
p.r .f tin- city. A fine line of pure
California wines at low prices, at A.
W. L'tzinger's Cosmopolitan saloon.
Received During the Past Two Weeks at
the Leading House of Astoria.
Novelties in Dress Goods in the Latest Fabrics-Fashionable Shades
Parker & Hanson
TMrt SM.
MORGAN &C0.,The Leading Shoe House
New Goods Arriving Every Steame
Dross - CS-oods.
The WM Stan.! - .Worla Oreuon.
Thompson & Ross
Carry a Full Line of
Choice Staple and Fancy
Give Us a Call and Be Convinced.
Mansell's New Building,
Water Street, Astoria, Or
ISTesBit Door to Foard eft? S1;o.bLOj
Large Stock of Mens and Boy's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Underwear, Etc.,
That will suit you in size and price. We cannot be undersold.
Water Street, Astoria, Or
Stockton & Welch,
Cily. Suburban and Acreage Property For Sale.
MAIX ST., ASTOKIA. OK., I'. 0. 150x511.
No curbstone brokers employed hero
FkYStfN, The Tailor,
Alderbrook !
Lots 50x100 Wiithin Three Blocks of the River.
Lot 7, blocks) 5500 00
Lot 8, block ao 430 00
Fincst Woolen Goods f r Suitings. All the Latest Styles
lli lus fr Cash :it K i.Vri Trices. ;iic Guarantees the Best Workmanship on a
' CanniMits Call an I seo for yourself. Harth Block, ASTOKIA, OK.
Lot J, block CO.
'Lot 7, block 29.
Lot 4. block 21).
tr iticetra
JL piece of cardboard, 8x13 inches, is
received, on which is printed in blue
isk & statement that the Union Pacific
6vgem of steamers on the Columbia
rarer "will leave Portland on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 7 a. m. and
arrive at Astoria at 4 v. M. This is
Indeed pleasincnewrs. They have been
arriving from G to 750 r. m.. and to
arrive at 4 r. m. is a gratifying innova
tion. When does this lightning sched
ule begin?
Apockelbook, in tbe vicinity or the
Flavel building, containing memoranda
and a sum of money. Please return it
te tais office and be rewarded.
WciBkartl's Beer.
And Free Lnnch at the Telephone Sa
loon, 5 cents.
Coilee and cake,
Central ltestaurant-
Tn riints. at tho
TeicpkeHeliOdjriiitr Hohbc
BcstTJeds in town. .Rooms per night
50 and 25 cts., per week Sl.50. New and
clean. Private entrance.
For Fine Photographs,
Go to Misses Carruthcrs' photograph
gallery: Third street, opposite Mor
gan & Sherman's.
Kemarkablc Rescue.
Mrs. Michael Curtain. Plainfield, HI.,
makes the statement that she caught
cold which settled on her lungs; she
was treated a month by her family phy
sician, but grew worse. lie told her she
was a Jiopeless victim of consumption and
that no medicine could cure her. ller
druggist succested Dr. Kinc's Xew
Discovery tor Consumption ; she bought
a bottle and to her delight found herself
benefited from first dose. She contin
ued its use, and after taking ten bottles
found herself sound and well, now does
her housework and is -as well as fche
ever was. Free trial bottles of this great
Discovery at J. W. Conn's Drug Store,
large bottles, 50c and $1.
Mns. Wixslow's SooTmNa Syrup
should always be used for children
teething. It soothes the child, softens
the gums, allays all pain, cures wind
cholic, and is the best remedy for diar-rhoea.Twenty-five
cents a bottle.
Modern Treatment that
According to tho San Francisco dailies a
reaed y baa been discovered that with almost
anerring certainty overcomes constipation.
It is the now laxative principle in Joy's Vege
table Sarsaparilla. Tho papers are full of re
cent occurrences confirming its efficacy, and
wecivopltcoto their last sensation, n card
tront San Francisco's well known lady mani
cure Eheeayi: "Iain willing to relate tho
following experience. I have for years had a
weak stomach attended with constipation,
and noTcr found but ono preparation that
helped me and that soon wore out and lost
Its effect, and I was again a sufferer till I
tried Joy's Vegetable Sarsaparilla. It has
thoroughly reorganized me. I had ono of tho
most scnsltivo of stomachs and was in con
tinual distress, but can with tho aid of Joy's
Vcgetablo Sarsaparillanow cat any and every
thing with, my old accustomed freedom. I
am both surprised and delighted, and gladly
recommend it"
Cllba. Melvin, Manicure,
3-- . 125 Kearney street, S. I.
The Ljlw and Abstract Office;
One I)oo:c k st of Demest's dbur stoiik
A complete el of Abstract Hooks for the
wilire Comity always kept posted lo date.
.-;-:ci tl :itlt'ii;i(n pivin n practice In tho
l' ! Mid Oilict. and tlif examination of
.i . . . t s.
Mrs. My & Mrs. Mctaie
Masonic Building. - Cor. Third and Main.
450 00
430 00
400 00
Lot 5, block 29 ..$400 00
Lot8,block29 4C0 00
Lot9,block29 .. 400 00
Lot 11, block 28 ., 550 00
Lotl2,block28 600 00
Wlmif fe m mwmmm
Heal DE3stato
Odd Fellows' Bnilding,
Actually Closing Out !
s Sold Regardless of Cost !
Will You take Advantage of
This Great Offer?
MeaU CMkeA te Order.
Private rooms for ladies and families:
at Central Restaurant, next to Foard &
Do leu JLikc a Goeil Clear?
Call at Charley Olsen's, east of C. II.
Cooper's. lie will suit j-ou. A fine
stock of cigars to select from.
Te tfce JLadies.
Mrs. Bowman has secured the ser
vices of a competent dress maker from
the east, and lias reopened her dress
making parlors. She invites her old
friends and tho public generally to call
at her establishment on Third street,
near Main. All work done with neat
ness and dispatch and at prices within
the reach of all.
In consequence of the demand for those
beautiful level lots. Mr. r. C. Warren has
been induced to plat ninety-six lots
Adjoining Warrenton on the East.
"Which will be known and sold as
East Warrenton!
Herman Wise.
. Haying Concliei
Negotiations for the lease of a fine brick building now in course
of erection in the city of Portland, it becomes necessary for me
to close out my business here, and in order to accomplish this
speedily I offer my enormous, well selected and superior stock
of goods,
To all who have befriended me during my almost uninter
upted stay of ten years, I will always have the kindest of feel
i gs, and an ASTORIAN shall always find me "AT HOME" in
my new field that is to be and it shall always be a pleasure
to me, to be able to do an Astorian any favor within my power.
Tints ail Valises.
and Sloes
Everything Will Be Sacri
ficed, and no Humbug
Herman Wise.
Kemember tbe Aus(fnouse at the
Seaside is open thorear'fdund;'
THE RAILltOAD runs through the plat,
which is only 200 yards from the Warrenton
depot. For further Information call at
once on the
OTVSn IfilHWOliWiii"
Reliable Clothier and Hatter
Occident Hotel Bld'g.
Astoria, Oregon,
- f-J