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C. P. Upshur,
Shipping and Commission Merchant
ZTtvAn St. Wharf. Astoria. Oregon.
Cannery Supplies
Barbour's Salmon Net Twines.
NEPTUNE Brand Salmon Twine.
"WOODBERRY Cotton Lines and Twines
Of all Description Furnished at
Factory Prices.
"fleeted in First Class Companies,
Representing I3,O00,OO
Hartford, Conn
. ........New York.
Armcj Pacific Expre$ and Wells, Farso & Co.
Civil Engineer and
1. O. Box KU.
OaVe tvllh J. II. M.-ium'H, et W. V
Teh-graph Oflice.
Xhlrtl Street.
Astoria, Or.
TMeta Lsster & Anton,
Surveyors and Architects.
Office, Uxjm :, Fi.avkis IJi.nV.
I. O. JScix S1.T. AVTOKIA, OH.
I. W. Case,
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Jji- tlruui, .ulaliir in .;n pa-t of the
t -. ink: Uttrup . -md Jump Kong, t'hina
M-i.'r llii". :-li.. i. ion !. M
Oaraakan & Co.
rL"CC? J:t: 1 1
GENERAL merchabdiss.
oti. r Clira.ii:i. .u.S Civ slif'"
Wall Paper and Oil Paintings
Sifn Writer, Grainer and
Ornamental Painter.
Cor. Cass and Jefferson Sts.. Astoria,
Astoria Iron Works.
Crtncomly St., Foot of Jackson, Astoria i
Machinists anOoiler Mers.
Land and Marine Engines
oun.i:it WORK.
Steamboat Work and Cannery
Castings of all Descriptions tf ade
to Order at Short Hoiice.
Jhn Kox. PtoAltlfUt. v.nft Sn; I
A, U Fox, Vice President
J.U. .-'C and Treas
A IMT and Vtll Seleetvd Stock of Fine
Diamonfls f Jewelry
At hxtremcly Iaiw rriccs.
All UmU Konpht Rt Thit MnMk'nriei.l
VraiTantc3 Genuine.
Wmtrlt mad Cloclt Uoulrluur
Conrr Cm and Squemoqua Mreeit.
rocket Mtch-sale Free to Smokers cf
Hanthorn s Astoria, East Astoria, Powell's Addition !
All Subject to Inspection.
Those Held at Sail Diego to Be
venu jeA.iLito.iihs ix coxoi:i:ss.
Special by California Asitiik: Pin: ?
Washixgtox, April 10. The house
committee or Pacific railroads to-day
entered upon the formal consideration
of the senate bill providing for the
settlement of the government indebt
edness of the Union and Central Pa
cific roads. The first five sections
covering the case of the U. P. com
pany were approved with a few
changes, the most important of which
was one reducing the interest to be
paid by the company upon the bonds
falling due during the next five ears
from 3 to IK per cent This U a par
tial concession to the wishes of
those who want to provide for
the interest for the first ten
years. .Provision is maue nowever
for capitalizing the difference between
the i per cent rate and the full 3
per cent for five years so that the ef ef
eort: of flic charue is to reduce the
amount of the payments for that time
but to make the linal payments Heavy
enough to cover Hie miierencc. J. no
committee also struck out of the
fourth section the clause relating to
the government guarantee of the
TIic Tussle IZcgius on 3!tiid:iy.
Special to Tub Astoki n
Washington, April 10. -The ways
and means committee to-day decided
to report favorably on the tariff bill to
the house on Alonuay.
The Crop Average.
Spi-eia to Tin: siokiax.j
Washington. April S. The condi
tion of winter wheat on the first of
April as reported by the statistician of
the department of agriculture, aver
ages 81 for the entire breadth; the
general average for rye is 02'b.
Lieut. Steele Sentence.
Special to The Astokian.j
Washington, April 10. It wa3 an
nounced at the war department to-day
that the court marshal who tried
Lieut. Steele for striking private Wild
found him guilty and sentenced him
to be reprimanded and to be conft ed
within tin limit:; of his post for three
mom lis.
Chinese t'rsssinsr the SJordcr.
SiieTial toTiiKAsr stiA-l
WiMUNOiON. April 10. Thy treas
ury department this n'emoo:i in
structed b telegraph the collector of
customs at San i)le0 to have the
Chinese that were captured prn-,cculed
and sent out oflh" country. The U.
T&. distrlcT attorn?1? there has bc-en
directed to take charge of the prosecu
tion. The secretary of the treasury has to
day forwarded to the senate the re
port made by Delo II Smith consul
at XogjilcK. Mexico, stating that P. T.
Dowling who lives on the lino at
Quintabaquila states that large num
bers of Chinamen art crossing at and
near his place into Arizona and Cali
fornia. tiki: cai.rHiA kivkk.
Lieutenant - Ccncrnl Pacific
States To lie Reimbursed.
Special to Tin: Astoktax.
Washington, April 10. In the sen
ale to-day, Dolph, from the committee
on commeice, reported favorably a bill
for the improvement of the Columbia
river, Oregon.
Tho committee on military affairs
reported favorably a bill to revive the
grade of lieutenant-general in the
Stewart,from the committee on mili
tary affairs, to-day reported back fav
orably, a bill to California,
Oregon and Xevada, for expenses in
curred in putting down the rebellion.
Disfranchising The JTIormons.
Special to Tm: astokiax.J
Washington. April 10. Senator
Cullom to-day introduced ;i bill to
amend section 5, of article 52, revised
statutes, in reference to bigamy.
The bill provides that no person who
is living in what is known
as plural cr celestial marriage or
who teaches, advises or oncourgaes
any person to enter into polygamy, or
who is a member of any organization
which encourages bigamy, or any per
son who persists in the solemnization
or ceremony of such marriages, shall
not vote, bo received as ;i juror or be
elected to hold a civil office in the ter
ritory of Utah.
Tliirty Postmasters Appointed.
Special to Tiik Astokian.1
Washington, April 10. -The presi
dent to-day appointed about 'thirty
postmasters, including Alonza D. Bor
der, of Marshfield.
All Favorably Reported On
Spec al to Tiik Astouiax.
Washington, April 10. The sen
ate military committee to-day ordered
a favorable report on the nomination
of Assistant Secretary of War Grant,
Major General Miles and Brigadier
General Grierson.
From New Verk: to Astoria in A
Paper Uoat.
Special toTHK .Vjtohi N.J
Xnw Yohk, April 10. -The Mail
and Express, to-day started a mem
ber of its staff in a canoe up the Hud
son river with instructions to proceed
to the Pacific coast, empty a bottle of
wnior from the Atlantic ocean
at Sandy Hook into the Pacific ocean
nf. ho month of the Columbia river.
It is expected that he will end his
trip next Uctouer. thc rome is ,wu
miles long and passes through or
alongside seventeen states between a
point at the statue of liberty ana Jtort
Ganbv. Washington, opposite Astoria,
Oregon. The principal water ways to
be traversed are tne nuason river,
Erio canal. Ohio. Mississippi. Mis
souri and Columbia rivers. Tho first
earn- will be from Lake Erio into
Chautauqua lake, next will beatlue
Great falls of the Missouri, and the
third over the summit of the Rocky
motiutains. The voyage is to be
made in the first seamless paper cauoe
ever constructed; it weighs 62 pounds,
is 15 feet in length. 39 inches beam;
denth amidsliins. 9 inches: storage
mnm. 41 foot 1 inches, both bow and
stern, and G feet amidships clear for a
stateroom. Hie sail is a "stanumg
lug,' 8 feet on boom, G feet and b
inches in head, and 5 feet in gaff. The
leach is 10 feet 2 inches.
A ITIntcu Arranged in Brooklyn. to Tin: AsTOnux.
Xnw Yohk, April 10. Jim. Corbelt
and Dominick McCaffrey to-night
signed articles to fight four rounds,
with 4-onuce gloves, at Brooklyn next
Monday night. Tho engagement is
not as first announced, to be a benefit
to Corbett, but a gennine match, G5
per cent, of the gate receipts to the
winner, and 35 to the loser. Although
McCaffrey is somewhat high in flesh,
lie is expected to make a good display.
Corbett is in splendid form and is
still lionized by local sports, with
whom he has made himself very pop.
Wheal and. Flour Statistic.
Special to Tiik Astori vx.
Chicago, April 10. Quite a heavy
decline in Hour output hist week, says
the Northwestern Miller. Only 12
mills ran, and their aggregate product
was 111,610 bbls., averaging 1S.G07
bbls. daily, against 137,450 bbls. the
week before, and 88,150 bbls. for same
time in 18S9. by the same number of
mills, and same capacity of operation.
This week the daily output being not
far from 18,000 barrels. An advance
in wheat has infused considerable
strength into the domestic market ;ind
there has been an increased demand.
Tho export market is wholly devoid of
A Dangeroufc Turltcy.
Special to fun Amokiax.1
Little Rock, Ark., April 10.Ad
vicss received here to night from Con
way, a small town in the interior of
Faulkner county, give the particulars
of :i most singular poisoning, which
happened near there last evening, and
which, it is reared, has resulted in the
death of several persona; sixteen in
all were striken down in a single hour,
and notwithstanding the attention
of the best doctors to bo had, at last
accounts, their efforts seemed unavail
ing to save at least half the number.
Two families, Hayes and Browning,
gave a turkey dinner, Will Browning
having killed a large wild gobbler.
The turkey, it is thought, had gotten
poisoned just before being killed.
Dusty Workers Cain a Point.
Special to Tub Astouiax 1
Boston, April 10. A day or nine
hours without any reduction in the
wages has been granted to 2,200 work
men in the marblo factories in this
city and vicinity.
Death of a IIankcr Wife.
Special to The Amtokun.
Xew Yonic, April 10. Mrs. Ferdi
nand Ward died at Stamford, Conn.,
to-day. Her husband is in Siug Sing
prison on account of the Grant-Ward
crash. m
One iTIorc PciiNiou.
Special to Tiik Astouiax.
Washington, April 10. Pensions
granted: Issno or March 28, 1S90.
Original increase, Benjamin Parker,
Portland, Oregon.
A Rascally ITIarylaudcr.
Special to Tiik Astouiax J
BAimioitK, April 10. -The legisla
tive committee, investigating state
treasurer Archer's defalcation, dis
covered that besides about 170,000 in
bonds and coupons missing, there are
also S5G,472 in registered bonds miss
ing from tho box in the Safo Deposit
company. In disposing of the regis
tered bonds, Archer added the crime
of forgery to that of embezzlement.
Governor Jackson has summoned
Archer to appear before him at An
napolis on Tuesday. In tho mean
time, officers are keeping watch on
him to see that he docs not leavo the
He is too ill to be taken to jail and
was allowed to remain at home under
The application of Mrs. Thomas J.
Jackson for pension for the services of
her late husband, General "Stonewall"
Jackson, in the war with Mexico, has
been received in the pension office.
Commissioner Ilaum says there is no
reason why this should not be granted.
A Boy Wonto Astouishes me De
Mtei AuuienCu.
VO 1'ItOJIIlllTIOX h'tilt IOWA.
Special by California aociatki Pit s.
Xnw York, AprillO. Samaol Gom
pero, president of the American feder
ation labor, testified before the con
gressional committee on immigration
to-day. Ho claimed to represent 630,
009 persons. He testified generally
about importation or contract labor;
he said the coal mining company's
steamship lines and other agencies
were largely interested and largely in
strumental in the imiKirlalion or con
tract labor. There are enough laws in
existence now upon the subject, if
they only were executed. He would
not" recommend any more stringent
immigration laws but would advice
i that the laws now in existence should
. be strictly enforced.
She Make a Confession.
Sp?cial to Tiik astjki w 1
Chicago, April 10. Minnie Starr,
arrested for ioisou:ng Mr. Xcwland's
family iu Englewood. last week has
made a confession. She said she put
the poison in the corn to see what ef
fect she could have on others so that
she could be sure of success in an ef
fort to commit suicide.
A .tram moth Stcamvliip.
Special to rB Asroi:isJ
XewYokk. April 10. -The White
Star liner Majestic, arrived on her
maiden voyage from Liverpool. Tho
great vessel Is 5S2 feet long and nearly
10,000 tons gross. She made the pas
sage from Queenstown iu 0 days, 10
hours and 30 minute?, the fastest
maiden trip on record. She brought
1,0SG passengers.
Railroad Employes- on a Strike.
Special to Tiik atokiax.J
St. Louis, April 10. Freight con
ductors and brakemen on the St.
Louis division of the Mobile and Ohio
road have gone on a strike and trains
aro laid up along the line.
A Thieving Postal Clcr!;.
Special lo Tiik stokian
Cincinnati, April 10. -There is a
rumor hero of a big post office steal,
one of the clerks in th registry divi
sion having mysteriously disappeared.
The amount is said to be several
thousand dollars.
o (liquor Zjiccuse i:i fotvit.
Spt-c'.i. Tiik astori an.1
Des Aloises, April 10. Th s .v.m i if
to-dav rejected the liquor Iic?j;.' bill
by a vole of 2J lo 21.
An Immense Eotel Sot Detroit.
Special to Fm: Avtouian j
Detkoit, April 10. Don M. Uick
insDii jiud Mayor Payne are to-day
canvassing the.ciiv for subscript ions
for a SUAMftfc) hotel. Mr. Dickinson
says he l!ii:iklhe national Democratic
convention of lS:hi v.iil- ho brought to
Detroit if the city cm assure tho
national committee that aecommoda
tions can be furnkhed.
!Vot Klany IXraias to D!ou.
Special 1 1 Tiik Astoiuix.J
Omaha, April 10. Gottlieb Beu-ou
proposed marriago to Tilhe Xclson.
in the parlor of millionaire Patrick's
residence at Happy Hollow to-day,
and when she refused him, ho blew
out his brains. Benson was Patrick's
coachman and she a domestic
The Carpenter at Variance,
Special to Tiik astouiax.
Chicago, April 10. -At a meeting of
boss carpenters to-night a resolution
was adopted m which it stated that
the organization was not organized to
fix tho prices of men, but for social
purposes. This threw the matter back
to tho individual bosses and is a groat
victory to the strikers. The members
of the bosses' union could not recog
nize the carpenters union.
A Suspected Smuggler found
Sot :uilty.
Special lo Tin: ArvrimiAX.l
Xew Yokk. April 10. - Miguel Colo-
ma, a wealthy banker and coffee
planter of Guatemala, who was ar
rested charged with smuggling, was
discharged from custody by commis
sioner Shields, no proof leiiig found
of any intent to smuggle.
Soiuc Bjightning Takers.
Special IoTiik AsroiTi X.l
Xew YronK, April 10. Some scores
made in the telegrapher's tournament
in the allotted fivo minutes this after
noon. Miss Millie Moss 195 words, -1
characters; Miss T. V. Avers Froschcll
200 words, 5 characters; Miss Dennis
212 words, -I characters; Miss Iv. is.
Stepheuson 217 words.
The Chicago XXilliard Tourna
Special to The Astoria.
Chicago, April 10. The first game
this afternoon in the billiard tourna
ment was between Catton and Daly,
the former playing 230 to tho latter's
300. Catton won by the following
scere: Catton 250, average 83, high
est 61; Daly 256, average 8 24-29,
highest run 33.
Another RemarUablc Game Is
Spel il to ! ii n AbToni x.
Chicago. April 10. This evening
the billiard contest most exciting in
the ionmauienl match, was between
Slosson, who played 500 points, and
Ives who played 275, on 1-i-inch
balk line. Ives won the balk and
made 2fi as a starter. Xothing
daunted, Slosson, from the first to the
fifth inning, by n series of pretty plays,
rolled up 211 billiards. Ives kept up
his remarkable nervoand on the ninth,
collected 79 buttons by some wonder
ful exhibits of playing, making the
score stand, including handicap,
Ives 17G, Slosson 261. From that in
ning on. the contest was so close
that when each contestant
missed, an audible sigh could Ik? heard
in the hall. At tho twentieth inning
the Fcore stood, Ives, 231: Slosson, 402.
Ives got the balls where he wanted iu
the twenty-second and run the game
out, amidst yells which would al
most raise the roof. Slosson was the
first man to congratulate the boy won
der for his remarkable playing, and
was closely, followed by Schaefer and
other contestants in the tournament.
Thc score stood, Ives, 273: average,
11 22-23; high runs, 79, 30, 26; Slosson,
M3; average, 20 3-22: high rnns, 80,
51, -19.
The seond afternoon game was be
tween Dalv and Heiser, the former
playing 30J to the lattery 230. The
game was won by Heiser in the fourth
inning: winner's average G1.', losers
average 7 21-39: high runs Heiser 52,
Daly 62.
A Passenger Steamer Suulc, Bnt No
Lives Were Lost.
SI'ASJSll JtlOTKltS A Iti: UO VTXlt.
Si.ccial 07 Tho California Assoc! tki Pukss.
London, April 10. In a collision
between the steamship? North Cam
bria, from Baltimore, and the ..-Icocu,
bound from Loudon lo Dublin, last
night at midnight, the A coca was
stink. She was a passenger steamer.
Xo lives were lor. The North Cam
bria reacho.1 Djvr this morning,
with her bow stove in and the forward
compartment full of water.
A iTobT in Spain.
Sp.v i il to Tk Astori vx.j
Valencia, Spain, April 10.- -On the
arrival here of the marquisof Ccrralbo,
the leader of the C.irliaL. party, thons-sand-
i.f people who thronged the sta
tion became riotous, followed tho car
riage to the hotel and smashed the
wiudoiv. The cavalry -were called
out. wno charged uion and dispersed
the mob. many of whom were
A Thlet "npisiml.
Sikoiill'i A:roi::AX.j
Yr;xtt'R :. Man.. April 111 Pinker
ton detectives have arroie-.l here, E
V. Smith, a defaulter of ti:.' Corbiu
Banking Company of Xew Y'ork.
Smith left New York with a woman of
questionable character and in a few
ilny-, turned no ar Xatchez, Miss.
Tiiere Saiiih. started a plantation on
his own account and after losing a
great deal or money failed. He then
drew a number of drafts on the bank
he represented, in the name of old cus
tomer?, and in this way secured S30,
000, with which he left, in company
with tho woman.
A detective followed tho parties from
Xew Orleans to Xew Mexico, then to
California, and then proceeded along
the coast to Victoria, B. C, and across
the straits to Vancouver, where Smith
was arrested for bringing stolen
money into Canada. He, how
ever, conseuled voluntarily to re
turn to Mississippi, but on arriving
here showed a disposition to fight the
extradition proceedings. The detect
ive, however, iuduced his man to go
as far as St. Paul, for which point the
trio left this morniug. Smith has only
a small portion of the $30,000 with
ITIilitary Riot in Austria.
Spe'iil to Tiik astori .x.
Vienna. Austria. April 10. Advices
from Insbruck state that a serious riot
has occurred between Tyrolese and
Czecs soldiers. Many have rcceivod
bayouet wounds. The town is in
He Rests From Mis (moors.
Special to Tin: astouiax, j
Vienna, April 10. Archbishop Eder
is dead.
Stanley On thc Way Home.
Special toTiiKAsroaiAN.
Brindisi, Apri1 " Stanley has ar
rived here en r or Brussels.
Y. O. Toggle. I iU Grange, Ga., writing
about Darbys I'rophylatic Fluid, says:
"It Is a priceless jewel :us a disiniectant
and deodorizer. My w'ifv state? for thc
benefit of young mothers dint it is a
valuable adjunct to the nursery." It is
equally so to parents travelling with
children. Xot only is tiie HuM invalu
able as a deodorizer, but a few drops
added to the water iu bathing will re
move all eruptions from the skin, chaf
ing, etc and grcatij- refresh and soothe.
In Tliirty Days 2,000 Men go to Work on the Astoria and
South Coast Railway. Buy Now, as all Prop
erty will then Advance.
Opinions Resariliig tie Election Of
Huntiugton as Presiflent,
Special by Tho California Associvted Press.
Vis.vt.ia, CaL, April 10 Sheriff
Overall, assisted by detective J. C.
Bnrke yesterday evening arrested
Charles Marx and James Bice, charged
with being implicated in a murder
committed six years ago in Hardin
county, Iowa. It appears that the
gang of counterfeiters had been vigor
ously shadowed by Henry Johns, a
TJ. S. grand juryman till the organiza
tion was broken up. In revenge they
succeeded in murdering Johns and
two of his relatives liefore scattering
for good. Marx and Bice, the two
men arrested, have families and
ranches on the Kawekat river in this
connty, and detective Burko had been
around here formontlis quietly work
iug up the case. He left to-dav with
tho two men for Iowa.
"Washington Legislation in Ex
ecutive Hands.
Special to Tiik Astori ax.
Olympia, April 10.- This Is the last
day for governor Ferry to veto bills
passed by the legislature recently ad
journed. He has vetoed only an "act
granting the right of way to railroad
companies over lands belonging to the
state." The act. provides for bridg
ing across navigable streams outside
the line of navigable sections.
The following bills were returned
lo the secretary of state -without ob
jections. Thev will therefore go into
effect. Senate bills authorizing rail
road companies to construct branches
In relief of purchasers of
school university lauds sold under the
laws of Washington; limiting the time
with which action can be brought for
tho recovery of real estate; defining
the rights of telegraph and telephone
companies; house bills relating to
building, loan and savings associations,
assessment and collection of taxes;
regulating the practice of medicine
and surgery; classifying counties re
garding the population; securing priv
ileges and rights to residents of the
Suicide of a Woman.
Special to The Astouiax.
Los, April 10. Mrs. Har
riet Palmer committed suicide at the
Menlow hotel this afternoon by shoot
ing herself through the left breast
with a revolver. She left a note which
reads ;is follews:
so end it bv -1nVTvn"Tntiul. Please
send notice of mv death to mv aunt in
Canada. Mrs. Henry Burton, 332
Queen's avenue, London East, Ontario,
At the coroucr's inquest to-night it
was developed that her hus
band was ill with heart
disease and slowly dying. He was
under the intluenco of an opiate
and could not give any ovidence.
The attending physician testified to
the deceased having been irritable
and seemed mentally unbalanced,
having on different occasions threat
ened to commit suicide. The family
was in straitened circumstances. It
is presumed that the proposed remov
al of her husband to tho hospital,
preyed upon her mind and caused
the act, aud the verdict was in accord
ance with the facts.
The Usual Scoop Net.
Special to Tub Astouiax.
San Fkancisco, April 10. The slate
prohibition convention to-day adopted
a platform advocating a prohibition
amendment to the federal constitution.
It opposes the state wine interests,
favors Saturday half holiday for labor
ing classes, denounces trusts, indorses
the Australian ballot system, govern
mental control ot railway and tele
graph lines, the establishment of
postal banks, the election of TJ. S. sen
ators by popular vote, women suffrage,
Kho establishment of a legal day of
rest, etc
-This afternoon the following nom
inations were made: Lieutenant-gov
ernor, Kev, A. M. Hough, of Pasadena;
secretary of state, 1'. JS. Jvellogg,
Santa Barbara; state treasurer, H.
French, of San Jose; state comptroller,
M. C. Winchester of Sutter; attorney-
general, Chauucey Al. Dunn, Sacra
mento; superintendent of schools,
Miss H. M. Severance, Santa Clara.
At the evening session, the follow
ing nominations were made
for congress by districts:
First - - Lorenzo B. Scranton
Xapa; Second-J. P. Witherell, Stan
islaus; third Kev. O. O. Falkner, So
lano; fourth Rev. J. Kowell, San
Francisco; fifth E. F. Howe, San
Francisco; sixth J. K. Dougherty,
Pasadena. For railraod commission
ers R. D. Hark, Sacramento ; H. P. Lnse,
San Francisco; J. G. Aliller, Pasadena.
For members of the board of Equal
ization, H. Bnrlingame, San Francis
co; D. C. Taylor, Alameda; E. C. Gil
bert, "Woodland; S. T. Fowler, Tulare.
For surveyor General. E. M. Chase,
Solano. For clerk of the supreme
court, Dr. J. T. Price, San Diego.
To Gc Taken With a Recognized
Special to The Astori ax.
San Francisco, April 10. Mr.
Johnson, of the firm of Johnson &
Lecke Mercantile company, which is
coast authority upon the salmon
product, expressed the following sen
timent on the prospects of the salmon
canning trade for the coming season
to-day: "It is impossible to conceive
of an industry in worse shape
than that of the salmon indus
try. It is now acntely suffering
from over production. If one case of
salmon were not packed in 1890, there
is enough fish on hand in the markets
of the world, to last until the advent
of 1891. In spite of the fact that
there is in Great Britain more than
enough to last for two years, and that
there are large stocks on this coast
and elsewhere, gigantic preparations
for the coming pack continuo to bo
"It can't bo claimed that tho canners
are ignorant of tho fact, and if not,
tho hardihood with which their pre
parations continnc surprises everv
one who has anv knowledge of the
business. Undoubtedly a period of
marked depression is awaiting the
salmon industry. It will take one or
two years to clean out and bankrupt a
large number of canneries and
those that are strong enough to hold
on may reacu some uenent irom tne
coming depression in preparations for
the canning season which will proba
bly result in thc following pack in any
event: Columbia river, 175,000 cases;
British Columbia, 173,000 case3; ont
sido rivers, 100,000 cases; Alaska 500,
000 cases, total 950,000 cases. Xot one
case of this is needed or under the
most favorable view of tho market cer
tainly not more than 200,000 cases will
be required. These aro plain facts be
foro tho canners. Some curiosity ha3
been manifested in canned goods cir
cles over the reported bonding by an
agent ot tuo Ji.nglisu syndicate 01 a
large number of Columbia river can
neries. I do not believe there is any
thing in it. I believo the old fight
of paying tho highest possible prices
for raw fish and selling at closer
figures evcrj' year will bo continued
on the Columbia river and as long as
financial backers and banks will be
found willing to advance money and
bny bills of exchange tho present
wild scramble in packing fish -will con
tinue. But the time is not far off
when the institutions will become
tired of backing losing business and
then legitimate cannera will carry on
the business on business principles.
Time will show whether my ideas are
correct or not."
Prohibition Convention.
Special to Tiik Astorian
San Feanctsco, April 10.- Tho state
prohibition convention to day nomi
nated Gen. John Bid well for governor.
A resolution endorsing Senator Stan-
on real estate wa3 laid on the table
Worth ITlore Than Some Itfen.
Special to The Astouiax.
Petat.,uma, CaL, April 10.- -'Dawn,"
the great son of "Xtttwood," with a
record of 2:15.f, has been sold to Harry
Agnew, of southern California, for
A San Francisco Embezzler.
Special to Tiik Astouiax.
Portlvnd, Or.. April 10.--James
Erickson, who is said to have been in
the employ of Belloc Freres, tho re
cently suspended banking firm, of San
Francisco, who has, or has had, 15,
000 of the linn's monev. is sunnosed
to bo in the city, if ho has not by thislgnns will bo tested.
time retired to the elysium 01 all
American rascals Victoria, B. C. A
San Francisco detective. Ferdinand
Holton, arrived here yesterday, in
quest of Erickson. Holton stated that
the banking firm kept the embezzle
ment from the knowledge of the San
Francisco reporters, believing that by
that means their dishonest clerk might
be more easily apprehended. Erick
son must have had the utmost confi
dence of his employers, for his embez
zlements are claimed to cover a period
of several years. Ho had no dissi
pated habits.
A Vast Irrigation Scheme.
Special to The Astoriax.
Santa Ana, CaL, April 10. L03
Angeles capitalists, who were here last
Sunday to investigate the eoal mines
at Santa Ana canyon, have formed an
organization called tho Carbondalo
Coal Mining and Water company, and
have purchased 300 acres for mining
purposes and to erect a dam 400 feet
wide by 40 feet deep, to irrigate the
San Joaquin ranch, containing over
100,000 acres.
The rounurymen Combining.
Special to The Astoria x.l
San Francisco, April 10. -It is re
ported that a movement is on foot to
organize a national fonudrymen's
association to fight the international
association here and iu the East.
The California Presbytery.
Special to The Astorian.
LosAngetjES, April 10. Tho pres
bytery adjourned sine die this after
noon at 250. The presbytery was
convened for the purpose of consider
ing the question of a revision of the
confession of faith. It was decided
after two days discussion, to make
such a revision by a vote of 64 to 23.
The utmost harmony prevailed
throughout the session.
What Tfeer Say lit Saa
ciaco About the New 9al.
Special to TheAstoriax.1
San Francisco, April la The elec
tion ot C. P. Huntington yecerday as
president of the Southern PacHc Bail
way company, vice Senator Stanford,
resigned, has set all the newspaper
tongues wagging. They are asking
what it all means and seem to see it in
the direction of an attack against Stan
ford by the Huntington and Hopkins
When Mr. Huntington was told that
the address to the directors indicates
that hi3 relations with Senator Stan
ford were not of the best, he replied
that he had nothing personal against
Stanford, leaving it, however, to be
implied that he was notsatisned with
tho manner in which the interests of
the company had been conducted.
The general impression is that Hunt
ington is going to have a general over
hauling of all the departments and will
cut down expenses, kiok out all the
local and state politics from the rail
way, but at the same time keep watch
on Washington.
Mr. Huntinffton's election an nren-
dent of the company would meet with
general Batisiacnon nere were u not
that he has Buch pronounced pro-Chinese
Another Packing Conaamy.
Special to TnE Astobiax.1
San Francisco, April 10. The
Klamath Packing and Trading Com
pany has incorporated. It wUl oper
ate on tho Pacific coast, including
Alaska The directors are C. O.
Rohlffs, F. Gee, Jay Deming, A. F.
Johns and John Bowhoff.
Bold' Attempt at Roatery.
Special to Tub Astobiak.
Auburn, CaL, April 10. As Ira
Burko was coming up a grade to-day,
with a six-horse team, he was held up
by a highwayman. Burke had gotten
off the wagon to get a drink of water,
when a man with a flour sack over his
head, came out of the brush and de
manded his money. After a parley.
ho gave him five dollars. The robber
insisted that Burke had more,
and the robber was directed
to go in under the wagon
cover and get the coin out ota- box.
Burke Jumped on the wagon tongue,
let off the brake and started the team
on a run. The robber fired two' shots
into tho wagon seat Young Bark
had .$85 on his person- He was
robbed at the same place as the stage
last Monday. Although within a half
milo of the depot, the place is a wild,
secluded spot.
The Olympians axe Haaay.
Special to The Astobian.
OnYHPiA, April 10. Prominent of
ficials of the Union Pacific are here
meeting with tho board of trade to
night, to obtain facilities for a depot,
woric snop ana wnariage. mere u
capitalists and every facility will .be
granted. The work will soon be com
menced and speedily completed.
Movements of tke "Charlestons."
Special to The Astoriax.!
San Francisco, April 10. The new
cruiser Charleston hoisted anchor
this morning and went outside the
Hoads on a cruise to try her engines,
the naval board of inspectors being on
board. At five o'clock this evening
she returned to port and dropped
anchor in her old position. The
Charleston will remain in port until
Saturday, and then start on a cruise
down the coast, during whioh her
The Quarryraen's Strike.
Special to The Astoriax.
RockiiIN, Cala., April 10. It is con
fidently expected that the quarrymen's
strike will be settled satisfactorily on
Monday next Quite a number here
in consultation with the quarrymen
will hold a special meeting to-morrow.
One of tho quarries near Loomis
started up this morning giving the
men nine hours per day.
Death of a Bank Official.
Special to The Astoriax.
Pacific Grove, CaL, April 10. Wm,
E. Burger, of the Colorado National
bank, Denver, died here very suddenly
this afternoon of heart failure.
The Blesilaff of Strong Nerrcs
Is recoverable, not by the use of mineral K
dativcs. but by a recourse to effectual tonic
treatment. Opiates and the like should
only be used as auxiliaries, and then as
sparingly as possible. Vigorous nerves are
quiet ones, and the most direct way to ren
tier them so Is to reinforce the vital ener
gies. That sterling invlgorant. Hosteler's
Stomach Bitters, will be found all sufficient
for this purpose, since it entirely removes
impediments to thorough digestion and as
similation of the food, so that the body Is
insured its due amount of nourishment, and
consequently of stamina. Bhematlc tenden
cies and affection's of the kidneys and blad
der arc also counteracted by the Bitters,
which is besides a pleasant medicinal stim
ulant. Infinitely purer than the raw excitants
of commerce, which react Injuriously upoa
the nervous system.
Bourbon, lnd says: "Both myself and
wife owe our lives toShiloh's Consump
tion Cure will give immediate relief.
fPrice. 10 cts., 50 cts. and 81, at J. C. De
All the patent medicines advertised
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perfumery, and toilet articles etc can
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hotel, Astoria.
-- - i
X- mJ-?A. m-fcat .ng '-
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