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Reprtel Decrease of a Few Tlons
ani Sojonrnine Celestials,
cctrtary Proctor's Scheme for Selecting
Properly QualilUl Ofliociv
For Special Service.
srtcialby The California Associated 1'bess.
Washington, April S. A novel step
in the way of army reform, that will
cause great comment among officers
and grumbling, is announced. It is
based on tbe custom of the German
army chiefs, of keeping a constant
record of special attainments and qual
ifications of each officer, and is de
signed to fill a want that of late years
lias been seriously felt in our own
army whenever it is necessary to
send an officer on some spe
cial service for which pecu
liar qualifications are required. In all
such instances it is found that there
was in the war department no infor
mation regarding the accomplishment
of officers aud all that came to
the ears of the secretary was in a large
measure incidental, accidental or per
gonal. Secretary Proctor lias there
row devised a plan of obtaining con
stant and official information in re
gard to officers of the army such a.
shall aid him in preparation of records
that will show him just what manner
of mon the are.
A Varanrj Filial.
Nj.ooal ! 1 iik AToi:iAX 1
Washington. April 8. The vacancy
left by da;, director Looker when lie
liccainc chief of the bureau of provis
ions aud clothing in the navy depart
ment, in the jxisitioa of general in
spector or the naval pay director corps,
has been filled by ordering pay direc
tor Kichard, of Washington, to that
An A dtautasr to CcrlaJn tl!i-r.
SjTial to Tin: AsToatAX I
Washington. April 8. A bill has
iassed the houc, providing that per
sons settling on the second in
demnity plat of the Northern Pacific
grant, between August, 1877, and .Tan
narx. 1'. may transfer their entries
to other government lands which are
snloect to entrv.
Com&atlrr Coghlan l Vf'iuitti-.l.
; at to Tm: ATnm.N.l
Washington, April S. The ss'ere
tar of the siaw ha approved the
findiugsof not guilt in the eae of
Commander.!. 15. Coghhiu. who was
rwvntly tried by a court martial at
San Francisco, on the charge of con
duct unbecoming an officer and a
gentleman and of conduct such as to
prejudice good order and discipline.
The offense consisted of writing and
causing to le published in a Califor
nia newspajer. an article condemning
in unmeasured terms, the present
administration of naval affairs.
Pftlcifncj UM for the Silent t Miuria?o.
JXCial.t Til K ASTOUl AN.l
WAsiHNrro.v. April 8, In the house
to-day a motion to reconsider the vote
by -which the house defeated the bill
making an appropriation to supply the
deficiency caused by the Silcolt de
falcation was carried and the bill
No Pallet, on K!iibits.
s v-at to The Astokxan
Washington, April 8. The senate
to-day passed the bill allowing exhib
its or Mexio and Canada for the ex
lubition at St Louis to come in duty
StOXCBtmn on the Itetlred List.
stcal to Tun Astokian.j
Washington, April S. The house
committee on military affairs to day
ordered a favorable report upon the
hill to retire General Stoneman of
California with the rank of colonel
of infantry.
A Preildenliil Dinner I'.nrly
Special tct Tnn Astoui n 1
Washington, April 8. To night,
president and Mrs. Harrison dined
n he members of the supreme court
nd judiciary, aud a number of sena
tors aud representatives. The floral
decorations of palms and flowers in
the cast room and dining room, were
especially claloratc.
Itl4 for Three etr 3 aval Veswl
sjecil 1 Titr AJom.vN.l
Washington, April 8. Secretary
Tracy late this afternoon issued adver
tisements calling for bids for the con
struction of the 8,100-ton cruiser, 5,o00
toa cruiser and OJO-toa practice vessel.
The bills will lx? opened Tune 8.
Iitn: to Ore?oa Jtivi'ittow
Special l Tun toi:i N.
Washington, Aprils. Patents have
been granted the following inventors
iu Oregen: Xels IT. Wheeler and 3L
N. Xewhonse, Gorvallis, device for in
irtiblc saw tooth; Fred 0. Hallet.
Portland,elevator attachment for oper
ating gates.
Hant ho ins Astoria, East Astoria, Powell's Addition !
All Subject to Inspection.
TkauV (Jod. Mo.-.- Vrs Coia; 1!i3 C'lmins.
Special to Til!: ,-ri-i.i v.n.j
Washington, April 8. -in reply to
the senate resolution respecting the
number of Chinese who have entered
the United States and remained in the
past few years, the secretary of the
treasury has furnished the following
table for the fiscal years named:
! Anivals. 1 DenaKun-t.
1i.-J7 5
For the first six months of the pres
ent fiscal year, the arrivals were 1,932,
and the departures ZfiJl. The totals
for the entire seven and a half years
arc: arrivals. 79.S1, departures. 91,213.
The secretary says that numerous
complaints of" Chinese surreptitiously
enteringthe Uuil"d St;iies have been
made, but that the evidence has been
uncertain aid untangible, and no con
victions have b'NMi secured.
Tlie Jlontaiia Senator .Vot Vet SrateJ
Special to Tin-ast i kia.j
Washington. April 8. The senate
did not get through with the Montana
bill to-day, but will probably take a
vote on the law to-morrow afternoon.
It is said that the democratic senators
have determined to filihuster
against the seating of the llepablican
Montana senators.
Cit.isiiltrliic the UatiVrujit Mil.
Sp ' to Tin: ASToai v.
Washington, April S. -The house
committee on judiciary to-day com
plcted the consideration of the Torrey
bankruptcy bill, introduced by repre
sentative Jl JJ. Taylor, of Ohio, and
ordered it to be reported favorably.
Mr. Colberson, of Texas, will submit a
minority report and urge the substitu
tion of his own bill, which is a short
measure, providing for the dischargo
within six months nrter bankruptcy
of any bankrupt who has in good faith'
assigned to a trustee, all of his property
not exempt under the local law.
Pre'j!ii;lM Caucasian Verarltj.
Sjte iu: lo Tin: astokian.j
Nkw York, April S. Chu Fong and
another Chinese have accused lawyer
Seth K. Johnson of instructing them
how to forge notes under which several
thousand dollars was fraudulently ob
tained. Clin Fong was indicted for
forgery and set this up in defense.
Johnson sued two Chinese firms for
SISO, the amount of one of Chu Fong's
note:?: this brought up the question of
comparative veracitv between Chinese
and while men. Chief .lust ice Ale
Adam of the city court to-day decided
the ease in favor of Johnson, and said
the Chinese asked the court to believe
too much.
Randall Not as Sic! a Reported
Sjd-dal MTiii: AsrouiAN.J
Washington, April S. -Randall's
family say that he is not in a critical
Oregon Pensioners.
Special to Tin: Atoj:i.N.1
Washington, April S. -Pensions
granted, Oregon, issue of March 2G,
1890: Original - - Rowland Fisher,
Portland; increased Renj. F. Uently,
Oregon ItoiuU in Z-x York.;il laTli:: As 'out n J
New York, April 8. Application
has been made at the slock exchange
lo list S1.O00O09 of the Oreiron Im
provement coin pan v consolidated j
mortgage 5 per cent gold bonds, to
take up preferred stock.
His Dentil Saved His Ar.tst.
Special to Thk Astoria.
New York, April 8. The counsel
for the Sistare Rros. says the failure
will prove most disastrous to the firm.
Investigation reveals that the defalca
tion of Hilger, their Philadelphia cor
respondent, will reach S300,0t)0, possi
blv 8000,000. A warrant for his arrest
was about to be served when he died.
Contested Election L'UIm.
Special to Tiik AsroniAN.
LirTiiE Rock, Ark., April 8. -News
of the appointment of a sub-committee
from the house election committee
to-day, to visit Arkansas aud take tes
timony in the Clayton-Breckenridge
contest in the second district is re
ceived here with great interest It is
learned to-night that Judge John Ic
Clure, of this city, who was assisting
Clayton in taking testimony when he
was" :issassinated, will conduct
the inquiry before the committee in
behalf of the government He claims
that lie will be able to convince the
committee beyond any question, that
Brcekenridge's seat should be declared
vacant Major Rrcckenridge will be
present at the inquiry and his friends
claim that au investigation will dem
ntnnstratc his election
T11 a I Vat her Weight
Sp 'cui to Tin: Astorian.1
New York, April 8, O'Rourke, the
backer of George Dixon, the colored
feather weight champion, has accepted
the ofler of the Pelican club for a fight
to a finish with Nunc Wallace, tho
feather weight champion of England.
The Maniialtau Bant of Kansas
City Susjenls. cAitr esters stiiiki:.
Special by The California Assocutko I'kess.
Cleveland, Ohio, April 8. A terri
ble storm is in progress in this section
or the state. The day has been warm
aud resembled Dakota cyclone weather,
which culminated in one of the
heaviest rain storms ever experienced
in this section. About 5 p. ji. heavy
black clouds passed over the city, but
no damage has been reported to-night.
It seems that it broke over
Norvvalk, a pretty little city of
about ten thousand inhabitants,
lirty miles west of here, and the
county seat of Huron county. A re
Iort from there says: "A terrible cy
clone here at 5 r. M. A large funnel
shaped cloud from northwest of the
citv bound eastward, levelling trees
'and bnildiugs, and scattering debris
along the track. It touched only the
edge of the citv. There was terrible
damage at the umbrella factory. About
sixty employes were in the building,
which was" leveled to the ground.
Dora Palmer, an employe, was killed
aud probably from twelve to twenty
others were" badly injured. There is
utter desolation about the site,
Sprague's loss is several thousand dol
lars. Great excitement prevails about
tlie city and crowds throng the ruins.
A Crasj JlorJcrer anil Suicide
Special to Tm: astokian.'!
Medfokd, Wis., April 8, Williams
Millard, known here as "Crazy lvelly,"
to-day went to the residence of Mag
gie Pritchard, a young lady niece, of
one of the most prominent citizens,
and asked if that was
her name. When she responded
that it was, he pnlled out a revolver
and shot her dead. He then placed
the revolver at his own head and blew
his brains out No reason can be
given for the tragedy, except that it
was a crazv freak of Millard.
Kepubllcans Hold Little IlhoJy.
Sp-ciai to Thk Astojuin.
Providence, IX. f., April 8. -Cranston
and Jamestown elected Repub
lican representatives to-dn. As North
Smithfield and West Greenwich failed
to elect under tho statute the present
representative holds over. The legis
lature stands: Republicans, 52; Dem
ocrats, 49; with nine to le elected
from Providence. The Republicans,
then, need to elect two to control the
grand committee, while the Demo
crats need eight.
The Manhattan Bank Closet.
Special to The Astorian.1
Manhattan, Kan., April 8. The
Manhattan bank closed its doors this
morning. No particulars have been
learned as to its condition.
John W. Webb w;is appointed tem
porary assignee. The bank, in con
nection with other large and varied
business, has been conducted by E. R.
Pureell. Mr. Purcell is a director of
the Santa Fe railroad and has had
largely the management of tho road's
allairs, politically and otherwise, in the
state of Kansas. He wat regarded as
the wealthiest man in the state, and
his business failure is a general sur
prise. The extent ot his liabilities has
not been scheduled, but any time
within the hist month or so Mr. Pur
cell would have been rated as worth
several million dollars.
The Carp-nters Strike In Chicago. ioTiik asto-man.J
Chicago, April 8. -The carpenters
strike is more extensive to-day than
yesterday. Up to noon there was not
51 single man at work reported to the
general head quarters. Tho strikers'
arbitration committee has decided that
no carpeuters shall be permitted to re
turn to work to fiuish up a job, even
in cases where tho advanced rate of
pay has been conceded.
Little Damage SnsiaineJ.
Special to Tin: Astohian.1
New York, April 8. The French
steamship 1'anama with a cargo of
wine has arrived here. She sustained
very little damage by grounding on
Long Island.
The Carpet Manufacturer! Object to Duty
sp-jcial to The Astohus
PnniADELPniA, April 8. Tho in
grain carpet manufacturers of this
city, where more carpet is made than
in old England, discovered the new
tariff bill would increase tho tariff on
third-class wool 250 percent. They
protested against this, asserting that
an increase of duty would force them
to close theirjnills.
Murdered Ills Fattier.
Special to The AsToniAN.l
Little Rock, Ark., April 8. Near
Merrillton, a small town about forty
miles from here, last night, J. D.Will
iams shot and instantly killed his
father, Isaac Williams. The latter at
tempted to whip his grown up daugh
ter with a switch which so incensed
young Williams that ho drew a re
volver and fired at his father. The
ball entered his head and death was
almost instantane ous.
Americans by Choice.
Special to Tiie'Astqkian .
New York, April 8. The congres-'
SaSSShSiiiJSrSSSiCmB Railroad Tracks For Miles
larv Jackson ot tne uoaru oi immigra
tion testified concerning the method
of examining immigrants. They pass
in single file before registers by whom
they are asked as to their age, desti
nation, health, whether they have been
pnbhc charges or were convicted ot
any crime ana tne names ci ineir
menus in this country.
These statements are not made
under oath and re-examination is
ordered by the inspectors whenever the
answers are not saiistactory. he
largest number of immigrants ever
landed m one day at Uastlc burden
was 1,000. About one om of six im
migrants is rejected.
Sand Storms ItlorL tJif L'nh.ii lUriili.
Siec5:U In I iik Ato::i n.1
Cheyenne, April S.- The wind sub-;
sided here after blowing continuously 1
at a high rate of speed for thirty-six
hours, at G o'clock this morning. All
the Union Pacific freight trains for 20')
miles west- of Chevenne, were held sit
sidings on account of tho breeze. Tho j
cast bound Burlington Irani which left
at 8 o'clock last night was abandoned
at midnight For several miles in
Northern Colorado 100 miles east of
tliis place, the track is covered with
sand to a depth of from S inches to
3 feet The track will not 1m cleared
for several hours yet.
Sloou Kats Daljr at Rilliar.1V
oju-Liai III 1 lit. .MT.IKI ..j 1
Chicago, April 8.--At a billiard
match this evening Sloson was pit
ted against Daly who was
given 200 points. Slesson
won the lead, choosing the white and
run 11. Daly responded with 5. The
game was a "dull, uufeatured one and
until the 14th inning the runs were
small. In that inning Slosson made
Gl and again fell into listless playing,
until tho 19th inning, when he gath
ered up the buttons. Ho ran the
gamo out in the 23rd inning, by an
other run of 7G. The score stoed:
Slosson, 500; Daly, 125.
Huntinxfon in San Fraurisoo.
San Francisco, April 7. -C. P.
Huntington, who tirrivcd in this city
yesterday, in an interview said:
My visit to California is nothing
unusual. I have large interests here,
and it is only natural that I should
come to the coast once in a while.
We will have a meeting of the board
of directors of the Southern Pacific
company on Tuesday in this city, and
I shall be present at the meeting, as a
matter of course."
When asked alkout the rejort that
senator btainord intended to resign
from his seat in the United States sen
ate, Mr. Huntington said:
1 know of 110 reason whv Senator.
Stamford should resign. I first heard
of this matter from newspapers since
my arrival, and do not believe thore i-i
any truth in it."
On being questioned n3 to his Congo
railway and other African scheme, he
"I have not. interested myself in the
Congo scheme and have invested no
money there, reports t the contrary
"Are your Mexican investments sat
isfactory':" Very. Mexico is destined to lv-
come a great country and only needs
and American capital
and energy."
After the meeting of railroad di-
rectors on Tuesday Mr. Huntington
will inspect certain portion; of th.
Southern Pacific mad and will then
visit Monterey and possibly San
Diego. '
Mr. Huntington said to day that he '
True nrf. ?ivnnrvil fii cn;vj!r r iI-
ject of new railroad extensions-bv the
sVmflim-11 "P.-.oinr. oi.imn..v NT. ..
road was to be bnilt north of Portland, I the cases are said to be the result of
Or., nor was a long line in eastern Or- ahnK Bologna sausage.
egon contemplated. In his opinion
it would be a foolish thing to parallel . .... ., .....
tho Union Pacific's line in Oregon, . ' teJ"on a sink,
for the same reason that it TOiiUbcX' ""'T- , -, ,m
foolish for the Union Pacific to par-i . Ioungstown, Ohio, April b. The
allel the Central Pacific Neither en- Journeymen tadors' union of this
terprise would pav c"v "iade a demand for au increase
The annual meeting of the stock-1 in wages to-day. A satisfactory
holders of the Central Pacific com- settlement not being arrived at, they
pany will be held to morrow, and ! "re onl a stnkc-
Wednesday the stockholders of the !
Southern Pacific company will meet. ; A (.JC,oae strliM aa 0hIo Tmn
A. meeting of the directors of t he . s,,Mia, u,Tiii:astokian.i
Southern Pacific company will be ' n . .: m o t .-. ..
SS, f?'ir Tfli"3 rU1 Ported tiZr 'acyclone struck No
SnSltf tninsaelion valk 0hi tWrt miles ,vcst of bcr0
IT Slfl uf,on land that five people were killed and
StSsffltaJnftn Ineir'Snt! l-nty-five injltreS.
conferences in the east. At the dircc ie;tructhe Fire in Texav.
tors' meeting Thnrsdav several im-!siiceLUtoTiiKAaroKias.l
portant changes in oflicers will be
made. As already announced, Senator
Stanford will retire from the presi
dency which ho has held so long, and
C. P. Huntington, now first vice-president,
will succeed him. Colonel C. F.
Crocker will become first vice-president,
A. N. Towne second vice-president,
and J. C. Stnbbs will be elected
third vice-president, and the ollico of
fourth vice-president, which wts cre
ated especially for him a few months
ago, will be auoiisned.
All tlte patent" ineilieiiieV advertise.
in this paper, together with the choicest
perfiimery, ami toilet articles et.. --an
ho. liniuri.t "nt ti. imvt: ,tri, ,.t..iv
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
Hotel, Astoria.
AM Stops Trains.
S, ccial by tho California Associated Peess.
Chicago, April 8. In the fourth
match billiard tournament at 1:30 p.
:.r between Ives 27o and Cotton 2o0,
Cotton won the bank and chose black.
Ives won bv the following scere: Ives,
275; Cotton, 22.1. Ives' average, 13f ;
Cotton, 11 '.j. High ruus, Ives, G2, 55;
Cotton, 43, 25. After ten minutes'
recess. Schaefer and Heiscr com
menced playing, the former playing
500 to the latlcr's 250. Schaefer won
, by the followiug scere: Schaefer, 500;
I Heiscr, 142. Average, Schaefer, IG-3;
j Heiser, 4 2G-20. High runs. Schaefer,
S7, 79. 72; Heiser, 45 and 1G.
The Plunibr-i In Chicago Arc Happy.
Sji f!jl to TllK ASTORIAN.1
Chicago, April 8. The plumbers'
strike was settled this morning. The
basis of settlement is a minimum of
$3.50 for.all journeymen plumbers and
tin increase or 25 percent, in the wages
of juniors per day.
Itnjla? Wheat in SI. Loals
e '.a' to TllK AhTORI.W J
St. Loris, April S. -A report which
gained circulation outside of the city
that thf Merchants' Exchange had
suspended all dealings in May and
July in wheat in consequence of the
Fraley suspension, is unfounded. It
is irne that an agreement w;ls entered
into by creditors or ot hen? this morn
ing that there should be 110 buying in
these montlisbnt no restriction should
Ikj placed on selling. Subsequently
some of Fraley's friends put a broker
in who purchased May wheat freely,
but there was no excitement Fraloy
made no statement regarding his con
dition. The Cjcloae la TrophetstouB, Illinois.
Special to Tm: Astouian.i
Chicago, April 8. A report was in
circulation last evening that Prophets
town, 111., had Iwen blown away and
great lo.-s of life had resulted, but a
conductor on the Rurlington railroad,
who left Mendota at 1 o'clock, says the
damage reported bv the cyclone at
Prophctstowu. has been largely over
estimated. The telegraph manager at
Mcndotn, at 4 o'clock, says Mendota is
in communication with Prophetstown
and reported that the railway depot,
one elevator and several frame build
ings had been destroyed, but there
were no lives lost.
! l'itv (iues DeMiicrat'r.
Sjt.'ci.sI to Thk Astoui an.j
Kansas Citv. April 8. At the city
- election to-day the Democrats swept
. the city. TEulmes (Dem.), candidate
' for mayor, carried every ward in the
'citv over Davenport (Rep.), the pres-
ent incumbent, bv
a majority of about
'licliian KailnutN llitiiis r.ros.
p?H il to Til it A.vroui vn 1
i VjIiicauo, xvpru o. -juie .
j road.; will rai-c passenger ra
1 two to three cents per mile,
Chicago, April 8. -The .Michigan
rates from
in plain
violation of the Alicliigan state law.
I The railways claim that a decision of
the supreme court, known as the
Granger Minnesota case that thestate
has no right to compel them to make
a two-cent rate and they intend to
light the mntter in the proper court.
The ilrailly o TllK ASTOKIAN.J
AuitoitA, Ills., April 8. -Thirty cases
of 1t"c,uuosw.1.aro P011
health authorities of this city
by the
Six of
GaiiVeston, Texas, April S. Heid-
enheimcr's Cotton Seed Oil Mill was
destroyed by fire this evening, togeth
er with its contents. The firo origin
ated in the refining room, .as the night
gang went to work. Tho loss on
building is 30,000, on oil cake and oil
S70.000, and the insurance is S20.000.
Over 100 peoplo are thrown out of
employment. The International and
Great Northern Railroad round house
I narrowly escaped.
. Austr.1ll.1n Haliot select iu Iowa,
1 s,wc:li teTin: AsroniA.v.l
r--. t -i o mi
' Des Moines, Iowa, April 8. The
house has passed the Australian ballot
reiorm out.
In Thirty Days 2,000 Men go to Work on the Astoria and
South Coast Railway. Buy Now, as all Prop
erty will then Advance.
Reported to Have Safferei Little
From tie Heavy Rains.
Special by California, associated Tress.
San Francisco, April 8. The
state convention of Nationalist
club3 opened here this morning and
was called to order by Mrs. A. K
Rallon. About 100 delegates were
W. C. Owens was elected president;
J. B. McConnack, H. B. Wilshire and
H. C. Wiseman, secretaries; Addie L.
Ballou, Laura DeForce Gordan and
J. W. Owens, vice-presidents. After
the usual committees were appointed
the convention adjourned until 7 p. m.
Meeting Central Pacific Directors.
Special to The Astoriax.1
.San Francisco, April 8. The stock
holders of the Central Pacific Railroad
company to-day elected, the following
directers: Leland Stanford, C. P.
Huntington, Charles F. Crocker, C. E.
Brotherton, A. N. Towne, Timothy
Hopkins and E. H. Miller, Jr. A meet
ing of tho stockholders of the Southern
Pacific Railroad company will take
place to-morrow.
He'll (let Better -Voir.
Special to TiiK Astorian.1
Sacrajiento, April 8. Arthur D.
January, who was convicted in Sacra
mento several years ago for embezzling
$52,000, stealing the money while act
ing as a deputy in the treasurer's office,
was pardoned to-day by tho governor.
Ho had been sentenced for ten years.
Tho pardon was granted on account of
tne poor ueattn ot me prisoner, wno is
in the last stages of consumption.
SKW at the business.
Very Unlike the Old-Fashloaed Stage Rob
bery. Special to The Astorian.
Sacramento, April 8. Yesterday
afternoon the stage from Michigan
Bluff to Auburn was held up a mile
and a half from tho latter place by two
masked men. Tho passengers were
ordered out and all complied but one,
WmMuir, of Michigan Bluff, who
defied the robbers, although unarmed.
One robber had a shot gun and the
other a pistoL The latter became
cowed when Muir advanced on tho
big man daring him to shoot and
trembled so that he dropped his pistol.
The man with the gun declined to rob
Muir and allowed tho stage to pro
ceed. The robber broke open one ex
press box which had only a letter and
did not molest the other which was
empty. There were five passengers in
tho coach and the robbers got about
$30. A Chinaman had a largo sum on
his person which they did not get and
the robbers refused to take a two
hundred dollar check from another
Death of an Ex-Mayor of Albany.
Special to The Astobian.
Alkanv, Or., April 8. Ex-Mavor
Judson, diediu this city to-day.
Municipal Election at Eugene.
Special to Thk Astohian.J
Eugene, Or., April 8. At the munic
ipal election held here to-day, 556 votes
were cast. Political lines were not
drawn for councilmen. Wm. Preston
(Rep.), who was on all the tickets re
ceived 510 votes; F.W.OsburnfDem.),
423: G. P. Griffin, 306; were elected.
J3. .b . Dorns (Dem), was re-elected re
corder by 4.63 votes. John C. Gray
(Rep.), was re-elected treasurer "by 553
Railroad Lines Centering at Olympia.
Special to The Astokias.j
Olympia, Wn., April 8. On Thurs
day tho time expires for Governor
Ferry to veto the bills passed recently
by the legislature. The senate act
providing for bridging the navigable
streams, outside of the line of navi
gable waters is to bo returned un
signed to the secretary of state. The
specific objections thereto are not yet
made known. The senate act grant
ing a right ot way to railroad com
panies over lands belonging to tho
state will take the same course.
The board of public works will hold
a meeting on Thursday to confer with
the agent of the U. P. railway for
connections here. The N. P. and
Port Townsend and the Southern rail
road companies also view this city as
an objective point, all of which causes
increased activity in sales of water
front real estate. -
Ch!nee Comlaf Is front Mexico.
Special to The Astorian.
San Diego, April 8. Word was to
day received from TiaJuanathat six
Mongolians wore observed last night,
about two miles south of that place,
heading for the United States. They
went up tho river for seven miles and
crossed in tho dark unobserved. They
have not been captured.
Grain Fields Being Changed to Orchards.
Special to The Astorian.1
San Francisco, April 8. The crop
reports received to-day by the Cali
fornia associated press, from the grain
and fruit growing counties in Califor
nia, show on the whole, excellent pros
pects for the coming harvest, notwith
standing fears were entertained that
the heavy rain fall during the past
winter, would have had a detrimental
The wheat crop will be good, and
about equal three quarters of the last
year's yield. The shortage is partially
due to the change from grain to
fruit The hay crop will be about an
average in quantity and quality.
The prune crop is promised to be
the best and largest ever gathered.
This is due to the increased number of
orchards coming into bearing. Re
ports also show that a large number of
new prnno orchards were set out this
spring. Peaches will be more than an
average crop. Apricots will be a very
light crop, constant rains and cold
winds having rotted the buds.
A marked feature shown by this
year's fruit reports, is the largely in
creased acreage being set out to olives.
This fiuit, which previously had
figured in only three counties to any
extent, is now being grown and
planted in nbou,t twenty counties, and
in all cases is reported to have a most
promising ontlook.
An Aboriginal Fend.
Special to The Astouian.J
Susanvtlle, CaL, April 8. Near the
town of Honey Lake, an Indian named
Frank shot and Jailed another Indian
named Sam and wounded Sam's two
brothers. Thev were all ot the same
tribe. The cause was an old feud and
whisk-. The murderer escaped.
L'rollts of the Central Paciflc.
Special to TnE Astouian.
San Fbancisco, April 8. Secretary
Miller reports for tho year ending at
the close of March, gros3 earnings of
the Central Pacific, S15.530.215. The
operating expenses deducted, leaves a
net profit of 1,350,000.
Eighteen Hundred beali Captured.
Special to The Astorian.
Victoria, B. C, April 8. Advices
from seal fishers report the catch up
to April 1 of 1,800 seals.
Important Land Sale at Seattle.
Special toTjlEASTORIAN.l
Seattle, Wash., April 8. This af
ternoon, Lawrence McMichen sold to
the South" Seattle Land company,
3,000 acres of land near tho city for
tho consideration of 600,000. It is
rumored that the purchase was made
in the interest of the Union Pacific.
Probably a Fatal Quarrel.
Special to The Astorian.
Seattle, April 8. Last night Wm.
Ray was stabbed and seriously injured
by a man named Johnson, a bartender
at the Acme saloon at Ballard, in this
county. They became engaged in a
quarrel, with the result that Johnson
struck him over the head with a bot
tle, following up the assault by plung
ing a knife into his side. The wound
may prove fatal. Johnson is in cus-
The Marshall Stntne to be Unveiled.
Special to Thk Astooux.
Sacramento, April 8. -The Marshall
monument commissioners had a meet
ing here to-day to make final arrange
ments for unveiling the statue erected
by the state at Coloma over the grave
of J. W. Marshall, tho discoverer of
gold. It was decided to have ho
unveiling take place on Saturday,
May 3.
Confessed a Murder After Twenty Yean,
Sp-clal to The Astorian.
Wilkesbarre, April 8. Peter Greg
ory, dying, confessed the murder of
Joe Keating, 20 years ago. He says
after killing him, ho dragged the body
into a yard, and threw it into an old
well, which was afterwards filled with
sand. Keating was supposed to have
gone to Australia.
The Bleating of Strong Nerres
Is recoverable, not by the use of mineral se
datives, but by a recourse to effectual tonic
treatment. Opiates and the like should
only bo used as auxiliaries, and then as
sparingly as possible. Vigorous nerves are
3uiet ones, and tho most direct way to ren
er them so Ls to reinforce the viuil ener
gies. That sterling Invlgoranr, Hostetter's
Stomach Hitters, will be found all sufficient
for this purpose, sinco it entirely removes
impediments to thorough digestion and as
similation of the food, so thatr the body is
Insured its due amount of nourishment, and
consequently of st uuina. Ithematlc tenden
cies and affections of the kidneys and blad
der are also counteracted by the Bitters,
which is besides a pleasant medicinal stim
ulant, infinitely purer than the raw excitants
of commerce, which react injuriously upon
the nervous system.
As an illustration of the frail foun
dation upon which a great story may
rest, we are told that the report that
Jay Gould contemplated a second flyer
in matrimony was started by his send
ing down this word to a reporter who
called to interview him: "I am en
gagal at present"
Bourbon, lnd., says: "Both myself and
wife owe our lives toShiloh's Consump
tion Cure will give immediate relief.
Price, 10 cts., GO cts. and 81, at J. C. De
men t's.
Galls UieEniUsn MiiistryPerI4ins
Usnniers am Intrniers.
Special br California Associatzd FxMf .
London, April 8. Gladstone at
tended the baptism of his grandchild
in We flbainster Abbey to-day. On hk
way itlpndon he was presented with
an address at Weybndge. In ac
knowledgement, he spoke 15 minutes
on political questions, and took occas
ion to roundly denounce the govern
ment for the recent perfidious practices
of the present ministry. He declared
they were merely usurpers and intru
ders, and dared not submit their claims
to represent a majority of the electors,
to the test of a general election,
though they will be forced to do so
Tks Zanlbar Iasarrectloa qsUt4.
Special to The Astorian.
Zanzibar, April 8. The insurgents'
leaders and followers have surrendered
to wisaman.
Dsath or a Prominent Leadta Baaktr.
Special to The AstortanJ
London, April 8. Junius S. Mor
gan, senior member of the banking
house of J. S, Morgan & Co., of Lon
don, the European house of Drexel k
Co., of Philedelphia, died this morn
ing at Monte Carlo, the result of a re
cent carriage accident.
Hanglar or Toathfnl ParraeU.
Special to The Astorian.
London, April 8. Richard Daviee,
aged 18, was hanged this morning for
the murder of his father. A brother,
still younger, who assisted in the mur
der, was pardoned. The hangman
was hooted and hissed.
Dike of OrlMn U U PaxiMti.
Special to Thk Astorian.J
Paris, April 8. Raphael says a de
cree pardoning the Duke ot Orleans
has been prepared and will be issued
Xnat Hara Bern a Lair Bar.
Special to Thb Astorian.
Madrid, April 8. A box containing
the bodies of sixteen white women,
one man and one negress, all decapi
tated and embalmed, has been opened
at Seaport, Morocco. The mystery
created intense excitement.
A Canadian Btfaalter Ant Elear.
Special to Thk Astorian.
Montbxal, Apriia J. A. Quintal,
a prominent French-Canadiannotary,
has eloped to New York with tin
young wife of contractor Beaudry.
Quintal leaves a wife and a large
family unprovided for. Through his
speculations, banks and friends here
lose over f 150,000.
The Fishery Bliyntt.
Special to Thk Astorun,
Ottawa, April 8. The government
has decided to renew the fisheries
modus Vivendi, which expired Feb
ruary 15th. The act to cany out this
intention will be introduced at an
early day. The action was taken, be
cause at: this particular juncture it is
likely to have an effect on negotiations
going on at Washington, and will be
evidence of Canada's desire for an
amiable settlement of the fisheries dis-
Eute. It will strengthen Mr. Tupper's
ands and bring about a conclusion
satisfactory to both countries.
The Emperor Dines Witk Bismarck.
Special to Thk Astoria.
Berlin, April 8. The emperor at
tended a farewell dinner to Herbert
Bismarck to-night.
Riotlou Demeaatratlen la Aietrla.
Special to The Astokiax.
Vienna, April 8. At a meeting of
the strikers this afternoon, the police
attempted to interfere, but were
stoned. In the ovening, 8,000 strikers
met in the suburbs, became notions,
demolished the guard room of the po
lice, and wounded officers, and burned
several buildings. The mob was rush
ing through the streets; plundering
stores, breaking windows and street
lamps when the militia were called
out. The soldiers opened fire with
blank cartridges, and managed to dis
perse the crowd. It required 2 squad
rons of cavalry and a battalion of in
fantry to disperse the mob. Fourteen
policemen were wounded and 37 riot
ers were arrested.
Death of aa English Editor.
Special to The Astoria,
London, April 8. Editor Lloyd, of
the Daily Chronicle is dead.
W. O. Toggle. LaGrange, Ga, writing
about Darbys Propbylatic Fluid, says:
"It is a priceless jewel as a disinfectant
and deodorizer. My wife states for the
benefit of young mothers that it is a
valuable adjunct to the nursery." it is
equally so to parents travelling with
children. Not only is the fluid invalu
able as a deodorizer, but a few drops
added to the water in bathing will re
move all eruptions from the skin, chaf
ing, etc., ana greatly refresh and soothe.
- -- v...