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;rU Mu ivir 1 itis:--s A fit HITf Hilt
mm and cook,
Insurance and Baal Estate Agents
Astoria, - Oregon.
Cigars, : Tobaccos, : and : Cigarettes !
hum: ihtt tbsi: rcst
nilUliM'KKET. - -
()jtoic llalinS I!o(t
I City Boofe SJtoro
Children's : Carriages
Fin--awl Alai-inc nut! Lif'
VAN DUSE & CO.. Ag'is.
Of the Following Iteliabli l'orehju :tml
Home Cempanies:
I. iarpool and I.undo:i aiiil (iluhi. Xoilli
Kritivh :uid Mercantile, bcottish Lnum and
National, Hartfonl ol Connecticut, Commer
cial or California. Ixmdon and Iuicashire of
I-Hcrpool, Conimercial Union of London.
Cnaruian ol Ixnidon. Northwest of Portland,
Mutual Life of New York.
ProinpttlJberal Adjustments Guaranteed
I. "W. CASK,
Insurance Agent.
California Marine Ins. Co , S. F.
Columbia Fire and Marine Ins. Co.,
Home Mutual Insurance Co , S. F.
Phoenix of London.
Imperial of London.
Robb & Parker,
Fire and Mar ne Insurance.
With an Aggregate Capital or
IMl'KltlAUof London.
CALIFOUNI A. .f C.d.fom.i.
COXXECTICl T...I Hartfonl
LION, of ltndon.
Fl KKMAX'S FUND. f C'ali'onii.i
QUEEN, of Iindon
Wilson & Fisher
SLip Chandlers,
Paints, Oils, and Varnish.
Portland Roller Mills,
Tt..M ! nn fwrastnii for Ihn mnst. fnstirtl.
eos of our citizens to send to Fortland or
Saa Francisco xor
Custom Made Clothes
As tfcev can get Better Fits, Better Work
saaafeip, and for less Money.
By Leaving their Orders with MEANY.
Kw Goods bv Every Steamer.
Call and see him and satisfy yourself.
W. J'. Meany Merchant Tailor.
bbss iiarih.kd.
him! Mum .Store.
A Beefl
Astoria Iron forts.
1 Oiicomh M., Foot if .IackMn. Avlna. !
i (Sonera!
Land and Marine Engines
Steamboat Work and Cannery Work
Castings of all Descriptions Made
to Order at Short Notice.
J. J. IIustlki:
.President, and Sunt
. . Vice President
Sec. and Treas
Livery Stables.
Con'anw ol any kind, on short notice.
Transferrin:: Uaggagi, etc., a specialty.
Telephone Xo, 12.
City Express Transfer Company.
K. D. Thing and C. E. Miller,
Headquarters at Main Mreet wharf.
TELhlMlOXC XO. 43.
A General "xprssunl Ieliery Business
Your ji.uronage Is solicited.
Marshall & Co.,
Salmon it Twines
For Sale by I. SltllTlT, AgeHt,
ortlce at Wherry & Co's.
The Pioneer Machine Shop
.ti :
Boiler Shop
All kinds of
Promptly attended to.
Aspeclalty made of repairing
C. P. Upshur,
Shipping and Commission Merchant
7.1ain St. Wharf, Astoria. Oregon.
Cannery Supplies
Barbour's Salmon Net Twines.
NEPTUNE Brand Salmon Tv.lne.
WOODBEUKY Cotton Lines and Twines
or all Description Furnished at
Factory Prices.
. tfected in First Class Companies,
Uepre-eutliig 13,000,WM
Hartfonl, Conn
...... ....New York.
Agency Paelflc Express and Welli.Fargo ACo.
John C. Dement.
Successor to W. E. Dement &. C .
Carries Complete Mock of
Drugs and Druggists' Sundries.
Prescriptions tare lull I jUMpoiimlt-v.
Agent tor
Mexican Salvo and
Norwegian PiW Cnie
Garnahan & Go.
I'ono-rClu-iiaiiiiis and Oavs str-tl-i
A-fi I I A
E. P. NOONA.N & CO..
(Success is to)
di:. Lints iN-
Groceries Produce.
Water fctreet, Astoria, Oregon.
ThI.KPHOXE '. 7. - P. O. ItOX 390
Successor to E. C Jlolden.
The oldest established Commission House
tn Oregon. Oootlsof all kinds sold on com
mission. ,
Auction Sales Every Saturday.
General Repairing, Jobbing and Uphol
stering done.
Fine stock of Furniture on hand.
When j on wmt Bargains in Household
Goods go to
Wall Paper and Oil Paintings
Sign Writer, Grainerand
Ornamental Painter.
Cor. Cass and Jefferson Sis.. Astoria.
Magnus G. Crosby
Dealer In
Iron Pipe and Fittings, Stoves, Tin
ware, and
Sheet Lead. Strip Lead, Sheet Iron.
Tin and Copper.
Practical : Watchmaker,
A fine line of Cold and Silver Watches,
Solid Gold and Pla'ed Jewelrv, Clocks, etc.,
at reasonable prices. Repairing Promptly
Done. Opposite Crow's Gallery.
I. W. Case,
Transacts a General Banking Business-
Drafts drawn available In any part of the
0. S. and Europe, and on Hong Kong, China
Okkii'k Hours : to a. si. to 3 p. m.
Odd Pklt.,ovm Hun.tuNd. Astoria, Oregon.
The Law and Abstract Office
Onk Dook kast of Drmkst's dbuq store
A complete set of Abstract Books for the
entire County always kept posted to date.
Special attention given to practice In the
U. rt l.and Office, and the examination of
laud titles.
GaM 15 Folds.
"I have been a great ratterer from
Torpid liver and Dyspepsia. Every
thins; I ate disagreed -with me until I
began taklBt;
Tutt's Pills
X can aaw digest any kind of food,
never have a headache, and have rain
ed fifteen pounds in weight.
W. C. SCHUIrZE, Columbia, 8. C
Oftoe, 44 Murray St, ffew York.
Carpeatcrs aadBaiiclers.
Holt & McCurtrle's old stand, have over 300
The Bill For Its Aflmission Passes
Tie House.
Special oy Caltfoniia AsfOciATrn rss.
CmoAGO, April " 3. The ivinged
angel of jMiace, wliicu yestorilay
hovered over the master plumbers
and their striking employes has disap
peared, and in her place, figure Pink
erton'ri men. The master plumbers
claim that thestrikers are intimidating
the men who refuse to strike, hence
they request Pinkerton's men. The
strikers deny this and claim the hir
ing of special police is simply a
game of bluff. 15oth sides are firm in
their determination to hold out, and
the fight promises to be a long one.
The master carpenters association has
decided in view of the threatened
strike to make S hours adaj's work
and the pay 35 cents per hour, and
the men will be informed of this on
pay dfiy which is Friday. The car
penters demand 40 cents per hour and
8 hours. If the advice of conservative
men be taken, these terms will be ac
cepted and no strike will occur.
The probabilities of a general cigar
makers' strike are gradually foiling
away. The manager of the Phrcnis
factory sent for his men to-day, and
nf ter a brief talk with them regarding
their mutual interests acceded to
their terms. and the men will return to
work on Monday.
Another Star for Uncle am.
Special to The Astoki ax.
Washington, April 3. Idaho's ad
mission bill passed the house to-day;
yeas, 129: navs, 1: the Democrats re
fusing to vote and the speaker count
ing a quorum.
One (Joes Out and One Co Bits u.
Special toTiiK AsrmtiAN.
Washington, April 3. Postmasters
have been appointed as follews: Ore
gon T. J. Carle, at lone, Morrow
county, vice A. Boyse, removed.
Serlon Accident to Hudson IlirrrTiinnrl.
Spi-cial to Thk Atokian.1
New York, April 3. A hole was ac
cideutly burned through the roof
caisson of the huge North river tunnel,
and caused the flooding of tho tunnel.
The engine was unable to expel the
water. The accident reaches the mag
nitude of a disaster. It is feared that a
new start may have to be made from
New York, and in which case a year's
work is lost The tunnel is now 2.000
feet long from New Jersey, and but
CJly about 130 from the New York
end, and yet this represents the work
of years, great engineering difficulties
having been encountered.
Steamer in Distress.
Special to Thk AvrouiAX.
Halifax, N. S.,' April 3.- The brig
anline Alejo reports that on Monday,
while south of the Georges, she sig
nalled the steamer Soulhyate, from
Placenlia, N. I, for New York, living
signals. Immediate assistance was
wanted, as the crew were starving.
The shaft was broken and their provis
ions -were all gone, as they had been
helpless for a numler of days. The
captain wanted two tugs to tow him.
The Alejo supplied them with provis
ions and then proceeded on her way.
The steamer Harlan will search for
tho Southgate. which is in ballast.
An Officer Killed by a llahhtr.
Special to Thk A stow ax.1
Chattanooga, Tcnn., April 3.
Richard Catron while resistiug ar
rest last night, shot and killed deputy
sheriff, George Gibson, and seriously
wounded deputy Hosett "While en
deavoring to escape, Catron was shot
by deputy Dow, through the bowels
and may die. A warrant was out
against him for highway robbery.
A Kail road Covered by tli Flood.
Special to Thk Astokian.
New Orleans, April 3. -The latest
advice from Arkansas City states that
the river is falling. At other points
along the Mississippi, however, the
flood continues. The tracks of the
Arkansas Valley railway are submerged
for many miles, and passengers are
being transferred from point to ioint
in boats.
The Deaociats Ahead in HlioJe Island.
Providence, R. L, April 3. The
vote so far as counted up to noon to
day, gives Ladd, (Repbulican), for gov
ernor, 9,217; Davis, (Democrat), 20,067;
Larry, (Prohibitionist), 1,767 and
Chase, (Union), 773. The legislature
is doubtful.
The next legislature, so far as
chosen, stands, senate, Republicans
21, Democrats 11, to be chosen 4.
House, Republicans 24, Democrats 25,
to be chosen 23.
Woman Burned to Death.
Special to The Asto .ian.J
DoLUTn, Minn., April 3. Mrs.
Pierro was burned to death as the
suit of a peculiar accident She
boiling pitch and threw some water
into the kettle to cool it In some
way the kettle was upset and the un
fortunate woman was covered with
its contents, which caught fire.
Tkree Children Burned in a Jionse.
Special to The Astorian.1
Htjbon, S. D., April 3. The resi
denco of Wilhelm Brown, a German,
living in Bloodgood's addition, was
burned last night aud three children
perished in the flames. The parents
locked the children in the house and
went into the city. All efforts to res
cue the children were fruitless. The
oldest was a boy less than five, and
the other two were girls, aged three
and one and a half years respectively.
Will Retire From Bsslaess.
Special to The astobian.i
Chicago, April 3. On the 1st of May
the stock and grain firm of Schwartz,
Dupee & Co., one of the largest com
mission houses in tho United States,
will retire from business. Their spa
cious office in the board of trade build
ing will bo occupied by W. G."McCor-mick&Co.
loua rolltlcs.
Special to Thk A-tokiax.J
Des aToixes, April 3. The anti
prohibition Republicans are iollovring
up their movement yesterday by a
direct appeal to Republicans in legis
lature to change the prohibitory laws.
The executive committee of the new
association have prepared addresses
to the joint Republican caucus of the
senate and house which were sub
mitted lo-night Among other things it
says the situation of the largest and
most important cities of the state and
indeed of many other communities
is deplorable in the extreme. To
leave them as they are, subject to all
tho evils which absolute free whiskey
can inllict, is little less than treason.
There never -was a time when whiskey
was so openly sold, as at the present
time in large cities.
Thi Ocraa 3Iay AborI The "Vine.
Nkw Yoijk, April 3. -The Panama
from Bordeaux, Frauce, with a vain
able cargo of wincj for New York,
went ashore near the eastern end of
Long Island to-day.
TJip (Ircclcr "evidence in Ashes.
Special to Tin: astokiax.1
CiiAPrAQCA. X. Y. The Horace
Greeley homestead ha been burned,
and the servants had a narrow escape.
The loss is about $10,000 fully covered
by insurance. The house was oc
cupied by Gabriclle Greeley.
ILre in Florida.
SiHiola! to Thk atoi:ia.j
St. AcgooTin. Fla., April 3. Gau
danr won the three mile and mile
races vesterday. Hamm was second,
and Teneyck "third. In the first heat
Hosmer was second in tho mile race.
V (Ji?autic Trmt Incorporation.
Sped tl toTHKAsTOUiAv.l
Adbaxv. N. Y. April 3. The Na
tional Lead Sc Oil company has just
been incorporated, with a capital of
one million dollar?. This perfects
the white lead trust, embracing six
large white lead companies in New
York and Brooklyn.
The Oiiumlwa Oatmeal Mill DcntrojcJ.
Special to Thk Astokiax.1
OrroMiWA, Iowa, April 3. The
Oltumiwa oatmeal mill was bnrned
last night. L033 $3".300. Insurance
Xot All Stnno Aiuork the ltaiinav Men.
Special to Tm: ArTOi:iAl
Chicago, April 3. Thero arose a
hitch in the proceedings of tho com
mittee having in charge the organiza
tion of the inter state Commerce Rail
way tissocialion, to-day. by the receipt
of ;i telegram from the oilicers of the
MiMutiri Pacific, kiaying they would
not join any association that recog
nized tho Union Pacific Northwestern
agreement In to-day's proceedings,
nothing was done, but a majority of
the members think an organization
will be formed.
Floail in Saul It Carolina. t' Tin: .Wroui N 1
Gi:i:n:vmT,E, S. C, April 3 The
Dispatches plantation on both bides of
Deer creek, which was considered
above high water mark and was never
submerged, is now inundated, the
flood lMjing the highest on record.
I'tinlil'nt TaVe liis Wealth With Hliu
Rodndout, N. Y., April 3. Thos.
Cornell's will was probated to day.
The estate is valued at three and a
halt million dollars, which he left to his
immediate relatives. Thero were no
charitable bequests.
Cobbled Iij an l!n:;lih Syndicate.
Special to Thk Astokian.
LocKrouT, N. Y., April 3. The
Remington Paper company, of Water
town, the Hudson River Pulp & Paper
company at Palmer's Falls, the Glenn's
Falls Paper Ar Manufacturing com
pany, aud the Rochester Paper com
pany's mills, with a combined capacity
of 103 tons per day, have passed into
an English syndicate's hands. The
purchase price was eight million dol
lars. The main office will be in New
Another Kail road.
Special to Thk astokian.1
Kansas City, April 3.-D. P. Doak,
of the Gulf, Sabine & Kansas City
railroad, arrived here to-day from
Shrcveport, La He says that the cit
izens or Caddo and DeSoto parishes at
Shreveport have voted S120,000 in aid
of tho railway. Tho sum is to be paid
in lOycarly installments. Onehundred
miles will be constructed this year,
leaving 170 miles to be completed
next year aud making direct connec
tion with the Ft Smith and Gulf
route. Only 70 miles will be built from
Kansas City to Sabine pass, but 500
miles will be traversed over other
companies tracks. This railway will
be an important addition to the rail
way alid commercial interests of the
state of Kansas and the citv.
Klectlon in Hhode I'land.
Spfd il to Thk Astokian.
Newiout, R. I., April 3. The latest
returns from Providence show no
member of the legislative ticket
elected there. The complexion of
the legislature depends on that dis
trict, as well as the choice of the
governor in the assembly. News
from various parts of the
state, fully confirm the earlier reports
that the outlook and that tho legisla
ture will be Republican, and that
Governor Ladd will be elected hi3 own
successor. The vote for Ladd
shows that with a very little
more work ho would have
had a plurality instead of Davis. In
1889 Davis had 4,419 more votes than
Ladd, but this time he lacks 573 of be
ing even with him, as the following
shews: Votes for governor, 1890,
Davis, 19,659; Ladd, 19,086; A. B.
Chase, 690; J. H. Larry, 1,829.
The total vote of the state "Wednes
day was 41,361. Davis made losses
well nigh all over the state. One sen
ator was gained to the Republicans in
Warren, and a representative in Bar
rington. Newport's delegation is al
most solidly Democratic.
so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarantee it J. C. Dement
Up Soie Large
A $'20,000 PUItSE TOR FOILS' X.
Special by Tho California As3ocivted Pbess-AhKN-EAroLis,
April 3. The flour
output improved slightly last week,
the average daily manufacture being
22,900 barrels; the aggregate produc
tion, 137,450 barrels; against 133,720
barrels the week before and 90,870
barrels for the corresponding time in
1SS9. The mills so far have not suf
fered any special inconvenience from
the coopers' strike. Most of the firms
have conceded to the demands of the
men and for a while at least will pay
33 cents for barrels, instead of 32 and
33 cents as for some time past
The inactivity of the flour market
is the same. There is very little de
mand except for small lots, for prompt
shipment, and the current output will
be reduced at it is exceeding tho cur
rent sales. Prices are rather easy
and have a downward tendency. The
lease of the present operators of the
C. C. Washburn Mill company, is con
tinuous, and unless the firm is notified
to tho contrary by July 1, will remain
in force for another year.
The Pillsbury-Washburn company
desires to lease this property, and i3
in competition with the present lessees
for its futnro control. The directors
prefer to sell rather than lease, but
have refused to dispose of the plant
on a basis of 2o per cent. cash.
Twenty Thoaand Dollars for a FIchf.
Special to The Astoki x.j
New York, April 3. At a meeting
of tho Puritan Athletic club, of Long
Island City, the committee were in
structed to offer a purse of $20,000 for
a battle between John L. buliivanand
Peter Jackson, the purse to be depos
ited with Richard iv. Fox, the contest
to take place within three months
after signing the articles. The club
also will give a purse of $5,000 for Joe
McAnliffe and John L. Sullivan to
contend for.
In regarnd to the Sullivan matter,
it is certain that the champion will
agree to meet Jackson, but may not
bo ready to do so now. There seems
to be no prospect of a go between
John L. and Corbett, a3 the latter
wants to return to California in a few
Eastern Sports Surprised.
Special to The Astokian.
Hot Springs, Ark., April 3. Mike
Cleary was knocked out in the first
round to-night by Ed Smith the Den
ver champion. The result wa3 a com
plete snrprise to the eastern siwrts
Tricks of Snindlers.
Special to The AsroitiAN.
Locktort, N. Y., April 3. Swin
dlers have been working in the west,
claiming to have Lockport as their
headquarters. Cashier Arnold, of the
Merchants' bank here, received dis
patches from Kansas and Spokane
Falls asking if a firm named Wm. H.
Bradley & Co., who had drawn on
the Fourth National bank, of Hew
York for amounts of S400 and $1,200
respectively, were safe and responsible.
No such firm has existed here, and
from the tone of the dispatches it is
evident that western people are being
badly swindled, and quite exten
sively too.
The Alaska Commercial Company
Not Abandon Alaska.
San Fjuncisco, April 1. Louis
Schloss, of tho Alaska Commercial
company, who returned last night
from a trip east, said to-day: "A large
number of people erroneously suppose
that the loss of the sealing lease means
to its an absolute retirement from all
our interests in Alaska There could
be no greater mistake. Our trading
posts and many other interests
are in no wise affected by the
success of the Tevis-Liebs syndicate
in securing the lease. Furthermore,
the firm of Hutchison, Kohl, Philips
& Co. still retains the Russian lease,
and will hold it nearly twenty years
more, and some of those who are in
terested in the Alaska company are
members of that firm. Some of us
are also heavy stock holders in salmon
canneries in Alaska, and altogether
there is plenty to do for us as well as
for others. A movement is on foot
among salmon canners, and agents to
come to some understanding where
by the production of the com
ing season will not be as large as it
was last year. Most careful estimates
show that there is still a stock rang
ing from 200,000 to 250,000 cases of
1889 salmon in the hands of producers.
Prices have not the firm tendency
which agents would like to observe,
nor is there any immediate prospect
of the disposal of the carry-over stock.
Packers are now on the threshold of
a new season, and naturally some of
them are debating what shall be done
to prevent a recurrence of the over
production. The best authorities
agree that a pack ranging
from 1,250,000 to 1,300,000 cases this
year will be ample for all purposes,
and a few of tho canners are thinking
of limiting things, so that more than
this quantity may not be put up. As
far as possible, cauning of white sal
mon will also be prevented. They
are a3 good as red, but consumers
cannot be said to be used to them,
and those that have been sold have
acted to the detriment of the market
for red fish."
able by that terrible cough. Sliiloh's
Cure is the remedy for you.
.1. u
A Remedy ia Kidney Affection.
"My kidneys were so affected I have
been compelled to get up as much as ten
times in one night 1 had pains in my
side, back and left shoulder, and when
down could hardly rise. I was unable
to bend my body without great pain. 1
tried Simmons Liver Regulator and my
condition has improved so much that I
hardly ever feel any of my old trouble.
"W. Johnson, Express. Agent, Macon,
Great Stride of Granite Qtiarry-
men At Roslyn
Special by Tho California Associated Prsss.
Helena, Mont, April 3. The city
was thrown into a state of excitement
this morning by the news of a murder
which lacks little of being as atrocious
and horrible as the reported deeds of
Jack the Ripper. At 5 o'clock this
morning two men entered the house
of Julia Dowd or Julia Gifford and
found the nudo body of a woman lying
in tne reception room witn a dozen
cuts on her head and body, each of
which would have been sufficient to
have caused her death. A trail
of blood led from the bed
room to the spot where
the body was lying and a pool of
blood covering half of the bed was
found and signs which indicated that
a desperate struggle had taken place.
In the new fall of snow tracks were
seen leading to a den on Bridge street
A pair of Chinese shoes half filled
with blood were found beside the bed.
In half an hour a dozen Chinamen
were lodged in jail and an investiga
tion commenced. Thero are fears to
night a mob may take the China
men and lynch them. The crime is
the most atrocious in the history of
the city.
A 3Iixed Ticket hlectod in Santa Rosa.
peiilto The vtokhn1
Santa Rosa, April 3. Tho official
count of the city election was com
pleted to-day, aud the following were
elected: Mayor, T. J. Brook (Dem.);
councihnen, F. Berka (Rep.), E. E.
Morrow (Rep ), J. P. Overton (Dem.),
J. C. Lailer (Rep.); city recorder, W.
N. Seawell (Dem.); treasurer, E. F.
Woodward (Rep.); street commis
sioners, J. W. Swank (Dem.), J. C.
Sims (Dem.); clerk, G. L. Jordan
(Dem.); marshal, I. B. Charles (Dem.);
assessor, J. H. Boswell (Rep.).
Singular Accident to a Hotel In Seattle.
Seattle, April 3. About 1 o'clock
this morning the guests at the Los
Angeles house on Washington street,
were awakened by the breaking of
walls, falling of plaster and frightened
shouts. Those who had retired rushed
from their rooms, with just what
clothes they could lay their hands on,
and fled to the street On investiga
tion, it was found that there was an
approach to a disastrous calamity, as
the appearance of the building indi
cated that the foundation under its
center, hail given away. All the rooms
of the lousnmr liouso were more or
less knocked out of shape, the plaster
was cracked and had fallen off, and
the doors had so settled down that in
some cases, the frightened occupants
of the rooms could not get egress, un
til they had received assistance from
the hook and lailuer company.
Tho house contained about thirty
five rooms, all of which were occupied.
The ground floor was occupied by
Rosenthral's Gent's furnishing store,
aud the Budweiser saloon, owned by
Roal ic Powers. Both places were
badly wrecked. Tho building be
longed to Kline & Rosenberg. It was
a three story affair and erected shortly
after the fire. It was built in the
sand, at a cost of S23,000 and had
beem deemed unsafe, owing to its
loose construction. It is probably a
total loss.
Immense (train Crops Predicted. to Tuk Astokian.1
Fhesno, Cat, April 3. A prominent
warehouse man stated to-day that the
grain output of Fresno county wonld
be double this year that of any former
sea&ou. This "he attributes to two
causes fine crop prospects and
greatly iucrcased acreage.
Charged IVith JIurder.
Special to Tin: AroniA.v.
San Francisco, April 3. A cor
oner's jury in the case of Philip Mar
tin, who was stabbad in his saloon,
early on Monday morning, returned a
verdict to day, charging Martin Che
bnkarwith murder. The latter de
nies his guilt, but strong circum
stantial evidence was given by two
messenger boys.
Ilea hot" a United Mates Ofll lal
Sp-ci.nto PlIK A-iTOUIAV
The Damves, April 3. Hon. T.W.
Slusher, receiver of the land office at
this city, died .it noon to-d.iy, aged 43.
ne served dnring the war in the Un
ion array, enlisting at the ago of 13.
Slusher wa3 appointed by President
Cleveland in lSdO. I'njln California Water Wo ks.
Special to I'm: -vtoi:ia J
FitESNo. April 3. The amount paid
by the Municipal Investment com
pany vesterdav for the Fresno water
works was 3200,000. The Illinois
Trust aud Savings Bank, holds S500,
000 in bonds. Of this sum $200,000
was used in the purchase of the
plant, aud the remaining $300.
00'J will be for further develop
ments. The company owns water
works in thirty - six cities
in tho United States, this being their
third investment on this coast They
have $600,000 in the San Diego Flume
company and $500,000 in the Turlock
Irrigation company. The main office
of the company is in London, Eng.
U. P. Terminal Secured by Seattle.
Special to The Astokian.!
SEATTiiE, April 3. The matter of
arranging for tho terminals of the
Union Pacific railroad was settled this
afternoon. By the arrangements
agreed upon the roadgs to receive
thirty acres of land in the southern
portion of the city, and deeds for this
land have already been procured. Mr.
Holcomb, of the Union Pacific, is in
the city, and states that the company
will begin building operations within
thirty days from tho signing of the
deeds. The road, he says, will be
completed to the city and be in opera
tion by December 1, 1894. The prop
osition to form a terminal company in
this city will doubtless be abandoned
until the proposed roads are hero and
in operation.
A Solid XoTeaeat Aaeag the Gnalta.
Special to The astokianj
Rockle', CaL. April a On TaetxUy
the Quarrymen s union, which com
prises, with few exceptions, all the
men engaged in quarrying granite in
the towns of Lincoln, Penryn, Loomig
and Rocklin, gave notice to the differ
ent quarries that unless their demand
for nine hours work and the
wages they had been getting for ten
hours' work were acceded to a general
strike would be ordered. This was,
with one exception, refused, and the
men have quit work. About 500 men
are thus thrown out of employment.
The community are in sympathy
with the strikers, and there is no
doubt but what they will succeed.
Thomas Quinn gave bis men nine
hours Tuesday, and to-day Sam Kinta
also gave in. All but one of the
quarries in Lincoln have given the
men their demands, and it is reported
in town to-night, that several of the
largest quarries here are about to
come in line.
At a meeting of the Stone Cutters
union, held Tuesday night, it was de
cided to uphold the quarrymen, and
auer using up wnat rocs tnat naa
been quarried, to cut no more rock
quarnea oy soaos. as tne atone mat
ters' union is one of the most powerful
in the country, it is almost impossible
for the bosses to stand off the quarry
men very long. The strike if being
conducted in a quiet and orderly way
Enthusiastic meetings are being
held daily in Lombard's hall, where
speeches are made by members whose
oratorical powers would shame a
great many of our state officers.
Died Froa His Woirndf.
Special to The Astorian.j
Spokane FatjTjS, April 3. John
Seybold, who was stabbed by one
Pritchett, in a quarrel over a dog last
week, at a saw mill a few miles north
of Spokane, died this morning from
the effects of his wounds. The
murderer is still hiding, but will prob
ably be captured to-night
Special to The Astoria n.1
San Diego, April 3. M. B. Alex
ander committed suicide to-day at the
Commercial hotel in this city by tak
ing a dose of strychnine. On a table
by his side the bottle of poison was
found and a sheet of note paper on
which was considerable scribbling
showing that he was drunk when it
was written. The note was adressed
to Lieut W. S. Alexanner, Fortress
Monroe, Ya., who is a brother of the
deceased, and gave directions for dis
position of his remains.
Fallare ofaFaralUre Heue.
Special to This Astokian.
Spokane FAiiiiS, Aprils. Jackson
& Co., furniture dealers, were closed
by the sheriff to-day on a
judgment for $9,263 rendered
in favor of J. F. Sohlingman.
Attachments were issued to creditors
including the Portland Merchant's
Protective association, whose claim
amounts to $3,833. The estimated
liabilities are $B0,000. Jackson thinks
he can satisfy all the creditors.
Special by tho California Associated Pskss
Bermn, April 3. The Vossiicne
Zeitung says: At a farewell inter
view between the emperor and Bis
marck, the latter declined the duke
dom of Lauenberg, declaring his de
sire to live in history nnder the family
name he had made historical. The
emperor insisted upon the honor as
irrevocable, whereupon it was agreed
that the prince need not personally
bear the title of duke.
Don Pedro III.
Special to The Astokian.
Cannes, France, April 3. Dom Pe
dro is ill, but Dr. Charcot thinks his
case is not serious. Dr. Charcot is
the great French specialist for mental
FoKltlre Froa Justice CaHght la Xexleo.
Special to The Astorun.
Paris, April 3. The police claim to
have knowledge that Eyraud, the
strangler, has been arrested at Paso
Del Norte, Mexico.
A Swiss Officer aa Eabeziltr
Special to The Astokia
Bebne, Switz., April 3. The state
treasurer of Ticino has been arrested
on the charge of embezzling one mil
lion francs.
1 Singular Epidemic In ilaagary.
Special to The Astokian.
Presburg, Hungary, April 3. An
epidemic affecting the eyelids has
caused the disbandment of the regi
ment of pioneers. Only forty out of
570 men escaped and many became
Serrla and Balararia Are Oit.
Special to The Astokian.1
London, April 3. The Vienna cor
respondent of the Times declares that
the diplomatic relations between Ser
via and Bulgaria have already been
After midnight officer Larsen ar
rested David Roaten, who struck a
man over the head with a cane, and
was charged with assault and battery.
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When she had Childrea, she care theat Castaria
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