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'J- "
THE O. R. & N. DOCK,
Beautifully Situated.
Prices Low and Terms Reasonable.
Astoria Will Become a Free Postal
Delivery City,
- IU'AI.1.11 IN - -
Tobaccos, : and : Cigarettes !
: kj'.st ricaxiis Aif.s:.
Oj ..mV Ikihii IJoiiland .Shoe Stole.
'I'lL'toiiiiiiMtooi tlx' i .i:m.' Min:ih:ilr U:i Kailioail. THh GliKAT-
ssbVSuiiiiitKLoi.i u nn::soi;TiiwiT coast i.,7 at tn iii
(iftliflUavtilirii y.iUi. miIv tv.i-he mile limn the hai. 1 lit' wmi-im
-rtimly -ii nml ( mi i -i.ti Mi li.j !h ! l'..Hn :mtv. Now laid out Lob
..n :lii;uaik'! fioni -."X'. ,i:..l jm:u:
i ot full inri!!ii.'i'i u. iU on oi niMn-
Special by The California Associated Press.
Washisgtox, April L The sab
committee of the house judiciary com
mittee has been at -work for sometime
on a measure that is proposed to re
lieve the supreme court of the United
States, of a large amount of work,
with which it has beeu constantly
overwhelmed. A large number of
bills for this purpose have been in
troduced and these have been con
sidered and a rough draft of measures
has been practically agreed upon.
Both the house and the senate
committee have gone over the sub
ject to a considerable extent and it is
thought that the bill reported by the
house committee will meet with no
opposition. The bill which is already
roughly dratted, proposes to increase
the circuit courts by the addition of
one judge in each court The dis
trict courts alone are to have
original jurisdiction and appeals are
to be made from the circuit to the su
premo court in cases involving at least
S10.000. involvinc legal questions, con
stitutional or treaty questions, or legal
questions of sufficient importance to
require final decision by the supreme
court, and in patent and copyright
cases in equity. This is in addition to
the usual constitution and admiralty
questions, in which the supremo court
of the United States now has original
Saddles and Harness
old St Ml. W'
1 M.iJ.c :i of,
iMilv.iik :.i ri xm.mlci' ai2-tAtioii. At tin
.iV 0!:i Stuel, Xiar "Wilson & Fisher:..
E?iVKB3SE&'MMtfelFii&'a Ka2a5
.Hv.ibcmBr.&arf7?vCTjOH:i iinn-.
Wfj -t Tilt ii srcSU fe-
n wjM&&&xr ; '
BliEBifiF' E-
t i n !...
l:nn I r.nfnn v i nnnTtlriTi
i&llJMiO. ?m d MlJGIuuil.
Sui'vcvor.s iuu Architects.
Orru-i:, Rohm i, Ki..vvi:i.'s 15i.i
(). iiuxsi.: ArvroniA.OK.
Graphic Pen
Picture or
the Flooded
Offers to Establish Terminal Ii
pyeinents in Seattle.
Memphis, April 1. The govern
ment steamer Titian is at work in
the relief of the devasted districts.
down the Mississippi The actual
suffering, want and distress, which i Special by California associxted Pkess.
confronts hapless water bound natives ' Amuquerque. X. M., April 1.
is appalling. The havoc of the fari- The weather .has been very cold, with
ous waters is almost complete devas-' n cold uorlh wind bio wing all dav. The
tation, annihilation and starvation ex- ... ,, - ... n:, nit
pressed the situation. .election was for citj ofheers, rtonlt-
The demand for assistance and for ing as follows, giving majerities: may
succor is imperative, and every honr J or, Mike Gaudell, Democrat, 10; city
it is withheld, adds intensely to the recoraCr, Hen rv Lockheart, Democrat,
horrors which the brave people have i ',.,,. " -vv o ct.
fnpo ,n,i nm liitmirclnvb.ittlin';'11; Ircasnrer, W. S. Stnckler,
against The whole country is cov
ered with water from eight to twenty
feet deep, rushing relentlessly to the
sea carrying away life and properly,
whirling and crashing through the
mad torrent.
The steamer carried four barges.
capable of holding 100 head of stocu
Considerable Democratic Gains In
Several Elections,
Republican, -IS; Farr, Republican, 25;
trustees. Joseph Atkinson and John
A. Lee, Demecrats: Calvin "Whiting jtbem ai
and O. V. Strong, Republicans. The , -n mnnv
:: .. : p-.ftiwi . n. r I . """.
bonds to put in a sewerage system,
was carried by a vote or ten to one.
The present administration is Republi-
Astorla Will HTe Free Loiter Delirerj
Spceia! to Tub vstoki an 1
"Waskeigto.v. April L The house
committee on post offices and post
roads has agreed to report favorably
the bill to extend the free delivery sys
tem to cities of 5,000 inhabitants, or in
which the gross postage revenues is
S10.000 per vear. It is said this will
embrace about 290 more cities, and
will increase the cost of postal delivery
about SG5.000.
and any amount oi bierage: no i i can with the exception of two coun
iiais ior lemiuB li "" ""r cilnien.
substantial skiffs on which to send out
into the country relier stores. The
boat also carried a supply of provis-1 Death or the Wonaiictt 3ian.
ions, consisting of crackers, biscuits Special to Tiik asto::iax.j
and corn beef. . . , San Fk.vxcisco, April 1. Philip
All along down the Mississippi Bide lrtin, the saloonkeeper who was
whero the levee could be seen by the stabbed esterdav, died to-dav. Mar
aid of glasses, it was holding it own . tiu Chobnker was arrested" for the
against a heavy pressure, with cri;nP an,i charged with murder, al-
rrom a tool to o iuui. u: tlmr.jrii lie declares ins innocence.
good broad seeded ground to spare,
and here and there could be seen
where the costly barrier had bean
sloughed off. At Anderson's landing
the levee is strong and can apparently
withstand two feet more of water.
Proposed Regulation for I.acer Beer.
Special to Tin: A.sroniAX.l
Washington, April 1. In the sen
ate to-day, Stewart introduced a bill
regulating the manufacture, sale and
importation of lager beer. All beer
containing anything except hops,
malt and water, is designated as adul
terated beer. The bill imposes a tax
upon brewers and dealers of adulter
ated lager beer, with heavy penalties
for failure to take out n license. It is
also provided that all packages con
taining such beverage shall be
branded, "adulterated," and that all
adulterated beer shall pay the duty
on lager beer.
mo onir medicine- winch doPtroTf
jra"" of Catarrh, Rheumatism, I'cmalo
wompbuntt. Consumption (if not too fnr
?un Dystopin, Mnlnrial find nil Blood
latla Diseases. It is a safo nml nnsitivo
rare fcr LOSS of Manhood and (ion
vrbcia. Is pleasant to driak. Givoita trial
Priec. 75 canta and $1.25.
Spokane rallf, Waeli.
J. C Dement, Solo Agem. As'oria
Jackson St. Improvement Notice.
Sotick i hereby gibn that the coin
iiHin council of the city or Astoria pio
Tkisu to order the iniproeineiu r.f that
Itortinn of ,TacK.oii s'kcI in the city of
Astoria. Clato count, Oicgon. a laid
tmt and recorded ly John 3IcClure,
from the north sideol iiu'!noiue street
to the -south .side of Water sit eel, so
called, by grading and filling the same
lo Us established grade .i:.d to the full
width of thesMeei, and hv planning the
same with ne and sound lir plank
tiina inch- s n ihickne ;o :i width of
thirty-four, lev I through ' the ntei
Uwrcof, auji bini.ii sjdew.iKvs n
b.T'Ihlsidcbt'M k ol.
-wnd "unless a n niii)-tnc'.Miu.l hj
th -owners of ti-tliird'r hie iopeity
fronting n s.iid ptit hji f said sjjtMt.
Iw tile i with the an.liti.r and police
judge within ten dajs of the final puh'i
cationof this notice, to-'Mt: on or -fore
Tuesday. April '2 , Ismo. the opi
nion otuinci will eld: aH ii.Jjiie'.e
men; to he made.
Uv order of the comur'ii euncil.
'Attest: T. S. .1 KWT.xr.
Auditoi and Police. I inlsie.
Asttain, or . Maieh JS, ifo.
S.-AK-NOT& KKi-:-!ill-'
Civil Engineer and
DUArmmxc : axd : .maimmng
I. (). Uov fj.
t (:nee Willi .1. ii. in:uiscii,iievi w. u.
. lelcgraiihOfllcc.
Asloriu, Or.
The Pioneer Machine Shop
if .-v
j w Ck V r"m&&&mI Jr$
8o.tar Shop 0B&gpr-'
.iSi cr;is -C. 3 r? s &. -.
J. B. Wyatt,
Hardware and Ship Chandlery,
Pure Oil, Urhdit Varnish. Ihnacle OH,
GIlon Canvas, Ileiup Sail Twine,
1-inl Oil. Wrouplit Iron Spike-,
C:ilvani7ed Cut Nails.
Agricullr.ral Iniplcnienls, Sewing
Machines, I'uints, Oils,
G-rooo-Llos, 33to.
Mel 15 Founds.
"Ilmvolicona preat sufferer from
Torjilil I.icr and Dyspepsia. Every
1 JiiuR J ntc disagreed with me until I
began taking
lulls Pills
To Prohibit Cklaeic Immigration.
Sjeclat toTHK A.stouiajc.1
WAsmxaTox, April L At a meeting
of the senate committee on the census
to-day, the house bill providing for
f urnishing certificates to Chinese resi
dents on the 1st of June, 1890, by the
enumerators of the census, with a
view of prohibiting further immigra
tion of Chinese to the United btates,
was ammeuded. In its present shape
the bill is wholly unacceptable to the
Pacific coast delegation, as it leaves
many loop holes for the fraudulent
entry of Chinese.
P. Webb committed suicide at his
Chicago Plnratiers Want 3!orc Vny. J lodgings today by shooting himself
Social toTiiKAsToniAX.l with a revolver. The cause was de-
CrncAGo, April l.-Nearly 1,000 .spondeucy, due to poverty. lie was
plumbers employed throughout the ; wi-Rle and -0 .years of ago.
city went on a strike this morning for i
increase Of wages. ;UnI.ia Pacific Propria? to Tnicr Sratllr.
I Special to Tun ASToniAy.J
.New Jerser ItrlcVmacoas on .-. Strllc ' Sn.VTTLE, April 1. Vice
Special to Tiik Ast i::an.
Er.izxBETir, N. T., April J. Fifteen
hundred masons and bricklayers
struck this morning for S3..")'.) per day , s:,onl
nn.i ,,; i,n,,H . right
Special by California associated Press
Memphis, April, 1. At Greenville
below hero is great destitution as well
as at Laconia Circle, some distance
this side.
For several days, the negroes who
live in the bend between Pleasant's
and Mound's landings, have been
camping on the level with
what little stock and supplies they had
saved from the water. All night, the
bention ram came down upon
and as tuey are
instance, even withont
tents to protect them, they must have
.suffered greatly. They are appealing
to every passenger boat for help, vjov-
eminent boats are rendering all the
assistance possible, but there are only
two of them there, and they can't
relieve all of the distress that exists
What is needed is a relief boat to
take people and what little they have
succeeded in saving, to a place of
safety. The loss sustnined by the
people in Mississippi cannot be easily
Steamboat men say it will be fully
a week before the crevasse 4? miles
below Memphis, can effect Talla
hatchee or Yazoo rivers, and that
planters will be able to save ther
- stock with little trouble or
Satciilc m ban rr.-incic J having had timely warning, vics
i ! i . i m .: l-sroKiAX.I iuurg and vicinity is full of stogk
Sax Fjuxcisco, April 1. Dr. James i from the overflowed regions. J
Telezraph "Wires to Be Removed
Special to Tiik astokia.J
1. The board of
When arrested, damaging testimony,
however, existed against him.
The General Effect Is Bad For All.
Special to The astokiax.J
Boston, April 1. To-dav was set
for the inauguration of the nine hours
system of labor bodies, but the success
met with was not as encouraging as
anucipaieo. iui over JNew aigjand
the movements were made and had
been looked forward to with
such dread by manufacturers
and contractors, that they
successfully temporized with their
employees to postpone final action un
til May 1st. This brought dissention
in the labor ranks and prevented the
movement from being unanimous.
Most of the organizations made a
stand, however,and numerous strikes
are the result.
In Boston, most of the trades put
the demand off for a month, but the
journeymen, lathers, plasterers and a
large number of carpenters struck out
and. were promptly discharged, the
result being almost total cessation on
building. Besides nine hours, the
laborers want fifty cents per day
In Haverhill the carpenters will hold
off until May, but all the painters
struck for more pay also.
In Providence 2,000 carpenters and
painters are out, and 500 at Portland;
200 at Lowell, and the same at Law
rence; 600 at Springfield, and in most
cases some demand for an increase of
pay is made with that for less hours.
-bmployers of all kinds are making
a 'Jetermined stand against this, claim-
mg extortion. Throughout Aew
ijuglanil "illy b,M) men have struck,
but double that number have deferred
actioc. The result has been already,
bittei recriminations among the vari
oua abqr assemblies, and leaders are
feasfnl that the lack of unanimity has
reixjved all chance of success.
Marriage ofConnt Herbert Bisurck
To a Princess.
Special by The California Associated Fum., April 1. A committee,
headed by President yon Levitzon, of
the reichstag, embracing all shades of
political opinion, issues an invitation
for a public subscription to build a
national monument at Berlin in honor
of Princ e Bismarck.
The Mississippi Still Uv.npanl
Saecial to Tint Astokia.w
New Orleans, April 1. The hitua- j
tion to-day along the front of the Ya- J
zoo district is desperate. The cre
vasses continue, and it looks as if the .
Holcomb, of the Union Pacific, sent
a communication to the chamber of
commerce to-day, to the effect that
should that boilv assure the road a
of way into the citv, and thirty
acres of land for terminal grounds,
he was confident his company would
build into the city, and have the road
running by Decemlicr, 1891.
Notes Fiimi r.IIeiJs')urs;li.
Special to Tin: Astokian.1
171 ., 1tTl. A ...41 1
greater part of the Yazoo delta will be nTT A"! Vnt?' VnS nd "of
w..... ........... .,...., rf... . -
"ooueu.. xuu water iroiuuiBurca, munw sentenced by Judge
lip me river is moving houuiaru nm- Grave3'to.llav to 1k hangC4l May 23rd.
id y and the country for many miles n ( , v , f d jfc
fotltler '
creases, except below the cit and g3 Sd ties have ar-
SfS "Tn?? ?i' rived here to be used in finishing the
Thelosse i as yd are not vv large Uniou racific roadbcd of the Ellens
except m stock. Many refugees i have , h & Northeastern railroad, and
come here from the Hooded district. J , ,. n. ...
The river is falling here and is now ,moro arcon tho A"a
lourteeu liiciics ueiow me nigncsi.
mark. It is lelieved that the Louisi-1
ana levees below Red rivor will hold.
CracAGo, April
trade directors to-day notified all the
telegraph companies to remove their
wires from the board of trade building.
Chicago, April 1. H. A. Tuttlc,
superintendent of the .North American
xeiegrapn company says: Tue or
der to remove all the instruments
from tho floor of the board of trade,
was a perfect surprise to the telegraph
companies, and we don't know much
about it To-day being a holiday,
but very few members are around
the board. What effect it will have
cannot bo told until late.
There may be some new develop
nients in tho morning. As it is, there
is not now an instrument of any com
pany on the floor of tho exchange.
As for the bucket shops, I see no way
of their getting any quotations, ex
cept by private messages filed at out
side offices.''
English Skoeraakers are Haviag a Strike
Special to The Astorian.1
London, April 1. The shoemakers'
strike is extending in all parts of
England. Over 30,000 men are out,
and there have been some cbsorderely
scenes, in Liverpool. The police
were forced to interfere with the pub
lic demonstrations in order to keep
peace among the workmen.
..J California Siaasuler Arrested in New
"( Yoik.
5p Uial to The Astoiu vn.
New York, April 1. Michael M.
Coloma, a cabin passenger on the
steamer La Hormamlie, has been ar
rested by tho custom house inspectors
for smuggling. He was a passenger
who was going to stop at the Victoria
hotel, preparatory to going to Cali
fornia. He told tho inspectors his
trunks were in bond. The man's man
ner awoko suspicion and the inspec
tors mado an examination of his per
son. In his boots they found five gold
watches, and strapped around his waist
was a leather belt containing over
SljOOO worth of diamonds. He was
brought before United States Commis
sioner Shields aud held for examina
tion under 3,000 bonds.
The Prince of Wales oa a Toar.
Special to The AstouiakJ
Pabis, April 1. The Prince of
Wales is here and goes to Cannes tomorrow.
Bismarck's Birthday Grandly Celebrate.
Special to The Astorian
Beblet, April 1. Bismarck at
Fredericksruhe received numerous
visitors, congratulating him on his
birthday and vast number of gifts
from all parts of Germany and some
from foreign lands, never before
known to be so numerous. There
were many scenes of enthusiasm as
well as congratulatory messages from
all the crowned heads of Europe.
Universal Suffrage ia Spai.
Special to r k Astoriajt.J
Madrid, April 1. The universal
suffrage law has passed the cortes.
More Money and Less Work Deaaaded.
Special to The Astorian.
Vienna, April 1. The masons and
other workmen in this city struck for
higher wages and fewer hours of labor.
Another Oregon Pennioner.
Special toTnKAsTOiiiAX.l
Washington, April 1. Pensions
granted for resident of Oregon; orig
inal; Byron F. Titcomb.
Uncle Sim' Financial Condition.
Special toTiiKAsroniAN.
Washington, April 1. Tho public
debt statement issued to-night, shows
a total net debt of S1,023,157,G72.
This Ula reduction of Sll,389,857;dur
ing the month of March. Treasurer
Huston's statement shows a surplus
exclusive of fractional coin, of $32
915, 812.
Another Hobber Comes to Grief.
Special to Tur. AsToniAN.J
New York, April 1. Peter J. Claus
sen, the bank wrecker, has been in
dicted by the federal grand jury. The
indictment is for the embezzlement of
SGS3.000 of the funds of the Sixth
Nntioual bank and for making false
Easter comes on April G.
Chicago has thirty-seven women
Tito average depth of the Mediter
'rancr.ii is 1,300 yards.
An electric street-car has made
twenty miles in an hour.
A clock at Boucn, France, runs four
teen years without winding.
The wealth of the United States is
estimated at 61,139,000,000.
Divorces can be obtained in four
. hours in Japan by paying S2 down.
Great araa;e and Los or Life in Kentucky In France there are 2,000,000 house
Speclal to Tin: Astokiax.1 holds in which there is not a child.
Argo, Ivy., April 1. News has just Senator Blair's speech in behalf of
been received from the lower part of his educational bill contained 373,000
this aud Allen comities, that the lor- ( words.
nado of Thursday did immense dam-' liU estimated that Louisiana has
age. Four miles beyond Barren nvcr spcnt about 830,000,000 on levees to
uuu llMi imiyii tiiu. emu, iuu wunu nrotCCt its lowlands.
A Hor Thief KHird an 1 laoluer f-ptrJ.
Special to Tin: AsrouiAX.
Yuma, Arizona, April 1. - Sheriff
Gray aud nosse from Phoenix, over
took two horse thieves at Carisa, San
Diego county, Saturday, killing one
and capturing the survivor, who was '
taken to Phojnix to-day. Gray had
been following the men for two weeks
and after a fight he recovered the
stolen animals.
I can now Ripest any kind of food,
never have a headache, and ha e gain
ed fifteen pounds in wcilit.
W. C. NCHULTZE, Columbia, S. C.
Office, 44 Murray St., Hew York.
Livery Stables.
Coiiv.-tances oi any kind, on short notice,
transferrin:; Bargagc, etc, a specialty.
Tolep'soiH' No, liL
om'Mrn A r
v - - m rw . a k l it
tr a Ft rj in im r. r. rf
iromptii .iitfiiilet! .
Aycclanyiflaiiof repairlu
City Express Transfer Company.
H. D. Thing and C. E. Miller,
Heatlquarterb at Main Street w liarf.
A General Express and Delivery Business
Your patronaRe Is solicited.
Coudition of Winter Wheat.
Special to Tiik A8ToaiA-.
Chicago, April L Tho Farmer1
Review gives the condition of winter
wheat as follews: Outside of Kansas
the condition of winter wheat is very
discouraging. In Illinois and Indiana
tho average for the state will fall as
low as Wisconsin. Six counties
only in Illinois estimate the present
condition of winter wheat 100
per cent; all other counties
report the damage to range from 10
to 60 per cent The same state of
affairs prevails in Indiana but several
reporting a good condition. The per
cent of damage is the same. Ohio
makes a better average, 15 counties
in that state reporting the condition
100 per cent or over. Other counties
report the damage to range from 10
to 40 per cent Kentucky
shows a falling off of 20 per cent;
Missouri, 66 per cent; Michigan and
Wisconsin, from 10 to 50 per cent.;
Kansas alone holds her own.
We summarize reports as follews:
Illinois, 7G per cent; Indiana, 76 per
cent; Ohio, 88; Missouri 84; Kentucky,
87; Kansas, 92, Wisconsin, 72 and
Michigan, 67.
swept everything before it, in a track
500 yards to half a mile in width and
did not leave a tree standing. Seven
teen lives are said to have been lost in
Allen county, and dwellings, barns,
timber and fences destroyed. The
monev loss is very heavy.
Property I Belnj; DmideJ 'y thn Flood.
Special to Tin: AsroiiiAX
St Louis, April 1. Terrible suffer
ing is being roportcd among the people
in the Laconia circle. The tract of
country between hero and Arkansas
City is" practically surrounded by the
Mississippi and" White rivers. The
waters ourcd over tho levees and
flooded the entiro peninsula to a depth
of eight feet Houses have been swept
There arc five New Yorks, nine Phil
adelphias and twelve Bostons in tho
1 United States.
i Indians hi Nova Scotia number 2,059;
in New Brunswick, 1.57-1. and in Prince
1 Edward island 311.
' The number of people who live in
i lioats about Canton is estimated to be
100,000. Some put it at 250,000.
Tho population of Tokio, Japan, in
cluding the suburb', is 1,029,820, of
whom all but 331.159 live in the city.
A nickel mine near Sudbnry, Can
ada, produced? more nickel than the
world's market calls for. The yield is
, -1,000 tons annually.
And the Bricklayers Aro Hsppj.
Special toTiiKASTORiAN.
New York, April 1. The bricklay
ers and their employers have compro
mised on the eight hours demand by
the bricklayers agreeing to work nine
hours per day. They will get 5 cents
an hour more, making wages &L05 a
The Painters also Wheel into Line.
Special to Tiik Astokiax.1
Gloucester, Mass.," April 1. Fifty
ship painters connected with the
marine railway, struck for an advance
of 5 cents per hour.
Better Kates for Massachusetts Carpenters.
Special to Tub Astouiax.j
WnmrAX, Mass., April 1. The car
penter's union this morning began
work on ten hours' pay for nine hours'
Iahor Situation Grow in? Worse in Chicago
Special teTni: astokiax.
Chicago, April 1. The labor situa
tion seems to go from bad to worse.
Besides the plumbers, who went out
to-day, the carpenters are becoming
more restless and a number struck
to-day. The cigar makers formally
declared a strike at Goldsmith Bros".'
factory to day, and the shoemakers aud
shirt makers have taken up tho matter
of eight hours work, and will strike
if their demands are not acceded to.
The Effects of tho Storm in Kentucky.
Special to Tiik Astoria..
LiTCUFiELp Ky., April 1. News of
the damage in the northwestern part
of this county and the southern part
of Breckenridge county has just
reached here. Many houses were
blown down and four persons are re
ported killed, while a number were
injured. Near Hartford, Ky., two
were lulled by the falling of houses.
The Australian Ballot System.
Special to The AstouiaxJ
Kansas City, April 1. -The first
election at Independence, Mo., under
the Australian system took place to
day. The Democrats carried by a
small majority except mayor Marshal
and one councilman. The election
passed off quietly without any particu
lar incident.
The 'City of Paris" wiU be Saved.
Special to The Astorian.
Queenstown, April 1. The hole
has been located in the bottom of the
City of Paris. It was caused by
broken machinery, and the water has
been pumped out.
The Coal Misers Are oa a Strike.
Special to Tne Astoriax.I
Bebun, April 1. The miners in
two coal pits at Dartmund have joined
the strike. Work is proceeding quietly
in the Essen district
A Canadian Parliament Member Ii Dead.
Special to The astorian.1 .
Ottawa, April L W. G. Perley, &
member of the dominion parliament, ia
awav and lots of stock drowned.
loss of life has yet been reported.
1 Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria
Bid Flood Nens from Iet;ih!,
Special to Tiik Astorian. . ,
Memphis, April 1. Information j
from down the river this morning is of i When Eaby was sick, wo gave her Castoria.
the most distressing character. Crc- jsVhea she iras a, Child, sho cried for Castoria,
vasses are constantly wiueuiuij ami
thousands of acres heretofore un
touched, are being submerged. Be
ports of loss of life aro coming in, as
well as of various casualties.
JVLen she becamo Hiss, ehe clung to Castoria,
iVhca she bad Children, she gave them Castorii
The Ability to Bear Tain
Is the test of fortitude anions the Indian
tribes. But we defy any CDerokee, Moux or
Comanche io endure the twinges of rhcuina- i
tlsm witheut wincing. These, Indeed, are
slight at first, but crow in intensity until
they become unbearab'e No malady is
more obstinate in its maturity than ilia' I
tthictmivesrlae to them. The mow need,
then, of atUickin It at thi- outset. Fore
most aniens: remedies Tor it U Hosteller's
Stomach Bitter, safer and infinitely more
ultectivc tii-in coicuicum. erairuiu aim ma
vomica, all remedies which mUhcp ow de
struens e of lUu in a slightly excessive dose.
Mineral depurcnts, also, hen not positive
ly mischievous, sire f jr inferior in remedial
Dower to tins salutary uotanic incuicine. it
entirely expels from the blood the acrid liu-
parities wmen onginaie me uise.we, aim
enriches as well as cleames It. Constipation,
liver complaint, dyspepsia and other ail
ments aiso gi e way to u.
Nebraska Towns 3IotIy Favor Lircnses.
Special to Tiik Astoriax.j
Omaha, April 1. Municipal elections
were held in a number of towns
throughout the state to-day. In
nearly every case, the principal issue
was the license question. Out of
twenty-seven towns heard from up to
1130 iM., twenty voted for license,
and four against, while in three of
them, candidates from both license
and anti-license tickets were elected.
A number of them which are wet
towns this year went dry at the pre
vious election.
Deiuoeratic Election G.iiac.
Special to The astoriax.J
Chicago, April 1. Complete
turns of the election show Democratic
gains, as they elected 25 aldermen,
Bepublicans 18, Independent 1. The
holdovera were evenly divided, thus
giving tho Democrats 37 aldermen in
the next council, Bepublicans 30, In
dependent 1. The present council i3
Bepublican. In towns, elections show
that the Democrats have carried north.
south and west by large Democratic
A Kemedy ia Kidney Affection.
My kidneys were so affected I have
been compelled to got up as much as ten
times in one night. I had pains in my
hide, back and left shoulder, and when
down could hardly rise. 1 was unable
to bend mv body Without great pain. 1
tried Simmons Liver Regulator and my
comlits.iii ha-- improved so much that I
hardly ever feel any of my old trouble."
W. .lolin-on, Express Agent, Macon,
Fate pursues the British 110 ton
guns relentlessly; one of them has just
been cent to the bottom the Thames
by the sinking of tho craft aboard of
which it was being transported to its
ship. The London T cws suggests
that they had better let it lie there
awhile; "the salt water mav strengthen
Couat Bismarck Married.
BEBiiix, April 1. Count Herbert
Bismarck is married to the princess
Deconsels, with whom his peculiar
relations caused Buch scandal in Ber
lin nine years ago, and brought about
her divorce.
There was no meeting of the board
of directors of the Astoria and South
Coast road last evening. The Smith
proposition is still in abeyance, and
will shortly be acted upon.
All tho patent medicines advertiseu
in this paper, together with the choicest
Eurfumery, and toilet articles etc can
e bought at the lowest prices at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
hotel, Astoria.
T11E KEV. GEO. 11. T11ATEB, of
Bourbon, lnd.. sajs: "Both myself and
wife owe our lives toShiloh's Consump
tion Cure will give immediate relief.
Price, 10 cts., 50 cts. and SI, at J. C. De
men t's.
The cost to England of the influ
enza epidemic is estimated at S10,000,
000, about one-half of this having
been paid by insurance compauies and
friendly societies and the remainder
representing the loss of wages and
disorganization of business.
I5iirIiiiiM Vrniea. Salve.
The Best mlvc in the world for
Cut-., Bruise-, botes, Ulcer-, Salt Rhe
um, Fever Sores, etter. Chapped
Hand-, t hilbhiins. Corns, and all Skin
Eruptions, and positively cures Piles,
or no pay requ red. It is guaranteed to
give pet tect satisfaction, or money re
fuuilt'il. rice 2.1 cents per box. For
sale bv .1. W onn.
Lumbago, Headache, Toothache,
Soro Throat, StvelllnRS, Frostbites,
Sprains, Bruises, Barns, Scalds.
HIE CHARLES A. V0GELER CO.. BaWaere' MA. fired the fatal shot
Suicided Because His Wife "Would Not
Special to The Astoria.
New York, April 1. Morris Marks,
a silk merchant, suicided by shooting
himself through the head with a re
volver. He was despondent, hav
ing been deserted by his
wife, and her repeated refusals
to retnrn had made him desperate,
early this evening, after undressing,
he put on a night robe on which he
pinned a white rose which had been
sent before by Ids wife, than lay down
on the bed in the back parlor, and
At a recent trial inFarmington, Me.,
a quick-witted reply was given by a
witness at the close of a tedious cross
queationing: '"Now tell how many
sheep yon ever saw under oath, now,
remember.' "I never saw a sheep
under oath," replied the witness,
which closed the cross-examination.
It is now announced that English
capitalists want to buy the world'a
fair. The list of belongings of; En
glish capital increases daily in this
country. The only thing we will
have left, if this thing keeps up, will
be Yankee Doodle.
WHY WILL YOU cough when Shi
loh's Cure will give immediate relief,
Pr'ce, 10 cs., j0 cts. and SI, at J. C. Dementis.
so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
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Absolutely Pur.
This powder never vanes, A marvel e(
urity, strength and wholeaomeness. More
economical than the ordinary kinds, and cam
not be sold in competition with the nialtl
tude of low test, short weight, alum or l&os-
B hate powders. Sold only in can. Koyai
aking PowdkrCo. 108 T'aU-sL. N. Y.
Lewis M. Johnson & Co., Agents, Feet
land. Oregon.
$125 AND $150 PER LOT
Call Early and Take Your Choice !
IBB & PABKER, General Ag'te, Astoria.
Astoria Beal Estate & Trust Co., Portland Ag'te.