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THE O. R. & N. DOCK,
Beautifully Situated.
: i Prices Low and
Kenney's Addition!
Beautifully situated on the banks of the Columbia, ad
joining proposed Public Park and near the
newlv discovered coal beds.
Only $:f per Lot for a tew days. Get in now and secure
tirat -class Lots.
Saddles and Harness
I makeawlaHvf j;oh1 woik and xttnr.uitcc satNfat-linn. At 1li '1I Si..i.d. Vs
Stili Olnpy StioH, Near WiKon & I-Vlier"'.
Irish Flax
RBRBRBBa5aVavraaa9?asBSBBaBj'raaBaaa tin
RasBSBSBS'pBSSaajiiiii aVaalaaaW$IRaaaBr"i
VaaaaaaaaaB9Jaar!4?sE:J i9Hi9SESESKa
The rci'lvtfil the
For FLAX Til HEADS at the
Xiondon Fisheries Eaehibition 1883.
Ami have been awarded II Id HER i'RIZES at the various
Than the goods of any other
thread liK-a.pjxyFwflk-aTXJEjaa
Quality Can Always "too Depended on.
517 and 519 Market Street. SAN FRANCISCO.
TING Constantly on Hand. SEINES, FOUNDS and
TRAPS Furnished to order at Lowest Factory Prices.
$125 AND $150 PER LOT
BOBB & PAKKER, General Ag'ts, Astoria.
Terms Reasonable.
Astoria, Or.
no inner.
Warning Seal Catebers From Poacb-
ing m Alasteiii Waters,
Special by California A ssociatf.d I'iikss
Washington, March 2-L Section
three of the act, entitled An act to
provide for the protection of the sal
mon fisheries of Alaska,' approved
March 2, 18S9, provides that section
15G of the revised statutes of the
United States is hereby declared to
include and apply to all the
dominion of the United States
in the waters of Behring
soa and it shall be the duty of the
president at a timely season in each
year, to issue a proclamation and cause
the same to be published for one
month, at least, in one newspaper, "if
any such there be," published at a
United States port of entry on the
Pacific coast, warning all persons
against euieriug such waters for the
provisions of said section and
he shall cause one or more vessels of
the United States to diligently cruise
said waters, to arrest all persons and
seize the vessels found to be or have
been engaged in any violation of the
laws of the United States therein.
Now, therefore, T, Benjamin Har
rison, president of the United
States, pursuant to the above re
cited statutes, do hereby warn
all persons against entering Behring
sea within the dominion of the
United States for the purpose of viola
ting the provisions of said section 930,
of the revised statutes, and I hereby
proclaim that all persons found to be,
or to have been engaged in any vio
lation of the laws of the United
States in said waters will
Ikj arrested and punished
as above prescribed, and that all ves
sels so employed, their tackle, apparel,
furniture and cargoes, will be seized
and forfeited. In testimony where
of I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the seal
or the United States to be affixed.
Done at the city or Washington this
fifteenth day of March, 1890, and or
the independence of the United State
the one hundred and fourteenth.
Benjamin IIarmson.
By the president
'.Tames G. Blaine,
Secretary or State.
The following provisions of the laws
of the United Slates are hereby
published for the information of all
concerned. Section 1,9."G of the revised
statutes, chapter 3, title 22, enacts
that no person shall kill any otter,
mink, martin, sable or fur seal, or
other fur bearing animal within the
limits of Alaska territory or in the
waters thereof, and every person
guilty thereof shall for each offense
be lined, not less than $200, nor more
than $1,000, or imprisoned not more
than six months or lioth, and all ves
sels, their tackle, apparel, furniture
and cargo, found engaged in the
violation of this section shall be
forfeited; but the secretary of the
treasury shall have the power to au
thorize the killing of any such mink,
marten, sable or other fur-bearing ani
mal, except fur seals, under such regu
lations as he may preserilM?, and it shall
be the duty of the secretary
to prevent the killing and taking
fur seals, and provide for the execu
tion of the provisions of this section
until otherwise provided by law, nor
shall he grant any special privileges
under this section.
Tariff Rill Rilus furefaily ont.Iiltrei!. j
SpuWal t. Tin: astokian j
Washington, March 2L The com
mittee on ways and means as a whole
will probably not get through with
the tariff bill before the latter part, or
the week. Tho Republican members
are still working on the bill and there
are several items yet over which there
is a good deal ot pulling and hauling
from the outside. They are giving
proper consideration to the various
petitions and protests that come to
their attention, which, of course,
involves much labor and takes
up time. They do not pro
pose to act hastily on any question
and when any good reasons for the
consideration of any matter, are given
they have passed "upon, the matter
is carefully weighed. They hope to
get the bill through lhe whole
committee and into the house by
about the first proximo. When the
measure finally gets to the house it is
not proposed to waste time in tho de
bate but to go as soon as ixssible into
consideration under the minute rule.
The Montana Contesting Senators.
Special to Tmc Astorian.
Washington, March 24.--In the
senate to-day the committee on elec
tions reported back the contested elec
tion case of senators from Montana,
with a recommendation that Saunders
and Powers be seated. A minority of
the committee reported that Clark and
Maginnis were entitled to seats. The
report will be considered on Thursday.
A Presidential Frounnciainento.
Special to Tub Astorian.
Washington, March 21. The presi
dent to-day issued his annual procla
mation, warning illegal seal fishers
out of Alaskan waters. The procla
mation does not differ Tram previous
Call Early and Take Your
! Argentiferous Legislation.
Special to The Astorian.1
"Washington, March 24. By a vote
1 5 to 1, the house committee on coin
age weights and measures to-day au
thorized chairman Conger to report
the Windom silver bill to the house
with a number of amendments.
Petitions Introduced.
Special to Tjik Astorian.
Washington, March 24. In the
senate to-day numerous petitions' were
introduced, including many protesting
against the ratification of the extra
dition treaty with Russia. litchell
presented a petition from citizens of
Oregon, protesting against the passage
of a railroad funding bill, while Fryc
presented numerous petitions of about
1,000 citizens or Idaho and Montana
favoring the passage of that same bill.
Trice or U Risin?.
Special 1 1 Tin: Asroin N.
New York, March 21. There was
a lively market in the wheat produce
exchange to-day. Reports that crops
are damaged in the west carried the
price of May wheat up toSS3j ccnte.
The Sterle Case.
Special to Tin: Astorian.
Chicago, March 2L -The testimony
in the Steele court-martial case was
concluded to-day. and the matler is
now in the hands or the court for de
cision. A Coniilirnt(i C-e iu Court.
Special tt Tub Astoki an
New York, March 21. -The sen
tence of sheriir Flack and son and
rereree Meeks, who -were round guilty
of conspiracy last Saturday in an in
famous divorce case, went over that
the court might consider the
case of contempt of court of
a reporter who concealed him
self in a jury room and
published what was said there. Both
matters will come tin Friday. Sheriff
Flack was tins afternoon served with
papers by a representative of Governor
Hill, notifying him to show causo why
he shouldnot be removed from office.
"till tar) Opinion on Merle's Case.
J-perial toTHK Astoiiian 1
Chicago, March 24. The general
opinion among military officers re
garding the result of Steele's court
martial is that the lieutenant will re
ceive a light sentence, probably sus
pension for six months.
l'ur'Ml of (leneral I'raol in Jlarjland.
Special to Til k Astokian.
Oakland, Md., March 21. The re
mains of General Crook arrived here
at 10 o'clock this morning. The pro
cession was formed and inarched to
the cemetery, where the .services at
tending the burial were carried out
according to the programme.
Cj clone in Oklahoma
Special IoTiik Astokian.
Guthrie, L T., March 21. -There
was a cyclone throughout Oklahoma
last night. A house was destroyed by
wind anil lire. Rube Johnson, wife
and child were killed and incinerated.
Fntul Roller I'xploiioa
Special to Tm: Astoki N.l
Cairo. 111., March 2L-AI Wick-
I liffe. Ky.. the boiler in Beadle's saw
mills exploded, killing three men mt
' right ami fright rnllv injuring three
No tmui? should he without it to ar
ret (Uxiriiers pnmplly. winch, if not
taken in m. son. often ilcu'lnp into se
nnits disease.. I lev. .Iami:- M.
l-.i-.tnr M. K. Church. S., Fairfield,
Va. writes: haw Simmons
Liver Ileiiul.iio fur many ye .rs, having
inaili'ii uiyonly fauiiiy medicine My
mother before me was very partial to
it. It i a safe, good and leliahle inedi
eine for any disiudi-r id the system
and I u.Ned in time i a gp at preventive
i. sickness.
IJurWleii.-. arnica Sntit.
i'HK iliisr in the world for
Cui, l!rui.-e, bnres, llrer.-. Salt Khe
ti in. Fever .-tir. s, letter. Chapped
ilatuN. t. liiihl.iiiiN, Corns, and all Skin
Eruptions, and positively cures Tiles,
or no pay requ red. It is guaranteed to
give perf'eet satisfaction, or money re
funded. riee2.i cents per box. For
s.iie bv .1. W. Conn.
Oil seems to wear out by long con-
I tinned use, and to lose to some ex
tent its lubricating qualities. It litis
leeii suggested as a reason for this
that the minute spherical globules of
which the oil is conceived to be made
up become flattened by the wear aud
pressure, and so do not slide and roll
over each other as easily as before.
We'll Snpiiose a Case.
You are nervous ami tlyspeii'ic. your ap
etltu tla-zs, j our Mainour's broken or dis
turbed by uneasy dreams, or you court the
sleepy koiI in vain. What shall you do? Try
an alcoholic excitant to .stimulate appclit,
deaden t lie nerves at bed time with :i nar
cotic? Neither f these Try Hotetter"s
stomach Hitters. It will, believe in, be more
th.inn trial. You will continue to use this
justly renowned neive invigoraiipaiul stom
achic. It i-t In the exigency supposed jus:
what is wanted. Itisalteartful tuitiiliu to
appetite and digestion, does not excite, but
quiets the brain and nerves, is an excellent
diuretic and a speedy reformer of a disor
dered condition of the liver and bowels. It
counteracts a tendency to rheumatism, nul
lifies the prostrating effects of overwork,
mitigates the iuilrmitios of age. aud hastens
convalescence, l'ersons exrosed to roiii-h
weather should use it as a ineventive, as
should also tired students and business men.
sweet brcatn secured by Shiloh's Ca
tarrh Remedy. Priee, 50 cents. Nasal
Injector free. .1. C. Dement.
More Developments Iu tie Ludlow
Street Jail Scandal.
j'JtouiniTiox -voir ix iowa.
Special by Tho California Associated Press.
Cincinnati, March 24. All the rail
roads except the Chesapeake & Ohio
and Kentucky Central have been com
pelled to abandon the Central Union
depots at Covington and Newport,
which are cut off from the city, so far
as street-car traffic is concerned.
Ferries are obliged to stop
because they cannot find landing
points. The casualty list began to be
made up yesterday when two men
and a boy were drowned back of
Covington by the capsizing
of a skiff. Newport suffers more than
the other suburbs by floods. Quite a
large district is already flooded and
the residents are compelled to vacate
their homes.
Half the railroads entering the city
are now under water. One hundred
business men on the river front suffer
great damage. The reports from the
river towns show great suffering and
losses, and a steady rise for 250 miles
above, and still raining.
The Prohibition (Jarstlon In lonra.
Spjci .1 ! Tub Avtorian.
Dss Moines, In., March 21. -The
first step in the movement for present
ing the prohibitory question was
taken to-day. Representative Head
introduced a joint resolution for the
resubmission of the prohibitory
amendment to the constitution.
It is similar to tho amend
ment which was adopted in
18S2, but afterward declared invalid
for some technical error in its passage
the legislature. This proposed amend
ment introduced to-day provided for
tho manufacture as will as sale of
liquor for certain proper purposes,
such as medicinal and mechanical.
The manufacture and sale as a bev
erage is prohibited. There is a strong
sentiment in favor of re-submission.
Many of the Republican leaders say
it is the only thing they can do.
More Kuteallty in Lndlovr Street Jail.
Special to Tub Astokian.
New York, March 21. Auother
sensation was occasioned to-day in the
Ludlow jail investigation by the tes
timony of auctioneer Tapping, who
conducts the sheriff's sales. Tapping
testified that he divided fees with
sheriff (now mayor) Graut, also with
sheriff Flack. He was aware that
the charges were not strictly legal.
Grant's winnings from this source
were one-hair of 33J per cent on
sales amounting to $1,337,505.
Sheriff Flack has received one
half of 2l per cent commission on
sales reaching 8530,939. Auctioneer
Tapping also added that ho was com
pelled by sheriff (now mayor) Grant
to take in Win. P. Kirke, who as
school trustee has since been indicted
as a silent partner, this appoint
ment being dictated bv Tammany
The New Torpedo Roat a Success. to Tin: Astoki n.1
New York. March 21. The torpedo
loat (Uishinifs speed was tested to
day. She averaged over 22 knots for
three successive hours.
Tin. Rdirinir Sea OMPtftnn
Special to Tub Astokian.!
Ottawa, March 21. Tupper, minis
ter of marine and fisheries, returned
to-day from Washington. He said
his misson had not been diplomatic;
he visited Washington to give Sir
.Tulius Pauncefate information which
the Canadian department possessed
with referenco to the Behring sea
mailer. That question done had
been considered during the last fort
night and negotiations were not yet
completed. The Atlantic fisheries
question had not been taken up.
A Lumber Firm Assigns.
Special to The Astorian.
Qdebec, March 24. Murphy & Co.,
lumber dealers, have assigned, with
liabilities at $220,000 and nominal
assets of S150,000.
The heat does not increase as we
rise above the earth nearer to the sun,
but decrejises rapidly until, beyond
the regions of the atmosphere, in void,
it is estimated that the cold is about
seventy degrees below zero. The
line of perpetual frost at the
Equator is 15,000 feet altitude; 13,000
feet between the tropics; and 9,000 to
4,000 between the latitudes of 40
aud 49'.
All the patent medicines advertiseu
in this paper, together with the choicest
perfumery, and toilet articles etc.. can
be bought at the lowest prices at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite Occident
hotel, Astoria.
WHY WILL YOU cough when Shi
loh's Cure will give immediate relief.
Price, 10 cis., T.0 cts. and Si, at J. C. De
ment's. At a depth ot 45 feet under ground,
the temperature of tho earth is uni
form throughout the year.
The latest style of Gents' Boots and
Shoes at P. J. Goodman's.
Coffee and cake, tn '.nts. at tho
Central Restaurant
Astoria Real Estate &
Railroad Commnflication Between Or
eEon ani California,
Special by California A3ociatd Pbess.
Redbands, Cat, March 24. A sen
sational tragedy occurred here early
this morning. The facts thus far
Earned aro that R D. O. Gresham,
connected with the Citragraph, a
weekly paper, was shot and killed by
P. C. McConkey, proprietor of the
Windsor, in the room of the lat ter and
that McConkey then committed
Only two reports of a gun were
heard, and nothing is known of what
passed between them, as both were
dead when found From letters found
on Gresham it is believed he was inti
mate with Mrs. McConkey. Both
stood high in society, and the affair
has created great excitement
Particulars or the Kedlaadi Traftdy.
Special to The Astorian.
San Bernardino, Cat, March 24.
The McConkey-Gresham tragedy at
Redlands, has assumed a very sensa
tional development, as usual, a woman
being nt the bottom of the affair, caus
ing the murder of a prominent citizen
and suicide of a despondent husband
McConkey, the murderer was badly de
pressed over money matters; his lease
of the Windsor hotel had almost ex
pired and ho had no hope of renewing
the same. Added to this his discov
ery of his wife's infidelity rendered
him almost frantic. Last night he
did not sleep, and coming down stairs
this morning with a loaded Winches
ter rifle, ho waited for Gresham. The
latter arrived about 7 o'clock
for breakfast and then started
towards Mrs. McConkey's study.
McConkey then stepped from behind
his desk and raising the gun fired,
killing Gresham. McConkey then
placed the rifle against his left breast
and leaning over pulled the trigger,
the bullet passing through his heart
and entering the ceiling above. Let
ters taken from the bodies of McCon
key and Gresham explained the oause
of tho tragedy.
Portlaad aad 'Frisco If ala Ceiaected.
Special to The Astobian.
San Francisco. March 24. The
Southern Pacific has announced that
the road between here and Portland,
which has been bloekaded by snow
and landslides lor more than two
months, is now open. The first train
left to-day for Portland, and the first
train from the north leaves Portland
Jokm ager'a Will.
Special to Tuk astorian.
San Francisco, March 24. The
will of tho late John Hager was filed
for probate this afternoon. He leaves
an estate valued at $30,000 to his
widow and two daughters, Alice and
earth Paclle Whallat- Fleet.
Special to Tuk Astobian.
San Francisco, March 24. The
whaling fleet in the north Pacific this
year will consist of forty-eight vessels
from this city and.abont half a dozen
from New Bedford, all but two from
this city.
Skecpatea aad Cattleatea at Tarlaace.
Special to The Astoiuax.
Helena, Mont, March 24. The
Crow Indian chiefs recently held a
meeting and decided to lease the graz
ing privileges of the reservation only
to certain owners, selecting about a
third of those heretofore granted
privileges. The cattlemen remain,
but the Indians declare that all sheep
must be removed at once. This dis
tinction and inexecrable attitude of
the Indians is creating a bitter feeling
between the sheepmen and cattlemen.
The former will make an effort to have
the matter reconsidered, and govern
ment assistance will be asked in win
ning the Indians to the basis where fa
vorswillbe distributed without dis
A Chili lecfieatlr Killed.
Special to Tub Astokian,
Salem, March 24. At the home of
E.J. McKillap, between Wheatland
and Lincoln, near Salem, last evening
jesse, nis iour yearoia son, Killed, nim
self by discharging a load of a self
cocking'revolver, in his breast Death
was instantaneous. The father was
milking in the barn, where the child
found the revolver. The mother is in
the hospital for the insane here. The
shock is terrible to the father.
Proatlaeat Cltisns Tara Bobbers.
Special to Tnx Astobian. j
Helena, Mont, March 24. The
sheriff left this evening for "Rmirtflrd.
Minn., with Paine and Searles, who
are charged with robbing the Northern
Pacific Express company at that point
last winter. Both men were promi
nent citizens of Brainerd and one of
them was an alderman.
lafprOTeateats la the Celaatbla.
Special to The Astokian.J
Vancouver, "Wash., March 24. Let
ters received here from Senator Wil
son show that he is actively pushing
the matter of appropriations for the
removal of the sand bar in the Colum
bia near Vancouver.
Choice !
Saffocated la a File of Bark.
Special to The Astorian.
Bentct Cal Mnroh 9J. T Pnmi,
an employe of Stewart & Cos tan
nery, wnne going into a pile of spent
tan-bark for drv hart fnr fnnl won
caved in on and suffocated. His age
was 50 years and he was a native of
Fire at The DaUes.
Special to The Astorian.
The Dalles, Ore., March 24. A
fire broke out at 230 o'clock this
morning damaging a building occu
pied as a restaurant and lodging
House by Win. Snyder. The loss is
$1,500 and the insurance is unknown.
The fire is supposed to be the work of
an incendiary. If the wind had been
blowing, the city would have been
Palonse City Flooded.
Special to The Astorian.
Spokane Falls, March 14. The
Palouse river is the highest ever
known. Part of Palouse City is under
water, including a portion of the busi
ness district The water is still rising.
and the people are greatly alarmed.
Ah Amy Ofleer's Promotion.
Special to TnE Astobian.1
Vancouner, Wash., March 24.
Lieutenant E. J. McKernard, of the
Second Cavalry, aid de camp on Gen
eral Gibbon's staff, to-day received
promotion to a captaincy. This re
lieves him from the staff, and the Sec
ond Cavalry being ordered to Arizona,
takes him out of the department
Lightning can be seen by reflection
at the distance of 200 miles.
During the conversion of ice into
water 140 of heat are absorbed.
Air is about eight hundred and fif
teen times lighter than water.
Water, when converted into steam,
raoreases in bulk l,oU0 tunes.
The greatest height a-which visible
cloulds ever exists does not exceed ten
Tho barometer falls one-tenth of an
inch every seventy-eight feet ot eleva
The explosive force of closely con
fined gunpowder is six and a half tons
to the square inch.
In summer time the season of ripen
ing moves northward at the rate of
about ten miles a day.
Strange as it may appear, a ball of a
ton weight and another of the same
material of an ounco weight, falling
from any height, will reach the ground
at tho same time.
The violence of the expansion of
water when freezing is sufficient to
cleave a globe of copper of such thick
ness as to require a force of 27,000
pounds, to produce the samo effect
The pressure of the atmosphere
upon every square foot of the earth
amounts to 2,160 ponuds. An ordin
ary sized man, supposing his surface
to bo fourteen square feet, sustains
the enormous pressure ot 30,240
Sound travels at the rate of 1,142
feet per second about thirteen miles
in a minute. So that if we hear a clap
of thunder halt a minute after the
flash, we may calculate that the dis
charge of electricity is six and a half
miles off.
The human ear is so extremely sen
sitive that it can hear a sound that
lasts only the twenty-four-thousandth
part of a second Deaf persons have
sometimes conversed together throngh
rods of wood held between their teeth,
or held to their throat or breast
In one second of time in one beat
of the pendulum of a clock light trav
els 200,000 miles. Were a cannon-ball
shot toward the sun, and were it to
maintain full speed, itwould be twenty
years in reaching it; and yet light
travels through this space in seven or
eight minutes.
The seedless raisin is produced by
simply arresting one of tho processes
of nature. When the grape is about
one-half ripe the end of the vino is
bent down and buried in the ground
This prevents the formation of seed
and the full development of the fruit,
but it ripens all the same and has a
delicious flavor.
Bourbon, lnd., says: "Both myself and
wife owe our lives to Shiloh's Consump
tion Cure will givo immediate relief.
Price. 10 cts.. 50 cts. and SI, at J. C. De
Suffered for Nourly 30 Years.
1S7 N. Chester St.. Baltimore, Md.
For nearly SO years I suffered with rheuma
tism in arm and bhouldcr; could not lift mi
arm. Less than two bottles of St. Jacobs Oil
cured me.
Of Many Years Standing.
Gadsden, Crockett Co., Tenn.
My case was rheumatism of many years
landing, contracted during the war; tried
most everything without relief. St. Jacobs
Oil finally curca me. FRED. BOGGE.
At Druggists and Dealers.
THE CHARLES A. V0GELER CO., Baltimore. Ill
Carpenters and Builders.
Holt & McCurtrie's old stand, have over 2C0
plates and drawings of all kinds and styles
oi aweiung-nouses, ranging irom $900 to
9i ,?uu. uau ana see mem.
Trust Co., Portland Ag'i
Danisli Minister of far fill Not
Employ Socialist forta.
Special by the California Associated Puss,
Paris, March 24. A deputation
from the chamber of commerce waited
upon the minister of foreign affairs to
day and formally protested against the
provisions of the McKrnley bill If
the measure passed, the American
state deputation said the French man
ufacturers would find it impossible to
export into the United States.
Bibot, in replying, said
he would consult the representatives
ot tne Jiiuropean powers affected
equally with France by the bflL He
believed their common nnHnTt wnnii
have more chance of success than if
France stood alone to protest A
number of representatives of the
chamber syndicate des nertinres vm-
missionaires also protested.
The ToHBg Enperor'a Telegraa.
Special to The Astorian.
Berlin, March 24. The Wei
marcJie Zeitung says the emperor
sent the following telegram to his in
timate friend on Saturday: "Many
thanks for your friendly letter. My
party is as sorrowful as if I had again
lost my grandfather, but it is so ap
pointed me, and has to be
borne, although I should
fall under the burden. The post of
officer of the watch, on the ship of
state has fallen to my lot Her course
remains the same, so now under full
steam we must go ahead.
Opposed to Socialist Workaiea.
Special to The Astorian.
Copenhagen, March 24. The min
ister of war has announced in the
Folkthing that socialist workmen
would not be employed in the state
workshops. This decision is based
upon the ground to sub
ject foreign influence. Count
Lidyeborg, a radical, offered a
motion expressing disapproval of the
course of the state in exerting pressure
upon the political opinions of work
men. The motion was adopted by a
vote of 61 to 69.
Imperial Appolatets.
Special to The Astorian.j
Berlin, March 24. Emperor Will
iam has appointed the Count of Eu
lenburg, the new governor of Hesse
Nassau, Prussian minister of the in
terior. Dr. Miguel, one of the lead
ers of the national liberal party, has
been appointed minister of finance.
Baron Heune is now minister ot agri
culture, and General Von Goltz min
ister of public works.
A LIrerpool Dock Strike.
Special to The astorian.
Liverpool, March 24. Dock labor
ers here again struck to-day. The
employes decline to negotiate. A
deadlock resulted and the position is
U. S. Railroad Boads la Eaglaad.
Special to The Astobian.
London, March 24. The stock ex
change has listed Northern Pacific and
Montana railway S5,631,000 first mort
gage 6-per cent gold bonds.
A New Member of the Reichstag.
Special to The Astobian .
Berlin, March 24. Mayer, a pro
gressist has been elected to the reich
stag for the first district ot Berlin.
Land Parchase Bill Deaoaaced.
Special to The Astoria n.1
London, March 24. Parnell char
acterizes the land purchase bill as a bu
reaucratic affair, unjust to Ireland,
and will oppose it strenuously. Dav
itt says it is an insidious proposal to
secure landlords 40 per cent more for
their land than they could get in open
Possible Iateraatioaal Treble.
Special to The Astoria. j
London, March 24. The Portugese
at Mozambique, by the Governor's
orders have boycotted a British
man-of-war, and refused to furnish
the ship with supplies.
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