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THE O. R. & N. DOCK,
1 Vices Low and
Kenney's Addition!
Iif.'tutifuUy situated on the banks of the Columbia, adjoining-
proposed Public Park and near the
newly discovered coal beds.
Only $:;" per Lot for a tew days. Wet in now and secure
first-class Lots.
Saddles and Harness
I make a ieci:tlty of ijootl wink ami jjii inmlee satisfaction. At the OKI Stand, WW
Side Olncy Street. Near Wilson & Fisher's.
Irish Flax
iiBiiiMtiiiiKH '"'- lHHktZEammmmmmmmmtSi1"
tillAXD PRIX PA IMS 1878.
They lei-elveil the
Ztondon Fisheries Exhibition 1883.
And have heen awarded IIIGI1EU l'lllZES at the various
Than the goods of any other
Quality Can Always b Depended on.
ExDeriencefl Fleiefte do flte
517 and 519 Market Street. SAN FRANCISCO.
TING Constantly on Hand. SEINES, FOUNDS and
TRAPS Furnished to order at Lowest Factory Prices.
$125 AND $150 PER LOT
EOBB & PARKER, General Ag'ts, Astoria.
Terms Reasonable.
Astoria, Or.
fctRtf fc?p
l (Bfc 1 4 -
l The Mali) Snflreie Conrt Decisions
I Sustained.
i Special 17 The California Assocutfo Phkss.
I "Washington, "March 17. In the
honse to-day McKeuua called up the
bills to amend the census act so as to
authorize and require the superintend
ent of the census to enumerate the
Chinese opulation and to give them
certificates. Morrow addressed the
house on the bill, explaining its pro
visions and reasons "why certificates
should be given. He showed how the
ScottChinese exclusion act was null and
void, and claimed that as many Chi
nese laborers come into the country
now as before the adoption of the
Scott law. Ho believed that if this
bill was passed, the coming of this
class could be checked, if not stopped.
If a Chinese Laborer could not show a
certificate, then he should be returned.
Clunie followed and urged the passage
of the bilL Ho said the Pacific coast
demanded the exclusion of all Chinese,
including merchants, and would only
allow members of the old Chinese le
gation to enter. Owens opposed the
bill. He thought the superintendent
of the census has quite enough to do
without having this additional labor
imposed on him. He favored the ex
clusion of the Chinese, but wanted it
done in another manner. McCreary,
of Kentucky, and Vandover, of Cali
fornia, followed in favor of the bill.
At the close of Vandever's speech the
bill was passed, with but few opposing
Legal Decision oa Idaho Legislature.
Special to Thf. Astohiax.
Washington, March 17. The su
premo court of the United States has
affirmed the judgments of the supreme
court of the territory of Idaho in the
cases of J. P. Clough, president of the
council of the 15th session of the leg
islature of Idaho, appellant, against
I. J. Curtis, secretary of the territory
and that of, H. J. Burnhart, speaker
of the house of representatives, appel
lant, against C. H. Reed, chief clerk
of the house of represen
tatives and I. J. Curti3
Secretary of the territory. The ap
pellants, alleged that they declared
their respective bodies adjourned at
midnight after a session lasting sixty
days; this being the limit to which
the legislative Bession might exist un
der the law of congress. They assert
that some members of each body re
mained behind and elected new pre
siding officers, and passed some seven
teen acts. By the present proceed
ings it is sought to obtain writs of
mandamus to compel the secretary
and chief clerk respectively to strike
from the laws of Idaho, the acts
passed after the first adjournment.
The Idaho supremo court denied
the application and this court affirms
these judgments. The court says it
is not of the functions of the court to
inquire into the records of a legislative
body and to determine whether the
body assuming to be the legislature
is legal or not A suit preventing this
question, it says, might arise in some
case growing out of an act passed by
the legislature.
Coinages of Silver.
Special to Thk astouiak.
Washington, March 17. At a meet
ing or tho house committee on coinage
and weights and measured, the Win
dom silver bill was again under dis
cussion. An amendment providing
for free coinage when the price of sil
ver reaches SI for :171 grains pure
silver was adopted; also an amend
ment striking out the section author
izing the becrctary of the treasury to
suspend, temporarily, the receipt of
silver bullion at any time when he is
satisfied that through speculative
manipulation the price of silver is fie
titious. As several members of the
committee were absent-from the meet
ing, what has been done to-day may
be amended at the next meeting.
Two Steam Launches Proposed.
Special to Theatokian.1
Washington, March 17. Squire in
troduced a bill in the senate appropri
ating S15.000 for nrvmiRifinn lw nr-
chase, or for the building of two small
steam launcuee ror use by tho collec
tor of the Puget sound district, in
connection with tho Chinese restric
tion act and tho customs servico on
the northwest coast
Coasnli for Forela-a Porta.
Special to The Astori an.
Washington, March 17. iTho fol
lowing has been nominated by the
Diesident as censnls: William T
Preston, of New York, nfc nntmnn.
James S. Kellogg, of Louisiana, at
atettin, Aitrea w. Street, of New
York, at Coaticook; Samuel B. Zeigler
of Iowa, at An la Chnnpllp. .Tnmio "R
Danforth, of Pennsylvania, at Yervies
anu j-ieige.
Sealkera Seaators Reilca Prom C'oi
Special to The Astouian.
Washington, March 17. Senators
Call, of Abihnmn. nun CianrtTn nf KTiaa-
issippi, havo withdrawn from the com-
juikuro uu uiiiiiiiauuu, ul wmeu sena
tor Chandler is the chairman, becanso
of tho lattera' attack on the south.
Call Early and Take Your
Sereral Bills by Seaator Mitchell.
Special to The Astoriax.
Washington, D. C, March 17. Sen
ator Mitchell introduced a bill for the
relief of W. G. Kiper, of Moscow,
Idaho. He also presented petitions
from citizens of Wasco county, Ore
gon, asking for laws prohibiting spec
ulation in farm products, adulteration
of food products and adulteration of
lard. He also presented a memorial
from the chamber of commerce of
Port Townsend, Wash., asking for an
appropriation to place the telegraph
line between Port Townsend and Ta
toosh Island, under the signal service.
It is claimed that the signal and
lighthouse service at Tatoosh is so im
portant to mariners that the entire
service should be controlled by the
The Union Pacific Wants More Time.
Special to The Astoriax.!
Washington, March 17. Charles
Francis Adams, president of the Union
Pacific road to-day addressed the
house committee on Pacific railroads.
He criticised the Frye bill which pro
vides for the payment of the debt in
50 years with 3 per cent, interest. He
said that judging by the late earnings
of the road the company would have
a hard time to meet these, however, if
the bill was passed and became a law
they would make overy effort to com
ply with it He would suggest, how
ever, that tho rate of iuterest be
changed to 2 per cent, and tho time
extended to GO years.
Senator Voorbees Is Right.
Special to The Astoriax.
Washington, March 17. Senator
Voorhees introduced a concurrent
resolution depicting tho great distress
among tho laboring and farming
classes of the country and urging that
congress lay aside mere political legis
lation aud consider this subject Ho
gave uotico that on Wednesday he
would address tho senate on the sub
ject Nominations Continued.
Special to The Astobiax.
Washington, March IT. While the
senate was in executive session this
afternoon, the following nominations
were cenfirmed: Andrew Davidson,
of New York, first deputy commis
sioner of pensions; John M. Lewis,
postmaster at East Portland, Or.
Drowned Man Identified.
Special to The astobiax.
Washington, March 17. Tho body
of the man discovered in the -Potomac
river yesterday, has been identified as
that of B. A. Jones, clerk to paymaster
Goodloe, of tho United States marine
corps, who defaulted in December
last with three thousand dollars of
government funds.
Monej to Sato the Lfvcts.
Special to The astokiax.J
Washington, March 17. Secretary
Proctor has authorized an expendi
ture of 20,009 to protect Morgan's
levee in Louisana on the Mississippi
Anntlicr Fc.lrral Flection Bill.
jK'-i tl oTiie AvioitiA .1
Wash inoton. Ma roh 17. -Mr. Kelly,
in the house to-day, introduced an
other federal election bill. The bill
is constructed on the general lines
of the senato bill on the same
subject, providing that in au election
of representatives to congress where
it is desired, a certain number of voters
in a district government may take
charge or such election and see that :i
fair vote is obtained.
AcNtant Si-rietiry of the Navy.
Special in The Avti:inJ
Washington, March 17. -Senator
Hale this afternoon introduced a bill
providing for tho appointment of au
assistant secretary or tho navy. The
bill is similar in its brief details to the
one which created the office of assist
ant tecretarv of war. The salarv is
fixed at S-LiOO.
Hon the ChcroVee Strip Will be Cleared.
Special to The AsroutAX 1
Guthrie, March 17. Inquiry at
military headquarters elicits the in
formation that when six companies
have arrived here they will be dis
patched to the Cherokee lwrder aud
deployed in a line that will probably
cover 20 miles. This skirmish lino
will cross through the entire strip GO
miles wide as rapidly as possible and
then by a flank movement to the right
and left return to Oklahoma. By this
means tho entire strip will probably be
cleared in less than two weeks.
Stagger Salllraa In Conrt.
Special to The Astoriax.j
Jackson, Miss., March 17. The su
preme court has quashed tho indict
ment against John L. Sullivan as de
fective iu its averment, reversed the
case and remanded the defendant to
the next term of the Madison county
court to answer such indictments as
may be found against him.
St. Patrick's Bar In Brooklyn.
Special to The Astouiax.1
New York, March 17. Two St.
Patrick's day processions marched in
Brooklyn, one embracing thirty-nine
divisions of the Ancient Order of Hi
bernians, and the other consisted of a
consisting of a convention of Irish so
cieties consisting of thirty-six divisions.
Both were reviewed by the mayor and
other officials.
Consul Shields Tales Testimony Re
garding Ainset Sailors.
Special by Tho California Associated Peess.
Indianapolis, Lid., March 17. At
four o'clock thi3 afternoon a firo
started from a gas jet in the basement
of Bowen Merrill's wholesale and re
tail book store and spread through
the building. The entire stock is irre
trievably damaged. Total loss, $123,
000; insurance S70.000. While tho
firemen were playing on the rear por
tion, the roof and side walls fell iuto
the basemeut, carrying down 20 or
more firemen aud spectators. Several
were takeu out dead.
Pensions la the Southern States.
Special to The Astoriax.
New York, March 17. The Com
mercial Advertiser recently addressed
a letter of inquiry to .the governors of
the Southern states concerning the
payment of pensions on account of tho
Civil war by the authorities of those
states, and sums up the replies as foleows:
C-.-..J N'o.pen-I Aint.
&tatks. sloners.1 paid.
Virginia.......... 2200 Sdl.000
Ninth Carolina . -JOiS 80,000
S.mtli Carolina 1KM 50.00o
Ceorxin 2700 lt$.WX
Kloriil.1 . :S." ai.oOO
AI.i1miii.i........... . ......
Missivtippi I 8oO 20.000
l.oimia'Ki . .. on; 13.5C3
Tennessee as 7,300
Total le.CSa $437.000
Indictment of Ludlow St. Jail Officers.
Special to The Astoriax.
New York, March 17. An inquiry
by the grand jury concerning the man
agement of the Ludlow St. Jail has
further resulted in the indictment
of F. Martin, deputy commissioner of
public works and five others. Martin
was formerly the arrest clerk. He is
charged with bribery. It is alleged
that he permitted Chas. G. Francklyn
who was arrested on complaint of Sir
Bache Cnnard to remain away from
Jail practically all the day time for
eight days, Francklyn paying S700 for
the privilege.
Imposing Celebration In Xen Yorl.
Sjwcial to The Astorian.J
New York, March 17. The St
Patrick's day procession marched over
the prescribed route. The green flag
floated on tho city hall flag staff with
the American flags. The procession
embraced forty-eight divisions of an
cient order of Hibernians, the sixty
ninth regiment of the Hibernian rifles
and other organizations. Tho Jine
was reviewed by the mayor and mem
bers of the council.
Two ItolibeiN Killed.
Special to The Astoriax.
SLTliAKi:CiTy, March 17. At a
shooting affray here to-night, J. H.
Weston, railroad fireman of Thistle,
shot and killed Winders aud Wells
who attacked him for the purpose of
robbery. Winders lived a short time
and before his death made aconfession
exonerating Weston from all blame.
Detroit Honors tlie Crcea.
Detroit, Mich., March 17. St
Patrick's day was celebrated here with
a parade of all the Irish societies of
the city under chief marshal Williain
A Doublo Celebration in Pittsburgh
PnrsnuRG, Pa., March 17. Thero
were two St. Patrick's day parades
here. Collisions, such as occurred last
year, were avoided by a selection of
widely separated routes.
Brutal Officers Rein? Exposed.
Special toTuE Astouian.
New York, March 17. United
StatM COnSlll Sllinllls tnnlr foalimnnv
to-day concerning the nlleged abuso
of seameu by the officers of the steam
shin Constance. Ten sailors tnlil snlw
stantially tho same story. Men were
kuuukl-u Buusciusa wiiii oeiaying puis
bv tllft TnntAS nnr? onmnollfwl in reni-lr
while their wonnds were bleeding.
nan a aozen were cut on one occasion
by an ax m tho hands of the mate,
this beincr followed bv a shootinrr
affair.. Mato Johns shot one seaman
in the breast, and mato Lee followed
this up with an assault with an ax on
the men who rushad forward at the
cries of their comrades.
Xo Celebration In Chicago.
Special to The Astorian.
Chicago, March 17. No St Pat
rick's day demonstration was made.
Irish descendants to-day claim the ne-
rfect is due to the factional rrnnhlpa
that havo arisen out of the murder of
False Raraor Concerning Settlers.
Special to The Astokian.
Brainard. Minn.. March 17. Tim
report that settlers m large numbers
are moving on the Milletoes and Chip
pewa reservations is undoubtedly
Astoria Real Estate &
Settlers on Reserratlont.
Special to The as rouiAX.
Mora, Minn., March 17. Although
settlers maybe going onMilletoes reser
vation from other points none are
going from or by the way of Mora.
The settlers who have been on the
reservation the past year are" still
there and intend to remain if possible.
Caralrj- Will Drive Out the Roomers.
Special to The AsTonr.x.
Guthrie, I. T., March 17. The cav
alry is concentrating here to move on
the Cherokee strip to eject the boom
ers. No bloodshed will follow but the
soldiers expect a hard time getting the
boomers out owing to their scattered
location. A California Associated
Pres3 reporter will accompany the
soldiers. An officer arrived here from
Ft Leavenworth last night. This
morning ho sent a telegram to GeD.
Merrit at Ft. Leavenworth saying that
the reports of the strip movement have
been greatly exaggerated. '1 he praine
grass has not been burned to the ex
tent reported, and in his opinion the
cattle men have no serious gronnds for
alarm. The town of 5,000 inhabitants
at Ponca existed only in fancy. Willow
Springs was the only place where a
townsitewas organized and assumed
any proportions.
How the Poor Barkeeper "Was Victimized
By a Stranger.
If thero is ono thing that Al Tail,
the well-known barkeeper, is prouder
of than his good looks it is Ins wide
knowledgo of all species of mixed
drinks and his ability in getting them
up iu good style.
A few days ago a stranger wearing
a tile, a glass diamond and a rosy
headlight glow upon his nose, stepped
up to the bar and said;
"Give mo somefortunalusa la Fran
cisco, with a dash of bourgeoise a for
"Eh! ah, yes replied Al. "Will you
ahem! tako it hot or cold.?"'
"Cold?" queried the stranger, con
temptuously. "Who ever heard of the
hker If thats all yon know about
tho drink I'll tako something else.
Fix mo up some cum grauo salis,
TT-fl o lnlrfc rvii rT f-lm i fol "
IV ALU 11 UVIU 11U11 VAX IUC uuusiut;.
"Y-yes, sir," said Vail, promptlv,
but weakly. "I'll have it readv in a
moment. You waut a grain of, what
did you say:
"Aw bosh! I-said .nothing about a
gram of anything. Don t you know
what a cum grano salis is? Lot it go.
Give me an ego sum homo, will yon,
and be lively. I'm in a hurry."
"Accommodate you iu a jiffy,' mur
mured Al, getting red in the face.
"Give me an egg, Billy (to tho under
bar keeper, let's see. An cg and
some hom what in thunder did you
want besides the egg, stranger?
"Egg the devil! I said ego sum
homo, and said it plainly. Great
heavens! Where's the barkeeper of
this placo? I can't fool around with
an ignorant apprentice."
"I nm don't seem to havo heard
of the drinks yon mention, stranger,"
said Vail, sheepishly, Tvhilo his coun
tenance took ou the aspect of the set
ting sun. "I thought I knew "
"Oh, no doubt you thought you v;is
au expert, remarked tho customer,
sarcastically. "Ho, ho, ho! S'pose I'll
have to take something plain if I deal
with you. Beckon you know how to
fix me up a honi soit in a little qui
mally pense, don't yon?"
"Oh, yes," and Vail smiled in a sick
ly fashion. (Aside: "What the devil
does he mean by Molly's pants?) Billy,
where's the bottle of bourbon?"
"Bourbon?" shrieked tho red nosed
man. "Bourbon? Why, mau, there's
no whisky goes with that drink! Well,
may I be carried away on a stretcher
if I'd a believed this! And in a met
ropolitan saloon, too! Give me a plain
ipso dixit, will yon?"
"Friend," murmured Al, as ho leaned
over the bar, while the perspiration
rolled off his brow, "I can't do it.
We've plenty of ipsey, but there ain't
a d d bit of dixit in the house."
"Say, cau't yon fix mo a rara avis?"
"1 can't," tearfully confessed the
embarrassed barkeeper. "I don't know
"And you call yourself a bar
keeper?" said the man with the glow
ing proboscis. "Well, I'vo got nothing
to say. Try to learn, young man.
You may gain some knowledge or
your business. Good byo, good bye."
It was not until two days afterwards
that tho crestfallen drink-mixer dis
covered that ho had been tho victim
of a put up job, and that he had been
trying to fill orders for a lot of old
French and Latin phrases. Then he
.repaired to the alley in the rear of the
establishment and silently kicked his
corns against the enrbstdne. Times
Star. The material of billiard balls comes
from Asia and Africa.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria
JVhen Baby cas sick, o gave her Castoria.
SVben she was a Child, sho cried for Castoria,
Vhcn she became Xias, she clung to Castoria,
iVhen she had Children, she gave them Castoria
a positive cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria
and Canker Mouth. At J. C. Dement's.
Choice !
They Win TMr Homes iu Los
Angeles aud Keru Coaiitles, Gal.
jreiti: sxoir o.v the siskiyous.
Special by Tho California Associated Pbkss.
Settle, March 17. Dan McPher-
son, proprietor of the Vendom barber
shop, died this morning, the result of
an overdose of morphine, administered
"by his partner, James Beese, to relieve
neuralgia pains. There were two
boxes on the bureau, one of which was
supposed to be quinine and which
proved to be morphine that Beese
gave McPherson. The deceased was
a native of Canada, thirty years of age
and single.
Jlore Hail roads iu Washington.
Special to The Astoriax.
Spokane, Fais, March 17. Presi
dent Corbin of the Spokane Falls and
Northern railway in an interview to
day said that this road would be ex
tended from Marcus to Little Dalles,
and that work will begin as soon as
the snow disappears.
Horse Thieves DiscoTered.
Special to Tin: Astoriax.
SpoK.vxnFAi.TiS, March 17. For two
years the stockmen south of hero have
lost horses mysteriously. A young
man at Bosalie has just confessed that
he belongs to a gang of horse stealers.
Interesting developments are likely, as
several stockmen are thought to bo
Sax Fuaxoisco, March 17. The
steamer State of California which
arrived here this morning brought n o
northern mails, while those which had
been sent overland before she sailed
from Portland, have not reached this
Relloc Hint. Creditors to Ijp Paid In Full.
Special to The Astori v.
Svx Frvxcisco March 17. - At a
meeting of the creditors ofBellocfc
Co., bankers, who failed ten days ago,
a committee was appointed to inves
tigate the bank's affairs. A cablegram
was received from Belloc, iu Paris a
member of the firm, pledging liimself
to pay all the creditors in full, inside
of a year.
St. Patricks Celebration In Frisco.
Spcm! to Thk Astokiav.
Sx Fkvxctsco, March 17. St.
Patrick's dav was felelir.atp,i hon lv
services at sill the Catholic churches,
winch were well attended. There was
al&o a parade by the ancient order of
Hibernians and literary exercises
under its auspices, at Woodward's gar
dens. After the excrcLses. Irish nation
al games occupied the time and tho
celebration is being concluded with a
ball to-night.
Another celebration held under tho
auspices of the St. Patrick's day con
vention, took place at the Grand opera
house and consisted of literary and
musical exercises. A small admission
fee was charged and the receipts thu3
obtained are to be bent to tho Parnell
to lx n.ed vi Ihe cause of Ireland. Acci.lwit in a Mine.
Spiviul toTHBArouiAX,l
HetjEXa, Montana. March 17. -By
a cave in tho Alta mine at Wicker's
last night, E. Lyud was fatally in
jnrcd and died this morning at 10
o'clock. He had put in a charge
which loosened a largo amount of
overhanging rook. Other men in the
same level escaped almost Kcnieniliers St. Patrick.
HiaicxA. Mont, March 17. St. Pat
rick's day was generally recognized
throughout Montana. In some places
large processions took place.
The San Francisco Strikers Are Sustained.
Special teTm: AsroniAX.l
Svx Fkaxcisoo. Tilarcli 17. Tim
striking iron molders to-day received
tlie iollowmg dispatch rrom President
U. F. Filzsrerald. of the TnlornnHnnnl
Union of Iron Molders Jof the United
States, from Cincinnati: "Your strike
has o.e:i sanctioned" Th? lmnr
G00,000 members of the International
union to the support of the local strik
ers, and it is believed will insnrn thoir
success, owing to the strong moral and
linancial hacking thus secured.
Jlore Sno-.v Near .Mount Shasta.
Special to Tin: astokiax.
Sis-soxs, Cat. March 17. Tt heenn
snowing this morning. Six inches
has fallen and it still continues. Tim
strong i-outh wind now prevailing is
favorable lor an extended storm.
Southern Pacillc Ilef.uteil lij Settlers.
Special to Tin: Astokiax.1
Los Axgules. Cat. Mnmli 17
Judge Boss, of the United Krntoa cir-
cnit court, rendered a decision in tlie
case ot the bonthem Pacific vs. set
tlers m ivcrn and Los Angeles conn
ties, to-day, in favor of the settlers.
Anullirr Hoil) Fror.i Ansel's Jline.
Special to Th r Astouiax.I
Munpiirs, Cat, March 17.- The
third body was taken from Angel's
mine on Saturday night. It was iden
tified as that of Geo. Williams.
Trust Co., Portland Ag'te.
English Mills Saspeni, WaitiuCttl,
Scarce ani Hlfl. .
Special by California Associated Fsws.
Loxdox, March 17. Several iiig
in Lancashire have been compelled to
stop work on account of the soarcitj
of coal, arising from the strike of th
miners. Others are running on short
time for the same reason. There is
much excitement at the coal exchange
to-day in consequence of the strike ot
the miners, and prices have advanced
Ten Thonsand Miners Jout the Strike.
Special to The Astokiax.
- 22?waJardl 17. 10,000 miners
in North Wales have joined in th
Twenty Thousand EgiaeeN Strike.
Special to The Astoriax.
Loxdox, England, March 17.
Twenty thousand engineers hare
joined tho strikers.
TheprltlihlPIaar Im Afrlea.
Special to The Astobiax.J
Mozambique, Africa,. March 17.
Buchanan, the acting British consul,
has hoisted and saluted the British
flag in Shire district.
Official Resignations in tiemasy.
Special to The Astouiax.1
Berux, Marohl7. It is stated this
evening that both Prince Bismarck
and Count Herbert Bismarck have re
signed and that the emperor has ac
cepted the resignation of the chan
cellor. Woman Brutally Murdered.
Special to The Astohiax.
BiuuxoHWEia, March 17. The body
of a woman stabbed in a score of
places on the body and in the face, has
been discovered in a gutter near the
railroad station.
High Protection In Russia.
Special to TnE Astobiax.
St. Petersbubq, March 17. All the
Russian import duties will be raised
three months hence.
Rumored Resignation of Bismarck.
Special to The astouiax.j
Berlix, March 17. A statement is
made by the Cologne Gazette that
Bismarck has resigned everything
official and that ho will spend the re
mainder of his life in private.
Nihilists Arrested la Rasgl.
Special to The Astoriax.
St. Petersburg, March 17. Two
Bnssian artillery officers have been
arrested hero as nihilists. The night
patrols in the city have been increased.
A Switss VJlliage Nearly Baraed Oat.
Special to The Astoriax.
Berxe, Switz, March 17. By a fire
iu the village of Campel, Switzerland,
last night, three-fourths of the village
was destroyed, and many persons in
jured. Great damage was done.
Trouble Liable Among Genua Striken.
Special to The Astoriax.
Berlix, March 17. A mass meet
ing of miners was dispersed yesterday
at Dortmund because a demonstration
wa3 occasioned by a speech of Schroo-
dnr. (IfllprriifA in fho minom' pnnvan.
tiou atBrnssels. Schrocder advocated
the formation of a universal brother
hood of miners, with the view of a big
concerted strike.
The English Coal Strike Extending.
Special to Tn Astoriax.
Liverpool March 17. The coal
carters have joined the strike.
Some Srikers Working and Some Obttiaate
Special to The AstoriaxJ
Loxdox, March 17. A majority of
the Nottingham miners have resumed
work having secured an advance of
5 per cent, in wages now and a prom
ise of a similar advance in July. The
coal miners to-day refused the general
advance in wages agreed upon by the
committee to confer with miners
Thursday to arrange a compromise.
Often need some safe cathartic and
tonic to avert approaching sickness, or
to relieve colic, headache, sick, stomach,
indigestion, dysentry and the co
plaints incident to childhood. Let the
children take Simmons Liver .Regula
tor and keep well. It is purely vege
table, not unpleasant to the taste and
safe to take alone or in connection with
other medicine.
tuc cariT
Newton. 111.. Hit 2S. 1
From 18G3 to 1835 about 22 years IaaJaiei
with rheumatism of tho hip. I mi enred m
the use of St. Jacobs Oil. T. C. DODD.
At Druggists and Dealrs.
M m - JHE GREAT - fcl
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