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She glaUg gtstoriatu
MARCH 15.18S0J
(Monday excepted.)
Publisher :iud 1'ioprietors.
Terras of Subscription.
Ser'l by Carrier, er week
Sen: ly Mall. jer month .......
Sn: by MaH. one ...
Frro'of otasc to subscriber.
15 ctg
Tuk Atokian suaratitiv s to it: adver
tivir tlie larger oitciil.i'ioii of any nowspa-l-r
published m the Columbia river.
Comparison is constantly and cor
tliollv invited.
Mr. .lacob Strauss has bought
business of Bergman ic Marion.
Sheriff Smith has already received
lut S 13,000 in payment of taxe-.
There wore forly-six passengers who
wont up the river hist night on the II.
I!. Thompsou.
The noie made by the loom of a
town is jjenenilly identical with the
rojKrt r a newspaper.
Tun WnnKijY Ahtokiax, a twelve
Igi epitome of the week's news, is
published this morning.
The first day's receipts of the elec
tric mad at Victoria, B. C, were $330,
a trifle over SS9 to each air.
City Assessor Wright is busy with
his blanks and will shortly make some
remarks appropriate to the occasion.
A Button man has contracted with
the ieople of Seattle to build a S100,
lk9 shoe shop mid have it running by
next August.
i. J. Coodmati has bought lot 9
from the Astoria Exchange company,
for $-l,r00, and will erect a commo
dious structure thereon.
The new electric lights have a line
vlXcci when viewed from tho water
front, and light up the residence and
business iortions of the city.
The Astoria drum corps got their
new uniforms yesterday. They are
nobby, and will show up in great shape
at the ball on St. Patrick's night
August. Nils J. and Otto Nilson arc
the names of three Swedes who yester
day declared their intention to become
citizens of Uncle Sam's broad domain.
"Can a reasonable man believe the
Bible?" This question will be dis
cussed to-morrow evening by Bev Dr.
Cnxnpltell at the Presbyterian church.
Eastern Oregon papers arc urging
those who want to be candidates before
the county convention to put cards in
the aforesaid papers making such an
nouncements. W. 1L Scheibe is fitting up a neat
place and will next week open cigar
factor- No. 14S, district of Oregon.
Here is a home production thatshonld
le patronized by Astoriaus.
Messrs. Granger tHallouquist have
formed a business copartnership, and
have a neat office in McGowan Bros.
& Tuttle's office. They are clever
young men :ind will do well.
The four o'clock service at Grace
church will le omitted this afternoon
owing to the abseuco of the rector.
The boy's and girl's guilds will meet
as usual; services Sunday also.
Last evening the police arrested
Harry Hanson, known as Hoodlum
Harry, charged with being drunk.
In addition to this he was insulting
and indecent towards a young lady,
and greatly frightened her.
The Columbia foundry was running
successfully yesterday, when some of
the packing blew out of the engine,
allowing quite an escape or steam, but
it did not stop the work, and several
hundred sash weights were cast
The proclamation issued by the
president warns persons against enter
ing the waters of Behriug sea within
the dominion of the United States Xor
the purpose of violating the provisions
of section 195 or the revised statutes.
A ph.t of land designated as Astoria
;-.n!mrh.i was yesterday filed in the of
!uv of the county clerk by Archibald
A. and Mary M.Schenck." It is the E.
. of the S. W. i4 and N. W. f of the
S. E. , or section 2i), T. 8 N.. K. 8 W.,
and contains 21 lots.
C-ipt U. B. Scott, of the Tvltphone,
has been over on the Sound this week,
in counuection with the project of
building a $70,000 steamer for the
Olympia Steam Navigation company,
tins summer to alternate with the
Fleelirvorf on the Olvmpia-Tacoma
route. j
Prospect Park, Prospect Park Ex
tension, and Spring Hill Extension to
Prosiect Park, are the names of three
pieces of land, the plats of which were
tiled yesterday in the office of the
county clerk, by Charles S. Dow.
Thev include the'N. E. I4 of section
:U, T. S NM K. J W., and contain sev
eral hundred lots.
There was a change in the weather
program yesterday, the fine days talc
ing a back seat and allowing a small
sized rain to come to the front It
was a kind of listless, lazy rain, com
ing down as easily as if it were en
tirely void of any ambition, and con
sequently was of no account in check
ing the wheels of progress.
The Columbian has made itself
the laughing stock of the town. Af
ter all its blowing and bragging about
its "exclusive franchise," its few little
cribbed items do look slim when com
pared with the full associated press
report received by The Morning
Astoriax. Come over boys, and we'll
loan you a few. No ill feeling here.
There are four Ms on a silver dol
lar, two plainly vkible one eacb in
the words TJnum and America, another
less distinct at tho base of the neck of
the Goddess of Liberty, and the fourth
on the left curve of the knot that binds
the wreath, together on the reverse side
of the coin. Thelast is hardly visible
to the naked eye. Mr. Morgan was
the designer and engraver of the die,
and the small M represents the initial
of his name.
W. S. Duval succeeds Alfred Stall
nan as manager of the Pacific Insur
ance union. Dnval will make m his
headquarters in Portland. He is a
thrcghhcL A good many years
ago he dropped in ob Pine street, San
Jtzawasoo, and
began operating
mining slocks. He cleaned up about
51,000,000, but went in for a final
coup d'etat, and came out dead broke.
He was discliarrrojl rniWl nnd ia
! strictly business.
The incoming steamer has no mail
aboard, and when ex-Gov. Perkins was
asked, in San Francisco, why this was
so he said: "Well, the Rovernment
can't afford it. They are going to send
mail overland hereafter, and the peo
ple in Portland and Astoria will not get
any mail for some time, in my opinion.
We have sent by steamer about
fifty letters written bv people who
imvrt ir faifli ti 41io tii!t-i1 -tmif-a irl
'would not send their letters in the
t ri mi.. t !!. l t
many, xuujanubu uvuruiuuui, uow-
ever, continues to pay us for bringing
mail to this city from British Colum
bia, and it pays about S30 per sack,
while we charge the United States
only alxmt 10. The department
could not afford that"
J. L. Smiley, of Eureka, Wash., is
in the city.
Mrs. G. W. Bucker has roturned
from a visit to Portland.
E. 11. Flagg, editor aud proprietor
of the Forest Grove Demorrat, is in
the city.
J. 31 Shepard, commissioner ot
immigration for Oregon, is in this city
on his way to San Francisco.
James Crawford, of Vancouver, has
received the appointment of fish com
missioner. The salary or the office is
$2,000 per year.
The genial proprietor of Bucker's
restaurant, no longer wears a discou
solate look, for his wife has relumed
from her visit to Portland.
Capt .1. Ml Olsen arrived from
Shoalwater bay yesterday, having
turned over the command of the Po
lar Hear to George Whitcomb.
Mis3 Minnie Petrie, who has been
visiting friends in this city, leaves this
morning on tho steamer for Sau Fran
cisco, for her home in Wheatland, Cal.
W. F. Cuthbertson has returned
from engineer Habersham's camp.
On the summit the snow was six feet
deep, and traveling through it was the
reverse of pleasant Mr. C. sails
altont the 1st, for Melbourne.
The schooner lierllc Minor sailed
for Sau Francisco yesterday with a
cargo of lumber.
The schooner Web foot arrived at
Knappton yesterday from up the river,
to load lumber for San Francisco.
The steamer Willamette arrived in
the harbor yesterday, en ronte to Port
lond with 2000 tons or coal from Se
attle. The little schooner Columbia came
down the river yesterday with a cargo
of wood, to be landed at the llwaco
The tug lloniUi went up the river
yesterday, towing the barge Columbia
Chief, laden with general cargo from
the Belle of Hath.
The tug Hunter arrived yesterday
from Gray's Harbor for the machinery
for the Northwestern Lumber com
pany's mill, and starts back to-day.
Captain Dan McVicar reported yes
terday havingboarded the British seal
ing schooner Maggie Mar. outside the
bar. All hands were well. The crew
had caught 175 seah.
The Telephone to-day makes her
last trip for some time, leaving for
Portland at 0 a. m., when she will lay
up for repairs. It is expected that
the Lurlinc will take her place while
she is being refitted.
Two T.iir of Mongolian PIicaant.
A. L. Fox expects this evening to
receive two pairs of Mongolian pheas
ants, which he will turn loose on
Jacob Kamm's farm at Olney. If
they are not molested they will rapidly
increase, and hunters should bear in
mind that whoever shoots one of these
bird is subject to a fine of $50, as they
are protected by a state law. In a
few years they will become so numer
ous "that the legal restriction will be
removed, and then they can bo shot.
They are fine eating when properly
cooked, better than a chicken. In
Linn and Marion counties in the Wil
lamette "valley they abound in great
numbers. .
Valuable Cargo for England.
Tho British ship Pattlerdale
cleared for Liverpool with a cargo
valued at $86,817.G7, of which nearly
half was from this port, as will bo seen
by tho follewing:
Wheat 17.833 sicks, valued at.
Flmir 7.VJ-. ' ' " '
Tola front i'ottUin.l
Salmon 7.000 case, valued at ....
Flour 2.K.I sacks,
S30-&25 18
4 15.321 VJ
546.149 C7
, fTo.OCO 00
5 GG8 00
Si'c 00
A Phrase Originated by Geo. II. Prentice.
Years ago Visscher was private sec
retary and amanuensis of tho famous
George D. Prentice, who said to Will
one day: "A great newspaper, a great
hotel aud a great theater will rally a
city about them in a wilderness."
"You will see," said the colonel'how
this will work. We are going to get
out a great paper in Fairhaven, the
great hotel is building, and a man has
promised to pnt tip a $10,000 theater,
so I consider that we are goiug to have
a great town nt Fairhaven." Seattle
Passengers to Portland.
The following is the list of passen
gers who went up the river last night
on the steamer Ji. It. Thompsen:
Miss Carnahan, Miss Smith, H. Buppa
and wife, Ben Young, J. W. Gearhart,
L Stevens, J. F. Cox and wife, C. C.
Fallenius, A. Brock, J. O. Hanthorn,
(J. H. Warner, W. JS. Jbrost, d. J. weiK,
F. B. Williams, C. Taylor. W. O.
Young, T. Wright, F. Turk, 0. M.
Coleman, L. Bellinger, H. Livingston
and wife, C. C. Hancock, A. Coucher
Geo. Jennings, H. B. Smith, Abe
Wing, J. Doland, H. S. McGowan, F.
J. Carney, L. N. Eckland .and wife,
Mrs. W. W. Parker, Miss LeGrand, A.
Fenner, T. Tolson, O. Thompson, Mrs.
Peanuts, D. P. Williams, M. John, J.
C. Barrett, A. Schuring, J. A. Cook,
Prof. M. L. Pratt
A fair trial of Hood's Sarsaparilla for
scrofula, salt rheuni, or any affection
caused by impure blood or low state of
the system, will be sufficient to convince
any of the superior and peculiar cura
tive powers of this medicine. Buy it of
your druggist 100 Doses One Dollar.
Meals Ckc4 f rer.
.Private rooms for ladies and families:
at Central Restaurant, next to Foard &
The value of Pleasant View property
is becominc apparent Pleasant View
Is irood nronertv to bur. either for resl-
in I dmot or investment.
A Sew Featnre in tie April
Salmon Business.
JfJI. I T C-lA-VTlf .S A Xl OTHKliS SA Y.
Will Salmon Sell for Fifty Cent-? Apiece
In April?
The close season on the Columbia
river ends in sixteen days, but, so far,
the canners have made little move
toward beginning active operations.
A little twine has been given out, and
a little has been bought by outside
fishermen, jjjut up to the present, few
orders have been placed as compared
with other years.
The price of $1.25 a fish, coupled
with the lifeless condition of the sal
mon business, and the reported negoti
ations of the English syndicate, tend
to further deaden any forward move
ment It is thought there Avill be
some gill net fishing done in April,
though the snags and drift are usually
disastrous to gear,.
It sounds strange to hear it said
that salmon will sell for 50 cents
apiece in Astoria next mouth, but that
is just what a Astokiax re
porter heard asserted yesterday morn
ing by a gentleman whose iosition
gives'weight to his words. Inquiry
developed a new feature in the salmon
business on the lower Columbia.
A good many gill-net fishermen will
lake chances on April fishing, and
have agreed with Portland fish dealers
to dispose of their cstch to them for 3
cents a pound in unlimited quantities;
that is, ivalhch Bros, and one or two
other Portland fish dealers are re
ported to have agreed to take nil that
the fishermen will furnish them at this
Should the fish come in freely dur
ing the first week, the inevitable result
will be a glut, for if, say 200 boils,
each get four or five salmon a night,
they will overstock the Portland local
It is said that in that event, two
Astoria canneries have agreed to take
all the overplusofTthe Portland men's
hands, so that, if it turn out as antici
pated, it may be that salmon would bo
secured at a figure in the neighbor
hood of fifty cents.
Mr. Alderman, representing the syn
dicate of which so much has been said,
is quoted as saying that in case they
consummate the purchase of the can
neries as contemplated, the number of
canneries in active oieration will be
eight, and that the number of fisher
men ou tho river will be so restricted
that tho men actually employed will
be able to make good wages, prefer
ence being given to resident fishermen.
Tho canneries of Win. Hume, and
Hapgood & Co. are mentioned among
those that the syndicate will have dif
ficulty in securing.
"The future of the salmon business
on the lower Columbia, will be an
easy one to prophesy,'' said a prom
inent canner yesterday, "it this rule is
put into rigid operation, viz: that the
words 'Columbia river salmon' appear
on no can that doesn't contain genu
ine cliinook salmon."
That comprises the law and the
profits, and is the keynote of the situ
ation. The best salmon in the world, pnt
up in the best manner, will always be
sought for by those who recognize its
superiority, and are willing to pay for
u, anu man is me iraae 10 wnicii it
pays to cater. Negroes on the New
Orleans docks, and navvies on Geor
gia railroads don't care if it is spring
salmon, straight goods, all wool and
a yard wide, or do-overs, or inferior
stuff from away over yonder, so they
can buy it from a grocer who can re
tail it at a dollar and a quarter a dozen,
but with those who appreciate a prime
article, the price is a secondary consid
eration. To prostitute a brand, or put up
salmon bearing a Columbia river la
bel that isn't Al in every respect is
suicidal, and a smaller pack at gilt
edged figures, is better than efforts at
competition in cheap markets with
cheap fish.
Ben Young started for Liverpool
last night. His tussle with Hughes
k Co., will be viewed with interest by
several in the salmon business, who've
"been there.'
The reclamation racket has been
worked by English agents for all it is
worth in years gone by, but the day is
pnst wiien it can io maue to cut
any ngure. Tii!ro were uoium
bia salmon canners last season, who
didn't have a dozen cases of 'do overs"
in their entire pack, and the averago
for the past few years has been one
eighth of one percent This high per-
iVMifrjrr.- nt nprfvf. nnlmir ;irrlinj tn
Fraser river aud other streams as well,
for the men who manage the busiuess
all along the coast from the Oregon the yellow or the jonquil or Uie ileli
liue to the Arctic circle are men who cate green foliage about lilacs and
thoroughly learned their hnsinpss on lilies of the valley. In most instances
the Columbia river.
Lively Day in Ileal Ftate.
It is a matter of congratulation to
glance at the real estate transfers in
another column and see how fast they
are increasing in this city. Yesterday
there were filed twenty-five deeds, the
considerations amouutingto $GG,778,
and this Is really far short of the value
as in several of the deeds the only 1
amount given was one dollar, one very
valuable list of property was a gift
deed from mother to son, and another
tract 830,000, and possibly even more
than that, is counted at only 5. It is
therefore safe to estimate that the
actual value of real estate transfers in
this city yesterday was 8125,000 or
This is what you ought to haw, in
fact, you must have it, to fully enjov
life. Thousands are searching for ft
daily, and mourning because they find
it not Thousands upon thousands of
dollars are spent annually by our peo
ple in the hope that they may attain
this boon. And jet it may be had by
all. We guarantee that Electric Bitters,
if used according to directions and the
use persisted in, will bring you Good
Digestion aud oust the demon djspep
siaand instead Eupepsy. We recom
mend Electric Bitters for Dvspepsia
and all diseases of Liver, Stomach and
Kidneys. Sold at 50c. and SL00 per bot
tle by J. "W. Conn, Druggist
De 1fea Like m Gee Clear?
Call at Charley Olsen's, east of C. B.
Cooper's. He will suit you. A fine
stock of cigars to select lrom.
A. Talented JLcctHrcr.
Mrs. Dr. Orpha Baldwin, of Cleveland
Ohio, National Superintendent of Her
edity and Hygiene, will lecture in this
city on Friday evening, March 2lst at
Rescue Club hall. This ladv has a na
tional reputation as a bright entertain
ing speaker, and all who do not attend
will miss a treat
The latest style of Gents' Boots and
Shoes at p. j. Goodman's.
As Filed in The County Iicronlcr's Office
M. M. Dee to James Taltou
tract 5, being 5 acres in
Chelsea, N. Ebennan's D
M. Young and wife to La
vina Tatton lots 1 and 2,
blk 16, Young's Addu to
Lane Johnson to W. E.
Warren all of blk 1G ex
cept lots 1 to S, Williams
port Mar- H. Leinenweber to
Laura P. Adair lots M
and 19, blks -11, Adair's
Upper Astoria
Caroline A-and Jacob Kamm
ct al to J. H. D.Gray lots
1, 2. 3 aud 4, blk 102, 01
ney's extension McClnre's
Astoria ".
Wm. B. and Mary L. Adair
to Andrew Swanston, and
David and Grace Hors
burg lots 7 and 8, blk 21,
Adair's Upper Astoria. . .
D. H. Welch and wife and
J. Q. A. Bowlbv and wife
to P. L. Gerow lot 2, blk
20. Astor Addition
D. II. Welch and wife and
J. Q. A. Bowlbv and wife
Astor Addition
1L W. Hamblin and wife to
I. W. Case, Trustee D.'
c. C. or Ira II. and Jane
McKean, 200 acres S
Louis Verhaag to C. 11.
Page, loLs 1, 2, 7. and 8,
blk 112,01ney's extension
of John McClnre's As
toria 500
it) 000
1 '
Maxwell Young and wife t
Geo. BaLston. lota 12 and
12, blk 15, Young's add
to Alderbrook
Marv Ann Adair to W. U.
Adair blks 130, 1G2, 143,
151, 14G. and lots'), 10,31,
12, 13, 11, 15, 16, 17, IS,
36, 37, 33, 49, 40. 41,12, 13.
41, 45, and46, blk 167, and
lots 5, 6, 7, S, 9,10, 11, 12.
11, and 14, fractional bll:
173. Marv Ann Adair's S.
add to upper Astoria. Gift
. C. Jeffers and wife to D.
W. Sears and E. C. Hoyt.
SW-4 of SE.j,see30,T
8N,B9 W
Oregon Land Co. to C. .1.
Stanton S blk 11, Pa
cific add. including lots 13,
to 24 inclusive
U. A. Smith, sheriff, to A. J.
Swahn, K$ of SW?4' and
S1 of NWlf sec 8, T 7
Laura P. Adair to Wright &
Harris, lots 14 and 19, blk
41, John Adair's Upper
E. P. Thompson to .1. L.
Hayseth, lots 7 and S, blk
15, Warrenton add
D. IL Welch and wife and
J. Q. A. Bowlbv and wire
to M. Delancy,lot 24, blk
47, Astor add
L W. Case, trustee, to E. K.
Habersham, lots 5 and 6,
tract 2, blk 23, Hustler &
Akin's add
W. E. Warren to Frank Spit
tle, lots 1, 2, 9 and 10, blk
6, Williamsport
Florence L. Wadleigh to
Edward Kraehmer, lot 14,
blk 1, snbdn of blk 20, 01
uey's add
Florence L. Wadleigh to
F. S. Cornelias, A.Contnrc
and W. Porter, lots 31,32.
33, 31, 35, 3G, 47, 33, 39
and 40, blk 2, snbdn of
blk 20, Olney' add
Charles S. Dow and wife to
E. D. Cusick, block 4,
Prospect Park addition. .
M. Nowlen and wife to Oli
ver Stewart, lots 4 and 5
sec20.NVlf of NW1., sec
29, also S1 of, NJ &
SWlf sec 29, and part o"f
SK of SWif see 29, 317.59
acres, more or less, all in
T8N, B9W
Oliver Stewart and wife to
-George Eckler, et al., same
as above 5
Previously reported this
year...'. 1,03G,3S3
Total to date.
For service, beauty and style, the
long ulster is the b-.-st selection to
make for a March wrap.
Tablecloth? are again plain spotless
.trp.m1 tvliilo K'tpnta mv mmln with
hemstitched edges and ruffle of lace
; or embroidery.
There are dead-black handkerchiefs
for mourning toilets and solid colors
to match the new dress goods., all in
cambric and fine linen, but not in the
best taste.
All the favor flowers are tied with
! ribbons that match the purple of the I
violet, the pink of the la France ro3es, I
J the ribbon streamers cost more than
, the lxuquet itself.
The young women of the period af
fect sweet simplicity in dress for all
occasions, and especially on the street
Some of the hats are almost baro of
trimming, the costume is plain and all
manner of jewelry frowned at. All
this, while lwiug admirable, is inex
pensive and distinctive.
A --rrai orPapi-rhuvcs Jtler I.i fe
ll was just an ordinary scrap of wrap
ping paper, hut it saved her life. She
was in the last stages of consumption,
told by physicians that she was incura
ble niul could live only a short time;
die weighed les than r-cventy pounds.
On a piece or wrapping paper she real
of Dr. King's New Discovery, and got a
sample bottle; it helped her,.sho bought
a larger iKittle, it helped her more,
bought another and grew belter fast,
continued its use and is now dicing,
healthy, rosy, plump, weighing U0
pounds. For fuller particulars send
stamp to W. II. Cole, Druggist, Fort
Smith. Trial Bottles of this wonderful
Discovery Free at J. W. Conn's Drug
Mns. Wixslow's SooTmxo Svuup
should always be used for children
teething. It soothes the child, softens
the gums, allays all pain, cures wind
chohcandis thebesl remedy fordiar-rhoea.Twenty-five
conts a bottle.
TcXcnlieneLedijins; Mouse.
Best Beds in town. Booms per night
50 and 23 cts., per week S1.50. New and
clean. Private entrance.
r.iullow's ladies' S3.00 Fine Shees:
also flexible hand-turned French Kids,
at P. J. Goodman's. H,
Coffee and cake, ten cents.
Central Restaurant
at the
FHralsbcA Reem to Rent,
On the ground floor, with a bay win
dow. Inquire at this office.
Scaly Skin Diseases
I'sortaais S years, roreriiijr ""C, head
antt entire body with tchite scabs. Skin
rrd, itchy and bleeding. Hair all gone.
Spent hundreds o f dollars, l'ronounecd
incurable. Cured byCutieuraJlemedies
Cured by Cuticura
My disease (psoriasis) first broke out on
my left cheek, spreading across my nose and
almost covering my face. It ran into my
eyes and my physician was afraid I would
lose my eyesight altogether. It spread all
over my head and my hair all fell out, until
I was entirely bald-headed ; it then broke
out on my arms and shnuldersuntil my arms
were just one sore. It covered my entire
body, my face, head and shoulders belnp the
worst. The white scabs fell constantly from
my head, shoulders and arms; the skin
, wouiu iiiicKen anu De rea ana very ucuy,
mill wntilil rraolr nml hlperi If 5imthiil-
AftersHendins nvwv hundreds of dollars 1
was pronounced incurable. 1 heard of the
CirricuitA Khmkdies. and after using two
bottles CtrricuiiA Kesolvht I coulJ see
a change ; and alter I had taken four bottles
I was almost cured ; and when I had used
six bottles of Cuticura Kksolvext and
one box of Cuuicura, and one cake of Cut
icunvSoAr.I was cured of the dreadful
ILscaae from which I had suffered for Ave
years. 1 thought the disease would leave a
very deep sear, but the Cuticura Keme
oins cured it without any scars. I cannot
cxrre:s with a pen what 1 suffered before
uslm: the Cutipcka Kemkdies. They
saved my life, and I felt it my duty to rec
ommend th?ni. My hair is restored as good
as ever anil so Is my eyesight. I know of
others who haw received threat benefit from
their use. Mrs. K03A KELLY.
Kockwell City, Iowa.
Cuticura Resolvent,
The new Wood and Skin iniriileraud purest
and bast of humor remedies, internally, aud
Cirrici'RA. the great Skin Cure, and Cuti-
ctTRA Soaiviii exouLslte Skin lteaiitifier. ex
tniatly have cured thousands of cas-es
where the shedding of scales measured a
quart daily, the .skin cracked, bleeding
Inirn:ug .-iiui itching almost beyond human
endnnuue hair litele.vs or all cone, suffering
terrible. What other remedies have made
mi.Mi cures?
Sold even-where. Price, Cuticura, SOc;
Seai2jc: Kesolvext, St. Prepared by the
Pottkii Druo axd Chemical Corpora
tion. Boston.
iB-Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases."
niUl'LT'S. black heads, red, rough, chap
rilil 1 wil and oily skin prevented byCtT
iri:uA .Soap.
I'ack-ache. kidney pains, weak
ness, rheumatism and muscular
pains rclfetvil m one minute hy
the Ciitteura Antl-Paln Flakier.
Tlietlrstniid only instantaneous pain-kill
ing pfciMcr.
ew Goods !
Old BeliaDle Clothier ana Hatter
Occident Hotel Building.
r '
; 1
j ew Spring Goods
WBiJSSCJt Ht -CyftOPBltt,. Third street.
Leading Dry Goods and Clothing
MORGAN & CO.. The Leading Shoe House
Mansells New Building, - Water Street, Astoria, Or
:N"03Kt Door torFoard c&
Large Stock of Mens and Boy's Clothing,';Hats, Caps, Boots
That will suit yon in size and price. We cannot bo
In consequence of the demand for those
beautiful lerel lots, Mr. P. C. Warren has
been Induced to plat nlnety-slx lots
Adjoining Warrenton on the East.
Which will be known and sold as
East Warrenton !
THE RAILROAD runs through tho plat,
which is only 200 yards from the Warrenton
depot. For further Information call at
once on the
Lots in Tract 3 of the beautiful suburb of
CHELSEA, only Ave minutes walk from the
steamer landinjrat Sklpanon and terminus
or A. & S. C. iCR. These lots are GOxlOO feet,
on the first bench above the tide land, are
clear and level, and good water obtainable
within ten feet of surface. Prices from SCO
to $"." ; 20 down, balance $10 per month.
Ten Acres, suitable for platting, clear and
level ; on county road and within easy drive
of Astoria.
Front Corner Residence IM In Block No.
90, Olneys.
Six Lots in Block 9, ADAIR'S ASTORIA,
running ctear through the block, and mak
ing a line residence site. 100x150. Only one
hluck from Columbia river and street car
lino. Price. 31, 050, part cash.
Real Estate Broker.
Marshall & Co.,
Salmon it Twines
For Sale by JD. SMITH, A sent,
onice at Wherry & Co's.
Thompson & Ross
Carry a Fnll Line of
Choice Staple and Fancy
Give Us a Call and Be Convinced.
Morgan Sherman
And Dealers la
Special Attention CIvento Filling
Of Orders.
And Supplies furntaaed at Satis
factory Toss.
Purchases delivered In aay part of the city.
Office and Warehouie
In Hume's NwBulMlBg ob Water Street.
P. O. Box 153. TelepBoae No. 87.
to Arrive
$0,S30 House and Lot on First Street, Business Property. Cheap.
$375 to $325 Lots in Block 20, Hustler & Aiken's Astoria. Yery deslraWe.
$8S Corner Lot in .McClure's Astoria. Beautiful residence Lot
$375 to $500 -Lots in Alderbrook, on water front.
$3,000 Eighty Acres on Klaskanine. Nice home.
$120 Per Acre Ninety Acres, near town, suitable for platting.
If You Don't See Your Particular Snap, Call and See Us.
Heal Estate
Odd Fellows' Building,
Wholesale Wine House.
Fine Wines, Choice Brands.
I have completed arrangements for supplying any brand of "Wine in any quantity
at lowest cash figures.
The Trade Supplied,
Families Supplied.
Your patronage in City or Country solicited.
A. W. UTZINGER. Cosmopolitan Saloon.
Successors to KIRK SHELDON.
Agency for
151 Front Street, PORTLAND, OR.
Civil : Engineers : and : Surveyors
Special Rates for Townsite and Addition Work.
Offlce with McGowan Bros. & Tuttle,
ManselPs New Building.
H. W. Strickler, M. B.
Pure Drugs, Toilet Articles, Etc
Prescription Cleric speaks Four different
General practice of Medici no attended to
by the Doctor.
Second Street, near Postoulcc.
Flp, the Tailor.
Finest Woolen Goods for Suiting!
He buys for Cash, at Eastern Prices. He Guarantees the Best WorkBM
on all garments. Call and see for yourselves.
Barth's Block, Astoria.
House of Astoria
PHIL. 1. STIES & CO.,,
and Shoes, Underwear, Etc.,
Water Street, Astoria, Or
P.O. Box 721.
Wm. B. Adair,
N. E. Cor. Olney and Third Sts.
P. O. Box 436.
Particular attention given to Properties
in Upper Astoria ; also to purchase of Tra.-y
her Lands.
r 2
- Vs,--
. , ''Sl
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