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i Some Short Screefls ou Passiug Ques
tions of the Day.
Cl -today overtoil.)
Piibtbttters nmi rrtjrictoi..
4roiMA Stnuiix:. - C.s STiunrr.
Trrxa of Salitcri;itlbu.
vrl by Chrrter. ; week .. . IT, cts
Sat fey Mutt. jKjr :imi:i:Ii VcI.s
NHt ly MnJI. om yar S7.w
Fwf f poMnp to -ilrril'cr,
IiiR .vroitiw uuura'ite to is adver
t TitMlnir-i fiiciti:t.:o: of aiiv
,rr wba.irU mi Hie OilumlJi.i nvi-i.
T-WHorroTr will b? sloanipr (lav.
ZMr. Liudeuberger has come, seen,
bat not conquered. His idea about
buying Columbia river salmon "was a
first-rate one, but it didn't materialize.
There appeared to be a lack of confl
dence as to bis financial methods. One
canner who was on the point of mak
ing a deal with him cabled to Ger
many inquiry as to the financial stand
ing of the firm.
One of the requirements inIr.Lin
dcnbergers proposed contracts was
that the fish should bo guaranteed:
that is, that the fish would have to be
The Athletic association .started in packed and salted according to his
- -m1 style Inst evening, as will be seen method and arrive in Hamburg in sat
l. a full rtiort in another column. j isfactory condition, and that it was to
i be paid for on arrival and inspection
Merchants were full of business yes-1 and satisfactory report there.
tonlay and as everybody looked happy ' Unsatisfactory experience with Liv-
i! i-. wif to suppose they felt thai way. erpool factors in the matter of reclam-
ations have made a good many of the
Tito Clatsop Mill company has about J canners unwilling to look twice at any
c miploted a contract for one million agreement that involves the foreign ar-
oraxise boxes i be sent to a Lo An-! rivil of salmon in good condition when
gles finn. put up in a fashion unauthorized by
, them. And they are right
The Union Party will choose dele-' Columbia river salmon, put up as it
st in tin I moil 1'arty .suite con- only can be put up on tne uommuia
1 29 J h iui.. at Kescue river, is the lincst on tne planet, in us
prepared it will always command the
highest price.
A Meeting of the Society anl Its
vfiition on the
hall, at 1 r. M
The Astoria amateur drum corps !
paraded the streets last evening, and !
the eight boys showed themselves to
le quite proficient as drummers.
The Republican county convention
to Mlect seven delegates to the He
publican stale convention will be held
m this oitj on the Uth of next month,
llolnrl Ij. loyle and wife yesterday
filed in the recorder's office a plat of
-iteen lots, being subdivision of lots
1.2.7 and S. in block .r0, Adam's As-
l fan and Pioneer, on Wednesday,
"it in't petroleum," Columbian and
fill up.
Another fine da v;is the program
for yesterday, and though the sun did
not shine all the time, it was warm and
pleasant, and the sidewalks were
thronged with people.
The cessation of the Finnish
paper recently pnoiisiieu acre,
is in
dicative of one thing. Not that there
is no demand, but that that demand
is not a growing force. Purely as an
abstract proposition and apart from
anything local in the discussion, the
establishment of foreign languages in
any way in this nation is looked upon
bv tho writer as a mistake.
It is a mistake in this way: it handi
caps and holds back the user of it.
The writer doesn't believe in newspa
pers in the United States printed in
anything else than tho United States
It makes no difference where a man
was bern: it is of little primary impor-
iiii Thursday. Anything to . tauce what his religion is, or his iau-
truage or his education; but it is of
j the greatest importance that he should
know and understand and bo Joyal to
our system ot American ideas, nc
I will only do that by reading American
newspapers, lie must do lus thinking
in the English language.
Far be it from us to decrv the land
A pint or M'vonil hundred lots known of one's birth. It is natural to look
a New Astoria, was yesterday filed in back to the land that bore him, but
tin recorder suffice by M. .1. "and Al-ilhat lias behind. Duty to the flag
frod Jvinne,ll.T. Ford, .1. It. Smith, j that he has sought demands that he
K H-hel Kindred and Ji. C. Kindred. understandingly aid in upholding
He will never
The Pioneer and Historical society
met at the Chamber of Commerce
rooms yesterday morning, at eleven
o'clock, and was called to order by E.
C. Holden, acting secretary. John
Hobson, the vice-president of the as
sociation, was called to the chair.
Thesecretary read the call for the mee t
ing aud stated that the object was to
aertain the feeling of the members
as to the advisability of turning over
the funds of the Whitman Historical
association, to the newly organized
Walla Walla association, or continue
on the original lines marked out by
the founders of that plan. He said it
was also desired to get an expression
of opinion as to what disposition to
make of the property ot the associa
tion, should the association desire to
discontinue active existence. He said
that the most valuable assets of the
association, consisted of lots 5 aud (J,
block :J5, Adair's Astoria, bequeathed
to the association by the late T. P.
Powers for library purposes.
There were present, W. AV. P.-uker.
E. Parker, John liobson, ii. U.
torical society. He hoped that steps
would be taken to insure its perpet
uity. It was stated that the upper As
roria lots owned by the association,
were now worth about $750 apice.
Judirc Tavlor suggested that not!
only those who arrived here prior to
1851. but also their descendants, be
eligible to membership
As Filed in The County Recorder's Oflicc
Maxwell Young and wife to
D. S. Carty, lots 22 and 27.
blk 14, Young's add. to Al
derbrook S
in the asso-1 W. H. Wood and wife toBen-
On motion a committee of two con
sisting of Win. Chance, andW. 13.
Adair, was appointed to make recom
mendation thereon at the annual
meeting of the association. J. W.
Welch favored the establishment of a
miblic library under the auspices ot
the association, with the proceeds ot !
jamin Young, lots 1, 2, 3,
10, 17 and '48, blk 6, also
fractional blk 3, Merri-
wether Downs add
Astoria K. E. & T. Co. to Wni.
Cagney, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, G,
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 blk
G, extension to Hail way add.
the sale of the upper Astoria lots, as a Previously reported thisyearSl.034.398
nucleus for a public library m accord
ance with the manifest needs of the ' Total to date Sl,036.383
It was then decided that the annual
meeting be held at two r. m.. on Ibn
day, May 12th, and that the vice-president
le empowered to secure the ser
vices of some suitable person to de
liver the annual address on that oc
casion. The meeting then adjourned.
I'erniaiiPiir Orcnnization EflVrted.
Won't Stand Any Foolblines.
Hen Young starts foi England to
night. Sometime ago he sold Lon
don and Liverpool parties sundry
thousand cases of salmon at a good,
fair price. Salmon isn't worth as
Pursuant to call about one hundred
able bodied aud active minded young
men between the ages of 17 and 70
met at the theater last evening to be
P. Hal Ion; n
irmtin and
Mrs. I
Holden. J. V. Trullinger, J.W.Welch,
J. 1L D. Orav. Jas. Tavlor. F. J. Tav-
lnr. J. D. Hisririns. E. C. Crow. E. U. I J. W. Hume. J.
JelTers, Jeff. Morrison, Wm. Chance, I elected temporary chai
S. IJ. Smith and B. Yan Dusen. . Pinschower, secretary.
Mr. Hobson said that the first topic ' On motion, a committee or five, to
to be discussed would be the proposed be appointed by the chair, was autho
trausfer of the Whitman monument rizd to draft a constitution for the as-
fund to tho Walla Walla Whitman as- sociation
present at the organization of the
The meeting wns called to order bv ' Jvhcre the "arbitration" comes in mi-
much now, afloat or ashore, as it was
when he sold it. On the 6th inst a
vessel arrived ont with about 3,500
cases Frazer river salmon aboard,
which Young, for the British America
Packing company, had sold.
The consignees claim that there is
something about the salmon that needs
arbitration, and crowd things a little
by wanting to do all the arbitrating
themselves. Ben says he has no objec
tion to arbitration, but doesn't see
Expected to Arrive Daily I
New Sprin
g Goocb
Pythian Bnili
I. II. 1 IMP!' 1 K. Third Street.
The now steamer which is to run on
tin' llwnco liui' and which has just
Ihvu built here for 15. A. Seaborg had
a trial trip yesterday, and gave good
satjraction. a speed uf thirteen miles
.im hour Wing easily attained.
lin'.nl Britain will in due time lose
tie citizen and the United States will
am him. :is William L. Holmes, a
subject of England yesterday took ont
his firt papers and thus declared his
intention of becoming an American
Tho funeral or Cora Kaboth. in
fant daughter of George and Mary
RalKiih. whoe death was announced
yesterday morning in this paper, will
take place this afternoon at 2 o'clock,
from the residence of Mrs. Smith, cor
ner Second and Lafayette streets.
The sheriff of Tillamook county,
having neglected to serve a summons
m the suit of E. P. Parker against J.
A and Win. Bichardson. Circuit
Judge Taylor has appointed Frank P.
Holison. a resident of Tillamook coun
ty, to make legal service on the de
fendants. The new foundry fired up yesterday
and had their first blast, casting sash
weights in twenty molds, twelve to
each mold, or 240 sash weights in all.
The flames coming out so fiercely,
caused many jeople to look in sur
prise, and the place was thronged with
visitors during the afternoon.
John Buckley, who had indulged
m the cup that inebriates, failed to
apiear before Judge Jewett yesterday
for sentence, consequently tho city
which holds the key to the Columbia,
i enriched by the addition of five of
the dollars of the realm, while the
treasury of the afore said John is de
pleted in the same amount.
Brightly the sun now shines over
the household of Mr. and Mrs. Strauss,
and joy dwells therein, for yesterday
their first male descendant made his
apiKKirance. II is very small, has
notion:: to say, but seems anxious to
make a noise iu the world, aud
when he becomes acquainted will evi
dently be glad to le counted as one of
the family.
A special telegram from delegates
Wiuton. Granuiss and May at Eugene,
was received by Tun Astoiuan last
evening, conveying tho important fact
that the state encampment of the
Grand Army of the Republic has
voted to hold the tenth annual session
at Astoria, which will be in February
of next vear. This will bring a large
American institutions.
do that by reading newspapers printed
in a foreign tongue. With all its
faults the American newspaper is the
great educator of tho American peo
pie. This is the big year iu Oregon politics.
Everything is in sight for the men who
can be coaxed into running for office,
aud who gracefully yield to the bland
entreaties of admiring friends and al
low their names to appear. Here and
there is heard of one or two who open
ly sav thev want certain nominations,
bnt in general the practiced politician
stands coyly, considering tuat it is
manners to wait to be asked.
From governor down to justice of
the peace, the list is to be filled. The
legislature will elect senator Mitchell's
successor, which adds interest to the
For governor on the Democratic side
there is but one candidate, but one
possible nominee, and his name is
Pennoyer. On the Republican side
there are several men to choose from.
Whether for president or governor
or anything else, the Republican party
always has a large and eligible list
The Democratic party is necessarily
more circumscribed in this respect and
I always has a smaller number o avail-
ables to choose from.
The Republicans have for governor,
I v tj rni i ir ti ,.i....ii.
J. A. J-llUIlipbUll ilUU Villi XCJUiiaillUIUl;
of Portland. Z. F. Moodv of Wasco,
S. W. Blaisdell of Baker, and C. C.
Beekman of Jacksonville.
For secretary of state, is Geo. W.
McBrido on the Republican side, who
will be elected, no mutter who is put
up against him. Our efficient county
clerk, C. J. Trenchard is being urged
to accept the nomination on the Dem
ocratic ticket for secretary of state,
but it is doubtful under the circum
stances, if ho will accept. Clatsop
county is, however, entitled to repre
sentation on the state tickets.
For state treasurer, an office the
salary of which is only $00 a year,
I there are several gentlemen talked of.
L W. Case, of our own county, is a
probabl candidate on the Republican
side: from eastern Oregon three men
will come demanding recognition for
their claims to the nomination for the
stale Ireasnryship: Messrs. Wright,
Meacham, aud Snodgrass. A good
many think Wright's chances are
bright. Tho Democrats will doubtless
nominate Geo. W. Webb, the present
For school superintendent, Prof.
McElroy will have little trouble, in
beating J. R. N. Bell, and for state
printer, Frank Baker Ls already
elected, his selection only needing
formal ratification.
Mr. Yeatch, of Lauo county is be
lieved to bo the man that our Demo
cratic friends will match against tho
Republican nominee for congress, who
jociatiou. J. II. D. Gray endorsed
Mr. Hobson's idea and suggested the
reading of the resolution that had
been adopted at a previous meeting
anil which this meeting had been
called to pass upon, either accepting
or rejecting the idea. S. B. Smith
moved that the resolution which had
been read by secretary Holden, pass.
J. H. D. Gray seconded the motion.
The question having lwen put, Mr.
Holden thought that while it would
have been gralifving to the venerable
originator of the Whitman monument
fund, the late V. iL Gray, to have
seen a 820,000 monument on the exact
spot where the martyred Whitman fell,
yet he saw no possibility ot such laud
able idea being accomplished. He
therefore favored tho ratification of
the resolution.
Colonel Jas. Taylor thought it was
not proper to thus transfer the funds.
With equal propriety they could be
transferred to an institution at Port
land, or Astoria, or any other place in
Oregon or "Washington. At the time
of the massacre this whole couutry
w;is comprised in the territory of
Oregon. Ho thought that the monu
ment fund should be used in exact ac
cordance with the original intention
and made to commemorate not only the
name and fame of Whitman, bnt of all
those who perished at the hands of
the Indians al the time of the massa
cre. As to the Powers' bequest he
thought that should le kept, aud the
proceeds devoted to the establishment
or a library at Astoria. '
Mr. John Hobson said that he had i
gone to the scene of the massacre, in
company with W. H. Gray, alxnit a J
year ago. Tho grave aud mound were j
The chair appointed J. W. Hume,
John Fox, dos. Pinschower. G. C.
Fulton and Grant Trullinger. as such
committee. After a recess tne com
mittee rciortcd a
lass he has a chance to say something
aix)ut one of the arbitrators.
This "arbitration" and "reclama
tion" is an old dodge, but a voyage to
EuroiKJ will improve Ben's health. He
has sixty days to get there aud has
some notion of starting on the 27th
with George Francis Train in that ec-
centric genius' trip around the world.
Leading Dry Goods and Clothing House of Astoria
was read bv sections, and voted on m
that manner, and then read and
X carl v cverbodv needs a cood medi-
--"' i ;,,.-, i, ;, . ,,,, .,,,: r.. l. i.i,..i
.... I U.. :.. . .l.;nl. i uiw .--laauii, iu lining nit- uiuuii
constitution which i ..,i ,:i,i ,. ti, c,-ct... nv.iv ...
paiilla is this most popular and success
ful spring medicine and blood purifier,
it enrei. scroruln, all humors, dy.spepsia,
.-!! headache, that tired feeling.
enclosed bv a fence, surrounded bv
high hills, and off the main line of
travel. They had then come to the
conclusion that it would bo better to
abandon the oriinnal idea, and to have
a monument erected in the college I tion, a motion prevailed that the next
adopted :is a whole.
Permanent officers were then elected i
for the term of one year. The officers
elected are as follews: president, duo.
Fox; vice-president, P. V. Weeks;
secretary, dos. Pinschewer: treasurer.
B. Van Dusen.
A recess was then taken to admit of
those present signing the roll of mem
bership. It was staled that the initia
tion fee would be $10 and the dues
l..i0 a month. The following signed
and paid their initiation fee .and dues:
J. W. Hume, John Fox, P. AV. Weeks,
T. O. Trullinger, dohn Grant, Joseph
Pinschower, S. E. Harris, Fred Norton,
W. Grant, V. L. Robb, P. J. Meany,
Thomas G. Boelling, George C.
Flavel, C. H. Stockton, H. C.
Lord, R. McCarron, William Loeb,
Jos. Keating, N. H. Webber, J. A.
Lucas, A. AV. Babbidgc, C. AV. Fulton,
Brenham A'an Dusen. Thos. G. Dam
ant, G. C. Fulton, T. B. Loughery,
Grant Trullinger, C. S. Brown, Peter
Grant, Alex. Grant, E. C. Hughes, C.
J. Trenchard. C. H. Cooper, P. A.
Stokes, Alex Campbell, T. W. Graves,
R. R. Marion. R. Ji McTntyro.
On motion a set of by-laws was
then read, and, after wime debate,
adopted. These by-l:ws are similar
in character to I hose of the California
Athletic club.
No one under twenty-one is eligible
to memlership. Those between
eighteen and twenty-one, on payment
ot five dollars initiation fee and seventy-five
cents a month, dues, are en
titled to the privileges of the gym
nasium only.
After further remarks and explana-
grounds at AValla AValla. Mr. Gray
had then stated that as his desire.
Col. Taylor said he had visited the
place iii tho spring of ISIS, a few
mnnfltq nffor lin mnssncmnf flir Wluf.
man part. He had picked up several
bones and other relics aud carefully '
placed them in the mound, and that j
as he recollected the spot it was well
situated for such a monument as it
was proposed to erect
Capt. Gray thought that the Whit
man fund should be kept intact; that
the monument should be built, and
that he would individually subscribe
$100 for that purpose. Judge F. J.
Taylor endorsed Capt Gray's sugges sugges
teons: he thought that that fund
should not be diverted from the orig-
nai purpose, mat nc oeiicveaic woum , ators aro Jaine, Viylor, E. A
w iu iu .iii .mil ko uuium; i ,i WnnL- .1 T'lvltir M'iiia
number of ieoplo from all parts of
the state, and will be of great advan-1 will probably bo Binger Hermann.
uige to uus euy.
A little better knowledge of geology
would enable a young aspirant for
journalistic honors to know that pe
troleum is not found in sandstone or
soapstone. Almost any one, however,
will learn by experience, if he lives
long enough and has much experience.
Whenever any petroleum is found in
thissecbon, the full particulars will
lie found in The Astokian, but we do
uot publish idle rumors and sensa
tional yarns as facts.
Wliile indulging in the national
pastime ieculiar to the people of the
Celestial empire whose eyes are cut on
the bias, New Jim was surprised by a
minion of the law and conducted to
the city baslilc. Yesterday he failed
to appear before the city judicial tri
bunal to answer to the charge of opium
smoking, and consequently the dollars
to the number of five which he had on
the previous evening deposited for his
appearance, he will nevermore behold.
The Alaska salmon catch of 1889 is
the largest yet known, says the Alas
kan. Six hundred and thirty-five
thousand two hundred and sixty cases,
representing fully 6,000,000 fish, were
shipped to San "Francisco, and the
number of barrels of salted salmon
was G,930, containing 200 pounds
cfjeh. The total number of salmon,
therefore, was not less than 0,250,000,
taking five pounds as the average
freight of the fish in the marketable
cofiditioa. The value of this catoji ex
ceeds $3,000,000.
Mrs. D. H. AVelch, who has been
sick for a long time is now nearly
well, and her husband is convalescent
from his recent illness.
A Resolution Adopted.
At tho meeting of tho AV. C. T. U.
Thursday afternoon, the following res
olution was unanimously passed.
Resolved, That the ladies of this
union read with pleasure tho manly
and excellent letters of Mr. W. B.
Adair in reference to the exclusion of
prize-fighting or any form of pugilism
from the proposed athletic club of
Astoria, and they desire to publicly
thank this gentleman and all others
who courageously uphold the right in
this community in the face of the
overwhelming tide of evil which sets
against it so discouragingly in our be
loved city.
Mrs. E. A. B. Graxnis,
Mrs. W. W. Parker,
Rec Sec
FHraiskcA Beem to Beat,
On the ground floor, with a bay win
dow. Inquire at this office.
A Talented lecturer.
Mrs. Dr. Orpha Baldwin, of Cleveland
Ohio, National Superintendent of Her
edity and Hygiene, will lecture in this
city on Friday evening, March 2lst, at
Ptescue Club hall. This lady has a na
tional reputation as a bright, entertain
ing speaker, and all who do not attend
will miss a treat.
the AValla AValla association proiosed
to pursue.
Brenham 'A'an Dusen said that
among lus deceased rather ;
and accounts were book
i balance in the Pioneer
fund, and in the Whitman fund
AV. AV. Parker suggested that when
the Walla AValla society had pro
gressed far cnongh it would b? well to
trausfer the fund on certain conditions,
as, for instnuce, when tint association
had expended $00, then this associa
tion expend or transfer an equal
I amount.
J. AV. Welch favored the transfer
because the graves would then be pre
served and taken care or. He sug
gested that a committee of five be ap
pointed to draft a resolution relative to
the matter.
S. B. Smith said he had moved the
original motion to get it before the
meeting. Ho thought it would be
anomalous to have the monument re
moved from the scene of the events
that it was intended to commemorate.
There was one of the historic scenes of
the Northwest; there had been enacted
a bloody drama, and what place was
more fitting for the monument in re
membrance of those tragic events than
on the very spot where they had been
enacted? He favored the ratification
of the resolution. After further desul
tory discussion Judge Taylor drafted
the following resolution, which was
nnanimonsly adepted:
Rcsolci'J, That a committee of two
consisting of the vice-president of this
association and another member to
be selected by him, be appointed to con
fer with n like comraitteo from tho Whit
man Historical Society, and that Buch
committee bo authorized to negotiate
with said Whitman monument society,
through its committee, for tho trausfer
of the funds held by this society, for the
erection of a monument to tho memory
of Marcus AVhitman, and his associates,
when said Whitman Historical Society
shall have secured proper grounds there
for and raised the additional sum of
five hundred dollars, to bo used exclu
sively for tho erection of such a monu
ment. Previded: That in transferrins such
fund, it shall be done in such a manner
as to give full credit therefor through
this society, to the pioneers who have
been instrumental in Taising the funds
now in the hands of the society for that
Capt Gray moved that a committee
ot three, consisting of F." J. Taylor, S. B.
Smith, and W. B. Adnir lv nnnninfvl
to take action regarding the associa-1
tion's property in upper Astoria, and
make report at the annual meeting of
the association.
B. Tan Dusen was elected treasurer
of the association. Capt Gray moved
that tho money now iu the AVhitman
fund bo transferred to AV. S. Ladd,
the treasurer of that fund, to draw in
terest; carried. He then spoke re
garding the perpetuation ofthehis-
lime and place of meeting be desig
naled by the president, a voto of
thanks wai tendered Messrs. Strauss
and Seiig for the use of the hall, and
the meeting adjourned.
Hay Railway Company.
Articles of incorioralion or the
Bay Railway company were filed iu
the count' clerk's oifiee yesterday.
The duration is unlimited, and the ob
ject is to imild, erect and operate a
railroad from Astoria to a oint on i
the AVilluski river a hair mile from its
mouth. The principal office and place '
of business is to be Astoria, and the i
capital stock, SG0,00J), divided into 000
snares ol tioD eaeii. J lie mcoriior-
. Taylor
is no pa-
per railway, lor li:e money is up,
material is ordered and is now on
Grading to a considerable
'" . rf V-11-" ic!,t lws :iirJy lvn done, and quite
i , ,?w,u ? I si force ol" men is alreadv at work on
aud Historical tjl0 i;ne. u wj'l be pushed forward to
a -peedy completion and not many
months will lapse ere it will l in
Am K:r.;ty llJtrl.
It is a somewhat singular fact that
one hotel in this city has not a single
irucst. even in these livelv times. It is
open for business, is quite centrally ,
located, the landlord is a very genial, t
popular man, the rates are low, in fad '
no charges at all aie made, the build
ing is attractive in appearance, leing
a cross between a church and a Moor
ish temple, and even the windows are
protected by iron bars so that the oc
cupants arc not in dauger or falling
out It is on Benton street, between
Third aud Fourth, is under the auspi
ces of the county aud sheriff" Smith is
the proprietor.
A Scrap riair S:n is tlvr I.ifc
1 1 was just an ordinary scrap of wrap
ping paper, hut it huved her life. She
was in the last Mages of consumption,
lold by physicians that she was incura
ble and could live only a short time;
she weighed Ics than .seventy pounds.
On a piece of wrapping paper she read
of Dr. King's New Discovery, and got a
sample bottle; it helped her,shf bought
a larger bottle, it helped her more,
bought another and grew better fast,
continued its u-e and is now strong,
healthy, rosy, plump, weighing 140
pounds. For fuller particulars end
stamp to XV. II. Cole, Druggist, Fort
Smith. Trial Hottles of this wonderful
Discovery Free at .1. XV. Conn's Drugstore.
The latest style of Gents' Roots and
shoes at P. .1. Goomi ax's.
Codec and cake,
Central Restaurant.
ten cuts, nl the
Mns. Wixsi.ow's Soothing Syrup
should always be used lor children
teething, it &oothcs the child, so! tens
the gums.allavs all pain, cures wind
chohcandis the best remedy fordiar-rhoea.Tweiity-fivB
cents a bottle.
T1cd1iohcIjOiIki2 llousc.
Best Beds in town. Rooms per night
50 and 25 cts., per week $1.50. New and
clean. Private entrance.
Ludlow's Ladies' .$3.00 Fine Shoes;
also flexible hand-turned French Kids,
at P. J. Goodman's.
For Fine Pliotegrapks,
Go to Misses Carruthcrs' photograph
gallery: Third street, opposite Mor
gan it Sherman's.
MORGAN & CO.Jlie leading Shoe House
Mansell's New Building,
Water Street, Astoria, Or
:Noact ioor to
Large Stock of Mens and Boy's Clothing, Ha,ts, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Underwear, Etc,
That will suit you in size and price. We cannot he undersold.
Water Street, Astoria, Or
In consequence of the demand for those
beautiful lerel lots, Mr. P. C. Warren lias
been induced to plat nlncty-six lots
Adjoining Warrenton on the East.
Which will be known and sold as
East Warrenton I
THE RAILROAD runs through the plat,
which Is only 200 yards from the Warrenton
depot. For further information call at
once on the
Lots iii Tract 3 of the beautiful suburb of
CHELSEA, only five minutes walk from the
steamer landing at Sklpanon and terminus
of A. & S. C 1L K. These lots are COxlOO feet,
on the first bench above the tide land, are
clear and level, and good water obtainable
within ten feet of surface. Prices from S0
to $75 ; S)'20 down, balance $10 per month.
Crisp Snaps.
$0,350 House and Lot on First Street, Buaines Property. Cheap.
$275 to $325 Lots in Block 2C, Hustler & Aiken's Astoria. Very deairaW.
$800 Corner Lot in McClure's Astoria. Beautiful residence Lot
$375 to $500-Lots in Alderbrook, on water front.
$2,000 Eighty Acres on Klaskanine. Nico home.
$120 rer Acre Ninety Acrea, near town, suitable for platting."
If You Don't See Your Particular Snap, Call and See Us.
i n-ai M m
Real ETstato
. ()F
Goods !
01S Reliable Clotiier and Hatter
.Occident Hotel Hnildinp.
Ten Acres, suitable for pUttinsr, clear and
level ; on county road and within easy drive
of Astoria.
Front Comer Residence Lot In Block No.
90, Olneys.
Six Lots in B'ock 9, ADAIR'S ASTORIA,
running clear through the block, and mak
ing a fine residence site. 100x150. Only one
block from Columbia river and street car
line. Price, St.050, part cash.
Ueal Efttate Broker.
Marshall & Co.,
Salmon Net Twines
For 81 by . SMITH, Agent,
Office at Wherry & Co's.
Thompson & Boss
Carry a Full Line of
Choice Staple and Fancy
Give Us a Call and Be Convinced.
Morgan & Sherman
Odd Fellows7 Buildin;
Wholesale Wine House.
Fine Wines, Choice Brands.
I have completed arrangements for supplying any brand of "Win in any quantity
at lowest cash figures.
The Trade Supplied,
Families Supplied.
Your patronage in City or Country solicited.
A. W. UTZINGER. Cosmopolitan Saloon.
Successors to KIRK SHELDOX.
Agency for
IOI Front Street, PORTLAND, OR.
ron Worn
And Dealers In
Special Attention Given to Filling
Of Orders.
And Supplies furnished at Satis
factory Terms.
Purchases delivered In any part of the city.
Office and Warehouie
In Hume's New Building on Water Street.
P. O. Box 153. TelepaoBB No. ST.
Concomly St., Foot ot Jackson, Astoria. Or
Machinists anfl Boiler Haters.
Land and Marine Engines
Steamboat Work and Cannery Work
Castings of all Descriptions Made
to Order at Short Notice.
John Fox- President, and Supt
A. L.Fox, Vice President
J. G. Hustleh. Sec. and Treas
Orders Dellrered Free ef Charge. Coast
Orders Solicited. Third Street,
next to Pioneer otQce.
Abstracts of Title,
Keeps a full set of Abstract Books
and will exaiulae the Title to any KealBH
tate in the couuty and furnish an Abetrae
of Title to the same.
Terms reasonable. Work guaranteed.
Flp, the Tailor,
Finest Woolen Goods for Suitings
lie buys for Cash, at Eastern Prices. Ho Guarantees tb et Wttkn
on all garments. Call and see for yoursalTes.
Barth's ft look, Astoria.