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made, as the fittings and equipment HEAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. FEB. 28
will cost S10,000. For this reason it . nm
is thought best to increase thcappio- I As FileJ la Tiie County Recorders Office
priatiou by the sum above mentioned. ' Yterday..
.MARC. I 1 16C0 Younc Kiril'k Lidberg Sci lonely Injured.
(Moi:da excepted.)
J. P.
Publishers :i:id Proprietors.
atou:an r.rn.:n;. - Cas Stki.kt.
Yesterday about 4:30 o'clock Mr.
Lidberg and his boy were passing by
the post ollice. As he expected some
mail from Shoalwater Bay ATr. Lul
bertj sent the boy into the ollice and
walked on ahead. He had parsed
Terras of Subscription , "-'" " uiii ivu u wU vyiuii uu-
Serrcl M Carrier, ,r woek - 13 eta Jenly he heard a cry and looked back.
Sent by Sail. month Goers ' He saw his son rolling over and over
Sent by Mali, one ear $7.w , like a ball in front of the hono air.
lreeortONL-iseioMibcniK. It seems that the boy started to run
Tun AvToniAV suamnte s to its adcr-1 and catch his father. He evidently
tvr iho larse-t oirc til.itioi. f aii nruspa- I thought he could getbevond the track
lrjjubnned on the Columbia r.wr. i before the car came aiomr. In this
- -- I , . , , -. 11L". 5
no was misiaKen i wis coming rrevioualv retried this year
down grade and dnver Alibhorn did
A.H. Wilson and wire to
JThos. G. Kners, land in sec
tion ft, T 8 N, R 9 V. . . .$ 750
V. S. Kinnev and wife to F. S.
Field, et al lots 2, 7, 8. blk
110, Shiveiys 4,000
Bich.ird Careus to C. B.
Thomn. XJ of the SEJ4',
HH of the NEi. of sec
tion 2, T7X. P.6W. about
1C0 acres 1,000
J. C. Adams and wife to John
Lcwi. lots 0, 7, blk 2, tract
.'. Chelsea 120
Caroline Van Dnsen to Flor
ence Vadloijjh, bile 20. Ol-
Breezy Reminiscences of the DistiagaUhed
Prelate of an Old Friend.
To-night: --The Great Metroixriis:'
Reserved seaN
Novelty store.
at the New York
Win. Partington opens the Portland
saloon this morning.
Mrs. A. F. Kragcr will begin teach
ing school at Clatsop on the 1st of
next month.
Comparison of The Mokkixg Asto
kiax witli alleged ''competitors" is
constantly and cordially invited.
Tim Weekly Astowax, a large
twclve-pago paper, the cream of The
DAnr, appears this morning.
The bay has been very calm during
the last few days, looking more like a
qniot lake than the mouth of a great
The close salmon season on the Co
lumbia begins to-day. Purely as a
business proposition it should be
strictly observed.
The officers of the Manzanita
will be pleased to known that the
money is appropriated for a new
boiler for their boat.
A certain real estate dealer suc
ceeded in making one dollar yesterday
on quite an extensive transfer and
thinks ho will have it framed.
Fred Saiz, the popular saddler is
in biifcuiess on his own account with a
largo new stock, at the old stand, and
ready as ever to do work neat, quick
and satisfactory.
G. W. Rucker has received a letter
from Hon. T. A. Stevaus, grand master
workman of the jurisdiction, saying
that he will surely bo here this even
ing to deliver the address before the
In the case of the city against IvXc
Intyre tried in the police court, Mc
Intyre was sentenced to a fine of 100
or twenty days in jail. In the case
of the city vs. Wyman, it was ordered
not have time to possibly stop. ,
The horse struck the boy in the back, I
which knocked him down. The horse
and car then passed partly over him.
Ed. Foster was near with his express )
wagon. ATr. Lidberg and Foster)
lifted Fredrick into this and took t
him quickly to Dr. Fulton's ollice
where his wounds were carefully
dressed. His left leg was fractured
below the knee, and his right leg
badly lacerated so as to have prooably ,
cut an artery. At last accounts the
boy was doing as well as could be ex- ,
peeled. Air. Lidberg exonerates '
driver Alibhorn from blame, Fred
rick is about ten jears old, and one of
several children. The family has re
cently come from Minnesota.
The accident which happened to
young Frederick Lidberg, jesterdny,
should be a lesson to other small
boys of the city. It is remarkable
that more accidents have not hap
pened. Almost every day these boys
go running and jumping about the
cars, never thinking of any clangor.
Of course this boy was 110L fooling at
the time, but btill his misfortune
should have its effect in making oilier
careful. Everywhere it appears to bA
a popular amusement among small
bosto tamper with cars and truck
wagons. They will be more thought
ful in the future in this city.
An Impo:! ant I'.tint.
During tiie trial of the feialo vs.
Whalen, which came up yesterday
the circuit court, an interesting point 1
in cross examination was developed.
District attorney McBride asked Wh..
len if he was ever before convicted or
felony. Curtis for the defence at ene:
objected and read extensively from a
decision of Judge Thayer in support
of the ground he had taken. After a
little further discussion by Mr. Mc-1
Bride the objection was allowed and
the question not pet mil ted. This is
the first lime this point has eonm up (
here that a witness shall not be obliged
to give testimony against himself by '
answering whether he has been con
victed of previous crime. j
Total to date S 802,777
Tiie l'lav f "The tivat 3Ictroiolis."
Tliere was good acting at the thea
ter last night. The curtain ro:c at 8,
and bv 8:30 the noise in the house had
ho farsub-jdod that those in the front
row of scats could form a faint idea of
1 what was going on. 011 the stage.
' By nine o'clock comparative quiet
enabled nearly all except those who
' take a delight in making nuisances of
themselves to enjoy a well played
The best acting was done by Win.
Morriss, who as the outspoken Will
Web-ter with his heart on his sleeve,
brave and headstrong, but overpow
ered by the contending passions of
love and revenge, dieted descived applause.
The life of the piece was Harry Bell,
the real estate rustler, who lit up
the sad situations with the genius
of hi- wit and whose song
' "Tis a little too good to bo true."
i-, worth hearing. Messrs. Armstrong,
1 FLsk and Lent were good in their
I respective parts, and Miss Clyde LTer
, 0:1, as the unfortunate victim of per
fidy, made ih' mo-.t of the character
1 assigi.exl her.
Th' play is the usual business, vice
foiled, right triumphant and the vil-
Scaly Skin: Diseases
and entire
1 l!iii l-itl!rwl nrn tiie ilnnc nviinrV
111 ("""""-"-" " 1 '" " -
i is wen pin 011 me bu-uu.
scene in the lifo-saving station where
the toasts are interrupted and the men
hurry out to save the shipwrecked
crew'or the Fbjiny Fish is well done,
the life-saving appliances, life line,
breeches buoy and all, being well put
The play will be repealed this even
ing, and is worth bccing. the company
being a clever one, and away above
the average in ability.
The jury in the case of the elate vs.
Whalen. after being out several hours
returned a verdict of guilty, last even
ing. The jury were dismissed until
JISSU this morning, and the court was
adjourned until 9 a. m.
It is encouraging to note that a
good vized force of men are to hurry
along the building of Young's new
block Now the city wants to see
many times that number of carpenters
employed on other structures.
A Neiessarj' lnn!iflcatin.
When foreigners apph for
j C. lw Thomson has been re-appoiut-'
ed a notary public.
, Dr. Kinney and his wife haye gone
. to Chicago, starling last night
il.nlr ' Miss Alice Stockton returned to As-
At the meeting of the W. C. T. U.
Thursday afternoon it was voted to
invite Mrs. Dr. Orpha D. Baldwin of
Cleveland, O., national superintend
ent heredity and hygiene, to give one
lecture in Astoria on March 21st.
When the electric light poles were
erected on Benton street it is very
evident that they were not carefully
aligned. A glance from the court
house tip the street shows most of
them to be standing out of plumb.
If it has been very cold in Astoria
for several days, it is remarkable how
many men are about town without
overcoats, and often with their regular
coats unbuttoned. This could not be
clone in the east hi the same latitude.
One day last week Messrs. Frcder
ickson and Laughebach near Cath
lamct caught a seal in their salmon
net that weighed 200 pounds. The
fishermen say there are more seals in
the river this spring than they have
seen for many 3. ears.
Last Thursday senator Mitchell in
troduced the bill appropriating
S3.7S3 to reimburse this city for im
provements made around the United
States custom house and postoffice, as
ler detailed account recently sent
from the city clerk's office.
final papers they are always asked if
they have read the constitution of the
United Shites. This is one of the ab
solute requirements to citizenship in
this country. Many of thcc appli
cants canuol read English.
Yesterday Abram E. Juntle applied
before Judge Taylor for his final
papers. He was asked iHie had rea I
the constitution, ho replied that he
had. He was then asked if he could
read the constitution in English. This
he could not do but used a Finnish
translation. As the judge has had
several cases like this, lie ordered
Juntle to bring the translation into
court this morning. His word was
not doubted, but it will make abso
lute proof.
The Oresctn" Libeled.
James Laidlaw as administrator of
the estate of Chas. Austin and Mat
thew Beed, of Cardiff, Wales, the i,ca
men lulled on lxarcl of the Clan Mc
Kcnzie at the time she was run into
by the steamer Ure'jon.hixs libeled the
Oregon for So,000 each for the life of
the men, claiming they were young
and able bodied and their future pros
pects in life reasonably worth that
much. Laidlaw was appointed ad
ministrator of their estates by the
county court of Columbia county. It
may be incumbent upon Mr. Laidlaw
to prove these men dead in order to
recover, as their bodies have not'.et
been found, although supposed to'be 1 "V Conn, Robert Christie. E. C. .'
at the bottom of the river. . rs, Thos. O'Councr, A. H. Sale. 11
toria yesterday on the Telephone.
H. Dudley :nid John Johnson, of ima lady
lloquiam, V ashiugton, are in town.
II. Reee, of Gri'. harbor, and S.
.S. Der. of Wii'.apa, came to town
AV. Y. jl'horiiburg of Ski.mokawa
and ?tl?s jjulu King of Portland Avere
married last Wednesday.
1 Feb. 23. Taylor J.
; In the ctise of Bergman A: Marion
1 vs. II. A. Sinidt defendant asks to file
1 amended M!Mer, and allowed until 2
i. 3t.
Thompson tc Ross vs. the Pacific
' Construction Co.; judgment for plaiu-
tili and order of sale for attached
Waldo O. Young vs. Lucy C. Young
et at: objection to the bill of the ref
erees. Stale of Oreguii vs. John Dunbar;
I on trial with the following jurv:
Robert Christie. W. J. Scully, M.
I Devcrcaux, F. Sherman, R. J. Morri
1 son, J. W. Walker, W. A. Johnson, A.
1L Sale, Thomas O Conner, A. E. Tur
lay, J. P. Scothan, Jtunes Brown.
The jury rendered a verdict of guil
ty. Tuesday was appointed for sen
tence. Stale of Oregon vs. H. Whalen; on
trial with the following jury: A. E.
Turlay, W. 0. Scully, J. P. Scothan, J.
A. O. U. W. Anniversary.
The house of C. W. Dnrr at Gray's
river narrowly escaped destruction by
fire yesterday morning. A fortunate
accident delayed the steamer Itital
and her passengers saw the fire and
put it out after the roof and some of
the furniture had been burned.
Work begau yesterday on the motor
line to girdle Smith's Point, an impor
tant enterprise. This is a sure thing;
no talk, but work. A telegram yes
terday says 150 tons of iron are on the
way. This will lay three miles of road.
The work will be pushed to successful
At a school meeting in upper As
toria last Wednesday night, Ben
Young was elected director to fill the
unexpired term of W. F. McGregor.
At a meeting of the board of directors
last night, Mr. A. Clark was elected
teftcher. He will assume his duties
next Monady.
As to-day is the 11th anniversary of
the organization of Sea Side Lodge
No. 12, A. O. U. W., the members of
the lodge propose to observe the same
by enjoying a general good time at
their hall this evening. There will be
good speaking, music and singing.
Hon. T. A. Stevans, grand master
workman of the jurisdiction will le
present on this occasion. He will be
pleased to meet the citizens of Astoria
and their families. Other speakers t
will also be present to address the
The exercises will begin at 850,
doors open at S. A cordial invitation
is extended to all.
j Morrison. U. It. fcoronsGii, . L. mc-
1 Groskv, F. Sherman.
. H. D. McGinuis vs. H. A. Smidt.
continued for term and given until
June 1st to answer.
I Worsley &Cannthcrs vs. J. Resan
I icli, argument on the demurrrer to an
"There, look at that, will your'
cned Colonel Amos Tompkins, of
Virginia City, in the office of the Pal
ace last week, indicating a dispatch in
the Examiner telling how a man had
taken a shot at Bishop Whittaker.
The colonel was elated with triumph.
"You see, it says," he continued,
leading the way to the bar, automatic
ally, "that the fellow is a temperance
man and wanted to do up the bishop
because he doesn't stand in with the
high-and-drys. When temperance is
indulged in too long and permanently
it hardens men's hearts, destroys
their better feelings and too frequently
leads them into crime. What'll you
"Do von know the bishop, col
onel?" "Do I? WThat? Do I know the
bishop? Why shouldn't I? He -was
at the head of tho Episcopal end of
the theological lino over in our state
for ever so many years, and everybody
who has lived in Nevada knows him
and respects him, too, sir. Ho worked
two shifts every twenty-four hours and
would preach at the drop of the hat,
night or day. The only thing any of us
have got against him is that ho left us.
"Bishop,' says I, 'I don't go to
church myself,' but Whittaker and I
were tho "warmest kind of friends
'Bishon.' says I to him on C street one
day, 'don't leave us. After tho long
experience you've had of the civiliza
tion of Nevada the nickel-chip layout
of Pennsylvania wont suit your tastes
at all. Stay where yon are and be a
high-roller among tho high-rollers.'
"But co ho would, and now they've
taken to shooting him. I shouldn't
wonder ir this would settle things and
the bishop'd skip back to Nevada.
No Comstocker can stand a place like
Philadelphia very' long. We ain't
used to tho rough ways of tho front
ier. Nobody." pursued tho colonel,
draining his" second glas3 in luxurious
comfort, "nobody over took a shot at
the bishop over there. The worst
that ever happened him was to be
"Yes, sir; kicked. It was done in
Virginia City, and I saw it with my
own eyes. It was a winter morning
and tho Bishop was climbing up Tay
lor street in the narrow path in the
snow that the miners had trodden
down on their way to work. Tbe
bishop's a very little man, you know,
but two ladies who were behind him
couldn't get past him. Ho was deep
in thought and didn't hear them.
They wero holding their skirts high
to keep them out of tho snow. The
lady ahead of the other got kind o'
mad at last and cried eut: "Plague
tako yon. Whiffet, get out of the
way and let ladies go by, can't you?"
and with that she let lly a kick that
lifted the bishop clean out of the path
into the deep snow.
"Well, sir, you never saw a man so
amazed as the bishop was, and, as for
tho lady, it's only justice to say that
when sho saw who it was sho'd kicked
she blushed and apologized as any
wonld under tno oircum
"Ah," said the colonel, wagging his
head and smiling down into his glass,
"we all loved tho bishop, and the boys
at Candelaria were particularly fond
of him. Ho was over there preaching
one Sunday, and after morning service
took a stroll to the outskirts of the
town with a couplo of ladips of the
conerecation. Prospect shafts were as
thick as gopher holes and the boys
were all at work. Sunday made no
difference to them. Half of the holes
belonged to Mike Brannon, an old
friend of mine, a perfect giant, and as
simple minded as a baby. Ho was us
bald as Mount Davidson, and some of
the fellows had told him that if ho'd
nib his head with kerosene oil and
onions, and cut the crown out of his
hat so that tho sun could shine on his
skull, his hair would grow again.
"That was a joke, you know," ex
plained the colonel, but Mike took it
.ill 111, and when the bishop and the
ladies came up to where he was, there
stood ?dike tugging and grunting
away at the windlass hoisting rock,
audthe hot summer sun blazing down
on his shining crown.
"The biohop, one of tho best heart
ed men that over breathed, was horri
fied. " 'Good heavens, man,' says he,
why don't you gel a proper hat? You
will be injured."
'How'll Oi be injured r growled
Mike, straining at the windlass, the
sweat pouring off him.
" 'Your brain will bo injured.'
" 'Brains, is it? Brains?' and Mike
put two-horse power on tho windlass
and landed tho bucket, 'Sure, an' if
Oi had anv brains d'ye think I'd bo
here?' "
covering head
iwvUHvHUeaeabM. Bkin
red, itchy mndtteedium. Hair all Bfne.
Spent hundred fdommra. Jrnounced
incurable. Cured by CutieuraKemedie
Cured by Cuticura
My disease (psoriasis) first broke cmtoe
my left cheek, spreading across my nose and
almost covering my face. It ran Into my
eyes and my physician was afraid I would
lose my eyesight altogether. It spread all
orer my head and my nair an fell oat, until
I was entirely bald-beaded ; it then broke
out on my arms andshoolder,until my arms
were Just one sore. It covered my entire
body, mv face, head andshonlders being the
w orst. The white scabs fell constantly from
my head, shoulders and arms; the skin
would thicken and be red and very Itchy,
aud would craclc and bleed if scratched.
After spending many hundreds of dollars 1
was pronounced incurable. I heard of the
Ccticuha Bexeoies. and after using two
bottles CtrrictJKA Resolvckt I conlu see
a change ; and after I had taken four bottles
I was almost cured ; and when I had used
six bottles of Cuticuka Kksoltjcxt and
one box of Cuuicura, and one cake of Cut
icura Soap. I was cured of the dreadful
disease from which I had suffered for five
years. I theught the disease would leaTe a
very deep scar, but the Cozxcur A Bkmk
dies cured it without any scan. I cannot
express with a pen wliat I suffered' bf ore
using the Cuticura Remedies. Ihey
saved my life, and I felt It my duty to rec
ommend them. My hair Is restored as good
as ever and so Is ray eyesight. I know of
others who have received great beneAtfrora
their use. MM. K09A KKLbX.
Boclcwell City, leva.
Cuticura Resolvent,
The new Blood andSkln purifier and purest
and best of humor remedies, internally, and
Cuticura. tbe great Skla Gere, aad Cuti
cura SoAP,an exqaWte 8kt BeauUter. ex
ternally have cured thowandsof eases
where the shedding of scales "measured a
quart daily, the skin cracked, bleeding
burning and itching almost beyoM kuman
endurance, hair lifeless r allgoBAiVBienng
terrible. What other remedies karftjtoade
such cures? fj
Sold everywhere. Price, Ctmcuju, 50c;
Soap, 25c: Resolvent. IL. Prepared by the
Potter Druo axd Cxzxxcax Corfora
tiov. Boston.
ftTSend for "How to Cure SkinSiseases."
61 paxes, 50 illustrations and low testimonials.
Expected to Arrive Daily!
New Spring Goods
mmv. II. COOPER,
TIM Strat.
Leading Dry Goods and Clothing House of Astoria
n I y PLES, black heads, red, rongh, chap
rlm pedand oily skin prevented by Cut
icura. Soap.
SCT Back-ache, kidney pains, weak
ness, rheumatism aud muscular
WW pains relieved in one minute by
Wmmmthc CutteuraAntl-Paln Platter.
Tbe ttrst and only Instantaneous paln-klll-tng
Marshall & Co.,
Salmon it Twines
For Sale by I. SMITFI, Agent,
Offlco at Wherry & Co's.
So far auditor Jewett has received
no bids or applications for the
proposed issue of city bonds to tho
amount of S22.930. It is hardly time,
as voL to hear from tbe east, where it
is nrobable that tho loan at tho pro
posed rate of interest (four per cent)
could with most liklehood be placed.
Passcuseis lly the '"It. R. Thompson.'
Tbe Santa How passed out yester
day morning. She had on more freight
than for somo lime. This is proba-
1 bly her last trip north for the present
The wrecker WhUclaw i3 doing
some work around tho" Astoria
docks. Yesterday with her divers and
apparatus a safe was raised off iho
Telephones wharf, belonging to Foard
k Stokes, and part of a stovo in front
of the V. P. dock.
E'x:tarial!c ICfsruc.
Mrs. Michael Curtain. Pl.unliehl, 111.,
inakc- the statement that she caught
Thompson & Ross
Carry a Full Line of
Choice Staple and Fancy
Give Us a Call and Be Convinced.
Block Twenty-Six
Hustler and Aiken's
Carnahan & Go.
I. "W. CASE,
Comer Chenaraib end Ca streets.
Morgan & Sherman
This Fine Residence Property, Overlooking Young's Bay
on Southern Slope, is now on Sale.
Taj Ior'd motor lino and projected cable car line will pass in front of this Block.
Lots Ie cl and all cleared. The
Most Desirable and Valuable Residence Property in Astoria
John Ifouson, Esq.. will build a flno residence on this block in a fow months.
Hood neighbors make property desirable.
wtaiaie m mtmm&
And Dealers iu
Tho following is tho list of those
who "went to Portland last night:
Y. S. Ennvon, G. "W. Williams, H.
Poole, A. E. Campbell, J. H. D. Gray, cold which sullied on her lunjis; she
L W. Case, A. Augustine. J. Strauss, a- f.eaiea a liioiiltt uy hpr tainiiy piiy
.T F Teb- sieian. out urew wor&e. lie loin ner sin
T W. P.nnl.- -I RnBimilmll. -T V Toh-
hfitf a. T)r. Itinufiv and wife. .T. O. linn-1 w-v? a hopelefsrietim ofconwutption and
thorn, Miss French, Miss Smith, Mrs.
that no medicine could cure her.
. dniffJift Mig0sid j)r.
tj.h.ui.u, -l...;o ...., ..-!... ;.,.,,, . vllirirftkoi llr JJimr'c V-j.
Eoss, L. L. Greentree, H. Flecheii-1 DNcmvry lur Consumption : sire'houcht
stem, H. A. bhorey, C. J. Hall, U. n. . ,i botth and to hrrciclmht found herself
Crowelh E. A. Seelcv, P. H. Johnson, ! bom fitwl from first dose, -lie oontm-
M.P. Callendar. T. E. Cankiu. D. ! "! :tsi:so,:-ml after tat;inut iibnttk'
51.tjpy Iloosicr.
AV111. Tiiiimons, postmaster of Ida
viile. IiulM writes: "Electric Bitters
has done more for me than all other
medicines combined, for that had feel
ing aiising from Kidney ami Liver
tiouule.' John Leslie, farmer and
.stockman of same place, sas: "Find
Kloclric JJittersto be the best Kidney
and Liver medicine; made me feel like
a now man.' J. "SV. Gardner, hardware
merchant, same town, s.iys: Electric
Bitters is just the thing fur a man who
is all run down and don't caro whether
he lives or dies; he found new strength,
good appetite and felt just like he had a
new leoe on life. Only 50c. a bottle, at
.1. W. Conn's Drug Store.
itemembcr the Austin house at the
Seaside is open tho year 'round.
lVleiltOilcliOl1lCIH J10H8C.
Host r.eds in town. Rooms per night
K) and 'Si cts., per week S1J50. New and
clean. Private entrance.
Gage and wife, 0. H. Bain, G. Cabot,
H. Shannon, J. M. Olsen, J. .T. Kin
ney, Prof. Pratt, W. S. Kinney.
Notice to Members of Seaside Lodge, No.
12. A. O. IT. W.
One of the foremost literary women
of America is Ella Higginson, whose
poetry and fiction has been published
widely in the leading periodicals. Sho
is an original thinker and an incisive
writer in prose, as well as a poet, and
her pen always commands the atten
tion of thoughtful people. Mrs. Hig
ginson lias assumed editorial charge
of a woman's department in West
Sherc and will make that excellent
illustrated weekly doubly interesting
to the women of the west
The secretary of the treasury has
sent to tho house a letter asking an
additional appropriation of $10,000 for
completion of a lightship at the
laouth of the Columbia river. The
earn of $00,000 was appropriated for
this purposes. Bids were opened a
abort tire ago in Portland, when one
from San Fraackco was found to be
for f86tO00,ia another from Portland
for 168,750. The letting could not be
All members of Seaside Lodge No.
12, A. O. U. W., are requested to meet
at their hall this evening at 7 o'clock
sharp, to transact tho regular business
of the lodge before the evening's ex
exercises. G. W. Etjokeb, M. W.
Attest: W- B. Bos?, Eecorder.
fo n:d herself sound ami well, now docs
iior housework and is as well as she
put wa. Free trial bottles f this
Discovciy at J. V. Conn's Drug J-'tore,
largo b tsios,.r(0.'. and t.
There wiil be a social dancn at Lib
erty Hall this evening under the
auspices of the Alpha .'vicial club The
grand march will be played at 7 o'clock.
TJtzinger's orchestra will furnish the
music: admission one dollar.
Do Yen I.ikc a Good Cigar?
Call at Charley Olsen's, east of C. II.
Cooper's. He will suit you. A fine
stock of cigars to select from.
Fr Fine Photographs,
Go to Misses Carruihers' photograph
gallery: Tliiid street, opposite Mor
gan & Sherman's.
.U1VICK 10 3J07i!EIti.
Mi:s.,)vr's Soothing Sykut
-Inmld nhvajs be Used tor children
too'hing. It -uo:hi'3 tho child, m ions
iho gums, allays all euros wind
cholic. and is iimbci remedv fordiar-rhojfuTwenty-fivo
cents a bottle.
liento Hooded to Orrter.
l'rSvate rooms for ladies and families:
at Central KiMnnranl, next to Foard fe
Co;lce and cake, tan rpnts. at the
Central Restaurant.
Ludlow's Ladies' Saoo Fine Shoes;
also flexible hand-turned French Kids,
at P. J. Goodman's.
Special Attention Given to Filling
Of Orders.
And Supplies furnished at Satis
factory Terms.
Purchases delivered in any part of the city.
Office and Warehouse
In Hume's New Building on Water Street.
P. O. Box 138. Telephone No, 37.
For 10 Days Longer
Thc West One-Half cf Block
fticCIure's Astoria.
Oalv tbree blocks south cf the Odd Fel
lows' hullding. There is a fine dwellinc on
tills choice property that will rental top
fijnircs the year round.
For further particulars inquire of
3Ptxxxx for X-Loixt
With fortv-flve head of cattle for ball the
Increase. Call or write to
Vesper, Clatsop Comity, Or.
OUReliaWeCletlifiraii Hatter
Occident Hotel Buidm.
Wciuliard'j Boer.
And Free Lnnch at lite Telephone Sa
loon, 5 cents.
Gold glove buttoner; teturn to Occi
dent hotel bar and receive reward.
The latot stylo or Genus' Hoots aud
Shoos at P. .1. Goodmax's.
diiloren Cry ferPitclers Castoria
E. F. NOONAN fc CO.,
(Successors to)
Grroceries Produce.
Water Street, Astoria, Oregon.
Wall Paper and Oil Paintings
Sign Writer, Grainer and
Ornamental Painter.
Cor. Cass and Jefferson Sts.. Astoria,
1 H
This Property is situated at the head of
Young's Bay and only thirty min
utes walk from U. P. Dock.
Wm. B. Adair,
N. E. Cor. Olney and Third Sts.
P. O. Box 436.
Particular attention given to Properties
in Upper Astoria; also to purchase of Tim
ber Lands.
For Further Information Call on
Elmore, Sanborn & Co.
the Tailor,
Finest Woolen Goods for Suitings.
He buys for Cash, at Eastern Prices. He Guarantees the Best Workma
. on all garments. Call and see for yourselves.
Sarth's Block, Astoria.
In consequence of the demand for those
beautiful level lots. Mr. P. C. Warren has
been Induced to plat ninety -six lots
Adjoining Warrenton on the East.
Which will be known and sold as
East Warrenton I
THE RATLEOAD runs through the plat,
which Is only 200 yards from the arrenton
depot. For further Information call at
once on tbe
There is do occasion for the most fastidi
ous of our citizens to send to Portland or
San Francisco f or
Custom Made Clothes
Astkeyca get Better Fits. Better Work
aaaafeip, andf for. leas Honey.
By Ltftriag Oefx Orders with MEANY.
Nw Qods bv Evry tttamer.
C.B aai Sm Km aai Battery Tevnelf.
P. J. MMny. Merchant Tailor.
The terminus of the Hwaco and Shoalwater Bay Kailroad. THE GREAT
of the .Bay, at deep water, and only twelve miles from the bar. The coming
County beat and Commercial Metropolis of Pacific county. Now laid out. Lota
on the market from SoO, and iiDwarus.
For particulars and fnli information, call on or address
Ilwaoo, W
Lois in Tract 3 of the beautiful suburb of
CHELSEA, only lie minutes walk from the
steamer landing at Sklpanon and terminus
of A. & S. C It. K. These lots are 50x100 feet,
on the first bench above the tide land, are
clear and level, and good water obtainable
within ten feet of surface. Prices from SCO
to $75 ; 20 down, balance S10 per month.
Ten Acres, suitable for platttmr, clear and
level ; on county road and within easy drive
of Astoria.
Front Corner Residence Lot in Block No.
SO, Olneys.
Six Lots in Block 9, ADAIR'S ASTORIA,
running clear through the block, and mak
ing a fine residence site. 100x150. Only one
block from Columbia river and street car
line. Trice, $1,050, part cash.
Real Estate Broker.
UrWl V catvfc
l w..,. . irC
V,":.:Wrs -
oi Y! lot rrfSl
t -
A Second-Hand Piano for Salt
.- iiiuiuuuuD uj iiuuiau Hi
dition. Also a fine Estey Oigaa,
new. Inquire of A. L. Fraaeii,
Fourth, and Cass.
& v
- -rtJZ
-& '"'