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Jsaihi Sjisferiaw.
(Mond ty i'roptcd.)
Inblhhcr ami Proprietors.
astokian Hrii.ii.:, - Cass Stkket.
Terras of Subscript ion.
Scrwd liv Carrier, per week .... j5 cts
S-nt by Mall, per month . fin cts
Sent by Mail, one ear ........ S.ix)
Free of o,t:u;e to Mih-rribers,
Tiik Atouian giiara:it; to Its adver
tisers the larxeNt neiil.iiioii ofn'u iifutpi
lKTj)tilili!icili.ii the Co iiiilu.i liver.
Citj ami Coiintj-Oflicitl I:irr.
All the Astoria lawyers arc mar
ried. Astoria's temperature, yestertlav,
wa-s 52 Fahrenheit.
In this section 'tis the direction r
the -wind that controls the weather.
Fifty passengers of the Columbia
were obliged to sleep in the saloon.
The Weekly Astokian, twelve
pages, full or news, is published this
Portland's city council has levied
a ten mill tax on $2.1.000,000 valuation,
alxuit one-fifth of the actual value.
Vancouver. Wash., has appropriated
S20.000 for the removal of the sand
bar near thai city and will ask the
United .Slates to assist.
Seventy tons of sturgeon per week
are lwing put up by one firm in Port
land, who have the headquarters of
their sturgeon fishery at Skamokawa.
Large quantities of logs are re
ported scattered along the weather
beach, floated down the river and out
to sea. and then piled up to the
Ghehalis culls loudly for a lire de
partment, and a brass band. They
are not so particular about the fire
department but the Cant rattans yearn
for a brass band.
Additions to The As toman's mu
seum have been scarce of late, but
yesterday one showed up in the shape
r a pearl, a lustrous pearl from a
Shoal water bay oyster. It is a per
fect gem.
The Messrs. Kinney of the Clatsop
mill have fitted up a room in the up
per .story of the "I XL" cannerv in
which the ltev. F. O. AVeeks will
preach on Sunday at .'J o'clock. Alt in
the neighlwrhood are invited.
There is considerable talk of start
ing a cannery near Cent ml ia as the
salmon industry is rapidly growing in
imiorlauce there. One weighing
twenty pounds was caught in J Tan
son's bay last Saturday morning.
The irritating delay in the receipt or
mail is a source of annoyance and loss
to Astoria business men. Several im
porlant contracts, etc., hang fire, but
everything will be straightened out
next week. Then look out for a little
This otlice was yesterday in receipt
of a letter Trout JJonestell & Co., of
San Francisco, Cat, mailed at that
office October 21st, 'SO. It arrived at
Astoria yesterday morning. The choir
will now please intone the hundredth
The Thompson went to the Cas
cades last Thursday morning to bring
down i00 sacks delaved eastern mail,
returning that night at UiW. The
Manila took Iter place, arriving here
yesterday morning and leaving up
last night.
The wood supply is running low.
People who live along the bank can
go out, though, and get plenty as it
lloats by, and hillside dwellers can
secure a supply of logs, etc, between
their domiciles and Young's bay.
Coal is preferred, in stores and offices.
The vessels in the harbor are im
proving the opportunity of weather
without blows to dry their sails. They
make quite a picturesque appearance
with their upper sails bent Some of
these sails show the effect of heavy
winds out at sea and will need repairing-
A new whim struck Chinatown yes
terday. One man commenced to wash
his windows and sidewalk with the
use of a hose. This struck the specta
tors as a good idea In a short time a
dozen Chinamen were cither trying
the same scheme or preparing to do
The following were the passengers
up on the lionita last evening: E.
llosenberg and wife, Mrs. Seaborg,
Miss Smith. C. W. Fulton, Mrs. Whit
comb, A. Handler, B. T. Smith, A.
Loveland, A. Loupe, P. lironsdon, J.
H. D. Gray, A. Wing, VL S. Millslor,
M. O. Blakely, J. H. Bacher and ,T.
A bill lias been reported to the sen
ate authorizing the secretary of the
treasury, after advertising thirty days,
to lease the Alaska seal fisheries from
March 1, 1890, at an annual rental of
not less than S50,00(Vaiid an additional
revenue tax or duty of not less than
S4.50 on each skin shipped from the
Oregon ought to have a state statis
tician. The news paper men are pret
ty good on statistics, but a state offici
id compiling figures on fur, fin and
feather, the field, the forest and
the mine, the sea and the waters of the
state, and putting facts in condensed
and readable shape, would be of aid to
the commonwealth.
A Tund of a thousand dollars is
raised to put an advertisement in an
obscure New York paper. It is sin
gular that KpIe do not realize that
the advertisement that goes farthest
is hi the home paper. The exhibition
usually made in a foreign write-up
impresses nobody, as it bears the ear
marks of pay, and is by the average
reader considered tibout as reliable as
a circus bilt
The low ground around the court
house has answered the purpose of a
reservoir duing the recent rains. On
the water has been iloating a mass of
debris so that the appearance of the
place -was bad. Mr. Trenchardhas
made several efforts to keep the yard
clean. Yesterday the accumulated
pieces of wood were removed, aull the
water will probably all run off.
A reporter of the Pasco Pilot, in a
spirit of recklessness, recently inter
viewed Indian '.Billy" and became the
possessor of. the following horrible
facte: "Nika tumtum alka highyou
sbow charko. Spose nika cuitan wake
wiwinloose nika klatawa copa Moses
illaliee copa caw liiyou tipso. Clonas'REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. FEB
nika halo kelipL Jfica tumtum teuas
laly halo
tipso yakwa copa nika
The business of the Oregon aud
Washington police association was
finished last Thursday evening at
Tacoma. A constitution and by-laws
were adopted and officers of the" asso
ciation elected, as follews: president,
Chief Chesney, of Tacoma; vice-president,
S. B, Parrish, of Pertland: secre
tary and treasurer, Joseph F. Warren,
of Spokane Falls. The association
adjourned to meet the first Wednes
day in August next at Portland.
Work on the stricken telegraph
wires still goes on. The line is all
right now as far as West port, and a
force of repairers is busy between
Westjort and Oak Point. Whenever
the line is entirely free from con
tact wmi tnc ground and water The
Astokian's regular report can be re
sumed. A little received last night is
published this morning. The line
wasn't working very first rate, bnt by
to-night things will be iu full swing
once more.
Printers Tnl:, a weekly journal
published in New York, serves as an
exponent of the principles of the art
of advertising, aud offers practical
suggestions to newspaper advertisers.
It alsoindicates to the inexperienced
advertiser how, when and where to
advertise, how to write an advertise
ment, and how to disnlav one. It
contains in eacli issue interesting j
matter original and selected of
interest to advertisers, and dis
cusses advertising topics in an
intelligent, impartial ami instructive
manner. Its subcriplion price is
S2 a year.
A sharp aud distinct shock of earth
quake was felt at Port Townsendat,
550 last Saturday afternoon
lasting a few seconds. The
ground shivered as with the force of
an explosion. Goods upon the.shelvc
of stores on Wnlor sfrnnf nxUUA fitwi
shook, especially glassware A few
buildings on the water front rocked
perceptiblv aud people ran out into 1
the street, not knowing what was go-
ing to happen. So far as heard from
none of the cities up Sound seem to
have felt the stiock, but it is reported
by the Victoria Colonist that Vic
toria felt it even heavier than in Port
(J ratifying Action of- the
Washington, Feb. G. -In the senate
this afternoon the house amendment
inserting a provHou of $75,00.) for im
provement at the mouth of the Co
lumbia river was adopted.
This is the best of news to all the
commercial world interested in the
great work now in progress at the
mouth of the river. It insures the
continuance or work and ably sup
plements the previous appropriation,
while it acts as a welcome preface to
the regular appropriation in the river
and harbor bill, which may not be
passoil ijetorc next August
Drtayrd .Mail Matter.
Alxmtn thousand ton, more or
less, of delayed mail matter are due
here, and when it gets here, there will
be music in the air, and it will be a
season of fasting and prayer for the
post ollice and express employes.
The letters, no doubt, that are over
due, will show up some time, Iwtween
now and the spring, run, but a good
many of the papers will never be un
wrapped. In the old days, in eastern Nevada,
whenever there was a particularly bad
place in the road, the stage driver
used to reach into the front boot and
yank out a sack of paper mail.
This ;
Hung under the wheel, helped out
many a bad place; as for the mail and
the sack, there it lay, it had fulfilled
an important mission, and no further
attention was paid to it After two or
three freighters and stages had passed
that way, it would have been difficult
to make out the superscription on the
As Seen On Hie Wharf.
To an impartial observer there was
much of interest in the 71' members
of the Emma Jucli opera" company
that came up on the Columbia. It
was a good example of the different
workings of nature. Here was a girl,
thin, hollow eyed, with sallow com
plexion, and very homely withont the
effect of a "make up." There was a
maiden, plump, bright- eyed, with
clear pink skin, and needing no paint
or wigs to make her presentable. One
looked as if she had come from a hard
working factory force; the other as if
she had blown on the stage, wafted by
a breeze from the country with all its
vigor. Another condition worth notic
ing is this. The male actors arc gen
erally a hale looking crowd. This is
largely due to the fact that they take
life easy, and seldom or never worry.
Freedom from worry is not so much
a characteristic of actresses and so
more worn faces are seen among them.
New Plat of Williaxiisport.
John Williamson, of Williamson"
has filed a correction or his plat of
that town. This plat purposes to be
in sec. 17, T 8 N, It 9 W, while in real
ity its true locality is in sec. 1G. T 8 N.
It 9 W. Hence he certifies that the
map's true locality is in lot 7 of sec
1G, T 8 N, It 9 W, and in the front
age thereof and the initial point of
said plat is a rock set in the ground
which is at the S V corner of lot 8,
blk 20 of this plat, which rock is like
wise the S W corner of lot 7. of this
section 1G. He thereby ratifies and
confirms all deeds and conveyances
which he has heretofore made of
property on this plat with the under
standing that they are to attach to
these lots and blocks as loaiied on the
plat'as corrected.
lU's.-'rters from British Yc-wrlt.
A good deal is being said and sung
about there being no law covering the
desertion of sailors from British ships
in this country. Such is the fact
There is no law. But its a stand off.
When JJack skips off, and leaves so
many pounds, shillings and six pence
due "him, there is no law by which he
can recover the amount Ot course
no skipper would connive at the de
sertion ot liis own men, and yet somo
funny stories are told from time to
time about the ease and facility witli
which the way is paved for an "A. B."
it he wants to" take French leave.
A gold bar pin. Finder will be re
warded by leaving at this office.
For Sale. ,
A few choice lots in Hustler fc Ai
ken's Additon. Inquire at V. L. Uhl
enliart's real estate ofllce.
Kemember the Austin house at the
Seaside Is open tho year 'round.
As Filed In The County Recorder's Ofllrc
John H. Smith and wife to
Wm. D. McDonald, Jr., lots
G, 7, 8, blk 1, lots G, 7, 8, 15,
1G, 17, 18, 10, 20, 21, 22, 23,
24. 25, 2G, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31,
32, blk 2, Sunnyside S
Marv Ann Adair to J. 1L
Booth, lots 29, 30, blk 12.
Adair's ...
Chas. Henrv and wife to Jost
Schule lot 3, blk 20, Laurel
Thos. Boelling to Wm. H.
Lewis, lot 12, blk 4, Skip
anon James K. Kelly and wife to
M. Young lot 8, part of lot
9, blk 18, Aldcrbrook
M. Young to It Ehlinger, lots
IS, 49, 50, 51, blk 8. Alder
brook Frank Spittle to S. B. Crow,
lots 3, J. 5, G, blk 1G, Will
iamsport Previously reported this
Total to date this year g773,991
"Say," siid the hotelkeeper to the
reporter, 'if there's oue tiling I do get
tired of it's the way people have of
telling me how to run a hotel. One
fellow says 1 ought io do tins, and
another says I ought to do that. By
the way. it's a wonder to me that you
fellows don't write that kind of peo
ple up. It's just the thing you ought
to do. If I w;is running a newspaper
you bet I'd what are you grinning
at I'd like to know';'
-The facHhal the business portion
of our city is on piles argues nothing
against the future," said a prominent
business man. 4,It means that some
day we will have a seawall and all for
mer title land will be filled with dirt
from our 1,,Ils- When San Francisco
1,atl S-000 population the water was 30
,oet "! ! nearly ns far as Uatlcry
street, while the tide reached almost
to Montgomery. Jov, there arc acres
upon acres of line business property
where once the waves rolled."
A man was standing on the corner
musing. He was asked why he stood
there so long and silently. "0, I was
listening," said he, "to the sounds or
the hammers which are growing more
and more frequent every day. I like
to hear that proof that improvements
are being made and business demands
the new space. But inside ot three
months 1 want to see a dozen or more
substantial blocks going up and hun
dreds of lionses built. You can't
make too much noise in that wav for
Two men were discussing the cli
mate of tills section as compared with
that in the south. Said ene: "The
northwest will Income the great man
ufacturing center of the coast. Man
ufacturing is always at its highest per
fection in a northern climate. Look
at Europe. England ranks first, while!
Italy ami fepnin do nothing in this
line. Then glance at the east, of our
own country. Massachusetts does
more manufacturing than nearly all
of the southern states combined In
the central section we see Minnesota
and Michigan in the lead. Come to
this coast, California now controls the
greater interest, bnt her influence will
be only temporary. There is some
thing in the southern air that fails to
give the necessary vigor for the hard
working, skillful laborer."
"San Francisco proves another point
for Astoria," said a member of the
group. "We hear the reiort that As
toria lias no developed count tv back
of it to support a big citv. But look
at San 1 raucisco. Is she any letter
off? Certainly not, or wasn't until
she had assumed large proportions
and began to spend her accumulated
capital in developing barren wastes.
Astoria has the advantage in possess
ing a line back country. I tell you
that that city, from her key position,
had to become a metropolis. It was
fated. So it must be with Astoria."
Again," added another, "the San
Joaquim valley and that of the Sacra
mento have grown into mammoth
feeders for San Francisco's commerce
In a few years the great products of
the Willamette valley will come to
E. King is in the city.
J. Hill, of Ellonsburg is in the
Maj. John S. Hayden, of the TJ. S.
army is at the Occident
M E. Blakely, of New York, is
stopping at the Occident
Arthur AV. Oglivie, an Englishman,
has taken outhis first papers for citizen
ship. City attorney Curtis, F. D. Win ton,
and Ed. AV. AVright returned yester
day on the Telephone.
C. E. Bain and Alice Pope-Parker
have filed separate answers as defend
ants in the case of John Tnnge aganst
Mrs. Daggett and others, in regard to
the unfinished house ot the latter.
Mr. aud Mrs. John C. Dement ar
rived from Seattle yesterday and are
domiciled at their handsomely- fur
nished house Mrs. Dement nee Boot
13 welcomed to Astoria by a host of
friends to whom she has been known
for several vears.
The English ship Ifcrrwt Captain
Laing, arrived in port yesterday from
Lota, Chile. She is in ballast for
Portland. Her log is published else
where. The steamship Stale of California
sails from Portland at eight o'clock
this nwniing. The probability is that
she will leave here for San Francisco
about 4 30 this afternoon.
The Columbia brought up from
San Francisco the largest cargo for
Astoria that has arrived this year. It
was made up of general merchandise
and amounted to 52 tons.
At the mouth of the Willamette,
says the Oregonian, the steamer T. J.
Potter, injured in a collision, lies an
chored in midstream. The splendid
craft tloats calm and still, presenting
a sorry spectacle with her white bows
badly torn away. She is crippled
badly but to what exact extent her
owners are not prepared to state with
out nuiuur invesnganon.
Kemcinlior the grand hall at Liberty
Mall next Wednesday eve given by the
loimg Men's Institute. Tickets, Si.
b or sale by all members, or at the door.
Steals Ceekcrt to Order.
Private rooms for ladies and families:
at Central Restaurant, next to Foard &
Coffee and cake, ten cents, at tho
Ceulral Kestaurant.
Piscatorial ICgi-ialion Across
The River.
A bill supplemental to the one
creating a fish commission passed the
AVjishingtou state house of representa
tives during the week. It is intended
to protect salmon and other food
fishes, and was introduced by senator
Seaborg. of Pacific comity, who is him
self engaged in the fish canning busi
ness and may therefore be presumed
to know the needs of the trade The
bill prevents tho .taking of or fishing
for salmon in the Columbia river or
its tributaries, by any means, between
March 1 and April 10, and between
August 10 and September 10, and also
during the weekly close time, viz: Be
tween G v. sr. Saturday and 6 p. m.
Sunday. It is also made unlawful to
catch salmon within one mile below
any rock or other obstruction erected,
across any river or stream for the pur
pose of obtaining fish for propagation.
The close time in Gray's Harbor and
Shoalwater Bay is fixed at November
15 to December 15. It is made un
lawful for any net, trap, river wheel or
other appliance for catching fish to
extend more than one-third of the way
across any river or stream. Provision
is also made for fishwavs or ladders in
all dams, and stringent penalties are I
imposed upon all persons, polluting or
allowing water wherein fish propagate
to be polluted with any deleterious
substance, sawdust included, as well
as against the use of giant powder or
other explosives. The bill h:is already
passed the senate and now goes to the
The Lark of Exchanges a Pre.-ent Regret.
The dcartli of mail is seriously felt
in more than one newspaper office.
Early in January the San Francisco
papers ceased appearing: then the
eastern exchanges became a tiling of
the past This week the eastern Ore
gon and AVillamette valley paicts
failed to connect, and Tor the last two
or three days the Sound papers tire
the only ones that have pnt in an ap
pearance. "With the telegraph lines down, and
the mails few and far between, it
makes double work in every newspaper
otlice, for no matter how assiduously
the local field is covered there is al
ways a freshness and variety to the
piquant notes to be culled "from our
sprightly exchanges.
The local column ot a newspaper is
its spinal column. Nothing can take
its place, and on it depends the life of
any newspaper, large or small, but the
graceful dress and attractive embel
lishment can be secured best by judi
cious cullings from abroad
Then, too, one gets new ideas, or
has the old ideas, presented to him in
better shaie, in reading the columns
of our more or less esteemed contem
poraries. Every man in a newspaper office
if lie be a newspaper man puts his
best before the public in every issue,
and to be cut off from so general a
source of supply as is furnished by
the stale exchanges, works a privation
on all alike.
There isn't much originality about
any of us. Occasionally some one of
the fraternity says something that
sounds new, but generally it is more a
matter of repetition, than anything
But a pretty thought is like a pretty
woman, it looks best when it is best
dressed, and very often one cm get
hold of an idea or thought and by
arraying it in graceful garb, enhance its
appearance and elicit admiration
which would not be accorded less
elalioratc presentation.
How They Work It In Tacoma.
Beat estate agent (Tacoma, AVasli.)
Stranger just arrived in town from
the east -Bush around to the hotel,
greet lpm as a long lost brother or
something, and when he explains that
there is some mistake cover your con
fusion by inviting him to drink." -
New man "Mavbe lie won't accept
"Oil, yes, he'll accept, to relieve your
embarrissment Thev alwavs do do."
"Yes, sir. AVhat next?"
"Keep in conversation until I come
around .and ask to speak with you on
business, '-'hen introduce me, and
we will have another drink. That'll
settle it Two drinks or Tacoma whis
ky will make any man feel rich enough
to buy the whole earth."
The Io of the Ship Nereasof Greenock.
Left Lota, Chile, December 10th,
ISSi); hail light southerly winds and
very light southeast trade winds cross
ing the equator; January 9th, longitude
111) deg. west, had light variable from
7 deg. south to 11 deg. north; 120 deg.
west had moderate northeast trade
winds; trades failing 27 deg. north 130
deg. west, had a strong northwest
gale 2S deg. north 129 deg. west; from
thence had light variable airs and
calms to 32 deg. north 130 deg. west:
from thence fresh winds from south
west to northwest, with rain and fog;
Thursday. Gth, off Tillamook; 7th, at 8
A. jr., off the bar; got a pilot and en
tered port; days from Lota, 59.
L Laing, Master.
Can ler.t Nelly IHy's I.crord.
Iu an interview this week President
Van Home, ot the Canadian FaciGc
railway, said tins winter had demon
.straled the fact that the Canadian Pa
cific was the only transcontinental
road that could be operated even' dav
in the year without interruption.
Speaking of Nelly Bly's feat of cir
cling the globe in seventy-two days,
he saiil a copy of the London Times
two years ago was sent around the
world via the Canadian Pacific in G9
days, and if an effort was made he
had no donbt the time could easily bo
beaten by the Canadian road.
Pour Sweili-h Excursions This Month.
The MinucaM)lis JlceJcoblad h:is an
item in a late issue which says that
four Swedish excursions from St Paul
and Minneapolis will be sent out to
Idaho, Oregon and Washington dur
ing the month of February. Mr. AV.
Jansen is said to be the promoter of
the excursions. This is regarded as
a significant immigration movement,
coming thns early in the season.
Khcumatism originates in lactic acid
in the blood, which settling in the joints
causes the pains and aches of the dis
ease. Hood's Sarsaparilla cures rheu
matism by neutralizing the acidity of
the blood, and giving it richness and
vitality. Try Hood's Sarsaparilla.
advice to 30thkus.
Mrs. Wixsmnv's Soothing Syrup
should always be used for children
teething. It soothes the child, softens
the gums,alla3-s all rain, cures wind
cholic, and is the best remedy for diar-rhoea.Twenty-fivc
cents a bottle.
1 Ton Kike a Aeol Clear?
Call at Charley Oisen's, east of C. II.
Cooper's. Ho will suit you. A fine
stock of cigars to select from.
Not a Pimple on Baby.
IliLr one rear old. Bad with Eczema. Hair
all cote. Scalp covered nitu Eruptions.
Cared hy Cntlcnra. Hair Splendid and
not a pimple oa him.
Cured by Cuticura
I cannot say enough In praise of the Clt
ir uka ItKai KDins. My boy. when one year
or a:e was so bad with eczema that he lost
ail ofhis hair. His scalp was covered with
eruptions, which the doctors sa'd wasscall
head, and that his hair would never prow
atsiin. Despairing of a cure from physician
I bejnui the ueoxtlic Ccticuua kemkiuks
and. I am hapov to saw with the inot j er
fect Miccess. HLs hair L now splendid and
there Is n jt a panple on him. 1 recommend
the CimcuKA Kkmkdies to mothers as
the most speedy, economical and sure cure
for all skin diseases of Infants and children,
and feel that every mother who has an af
flicted child will thank me for so doinc.
Norway, Me.
Fever Sore Eight Years
I must extend to you the thanks of one of
my customers, who has been cured bv using
the Cuticuka Kkmkdies of an old sore,
caused by a long spell of sickness or fever
eieht ycais ago. He was so bad he was
fearful he would have to have his leg am
putated, but is happy to say he is now en
tirely well. sound as a dollar. He requests
me to use his name, which is II. II. Casox,
merchant. JOHN V. MINOK.
Druggist, Gainesboro. Tcnti.
YVe have been selling yonrCirricuitA Kkm
kdies for years, and have the first complaint
yet to receive from a purchaser, cne of
the worst cases or scrofula I ever saw was
cured by them. TAYLOR & TAYLOR,
Frankfort. Kan.
Cuticura Resolvent,
The new Mood and Skin puriflerand purest
and hot of humor remedies. Internally, and
CirricuitA.thegnat Skin Cure, and Cirrt
cuka exquisite Skin Keautifier, ex
ternally, speedily, permanently and eco
nomically cure every disease and humor of
the .skin, scalp and blood, with loss of hair,
whether itching, burning, scaly, pimply,
scrofulous, or hereditary, when all other
remedies fail.
Sold even-where. Trice, Coticuka, 50c ;
Soai2."ic: kksoi.vknt.SI. Prepared by the
R-B"Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases,"
CI pages, 50 illustrations and too testimonials.
D k DXTC i?km '"l Scalp preserved and
DmDT O beautified by Cuticuka Soap.
Abso'utely pure.
Sharp Aches, Dull Pains. Strains
and Weaknesses rcIleTed in one
minnte by the Cuticura Anti-Pain
Planter. The find and onlv iu-
Maui.iiicousMiii-KiiiingMrt'nglliening pias
ter. 'Si cents.
lap yo Hands
Yo Gentle Voices
You'll Catch onto tho Music
ttofoiT. you Got Through.
Us members of suiciety
Am always dressed tor kill!
We live :n great propriety,
Up on Main street hill.
We never patch our Sunday pants
Nor mend our underclothes;
We wears white kids on bohf our
An' on our feet silk hose.
Yo' wonder, chile, how dis am done
On 'stecn dollars a week.
Dat am de secret of our club,
Which noiic of us dare speak.
We am the dandy boys of town!
An' dress rich on po' pay
Well, 3'ces,T tells yo' how its done,
But don't gimme away.
We tried mostcbery store in town,
But found 'cm all high priced
Until at last our club went down,
And talked wtf Dcrman Wise.
lie showed us through his fine
great stock,
Which opened bohf my eyes,
An' watered my capacious niouf,
When he made usde price!
We all bought suits, hats, shoes
an' shirts,
Socks, collars, gloves and ties;
An' got good value an' good fits
Vees, Herman takes de prize!
Therefore, clap yo' hands and
stamp yo' hoofs,
An' raise yo' gentle voices!
Quick, teil yo' friends de place to
Am down to HERMAN WISE'S
Old Relia! Clothier an! Hatter
Occident Hotel Building.
1 ifira)
Twenty Per Cent
Now is the time,
plain figures. The
cash purchases.
i :
: :
: :
: :
This is no Peter Funk business, but straight goods.
PjfUan BniliE
But Buy Immediately, if Not
Before It is All Gone.
We are now selling lots in this fine Addition for
$100 and $125 that in less than one month
will more than double in value.
It is Less than One Me from the 0. B. & 1 Ml, anl Beautifully Situate!
Thompson & Boss
Carry a Full Line of
Choice Staple and Fancy
Give Us a Call and Be Convinced.
Grand Sale of Cheap Lois
Adair's Astoria,
(KKCK.NTT.Y ci.k.vkkd.)
Adjoining present Street Knihvay KxtenMon
Lots in the aliove sightly Block are offered
Tor sale at prices ranging Troin
$20O TO S250 PER LOT.
Terms, oiie-lmir down, balance in six mos.
Bonds for deeds. Five per cent, off for cash.
Warranty deed.
WM. $. ADAIR, Agent.
I. OT. Case.
Transacts a General Banking Business-
Drafts drawn available in any part of the
0. S. and Europe, and on Hong Kong, China
Office Hours : 10 a. m. to 3 r. ar.
Odd Fjcixows Building, Astoria, Oregon.
don't wait. All these goods are marked in
above percentage will be deducted on all
Get Left
This Property is situated at the head of
Young's Bay and only thirty min- '
utes walk from TJ. P. Dock.
For Further Information Call on
Elmore, Sanborn &
Sooner in
Astoria !
j a m
- - -&