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$hc gatttj Historian.
-MARCH C. 1859.
(Monday excepted.)
Publishers and Proprietors,
Astoriax Building, - - CassStkeet.
Terms of Subscription.
Served lv Carrier, per week .... 15 cts
Sent by Mall, per montb..... Co cts
" " " one year. $7.00
Free of postage to subscribers.
Thk Astorian guarantees to Us adver
tlsers the largest circulation of any newspa
per published on the Columbia river.
J. W. Bottom is building a S1.500
residence near Mrs. Fope s.
Salem speedily raised S20.000 sub
sidy for a woolen mill at that city.
The State arrived in from Sbu
Francisco yesterday: and the Oregon
This fine dry winter is rough on
fresh water loggers; there is a pain
ful absence of water near some of the
The Portland Electric Light is the
latest. It is printed on white paper;
the Oregon Siftings was printed on
red paper.
A salmon caught near Pacific Grove
last week had an iron spike seven in
ches long, with a half-inch head in
its stomach.
A Tacoma minister told his con
gregation last Sunday that "there are
no corner lots in heaven." This is
important if trne.
H. C. Thompson has a fine lot
graded on Court street and will short
ly begin the erection ot a handsome
residence thereon.
In the police court yesterday S.
Hnghes was assessed S2 for drunken
ness and four damsels forfeited ?5
each for fast driving.
Arndt & Ferchen have made a neat
job on the Frolic, putting in a single
engine and placing her in excellent
trim for the season's work.
Captain Paul Boyton left Seattle
for Portland last Monday evening.
Thence he comes here to charter a
vessel to captnre sea lions for Lincoln
Collections are being made of the
several property owners for their
share of the expense ot putting in
the sewer on Benton street, which
cost about S2.000.
The tng Astoria seems to make her
headquarters on the other side of the
river altogether now-a-days, and the
Escort No. 2 appears to have every
thing to herself in the way of deep sea
It is reported that a Chinaman was
hanged to a limb, near Takoa, "W. T.,
recently, for daring to seek work on
the railroad in defiance of the edict
recently given ont by white laborers
that "no Chinese need to apply."
A dispatch from Aberdeen, Cheha
lis county, reports a fire in that city
on Saturday, which completely de
stroyed Rowe & Kopler's restaurant
and William Pedlar's saloon adjacent
Loss, 83.000; insurance, about 1,G00.
Easter comes on the first Sunday
after the vernal equinox, March 21st.
The full moon succeeding, this year,
is on Monday, April 10th. That
brings Easter on April 21. Ash
Wednesday, the beginning of Lent,
rails on to-day.
For nearly two months has been
exhibited in this vicinity a regular
summer land and sea breeze. In the
early morning hours the wind is off
shore, the flags flying toward the
west, and afternoon the breeze
changes to dne west, the bunting
Blantiug eastward.
The decision in the supreme court
of the United State in the case of the
Oregonian Railway company against
the O. R. &. N. Co. will be delivered
next Monday. The decision was to
have been delivered long since, bnt
has been delayed on account of the
illnes3 of Justice Mathews, who has
the matter in band.
"The novelty of a large hotel built
on piles away from the shore, and
with the tide waters of the Gulf of
Mexico rising and falling under it, is
materializing in Tampa Bay, Flor
ida. Later on, when the house is
opened, the guests will be able to fish
for .tarpon and pompano from their
bedroom windows." Ex. We have
four hotels similarly situated in this
Following are the salaries of the
city officers ot Spokane Falls: Chief
ot police, $150 per month; treasurer,
81,200 per year; clerk, $125 per month;
attorney, x,ouu a year; superinten
dent water works, 81500 a year; super
intendent of streets, S100 amonth;su
perintendent of sewers, $300 per year;
engineer, S1.800 per year; health of
ficer, S600 per year; police officers,
585 per month.
AtG:45 yesterday morning, H. M.
Thatcher, proprietor of the Astoria
Grocery & Canned Goods Co., was
roused from his peaceful slumbers by
the crash of glass and woodwork, nnd
going to the front found a blind
horse with part of a wagon attached
playing the part of a bull in a China
shop. The horse had started down
the Rue de Concomly street drawing
a milk wagon, and the driver was un
able to stay the speed of his sightless
steed, hence these steers. The horse
belongs to AFnrtado, who was aronnd
later in the day to settle the dama
ges. Go to Jeff's lor Oysters.
Which Materially Affects Astoria.
The O. R. and N. River Employes Qnit,
And the Boats are Accordingly
Tied Up.
The Reed did not arrive yesterday
morning and there was no mail, and
every body wanted to know why.
When the Oregon arrived from Port
land on her way to San Francisco it
was learned that there was a general
strike among the O. R. & N. employes,
and that the Reed as well as the other
boats were not turning a wheel.
.uiuer aiapaicnes oegan to arrive,
and it was evident that we were not
going to have any mail. Thn
Lurline left at one p. n., yesterday.
ana orougni aown tony passengers,
arriving here at eight o'clock yester
day evening. She brought no mail.
It was reported that Jacob Kamm
bad asked the O. K. &N. Co., 82.000 to
bring down the mail on the Lurline
yesterday and they refused to pay
him. It is very doubtful if the Tel
ephone brings down any mail this
afternoon. Right on this mail
proposition is where the engineers
and other striking employes have the
company. 1 tuey see a mail sack go
aboard they don't work. Postmaster
Bell sent the mail up on the State
yesterday when it arrived in from
San Francisco, but beyond that there
has been no mail moved either way
since Monday and there is no telling
when there will.
There is a deadlock between em
ployes and the O. R. & N. company.
If the engineers hold together they
can make the company accede
to their terms: if they break,
they are gone. The most of
the engineers in the O. R. &
N. employ have papers only for the
Columbia river: the company knows
this: the company is under heavy
forfeit to carry the mail: the engin
eers know that; and that is about how
the matter stands.
In the mean time it puts us to con
siderable disadvantage. The second
city in the state, with large business
interests has no mail either arriving
or departing and much incon
venience, annoyance nnd loss must
The O. R. & N. should take immedi
ate measures to lift the embargo and
bring our citizens their mail, and car
ry away what is accumulating in the
postomc6 here.
1Lq Lurline leaves up at seven
this merning: she will carry no mail
The Telephone will make her usual
trips, so Mr. Dougherty states, ac
cording to advertised time. The
Lurline will return leaving Portland
at 8 o'clock this evening.
Following is what yesterday's Ore
go7iian, has to say about the matter:
Yesterday morning the O. R. & N.
Co. issued an order reducing the pay
ot all the employes of the river divis
ion whoso wages are &bU or upwards,
per month, 10 per cent.
The captains of passenger boats
have been receiving $125, captains of
tow boats $100, pilots or extra cap
tains employed on boats running day
and night $75. and mates SCO. En
gineers on the Columbia river boats
have been receiving 8100 and on the
Willamette $99. and assistant en
gineers $60. All those affected by
the redaction, who learned of it, re
fused to stand it, and refused to take
out their boats. The Occident and
Orient had gone up the river and the
Telephone had started for Astoria
before the order was learned ot by
their officers, and the E. N. Cook
was got off to Oregon City, the of
ficers and engineers going under pro
test Last evening the S. O. Reed, Boni
taMultnomah, Oklahoma and Dixie
Thompson were tied np at the Ash
street wharf, and it is supposed that
the other boats of the company will
ue tied tip as soon as tney arrive.
Just what action the officers of the
Telephone will take is not known.
The Masters' and Pilots' association,
of which all affected by the reduction
are members, held a meeting last
evening to consider what was best to
be done under the circumstances.
Port captain James W. Troup was
anxious to get the Reed started for
Astoria at 8 o'clock, as there were a
number ot passengers on board, but
about that time a delegation arrived
from the meeting and stated that the
association had resolved that the men
would not go to work until the wages
of the tow boat captains had been
raised to an equality with the passen
ger boat captains, $125 per month,
pilots to $100 per month, and mates
S75. Engineers on the Columbia and
Willamette must be put on an equal
ity at S100 per month.
Captain Troup said he would con
fer with the officers of the company,
but it was found that assistant mana
ger Cookingham and superintendent
Johnson were both out of the city,
and it was impossible to get any de
cisive answer to the demands of the
men. He endeavored to make some
temporary arrangement so as to get
the Reed started, but the men re
fused to go to work at all until their
demands were acceded to.
This is the situation at present and
just when Messrs. Cookingham and
Johnson can be heard from and what
their decision will be is not known.
The prospect is that there will be but
little steam-boating done on the river
For Rent.
A pood nine-roomed house, at a low
rate, centrally lecated: inquire at The
Astorian office.
An A.O. U. W. Gold Pin: will the
finder please leave it at The Astorian
office and be rewarded.
AH the patent medicines advertised
in this paper, together with the choicest
Eerfnmery, and toilet articles, etc-can
e bought at the lowest prices, at J. W.
Conn's dme store, opposite Occident
hctel, Astoria.
Mrs. Derby is receiving her spring
styles of Millinery.
Coffee and cake, ten cent3, at tlje
Central Restaurant
His Kitchen In Ills Philadelphia Store.
John Wanamaker conld give gen
eral Hnrrison some good advioe
nVionl tlio mnnnpement of the White
house kitchen. Mr. Wanamaker has
one of the biggest kitchens in the
world. It is in the basement of his
Philadelphia store, where no rats are
tolerated and no dampness is per
mitted to penetrate. Wanamaker
takes great pride in this kitchon, as
he does in everything connected whu
his store. Often he goes down to the
big steam cooking pans, lifts the lid,
tastes the soup, peeps at the boiling
potatoes, or inspects the little porce
lain pan in which the Charlotte russe
is served. Wanamaker is noted for
his rich Charlotte russe, and the deli
cacy is made from a recipe furnished
the chief cook by Wanamaker him
self. Wanamaker likes to take visi
tors through his kitchen and ask them
to sample the food in all its stages
of preparation. His is one of the few
great kitchens in the world which a
man may go through and come out
with a good appetite. Wanamaker's
kitchen is actually an appetizer.
The great merchant is never so happy
as when running a knife into the
Lancaster county bntter and passing
it around for isitors to taste. In
Wanamaker's restaurant from 4,000
to 8,000 persons are fed every day,
and Wanamaker is not too proud to
lunch in his own shop. In summer
he makes and sells there 3.000 quarts
of ice cream daily, and daring the
oyster season fries 30,000 oysters.
Wanamaker knows his trade and ca
ters to it as carefully as an apple
woman on the street corner. That is
the way he became rich. An instance
of this is to be found in the orders he
once gave his restaurant manager
about mince pies. "Have only the
best mince pies that money will buy,"
he said, "even it you have to sell at a
lofs. I can afford to sink $10,000 a
year in mince pies rather than have
people say I do not give them good
pies. The people of Philadelphia
can't be fooled on mince pies." Nei
ther can Wanamaker, with bis usual
carefulness in seeing that all orders
are carried out to the letter it was for
a long time his custom to slip down
stairs and sample the pie every day.
Wanamaker is now as famous for his
mince pies as he is for his cabinet po
sition. When Wanamaker first started up
his restaurant, then a much smaller
place than it now is, his manager or
dered J.W dozen assorted pies in an
ticipation of a big run by the Phila-
dephians on their favorite pastry.
Hut the customers were scarce the
next day and when the store closed
197 dozen pies were still on hand.
The restaurant manager was in con
sternation. He at once sought Wan
amaker, whom he found in his office
after all the employes had gone home.
"Are the pies still good?" asked the
great merchant, alter listening to the
manager's story. "Yes. They will
be good all day to-morrow but not af
ter that." "Well, then." said Wana
maker "put an advertisement in every
morning paper to-morrow announcing
that for this day only we will sell
choice fresh pies at a cent a cut. See
what that will do." Next morning
the Philadelphians read Wanamaker's
pie advertisements, and by nightfall
there was not a piece ot pie left in the
house. In telling this story, Mana
ger Gillam added: "That is the way
with wanamaker. He will have only
the best that is to be had, and when
the goods won't move he makes them
Who Li Your Best Friend?
Your stomach of course. Why? Be
cause it it is out of order you are one
ot the must miserable creatures liv
ing. Give it a fair, honorable chance
nnd see if it is not the best friend you
have in the end. Don't smoke in the
morning. Don't drink in the morn
ing. If yon must smoke aud drink
wait until your stomach is through
with breakfast You can drink more
and smoke more in the evening and
it will tell en yon less. If your food
ferments and does not digest right,
if yon are troubled with Heartburn,
Dizziness of the head, coming up of
the food after eating, Biliousness, In
digestion, or any other trouble of the
stomach, you iiad best use Green's
August Flower, ns no person can use
;t without immediate relief.
In a few days savs the S. F. Dailu
Commercial News of the 1st. the as
signees ot the firm of William T. Cole
man & Co. expect to pay a dividend
of 563,000 to the creditors. This will
be about 5 per cent of the indebted
ness of the firm on the figures ns com
promised in Uecember last. It will
be distributed between the secured
and the unsecured creditors in the
proportion of 60 per cent to the first
ana su to ine latter, uy a previous
payment about S126.000 was made
over to the creditors. This second
payment is not actually doe until
next September, nnd, although the
dividend has been agreed upon the
money is not yet upon hand to meet
it. A contemporary says "A gentle
man connected with the matter ex
pressed surprise that the press had
obtained the information, He stated
that the first dividend had been 25
per cent, ot the compromised debt,
which he thought was 31,000,000, but
he conld not give an exact statement
of the amount or the total percent
ages to date."
The SewDhcoTcrr.
You have heard your friends and neigh
bors talking about it. Xou mayyour
self be one of the many who know from
personal experience just how good a
thing it is. If you have ever tried It, you
are one of its staunch friends, because
the wonderful thing about it is, that
when once given trial, Dr. King's New
Discovery ever after holds a place in
the house. If you have never used it
and should be afflicted with a cough,
cold or any Throat, Lung or Chest
troubla, secure a bottle at once and give
it a fair trial. It is guaranteed every
time, or money refunded. Trial Bottles
Free at J. W. Conn's Drugstore.
At the annual school meeting in
the school house in district No. 9, at
upper Astoria last Monday evening,
nou. yj. uemenweuer was unani
mously re-elected school director for
the ensuing three years; Wm. B.
Adair was unanimously re-elected
school clerk; the resignation of Wm.
H. Barker, as school director was re
ceived and accepted.
From the school clerk's report it
was learned that the financial condi
tion of the district is very satisfac
tory, there being S4,000 worth of
property free of all cumbrances.
For the past year a good school
has been maintained with an efficient
corps of three teachers. A four mill
tax was levied as being sufficient to
continue the school the current year;
189 children were shown to be in the
district by census report to date
average number enrolled for past
year, 135.
A new addition to the school house
was built the past year at a cost of
$662, and repairs, etc., $166.25. The
total receipts were S3.615.98, and to
tal disbursements, S3,606.50, leaving
a balance of $9.48 to date.
If you have a discharge from the nose,
offensive or otherwise, partial loss of
the sense of smell, taste or hearing, eyes
watering or weak,f eel dull ordebilitated,
pain or pressure in the head, take cold
easily, you may rest assured that you
have the Catarrh. Thousands of canes
annually, without manifesting half of
the above symptoms, terminate in con
sumption and end in the grave. No dis
ease is so common, more deceptive, less
understood or more unsuccessfully
treated by physicians. The manufac
turers oi ur. sages uatarrh lteniedy
have for many years, offered a standing
reward of $500 for a case of Nasal Ca
tarrh, no matter how bad St of how long
standing, which they cannot cure. Rem
edy sold by all druggists, at 50 cents.
m - .
Miss May Hobson has returned
from Portland.
Mrs. D. H. Welch, who has been
quite ill, was reported better yester
Taylor, F. J., J. Mar. 5.
O. B. Estes vs. J. G. Hustler: ver
dict for defendant
State vs. A Zohard; on trial.
Adjourned to 930 a. m., March Gth.
A Sound Legal Opinion.
E.Baiubridge Munday Esq., County
Attv.. Clav Co.. Texas savs: 'llnvoiisril
Electric Bitters with most liannv re
sults. Sly brother also was very low
with Malarial Fever and Jaundice, but
was cured by timely use of this medi
cine. Am satisfied Electric Rittpr"?
saved his life."
Mr. D. I. Wilcoxson, of Horse Cave,
Ky., adds a like testimony, savinc: Jle
postively believes he would have died j
had it not been for Electric Bitters. '
This ereatremedv will ward off. ns
well as cure all Malaria Diseases, and
for all Kidney, Liver and Stomach Dis
orders stands uncqualed. Price BO cents
and SI, at Jno C. Demerit's.
The latest stvle ot Gents' lloots ami
Shoes at P.J. Goodmas's.
Ludlow's Ladies' S3.00 Fine Shoes:
also Flexible Hand turned French Kids
at 1 J. Goodman'.
AVeinhartl'ti Boer.
And Free Lunch at the Telephone Sa
loon, u cents.
Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats,
Trunks, Valises, etc.
To the Trade,
I take pleasure in informing the
trade that I have received in .the
last 20 days nearly
Of staple and choice goqris. .which
I offer at a very close margin to
Tt is inv desire to attract to As
toria some of the Gray's Harbor
and Shoal water Bay and Columbia
River jobbing trade, which now
goes to San Francisco and Port
land; and knowing that I must
nnntfi nxtremelv low nrices to es
tablish business relations with you,
I hereby extend a cordial invita
tion to you to examine rav big
stock and prices.
8 Am Anxious to Please.
The Reliable
Occident Hotel Building.
r j.
I have just received my new stock
of Spring Clothing, bought from first
hands (the manufacturers)
middle-men (jobbers) this time, thereby
saving my customers one profit, which
means from $3 to $5 on each suit of
All the new designs of goods, cut in
the very latest style.
A Good Business Suit - - - $10
Boys School Knockabout Suits only $ 3
Good Pants from $1.50 and upwards.
Sole Agent for Astoria, of the celebrated
10 IVly Patrons.
It is a source of pride to me to
W able to announce that I now
have beyond question, the most
complete and select stock of Men's
SHOES, ami such other goods as
are usually kept in a FIRST
CLASS Men's Outfitting Estab
lisnment; not only do I claim pre
cedence in Astoria, but I may
justly claim to equal any of the
large clothing stores in Portland;
and you will award me the "cake"
please, when it comes to "low
prices"! You will find in my store,
Garments from the cheapest to
the finest, and finished in a man
ner taxing the ingenuity of the
leading American tailors. I will
say no more. Please call at your
leisure and let me astonish vou!
Dealer in
save money toy
your goods of
Shoalwater Bay and Gray's Harbor
The P. & C. S. S. Co.'s Steamer
Will sail from PORTLAND as follews:
GRAY'S HARBOR-Thursday, October 4.
11, IS and 25. November l, 8, 15, 22 and 29,
December 6. 13, 20 and 27.
SHOALWATER BAY-October 4 and IS.
November 1. 15 and 29. December 13 and 27.
TILLAMOOK Monday-October 1. 15 and
29. November 12 and 2G. December 10 and
Steamer leaves Portland, from foot of G
street at 8 P. M. on above dates. Astoria G
A. M. the following morning.
The Company reserves lbe right to change
time and place of sailing.
F. K. STRONG. President.
C. P. UPSHUR, Agent Astoria.
McLean & Freeman.
Special Attention paid to all Shipand Steam
boat Repairing.
Logging Camp Work a Specialty. All kinds
of Blacksmlthlng done to order.
Shop, corner Jefferson and Olney streets,
Astoria, Oregon.
A Fine and Well Sclcctcl Stock
Watches, Jewelry,Clocks, etc.
Jewelry Establishment.
All goods warranted, as guaranteed.
Opposite Crow's gallery, Astoria, Oregon,
Of Best Quality, and at
0". O. lEl OSS
County Coroner.
First Class "Undertaking
New Styles, Caskets and funeral material.
Next to astouian office.
the Season !
not from the
The Str. Telephone
Fast Time Between Portland
and Astoria.
Foot of Alder Street
Dally, except Tuesday. at .." :00 a. jr.
Wilson & Fisher's Dock.
Daily, except Tuesday, at 8 :0O p. m.
morgan & Sherman.
And Dealers In
Special Attention Givento Filling
Of Orders.
And Supplies furnished at Satis
factory Terms.
Purchases delivered In any part of the city.
Office and "Warehouse
In Hume's New Building on Water Street.
P. O. Box 153. Telephone No, 37.
For Sale Seaside Lots.
tion to Ocean Grove for sale upon rea
sonable terms. Now Is the time to buy be
fore the boom. Apply to
Or C. R. Thomson.
Theo, Bracker.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer In
Wood and Olay Pipes, Playing Cards,
Tills being a branch ot the ln-enreld
Smith Company, Importers ami Whole
sale Dealers In Portland, I can if 11 to the
Trade and other customers at Portland and
San Francisco rates.
A Square Piano.
Enquire of
Cannery Sillies!