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F '" ' m' JULY C, 18SS
(Monday excepted.)
Publishers and 1'roprictors,
Terras ofSnbscriptlon.
Sen ed u v Carrier, per week
.sent by Mail, per month.....
V. ' " ,one year. "
Iree of postage to subscribers.
. Wets
The Astobelx guarantees to iu adver
tisers the largest circulation ol any neivM.a
per published on the Columbia river
The King Cenric sailed yesterday.
The Alpha club had a pleasant ball
at Liberty hall on the night ot the
The minstrels parade at two this
afternoon. Come out and listen to
the music.
Thoro will be an auction of house
hold furniture at Olsen'a auction
rooms at halt past ton to-morrow
Hick's & Sawyer's minstrels al the
opera house to-night and to-morrow
evening. Reserved seats at New York
Novelty store.
The two-months old danghter of
the late Mrs. McLean died at West
port yesterday, and will be buried at
Knappton to-day.
According to the published notice
of the West Ninth street assessment,
tho southern extension of that street
will cost 83,181.23.
The regular monthly business
meeting of the Young Men's Chris
tian Association will bo held this
evening, commencing at 8 o'clock, in
the social room. All active members
are requested to be present.
Three ruffans yesterday afternoon
assaulted John Hoikka tho driver of
one of the upper town coaches. He
fought them off and coming to town
had n warrant issued for their ar
rest; but they bad secured n boat and
tied across the river.
The Montesano atlastnccouutsbad
not reached Coos bay. A letter re
ceived yesterday, written on tho 2nd,
said that the vessel was still at Ya
qnina. Captain Powers had been
superceded, and the vessel would
leave for her destination at the first
favorable opportunity.
At the firemen's tournament at
Seattle on the 4th, in tho wet test
race, Spokane won tho first prize, S200
cash and a 150 silver trumpet; time,
0:37 2-5. Vancouver won tho second
prize, $150 cash; time, 39 2 5. Albany
was third, S100 cash; time, 039 4-5.
East Portland came in fonrth; time.
0:43 3-10.
Sheriff Boss and family, C. W.
Longhery and about 30 others went
up to Knappa on the Tonquin last
Wednesday evening, returning yes
terday. They had a pleasant dance
at the new hall on the hill. There
was also a dance at Knapp's building,
and Knappa had a pleasant celebra
tion of the Fourth.
The pitcher had a little ball, and it
was white as snow, and where the
striker thought it wa3, that ball it
wouldn't go. It had a sudden in
shoot curve, it had a fearful drop,
and when the striker wildly struck,
that ball it didn't stop. "Why does
tho ball fool strikers so?" the chil
dren all did cry. "The pitcher
twirls tho ball, yon know," the
teacher did reply.
The Clatsop road and construc
tion company held n meeting at the
chamber of commerce rooms last
evening. Judge F. J. Taylor was
chairman and W. B. Adair, secretary.
The meeting adopted by-laws and
elected the following board of di di
receors: J. W. Conn, Sam'l Elmore,
Isaac Bergman, J. O. Trullinger and
John Miller. At a subsequent meet
ing further action will be taken. The
next meeting will be next juonuay
At Seattle on tho 3rd tho firemen's
association elected tho following offi
cers for the ensninc year: President,
Wendall Hall, Spokane Falls; first
vice-president, J osian uouins, oeauie;
second vice-president, C. B. Watson,
Asteria: third vice-president, J. N.
Holman, Albany; fourth vice-presi-
uent, jj. A. sanctuary, ivoseunrg; miu
vice-president, J. F. Resing, East
Portland; secretary, F. L. Parker,
Asteria: treasurer. W. F. Dugan,
Salem; statistician, Thomas Hart,
Walla Walla; dirrctore, B. S. Wors
ley, Astoria; W. WT. Wetherspoon,
Spokane Falls; J. W. Wentworth,
Tha Portland & Coast Stoamship
company's steamer Alliance will make
her first trip to Shoalwater bay and
Gray's harbor, leaving herenoxt Sun-
uay morning, wuu ireiKui mm i"--
senders. The boat has been re
painted and cleaned thoroughly, and
has 15 staterooms, with accommoda
tions for 30 passengers. Capt L. A.
Bailey will have charge of the vessel,
and Patrick Moran will bo the stew
ard. The engines will ba in chargo
of Mr. Melville, late of the Olympian.
The company ask a share of public
patronage and guarantee satisfaction.
Mr. O. P. TJpshur is the Astoria agent,
with his office on tho Main street
Tho regular monthly meeting of
me j. a. jr. if. union win oe neiu ai
Liberty Hall Satnrday July 7th at
7 p. m. sharp.
A. SeafieiiD, Pros.
A. Sutton. Seo'y.
A fine cup of coffee, at the Telephone
A Very Pleasant Celebration Iu This
The morning of the Fourth was
cloudy and threatening rain. Rain
had fallen heavily on the previous
day and every other day for about
four weeks, and the prospect for a
fine Fourth looked very dubious. For
this reason everything was provis
ional. No one madeelaborate prepar
ations, fearing it would be of little
use. Arrangements were all made
"subject to the weather," and as the
cioua3 rouea away evervone was
astir. By ten o'clock it w;n evident
that we would have a fine day, and at
once the whole town seemed to wake
to life. Banners and festoons were
hung oat, decorations went up, and
in an hour there was a vast transfor
mation scene, tho place taking on a
holiday appearance. The Western
Amateur band came marching down
from thejr room flinging martial
music on every sidennd setting every
one to keeping step as they went. A
parade was hastily formsd and in its
size and management showed what
would have been it the clouds had
only rolled by a few hours previously.
Tho procession as it was formed a
fine one, and its disposition and make
up reflects credit on those composing
' First came the band, preceded by
a mounted force of police and Alex.
Campbell who was grand marshal of
tho day, and who carriod his honors
with military precision. Co. 'H," 1st
Regiment O. N. G., whoso members
had been dancing at their party till
daylight, came next, presenting a fine
appearance, Capt. A. E. Shaw nnd
Lieut's Sherman and Wherity; and
after them walked Cushing Post No.
14 G. A. H.. and tha Womin's iMicf
Corps. Then came the Libeitycar,
with about 45 pretty littlo girN, taste
fully dressed representing the differ
ent states, and territories, surround
ing the Goddess ot Liberty. Those
who took part in this feature of the
parade were Mamie Clinton, Goddess
of Liberty; Annie Nolan, South
Carolina; Mary Nolan. Nortli C.iro
Una; Mary Hansen, Oregon; ellio
Montcith, Pennsylvania; Gertv Jinn
teith. California; Fraukie Holdon,
New York; Maude Stockton, Maine;
Daisy Stockton, New Jersey; Edith
Andrew3, Iowa; Rebi Hob-son, Ken
tucky; Annie Christainson, Ohio;
Maggie Carr, West Virginia; Winuio
Goodman, Massachusetts; Eva Good
man, Florida; Ella Powell. Kansas;
Edith Glenn, Georgia; Lillie Glenn,
Delaware; Lulu Dillon. Minnesota;
Lillie Watson, Illinois; Edna Peoples,
Virginia; Katio Ciset, Wiscousin; Ora
Whitmore. Michigan; Lizzie Biisey,
Rhode Island; Connie Stockton, Ne
braska; Lena Pennel, Missouri; Ma
bel Ohler, Teunesee; Eva Wither,
Verment: Ollie Withers. New Hamo-
shire, Maggie Higgins, Nevada; Ruth
Uarner. Mississippi; liosieiiili, Texas;
Daisy Hill, Alabama; Mabel May,
Minnesota; Jessie Jewett, Arkansas;
Katie Wirt, Maryland; Jennie Dong-
las, Indiana.
Behind the Liberty car came Gj
young Americans from four to seven
years of age with drawn swords and
cocked hats, a guard of honor to the
Liberty car. The littlo fellows were
captained by Charley Stockton and
Bertie Ros3, the captains being each
of the matnro age of four years and
kept excellent order. Seaside Lodge
No 12, A. O. U. W., Astor Lodgo No.
6, K. of P., the Scandinavian Benevo
lent association, and representatives
of other societies followed, and then
camo the Pioneers' association fol
lowed by
Which presented a very hsndsomo
appearance. Tvo Ones engine which
has recently been varnished and gilt,
and the hose cart of the tender team,
were covered with flags and flowers;
No 2's engine and accompaning ten
der cart were also profusefully dec
orated with bunting and blossoms.
The several officers of tho companies
were out, and the members of the de
partment appeared in full firemen's
The marshal and aids wcro Alex.
Campbell, Dr. Jay Tnttle, C. S.
Wright, C. H. Stockton, H. Wise,
Aug. Danielson, C. J. Trenchard, J.
W. Hume, J. H. D. Gray.
Tho procession, which was a long
one, yassed over tho route. Thous
ands of people lined tho sidowalks
and tho air was sulph'uron? with the
fire crackors and bombs. Never be
fore in any ono day wcro there so
many firecrackers, bombs, etc, set
off as yesterday, and never before
was the din so infernal. No ono
mindod the ordinance. The contin
ual rain had made everything out of
doors so wet that it couldn't burn
nnd tho usual precautions wore dis
regarded. The Chinese caught the
fever about noon, and burned about
2.500,000 crackers from that to sun
Arrived at the armory, which was
auicklv filled by a standing but pa
tient crowd. Rev. E. W. Garner, LL.
D., uttered a fervent and eloquent
invocation to ti.e xtirono or Urace.
He was followed by Rov. G. O. Hall,
who in a clear nnd impressive voice
read the Declaration of Independence.
Col. L. F. Copeland, tho silver
tongned orator of tho Ke3'stone State,
was next introduced as tho orator of
the day, nnd for an hour held his
audience spell bound, with his wit,
eloquence and patriotism in au ad
dress which all who heard it say has
uover been equaled in this city.
By this time tho visitors nnd citi
zens generally felt like dinner, nnd
after tho inner man had been re
freshed the sport of the afternoon
Tho day was a perfect one, the air
that was still was warm, and tho air
that moved was cool; there was a
srentie wmd from the northwest, and
a fleecy lace of clouds obscured the
direct rays of tho sun. The streets
were alive with people, the music of
the band being tho principal center
of attraction.
First on the list was a hub and hub
race betweon tho tender teams ot No.
2's and No. l's; won in 2G 2-5 seconds,
No. 2's winuing first money, S15, and
No. l's, second money, S10. Next
was run a wet test hose drill, against
time, by No.-l's teams running 200
yards to the hydrant, lay -300 feet of
hose and get water, tho actual time
consumed being 3G seconds. This
wa3 followed by a 150-yard foot race
on Chenamus street, between Nace
Grant and R. Eberman, which was
won by the latter by about the width
of his body, in 16 4-5 seconds, Eber
man winning S20, and Grant S10.
The New York championship race
was then run by No. l's, who having
remained at homo from the Seattle
tournament, contributed two spirited
runs as their contribution to the day's
exercises. This was to run 200 yards
to hydrant, lay 300 feet of hose, take
out second section from hydrant, and
replace same with ono section from
cart; the time was one minnte and
forty seconds. A match game of base
ball, H. G. Smith, umpire, in the
court house yard, for 810 was won by
the Columbias, by a score of 9 to 8,
and then camo the Dnphunnies, a
motley crowd. O. Riohardson, J. N.
Laws and Leo Noe, tho judges,
awarded tho prizes as follews: J.
A. Kinnoy, Irishman, S25; Wm. Til
den, Undo Sam, S15; F. Osgood,
drnm major. 810.
All over tho city flags wero flutter
ing, and the shipping in tho stream
aud along the docks wero equally
decorated, tho 2Ianzanita and the V.
G. White being particularly lavish aud
tasteful in tho matter of decorations.
At sunset Capt. Shaw and a detail
officiated as at sunset "nnd noon in
firing a salute, and by tho time the sun
had disappeared behind the western
hills tho electric lights aud gas lights
in the streets wero rendered unneces
sary by tho glare from tho .rockets
and Roman candles which wero going
up in an nlmo3t continuous stream
from all parts of the city..
A largo and handsome lot of fire
works had been procured and placed
in position on the hill sonth of Gen
evieve street, and abont nine o'clock
the work ot touching them off began.
When they did go it was manifest
that tho usual programme was to ba
slightly changed, for to expedite
matters they all went off together,
and "while it lasted it was very
pretty." There was some lively
dodging on the part of those in the
immediate neighborhood, for when
117 pieces of fireworks aro going off
in 147 different ways, it is hard to tell
where it is safe to be, but fortunately'
no serious damago was sustained
beyond the I033 of a mustache and a
piece of an ear. Till midnight "tho
rocket's red glare, the bombs burst
ing in air gave nroof thronsh tho
night that the boys woro still there,
nun not till daybreak this morning
did tho city resiimo its usual qiiiet.
SH00TINGAT ilwaoo.
Iiavaco, July 5. Yesterday after
noon Mrs. J. W. Dunlap, two young
ladies aud Geo. Day wero walking on
weather beach. Dimlnp, the hus
band, well known up your way, came
up from behnd within 40 feet unno
ticed and fired thrco shots at Day
with a heavy revolver. Onp shot
struck Day's coat; the second passed
through Day's hat. Dunlap fled.
There is a warrant out for him and
it's believed ho sailed for Astoria in
his fishing boat.
The San Francisco Daily Commer
cial News, of the 2nd inst., issues a
fino edition being an annual review
of the shipping of tho Pacific coast
for tho year ending 1st, with com
plete tables of statistics. Among tin
mechanacholy list of marine
casualties for tho year the
Columbia river bar is in no way men
tioned, a fine showing for a port iu
which so much shipping business is
Probate Conrt.
In tho probato conrt yesterday:
In tho matter of the estates of
Nancy J. Wilson and John II. Moere:
confirmation of sale.
Estate A. Ryorson; first quarterly
nccont taken under adisement; es
tate P. F. Peterson; notice of final ac
count to be published; estate E. P.
Erickson, final account examined and
approved; estate Jno. Iukala, same;
adjourned to 10 A. m., July Gth.
A Safe Investment.
Is one which is guaranteed to In ing
ou satisfactory results, or iu case of
failure a return of purchase price. On
tills safe plan you can buy from our ad
veitiscil Druggist a bottle of Dr. KingV
New Discovery for Consumption. It is
guaranteed to bring relief in every case
when used for any affection of Throat,
I. ungs or Chest such as Consumption, In
flammation of Lungs, Bronchitis, Asth
ma, Whooping Cough, Croup, etc., etc.
It is pleasant and ngieeable to taste,
pel fectly safe, and can always he de
pended upon.
Trial bottles free at .lolin C. Deinent's
Drug Store-
A Good Perforuiare.
The best minstrel performance
given on tho Sound for many years
was that given at Frye's opera house
last night. It proved to be as adver
tised, a Big Black Boom." Messrs.
Hicks & Sawyer have not misrepre
sented their company, and have thirty
nrtists in the line ot minstrelsy. The
singing was good, tho songs now nnd
sparkling, and tho usual grist of
black face chesnuts wero entirely
omitted. Tho performors are all
colored men, and don't require much
burnt cerk: Tho house was well
filled and will bo crowded to-night.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 3.
On Monday, July 2d, a Un dollar gold
piece. Finder wiltbe suitably rewarded
by leaving the same at this office.
At Two O'cloclt To-morroiv.
Those holding numbprs for the raffle
of I j. Simmon's cow atthe Scandinavian
Packing Co.'s premises are hereby no
tifie'l that th raffle will take place at
two ociock to-morrow aueriioon. All
cliaiics must be paid for hefnie the
raffle begins.
Gnnihrluus Beer
And Free Lunch at the Telephone Sa
loon, 6 cents.
Mrs. S. T. McKean contemplates
an early removal to San Jose, Cal.
Mrs. Major Rogers, and Mrs. W.
S. Gibson, are in the city, visiting
their parents'.
G. Wingate and wife started lest
Wednesday ovenmgon a four months
trip to England and Scotland.
Mrs. L. B. Hastings and Miss Min
nie Hastings of Port Townsend aro
visiting at Mrs. A. G. Allen's.
L. W. Holt arrived in San Fran
cisco yesterday, called there by a tel
egram announcing the serious illness
of his father.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam'l Elmoro returned
from Portland yesterday. With them
camo fromSacramento,Mrs.Elmore's
parents, Mr. and -Mrs. Hurd, who
will remain for a month.
B. H. Coleman returned on tho
State from a brief trip to San Fran
cisco. He is now the Astoria repre
sentative ot the bouse of Delafield,
Morgan,- Kissel & Co., of New York,
Chicago and San Francisco.
Dr. J. A. Fulton and wife arrived
yesterday afternoon. The bride's
maiden name was Miss Virginia Eady.
They were married June 27th, at the
residence of her father, Mr. T. U.
Eady, at Pawneo City Nebraska, and
left for Astoria tho next morning.
The Astorian voices tho wishes of n
host of friends in welcoming them to
what bids fair to be a life of happi-
nes nnd prosperity.
Only "a Matter of Sentiment." .
Tho morning and evening gun will
probably again bo heard at military
posts, for tho army appropriation
bill in the house has been amended
to include an appropriation of S30.000
for that purpose. Tho order pro
viding for tho firing of these guns
upon tho rising of the flag at sunrise,
and upon its taking down at sunset,
was issued in HJuly, 18G7, but since
then no appropriation has been re
quired to continno the observanco of
this time honored custom, becanso at
the end of the war a largo supply of
powder was left on band. This sup
ply became exhausted, however, in
March last, aud since that time tho
United States have not been able to
tiro a gun as a salnte to the stars aud
stripes at tho different posts and res
ervations, with tho exception of forts
Monroe, Va., and .Leavenworth, Ivns ,
and at the military academy at West
Point, The only objection mado to
tho appropriation was that it was
altogether "a matter of sentiment;''
but Mr. Ford, who moved tho amend
ment, replied that "tho Washington
monument was erected a3 'ft matter
of sentiment1; the annual celebration
of the Fonrth of Jnly i.-T'a,iuatter of
sentiment.' Why, if wq tiro -to draw
the line iipon matters -,of sentiment
the flag itself is 'a matter of senti-1
ment.' " -Call.
At Kos" Ojipi.i Hon-e'To-nipat.
Tho Ilieks-Sawycr Colored Min
strels mado a very attractive 'display.
ou the streetsyesterday nliil from"
the pleased expression of thdac who
witnessed tho performance they must
have made a good display thQre also.
They give a very nice entertainment,
their singing being specially good,
while their dancing, fancy military
drills and funny business aro equal
to anything of the kind ever seen
here. For some reason there seems
to 1)3 a special charm about their
work which is not pos3cssed'by white
minstrels. Already thcro is a laVge
advauco sale for the week. Last
night tho house was packed.'-Pitts,
burg Dispatch, Sept. 13.
A AVarnins.
Tho modes of death's approach are
various, and statistics show conclu
sively that more persons die from dis
eases of the Throat and Lungs than
any other. It is probable that every
one, without exception, receives vast
numbers of Tubercle Germs into tho
system and where these .germs fall
upon smtablo sou the' start into life
and develop, at first slowly and is
shown by a slight tickling :-ensation
in the throat and it allowed to cou
tinuo their ravages they extend to the
lungs producing Consumption and to
tho head, causing Catarrh. Now all
this i3 dangerous and if allowed to
proceed will in time cane death. At
tho onset you must net with prompt
ness; allowing a cold to go withont
your attention is dangerous and may
lose you your life. As soon as yon
feel that something is wrong with
your Throat, Lungs or Nostrils, ob
tain a bottle of Bosehee's German
Syrup. It will give you immediate
.Ilcrit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizen., that
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tion. We do not hesitate to guarantee
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leftimlthc purchase price, if satisfac
tory results do not follow their use.
'i new remedies nave won meir great
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, purely
t Druggi
C. Dement
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Library, etc.
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Figured Madras, etc., etc.
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AvroRiA, okeooiv.
The Akron Lacquers.
calls the attention of Cannervmen and
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