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-MAY 18, 18S8.
iMonday excepted.)
Publishers and Proprietor.
vr.n:iA P.uir.mxn, - - JCass Strkkt.
Trm or.Snbscrlptlon.
Si-ri i'J
iv Carrier, per eek
wiit In Mall, per month
.. 13 cts
- wets
one j ear.
Tree ot pottage to subscribers"
The Astoria,- guarantees to its :uher
tiNersthe largest circulation ot any nen -.paper
published on the Columbia rh er.
Arndtand Ferchen have a fifteen
horse power steam engine for sale.
Geo. Johnson will address the
Democratic club at its headquarters
this evening.
It is said that a bumble bee is
largest when first , hatched. Same
way with candidates sometimes.
Snow is reported in northern Wis
consin. Here the air is sweet with
the scent of flowers and the musical
voices of tuneful birds.
The proud prerogative of American
citizenship and the honors of Ameri
can sovereignty are being dailv con
ferred at the county clerk's office.
Hansen & Co, proprietors Astoria
Soda works are doing a good business
and furnish an assortment of palatable
beverages that are much sought after.
An emperor, an editor and a man
with a tape worm are the only three
individuals, who are entitled to say
"we." This lets one correspondent
Mis? Emma Warren's school closes
this afternoon. There will be literary
exercises beginning at 2 r, m. and the
friends nnd patrons of the school are
Both tickets are now in the field
for consideration and the nnme3 of
the several candidates to be voted
for on the fourth of next month ap
pear in this issue.
Mrs. Parsell, of Alpine, has been
nppointed a notary public; this is be
lieved to be the first instance in
which n woman has been appointed
notary public in Oregon.
The ball at the Pacific Union can
nery to-morrow evening gives prom
ise of being a pleasant affair. There
will be addresbes from 7 to 9 r. si.,
when the grand march will be plaj ed.
A. T. Brakke, 0. A. Hanson and
others will address the audience at
the Pacific Union cannery before the
ball begins to-morrow night, the
speaking having no bearing on or re
ference to county politics.
The gardeners at and near Smith's
Point show what indefatigable indus
try can do. They have made what
was a tangled swamp a mot produc
tive piece of ground and are making
money supplying Astoria with vege
tables. A jepreaenative of the Standard
Oil Co., is in the city looking for n
suitable location for a warehouse.
It is thought a site can be found
west of Union town near Smith's
Point, which will be safer thnu one
nearer or in the city.
Two young men on Bear river Pa
cific county last fall sold their hay at
SIC a ton, though had they waited
they would have got more. After figur
ing up they found they had cleared
$55 an acre. Hard work is not easy,
but there is no place in the United
States that hard work will give a
mirer return than in this section.
The Mississippi valley folks are
heiner drowned out. Last winter
tliev were, some of them, frozen to
death; next Angnst they will be sun-
struck or Halt DaKea. it mey want
to enjoy life let them come to God's
country where there are no cj clones,
ii( freezes, nor floods, and where
me can enjoy himself or herself thir
teen months in the year.
.T. H. DeForce's oil works on
Young's bay has not started up this
season yet; the proprietor thinks of
beginning operations next week.
The market for animal oil is not
what it was, petroleum products large
ly taking its placo. The proprietor
proposes starting a box factory there
if the further manufacture of oil
should prove unprofitable.
Any man who wants honest work
or an opportunity to safely and prof
itablyinvest a little capital can have
a good chance in this state and north
westvcbast. There are a good many
who want such a chance, but who
don't know where to go to get it
Such people will make no mistake in
coming to northwestern Oregon and
southwestern Washington.
U. W. Jb niton must nave made a
good, ringing speech at The Dalles,
as 'the Dalles correspondent of the
Facifio Express tries to be fanny in
his report of Mr. Fulton's speech,
because he saw fit to talk about the
tariff. Probably had he talked about
prohibition and the Mosaic account
of the flood he would have secured
that correspondent's approbation.
Good climate, pure air, rich soil,
freedom from floods or drought, good
schools and churches, peaceful law
abiding population, are among the
attractions and inducements that
Clatsop county offers to intending
immigrants. But it does't want any
croakers, grumblers, lookers for soft
jobs, or men who think the world,
owes them a living, but who are too
lazy to collect the debt
The committee from the Portland
board of irsde that investigated the
sailor boarding house "outrages"
have done just what The Astobian
prophesied they would do hunted
the trail till it led straight into the
cabin of the shipmaster and then
dropped it If they had just kept on
it would have got so interesting as to
savor of a personal controversy, for
the trail extends inland from the
shipmaster s quarters.
To illustrate what Clatsop county
land can do, the writer will cite one
instance that came under his obser
vation this week. A farmer on John
Dajs cnt 48 (forty-eight) tons of hay
from twelve acres of land last vear.
This hay he sold for S25 a ton. There
is 31,'JOO. from twelve acres, in one
year, 8100 an acre. Here are thou
sands and thousands of acres of -just
snch land in this countv.
Big crops all over the state. Crons
never fail in Oregon, and any man
that owns a bit of land has a sure
thing and need not be sick or fear
climatic trouble. Send this little
chunk of truth back to some poor fel
low that you know way back in the
Mississippi valley whocrawled out
from under the wreck of his barn in
the last cyclone, and who is now
taking quinine every day for the
shakes, and tell him it is the exact
In the United States senate last
Wednesday senator Mitchell's bill
providing for a survey of the lapids
of the Columbia river nt The Dalles
and Celilo, with a view to the con
struction of a boat railway, and np
propriating SoOO.OOO for "the com
mencement of work, passed the sen
ate. In view of the fact that the bill
may not pass the house as a separate
measure, the Oregon senators will en
deavor to get some suitable provision
in tne river and harbor bill for com
mencement of the work.
The Astoriak has no objections
to the Pacific Express publishing
items without -credit from these col
umns, being inclined to compliment
that clever journal on the good taste
shown in its selections. But it mod
estly, and in a spirit of proper humil
ity, asks tuat they be reproduced as
written. For instance; it is stated in
yesterday's Jixpiv that Astoria
spends S2.000 n year for the educa
tion of its children. Please make
that 820,000. brother Express, and
may Heaven's choicest blessings at
tend you and myriads of white robed
angels bo jour guides and guardians
to the shining shores of everlasting
It is thought that the river nnd
harbor bill which has passed the
house of representatives, will be re
ported by tho senate committee next
week. It is thought that the appro
priations for Oregon will be increased
as follows- Coqnille river, from 822,-
000 to 825,000. Ynquina bav. from
8120,000 to S150.000: for improvement
of Tillamook bay and bar. S5.200;
Willamette river, S15.000 to S29.000;
814,000 of which is deemed necessary
to be used for revetment of the Wil
lamette river above Corvallis. to pre
vent n cut off; mouth of the Colum
bia, from 5370,000 to 3500,000; lower
Columbia and Willamette, below and
in front of Portland, from 880,000 to
8100.000; cascades, from S17D.000 to
Ii.waoo May 10.
N. Clinton and crow with their new
pile driver arrived down yesterday in
tow of tho Tonquin nnd to-day are
at work driving piles for tho railroad
company. The Walluskt arrived
down also and discharged a donkey
engine to be used on tho pile driver
on the lakes aud marshes.
W. F. Mudge well known in Astor
ia will have charge ot this branch of
the work. Jos. Surprenant is here
also. Our town presents a busy
scene nt present and tho hotels are
doing rushing business. Another
blacksmith shop is being erected,
that will make tonr we have.
It's summer with us. wnrm and
Busy times on the weather beach.
Several houses are being built
and the indications are that this will
be the most prosperous season ever
known here. Mr. Bromley superin
tendent of construction ot the light
house department is at the Cape
making improvements. I).
For The r-ailies.
Hair uoods. latent and nio-.t artistic
stjles, bangs fronts, etc., fiorn i "ai to
S.7.-rf),at Mis. W..I. Uarry's.
We still haea quantity of the cele
brated Underwood pure leaf lard on
hand. Give it a trial before its all gone.
Thompson & Hos1-.
If v on still want the Highland biand
of condensed milk, call on us and we
will be pleased to accomodate jou.
You will find the Goodwin brand of
butter, always a favorite in the Astoria
market at Thompson- & Koss.
The Ohio Sap takes the lead. Guar
anteed strictly Dure.
We try to keep on hand all the vege
tables and fruits in the markets, (live
us a call.
Thompson & Itoss.
Girl Wanted.
A good gill can get good wages and a
good situation. For particulars inquire
at this office.
To Bent.
A good house; 5 rooms; fine localilv.
Inquire of 1. W. Case.
By a Scandinavian weman: a situa
tion to do upstairs work in a hotel or
private family. Apply at Si. Gibson's
money To Loan.
Inquire at office of W. L. Robb.
Twines, Twines. Twines.
J. O. Hanthom is agent for Dunbar,
MacMasters & Co.'s salmon twines on
the Pacific Coast, and guarantees to
satisfy the trade- in prices and quality
equal ro any on tne m&tKet.
She Will Arrive at Astoria To-Morrow.
The new steamer Telephone that
rounded Tongue point for the first
time one misty March afternoon in
'85 and went up in flame and smoke
at upper Astoria, one Sunday night
last November, will be sneeeeded by
the new Telephone which is hnishea
nnd thoroughly equipped, nnd which
will leave Portland for this city at
seven o'clock to-morrow morning.
There will be a big crowd to meet
nnd welcome her upon her arrival at
her dock. She will return at half
past two to-morrow afternoon.
The day that the Telephone was
burned, the night boat of the O. It k
N. Co. began running, it being a sin
gular coincidence; since the two
night boats began running in addi
tion to the two day boats, one leaving
here every morning except Sunday at
six o'clock, and another every even
ing except Friday at eight o'clock,
the question has been a hundred
times discussed; "Where is Scott
going to get in?n "What will be the
Telephone's trip card?"
Here's where Scott "get3 inf
Leave l'oBTtiSD,Snnday.. . 8:00 a. m.
Tuesday.. . . 7.-00 "
Wednesday... 7.-00 "
Thursday. ...1130 p.m.
Saturday 7:00 a.m.
Leave Astobu, Monday G-00 a. m
" ' Tuesday . 2:30 r. m.
Wednesday 7.-00 "
Friday.. . .70"
Saturday . 2:30 "
Arriva at 1'obtlixd, Monday 1:30 p. m.
' Tuesday.. 9 JO "
" " Thursday.. 30 a. m.
Saturday.. 3-00 "
" " Saturday.. 930 p.m.
Arrive nt ABToniA.Sunday
" " Tuesday.
. 30 r. si.
1230 "
0-00 A. M.
1230 m.
" ' Saturday .
It will be seen that the regular
Sunday trip will be retained; leaving
Porllaud at 8 instead of 9 . m.. as
before, and that round trips will be
made on Tuesdays, Wednesdajs and
Saturdays. Thursday is tho only day
in the week that tho boat will not
either leave from or arrive nt Astoria.
The time table published above is
an interesting one and indicates
lively work for a boat that will ar
rive and leave every hour ot tho
tweuty-fonr from 0 a. m. to 11-30 p. m.
An Explanation.
What is this "nervous trouble" with
which so many seem now to bo af
flicted? If jon will remember a fow
years ago tho word Malaria was com
paratively unknown, to-da it is ."as
common ns any word in the English
language, yet this word covers onh
the meaning of another word used by 1
our forefathers in times past, bo it
is with nervous diseases, as the and
Malaria are intended to cover "what
our grandfathers called Billiousness,
and all are caused by troubles that
arise from a diseased conditiomof the
Liver which in performing its func
tions finding it cannot disposo of the
bile through the ordinary channel is
compelled to pass it off through the
system, causing nervous troubles,
Malaria, Billions Fever, etc. Yon
who are suffering can well appreciate
a cure. We recommend Green's Au
gust Flower. Its cures are mar
velons. Why The Numbers Are Changed.
The hotel clerk finds innuy curious
people. If at some time there lin
been n sneide in one of tho rooms, the
first dutv of the clerk is to see that
the newspaper reporter does not get
the number of the room. And if he
should, the uumbcr is changed as
quickly as possible. The reason for
this is that tho average arrival who is
posted on the suicido invariably asks
the clerk what room it occurred in,
and follows tho inquiry with tho re
mark that he''doesn't want that room."
There is hardly a first-class hotel in
the country that hasn't had some sort
of a tragedy, and the clerks are never
supposed to know what room they
ocenrred in.
.llcrit Wins.
Vtleircto-.ay to inn oilizeiw, that
we have been spiling Dr. KingV. Xew
Discovery for Consumption, Dr. King's
New Life rilK, IlueklenV Arnica Salte
and Electric Hitteis, and have never
handled remedies that sell as well, or
that have given such universal satisfac
tion. We do not hesitate to guarantee
them every time, and we stand readv to
refund the purchase price, if
toij lcsiiiU do not follow their use.
These lemedies have won their great
popularity purely on their merits, .ino.
C. Dement Druggist.
The best Oysters in anv
the Telephone Kestaurant.
stjle. at
lo You Eat or lluy Canity r
Pure Candy manufactured and for
.ale at lowest piicesatthc Oregon Ba
kery. Are you made miserable by Indiges
tion, Constipation. Di77iness, Loss of
Appetite, Yellow fcfcin '.' blnoh's Vital
i7crisa jtositivc cuic. For sale Itj .1.
C. Dement.
l'ri vate ItoimiH.
At the Telephone llestaurant for sup
pers, parties, etc. The best cooked to
Rooms To Rent.
Willi or without board. From SI
a week upwards. Apply at Mrs. E.
1 lolden's, corner Jefferson and Main.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothino Svp.up
should always be used for children
teething. It soothes the child, tot lens
the gums, allays all pain, cures wind
clumc and is the best remedy for diar-rhn?a.Twenty-five
cents a bottle.
Telephone liodcinz House.
Best Beds in town. Rooms per night
CO and 25 cts., per week S1.50. New and
clean. Private entrance.
SniLon's Cure will lminediatelv
relievo Croup, Whooping Cough, and
uronciims. aom oy j. u. Dement.
The Only Walla Walla Wah
Wall, published at Walla Walla,
Walla Wallacounty, Wash. Ter., by J.
Watermelon Redington. a bad man1
from Hennner. is received. It is not
a thing ot beauty, and may not be a
joy iorever, but iiKe tne muscaao
mestica, it gets there just the, same.
It is chuck full of joaks and1 will be
read when Donnelly. Shaksneare and
the tariff are forgotten, nnd probably
oerore then.
Here are three of the advertise
ments: Henry Hominy hereby offers his
valuable services as night guard of
watermelon patches. Punishment in
flicted on boy poachers is guaranteed
painless; none but careful and xperi
enced assistants mployed; terms -i
of the crop.
Also, will herd cows off your side
Walk at night for the cow.
Also, will contract to supply joung
ladies' seminaries with pure moun
tain chewing gum in quantities of not
less than 14 barrels per month. My
gum-patch in the beautiful Blue
mountains is kept in a high state of
Befers without permission to the
Duke of Delaware and Crown Prince
of Boad Island.
Prairie Schooner "Belle of the Buf-falow-wallow,"
now lying in port at
foot of Polar street Neither the cap
tain or crew will be responsible for
any stuff furnished the consignees of
this bark beyond four barrels of beer
to each man, and the usual amount
of cigarettes allowed on other vessels
of the United States navy. Prefer
ence will in all cases be given to arti
cles of homo manufacture, and dajn
the xpense. J. Jerkline.
Notice to Mariners. Look out for
a chuck hole in the road on the
grand driveway around the garrison,
where the ground was imperfectly
summer-fallowed while Windy Jack
held the brush-harrow over it 6 years
ago. It bears N NE S SE N of the
bow jib of the mountain howitzer ne ar
the guardhonse.
Jack O. Lantebn,
Stipe, of gov. candlestix in this
hot-house dist.
Here is a little chunk of editorial-
Ensilage for canary birds is fast
finding favor as a popular plate
which cheers but doe3 not make
drunk. It is imported in large quan
tities from tho rocks on Sand island,
where the sea-gulls deposit it on tho
walking-beam of the Great Republic.
Tho price at which it is retailed in
the drug stores shows that it must
have been smuggled through tho As
toria custom-house.
Tho Wah Wah is full of native
strength and solemn beauty and goes
on TnE Astorian's X list without a
A SnIV liiX'Stmeiit.
Is one which is guaranteed to bring
von satisfactory icsulfr. or in case ol
failure a return of purchase price. On
this safe plan jou ean buy from our ad
vertised Druggist a bottlo of Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption. It is
gnainiiteed to bring relief in every case
when used for anj affection of Throat,
hung-, or (Uiest such a$ Consumption, In
flammation of Lung-,, Bronchitis, Asth
ma, Whooping Cough, Croup, etc., etc.
It is pleasant and agreeable to taite,
pel feet ly safe, and can alvvavs be de
pended upon.
Trial bottles free atilohn t Dement's
Drug htdrc.
The finest and juiciest steak at the
Telephone KesUnrant.
.Nhiloh's Catarrh Kemedy a posi
tive cure tor Catarrh, Diptliena aud
Canker Mouth, bold by .). C. Dement.
Collee and cake, ten ceuK at the
Central llestaurant.
For the best photographs ami luitjpes
go to Crow's (lallerj.
A Nasal Inieetor inv with each
boltle of Shiloh's Catarrh IJemedv
"rice .Ml cents, hold by .1. C.Demetit.
"llackmetack." a lasting ami fra
grant perfume. Prices.1; ami so cents,
ild by .I.C. Dement.
All the patent mulieines advertised
in this paper, together v ith the choicest
perfumery, and toilet artu-ies. etc can
liflmiiiilit nt. tin- lowest liners, it. I. IV.
Conn's dun: store, opposite Ocident
hotel. As! nna.
Camltriims Uecr
Ami Vice Lunch at the Telephone h.i
loon, n cents.
Kino OwelUnc House to Itent.
Good terms to suitable tenant. Iuiiiiie
at this ollice.
When You Co to Portland
Frank Kabre, Occidental hotel restau
rant, will be glad to see his Astotia
friends, A good dinner at a moderate
puce and cverjthing in season.
Vol Dy.spepsiaandLiver Complaint,
you have a printed guarantee on every
of hiiuons vuanzer. it never
fails to cure.
Sold bv J. C. Dement.
Umbrellas Repaired
At mv old stand. J.
The latest stv le of Gents' Boots and
Shoes at I J. Uoodman s.
A fine cup of coffee, at the Telephone
llcsl am ant.
Tlic Steamer lUontcsniio.
Will make regular round trips between
IVestport anu Astoria every uay laun
day excepted,) Ieav ing Westport at C a.
m; returning leave Wilson & Fisher's
wharf at 2 p. m.. tonchinc at all wnv
landings. (Svensen's Wednesdays and
Saturdays.; u. n. y klcu.
Ludlow's Ladies' ?.-!.00 Fine Shoes;
also Flexible Hand turned French Kids,
at P. J- Goodman's.
Meals Cooued to Order.
Private rooms for ladies and families:
at Central Restaurant, next to Foard &
JL. ASUJria DUUIMU& iuiu uvau A.-3UU11UUI1
consisting of 250 shares will be opened June
1st. 1888. The subscription books are now
open at the Secretary's office.
L. RonR
For Rent.
' Inquire ot Jas. Taylor.
5ew Lace Curtain;
Window Draperie
Persian Drapery, Etamines,
Porteriers, in Chenille and Tapestry,
Silk and Wool Tapestry.
Figured Madras, etc., etc.
Upwards of 3,000 yards of Nottingham Cur
tain Nett from
Tlie . laeading House
A I-are and Well Selected Stock of Fine
Diamonfls s Jewelry
At Extremely Low Prices.
All (IoocIh nought at ThN KutablLlimmt
'Warranted Genuine.
H'liteh nml Clock Repairing
Curlier Cast anil Squemoqua Streets.
Carnahan & Co.
T. "W. CASE,
Corner Clienamus anil Cass streets.
Of Best Quality, and at
And Dealers In
Special Attention Given to Filling
Of Orders.
And Supplies furnished at Satis
factory Terms.
Purchases delivered In any part ot the city.
Office and "Warehouse
In Hume's New Building on Water Street.
P. O. Box 153. Telephone No. SI.
For Sale.
. Enquire ot B. A. Foster. Fort Stevens,
For Sale Cheap.
Impnti hn t-ivpn Sold for want of use.
Also a good business buggy and harness and
a nearly new delivery wagon harness.
Cannery Supplies !
Ecru and White,
Embroidered Swiss,
in Single and Two Toned.
121ao to 75c per yard.
Which I expected a month ago, was delayed, on account
of the Strike on one of the Eastern Roads.
I Received this Fine Selection this week, and it will do
You Good to look at them.
Iiat est Slia&es,
A No. I Trimmings and Finish,
And what will please you
reasonable for inferior goods, even;
But they Must Go.
The Reliable Clothier and Hatter.
Occident Hotel
Irish Point,
most, the Price would be