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t Sails Syrian.
Land far Home Seekers In Clatsop County.
It is seriously alleged in eastern po
litical circles that an attempt -will be
made this year by both political par
ties to catch Iho American vote. The
report, however, lacks confirmation.
It is learned at Berlin through re
liable sources that emperor Frederick
wanted to extend amnesty to all social
ists and to recall those vrho had been
banished, but Bismarck dissuaded
him from doing so.
A iiAijOE number of opinions fur
nished by prominent Republicans in
Maine and New England generally
are published at Boston. They ex
press the belief that nothing can pre
vent the nomination of Blaine.
The incessant use of the trawl has
depleted the fisheries on the east
coast of England to such an extent
that the fishermen are in distress and
the government is urged to place re
strictions on this mode of fishing.
The New York Sun says: The
strikes that have taken place in this
country since the beginning of the
year 1887 have numbered about 1,000,
and of the 400,000 men engaged in
them from '25,000 to 50,000 men are
still out
The Kindergarten Founder.
(PaciSc Express.)
Tho strip of tidelands surrounding
Young's Bay begins near Point Adams
and rims the shore, a flat grassy plain,
no higher than the level of the Inchest
tide. They vary from one to two miles
in width; in their natural condition the
spring tides rise upon them every twenty
four hours, and tho verv Inch tides that
occur in tho winter, under the influence
of the wind or barometric variation, man
dates them completely. A heavy, wiry
tide grass, tide reeds and rushes cover
tberu with verdure never dry or dead.
There are deep sloughs wriggling through
these lands, along whose banks grow oc
casional spruce trees, mingled with wil
low ana elder, ino trees on sucnianu
are low. a liniby, mossy specimen, with
huge roots lifting the stumps, or butts
almost entirely above the ground, the
trees are set on too of the ground rather
than rooted in it. The soil here is made
up of dead grass, rotten wood, leaves and
drift. mincled with sand or mud in varv-
inu nronortions. Near Point Adams it
is ruoro muck and drift, with sand;
farther up the bay, especially on the
streams that fall into it, the soil is com
posed of very line, light mud, washed
down from the hills. Such land posses
ses the very highest degree of fertility: a
very large portion is now dikul, being
thus nrotected from the water; Garden
vegetables, root crops, and grasses make
an enormous growth, aR much as live
tons of hay having been cut from a sin
ele acre at one crop. Such enormous
yields are at the expense of the quality of
the hay, and the better plan is to keep
the land closely pastured
Tnn Chicago Times gives credence
to a rumor that the Chicago, Milwau
kee and Si Paul company is behind
the proposed Leavenworth and Den
ver Short Line project to construct a
line from Oakland, Cal., to Denver,
and thenco westward through the
mountains to Salt Lake City.
Tnnnn seems to be little doubt that
there was an intrigue to prevent the
succession of emperor Frederick to
the throne. On the death of William,
Bismarck telegraphed to Frederick at
San Remo that he must come to Ber
lin immediately or the prince could
not answer for the consequences.
BiiAiSE, Allison, Gresham, Sherman,
Hiscock, Harrison, Ilawley, Phelps,
Reed, Sheridan, Evarts and Lincoln,
unconsidered presidential possinui
ties, were lxrn in the country, and
nearlv all of them were firlt advanced
by rural constituencies. Come to
think of it, there are few men born in
the United States before 1830, who
are not sons of farmers. There were
few large cities that early in our his
tory; none as large as San Francisco
is to-day.
The Chinese have already made
preparations to evade the anti-Chinese
treaty in case of its passing. A "bur
eau of convenience" will be started
to accommodate Chinamen who wish
to return to the United States and
whoso entrance is denied because they
have neither a wife nor 1,000 worth
ofproperty here. The bureau will
furnish them with temporary' wives
andSl.OOO worth of property for a
consideration, and thus enable them
to comply with the requirements of
tho law.
It is a notable backdown which the
Dominion government has made with
reference to the Manitoba mid Canadi
an Pacific quarrel. Manitoba gets all
she asked for. and the!Canadian Pa
cific monopoly for the exclusive con
struction of railways in Manitoba to
the international bonndarj line is
over. The corporation, however, de
mands over 12,000,000 as compensa
tion for the abridgment of its rights.
The Dominion government appears to
think that concession, even at this
price, is cheaper than revolt.
Tor First Place.
A great amount of political engineer
ing will be done by friends of candidates
to secure for their man the first place
m the ticket, nml the best man will
probably secure the coveted place.
Then if'indorsed by the majority of the
neople the election is assured. .Electric
Hitters has been put to the front, its mer
its passed upon, has been indorsed, and
unanimously given the lirst place,
among remedies peculiarly adapted to
the relief and cure of all Diseases of
Kidneys. Liver and Stomach. Electric
Bitters, being guaranteed, is a safe in
vestment Price COc and $1 per bottle
at John C. Dement's drug store.
Twines, Twines. Twines.
J.O.IIanthorn is agent for Dunbar,
MacMasteis & Co.'s salmon twines on
the Pacific Coast, and guarantees to
satisfy the trade in prices and quality
equal to any on the market.
Private Rounin.
At the Telephone Restaurant Tor sup
pers, parties, etc. The best cooked to
Tho Rev. Geo. II. Thayer, of Bour
bon, lnd., says: "Both myself and wife
owe our lives toSmi.on's Consumption
Core." Sold by J. C. Dement.
until late: as
this 13 a son that never suiters Jroni
drouth the hay harvest may thus be de
ferred as long as necessary. When once
diked and smoothed over, stumps and
snags grubbed out, nnd trees or brush re
moved, this land is held at a high price
100 or rnoro per acre.
J-ho tide lands arc limited m extent,
although of raro value, aro but little
better thon tho low lauds, or bottoms,
bordering tho streams that fall into
oung's Bay, and the ocean near by.
The culminating point of Clatsop
county is Saddle mountain, soino fifteen
miles south ot the uolumbin ana an
equal distance from the ocean beach. It
is a volcanic formation some 4,000 feet in
height, precipitous on the west, or sea
looking side, and having four pea!;s. It
is a very commanding object from the
wholo lower river: four streams take
their birth in its side, or ridges, near;
tho Lewis nnd Clark and Young's river
flowing north into Young's bay, tho Ne
kanikum rnns west into tho ocean, enter
ing at tho Seaside, as menfioned before,
and tho North Nehalem flowing south
west into tho Nehalem.
Tho Lewis and ClarKo is a broad
mouthed tide stream, richly endowed on
both shores with tide hinds, for a dis
tance of eight miles up. It rapidly nar
rows and shoals, chauciua finally to a
simple creek across which the trees hang
irom hotn snores, auovc mo iiue innus,
there succeeds bottom, or overflow land,
dry excepting during the highest winter
freshets. Thcso bottoms aro from a
quarter of a milo to a mile in width, at
various points contracting to a mere
canyon, through which the river flows in
a rapid current, expanding abovn into
wide iMJttoms, until finally lost in the
The Lewis and ClarJ;o enters Young's
Bay on its southwest side; at the south
east corner enters Young's river a lordly
stream alout half a milo in width, with
many arms and winding sloughs, nnd
lined on both shores with tide lands,
Tho Walluski enters from tho cast, for
some distance a slow tide stream; seven
miles from its mouth enters tho Klaska-
nino from tho east. On both branches
thero are extensive bottems: Young's
river, just at tho head of tide water,
draws to a pinch at a point where the
hills on both sides shut down, forming
here a beautiful fall, 75 feet m height.
Tho volume of water is small, compara
tively, yet sufficient for one of tho hnest
powers on tho coast. It is at present
ntilized by the pulp factory which uses
tho spruce timber torus purposes, mo
valley of the river widens out abovo the
falls, gradually diminishing in size nntil
lost in the canyons.
The Nekanikum, which has a westerly
flow from the mountain of Its source, is
a somewhat larger stream than either of
tho others mentioned. Its bottom, or
overflow lands, nre half a mile to a mile,
and, at a point where an important
branch enters, nearlv three miles in
width. Owing to the windings of this
river its lowlands may bo estimated for a
distance of fifteen to eighteen miles in
length. The North Nehalem, a creek of
about tho same volume as tho others,
following southwest to the Nehalem, is
also bordered by bottom lands.
The term "bottom"' is in common uso
among settlers to denoto low flat laud,
made from the rash of the stream, and
subject to overflow during tho winter
freshets. They are such lands as would
be called meadows, if cleared of timber.
but apply to land either in its wild or
natural state.
The bottom lands Along the streams
mentioned, aggregating between a),000
and 30,000 acres, nre all formed of the
same sort of soil, timbered with the same
sort of timber.
Tho soil is a very fine, light, yellow
alluvium. It is soft and slippery to the
feel, often called "greasy." It overlies
beds of washed gravel, and is from fif
teen to three or four feet in depth. It is
enormously productive of grass, oats, rye,
roots, nnd vegetables. Clover and peas
grow hero with a rankness seldom seen
All these bottoms nre naturally covered
with tho most meantio timber. There
are the white spruces, often above 200
feet in height and forty feet in girtn, a
stout, bnrlv tree, with white, scaly Bark,
stiff branches forming a blunt peak, or
head, at the top, and a soft, fine wood, of
a 1 -.A.. ... tnvlnA 'Tim TrmrM? ,o
usually white, although frequently pink,
and is usefnl for shinoles. "shakes,"
puncheons, or rails. It splits so readily
as to admit of being made into ooarus.
Among the towering patriarchal
snruccs aro multitudes ot liemiocKS sel
dom abovo 200 feet in height and fifteen
feet in girth. It is useful for nil ordinary
purposes of wood and lumber, being
much heavier and harder than tho spruce.
Tho bark, here as elsewhere, is full of
tannin. There aro cedars, alders, mnples,
Oregon hickory, or chittim wood, and
thickets of huckleberry and salmonberry
brush. These bushes aro of gigantic size,
running up ten, fifteen and twenty feet
in height.
On tho Nekanikum and North Nehalem
but a small portion of tho bottom lands
are claimed, not all being yet surveyed.
The one hundred and sixth anniver
sary of the birth of Friederich Froe
bel, the founder of the Froebel kin
dergarten system, was observed bv an
entertainment at the Portland Unita
rian church last evening. Froebel
was born at Oberweissbach, Germany,
April 21, 1782, where his father was a
laborious pastor of several villages.
His mother died before his remem
brance and his half orphanage had a
nrnvnilinrr inflnfincn on hifl destiny,
giving him a very sad childhood,
which he manifested by asking strange
nnpcfimia nnnfArninr human discords.
He was educated at the university of
Jena, joined the army, and at the end
of his enlistment became tutor to the
sons of a Frankfort gentleman. Later,
Froebel and Middendorf, an army
companion, began a school at Kiel
hau with six pupils. Karl Froebel,
one of these, described this school as
a paradise of children, but said that
dnrinf? the whole oeriod ot his stay,
(from lSlu to lHliu) it was a rurumu
alnv nt bankmntcv. The plan was to
edncate the children by putting them
at work, and making nature iteelf and
what they produced artistically by
horticulture and their own hands
their books. Froebel's first idea was
that children until 7 years old should
be exclusively educated by their
mothers, but later he advised that
they be educated between 3 and 7
vears of ace. as it was impossible for
"mothers with many children and fam
ily duties to devote time to tne devel
opment, moral and physical, of each
child. Froebel put in the last twelve
vpnrs of his life starting kindergar
tens. He died at Rudolstadt, Juno
21, 1&52.
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Any one can prove tbe rotary mo
tion of tbe earth on its axis by a
simple experiment, for making which
an educational journal of Frankfort,
Germany, gives the following direc direc
teons: "Take a good sized bowl, fill it
nearly fall of water, nnd place it up
on tho floor of a room which is not
exposed to shaking or jarring from
tbe street. Sprinkle over the surface
of tho water a coating of lycopodium
nowder a white substance which is
sometimes used for purposes of the
toilet, and which can be obtained at
almost any apothecary's. Then, upon
tho surface of this coating of npwder,
make, with powdered cbacoal. a
straight, black line, say an inch
or. two inclies in lengtu. Hav
ing made this little black mark with
the charcoal powder on the surface
of tho contents of tbe bowl,
lay down upon the floor, closo tothe
bowl, a stick or some other straight
object, so that it shall be exactly par
allel with the mark. If the line hap
pens to bo parallel with n crack in
the floor, or with any stationary ob
ject in tho room, this will servo as
well. Leave the bowl undisturbed
for a few hours, and then observe the
position of the black mark with refer
ence to the object that it was parallel
with. It will be found to have moved
about, aud to have moved from east
to west- -that is to say, iu that direc
tion opposite to that ot the move
ment on its axis. The earth, in sim
ply revolving, has carried the water
and everything else in the bowl
around with it, but the powder on the
surface has been left behind a little.
The line will always be found to have
moved from east to west, which is per
fectly good proof that everything
else lias moved iho other way. "
Rij Money On the Clackamai.
The Clackamas was swarming with
salmon last week. One night oue
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