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    3 ghiUjj stoviatt.
(Mnadiij evented.)
1'ublf.licrs ami Proprietors,
Terms of Subscription.
Served liv Carrier, per weok .. . 1.1 cts
.Sent bv Mail, per month to cts
" " " on' ear. S7.M
Free or postage to subscribers.
Tim Astouian guarantees to Its adver
tisers the largest circulation of any newspa
per published on the Columbia riwr.
Busy times.
Co. "H." regular drill lo-uight.
What's the matter with the electric
The streets are gettiug no clcauer
very fast.
W. W. Wherry A: Co. will take your
order for a Thanksgiving turkey.
The county comniissioueis ad
journed yesterday to the 2Gth int.
Week of prayer for young men at
Y. M. C. A. .Some old one are past
praying for.
The John Smith arrived iu yester
day afternoon; the Katie Flcrkinyrr
crossed out.
The Miles and Dolphin arrived in
yesterday evening with 3,920 cases
salmon from Gray's harbor.
J. "W. Cook has purchased about
40 acres of high land biok of the
railroad shops at Albina, for $31,000.
Capt. Grounds' new vessel will be a
stbam schooner, fitted with high pres
sure compound condensing twin en
gines. Judge Boise being indisposed, it is
expected that Judge Taylor will take
his place at the adjourned term of the
Linn county court.
The Norwegian bark Vikar went
ashore on the rocks opposite Esqui
mault last Sunday morning, and was
pulled off leaking badly.
The Telephone, Astoria's favorite
boat, arrived down a little after two
o'clock yesterday afternoon, All the
river boats are making better time
since the 10th.
So far the weather this fall has
been unusually warm, the chilling
frosts of last year have not been re
peated, and the hillsides and gardens
are bright with summer tints.
Final election returns come in
slowly. Ic is thought that the resnlt
of the vote on the proposed prohibi
tion amendment will show n majority
against of between 7,000 and 8,000.
The barkeutine Wcbfoot went
ashore, in the gale, at Whitcomb's
flat at Gray's harbor last Friday, and
tore her keel a distance of thirty feet.
She will be taken to San Francisco
for repairs.
The Daily Transcript reappeared
last evening in good shape, and with
a healthy local look about its outside.
Shake. The enterprising proprietors
give as a reason for its issuance that
they want to.
Griffin & Keed, of the City book
store are on deck with a few remarks
appropriate io the occasion. They
issue invitation to buyers to see their
fine stock in their new quarters. See
their new adv't.
Seattle folks asked to have the
Bear detailed for service on the
Sound and Straits of Fuca in addi
tion to the Wolcott. The request has
been refused by the chief of the reve
nue marine bureau.
A Macleay correspondent of the
Uregonian has discovered that the
late constitutional amendment elec
tion was "illegal," and that the whole
business must be done over again.
Ob, Lord! Oh, Lord!!
F. H. Poiudexter sum3 up the me
teorological aspect of Alaska in one
sentence that leaves further remarks
unnecessary. He says: "It rains as
much in Alaska in the summer as it
does in Astoria in the winter.''
The hunting schooner O. S. Foio
ler, Captain Morrison commauder, is
on the way to Behring sea. She has
been commissioned to .secure a pair
of Polar bears for Paris and Philadel
phia, and to secure, if possible, a
live walrus. Two thousand dollars
has been offered for one. The Foio
ler has been fitted up with cages and
tanks for her menagerie.
Says aya3hington dispatch of the
14: Senator Mitchell of Oregon
arrived this evening. He reports a
very general protest against the
abandonment of Fort Canby, as rec
ommended some time ago by Gen.
Howard. He and senator Dolph will
again confer with secretary Endicott
in regard to the matter, and try if
possible to provent the recommenda
tion from being carried into effect.
No use.
Articles of incorporation of the
Astoria street railway company were
filed in the county clerk's office yes
terday. The incorporators are J. W.
Conn,F. 7. Newell, F. B. Stokes,
Martin Foard and W. A. Sherman.
The duration of the corporation is
perpetual: the business enterprise
and occupation is the building, main
taining, owning and operating street
railways in the city of Astoria and
suburb. The principal office of the
corporation is in Astoria. The capi
tal stock is 30,000 in shares of 100
"The Exchange for Pacific Coast
Products' has been organized in San
Francisco, "W. H. Bodgers, president,
Geo. W. Meade, vice-president, and
O. Alexander, treasurer; executive
committee, F. S. Johnson, A. D. Cut
ler and C. B. Jennings; on legisla
tion, I. H. Morse, Charles Alexander
and Eugene Beck; canned goods, B.
F. Stone, W. F. Beck and H. L. E.
Meyer; dried fruit and raisins, Geo.
W. Meade. II. G. Freeman and W. L.
Dodge; miscellaneous products, F. S.
Van Sicklen. J. J. Moore and Samuel
Messrs. Crow and Nurnberg, our
county commissioners, met again,
puisuant to adjournment yesterday
to set the tax levy for the ensuing
year, but received a telegram from
Salem, saying "county rolls not all in
yet,' so that they had to adjourn
without doiug anything. This looks
like fooling on the part of the state
ofhcials, to compel county officials to
dance attendance on delays this way.
The tax levy should have been made
September 1st: two and a half months
ago. First thing we know it will be
The W. C. T. U. district conven
tion is in present session at Bescue
hall. The session began last even
ing, Mr?. Biggs, state president of
the association in the chair and will
continue to-day and to-morrow.
There was a pleasnt reception to the
several delegates last evening, com
prising music, and address of wel
come by Mrs. C. A. Gearhart, re
sponded to by Mrs. A. B. Biggs, in
troduction, refreshments, etc. The
exercises will be resumed at 9:30 this
morning, with a noon intermission
till 130 P. jr., and an evening meet
ing at 730: the public generally are
M. Herrick is registered at the Oc
cident Fish commissioners Thompson and
Beed have gone to Ellensburg to ex
amino B. D. Hume's salmon hatchery
near that place.
I "jBev. W. L. MacEwau, will on the
first Sunday in December, assume
the chaplainship in the Bishop Scott
academy at Portland.
W. L. Bobb has been elected sec
rotary of the Astoria Building &
Loan association. His office is on
Cass street, opposite TheAstoiuax
Mr. Shipley and wife of Oswego
came down yesterday, their first visit
to Astoria in 27 years. They go to
Clatsop, where Mr. S. formerly re
sided, this morning.
Balph Morgan, "who has been in
charge of the yard at Skaniokawa,
came down yesterday, and' goes to
Sunshine this morning, where Le
will superintend the building of a
new wharf.
The lstj district W. C. T. U. conven
tion held its first meeting in Astoria
vcbten'ay evening at the Rescue club
hall. It will hold three sessions rdaly,
ending Thursday evening, November
17. Jlrs. A. R. Riggs, state president
Or. W. C. T. U., Mrs. R. Robb,. state
Rec. Sec, Mrs. Kate Mendenhall. Pres.
Eabt Poitland W. C. T. lT., Sirs. Hoxter,
Pres. of this district, and other di.stin
guished ladies delegates lrom the live
counties embraced in it, will beprcent.
The programme for to-day is as fol fel fol
eows: Morning scsssion, 9 :30 Organization,
appointing of committees, icnorts of
Alternoou session, 1:00 Paper by
Mrs. W. W. Parker. "How can a woman
remain the equal of her husband after
marriage.' to be read by Mrs. Julia
Snyder. Discussion thereupon bv the
At 8 o'clock this evening the Astoria
Y- XV. O. T. U. will give a literary and
musical entertainment, presided over
by Mrs. Rebecca Robb, Dist. Supt. of
th Young Women's work.
The public is cordially invitcdf to at
tend all these exercise, which it ill be
Attention Co. ""."
All members of Co. "H.", O. N. G.,
are ordered to appear at the armory
this evening at 8 o'clock, for drill.
Hereafter the regular weekly drill
will be held on Wednesday evening
of each week. By order
A. E. Shaw,
Hall of riatsow Lod-cNo. 113, lT O. of II.
Astoria, Nov. 10th, 18S7.
All members are requested to ap
pear at their hall on Wednesday,
November 16th, 18S7, at 7:30 r. ar. to
transact business of importance.
A. A. ClkveiiAKd,
Attest: H. A. Smith,
A girl for general housework in a
small family at Fort Stevens. Apply to
P. G. Eastwick, Fprt Stevens, or to .1. N.
Griffin. Astoria.
Plain Sewing auHro!.niaUiiip
At Mrs. Scott's, opposite Ross opera
house. Sewing for families by the day
at their homes if desired.
Every mother is interested in know
ing that a special preparation for chil-
oi en, caned "liie umitrs uougn byrun"
i-. now for sale only at Dcnient's drug
What is better than a glass of liquor?
A cup of delicious coffee at Fabre's.
For the best photographs and tintypes
go to Ccow's Gallery.
Ten cents for a cup of Fabre's nice
Telephone "Ledging: House.
Best Beds in town. Rooms per night
."JO and 25 cts., per week 6130. New and
clean. Private entrance.
The finest and nicest steak to be had
in town at Fabre's.
ITYou Want Tour Fine Cleaned.
Leave orders for T. Clifton at this office
Try Fabre's celebrated pan roast.
Creighton Pleeing To The Isthmus.
Philadelphia, Nov. 15. Senator
Joseph B. Hawley of Connecticut
was married at noon to-day in St.
Clements Protestant Episcopal
chnrcb, to Miss Edith Horner, of
England who has been for several
years one of the head nurses at the
Blackley hospital in this city. There
was a large and distinguished as
semblage present to witness the cere
mony which was performed by the
rector of St. Clements, Bev. Dr. Mu
toria. Miss May Wharton, maid of
honor and Lieut. Kuapp of the
United States navy, best man.
Among those present were General
Sherman, senator Piatt of Connecti
cut, Geo. "W. Childs. Gen. McCrook.
and Mn rat Halstead.
PhiiiAdeiiThia, Nov. 15. The in
quirer says that the reorganization
of the Jersey Central railway is prac
tically accomplished- and thcholders
of bonds and guarauteed obligations
to the amount of S31,GG3,000 have
accepted the reorganization scheme.
The road will be taken out of the
hands of the receiver, January 1st.
to provide maintenance.
Chicago, Nov. 15.- -It is announced
that the amnesty society and
defence committee will join forces
and assume the responsibility of pro
viding for tho families of tho dead
auarchists. A permanent fund will
be started for thai purpose.
"flUlliTY. as charged."
Prescott, A. T., Nov. 15. Tho jury
in tho case of Martin Doran, charged
with tho murder of Bey and Baca at
Flngstaff, Sept. IS, to-day returned a
verdict of "guilty as charged.' Under
the laws of this territory the penalty
is left with the judge.
London, Nov. 15. Private tele
grams have been received stating
that ou October 7th, Henry M. Stan
ley was 100 miles from Emin Pasha,
and that he was taking halt his force
on forced marches.
Washington, Nov. 15. Surgeon
general Hamilton has received a tele
gram from Tampa, Fla., saying that
there were three uew cases of yellow
fever at Tampa yesterday, and no
deaths. There are thirteen cases in
tho hospital.
San Francisco, Nov. 15. Chief
Crowley has received a dispatch from
Mazatlan. Mexico, aunonncing that
tho fugitive jury briber Creighton had
sailed under the name of Bichard )
Cannon for Panama.
sparks n..s resigned.
Washington, Nov. J5. Commis
sioner Sparks has written to tho pres
ident defending his course and re
signing his office.
suspicious cartridges.
London, Nov. 15. Charles Cha
otsch who was arrested jesterday at
Greenock on landing from the steam
er State (f Indiana from New York,
for having dynamite cartridges in
his possession, stated that he was a
miner by occupation and belonged in
BogersOeld. Ho was remanded to
jail. The cartridges were of the or
dinary kind used by miners.
t'ive Them a Chanri!
That is to say, your lungs. Also all
your breathing machinery. Very wi u- j
derful machinery it is. Not only li: j
larger air-passages, but the thousan . r
of little tubes and cavities leading
from them.
"When these are clogged and choked
with matter which ought not to be
there, your lungs cannot half do their
work. And what they do they can
not do well.
Call it cold, cough, croup, pneumo
nia, catarrh, consumption or any of
the family of throat and nose and
head and lung obstructions, all are
bad. All ought to be got rid of. There
is "ust one sure way to get rid of
them. That is to take Boschee's
German Syrup, which any druggist
will sell yon at 75 cents a bottle.
Even if everything elso has failed
yon, you may depend upon this for
The Enclfclt Salmon JIarkct.
The Loudon Grocer of October 22d
says of the market in that city:
Salmon still finds a very firm mar
ket and transactions continue to be
reported at extreme rates, the pur
chases for the week haying been at
from 2S3 Gd per case for outside
rivers, np to 33s for Columbia river
fish in tall tins, according to brauds;
and it is also said that contracts
havo been entered into for arrival at
tho-last-nnmed price for salmon in
"flat" tins, which is exceedingly dear,
whether wo regard the exceptional
position of the article, or the prices
at which it can be retailed to the
Of the Liverpool market the
Grocer's' Gazette of the same date
There is no special feature in salm
on at present, but there is a good,
steady,regular demand.andsome large
parcels have been placed at full market-prices;
a much larger trade could
.have been done at a slight reduction,
but holders decline to make any con
cessions, and their holdings are very
For lame Back, Side or Unesc use
Suiloh's Porous Plaster, Pnco 25 cent?.
For sale by W. E. Dement.
Sleepless Nights made miserable
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All tlic patent mememes advertised
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Eerfumery, and toilet articles, etc can
e bought at the lowest prices, at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite ucuient
hetel, Astoria.
Private Rooms.
At Frank Fabre's for suppers, par
tics, etc. The best cooked to order.
Croup, Whooping Cough and Bron
chitis Immediately relieved by Shiloh's
Cure. Sold by W. E. Dement.
JIa ing bcon a sufferer for two years and a
lialf from a discao caused by a bruiso on tho
lop, and havimc been cured by tbo Cuticcba
IUmuhks when all other methods and reme
dicj failed. I deem it my duty to recommend
them. I viitod Hot Springs to no avail, and
tried -cveral doctors without success, and at
Iat our principal dnsjrzist, Mr. John P. Fin
lay, ito whom I shall over frel Bratcful),
IliO. 1 tUMK I cansuim me jaic.-t suriacc
where mv sufferings sprang from of any ono
in the State. 'Iho Clticcra Kejiewks aro
the hen blood and skin curesmanufacturcd.
r rArr ii. ,inm"U! John P. l-inlav and Dr.
. C. Montgomery, both of this place, and to
Dr. Finitb. ef'Lakt Lee. Miss.
ALEXANDER REACH, Greenville, Miss.
31 r. IJcReh H-Ssl tho Ccticuui K rations, at
our reque'St. with results as abovo stated.
A. I: rlAIin.1. V.V., JSI wjyii-5
Ever sinco I can remember, my mother has
suffered from milk leg. Nothing would do
lier anv good, bho had tho best medical tal
ent. but they a'.I did her no sood. Sho suf
fered wi.h her leg for thirty years add never
knew a well day. She would havo to sit up
half the night, holding up her leg and moan
ing. She liad no peace. She used all tho
best known remedies in tho country without
effect. I asked her to try your Ccticura
I'hmi nits. (!ot her a bottlo of Ccticcka 1e
soLvrvr, and she took it, and has taken in all
about siv or seven bottle, and now she is a
well woman to-day. 21 er leg is entirely
healed, and her health was never better. She
can go out every day, something sho ha3 not
done in ten year?, so you sco I cannot help,
stating to vim about your wonderful Cuticu
nvKhju.Dihs. You have sa-ctl my mother's
lif. I cannot find word to express my grati
tude. 1 have advertised your Ccticcka lira,
irrncs far Vinil near.
EDWARD LI EDEK. 1 Broad way, . .
CfTJci-i:, the great skin cure, and Cuticu
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Ccticcka IWaolvent, the new blood purifier,
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Sold everywhere. Trice: Cut.cuha. 50
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M paguj., .7) illustrations, and 100 testimonials.
DlRllMPLIS, black-heads, chajped arid
II III oily skin prevented by CuTictmi Med
irATrncovr. Sneezing Catarrh.
Ihedhtrofsingshcezc. .sneeze, sneozc, tho
acrid, watery discharges from tho eyes and
nose, the painful inflammation extending to
the throat, tlyi swelling of tho mucous lining,
causing choking sedations, cough, ringing
noises in the head and splitting headaches,
how familiar these symptoms aro to thous
ands who suffer periodically from head cold?
or influenza who live inignoranco of the
tact that a singlo application ot uanfoed's
ltAMrAi. Cent ioa Catarrh will afford fn-
filanlanaiws relief.
Dut thi treatment in cases of simplo Ca
tarrh cives but n f.unt idea of what thi rem
edy will do in tho chronic forms, whero tho
breathing is obstructed by choking, putrid
mucous accumulations, tho hearing affected.
niell and tato gone, throat ulcerated and
hacking cough gradually fastening itscif upon
the debilitated system. Then it is that the
marvellous curative power of Sanpord's
KAinrAi. Ccrk manifests itscif in instantane
ous and grateful relief. Curo begins from tho
first npplicat:on. It is rapid, radical, perma
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Samorp's Uaihcal Ccnn consists of ono
bottlo of the Radical Cckf, ono box Ca
tarrhal Soi.VK.tT and an Improver Ism ler
price, ?1.
Potter Drco ,fc Chemical Co., ISostox.
Instantly relieved by the Cu t icu
r Antf-Z'jtin 'Piutor.anew,
iuotagrccabl3. instantaneous and
infallible pain-killing plaster, cs
nccia ly adapted to relievo Pcmalo
Pain ami 'weaknesses. Warrant
ed a?tly-upcrior to nil other plasters, and
fie mo-t perfect Antidote to Pain. Inflamma
tion and caknes3 yet compounded. At all
druggi-ts 2" cents : five Tor 51 ; or' postage
frca of PonTK IMtris &CiiiMicvhCo.,las
Joa, Mas.
C It. TliuL-ison Married.
This evening at 8 o'clock, Elder G.
W. Longan, of Sedalia. united in mar
riage Miss Itfary Procler to fr.
O. B. Thompson, of Astoria Ore. The
wedding was a surprise to the host of
friends of the bride here. No an
nouncement whatever was ma3e of
the wedding until yesterday, when
Miss Procter, who for three years has
with satisfaction filled a position in
the public schools, sent in her resig
nation to the school board. It then
soon becania known that Indepen
dence was to -lose one of its most
highly esteemed young ladies, and the
information was received with no lit
tle regret by friends who held Miss
Procter in such high esteem. The
wedding was not burdened by form
amy, no attompt being made at dis
play. The wedding march was plav
ed by Mrs. Ed. "White, of Kansas City,
who is a particular friend of the
bride. There were no attendants,
save the ushers, Messrs. W. S. "Wells,
Calvin Adkhut, C. P.. Thomas, and W.
V. Peacock. The ceremony was
brier, amVwaa listened to with bated
breath by a church filled with friends.
Tho altar was tastefully and beauti
fully decorated with flowers. The
bride was attired in a neat Gobelin
blue broadcloth, with hat and gloves
en suite. Mr. and Mrs. Thomson took
the S:o9 Missouri Pacific for Sedalia,
whero they-will visit relatives of the
groom, thence pay a visit to Kentucky.
Thev will return here about the 24th
and. after a brief stay, will pro
ceed to their future home at
Astoria, Or,, whither Mr. Thomson
went and established himself m the
practice of law after having been a
member of the faculty of Woodland
college of this city. The bride is the
eldest daughter ot Elder Alex. Proc
ter, pastor of the Christian, of
this city, and has a ho3t of friends
throughout the state, who unite with
those here in wishing tho couple hap
piness throughout life. Indepen
dence. Mo., S.
Gnmbrinus Beer
Anil Free Lunch at the Telephone Sa
loon, r cents.
Any case of Croup can be easilv treat
ed and cured by using "The 'Child's
Couch Syrup." Full directions -with
each package, which can only be pur
chased at Dcnient's drug store.
Tho best oysters in anv' stvle at
?lcal Cooked to Order,
Private rooms for ladies and families:
at Central Restaurant, next to Foard &
For tho very best pictures go to II. S.
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