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Sfte Satin Estonian.
FRIDAY JULY 29. 1887
Ik another column is given an offi
cial statement o the condition of the
county's finances, consisting of. con
densed abstracts of reports of the
sheriff, treasurer and clerk. From
the treasurer's report vre find that on
the beginning of the fiscal year there
was on hand the sum of 15,791.99,
and that during the fiscal year just
ended there was paid into his hands
the sum of $50,231.40. During the
same time he paid out $55,971.03;
there is now cash on hand to the
amount of $10,055.34 Of this $10,
055.31, about half is applicable to pay
warrants; about 81,600 of it is held to
pay warrants long since advertised as
having hadinterest stopped on them,
but not yet presented; the remainder
is in the school fund and due in Sa
lem on state taxes of 188G.
Exhibit No. 3 is a very creditable
one to the county court According
to this the total expenses of the fiscal
year, ending July 1st, 1887, was a
little over $17,000, and included in
this, is $2,269 expense of putting the
court houso and county offices in
proper repair, which, according to the
report, would make the cost of run
ning the county for the last year, in
round numbers, $15,000. The items
in exhibit 3 show that the expenses in
several important details have been
kept down. The happy absence of
criminal trials, eta, at the sessions of
the circuit court, and the careful su
pervision of the circuit judge, has en
abled a modification of the. usual
heavy bills attending a session of the
court, and tho reduced expense bills
of other branches of the county serv
ice will be noted with gratified interest
by taxpayers.
Tho figures make it look as if by a
judicious continuation of economy
the county would sometime bo ena
bled to throw off the incubus of debt
which has been gradually augmenting
, and which has been and is grievously
felt in tiie comparatively heavy taxa
tion made necessary.
Eeference to exhibit 2 shows that
during tho year the treasurer has paid
$32,359.38, principal and interest of
county orders that were issued prior
to July 1st, 1886. This is a large sum
of money, but it is paid now, and that
much wiped out It would increase
the clearness of the report were it
possible to know just what amount of
indebtedness in the shape of county
warrants is still outstanding.
In a statement subjoined to the re
port the county court says that the
debt of the county at tho beginning
of the fiscal year of 1886-7, was over
$10,000 more than the report and es
timate made at the time, and that as
near as can bo estimated the present
debt of the county is over $52,000
this after paving in principal and in
terest over $32,000.
There is but one way to get out of
debt and that is by a continuance of
reduced expenses and provision for
the payment of the $50,000 and odd
still remaining.
It is but just to say that the judge
of the circuit court, the justices -of
the peace, and all the county and pre
cinct officers have co-operated with
the county court in this matter and
made the expenses of the year as near
the minimum as. possible. - It is only
by such co-operating on tho part of
the public as well as efforts of tho
officials that the county can get out
of debt During the year there has
been a reduction in principal and in
terest of over $20,000, tho most grati
fying exhibit we have been able to
chronicle for some time.
Economy is as necessary in tho
management of public business as
private business. The rejection of
unjust and outrageous claims, the
scrutiny and supervision of all de
mands, the wise direction of expendi
tures and the consciousness of how
rapidly unchecked expenses accumu
late, are matters familiarly necessary
to every business man in his every
day business. They are equally neces
sary to be borne in mind by those
who administer the public business.
Economy is not stinginess nor the
saving of money by not spending it
To save $5 or $5,000 by refusing to
spend it isn't economy. Economy is
only another name for good manage
ment If it is well to save five cents,
if the spending of five cents is not
necessary, save the five cents; that is
economy. If it is necessary or need
ful to Bpend ten thousand dollars,
spend it, pay it out at once; that is
economy. This is a fact generally
recognized and understood and in the
practical application of this economy
lies the solution of all financial diffi
culties and the attainment of prosper
ity, public and private. -
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Coanty Fnnds For Quarter EhiIIbr July
1st, 1887.
W. Q. Ross, Sheriff, in nocouut with
Clatsop county.
To delinquent tax roll
of 1885, per report
April '87 $4,768 85
To am't due on roll of
1886 par samereport.13,194 EG
$17,933 -11
By treasurers receipt
"No. 126 $5,548 78
By treasurers receipt
No. 129 8,918 SC
By treasurers receipt
No. 132 1,72155
By erroneous assess
ments and loss on
sales for taxes 1,1C7 39
By am't still due on
l8S5roil 4,708 85
By am't still due on
18S6roll 833 48
$17,963 41
Recapitulation for the year ending July
o, loot.
To am't delinquent
taxroll for year 1885.$8,04G 01
To tax roll of 18SS ....44.445 45
$52,491 46
By am't collected on
tax roll of 1885 $3,277 1G
By am't collected on
tax roll of 1886 42,174 83
By am't errors and loss
on roll and correc
tions 1,432 09
By am't due on roll
1835 4,7C3 85
By am't due on roll
1836 833 4H
$52,491 46
Wm. Q. Rosa, Sheriff.
By Thos. G. Boellino, Deputy.
teeisubeb'b befobt.
Isaao Bergman, Treasurer, in account
witu Ulatsop county.
To am't on hand per
last report April '87.$29,C63 CI
To receipts from all
sources 11.936 34
$41,599 95
By warrants paid $19,212 Gi
By Int. on same paid 3,212 71
By school orders " G,100 80
Bv state taxes " 3,018 49
By bal. in gen'l fund. 7,928 71
" " school " . 2,126 C3
$41,599 95
Recapitulation for the year ending July
8, 1887.
To am't on hand per
the report July 11,
1886 $15,794 99
To receipts of taxes.. 45,452 04
" for liquor
licenB63 900 00
To receipts for fines,
fees and costs 1,689 86
To recipts poll taxes. 403 00
" from state
treasurer 1,786 50
G6,i)26 39
By paid on state taxes$10 ,054 64
" Int on bonds
(coin) 800 00
By paid school orders. 8,174 10
" county " .82,681 93
" Int. on same.. 4,253 88
By cash on hand 10,055 34
$66,026 39
Isaac Bebqhix,
County Treasurer.
glebe's bbpobt.
C. J. Trenohard, County CJorlc in ac
count with Clatsop county.
To bal. on hand per re
port April 1887 $29,663 61
To received for licen
ses 100 00
To received fines, fees
and costs 247 65
To received for 1 safe. 400 00
" ' " taxes.11,188 69
$41,599 95
By am't paid state
treasurer 3,018 49
By am't paid school
orders G,100 80
By am't paid warrants
fund -A" 18,503 83
By am't paid interest
on same 3,206 05
By am't paid warrants
fund"B" 708 73
By am't paid interest
on same 6 CG
By cash on hand 10,055 34
541,599 95
Expenses for quarter
Clerk's offioe $ 31 65
Sheriffs office 1,066 03
Circuit court C4 25
County court 1,943 70
Public property 479 87
Incidentals and Int... 1,903 66
Insane and paupers. . . 493 12
Coroners office 94 25
Assessor's office 37 50
Roads and bridges 713 CO
Justioes of the Peace . . 759 CO
$7,587 13
C. J. Teexchaed,
County Clerk.
Or The Finances Of The Coanty.
fm. G. Ross, sheriff, in account with
Clatsop ceunty:
To tax roll year of 18S6.
Value of all proper
ty, 2,111,423 00. -
Tax for state, 1.19-20
mills S 4,093 26
Tax for university, 2-30
mills 209 91
Tar for school, 4 mills 8,396 42
" county debt C
mills 10,495 52
Tax for expenses, 10
mills 21,250 34
Total levy, 21 1-20 mills
Total tax to be pol'd $44,445 45
By cash collected and
paid per receipt of
Treasurer 42,174 83
By error footing tax
roll aad extensions
thereon 583 35
By double assessment
thereon 306 54
By loss on property ad
vertised for sale ... . 537 20
By am't delinquent tax
for which an alias
warrant is issued... 838 48
$44,445 45
Wm. G. Rosa, Sheriff.
By Txos. Q. BoKixnco,
No. 2.
Isaac Bergman, County Treasurer, in
account with Clatsop coanty.
1885, July 2.
To bat cash on hand. .15,794 99
" cash for taxes, 1885. 3,277 16
1886.42,174 83
To cash for liquor li
censes 900 00
To cash for fines, for
feitures, costs and
fee3,eto 1,189 86
To cash sale of 2 safes 500 CO
To cash for poll tax
collected 403 00
To cash from State
Treasurer for school. 1,786 CO
-$66,026 39
By school orders paid. 8,174 10
By state tax 1835 paid
in full 7,036 15
By stato tax 1886 paid
on account 3,018 49
By int. on bonds paid
incoin . 800 00
By county orders paid,
issued prior to July,
1836 28,153 76
By int. paid on same.. 4,205 C2
By county orders paid
issued since July re
port, 1886 4,535 17
By int. paid on same. . 47 76
By cash on hand.-. 10,055 34
$66,026 39
Am't in school fund ..S2.126 63
" due state tax 1886 1,284 53
" county orders ad
vertised and not pre
sented 1,593 62
Am't in county fund to
pay warrants 5,045 41
$10,055 34
County Treasurer.
No. 3.
Expenses of Clatsop county for the year
from July court, 1886, to July court, i
1087, inclusive.
Warrants issued as follews:
Expense of Circuit
court $2,625 Ci
Expenso of Justice's
court 1,575 88
Expense of prisoners
board, etc 1,634 11
Expense of coroner's
office 293 80
Expense of assessor's
otfioe 1,037 55
Expense of insane and
paupers 1,487 76
Expense of clerk's of
fice.' 278 90
Expenso of county
court including of
ficers' fees and sal
aries 3,527 70
Expenses of roads and
bridges 1,117 50
Expense of Co. "H" O.
N.G COO 00
Expense of taxes of
James Taylor refun
dedl8S6 376 26
Expense of fuel, wa
ter, light and record
books 372 62
Expense of public
property, repairs,
and improvements
to court house and
jail 2,269 99
Tnlal ATnAnAAnf mnn.
ty for fiscal year. . . . $17,202 59
Warrants drawn for
debts prior to July
188a ... 71195
Interest on bonds paid
by orders 800 00
Supervisors of roads
for the year 1885
paid by warrant 500,00
Rebate on liquor li
censes refunded .... 323 00
$2,334 95
Total am't of warrants
issued by the county
court during year
ending July 8, '87...
No. 4.
$19,537 54
Cost and expense of repairs to the county
court house, including the additions
thereto, and the vault in the county
clerk's office.
Iron on safe door $ 152 09
Stone for foundation. 25 00
Machinist on iron
work 38 CO
Hauling brick, etc. . . . 55 75
Iron roofing 15 05
Brick, lime and cement
and bricks for vault. 169 63
Laying bricks 114 85
Laying stone 62 50
Pigeonholes 62 00
Plastering 12 48
$707 96
County court, jury, clerk's Circuit court
and Circuit judges rooms.
Contract building .... $ 650 00
107 85
Carpenter work
Tin work and fittings.
Paints and painting. .
Counters and joiner
Graining and papering
Gas fittings
Chairs for jury and
grand jury room. . . .
Windows, curtains, etc
Painting jail roof, eto
Linoleum and repairs
in clerk's office
74 78
97 33
25 25
187 25
71 W
53 CO
33 92
72 35
29 75
42 CO
49 00
Repairs to jail and
streets, eto C8 41
Total cost of all im
provements and re
pairs Less 2 safes sold for. .
S1.561 94
$2,269 90
.C00 00
S1.769 90
Nominal assets of the county
Delinquent tax rolls of
1884 and 1835 $4,763 85
Still due on the roll of
1886 833 48
Claim against the Btate
for indigent poor ac
count 846 43
$6,453 76
State op Obeooh, )
countx of cuitsop. )
This certifies that the foregoing ex
hibit numbered and marked No. 1, 2, 3,
and 4, are correct and that the same have
been examined by us and carefully com
pared with the vouohers, reports and
books, in the clerk's office and the same
are open for inspection. The debt of the
county on July 3, 1886, was some $10,
293.68 greater than reported and esti
mated at that time. The debt of the
county at this time must be (as near as
wa can estimate from old accounts and
books kept prior to July 1, 1886) about
$52,527.57 without interest. Making a
reduction of the debt of tho county
f 16,158.47 principal and the payment of
4.205.62 interest.
Witness our hands July 16, 1887.
C. H. Page,
County Judge.
J. G. Nubkbebo,
E. O. Caow,
( ) Attest:
Seal O. J. Tbbkcbabd.
' """" ' County Clerk.
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