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JlaUjj .$foran.
At Liberty Hall.
Tiokets at Griffin & Reed's.
Few Balmon in the river; too blamed
There will be a campmeetiuff at
Ooean Park next Thursday.
The Qlenacon has 11,500 cases
salmon aboard; the Yarkand, 2,972.
The Rosie Olsen is receiving some
repairs and will shortly have her
steam power in satisfactory shape.
J. L. Brown, late editor and pro
prietor Carrollton, Mo., Protest, is in
the city with a view to locating in
this vicinity.
Frost is reported at various places
through the Willamette Valley, ice
forming on water troughs, etc., in
some places this week.
Mrs. Bochau, the aged grandmother
of Wm. Pohl, was seized with a para
lytic stroke last Thursday, and it is
feared Bho cannot recover.
These are the kind of mornings
that the flies cling to the kitchen wall
and wish to goodness some one
would get up and start a fire.
The Warwick Castle sailed yester
day with an Astoria loaded cargo, the
most valuable of any that has crossed
the Columbia bar outward this year.
Sherman & Ward have a good out
fit of double and single buggies,
carts, phaetons, etc., for their new
livery stable, and expect to be ready
for business very shortly.
The professional card of Mr. John
H. Smith, attorney-at-law, appears in
another column. Mr. Smith has
rented rooms 4 and 5 over the City
Book Store, and will practice law.
Divers and sundry ordinances bear
ing on fire matters, are being com
piled and the present ordinances in
fore are being put in shape for issu
ance in proper form codified and in
dexed. Astoria No. One's engine houso has
been refitted and repainted and re
shingled and looks fine inside and
out. About $150 repairs have been
put on the building, greatly to its
Joe Leathers is building a steamer
for L N. Henness. It -will be thirty
four feet long, eight foot beam and
will be about four tons burthen.
When completed, she will plow the
raging main in the vicinity of Sun
shine. In San Francisco seamen are re
ported becoming more and more
scarce, if that "were possible, and -while
only four deepwater sbips need a com
plement of men, none are to le had.
Boarding masters want a bonus of
S30 for every sailor.
Surprenant & Ferguson are build
ing a city pest house, about a mile
south of the Main street cut; it -will
cost 3400 and will be finished by the
1st In case of epidemic disease of
any kind, small pox, etc, such a
place would be a necessity.
The following postmasters have
been appointed for Oregen: Amos D.
Hiland, at Lowell, Lane county, and
Oliver Baurrett, at Wood burn, Mari
on county. A new office has been es
tablished at Wimer, Jackson county,
with Simon Simpson as postmaster.
Fires in parlor and sitting room
stoves have been found to be a requi
site of comfort this week. One re
cent arrival from way down upon the
Swanee river came in with his teeth
chattering yesterday morning and
wanted to know when we had onr
summer. "
"Before being lynched Wednesday
night," says one of the BelVs Dakota
exohanges, "Col. Hossdealer handed
tfs $2 and requested that the Hay
rake be continued to his family for
another year. The colonel is a gen
tleman and a public spirited citizen.
Our best wishes accompany him."
In the justice court yesterday niorn
iilg Mrs. M. Furnoy was sued by F.
H. Page, of Portland, for $52.77, al
legedjto be due on account; judgment
for plaintiff: the case will be appe'aled.
In the afternoon the case of Mike
Erickson, arrested on complaint of
Sam Johnson for alleged assault and
battery, was on trial.
There is a steamer war between
the companies running between San
Franoisoo and Humboldt. Two steam
ers, the Humboldt and Coos Hay,
sailed from San Francisco yesterday,
the Humboldt taking cabin passen
gers for $3, steerage for $1, and
freight for $1 per ton, the Cooi Bay
charging $4, S2 and $1.
A steamship is reported building
to run between Gray's harbor and
Han iranoisco, to carry passengers
and lumber. It will be able to take
thirty of the former and 400,000 feet
of the latter each trip, and will cost
when completed $47,000, and will
make her first trip on the 2nd of next
There was a pleasant excursion
and basket picnic to Bear river yes
terday on the steamer Electric, un
der tho auspices of the ladies' guild
of Grace Episcopal church. About
one hundred ladies, gentlemen and
children composed the party; and a
good time was enjoyed by the party
who arrived home shortly after seven
o'clock in the evening.
A new kind of. nail, for attaching
mouldings and other light lumber,
which leav3 no nail holes, is made
with a point at each end, and with
an outwardly projecting head or
shoulder midway between the points.
The nail is first driven into the
wood by incans of a punch, which
straddles the protruding point and
bears on the head. When enough
has been driven in, the moulding is
placed over the nails and driven
The grand lodge A. O. U. W. at
Portland last Thursday elected the
following efficers: Grand master
workman, Geo. T. EuBsell. of Oak
land; grand foreman, E. L. Smith,
Hood river; overseer, Oliver Hall,
Colfax; recorder, J. T. Brown, Olym
pia; receiver, R. L. Durham, Port
land; representatives, W. D, Hare,
Hillsboro; D. T. Wheeler, Seattle; D.
L. Green, Salem: trustee, W. J. Ply
male, Jacksonville.
A hundred and sixty acres of land
on Bunker Hill -was sold at public
auction in St. Helens on Tuesday last
for $250, and was purchased by the
Ilwaco andStioalwaterBsy Transpor
tation company, and was purchased
on a trust deed held for the company
by J. Q. A. Bowlby. The land had
been owned, says the Mist, by Mrs.
Marden, the wife of the defaulting
treasurer, who placed it in trust for
the company to cover her husband's
George F. Scott, of South Bend,
Pacific county, was killed on the Wil
lapa on the morning of Thursday, the
7th iust. He was barking n log be
fore shooting it into the river, when
the stake that was holding it slipped,
and the log rolled down on him and
crushed him to death. He was bur
ied at Riverside the following day.
Ho was an old, experienced logger
from New Brunswick, and leaves a
wife and seven children, four of whom
were his step children.
The upper Columbia is rapidly re
eediug. It lacked several inches of
reaching the high water mark of 1870.
It was higher this season than it has
been for ten years. It has furnished
a good flow of drift timber along its
banks, and the people living along the
upper river have improved the oppor
tunity to lay in supplies of timber for
rails, posts, etc. It was a welcome
treat to them, but disastrous to those
who had farms along the Columbiu
and Willamette bottoms.
J. E. Sheppard, San Francisco man
ager of tho Oregon immigration
bureau, says ho has never known im
migration to Washington territory
and Oregon to be as heavy as at tho
present time. The Pacific Coast
boom that began in California is ex
tending north to the international
line. The class of people who have
come north to take up land are better
than tho average of past seasons.
Almost all have money; not fortunes,
but sufficient to keep them independ
ent of tho farm for two years or
more. Thereare few pauper foreign
ers among them to make themselves
a burden.
Regarding the recent drowning of
four men at Tillamook, a note re
ceived last Thursday by the Orego
nian gives the name3 of the Penn
sylvanians as Hoover, LeBaron and
Johnson, and the Nestucca man as
John Holbrook. On Tuesday, the
5th inst., these men applied at
the board of immigartion rooms
for information in regard to timber
land. They gave their names as
W. W. Hepburn, L. LeBaron and
Z. L. Hoover. They said they were
from Pennsylvania and represented a
syndicate of capitalists, who would
furnish moner to put up a large saw
mill if sufficient good timber land
could be secured. They were accom
panied by a man named Cal Johnson,
a resident of Portland, who appeared
to be well acquainted with them.
They were advised to visit Tillamook
county, annjon Thursday left for Or
egon city to examine plats of land in
the land office there. On Friday they
went to North Yamhill where they
took tho stage for Tillamook, and
would, in the natural order of things,
arrive at Tillamook city, at the Lead
of the bay, on Saturday, at which
time the men drowned are reported
to have arrived there. On tho hotel
register at North Yamhill appear the
names of Z. L. Hoover, Lumber City,
Pa., L. DeBaron and Cal Johnson.
They are, without doubt, the parties
who called at the rooms of the board
of immigration, but W. W. Hepburn,
if he belonged to tho party, appears
to have left it LeBaron was proba
bly from the same plase as Hoover.
The Ne3tucca man drowned was John
Give Them a Chance!
That is to say, your lungs. Also
your Dreaming macmnery. very
wonderful machinery it is. Not only
the larcer nir-nassnees. but the thous
ands of little tubes and cavities lead.
ing from them.
When these are clogged and choked
with matter which ought not to be
there, your lungs cannot half do their
work. And what they do, they can
not do well.
Gall it cold, cough, croup, pneu
monia, catarrh, consumption or any of
the family of throat and nose and head
and lung obstructions, all are bad.
All ought to be got rid of. There is
juBt one sure way to get rid of them,
that is to take Boschee's German
Syrup, which any druggist will sell
you at 75 cents a bottle. Even if
everything else has failed yon, you
may depend upon this for certain.
Real Estate Transfers.
J. T. Mulkoy to J. P. Austin, part
lot G, Bee. 20, T. 6 N. R. 10 W.; $75.
The finest and incest steak to be had
in town at Fabre's.
What! o You Think
Jeff of the U. S. gives you a meal for
nothing and a glass of something to
drink.' Not much: but he elves the
best meal and more of it than any other
restaurant in town. 25 cents.
For n Fine Dish, or Ico Cream
Go to the Central Restaurant next to
Foard & Stokes'.
Lemon Ice Cream atFabres to-day.
.zw Yobk, July 15. At the usual
meeting of the stock exchange to-day
at noon vice-president A. B. Hill,
apparently full of health, ascended
the platform to announce 'the death
of M. M. T. Derivas, and had hardly
finished when he was taken with a
sudden weakness. Friend's assisted
him to the entry, but he had just
passed the flight of stairs leading to
the door when he expired. An
nouncement of his death was immedi
ately made, and a special meeting of
the governing committee called to
take appropriate action. The ex
change immediately adjourned until
Chicago, July 15. At the national
educational contention held in this
city to-day the following officers have
thus far been eleeted: Aaron Gove,
of Colorado, president; James H.
Canfield, of Kansas, secretary; Ed
win C. Hewitt, of Illinois, treasurer.
Among the vice-presidents is Fred.
M. Campbell, of California, formerly
superintendent of public instruction
in that state. Among the directors
are Ira G.Hoitt, of California, James
H. Baker, of Colorado, T. B. McDon
ald, of Nevada, Charles L. Howard and
William Stewart, of Utah, and J. O.
Churchill, of Wyoming. Oregon,
Washington territory, Idaho and
New Mexico are yet to be filled.
The following papers were read this
merning: "What place manual train
ing should occupy in the system of
public schools, in urban commun
ities and in large towns," by Francis
A. Walker, president of the Massa
chusetts institute; "Technology in
country districts," by superintendent
M. A. Newell, of Baltimore; "The
kinds of methods to be introduced,
and practical methods of instruc
tion," by Miss L. A. Fay, of Spring
field, Massachusetts, with illustra
tions. The discussion was opened
by C. W. Woodward, of St Lruis.
Fouestpobt, N. Y., July 13. -Notwithstanding
that the sun arose glo
riously over the eastern hills this
morning there were no signs of life
at the residence of "Dominie Cleve
land," where president Cleveland's
party are. Until nearly nine o'clock
last evening Mrs. Cleveland plajed
a number of selectiouson the piano
and sang one of her favorite songs.
The music, howevar, seemed to at
tract the villagers, and as soon as
the fact was discovered she ceased,
though the curtains were not drawn
and the party oould be seen chatting
together. He is Buffering from fatigue
and a slight attack of cholera mor
Washington. July 13. Secretary
of state Bayard to-day received a tel
egram from United States minister
Carter at Honolulu, dated July 3th,
saying that affairs were quiet in that
country. Additional particulars l.y
mail are expected in a few days.
Philadelphia, July 15. A fire at
the brewery of Louis Bergdell & Co.,
to-day, caused a loss of $115,000 ou
the buildings and contents; the in
surance will cover the Joss.
Rondout.N. Y., July 15. The Law
rence cement works at Eddyville were
totally destroyed by fire this morn
ing; loss $140,000; insurance, 881,000.
Bombay, July 13. News from na
tive sources has been received to the
effect that a battle between the troops
of the ameer of Afghanistan and the
native insurgents had recently takon
place at Mashasi and that the ameer's
forces had been victorious; they are
said to have captured 160 Andars and
Tarikis and have sent the heads of
200 of the slain to Oabul. A large
force of Jaghuri Hazarah subsequent
ly defeated the troops of tho ameer
who is now sending reinforcements to
his army.
London, July 15. The Thistle will
make a voyage across tho Atlantic
under one lower mast and reefed top
sail, about the size of a sixty ton
yacht mainsail. It is the intention of
her master to practice oruising in
American waters before the races for
the American cup.
Yienna, July 15. The government
has issued an order which again per
mits the exportation of horses.
Montreal, July 15. The St Law
rence sugar refinery was entirely de
stroyed by fire this forenoon; one
man was killed and two others in
jured by jumping from windows.
The estimated loss is $50,000.
Paris, July 15. The celebration
whioh began yesterday in commem
oration of the fall of the Bastile con
tinued until this morning. The fete
was observed in an orderly way. The
newspapers are highly complimentary
to the people for their good sense
shown in refraining from everything
of a disturbing nature. There were
few isolated manifestation!.
An Early Jlornlns Chase and Capture.
When Dick Leathers opened his
trunk to get some clothes at his room
in the hotel last Thursday night he
found that some one with vague ideas
on the acquisition of property had
been there ahead of him and purloined
a suit of clothes, a scarf pin, etc., to
the value of $97.50. Suspicion fell
on Wm. Burke or Wm. Dolan. who
had occupied the next room a night
or two before but who that night was
sleeping in another part of tho house.
Officer Linville awakened him and
asked him where was that
valise that he'd had. Burke
said it was gone. Linville and
Leathers then went to tho docks
and looked through both Portland
boats but could find no trace of it
About three o'clock yesterday morn?
ing Burke owned up to it being on the
boat at the O. B. & N. dock, but said
it belonged to his chum, who had
gone to Portland the day before. On
opening it Leathers' clothes were
found in it, whereat Burke ex
pressed great surprise, which was
increased when Linville went
through his pockets and found a re
ceipt for the valise, Leather's scarf
pin in his pocket book, and a choice
selection of false keys, a wrenoh, a
pocket Iviso and other bijouterie in
his pockets. Linville walked Burke
toward the jail, Burke said he
wouldn't go, he'd die firet, and
after considerable interchange of
opinion about being looked up
he broke away and, ran, Linvillo in
pursuit, that officer finally firing a
shot across Burke's bow, causing him
to heave to in front of Bain's mill.
He was taken to jail and at seven
o'clock yesterday evening he appeared
before justice Cleveland, who, after
listening to testimony and accom
panying remarks, remanded Mr.
Burke to the dungeon to await the
action of the grand jury. It was one
o'clock yesterday morning when of
ficer Linville heard of the matter and
at four o'clock he had his man in jail.
The Xew York riiHbarnionlr Clnb.
The Philharmonic Club gavo a de
lightful and dignified opening to its
ninth annual series of concerts. The
performance was marked by compos
ure and symmetry in all its parts, and
the interpretation of the beautiful
work was as fine as any we can recall
in New York City. Neio York Trib
Cleansed, Purified and Beauti
fied by tho Cuticura Remedies.
For cleansing tho Skin and Scalp of Dis
ngurinsr Unmors. for allaying Itching, Burn
ing and Inflammation, for curinc the first syrup
toms of Eczema, Psoriasis, Milk Crust, Sscaly
Head. Scrofula, and other inherited Skin and
Hlood Diseases, CuticUeA, the great Skin
Cure, and CuticUKA Soap, an exqusite Skin
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are infallible.
I have suffered all my life Kith skin dis
eases of different, kinds and hare nevor
found permanent relief, until, br tho advico
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cura Kkhedies. I garo them a thorough
trial, using six bottles of the Ccticuri Re
solvent, two boxes of Cuticura and sovon
just what I had beon told P. would bo a
compute cure.
BELLE WADE, Richmond. Vn.
Keferonee, O. V. Latimer, Druggist
Richmond, To.
.SAIjT rheum cubed .
lwas troubled with Salt llhoum for a
number of yoars.-so that the skin entirely
came off one of my hands from the finger tips
to tho wrist- I tried remedies and doctors'
prescriptions to no purpose until I com
menced taking Coticura Rkmkdies, and
now I am entirely cured.
E. T. PARKER. 397. Northampton St.
Have sold a quantity of your Cuticura
Remedies. One of my customers. Mrs.
Henry Kintz, who had tottor on her hands to
such an extent as to cause the skin to peel off,
and for eight years she suffered greatly, was
completely cured by tho use of your medi
cines, C. 2i. NYE, Druggist, Canton, Ohio.
1TCIIIG. 8CAXY. pmpiv
For tho last j ear I have had a species of
ucning; Ecaiv ana ptmpiy numors on my laco
to which I havo applied a great many
methods of treatment without success, and
which was speedily and entirely cured by
Mrs. ISAAC PHELPS, ltaronna, 0.
Wo havo sold your Cuticura Rkmjmes
for the last six years, and no medicinos on
our shelves gave hotter satisfaction.
C. F. ATHEKTON, Druggist, Albany, 2 Y.
Cuticura RmEDiES are sold everywhere.
Price; Cuticura, 50 cents; Kesolvect,
$1.00 Rnnn. 25 nnt. Pmnnriul K Vm
POTTBUDrtuo asd Chemical Co,, Boston.
-Mas?, seHu. ior xiew to jare buib
ppilpQ Pimples, Skin Blemishoa, andBa
UnUDOiby Humors, cured by Cuticura
Catarrh to Consumption.
Catnrrh in its destructive force stands next
to and undoubtedly leads on to consumption.
It is theroforo singular that those afflicted
with this fearful disease should not toiko It
the object of their lives to rid themselves of
it DeceDtivo remedies concocted bv ionomnt
pretenders to medical knowledgo have
weakenod tho confidence of the great
majority of sufferers in all advertised rem
edies. They become resigned to a life of
misery rather than torturo themselves with
doubtful palliativoi.
But this will nevor do. Catarrh must be
met at every stago and combated with all
our might In many cases tho dioaeo has
assumed dangorous symptoms. Tho bones
and cartilage of the nose, the organs of hoar
ing, of seeing and ot tasting so affected a3 to
be useless, the uvula so olongated, the throat
so inflamed and irritated as to produce a
constant and distressing cough.
Saxford's Radical Curb meets every
phase of Catarrh, from a simple head cold to
the most loathsome and destructive stages.
It is local and constitutional. Instant in re
lieving, permanent in curing, safe, economi
cal and never-failing.
Each package contains one bottle of the
Radicad CUbk, one box Catarrhal Solv
kxt, and an Impeoved Ishaler, with treat
ise; price SI.
Potter Dhcq & Chemical Co., Bostox.
TMIr IV e.E MIMTTE, that weary.
f m lifeless all-gono, sensation over
lpresent with those of Inflamed kid
I ArnT. Weak Back and Loins, Ach-
ino- Him and Sides. Utenae Pains. Weak'
ness. and Inflammation, is relieved and
speedily cured by the CHtlcHra AHti
lalH Piaster, a new, original, elegant
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tion. At all drugriits, 25c; five for SL00 ; or
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