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KBII).vy. A 1. 16S7
The Rescue clnb will set a fine din.
ner next Monday.
Now is a good time to Ret hold of .a
little real estate. It will go higher
before it goes lower.
The Columbia is falling, and river
sharps say we have seen the highest
water to be seen this summer.
TEe Jtfanzanita is being painted
and put in trim for her cruise to Ihe
far no'rth, on which she starts next
A barkentine with the unusual name
of John Smith arrived in vesterday
afternoon and went to "Knappton to
load lumoer.
Thepilot schooner building at San
Francisco by 0. G. White for the
Washington territory bar pilots is 85
feetlorjg, 22K feet beam and 9K feet
C. H. Cooper has just received a
large invoice of Hanan & Son's men's
fine shoes. Any one wishing a pair
will do well to call before the sizes
are broken.
To-day The Astortax begins its
fifteenth year. Last July it began
its fourteenth year; next July it will
begin its sixteenth year, and so the
time goes on.
The Fourth of July executive com
mittee are requested to meet at the
court house at 8:30 this evening to
arrange order of literary exercises
and final detais.
Tho -ilelephone will take you to
Portland and back for $1.50. tickets
good from to-morrow to the 9th inst,
inclusive. Jshe will leave here at
three o'clock to-morrow afternoon for
Portland. -
-The British bark Sir Henry Law
rence cleared for Rio de Janeiro yes
terday, carrying 1,004,971 feet lum
ber, valued at 310,000. The lumber
was loaded from the Clatsop and
West Shore mills.
Jhe foundations for M. J. Kinney's
uevr. cannery on the Nehalem, are
laid and the building is expected to
be ready for operation by tho 15th of
next month. Jno. W. Gearhart has
charge of the enterprise.
The Portland Paving company,
which has a contract for delivering
50,000 tons of stone at the jetty this
season, is building a railway 3,000
feet long at Tongue Point from tho
quarry to the barges at the Bhore.
The -committee on fireworks will
telegraph to Portland this morning
for 240 worth, which they get for
32UU. The fireworks will be set off
at the south end o Cass street, up
on the hill, where everyone can see
An up river cannery that fishes 50
boats reports 161 fish as the result of
Wednesday night's catch. The June
catch was not very heavy, but a falling
river and the usual July experience
gives promise of plentier fish this
Elaborate preparations are making
for a way-up celebration next Mon
day. There has been no committee
appointed on weather, but private in
formation is to tho effect that the
weather will be all that could be de
sired, probably more.
The members of tho several church
choirs are especially requested to
meet at the Presbyterian church this
(Friday) evening at 8 p. at., for the
purpose of rehearsing two or three
national anthems to be sung during
the literary exercises on July 4th.
The president signed an order last
Wednesday for the removal of a
distriot land office of Washington ter
ritory from Olympia to Seattle. The
object of the removal is Baid to be to
render the office generally accessible
to the people of the territory who
- have business with it.
Capt. James C. Ayres has been re
lieved from duty at Benicia arsenal,
California, and ordered to report in
person to the commanding general of
the department of the Columbia for
duty as chief ordnance officer of that
department and commanding officer
.of Vancouver barracks.
Remember that the steamer Qen.
Cariby will leave Gray's wharf on
July 4th at 6 A. m., sharp; returning,
will leave Ilwaco at 8 a. h. and arrive
at Astoria about 9:30. in time to oar
ticipate in all the exercises of the day,
returning to Fort Canby and Ilwaco
at-o p. k. a are at excursion rates.
Phil. A. Stokes & Co. have in their
establishment, east of Foard &
Stokes, a very large stook of men's
clothing, which is offered for sale at
low figures. The stock has been
carefully seleoted, with speoial refer
ence to the requirements of this
market, and will repay inspection on
the part of intending buyers.
During May and June M. Ander
son of Russia, O. H. Berman of Swe
den, J. F. FredrikBon of Denmark,
George Fisher of Germany, John
Luidberg of Russia, A. G. Codakas
of Turkey, E. E. Rhode of Germany,
O. E. Swansen of Sweden and James
Coyne of Ireland declared their in
tention to become citizens of the
United States.
The Vancouver Register complains
of the remarks of a La Camas paper
on alleged overcharges in Yanoouver,
during the recent firemen's tourna
ment, for meals, sleeping accommo
dations, etc The Register rightly
says that such criticism is unjust.
Thx AsroniAK can bear testimony to
the fact that Yancouver did not
overcharge Astoria visitors, and fur
nished very good accommodations at
very reasonable prices.
In China the highest recommenda
tion a man can have is the f act of his
having a wife, but in this country a
man -with a wife cau't get trusted
for a suit of clothes unless he can
convince his tailor that she trims
her own bonnets, or Ins u Domestic
sewing machine in the house, fetich
as is sold by Griffin & Heed. The&e
machines give comfort to the home
stead, long life to the wife and pub
lic credit to the husband.
It is reported that both the North
ern and Union PaciGc companies
are figuring to get control of the
Oregon Improvement company. This
company owns the Columbia and
Puget Sound road and all its water
front property at Seattle, as well as
the. steamers and business of the
Pacific Coast Steamship company,
besides the -raluable coal mines and
steam colliers, and valuable water
front property in San Francisco.
Co.-H'Mst Reg't Infantry, O.X.G. Jaly 1st.
Captain. A E. Shaw; 1st Lieut., F.
E. Shute; 2nd Lieut, Geo. H. Tarbell;
1st Sergeant, Harry Wherity; 0. M.
Sergt., T. S. Jewett; 1st duty Sergt.,
F. I. Dunbar; 2nd duty Sergt., W. C.
Logan; 3rd duty Sergt., F. H. Supre
nant; 4lh duty Sergt., P. S. Cook; 1st
uorporal, A. Dunbar; 2nd, Otto Heil
born; 3rd, J. H. Johansen.
Seoretary, T. S. Jewett; Financial
Sec, W. H. Sherman; Treasurer, P.
S. Cook; finance committee, C. W.
Gibbs, J. C. Ross, 8ergt. F. L Dunbar;
committeo on discipline, 1st Lieut F.
E. Shute, Sergt F. I. Dunbar, J. C.
Ross; recruiting committee, 2nd
Lieut. Geo. H. Tarbell, Sergt. P. S.
uook, Jonn M. McUormick; dress com
mittee, 2nd Lieut. Geo. H. Tarbell,
Sergt. P. S. Cook, Sergt. F. H. Su
prenant; standing committee, 1st
Sergt Harry Wherity, O. M. Sergt.
T. S. Jewett, Sergt F. I. Dunbar, Pri
vate J. C. Ross, Private C. W. Gihbs;
regular monthly meeting, first
Wednesday evening in enoh month;
regular drills, every Wednesday even
ing. Unnecessary Misery.
Probably as much misery comes
from habitual constipation "as from
any derangement of the functions of
the body, and it is difficult to oure,
for the reason that no one likes to
take the medicines usually pre
scribed. HAMBURG FIGS were
prepared to obviate this difficulty,
and they will be found pleasant to
the taste of women and children. 25
cents. At all druggists. J. J. Mack
& Co., proprietors. S. F.
They snt within the parlor dim;
I passed and heard her say to him:
"I wish, dear Frank, that you'd behave;
If not, I wish that you would shave.''
GJrenilj- Excited.
Not a few of the citizens of Astoria
have recently become greatly excited
over the astounding facts, that several
of their friends who hau been pro
nounced hy their physicians as Incur
able and beyond all hope suffering
with that dreaded monster Consump
tionhave been completely cured by
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, the only remedv that does
positively cure all throat and lung dis
eases, Coughs, Colds, Asthma and Bron
chitis. Trial bottles free at W. E. De
ment & Co.'s Drue; Store, large bottles Si
Attention. Knights.
All members of Pacific Lodge, No.
17, 3L of P., are reqnested to attend
lodge this evening. Confirming 2nd
rank, installation of officers and other
business of importance to be trans
acted. By order O. C.
W. A Shkrmak, K.of R. & S.
All persons interested iu the ice
cream stand on July 4th for the ben
efit of the Rescue club will please
meet at Caruthers' hall this evening
at 7:30. Mrs. Julia L. Sntder,
Chairman Com.
Northwestern Legion, No. 2, Select
Knights of A. O. U. W., having ac
cepted the invitation of the fourth
of July committee to take part in the
parade on the Fourth, the members
of the lodge are-requested to meet at
their lodge-room in full uniform at
half-past eight on the morning of the
Fourth. By order Com.,
R. L. Boyle, Secretary.
For the very best pictures go to H. S.
The best
oj-stera in any style at
Telephone o4;ring House.
Best Beds in town. Rooms per night
50 and 25 cts., per week Si JO. New and
clean. Private entrance.
Something New.
We have something new In the way
of a parlor organ that is fine in tone
and very reasonable In price; parties
contemplating purchasing and organ
should call and examine
Gbiffix & Rked.
Sawed ami Shared Shingles,
Fresh Lime. Cement and riaster
Paris, at J. II. D. Gray's.
DoYoHWsHt XoBrFlae Cleaned. 9
If you do, T. Clifton & J. Lavallee
will do the job neatly and cheaply.
Leave orders at Thb Astoriax office.
Prices, from SI to S3.
Breastpin lost.
A rose shaped ivory breastpin, Finder
please leave at this office. '
Eastern oysters fresh every steamer at
.letTs restaurant
A Sunny Bee hi
With the comforts of a home, library,
etc. Apply at Holden House.
For the best photographs and tintypes
go to Crow's Gallery.
Vanilla Ice Cream at Fabre's to-day.
Private Room's ' -'
OyrusW.Field 0orn6red by Sage & Gould
New York, Juno 30. Hamilton
Fish died to-day after a long itluess.
ruLLixa field's teeth.
New York, June 30. The World
this morning says that Cyrus W.
Field had turned over the remainder
of his Manhattan stock to Gould yes
terday to the amount of 20,000 shares,
which, with the 50,000 Bhares pre
viously disposed of by Field, shows a
total holdiDg of 70,000 shares. The
value of this block of stock at market
prices before the downward move
ment was $11,200,000. Field now has
no interest in the Manhattan and will
retire from the board of directors.
Gould will keep 50,000 shares to add
to his own holding, making his total
holding $10,000,000. He will s'pllt up
one block of 20,000 shares: this
stock was subscribed for j'esterday.
Field claims be got $120 per share for
his shares.
New York, June 30. The directors
of the railroads in the Vanderbilt
system to-day declared the following
dividends: New York Central, 1 per
cent, for the quarter, and Lake Shore
and Michigan Central 2 per cent, and
Canada Southern l per cent, for a
half year.
New Yobk, June 30. Since noon
June wheat has been in a nervous
and unsettled condition. During the
last hour the lowest price touched is
1, or a break of 5 cents from the
close of yesterday. It is uow quoted
at $1.02.
New Yobk, June 30. President
Bates of the Baltimore & Ohio tele
graph company declares that there is
no truth iu the rumor current that
the Baltimore. & Ohio lines have been
sold to the Western Union telegraph
New Yobk, June 30. Ed. S.Stokes
says: "I believe the story of tho ru
mored telegraph deal is true and that
Jay Gould has finally secured the
Baltimore & Ohio telegraph stock."
Washington, June 30. It is esti
mated at the treasury department
that tho reduction of the public debt
for June will be about $15,000,000.
Utica, N. Y., June 30. Roork, the
West Shore oxpreas robber, was
to-duy sentenced to thirty years' hard
labor in the state prison.
PrrrsBUBG, June 30. All the glass
factories in the country will suspend
operations to-night for the summer
London, June 30. Canon Wilber
force arrived at Southampton to-day
much improved in health. Queeu
Kapialani of Hawaii will sail for New
York on the Servia July 2d.
Paris, July 30. A demonstration
in favor of Boulanger has been or
ganized for the national fete on the
14th of July, in connection with the
celebration of the fall of the bastile.
Virginia Crrr, June 30. 1 a. m.
Although the rescuing party has re
mained at work steadily up to this
hour they have not succeeded in mak
ing connection with the 1,500 foot
level, and the fate of the entombed
miners still remains unknown.
Beblin, June 30. Emperor Will
iam starts for Ems on Wednesday
next He will sojourn there three
weeks, going thence to Gastheiu by
way of Munich, and afterwards to
Auckland, New Zealand, June 30.
The New Zealand hotel and bank
and twenty-two shops have been
burned at Blenheim.
a commebcial improvement.
Crrr or Mexico, Juno SO. The
new customs' tariff and reformed in
ternal revenue system will go into
effect next Friday. The new tariff is
regarded as a great improvement and
likely to aot as a business Btimulant.
The new postal treaty with the United
States also becomes operative on
Friday. American merchants may
easily build up a retail trade here, as
the law permits packages of mer
chandise up to a weight; of two kilo
grammes to come subject to prompt
customs search.
Party at Kaappa.
Knappa, June 30, '87.
Arrangements have been made for
a social party at the Knappa hall
Monday evening, July 4th. All are
invited to participate in having a
goood time. We bave also made ar
rangements for several balloon
ascensions and a cice display of
fireworks at dark. X
Thee. Main
The merchant tailor leaves town to
morrow to be absent about two weeks,
lie will bring back a full line of fine
suitings and trouserings for the fall
A DcwrvIuR Ical Enterprise.
All interested in the success of
local enterprises will be pleased to
note the rapid growth of the North
west Fire and Marine Insurance
company, a local company
that commenced business here
last fall and has recently been re
organized by the eleohon of a new
board of directors and officers.
Under its present management
tho company is fast gaming the con
fidence of the business community.
The leading commercial agency, in
making report of the company, says:
"Considerable change will be noticed
in the management and personnel
of this company since our last re-
Jort F. E. Beach is now president,
. McCraken vice-president, J. K.
Elderkin secretary, and J. Loewen
berg treasurer. In addition to the
names above mentioned, the direct
ors are: C. H. Prescott, F. K. Ar
nold, F. M. Warren, F. Eggert, D.
D. Oliphant and J. Loewenberg.
This seems to us a good board for
a company of this kind, all the
names being favorably known along
Front street, and the stock has been
subscribed by men in good stand
ing. They are doing a careful and
conservative business."
One of the old line insurance agents
recently estimated that orer a million
dollars was paid annually to foreign
companies for insurance from the
section tributary to the northwest;
.that the larger part of this business
could be done here with profit to the
companies and equal security to
the assured is fully shown in tho
success of the Northwest and local
companies organized in other states.
Under its present management the
Northwest Insuranoe company is de
sirous of the support and confidence
of the property holders of tho north
west. The company's interests are
all heio, and its capital is being
loaned and invested with a view to
aid in the growth and development
of the state and adjoining territories
The company invite the careful inves
tigation of its resouraes and its busi
ness policy. Oregoman, 19.
In Brief, Ami to the Point.
Dyspepsia is dreadful. Disordered
liver is misery. Indigestion is a foe
to good nature.
The human digestive apparatus is
one of the most complicated and won
derful things in existence. It is easily
put out of order.
Greasy food, tough food, sloppy
food, bad cooker-, mental worry, late
hours, irregular habits, and many
other things which ought not to be,
have made tho American people a
nation of dyspeptics.
But Green's August Flower has
done a wonderful work in reforming
this sad business and makiug the
American people so healthy that they
can enjoy their meals and be happy.
Remember: No happiness without
health. But Green's Angust Flower
brings health and happiness to the
dyspeptic Ask your druggist for a
bottle. Seventy-five cents.
Almost Kaouzh for the Astoria Road.
San Fbanoisco, June 29. Twenty
six sailing vessels carrying 30,000 tons
of steel, are on their way out to this
port from England and Philadelphia
for the Southern Paoifio railway com
pany. San Francisco, June 29. The
Southern Pacific company has con
tracted with a number of eastern
firms for new cars and coaches, which
will require an outlay of $756,000.
Sudden Death
will prolong life by preventing those
sudden deaths from heart disease
which bring untold grief to families,
often plunging them into poverty,
because of the untimely disease of
bread-winner. At druggists. $1.50;
Descriptive treatise with each bottle,
or address J. J. Mack & Co., S. F.
Words of Wise Prophet.
Before 1310 senator Benton, of Mis
souri, while making a speeoh with one
foot in Missouri and the other in the
Indian territory, said that the day
would come when the trade of the
old world would enter tho Columbia
river and be transported across the
continent by rail. The people under
stood him not. In 1863 Col. Hudnut,
the Union Pacific railroad surveyor,
said to the writer: "There is but one
natural pass to the Pacific ocean, and
that is by way of the Columbia river.
And when tho time comes, and it will
come, that railroads will compete for
the Pacifio trade, tho business' will be
done over the road that passes
through that natural pass." Clarke
Co. Register.
Wonderful Cures,
V. 1). Hoyt & Co., Wholesale and
Retail Druggists of Rome. Ga., say:
wc have been selling Dr. King's New
Discovery, Electric Bitters and Buck
len's Arnica Salve for two years. Have
never handled remedies that sell as well,
or give such universal satisfaction.
There have been some wonderful cures
effected by these medicines in this city.
Several cases of pronounced Consump
tion have been entirely cured by use of
a few bottles of Dr. King's New Discov
ery, taken In connection with Electric
Bitters. We guarantee them always.
Sold by W.E. Dement & Co.
What! De You Think
Jeff of the U. S. glve3 you a meal for
nothing and n glass of something to
drink? Not much: but he cives the
best meal and more of It than any other
restaurant in town. :x cents.
The finest and nicest steak to he had
In town at Fabre's.
What Is better than a glass of liquor?
A cup of delicious coffee at Fabre's.
Try Fabre's celebrated pan roast.
Ten cents for a cup of Fabre's
Cel Beer
Drawn from the cellar, at Chas. Grat-
Mmfa. Mens
- . ' .. - 'VHfc
The Leading House of the City.
To be sure; am sorry though, will
have to make it a little hotter
for some of my friends, in .
the Clothing Business.
From market with a very big
stock of the prettiest things to be
It took considerable work and
gold coin to secure such Bargains
as I thought would suit'my custo
mers, but I have succeeded and I
am ready now to accomodate all
of my friends who may be in
search for
Don't Wait too Long.
Herman Wi
Clot&ier and Hatter
Occident Hotel Building,
site Star Market.
Theo. Bracker
Becommends to the public and to tho
trade his stock ot ClRars, Tobacco, Smoker's
Articles. Playing Cards, Cutlery, - etc. at
Portland prices. Clienamus street.
Mr. Cooper has just returned from the markets, where
he personally selected one of the Largest -" '
and Finest stocks of .
- Ever shown in Astoria.
tOGk is the Largest, ,
Our Selection the Latest,
Our Prices the very Lowest,
select from
of TWO
All New, Stylish, and
Moxie Nerve Food,
Contains Not a Drop of Medicine,
Poison, Stimulant or Alcohol. :
But is a simple sugar-cane like plant, grown near the Equator and
farther south, was lately accidentally discovered by Lieut. Moxie, and.
has proved itself to be the only harmless and effective nefj food.
known that can recover brain and nervous exhaustion; loss of. ma
hood; imbecility and helplessness It has recovered paralysis, soft'
ening of the brain, locomotor ataxia, and insanity when causdVby
nervous exhaustion. It gives a durable, solid strength, and make
you eat voraciously, takes away
magic, removes the fatigue from mental and physical overwork, at
once, will not interfere with the action of vegetable medicines. '
Dose, One Small Wineglass taUBrcry Fesir Hhts. lk
The loss of gas 'from the bottle does not weaken or injure' the Moxia.
' Look out for Counterfeits. -
Price 5if toh a Quart Bottle, or $5.00 per Dhhl
D, L, Beck & Sons,
TjE3Xji:o:o3Nr.-E3 -2aror. 7. '
tz ft.
Mmnf- -W
tm .?.
5.v- .,rjr;.i
J! w?tzte$
Boys' Clothing,
3 3 IwK
perfect fitting garments.-
tired, sleepy, lifeless feelinj- lika
..VAN FftANCtftCOv
: w -v.a-i
..-. &
- -'s ,&..- j-i'.
.. -ai- -