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.....MARCH 17. 188G
Raspberries; $L2o a basket: small
The flowers that blooin in the spring,
tra la, are having a rough old time of
it these days.
The ltate arrived in nfc nine yester
day morning; the Oregon leaves at
seven this morning.
A fine now stove has been put up
in the Sheriff's office and other prep
aration mado for a hard winter.
Carpet on cejlinfjs is the proper ca
per in swelldom this spring. Ion
ain't tony unless your ceiling is car
peted. E. C. Holden will have a special
auction sale of household furniture
at the residence of Mrs. Curtis next
It is believed that Gov. Squire of
Washington territory is "solid" with
the administration and will not be re
moved. St. Patrick's day will be celebrated
in Portland to-day by a procession
and an oration by Tno. M. Gearin, at
New Market theater.
Jacob Kreez, mate of the Fanny
Dutard was found drowned in San
Diego bay last Wednesday. He had
been murdered and thrown into the
The 2Gth of next month will be the
sixty-seventh anniversary of the
foniiding of the L O. O. F. Beaver
Lodge No. 35, of this city, will cele
brate the day by a ball and, probably,
a parade.
Some geographies say Yankton is
the capital of Dakota. It is just as
easy for the youngsters to learn
that Bismarck is Dakota? capital
city, and the latter statement ha3 the
advantage of being correct
Chas. Benson came down from
Brookfield last Monday in damaged
condition and is at the hospital. He
says two men garroted him Sunday
night, at that place and still shows
the effects of the injuries.
Hermann Wise, who returned from
San Francisco yesterday, advertises
the gift of a five dollar hat to the suc
cessful guesser of a conundrum.
Read it and hand in your answer to
the Liverpool and New York Outfit
First officer McDonald, who
brought the Gov. Goodwin from
Shanghai, owing to the sickness of
Capt. Norton, yesterday accompanied
the widow and the remains as far as
Oak Point, returning to the city yes
terday afternoon.
A man named Daniel Brass was
drowned yesterday morning near the
Columbia Canning Co.'s property.
He was intoxicated and had been
quarreling on a scow with his com
panions. He started to go ashore but
stumbled into the water. He was
speedily taken out and medical aid
summoned, but resuscitation was
This is funny weather: thunder
and lightning and hail and rain and
snow and slush, nnd choked pipes.
Seems as though the wholo thing is
a mistake in direction, and the pres
ent invoice of weather was missent.
Like enough the Floridians or tLe
Dakotans are having a nice little con
signment of our regular weather now
and the wrong lot has been sent us.
This Chinese and anti-Chinese bus
iness has been a Godsend to the
Portland dailies, and they have
played it for all it was worth. They
are carrying it a little too far though.
Had it not been for the insane rival
ry of the Chronicle and Call in 1878
Kearney would not have been heard
of and California wouldn't have lost
$150,000,000 worth of property in
1879 and 18S0.
A traveler passed through Elko,
Nov., last Wednesday, bound for Chi
cago from San Francisco, with a first
class limited ticket which cost him
only $450. The scalpers had bought
it to speculate on, but had not suc
ceeded in Belling it, and the last day
to travel on it had arrived, and the
last boat was almost ready to start
They wanted $10, then $9, $8, and
finally, just before the gang plank
was drawn up, ho offered $4.50, which
was accepted, and ho rushed aboard.
While A. G. Spexarth was silting
in the back part of his store at 9:30
last evening a young fellow came in
and appeared to bo looking at the
goods in the showcase. Suddenly he
dashed out when the proprietor !
ruBhed after him crying "Stop thief I"
Several citizens joined in the pursuit
and when he was about opposite the
Congregational church H. F. Prael
grabbed and held him till an officer
arrived. Four revolvers were found
on him, three of which Mr. Spexarth
identified as his property. He was
locked up. When asked his name he
at first said it was Curtis, but after
waid said it was "John Smith." The
thieves seem to have a special grudge
against Spexarth, as this is the fourth
time an attempt has been made to get
some of his stock without the usual
formality of making a coin transfer.
Hon. Sol. Hirsch came down from
Portland yesterday afternoon.
Girl Wanted.
In a small family; must be good cook;
noxhlldren in family. Inquire at this
Cheese 10 cents per Pound.
Fine Clatsop County at Carnahan &
Co.'s reduced to 10 cts per pound. Guar
anteed to be of the very best
For the Musical and Literary entertain
ment to be given by the Ladies of the M.
E. Church next Tuesday evening may
be had at Griffin & Reed's, W. E. De
ment & Co.'s, J. V. Conn's, and C. H.
in Jersey Jackets at I.
fine wear a specialty at I.
What is Eeportod to Have Been Said
and Bone There.
Poktland, Mar. 10. The public
meeting called by Mayor Gates was
held in the court house this after
noon. An immense throng filled the
building, the hallway and the yard.
The workingmen were present in
such force that they captured the
meeting and elected Sylvester Pen
noyer chairman. They then pro
ceeded to pass strong resolutions in
dorsing the board of trade, a resolu
tion dejrica'ig any and all lawless
acts, and called on the authorities to
rundown and punish all offenders.
They also endorsed the action of the
recent congress in boycotting the Or
egonian, pronounced the presence of
Chinese in the state an unmixed evil
and promised to use all lawful means
in their power to try to elevate white
labor above heathen.
At this juncture a portion of the
convention not liking the complexion
of affairs withdrew to the judge's of
fice to the number of forty and held
another meeting in which none of the
major meeting participated. There
were nearly 2,000 people in the main
Fobt, Worth, Texas, Mar. 1G.
The hotels that board non-strikers
are being boycotted. Butchers re
fuse to sell them meat. Poison was
thrown into the watertank of one of
the hotels yesterday. A woman and
two children who partook of the water
are in a critical condition.
St. Louis, Mar. 16. No freight is
moving in the Missouri Pacific yards.
An attempt was made this morning
to start one train bnt the firemen left
the engine. There is no disturbance
of any kind.
LOXDON xotes.
Loxdon, Mar. 16. Chamberlain
and Trevelyan have resigned from
Gladstone's cabinet. He has, how
ever, refused to accept their resigna
tion. fc
A snowstorm is raging throughout
The sari of Chichester died to-day.
Not many weeks ago a clerk belong
ing to the navy department came out
of his room with a bundle of official
papers in his hand. He was about to
walk down stairs, because the elevat
or man had received instructions
from the state department not to al
low any of the navy department
clerks to ride, when he lost his grip
on the bundle and it fell down some
three stories. A messenger belong
ing to the state department quickly
seized the bundle and carried it in
and laid it upon the desk of one of
the chiefs of division. In the mean
time the clerk hurried down stairs
and walked into the room of the au
gust state official, and demanded the
bundle of papers.
He was crushed with the retort
that if he had any communication to
make it must be through the proper
channels, to wit: In writing to the
chief of his division, who would in
turn transmit it with the proper in
dorsement to the division chief of the
state department This was the be
ginning of the correspondence. One
would have thought the matter would
have ended there, but it didn't The
next three weeks were full of strife.
The correspondence grew and grew,
until near the end of the fourth week
it drew in the secretary of state and
the secretary of the navy. These two
gentlemen made short work of the
matter, and the papers were returned
with all due formality. Here were
four weeks wasted by worse than
foolish red tape. The papers were
the vouchers necessary in the settle
ment of some important pay accounts,
whioh were thuB delayed one month
by the action of this pompous old ass
in the sacred department of state.
What the Dickens Is a "Forelady?''
Mrs. Mary Shogrin, Litt'a reliable
forelady, has returned and is on duty.
Oregbnian, 1G.
To Housekeepers.
Attention is called to our advertis
luent in another column giving a par
tial list of the goods to be found lit our
stock. We aim to carry the best assort
ment to be found In Astoria, and cash or
short time buyers will find it to their ad
vantage to make their purchases from
us. t.oous delivered tree or charge to
any part of the city.
D. L. Bkck & Sons.
All the patent medicines adYeitised
lu this paper, together with the choicest
perfumery, and toilet articles, etc-can
be bought at the lowest prices, at J. W.
Conn's drug store, opposite OcMdcnt
hctel, Astoria.
Parties wishing spars or Piling of any
size or length can be supplied by leav
ing orders with J. II. D.Gray.
New goods ! New goods 1 At the As
toria tailor's Tnos. Maihs.
See the fine stock of Slippers at 1.
Gent's furnishing goeds: a fine stock
of clothing, hats, etc., at I. Cohen's.
The Leading Photographer, guarantees
as good work as can be had in the state.
Pictures taken in any kind of weather
with the Instantaneous Process.
Goods at your own prices at the Crys
tal Palace.
House to Rent,
Inquire of I. W. Case.
For a Neat Fitting Beet
Or Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmans, on Che
namus street, next door to L W. Case.
All goods of the best make and guaran
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constantly arriving. Custom work.
Shiloh's Cough ana Consumption
Cure Is sold by us on guarantee. It
cures consumption. Sold by W. E. De
ment. To the United States Restaurant for
the best oysters. Private rooms.
Eastern railroad men think the
present cutting of rates will soon
The government is going to ask
why American pork is kept out of
Germany and Austria.
Senator Miller's remains, in charge
of five senators and seven representa
tives, will arrive in San Francisco
next Friday.
Archbishop Corrigan, of New York
has received an official letter from
Bcme, in which, it is stated, there is
a passage ordering him to discoun
tenance Catholics from belonging to
the Knights of Labor.
G. W. Williams, who was appointed
by Arthur minister to Hayti, and
whose instructions have continuously
been refused to him by the present
administration, has sued the govern
ment for his salary of $7,500 a year.
It is said in New York that tin
plate has gone up in price about 50
cents per box, on account of heavy
shipments which had been made to
the Columbia river canneries; that it
was cleaned out of the market, and
that a new stock was on the .wrecked
steamer Oregon, and therefore that
market is out of tin. The rumor
lacks confirmation.
The anti-coolie agitation is report
ed to be the leading topic among
Chinese residents of San Francisco,
and weekly editions of their own
newspapers are eagerly looked for.
Four Chinese papers published last
week contained full accounts of do
ings all over the coast, and editori
als on the probable effects of the la
bors of the Sacramento convention,
The different editors are very busy
preparing exhaustive accounts of the
proceedings of the Sacramento con
vention, with editorial comments
thereon for their next issue. The
general opinion among them appears
to be that the agitation will be short
lived, and that theBurlingame treaty
will not be abrogated.
Continued complaint is made in
Central and South America regard
ing the poor facilities as to mail com
munication with the United States.
It is said that people never know
nowadays when to expect mails at
Panama. Sometimes they are sent
from New York by a British tramp
steamer by way of Jamaica, while
others come via New Orleans, on the
littlo steamer Lucy Miller, which
makes a trip once a month. Very
frequently letters from New York
have been forty days en route to Pan
ama. Local papers at Panama, both
Spanish and English, express the
most contemptuous opinions of the
government of the United States, and
ono of them says that it scarcely
seems possible that so great and pro
gressive a nation should show so lit
tle regard to the commercial necessi
ties of two continents.
In a London special to the Now
York Herald of the loth, James
O'Kelly says: It is now conceded that
nothing can be done without a disso
lution of parliament An intelligent
member of the tory party says: "I
will vote for home rule, and so will
thirty other conservatives. We feel
that hostility towards Ireland was a
great blunder. The result will be
that it will close the house of lords
and disestablish the church, and we
want to save the union." These
views represent a growing feeling
among the reasonable element of the
tory party. The change in the tem-
Eer of the parties in the house toward
ome rule is due to the profonnd
change in the constitutional elements
of the house of commons itself. The
new parliament is essentially an as
sembly of workingmen, in the sense
that its members attend seriously to
their business.
Postmaster Pearson, of New York,
states that by the steamer Oregon,
which sailed from Liverpool on the
6th, and Queenstown on the 7th inst,
there were dispatched oya bags of
mail. Of these about 113 were closed
bags, containing 260 bags of letter
mail for the United States and Cana
da, the balance being male up of
about 470 bags of newspaper mail.
Of 66 heavy registered mails, esti
mated as containing about 2,400 let
ters and packages dispatched by the
Oregon, only a portion of the French,
Italian, Swedish and Bussian mail,
ninety-four pieces in all, was received,
the British and German registered
mail being all lost The British,
German, Swiss, Swedish, Belgian,
Portuguese, and Cape Town money
order lists, from London, Berlin,
Basle, Malmo, Antwerp, Lisbon and
Cape Town respectively, and French
money order advices, were all lost,
the Italian only being saved. Dupli
cate lists will be called for immedi-
atrly, and these will probably at once j
be forwarded.
Keynote to Health.
Health Is wealth. Wealth means In
dependence. The keynote is Dr. Bosan
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Cough Syrup m the world. Cures
Coughs, Colds, Pains In the Chest, Bron
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Catarrh cured, health and sweet
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"Hackmetack." a lastine
I zrant perfume. Price 25 aim 30 cents.
Coal. Hay ami Straw,
Tacoma Coal $6 per ton, delivered.
Choice Hay from $9 to $12 per ton.
Cow Ilav and Straw S7 to $10 per ton
For sale by J. H. D. Quay.
Fer Bent.
The fine hall, 80x25, lately occuj
a svmnasium. next to Telephone
tied as
j Apply to JXFF.
The efforts to recover the bodies of
the buried Nanticoke miners have
finally been abandoned as likely to
endanger too much the lives of the
In searching the pension rolls of
New York state recently it was found
that over five hundred fraudulent
claims were on the books. They have
been dropped.
There will be an exhibition of live
fish and all apparatus of fish catch
ing and fish culture iu Chicago in
April, under the charge of the Ameri
can Fisheries society.
A court in Mayville, Tenn., has the
credit of having lately sent to jail for
two years a destitute white woman
for stealing a quart of buttermilk, as
a wind-up to a term in which six
murderers went free.
Teaching the doctrine of Mormon
ism, or persuading any person
or persons to espouse it. in Mis
sissippi,, has been made a crime,
punishable by a fine of $500 and im
prisonment, by a bill passed last
Gen. Stone has issued a card "to
the wealthiest 200 men and women in
New York and Brooklyn," in which
he says that the pedestal of the Bar
tholdi statue will be completed by
the 15th of April, and makes an ap
peal for 15,000, the cost of placing
the figure in position.
Vehicles overturned on the high
way by the wind, schools dismissed
on account of extreme cold, ten
inches of ice in the rivers and farmers
frozen to death in their fields, are
some of the features of the storm
that recently raged throughout the
state of Pennsylvania, says the Phila
delphia Record.
There are probably more theaters
painted white in Philadelphia than in
any other city in the world. The idea
was started by Haverly, who thought
that white was a lucky color. It is
also said that actors prefer to play in
a theater painted white. It things
go on in this way Philadelphia will
soon be known as the white citv. N.
T. Tribune.
Mail Carrying In the Far East.
Captaiu William S. Humphrey,
who conveys the mail from Monhegan
to Boothbay, Massachusetts, started
from Monhegan on Tuesday morning
with the thermometer 15 degrees bo
low zero aud the vapor so thiok that
it was impossible to Bee, in his boat
with one man. They had proceeded
nearly half way to Boothbay, when,
in reefing the mainsail, the man with
him was knocked into the water and
rescued with the greatest difficulty,
making it necessary to return to port.
On Wednesday, with the mercury
and vapor the same, ho again at
tempted to reach Boothbay, when his
bowsprit and jib were carried away
by the gale. On Thursday his main
sail was torn to ribbons by the wind.
On Friday ho had proceeded quite a
distance when he was knocked down
by the sea and his boat nearly filled
with water. On Saturday he arrived
in Boothbay, having hired a vessel to
take him there. Eastern Exchange.
Wide Awalce Druggists.
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Liver Com
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D. J. 1HQALL3.
West Sta lis,
9 ought is more bitter than of
ftrtl own gradual fall from a social
Ruin is simple enough. A violent
shock; a cruel turn of faith; a ca
tastrophe once for all. Be it so.
We submit, and all i3 over. You are
ruined; it is well; you are dead?
No; you are still living. On the
morrow you know it well. By what?
By the pricking of a pin. Yon
der passer-by omits to recognize
you; the tradesman's bills rain
down upon you ; and yonder is one
of your enemies, who is smiling.
Perhaps he is thinking of Arnal's
last pun; but it is all the same.
The pun would not have appeared to
him so inimitable but for your ruin.
You read your own sudden insignifi
cance even in the looks of indiffer
ence. Friends who had used to dine
at your table, become of opin
ion that three courses were an ex
travagance. Your faults are patent
to the eyes of everybody; ingrati
tude having nothing more to expect,
Eroclaims itself openly; every idiot
as foreseen your misfortune. The
malignant pull you to pieces; the
more malignant profess to pity.
And then come a hundred paltry de
tails. Nausea succeeds to grief.
You have been wont to indulge in
wine; you must now drink cider.
Two servants, too! Why, one will
be too many. It will be necessary
to discharge this one, and get rid of
that. Flowers in your garden are
superfluous; you will plant it with
potatoes. You used to make pres
ents of your fruits .to friends ; you
will send them henceforth to mar
ket. As to the poor, it will be ab
surd to think of giving anything to
them. Are you not poor yourself?
And then there is the painful ques
tion of dress. To have to refuse a
wife a new ribbon, what a torture !
To have to refuse one who has made
you a gift of her beauty a trifling
article ; to haggle over such matters
like a miser I Perhaps she will say
to you, "What, rob my garden of
its flowers, and now refuse one for
my bonnet I" Ah, me! to have to
condemn her to shabby dresses.
The family table is silent. You
fancy that those around it think
harshly of you. Beloved faces have
become clouded. This is what is
meant by failing fortunes. It is to
die day by day. To be struck down
is like the blast of the furnace; to
decay like this is the torture of the
slow fire.
An overwhelming blow is a sort
of Waterloo, a slow decay, a ct.
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s. , .ai-aLi-'i
- r-4
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-- iou : - &zirmmn