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Skating at the riuk this evening.
The Emblelon went up stream ye",
torday in low of the Church.
A strong wind blew from the south
and southwest yesterday; stormy
weather was reported outside.
li. S. forsley will sell a miscellane
ous assortment of government goods
at auction at ten-thirty this morning.
Gov. Moody has disbauded the
Emmet Guard of Portland "for hav
ing evinced a mutinous and disobe
dient spirit"
Six new lodges of the A. O. U. W.
were instituted in Oregon and Wash
ington during the month of February
with an aggregate membership of 83.
Col. J. K. Phillips was robbed of
S3&) belonging to the G. A. E., and
grievously wounded within sight of
his house in East Portland, last
Thursday night
The new registry law permits eacb
political party to adopt a device to
be placed at the head of the ticket.
A copy of the regular ticket witb the
device thereon must be filed with the
county clerk, and any one making
bogus tickets will be liable to fine and
A representative of this paper yes
terday interviewed Mr. E. A. Noyes,
agent of the O. R. Sc N. Co., regarding
the recent cut in freight rates to sixty-five
cents a hundred from Chicago
to Portland, and asked if that rate
applied to Astoria as well. He said
he had as yet received no official no
tification concerning the matter, but
was of the opinion that it did.
In the circuit court yesterday the
equity case of Trullinger vs. Barry
was argued. In the suit of Crafts vs.
Crafts, a decree of divorce was or
dered; in the case of Hedlung vs.
Wilson, a decree of stipulation was
allowed. Jndga Taylor rendered a
decision in the test case recently
brought regarding the validity of the
Keady liquor law, boldiug in sub
stauce that whilo tho law was consti
tutional and the city council respon
sible for its observance, be would
sustain the demurrer entered by de
fendant's counsel, pro forma, in order
to admit of an immediate appeal to
tho supreme court, to which tribunal
the case will at once be appealed, the
probabilities being that it will be ar
gued during tbe present term.
Sheriff Ross returned from the up
per Nehalem yesterday.
Office of Supt. of Public In- (
s'tkuotion, Salem, Mar. 9, '80 J
V. E. Dement, Esq., Astoria, Or.:
Deau Sir: In answer to your fa
vor of tbe 5th inst, I have to ask the
following questiens:
1st. DidMr.Tallauthavc property
"liable" to taxation at the time of the
meeting first Monday in March?
2ud. Did his property then exceed
the exemption amount of $300?
If these questions can be answered
in the affirmative by Mr. Tallant,
then, in my opinion, he is a legal di
rector, and should be qualified as
In my decision (referred to by you)
I mean to use the term "liable" in an
absolute sense that is, one who has
taxable property within tho district
whenever a meeting may be held at
any time during the year.
For an extensive and comprehen
sive definition and application of this
term (in the relation used) I would
refer you to sec. 28, page 754, General
Laws of Oregon, Deady and Lane's
Very truly vours,
E. B. McElroy,
Supt Pub. Iust'n.
In the case of the state of Oregon
vs. Samuel Harris and Chas. Wright,
wherein the defendants were indicted
for violating the provisions of the
law passed by the last legislature,
and generally known as the Keady
liquor law, the circuit court yester
day entered up a judgment pro forma
sustaining the demurrer to the indict
ment This case was brought by
agreement to test the validity of the
said law, and while the court ex
pressed the opinion that the
law was constitutional and valid.
by consent the above judgment
was entered up in order that
the case might be appealed at once to
the supreme court, and be heard and
determined at once by that body.
Had a judgment been entered in ac
cordance with the opinion expressed
by the court the defendants would
have to be tried at tho May term be
fore an appeal conld have been taken
and a decision by the supreme court
deferred until the October term;
hence the entering of the judgment
as above stated by the circuit conrt
Measured Fourteen Feet in Length.
"Hard working Bill," whom a good
many Astorians know, is now living
near Eagle Cliff, W. T. A short time
ago he had an adventure with a con
gar, the biggest ever seen in that lo
cality. He shot him while on the
limbNof a tree 100 feet from the
grofhid, or rather water, for when the
animal fell he plumped into the wa
ter, the dogs after him. Even then
he showed fight and would have
killed the dogs, had not the hunter
fired six bullets more into him. He
measured fourteen feet from the tip
of his nose to the tip of his tail and
was a "buster." The dogs that are
used in hunting the cougar area
cross between the hound and the bull
dog. They are valuable animals,
250 being refused for one the other
Auction at 2 and 7 P.
Crystal Palace.
m. daily at the
Goods at far less than cost at the Crys
tal Palace. Auction till further notice.
Anti-Chinese Depredations in Portland.
Rnniorcd Virtnry For Jark Dempsey .
Berlin Reiclislaj: Rpjerl
Pet Scheme.
Portland, Mar. 12. About four
o'clock this morning two loud explo
sions were heard in the lower part of
the city. It transpired that the ex
plosions were at a China wash house,
the occupants of which were injured.
The house was but slightly injured.
No arrests, no clue. The "explosions
caused considerable excitement
About eleven o'clock last night a
bright light was seen west of the city.
It was learned this morning that a
party of white men had visited the
Chinese quarters and had driven the
occupants out and burned the huts.
It is also stated that they robbed the
Chinamen, but this is not believed.
All the Chinamen that were driven
out came to town.
Col. Phillips, the victim of last
night's robbery and shooting in
East Portland last night is still alive,
but there are small hopes of his re
covery. There is as yet no clue to
the perpetrators of the deed.
New York, Mar. 12. The Mail
and Express says that Jack Dempsey
and Le Blanche the Marine, fought
sixteen rounds in a barn at Harrison,
Westchester county, this morning,
and that the fight resulted in a vic
tory for Dempsey. The fight began
at four o'clock this morning and
lasted an hour. Both were badly
punished and the fight was a verv
closely contested one.
Another evening paper says that no
fight has occurred.
St. Louis, Mar. 12. St Louis and
Santa Fe trains are running on
the Missonri Pacific road to-day
without any opposition. Tho com
pany is advertising for men regard
less of their connection with labor
organizations and offers the same
wages as last year.
Dallas, Tex., Mar. 12. Striking
men were arrested hero to-day for in
terference with railroad properly at
present in the hands of the court.
London, Mar. 12. Fire originating
among cotton bales at the Oldham
depot this morning destroyed proper
ty valued at 3",0,000. Ono fireman
was killed.
The liabilities of the princess Beline
are 800,000, due to extravagance.
The princess has spent 5,000,000 in
the last ten years.
wouldn't iiave it.
Berlin, Mar. 12. Bismarck's "spir
it bill" was to-day rejected by the
committee of the reiebstag. to whom
it had been referred.
Astoria, March 12, 1880.
Editor Asterian:
I would like to say in auswer to
"Clatsop." of Knappa, that no one
has any lawful right to sell liquors of
any kind on the water within three
miles of the shore of this county, ex
cepting he has a license therefor is
sued by the same authorities and on
the same conditions as if his scow or
saloon were located on the land.
The officers of the law are elected
to prosecute and punish all such of
fenders as "Clatsop" describes. If
the officers of the law neglect or re
fuse to attend to their official duty
in this matter, our only remedy is the
secret ballot Force must not be
thought of. It is our duty, as I con
ceive it, to vote, independently or
party preference, for men who will
dare enforce the law in these cases.
Cannerymen have a direct and deep
interest in this matter. The whisky
scows are the cause of heavy losses
to them oftentimes. Would it not
be well for each canneryman to con
tribute a small sum with which to
employ an efficient detective who will
aid, if necessary, the officers of the
law in arraigning and prosecuting
the offenders? That i3, of course,
providing that we find the officers in
clined to punish the scow-men and
need some assistance in that way.
Card of Thanks.
The undersigned take this method
of expressing our most hearty thanks
to the business men of the city, to
the individual members of the M. E.
Sunday school, and especially to
those of our friends who, through
great fatigue and self-sacrifice, in
sured the pleasantries and success of
the donation given us in our church
on the evening of the 11th inst. May
the good God bless yon all most
abundantly both in basket and in
A. J. and M. E. .Tosltn.
Goods at your own prices at the Crys
tal Palace.
fine wear a .specially at T.
To Housekeepers.
Attention is called to our advertis
ment in another column giving a par
tial list of the goods to be found in our
stock. We aim to carry the best assort
ment to be found in Astoria, and cash or
short time buyers will find it to their ad
vantage to make their purchases from
us. Goods delivered free of charge to
any part of the city.
D. L. Bkck & Soxs.
Parties wishing snars or nlline of any
size or length can be supplied by leav
ing orttera with .1. it. v. uray.
Gent's furnishing goeds: a fine stock
of clothing, hats, etc., at I. Cohen's.
in Jersey Jackets at I.
To the United States Restaurant for
the best oysters. Private rooms.
Thos. Mairs, the tailor, has just ar
rived from San Francisco with & well
selected stock of goods. Call and ex
amine before they are all gone.
Gentle or ferocious reader, did you
ever have n touch of that delirious
complaint known as "the mining fe
ver?" Did you ever see in your
mind's eye whilo attending to ordin
ary occupations, a virgin mining camp
where tho trail of the serpent was yet
untrailed and claims were to be had
for the taking? Did you ever devour
a fragment of a newspaper contain
ing an account of the strike in Grizzly
gulch, or the wondrous richness of
the ore in Dusty district and wish
you were thar?
Eerhaps your pulses are stirred
into remembrance of the days when
you tramped three miles to "the
store" after a hard day's work for the
flour, bacon and baking powder and
coffee; when a clay pipe cost two bits
and whisky was two dollars a pint;
when you waited for months for the
water'to rise at Echo Rock; of the
weeks of weary work at Soledad
canon; of the flume you cut and built
through the granite at Table moun
tain and which was swept away by
the spring freshet: of the gravel at
Poverty flat which didn't pan out a
cent to the yard, of the $3,000 lost in
the Geiger grade; of the year you
put in on the razor blade at Austin;
of the 20,000 you refusedjfor your
ledge at Tuscarora, which aforesaid
ledge you would have sold a week af
ter for a new poker deck.
A good many memories of the old
days come upon you and you think
as you read of Granite creek or Col
ville that perhaps the El Dorado is
still somewhere for you. You read
of the "rush" to the new district and
you see men going, and long to be in
with the first You can't help it If
you ever had the mining fever you'll
get it again as through the year yon
hear of new mines, whether quartz or
No boy reading the "Arabian
Nights" ever had inoro faith in tho
story of "Aladdin; or the Wonderful
Lamp," than many bronzed and
bearded men have in the belief that
somewhere, some time they'll "stake
it rich" in some to be discovered min
ing camp, and the tedious round of
daily dir i js grows to them distasteful
as their eyes light up with visions of
the good fortune that undoubtedly
awaits them.
With many 'tis a life delusion, and
not till they climb the Inst rugged
range of mountains ou Life's rocky
road and descend into the valley of
Shadow can they realize that some
where up among the splendid stars
above they may find an eternal El
The following letter was received in
this city this week:
March 4th, 188G.
Dear Sir:
My uncle, Cyrus Oluey, who resided
in Astoria in your county, died there,
I think, in 1870. He had a large es
tate which was settled by the court
and divided between his brothers and
sisters; my mother falling heir to a
part of it Several years ago she
deeded it by a quit claim deed to my
brother, Nathan O. Hardy. He after
wards tried to force a written state
ment from my mother to the effect
that the deed she gave him was
a warranty daed. When she denied
giving him such a deed he caused all
of his brothers bnt me, and all of his
sisters but one, to believe the property
in Astoria was of but little value, and
thereby obtained- a i elinquishment
from them of their right to a part of
their mother's share of her brother's
estate, in his favor. In the fall of
1871 1 was legally declared to be in
sane and was sent to the state hos
pital for the insane and a guardian
was appointed over me. He refused
to sign away my right to my uncle's
property in favor of my brother, and
so he failed to get it into his posses
sion. My guardian now tells me he
can obtain no account of my property
in Astoria; so I decided to ask yon
to-day in regard to it and await your
reply. Has any property been sold
for taxes in your count within the
past six years, that was assessed as
nou resident property, belonging to
W. D. Hardy, a resident of the state
of Iowa? Has any property in your
county been sold for taxes within the
past six years, that has been assessed
to Nathan O. Hardy, which property
had formerly been known to be a part
of the Cyrus Olney estate, situated in
Clatsop county, Oregon, and in the
town or city of Astoria? An early
answer from yon will oblige
w. D. Hard,
Mt Zion, Van Buren Co., Iowa.
Mr. Cole, who has been logging ou
the river the past winter, has re
moved to Deep river. W. T., where he
will continue his business.
Most of the dykes that were broken
in by the unusually high tides this
winter, are repaired. W. E. Dement
is having his dyke raised two feet the
entire length. Messrs. Brower, In
galls and Cole have been doing con
siderable work on their dykes.
ihose who attended the party at
Wm. Hartill's. on the 6th inst, report
having a splendid time and that the
musician. Mr. Spofford of Clatsop
plains, did not demand an extortion
ate price as did a former fiddler who
did a little sawing on similar occa
sions previously.
CiicIiIeii'N Arnicn Salve.
Tub Best Saia-k In the world for
Cuts, nruises,Sores,UIcers,SaIt Rheum,
Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains. Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
paj' required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Trice 25 cents per box. For sa le hv W
E. Dement & Co.
The Rev. Geo. 11. Thayer, of Bour
bon, Ind says: "Both myself and wife
oweour lives toSmr.on's Consumption
CnitK." Sold by W. E. Dement
The Leading Photographer, guarantees
as good work as can be had in the state.
Pictures taken In any kind of weather
with the Instantaneous Process.
The Yreka, Cal. Journal learns
from trustworthy sources that there
are at least two thousand men at
work on the railroad above Delta,
crowding the work along to reach
Bailey's as soon as possible, the rail
road owning that ranch and the noted
springs thereon. The railroad force
comprises mostly Chinamen, only 250
white men being employed. Work,
however, i3 given to all white men de
sirous of working for a dollar a day
and board. The driving away of
Chinamen from various sections ona
bles tho railroad compdhy to secure
plenty of Chinese laborers at cheap
est rates. It is reported that Scobie
has received, orders to crowd the ma
sonry work as fast as possible, as his
work must be completed first, in or
der to allow speedy progress with the
vast army of men engaged in grading
and filling. The tunnel work is also
being pushed forward as fast as pos
sible from both ends of each tuunel,
with day and night shifts, as only a
certain number of men can work in
the tunnel at a time.
Some sixty-five more dump-carts
and four heavy wagons, with several
carloads of heavy timber for bridges
and trestle work, came up on last
Thursday's train, also several more
Chinamen, making one of the longest
trains over hauled to Delta and Slate
Mr. Scobie, the contractor for
building culverts and masonry work,
i3 putting on more men, and crowd
ing work as fast as possible. It is
the general opinion that the road will
be pushed speedily to Bailey's, where
the company can establish the ter
minus on their own grounds, and
build up quite a place, and may stop
there for some years, if the land grant
is forfeited as seems probable. When
completed to this point, nearly all the
through passenger travel will take
the overland route between Portland
and San Francesco, in preference to
steamer, and all the freight for this
section will come via Bailey'B from
San Francisco, without any division
of trade with Portland. The distance
from Bailey's and Ashland to Yreka
is about tlm sama, bnt the high Siski
you range, on Ashland road, is equal
to nearly a third more distance over
the ronte to Bailey's. At Bailey's
the California railroad will also be
able to supply all of southeastern Or
egon, and Klamath Lake basin to
better advantage than tho Oregon
railroads, on account of easier outlets
for wagon roads, as high mountains
intervene between southeastern Ore
gon and Bogne river valley, through
which the Oregon railroad is built
The Bedding Democrat says tho
track is laid to a point just below
Portuguese Flat, and construction
trains rnn to the end of the track,
at which place Col. Scobie has
140 whito men at work on the
piers of two of the largest and most
expensive bridges on the whole road.
Each of tho piers of tho bridges will
cost over S10,000, a3 they are about
forty feet in height, fifteen feet wide
at the base and the retaining walls
are 125 feet in length.
TIip Two tin-rents.
A great unmber of persons arc tak
ing advantage of the cheap fares east
to return to the places in the Missis
sippi section and Atlantic border,
whence they set out for the Pacific
slope during the halcyon days of the
Yillard regime. While the Pacific
northwest is being drained of a great
number who wero employed in the
towns and cities, it is receiving a far
more preferable class of immigrants
who are moving on farms and at once
begin tbe cultivation of the soil and
become producers. This current o?
good immigrants to our fertile lands
and of the over population of the
cities back to the to the east, will
soon restore onr sectiou to a very
healthy state and assist in the intro
duction of the era of much desired
prosperity. The inward tide exceeds
the outward Row. Seattle Chronicle,
Excited. Thousands
All over the land are going Into ec
stasy over Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption. Their unlooked for
recovery by the timely of this great
life Saving remedy, causes thein to
go nearly wild in its praise. It is guar
anteed to positively cure Severe Coughs.
Colds, Asthma, Hay Fever, Dronchitis,
HoaiMMiess, Loss of Voice, or any affec
tion of the Throat and Lungs. Trial
bottles free at W. E. Dement & Co.'s
Drug Store. Large bke 1.00.
P. II. Fok has opened a tailor shop in
the Gem Huililimr. and if von want a
good and neat job of cleaning and re
pairing done reasonable, he is the man.
AH the patent medicines advertised
in (Ills paprr, ogttlher with the ehoicit
ju-rnuiiury. lonet articles, etc can
ih bwuilit u1 the lowest prions, at . I. W.
Oum's drur: Une. opposite Ocidfiit
licJi'l. -stnria.
The Perfection
Of the age in the medical line is the
liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs, man
ufactured only by the California Fig
Syrup Co., Sa'n Francisco, Cal. It is
agreeable to the taste, acceptable to the
stomach, harmless in its nature, painless
vet prompt and thorough in its action.
For sale by W. E. Dement & Co.
The fine hall, 80x23, lately occupied as
a gymnasium, next to Telephone saloon.
Apply to Jeff.
Syrup of Figs.
Manufactured only by the California
Fig Syrup Co. San Francisco Cal. is
Natures Own True Laxative. This
pleasant liquid fruit remedy may he
had of W. E. Dement & Co, at fifty cents
or one dollar per bottle. It is the most
Eleasant, prompt and effective remedy
nown, to cleanse tho system ; to act on,
tho Liver, Kidneys and Bowels gently
yet thoroughly to dispel neadachs,
Colds and Fevers: to cure Constipation,
Indigestion and kindred ills.
House to Reut.
Inquire of I. W. Case.
New Roods ! New goods ! At the As
toria tailor's Tnos. Maihs.
Coal. Hay and Straw,
Tacoma Coal $6 per ton, delivered.
Choice ilay from $9 to $12 per ton.
Cow Hay and Straw S7 to $10 per ton
For sau by J. H. D. Gray.
The treasury department has de
cided to stop seal piracy and whisky
traffic on the islands of Alaska. Tho
Hear has been ordered north to
watch the seal fisheries. Tho Cor
win has received orders of the same
character with respect to whisky
The force of revenue cutters at
presont on the Pacific coast consists
of the Wolcott, which cruises in Ore
gon and Washington territory waters
under the jurisdiction of the collector
of tho Port Towsend district; the
Rush, which is under the jurisdic
tion of the collector of the San Fran
cisco district; and the Corwin and
the Dear, which are under the direct
jurisdiction of tho Secretary of the
The Dear goes to the northeastern
Arctic to keep cne eye on the seal
pirates and another for indications of
the lost Amethyst's men, while the
Corioin will be sent to the Alaskan
coast to act in the interests of tem
perance and the internal revenue.
The Wolcott will cruise as she
cruises now, and the Rush will be
kept at San Francisco in case of
any emergency.
The task set for the Corwin is con
sidered to be a particularly difficult
one. Not only have the Aleut, the
Mahlemute, the Thlinkir, the Tenu
anah and tho Kanaig become devotees
to the absorption of firewater, but
they are willing to pay good prices,
indentations, extends for thousands of
and the trade in whisky is a paying
one. In the next place the Alaskan
water line, with its archioelaeoes and
miles and offers at the same time the
best place in the world for smugglers
and the hardest place in the world
for the coast guardsmen.
Nor can the Corwin count upon
very much assistance from the treas
ury agents at either end of the line.
The revenue force in Alaska consists
of a collector of customs at Sitka,
with a deputy and a marshal, and
one deputy at Wrangel, Tongas and
Onnalaska. The collector has no
steam launch at his disposal, and
what he and his deputies can do by
the dignity of their office towards
putting down illicit dealing in whis
ky may be imagined.
Under the existing laws, too, the
collector at San Francisco has his
hands tied, since he cannot prove
the correctness of the manifest
of an outgoing ship, and if
the captain going to Sitka should
want to make a return of flour for
whisky that is, havo whisky ou
board and call it flour there is no
one to prevent him from doing so.
The Deal's duties will not be bo
onerous. Every year the unlicensed
slaughter of seals is carried on in the
fur islands, and as the government
receives no revenue for these, and as
the slaughter last year was very large,
it has been resolved to stop it. The
Alaska Fur company, as a duty-paying
concern, will lend active aid to
the Dear in suppressing these depre
dations. The liHke Is On Top.
At last report the tunnel opening
had reached a depth of 65 feet. The
formation is soapstone and has be
gun to cave, rendering an arch neces
sary. There is a lake of 160 acres on
top of the mountain. Yalcima Re
publican, March 6.
A Itellalile Article.
For enterprise, push and u desire to
get such goods as will give the trade
satisfaction, J. W. Conn the Druggist
leads all competition. He sells Dr. Bo
sanko's Cough and Lung Syrup, because
it's the best Medicine on the market, for
Coughs, Colds, Croup and Primary Con
sumption. Price r0 cents and $1.00.
Samples free.
Fot Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint,
you have a printed guarantee ou every
bottle of Sniloh's vitalizer. It never
fails to cure. Sold bv W. E. Dement
Why will you cougn when Shilolfs
Cure will give immediate relief. Price
10 cU no ots and SI. Sold by W. K. De
ment. For lame Back, Side or Client use
Sniloh's Porous Tlaster, Prico 25 cents.
For sale by W. E. Dement
That Hacking Cough can be so
quickly cured by Shilon's Cure. We
guarantee it Sold by W.E. Dement.
A Nasal Injector free with each
bottle of Shlloh's Catarrh Remedy
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Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy a posi
tive cure for Catarrh, Diptheria and
Canker Mouth. Sold by W. E. Dement.
For a IV cat Fitting Boot
Jr Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmaus, on Che
numus street, next door to I. W. Ca?e.
All goods of Hie bet make and guaran
teed quality. A full stock; new goods
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Shop next to L. I. Johnson's cigar store.
Notice to Cannerymen.
Withers for the sale of their charcoal
and can furnish any amount deelred. Flease
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Storage a&4 Insurance at Current Rules.
Basking Department
Drafts on the leading Cities of the Woild
Ueo. U. Stewart, Accountant, and
Agent Northern Pacific Express Co.
Books and Stationery!
The Largest and Finest Stook in Astoria to Select From.
MacDonald & Mcintosh
Are now Prepared to
Show a Large Assortment
Goods in Every Line!
Which will be Sold at
Lower Figures than at any Other House
The Leading Clothing, Hat, and Gents1 Furnishing Store
s to Arrive !
Reduced to 50c
Reduced to 40c
Reduced to 35c
Reduced to 25c
Reduced to 15c
Our -
IFor 82.001
Astoria and Seaside
ED. JACKSON, - Proprietor
Tho best Bread, Cakes and Pastry In tbe City,
loe Creams and Ornamental Work
to order
Manufacturer of Fine Candles.
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