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.MARCH 3. 1886
The liglit house board has recom
mended the appropriation of $60,000
for the erection of a liglit house at
Gray's harbor.
The stockholders of the Columbia
Canning company will hold a special
meeting at their office next Friday
evening to wind up the affairs of the
"The Beggar Student" said to be
the best in the repertoire of the
Thompson Opera Co., at Eo3s' opera
house to-night Reserved seats at
the New York Novelty store.
The West Shore Mills are in full
blast; the box factory will begin op
erations in about three weeks. The
prices of .lumber, boxes, etc, at these
mills for the season will be found un
der "New To-Day."
Al White, at present under $3,000
bonds to appear before the grand
jury at Portland charged with com
plicity in the Oregon City Chinese
deportation, came down from Port
land yesterday afternoon.
The C7ieseb rough arrived in yes
terday. The third day out from Aca
pulco, one of the sailors jumped or
fell overboard; he was rescued only
to jump or fall down the hatchway,
and died from the effects of the falL
Electric lights are being hung at
the intersection of the principal
streets, to be paid for by private sub
scription. A bright light was hung
corner Main and Chenamus streets
yesterday. The cost is comparatively
trifling where several join in sharing
the expense.
Milt Parrish, an old time Astorian,
is in the city. He will be at Jno. A.
Devlin's cannery this season.
N. Clinton and wife returned yes
terday from attending the funeral of
Mrs. Meussdorfer in Portland.
Ed. D. Curtis, a former Astorian,
now treasurer of the Casino company
in Portlaud, was busy shaking hands
with old friends and acquaintances
yesterday afternoon.
Misdirected Enthusiasm.
A gentleman who listened to Rev.
Sam Jones in Cincinnati tells the fol
lowing as illustrative of the peculiar
methods of the revivalist: He was
delivering an especially fervid ad
dress, and a little old woman who
sat well in front was constantly inter
rupting him with Bbrill-voiced and ear
Eiercing exclamations of "Bless the
.ord!" and Glory Hallelujah!"
"Amenl" and other campmeeting ec
centricities. Jones stood it for a
time, but finally stopped his address,
and turning to the women said: "Sis
ter, enthusiasm is a good thing if it is
only genuine. But you remind me of
a little steamboat that used to run
up a stream down in the country
where I came from. It had a very
email boiler and a very big whistle,
and every time the pilot blew the
whistle the boat stopped. Now let
the boat go on."
Notice to 3Iarlners.
The following changes will be made
in the buoys in Puget sound as soon
as practicable: New Dungeness-From
a red second class nun to a red first
elass nun buoy. Point Middle From
an horizontal stripe spar buoy to an
horizontal stripe third class nun buoy.
Partridge Bank From a black second
class nun to a black first class can
buoy. Port Ludlow and Pala Point
From a black second class nun to a
black spar buoy. Olympia Harbor
a red third class can to a red third
class nun buoy. Oak Harbor From
a red third class can to a red third
class can buoy.
"Tit-Willow" Revised Version.
It was out on the back fence a little
Sang "Marin! Maria! Maria!"
It was out of the- window I threw a brick
bat, At Maria, Maria, Maria!
Not an inch did he badge, not a bit did
he scare,
Till a dynamite bomb raised him high in
the air,
And the laBt words ho said in his final
Were "Maria! Maria! Maria!
The annual meeting of the Astoria
Young Men's Christian Association
will be held at their rooms this even
ing. Officers and managing committee
for the ensuing year "will be elected,
and reports of last year's work submit
ted. All interested are cordially invit
ed to attend. D. K.McIxtosii.
P. II. Fox has opened a tailor shon in
the Gem Building, and if you want a
good and neat job of cleaning and re
pairing done reasonable, lie is the man.
To Housekeepers.
Attention is called to our adverils
ment in another column giving a par
tial list of the goods to be found in our
stock. We aim to carry the best assort
ment to be found in Astoria, and ca3h or
short time buyers will find it to their ad
vantage to make their purchases from
us. Goods delivered free of charge to
any part of the city.
D. L. Bkck & Sons.
The Leading Photographer, guarantees
as good work as can be had in the state.
Pictures taken in any kind of weather
with the Instantaneous Process.
Coal. Hay nud Straw,
Tacoma Coal SG per ton, delivered.
Choice Hay from S9 to $12 per ton.
mw Hfttrnnri rrar
to $10 per
n. D. Git
For sale by
The fine hall, 80x25, lately occupied as
a gymnasium, next to Telephone rialoon.
Apply to Jeff.
Parties wishing spars or piling of any
size or length can be supplied by leav
ing ordtrs with J. H.DGnty.
Poktlaxd. Mar. 4. The United
States marshal and deputy this morn
ing arrested twelve men at Oregon
City charged by the Chinese with be
ing implicated in the recent expulsion.
Their names are William Myers,
Lewis Hamilton, Geo, Brown, John
Belisle, Ley ton Miller, W. B. Stafford,
Frank Davis, Joseph Bergman, R. L.
Spencer, William McLaughlin, John
Yain and Ad. Bockafeilow. The
most of them got bail immediately;
the remainder expect to soon. The
bail was fixed at $3,000 each. The
Chinese witnesses are numerous and
read' to swear to the identity of the
New Yobk, Mar. 4. One thousand
street car employes are on a strike on
the dry dock horse railroad. They
demand $2 per day for twelTe hours'
work. Police are keeping order.
All the employes of the 8th Avenue
line, Brooklyn, are also on a strike.
St Paul's Cathedral was crowded
this morning, the occasion being
the presentation of the pallium to
Archbishop Corrigan. Many Cathol
ic celebrities were present The cer
emonies were conducted with regal
Spkikofield, Ohio, Mar. 4. The
report that theChampion reaper works
had discharged all of its employes
suspected of being Knights of Labor
proves to be a mistake. A committee
has been formed and a meeting ap
pointed to arbitrate the matter. All
is quiet The proprietors are deter
mined not io yield; the employes are
equally so.
New Yobk, Mar. 4. The appoint
ment of Gen. Terry to the major-gen-eralship
made vacant by the death of
Gen. Hancock has caused Gen. O. O.
Howard and friends to feel bad. He
will doubtless be appointed to amajoi
generalship on the retirement of
Pope, but they coveted Haucock's
place as it is the oldest
Lokdok, Mar. 4. The terrific snow
storm is gradually subsiding. Pas
sengers on snowed in trains have Buf
fered severely. The loss of cattle i3
"The Mikado" was presented to an
Astoria audience for the first time
last evening at Ross' opera house, by
the Thompson opera company, who
have been playing a round of popular
operas at the Casino in Portland, with
the following cast:
The Mikado of Japan Mr. V. Oltlow
rinu foo, mi on aUjcuuea as a
wandering ratnttrel and in lore
vnth Ycm-Tam Mr. Plilt. Branson
Kjd-K.0, Lord iiljtb Executioner
of TiUpa Mr. A. W. F. MaeColUn
Pooh-Bab, Lord High Ererjt hing
Else Mr.WUetteaman
Pieh-Tuh. a Koble Lard, Mr. J. K. Murray
Nee Kan. the I tag of Titipu Mr. Vf leaner
Yutn-Tam..) Three sictrs l ....Miss Franc Uall
Pittlbmg. i Wards of ...Miss Bebe Viaing
Peep-Bo ) Ko-Ko (..Miss May Branson
Katlsaa. an elderlr ladjr in lore
vuthKan-tl-Poo MlssOarrle Godfrey
The theater was filled by an appre
ciative audience who manifested by
the frequency of their applause the
delight they experienced at the su
perb rendition of the burlesque op
era. As Nanki Poo, Mr. Branson de
serves high praise. He has a mag
nificent voice and is a good actor.
Pooh Bah, the gentleman who "was
born sneering" was admirably char
acterized by Mr. Murray.
Mr. McCollin appears to be the
principal promoter of fan and bears
about the same relative importance
to the play that Hamlet does to the
drama wherein he figures. The three
pretty sisters were admirably repre
sented by Misses Bebe Vining, Franc
Hall and May Bransou, and to the
susceptible gentleman portion of the
audience were objects of intense in
terest if not admiration. "Yum
Yum' appeared particularly attract
ive, and the delightful little bits of
nonsense that the three indulged in
were enthusiastically encored. As
"Katisha," Miss Carrie Godfrey is on
titled to special mention. The re
mainder of the cast was creditably
represented. The chorus and orches
tra were good, and the stage settings
left little to bo desired.
To-night they will have an equally
good house in Millockers pretty little
opera of the "Beggar Student"
Editor Asxebias:
We notice in the Oregonian of
Feb. 13, a letter written by J. J. Bar
clay of Eagle Cliff, W. T., and in said
letter he says the Washingtonian
Packing Co. asserts that J. W. Hume
has never accounted to them for
salmon shipped to his order.
We want Mr. .Barclay to distinctly
understand that the company has
never made any such assertion and
that J. W. Hume made good sales of
the salmon and was credited on their
books in due time, which he knows
to be a fact Whatever his troubles
are with J. W. Hume we are willing
for him to fight it out, but leave in
nocent parties out
Bexx & Gibsok.
Cosmopolis, W. T., Mar. 1st., '86.
For a Neat Fitting Beet
Or Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmans, on Che
namus street next door to I. W. Case.
All goods of the best make and guaran
teed quality. A full stock; new goods
constantly arriving. Custom work.
Are you made miserable by Indiges
tion, Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of
Appetite, Yellow Skin ? Shtoh's Vital
izer is a positive cure. For sale by W.
E. Dement & Co,
Catarrh cured, health and sweet
breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Rem
edy. Prh 50 cents, Masai Injector free
For sale by W. E. Dement
For lame Back, Side or Cnest use
Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Pnc 35 cents.
For sale by W. E. Dement.
To the United States Beat&urant for
the bMt oyittrs. Private room.
The question has arisen as to the
eligibility of E. W. Tallant to the of
fice of school director in school dis
trict No. 1, for which position he re
ceived a majority of the votes cast at
the school meeting last Monday even
ing. The point raised is the fact that
his name does not appear on the tax
roll of the district
Begarding the qualifications of
voters and eligibility of candidates it
is given as a decision on page 81, of
the school laws of Oregon of the is
sue of 18S6:
"Voters at school meetings of a
district are all taxpayers, male and
female. Taxpayers are those who
are liable to pay taxes upon property.
See Sec. 43. Any voter at a school
meeting is eligible to the office of di
rector." "(1) Sex is neither a qualification
or disqualification for voting at a
school meeting, and i3 wholly imma
terial.'' "(2) No person, male or female can
legally vote who does not possess the
requisite qualifications of age, resi
dence, property and citizenship, and
all who possess these four qualifica
tions can legally vote."
"(3) Both husband and wife may
be legal voters at a school meeting.
"(4) A man who has no property
in liis own name is not a legal voter.''
"(5) A woman who has no prop
erty m her own name is not a legal
voter, though her husband may be."
"(6) A man who has no property in
his own name is not a legal Toter,
though his wife may be." m
The above are all published as a
matter of answer to oft repeated in
quiries, the fact being recognized
that they are not all pertinent to the
present question.
Seotion 43, to which reference is
made above, says:
"Any oitizen of this state shall be
entitled to vote at a sohool meeting
who is twenty-one years of age, and
has resided in the district thirty days
immediately preceding the meeting,
and who has property in the district
upon which he or she pays a tax."
A republican state convention for the
state or Oregon is called to meat at Port
land, Oregon, on Wednesday, April 23,
at 11 o'clock a. M., for the purpose of
nominating candidates for the following
offices, to-wit: Representative in con
gress, judge of supreme court, governor,
secretary of state, state treasurer, super
intendent of publio instruction, state
printer and district offices of the several
judicial districts and to transact such
otber business as may properly come De-
fore the convention.
The convention will consist of 205 dele
gates, apportioned among the several
counties as follews:
Baker 6
Lake 2
Lane 9
Linn 11
Marion 1C
Benton .'. 8
Claokamas 10
Clatsop 1
Columbia 4
Coos C
Morrow 4
Multnomah 35
Crook 3
Polk C
Tillamook 2
Douglass 9
Umatilla 10
Union 9
Wasco 9
Washington 7
Yamhill 9
uiluam 4
Grant 5
Jackson 7
Josephine 3
iUamatn z
The above being one delegate at large
for each county and one for each 150
votes or fraction over one-half thereof
cast for James G. Blaine at the presiden
tial election oi .November, 1&S4.
The committee recommend that the
primaries be held in the several precincts
on Tuesday, April C, and the county con
ventions on Friday, April 1C, unless other
wist ordered by ie proper county central
The committee earnestly recommend
that the delegates elected to the state
convention attend in person, and if not
convenient for them to so attend person
ally, that they send their proxies by
electors of the county they represent
The republican voters of tke state,
without regard to past political differ
ences, who are in favor of elevating and
dignifying American labor, giving free
popular education to the masses of the
people, effectually protecting all human
rights in every section of our common
country, and who desire to promote
friendly feeling and permanent harmony
throughout the state by maintaining a
government pledged to these objects and
purposes, are cordially invited to unite
in selecting delegates to the republican
state convention.
Joseph Simok, Chairman.
Geo. . ilcBBTDE, Secretary.
Portland, Or., March 3, 1SS6.
A Life Sariug Prcsenl.
Mr. M. E. Allison, Hutchinson, Kan.:
Saved his life by a simple Trial Bottle
of Dr. King's 2s ew Discovery, for Con
sumption, which caused him to procure
a large bottle, that completely cured
him, when Doctors, change of climate
and every thing"else had failed. Asthma,
Bronchitis. Hoarsencss,Severe Coughs,
and all Throat and Lung diseases, it is
guaranteed to cure. Trial Bottles free
atW. E. Dement & Co.'sDrug Store.
Large size $1.00.
Syrup of Figs.
Manufactured only by the California
Fig Syrup Co. San Francisco Cal. is
Natures Own True Laxative. This
?)leasant liquid fruit remedy may be
lad or W. E. Dement & Co, at fifty cents
or one dollar per bottle. It is tiie most
pleasant, prompt and effectivo remedy
known, to cleanse the system ; to act on,
the Liver, Kidneys and Bowels gently
vet thoroughly to dibpel Hcadachs.
Colds and Fevers: to cure Constipation,
Indigestion and kindred ills.
Will you suffer with Dyspepsia and
Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vltallzer is
uuaranteea to cure yon. Sold by W. E.
Dement & Co.
A Luxury and Necessity
For rich and poer who wish to enjoy
good health, and who do not wish to re
sort to bitter nauseous liver medicines
and cathartics, is the conceufrated liquid
fruit remedy Syrup of Figs. 60c and 81
bottles for sale by W. E. Dement & Co.
Shiloh's Cough ana Consumption
Cure is sold by us on guarantee. It
cures consumption. Sold by W. E. De
ment Shiloh's Vitalizer is what you need
for Constipation, Loss of Appetite, Diz
ziness ana all symptoms of Dyspepsia.
Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle. Sold
by W. E. Dement
That Hacking Cough can be so
Quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We
guarante It Sold by W. E. Dement.
Someone tried to work the pass
racket on the door keeper of Boss'
opera house last evening in a way
that reminded of a story they tell on
Bob Eberely, manager of Emerson's
theater when the genial Billy was
coining money in San Francisco. Bob
was standing in front one night, when
a couple of opium-bleached hoodlums
from some cellar dive swaggered up
to the box office and demanded passes
for the show.
"Free list suspended," replied the
ticket seller.
"What if it is? Don't yer pass der
"What profession."
"Why, der theatrical."
The ticket seller eyed the couple a
moment and then referred them to
Mr. Eberely.
"Say, boss," said one of thera to
Bob, "don't yer pass der perfesh?"
"Who are yon?" asked Bob, unfeel
ingly. "Bat's purty good! Who are we?
Why, we're Hugger and Mugger, der
great glue brothors. Sherry us into
der show."
"Sorry wo can't accommodate you,
gentlemen; but your name3 don't ap
pear on our list of professionals en
titled to passes."
"Oh, say, cull, come off der roof,
will yer? Who are yer, anyway!"
"My name is Eberely, and I'm the
manager," said Bob, getting mad.
"Well, we think yer no good, 5 er
ain't If Billy Emerson was here
he'd pas3 us p. d. q. We'll tell Billy
of this an' break yon, cull, sure," and
the indignant glue brothers started
off. One of them came back in a mo
ment, and said:
"You're too tall for your place, and
we're going to give Billy a gaff about
yer. What's yer name, again?"
"Eberely, sirl"
'Eb Ebo say, I can't remember
no such jaw-breaker as that; write it
on that card, will yer, if yer not
Bobert took the card in a superior
manner and soribbled his name on it
The glue brothers retired to the near
est saloon, where one of them wrote
above Bob's signature "Pass two."
They returned to the theater, and
Bob not being in sight, presented the
authentic pass at the door, slid grace
fully in, remarking as they selected
choice seats:
"A man who can be bullied or soft
soaped into signing his name on a
blank space is no good and we can
prove it. Hist der ragl"
In Norway great attention has of
late been given to the use of boric
aoid as a medium for tho preservation
of fish and meat, and with commer
cial results of no small importance.
In face of the fact that the herring
caught about the shores of Great
Britain are reckoned by the British
people the finest in the world, that
both this season and last the catch
his been so large that tons of excel
lent fish food have been sold for ma
nure, between four and five thousand
a week of Norwegian herrings have
been finding a market in Great Brit
ain. These fish are all packed in a
mixture of one part of pure boric
acid and two parts of sand, and the
packed barrel is moistened before be
ing headed up with a solution of
boric acid. If kept in a moderately
cool place it is found that the fish
will, under these circumstances, keep
sound and fresh for a length of time
amply sufficient to allow them to be
sent from Norway to London, and
be kept until disposed of. By the
aid of this system the Norwegians
are able to send fish to London at
a cost one-fourth less than Scotch
herrings in a perfectly fresh state
can be. If the Norwegian system is
as great a success as it is said to bo
it offers certain advantages over the
system of using ice, whioh should
not be overlooked in a place where
our fisheries are of such importance.
If Norwegian herrings can be packed,
at a cost of three shillings n barrel,
so as to endure a voyage of fourteen
days upon occasions, could not
Columbia salmon, by the same meth
od, be sent aoross the continent?
Carlea Facts CfeaccralMr Fwaer
al. In theKoman .empire the body
was invariably burned.
The Mohammedans bury without &
coffin of any kind.
The Greeks sometimes buried and
sometimes burned their dead.
In India the devoted wife formerly
ascended her husband's funeral pyre
and perished in the flames.
The music continuously kept up at
Irish wakes used to be for the pur-
poMo oi warning ou em spinis.
The Greenlanders bury with a
child a dog to guide it in'the other
world, Baying : "A dog can find his
way anywhere."
The Australians tie the hands of
the corpse and extract the finger
nails, that the dead may not scratch
his way out of the grave.
The Russians place in the hand of
the corpse a paper certificate of the
character of the deceased, to be
shown to Peter at the gate of Heav
en. PhikdebphJaCaU:
Wild Cherry and Tar.
Everybody knows the virtues of Wild
Cherry and Tar as a relief and cure for
any affections of the Throat and Lungs,
combined with these two ingredients
are a few simple healing remedies in
the composition of Dr. Bosanko's Cough
and Lung Syrup making it just the
article you should always have in the
house for Coughs, Colds, Croup and
Bronchitis. Price CO cents and $1.00.
Samples free. Sold by J. W. Conn.
Oroup Whooping Cough, and Bron
cliitis immediate!' relieved bv Shiloh's
Cure. Sold by W. E. Dement
Sleepless KiRhta made miserable
by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is
the remedy for you. Sold by W. E. De
ment & Co.
uHackmeUcy a lasting and fra
grant perfume. Price 25 and CO cents.
Glennville, a village in Ohio, has a
poetical mayor. In his first message
he takes to poetry as. naturally as a
duck to water. Here are selections
from the most remarkable message
ever delivered by a mayer:
"Good burghers all, this proclamation
Should benefit our corporation."
He then goes on to speak of the
high degree of prosperity to which
the village has attained, and expresses
the belief that still further perfections
may be added. He says:
"All loit'ring cocks and hens that stray,
In coops should be obliged to stay.
"At 9 p. m. I think it best
Each shoat should seek its downy nest;
And on the peaceful village street
No calf should be allowed to Bleat.
"I warn all evil-doing scamps
They must not bust the villaga lamps,
And at those toughs who will get drunk
The eye of justice shall not wunk!
"No circuses shall show in town
Unless with boodle they come down;
And strangers' cattle shall not graze
Around unless their owner pays.
"I write this for tho publio weal,
And under my official seal."
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best i n the world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores.Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
Perfect satisfaction, or money refunded,
rice 25 cents ner box. For sa le by W
E. Dement & Co.
Carry In Stock,
Prescriptions carefully Compounded
Shop next to L. L Johnson's clgarstore.
Saturday Eve., March 6th.
selves indebted to the late Edward N.
Murphy will please make Immediate settle
ment to the undersigned, administratrix of
the estate.
Six Men Wanted.
Young's bay. 2Vt miles from Astoria.
Wages from St to SLCO a day and board.
To Rent.
Fellows' Rnlldtcg. Apply to
Money to Loan
Orders bought. Apply at the office of
Astoria Planing Mill
HOLT & CO. Proprietors.
Manufacturers of
Sash Doors.
Blinds, Rails,
Newel Posts,
Scroll and Turned Balnstrades,
Orders Solicited and Promptly Attended to.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
As to Stjle, Quality and Prices.
Mill ami Office cor. Folk and Conccmly Sts
Address HOLT & CO.
To Ship Masters and Ship Owners!
W.H.DYEE &C0.,
San Frauclsco, rortlaad and Astoria.
Portland Office - 18 'ortfa Front Street.
The attention of ship master and owners
is directed to our superior facilities and low
rates lor ioaain;r ana unloading vessels.
Office at K. C. Ilolden's.
Warranted absolutelypure
Cocoa, from vrldchtho excels ol
Oil has been removed. It ha three
timet the ttrtngth, of Cocoa mixed
with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar,
and la therefore far more econom
ical, cottlig lea than one cent a
cup. it Is deUcloos, nourishing,
strengthening, easily digested.
and admirably adapted far inral-
da as well as for persons in health.
8old by Grocers ereryrrhere.
V. BAKER &C0,,McMer, Mass,
You can rely on getting a Good Cigar
Opposite p. 1. Seek & 9on'.
u J ! m U ft
JH jinn I
hi n i
Amounting io over $2,000 on our Center Counters
this Week, and
Mark Them Downl
To such PriceB as will nmke a
tqioreugth: olbaraxob x
As we must make room in this Department for
Larp wm
Our 75c Hose
Our 60c Hose
Our 50c Hose
Our 40c Hose
Our 25c Hose
Fine Silk, Lisle Thread and Cashmere Hose
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Ladies', Children's and Misses' Hose,
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Greatest Bargains ever Offered in Hosiery
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Flavsl's Wharf and Warehouse,
Astoria Oregoa.
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Banking Department
Drafts on the hading Cities of the World
Ctoe. II. Stewart, Accountant, and
Agent Northern Pacific Express Co.
Books and Stationery!
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MacDonald & Mcintosh
Are now Prepared to
Show a Large Assortment
Goods In Every Line!
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Lower Figures than al any Other House
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Clothing House in Astoria.
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Astoria and Seaside
ED. JACKSON, - Proprietor
The best Oread, Cakea and Fastry In toe City,
loe Creams and Ornamental Work
to order
Manufacturer of Fine Candles.
' - i