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?hc JlaHjj storfau.
Skating at the riuk this evening,
dishing Post baud will play.
The Fisherman's Packing company
will hold a special meeting at 'their
office, this morning.
The British bark Cambria, 1,351,
13ernier master, arrived in yesterday
from Valparaiso. She comes seek
ing. There fjll be a ball at Mrs. O'Bri
en's hotel this evening; supper will
be served; a general invitation is ex
tended. Ireland says "there isn't a man in
McMinnvillewho wants a public of
fice of any kind." W-h-h-at's that?
It can't be possible.
Eev. 3Ir. McCormac will preach
at the Congregational church Sunday
morning. There will be no service at
night, the pastor being away.
Swans are in the market. The sup
ply is fully up to the demand. A
barrel of salt swan comes in very
handy, though, when nothing better
is to be had.
Circuit court adjourned yesterday.
The term was one of the longest ever
held in the county and an immense
amount of business was transacted.
The next term will be in May.
Many windows are full of valen
tines and in a week's time the mis
sives will be popular among those
who get nice ones, and unpopular
with those who get those ridiculous
caricatures that are so plenty and
There is not so much pomp and
ceremony, tinsel and glittering gaud
in the celebration of this Chinese
new years' as manifested on former
occasion?. Even the Celestials, with
their horrible rat-like thrift, feel the
fiuaucial stringency.
At last night's meeting of Pacific
Lodge No. 17, K of P., A. A. Cleve
land and Nathaniel .Tones were ap
pointed u committee to confer with
Astor Lodge No. G, regarding the
celebration of the coming anniver
sary of the founding of the order.
The temperance exercises at the
school in district No. One yesterday
afternoon was largely attended by
friends aud patrons of the school.
The programme consisting of short
readings, declamations aud quota
tions, interspersed with vocal and
instrumental music, was well ren
dered by the several performers, and
reilected credit on the natural ability
of the pupils and tho evident pro
ficiency of those in charge.
A copy of tho Tribune almanac for
18S6 has just been received. It gives
a great variety of information. The
figures are official and have been
compiled with great care. The sta
tistics as to the general operations of
the government are elaborate. The
almanac has the new postage rates,
a list of tho new congress and its
committees, showing the operations
of the new tariff law. A great vari
ety of political and statistical inform
ation is contained in this useful
almanac The price per copy is 30
On tho 29th of January the East
WasJtinytoJiian got out the following
"extra" with big black scare heads:
"Friday January 29th. A Steamer
supposed to be the COLUMBIA,
sunk off Tongue Point Yesterday.
ICO lives are reported lost." This is
the worst we have seen since the Port
land correspondent of the associated
press sent :i lying dispatch broad
cast through the country on the 10th
of July, 1883 that, "Anarchy prevails
in Astoria, and 1,000 armed men are
in upper town prepariug to march on
the city."
Judge Taylor goes to The Dalles
this morning.
lion. C. Leiuenweber returned from
Portland yesterday.
Mrs.J.E.Higgius goes to Portland
on a visit this morning.
S. C. Blasdell was a passenger on
the last incoming steamer.
J. "W. Hume goes to the Coquille on
a three weeks visit this morning.
Sam'l Elmore and family are ex
pected on the steamer that arrives
next Tuesday.
Capt. Chas. F. Powell returned from
Ft Canby yesterday and goes to
Portland this morning.
Thos. G. Reames, Grand Master of
the Masonic Grand Lodge of Oregon,
will make an official visit to Temple
Lodge, No. 7, A. F. aud A. M, this
T. B. McGovern, brother of Mr. J.
F. McGovern, manager of "Wm. T.
Coleman & Co.'s business in this city,
is expected to arrive next Tuesday
from Chicago.
A SuccssfI Physician Gone.
Dr. O. IJ. Estes lias resigned his office
as County Coroner to remove to Astoria,
uri'gon, where a splendid opening is
offered him. Dr. Estes lias lived on
Wood lliver nearly two years, and dur
ing that time he must have performed
over 20 surcical operations, besides as
sisting other surgeons in as many more.
As ''nothing succeeds like success,' it is
but justice to Dr. Estes to state that he
has not lost a single patient of his own
in this recion.
Although several good physicians re
main here Dr. Estes will nevertheless
he greatly missed and regretted by all
who have formed his acquaintance, and
all will unite with the Times in wishing
him success wherever he goes. Wood
Iiicer .Times, Jan. 13.
A NcwUprislit Piano
T.p rent at the New York Novelty Store.
A. F. & A. M. Special Meeting.
The members of Temple Lodge No. 7,
are hereby called to meet without tnrth
er notification at Masonic Hall this ev
ening at 8 o'clock, sharp, to receive an
official visit from the Most Worshipful
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of
Oregon. Sojourning M. M.s are cordial
ly invited to attend.
E. A. Noyes,
To the United Stales Restaurant for
the best oysters. Private rooms.
Pobtland, Feb. 5. The steamer
Idaho sails for Alaska to-day. Since
Capt. Carroll's resignation it is not
known who is to be her captain.
Washington, D. C, Feb. 5. It is
rumored that Attorney-General Gar
land has resigned, and that Jno. Ran
dolph Tucker, chairman of the ju
diciary committee has been appointed
to fill the vacancy. The rumor is
denied. Public opinion is growing
fiercer every day regarding the tele
phone scandal.
It is rumored that the San Fran
cisco postmaster will be named in a
day or two, though Backus' time does
not expire for sixty days.
Judge Payson, of Illinois, now
here, says that the Northern Pacific
railroad company would secure more
sympathy if it would stop discrimin
ating in freight carriage. He cites
an instance where a man ships goods
from St Paul to a point five hundred
miles east of Portland and had to pay
through rates. This, he said, is done
in the interest of Portland merchants.
Barratt, Ga., Feb. 5. A youth
here who had all arrangements made
to elope with a girl, the signal being
three taps on the girl's window, went
to ths wrong house and was mistaken
for a burglar and shot in the foot
which will have to be amputated.
New York, Feb. 5. Geo. Bancroft,
the historian, to-day publishes a 95
page article on the evils of a paper
currency, and calls it corruption of
the national blood and dry rot.
East St. Louis, Feb. 5. Last night
a party of six men were sitting around
a stove in a shanty talking, when
some fiend poured a can of coal oil
down the chimney. The stove burst
and the flames set all the men on
fire. Their cries brought help. It is
believed the wretch is known who did
it, as a man who is known to have u
grudge against one of the men, was
seen retreating by the party of res
cuers. It is not known whether all
of them will die or not.
New York, Feb. 5. Tho coldest
weather of the season exists here.
Twenty persons were slightly frozen
yesterday while crossing Brooklyn
Jersey City, Feb. 5. Juo'McMa
hone the defaulting collector of
Hobokeu to an extent of 850,000 was
to-day given the full limit of sen
tence in the penitentiary five years.
Februarys, Taylor, J.
W. W. Parker vs B. G. Crane et al.;
plaintiff asked leave to amend by sub
stituting new parties.
Bunnemanini & Bartinoni vs G.
Dipascuali; leave to amend allowed.
A. Mau & Co. vs Trenchard & Up
shur; demurrer sustained.
M. G. Haaven vs W. G. Ross; ver
dict for defendant
Wyatt & Thompson vs Theo. Broem
ser; confirmation of sale and leave to
amend writ.
The "Mauzantta."
The lighthouse tender Manzanita,
which supersedes the Shubrick in
this district, arrived in at half past
ten yesterday morning, seventy-two
hours from San Francisco, part of
the trip up being in a heavy fog. She
is an improvement in many ways on
the Sliuorick, being larger, sounder
and more commodious. Her arrival
attracted a large crowd to the Main
street wharf to view the new vessel;
new at least to the Columbia river.
uapt. uregory ana iiis omcers ex
press satisfaction at the transfer and
the change seems a good one in every
way. Jane immediately went to wort,
starting for the buoy depot at one
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The fine hall, 80x25, lately occupied as
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A Ward's patent salmon retort Ap
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Crystal Palace.
To Hoiiseltcopcrs.
Attention is called to our advertls
ment in another column giving a par
tial list of the goods to be found in our
stock. We aim to carry the best assort
ment to be found in Astoria, and cash or
short time buyers will find it to their ad
vantage to make their purchases from
us. Goods delivered free of charge to
any part of the city.
D. L. Bkck & Sons.
ForaNcat Fitting: Boot
i)r Shoe, go to P. J. Goodmans, on Che
namus street, next door to I. W. Case.
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quire at the Crystal Palace.
The Oregon Improvement company
has issued its new second mortgage
bonds, bearing eight per cent inter
est, with which to take up the float
ing debt, nearly all of which is due
to the Oregon Transcontinential.
The Northern Pacific committee
having charge of the settlement of
accounts with the Oregon Transcon
tinental have found matters so com
plicated, owing to the Villard system
of bookkeeping, that tho whole thing
has been turned over to expert ac
countants. The Union Pacific talks of increas
ing its plant and building a large
town at Pocatello, its junction point
with the Utah & Northern and Oregon
Short Line. If this is done, the
shops will be moved there from Eagle
Bock and Shoshone, and the Utah &
Northern widened to the standard
broad gnage of the Union Pacific sys
tem. The Kock Island, Northwestern,
Milwaukee & St. Paul, Burlington,
Wabash and Alton, it is said, con
template abolishing their passenger
agencies on the Pacific coast, because
of the light east bound business.
The agents of the trunk lines east of
Chicago are also moving for the doing
away with local officers in San Fran
cisco. One result of the late meeting of
the Northern Pacific directors in
New York was the indefinite post
ponement of the proposed consolida
tion of the Northern Pacific and
Wells, Fargo express companies. The
proposed arrangement was not a con
solidation in so many words, but to
ail intents and purposes this is what
it would have been. The proposition
came from the American Express
company, and is supposed to have
originated with Benjamin P. Cheney,
a director in all those companies. It
was for the American company, which
is practically the same concern as
Wells, Fargo, to assume the opera
tion of the Northern Pacific's express
line. Mr. Oakes, who is president of
the Northern Pacific Express com
pany, did not, Iiowover, favor the
movement, and proved with facts and
figures compiled for the purpose, that
tho express line was doing moro than
paying its operating expenses, and
that it would be poor policy to do
away with it uow.
The St. Paul Pioneer Press says
the announcement that Nelson Ben
nett had been awarded the contract
for building the Cascade tunnel,
created but little surprise in St. Paul.
It was generally supposed that either
he or the Muir brothers would be the
lucky ones of the thirteen bidders.
Bennett had a good advantage over
the rest, inasmuch as he was person
ally acquainted with the work to be
done, and, in addition to this, had
his outfit already on the ground.
The latter was an item of no small
value, as it is to him a saving of hun
dreds, and possibly thousands of dol
lars, which the others would have to
pay for transportation. He is now
building the 40-mile section between
North Yakima and Elleusburg. Mr.
Bennett has all the constructiou work
on tho Cascade division. So far 153
miles of the division have been
ironed. Fifty of these are on the
west end and the remaining 103 on
the east end. This brings the track
on tho east end to 18 miles beyond
North Yakima, aud leaves 22 miles to
complete it to Ellensburg. Between
Elleusburg and the east end of the
track on the western end of the di
vision there are 73 miles to be built,
27 the other side of the tunnel and 4A
this side. The tunnel is about two
miles in length, and, according to the
contract, must be completed in 29
mouths. In addition to the main
tunnel there is about two thousand
feet of tunneling to be done west of
The following is a copy of a letter
received from the assistant commis
sioner of the general land office by n
gentleman in this city, relative to the
settlement of lands near the Colum
bia river, on the north side between
Knappton and Kalama, formerly
claimed by the Northern Pacific B. B.
Washington-, D. C. Jan. 19, 18SG.
In reply to your letter of the 2nd
inst, you are informed that the act'
of Jan. 31st, 1885 (23 Stat, P. 266)
forfeited the unearned lands granted
to the Oregon Central R. R. com
pany and it was held by my letter of
Nov. 9, 18S5, that the forfeiture
included the land lying north of the
Columbia river and within twenty
miles of the line of definite location
of the Oregou Central Railroad com
pany. The said lands are pow open for
settlement and entry under the home
stead, preemption and other land
The said act gave a preference right
of entry to bona fide settlers who
were occupying the lands Jan. 31,
1885, and provides that this preference
right may be exercised within six
months from the promulgation of
said act -
On July 11th 1885, the register and
receiver at Oregou City, Oregon, and
July 14th 1835, the register and receiv
er at Vancouver, W. T., were sent
full instructions concerning the res
toration of these lands, and for furth
er information apply at either of
the said laud offices.
Very respectfully,
S. M. StocksiiAger.
Asst. Commissioner.
A Startling Discovery.
Physicians are often startled by re
markable discoveries. The fact that Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption
and all Throat and Lung diseases is
dally curing patients that they have
given up to die, is startling them to re
alize their sense of duty, and examine
into the merits of this wonderful dis
covery; resulting in hundreds of our
best Physicians using it in their practice
Trial Bottles free at W. E. Dement &.
Co.'s Drugstore. Regular size $1.00.
For Kent,
At a reasonable rate; the fine new
building opposite Kirchhoffs bakery.
1 Apply at this office.
Proceedings of County Commis
sioners. For Wahkiakum county W. T. at
the regular February session 1SS6.
Present Thos. Irving, chairman;
James Wright and L N. Lawrence,
commissioners; S. F. Albert, sheriff;
J. W. Clemens, auditor and ex
ofiicio clerk.
Bend of Lawrence Isley, supervisor
road district No. 2 approved.
The report of the following road
supervisors for the year 1885, received
and approved, and their several claims
ordered paid out of any funds be
longing to their respective road dis
trict H. Perella district No. 7; J. G. Meg
ler, district No. 4; John Grover, dis
trict No. 2; Thos. Kent district No
1; F. M. Sweet, district No. 3.
In the matter of the petition of C.
C. Shepherd, and others, to change
a portion of a county road from
Wilson creek landing to Skamokawa
hotel rejected, for the reason that
there are more names signed to a re
monstrance against changing, than
names on the petition to change said
The following named persons were
appointed road supervisors for the
year 1886:
Thos. Kent, for district No. 1; John
Setterlin, for district No. 2: J. G
Megler, for district No. 4; H. P. An
derson, for district No. 5; Thos. A.
Holden, for district No. 6; W. MBell,
for district No. 8.
The report of viewers and surveyor
on the proposed road petitioned for
by Geo. Hathaway and others, begm-
ing at the present terminus of the
Cathlamet road on the south line of
sec 10, T 6 N, R 5 W, and termina-
mg near J. P. Nelson's house was
confirmed, and the road ordered estab
lished and opened.
The claim of Samuel Walker J. P.
acting coroner at inquest held on the
body of Gustaf Wickstrom deceased,
deferred until May 1886 session.
Road district No. 4 divided, form
ing road district No. 8, with the fol
lowing beundaries: Commencing at
Gray's river point in Gray's river
bay, running thenco east to NE cor
ner of Sec 31, T. 10, N. R. 7 west,
thence south to the Columbia river,
thence down said river to place of
In the matter of the petition of
Clifford Wormsley and others for
laying out aud establishing a county
road, was rejected for tho reason that
the place of beginning was not suffi
ciently given.
A. 1). Birnie granted six months
retail liquor license.
In the matter of the petition of
citizens of Skamokawa precinct for a
bounty on wild animals, disallowed.
Settlement with sheriff on delin
quent tax rolls of 18S0. '81 '82 and
'83, approved.
The held notes and plat of re-sur-
oy of Gray's river road deferred until
tho May, 18S6, session.
Claims were examined aud allowed
as follews:
J. A. Graham, J. P., for jury fee
and costs in the matter of an inquest
held on tho body of Frank Nelson,
deceased, $11.80.
Cost in roviowiug Geo. Hathaway
read: J. B. McDonald, surveyor, $21;
W. Andrews, S7.G0, Henrv Kaup,
$6.40, viewers; J. P. Nelson, S9, and
George Hathaway, $9.
J. W. Clemens, for record books,
etc for couuty, $39.25.
Jr. 1L Strong, for road plat book,
Ed. Scarbrougb, for keeping pau
per, S24.
L. S. Myers, for jury fee in case
territory rs. Slieau and Nolaud.
S. F. Albert, for interest, etc.,
S. F. Albert, Sheriff, for comparing
delinquent tax roll with auditor, S1.50.
J. W. Clemens, auditor, for fees,
To members of the beard:
Thos. Irving, $8.50; James Wright,
$9.40; LN. Lawrence, $14; S. F.Al
bert, sheriff, $6, J. W. Clemens, $6.
The following were audited by dis
trict court, November term, 18S5.
Thos. Dorris, $19.80, T. J. Lutes,
S20.40, G. D. Fletcher, S20.40, Jesse
Baker, $28.60, H. A. Shaw, Sr., $28,
I. N. Lott, S14.90, graud jurors; O.
Nelson, $37.60. J.E. Bull, S39.60, C.
0. Masten, $33, J. P. Nelson, $37.20,
H. A Shaw, Jr., $40, C. C. Shepherd,
$33, J. F. Tasker, $33, Lawrence En
yart, S35, petit jurors; S. F. Albert,
sheriff, S84.S0; S.F. Albert for judg
ment and costs in case S. F. Albert
vs. county, $88.55, Joseph Smith,
clerk of court, $20.80.
Proper Treatment Tor Coughs.
That the reader may fully understand
what constitutes a good Cough ami
Lung Syrup, we will bay that Tar and
Wild Cherry is the base of the best rem
edies yet discovered. These Ingredi
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A small fortune is awaiting the
men who will, invest $10,000 in a
steam fishing boat to supply the peo
ple in this region with fresh fish.
With the exception of salmon most
of our fresh fish come from the At
lantic There are abundant reasons
for believing that near at hand we
might obtain large supplies of hali
but and cod for this city and also for
a large region south and east of us
which is now supplied, if at all, by
the enterprising dealers in eastern
fresh fish. It is necessary, to do this,
to have a steam vessel which can
cross the Columbia river bar at nil
times nnd deliver the fish promptly
as soon as caught, to the city markets,
where they will be distributed along
the lines of the railroads leading out
into the country. A sailing vessel
will not answer because it could not
always cross the bar, and the delay
in bringing in the fish would prevent
success. A steamer would within a
short time not merely furnish fresh
fish, but enable us to ascertain wheth
er there are, and where there are, any
large banks off the coast, as there are
believed to be, from which supplies
of cod or other fish could be obtained
for extensive operations in curiug
fish for a more general market There
are plenty of fishermen to enter upon
the business at once if they had the
steamer to use; and we trust that
they will succeed iu getting some
man to furnish the necessarv outfit.
Standard, 3.
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Clothing House in Astoria.
Astoria and Seaside
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