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Koller skating at Ross opera house
this evening.
Capt. Gage has taken command of
tho Willamette. Capt. Holmes now
has charge of the Umatilla.
Persons intending to keep open
house New Year's day "will please send
their names to this office by the 31st
The Clara Parker leaves Wilson &
Fisher's dock for K nappa this morn
ing at 9 o'clock for the funeral of 3 as.
The report that the Northern Pa
cific and Wells, Fargo express com
panies weTe going to consolidate, is
officially denied.
There will be an apple-eating
match on skates, on Friday evening
at the skating rink, and new music by
Cashing Post band.
The Sunday school children of the
M. E! church will have a pleasant
time at their Christmas tree this
evening. Everybody is welcome.
At the recent municipal election in
Tacoma the victorious candidate for
mayor had 93 majority. 9G votes
were cast The contest was very ex
citing. Of the 300,000,000 eggs annually
used in Paris even' one is carefully
inspected before being placed in mar
ket. In Oregon they are inspected
at the breakfast table.
The stores and business houses
present a fine appearance. A very
large stook of holiday goods are
offered for sale and prices rule very
low as compared with other years.
Supt Wilson will hold tho regular
quarterly examination for applicants
for teachers' certificates at his office
in the court house next Wednesday
and Thursday, the 30th and 31st inst.
A London dispatch of tho 22nd
says: "Fears are entertained that
the British bark NossJiead, Capt.
Peebles, wnich sailed from Sidney,
N..S. W., Aug. 28 for Portland, Ore
gon, has been lost."
If everything was reported it would
make funny reading, wouldn't it?
The funniest part of it is that those
who are anxious to see the escapades
of others in print are just as anx
ious that their own should not ap
pear. In Judge Deady's court at Port
land last Tuesday Capt. Bogart, of
the Director, was lightly let off with
$20 fine and a nominal imprisonment
for drawing a revolver on U. S. Mar
shal Kelly on the occasion of a re
cent visit of that official to tue vessel.
Hon. W. Lair Hill, of The Dalles,
has been appointed judge of the sev
enth judioial district, recently carved
out of the fifth. W. B. Ellis, of Hopp
ner, has been appointed district
attorney. The appointments wero
made by the governor and hold good
till June.
Emma Merlottin, a Portland cy
prian, was found murdered in her
room last Tuesday night under cir
cumstances of peculiar atrocity. She
had been struck on the head and
neck twelve times, apparently with a
sharp hatchet, any one of the strokes
oeing tatai. junero is no ciue io mo
perpetrator of the ghastly deed.
Scandinavian Lutheran service
Christmas day in the Swedish church
upper Astoria; at 1050 a. m. preach
ing in the Swedish lantaage by the
Rev. Lind from Vancouver, W. T.;
at 230 p. m. preaching in the Norwegian-Danish
language by Rev. H.
Engh, pastor of the Norwegian Lu
thern church at 7:30 r. m. union
service. Singing by the choir.
The schooner Letitia and bark
Compadre crossed out yesterday.
The Primera came in. The Wm. If.
Starbuck is reported outside with
pilot aboard. For the first time in
many years there are no vessels ready
for sea at Christmas or detained in
any way. Shipping has received
quick dispatch all through this sea
son, and very little detention has ex
isted. Among estimates of required gov
ernment appropriations for the next
fiscal year are a few items of local
interest:'for protecting the roads and
tmblic buildincs at Ft. Canby from
the waters of Baker's bay, S18,5i6:
for the lower Willamette and Colum
bia, $107,000: mouth of the Columbia,
$1,330,000: care of the Portland
cuBtom heuse: $2,610: Astoria custom
house, $720.
The Christmas tree at the Method
ist church is now in its place, and
awaits the bestowment of presents
during all of to-day. The tree is a
nice, large one, reaching the ceiling
of the church. The church itself has
already been quite profusely deco
rated. The fun begins at 7 o'clock
sharp, this evening. Singing,
marching, declamations and speech
by old Santa Clans, who presides
over the occasion, and disrobing the
ladened tree, will mark tho evening's
happy hours. All are cordially in
vited and -warmly welcomed. Seats
free no collections. Drop in during
the day and take a look at tho tree.
There was a pleasant gathering at
the Occident hotel at nine last even
ing, the occasion being a farewell
dinner- to Dr. F. P. Hicks, -who
leaves for Tacoma this morning.
About forty of his friends arranged
to give him a "send-off as a
mark of their appreciation and
esteem, and amid toasts and songs
and humorous speeches passed a very
Dleasant evening. About 1130 C. J.
Trenchard in-a few words of presen
tation handed Dr. Hicks an elegant
gold-headed cane, which he accepted
and made a response in his usual
happy manner. It was late, or rather
-early when the party separated, with
jaany hearty wishes for his success in
'hisTiew residence.
Xmas DiHuer,
The best in town at tho United States
PoktiiAND, Dec. 23. As yet there
is no clue to the horrible murder of
Emma Martolin last night The de
tectives appear to be completely baf
fled. It is rumored that Robert Lu
ther has been arrested,
New Yoi:k, Dec. 23. Sporting
circles are wild over the return of
Sullivan, Muldoon, MoCaffrey and
A London editor. Montalabo, of
Hovegenta, was assassinated last
night by a gambler named Martinez.
Washington, Dec. 23. Over 1,100
bills were introduced in congress
during the twelve days session before
tne holidays. Illinois and Kentucky
congressmen introduced the most
and Florida the least.
Senator Miller, of California is con
siderably better to-day.
Commissioner Sparks is tired of
his position on account of the long
hours and desires a place in the dip
lomatic corps.
Salt Lake, Dec. 23. Tho grand
jury was impaneled to-day. Some of
them expressing a fear to investigate
the actions of the Mormons, Judge
Seane instructed them to protect
their lives and shoot the assailants if
PiTTsnuBa, Dec. 23. Seventy-five
masked miners to-day attacked the
working miners in tho Monongahela
coal mines and compelled them to
quit work. None were killed; some
were injured: many shots were fired.
a month's woek.
Nanticoke, Dec. 23. A new tunnel
has been started to reach the bodies
of the buried miners. It is hoped
they will be reached in less than a
London, Dec. 23. A dispatch from
Port Prid, Wales, says an explosion
has been reported at Ferndale pit,
which entombed four hundred men.
No particulars yet.
Fear Kxprewd as to Their Safety.
Last Monday four men started
from hero to go to the Wallicut river
Andrew Barry, Oscar Petersen, and
two others, Ericson and Johnson.
About 1150 they were abreast of Kin
ney's cannery heading across the
river. Since that time they have not
been seen and it is feared they have
been drowned. The mate of the
Carmaethen Castle, which went to
sea last Tuesday, reported that
that afternoon a boat went drift
ing by Sand Island bottom upward
with two men clinging on, but that
it was too rough to lower a boat to
go to their assistance. It la also re
ported that the boat has come ashore
at TJwaco. A search party will start
to look for them this morning and it is
thought that some definite intel
ligence a3 to their fate will be learned
Aa Interesting Letter From n Former As-torlan.
Tho Victoria Colonist of last Fri
day furnishes another item in the
Judge Dawne matter. It says: For
ten days past Mr. Justice Dawne, of
Alaska, has boarded at Mr Monk's
restaurant on Government street
He is a tall, well made man. in good
clothes, top-boots, full whiskers and
gold spectacles. His identity was
not suspected until after the appear
ance of tho Cotonwt article on
Wednesday, .vhich tho judge read
while eating breakfast at one of the
tables. His actions then attracted
attention and he was afterwards rec
ognized as the fugitive. Yesterday
the wretched man changed a $20
piece to pay his bill, rolled up his
blankets and went out The last seen
of him he was standing over the rocks
that lead down to the harbor oppo
site tho Telegraph hotel. A requisi
tion will probably arrive,
l'he Victoria Times of Friday ev
ening says: As late as this morning
Judge Dawne was seen in Victoria,
and at the present moment is either
in me cuy or iuo lmmeumie uciyu
borhood. His movements are no se
cret Before leaving Wrangel for
Tongas, the judge's borrowing pro
pensity was again called into play,
and he succeeded in getting, as a tem
porary accommodation, the sum of
$250 from a gentleman in business at
that place. He represented that he
might want to use some cash in the
business he was going on to Tongas,
and the confiding friend readily
obliged him with the loan.
Poet Moody, B. C.,Dec. 15. Much
excitement prevails over the discov
ery of gold on the Coquitlam river,
three or four miles from here and only
a couple of miles off the Canadian Pa
cific railroad. Two brothers named
Hume, of new Westminster, it appears,
have been working there all summer,
and so secret were their operations
that nothing was known of it until last
week. They were discovered by par
ties from here, and even their own
brother, the foreman of the Qxiardian
office, wa3 not told of the find. Their
appliances were very deficient and not
at all suitable for catching much of
tho mineral. If under these circum
stances men who are favorably known
and could command the best wages
found it paid better to -work for -what
they could pan out with their insuf
ficient outfit, it is considered by prac
tical men that thero is enough dust to
pav well if proper sluices, etc, were
erected. For the past few da s large
numbers from here and New West
minster have visited the scene and
many are preparing to thoroughly
prospect the stream and smaller
streams emptying into the head wa
ters of Coquitlam lake, whence it is
believed the gold comes. A party of
gentlemen here have to-day started
two or three of the best miners in the
countrv. to thoroughly investigate
the matter, and the general belief is
that the diggings will pan out well, as
it has long been believed by many
that there was gold there. Corr. Or
eynnian. "KH.V ami TharlM Lamb.
A unique genius, that of Charles
Lamb. Just like nothing that ever
appeared before them, or has since
appeared, are the quaint and delight
ful "Essays of Elia," a new edition
of which has recently been issued by
Alden, "The Literary Revolution"
publisher of New York. Turn to
any of your cyclopedias and they
will tell you that Charles Lamb was
one of the most charming essayists
that the English language has ever
known, and also that his "Essays of
Elia'' are the choicest of his works.
They are not merely the first work
of their class, but nice Tiignm's
Progress" and "Robinson Crusoe"
thev constitute a class by tnemseives.
The volume is certainly one of tho
most delightful of the books de
scribed in Mr. Aldan's 148-page il
lustrated catalogue, which he offers
to send for -i cents, or the HJ-page
catalogue which is sent free. Ad
dress, John B. Alden, publisher,
New York City.
Jno. Urycc, Jr., is in the city.
Hope Ferguson came down yester
day to spend Christmas with his
Tills Evcniug
Mrs. O'JiriPii will have a dance at hr
hall. A general invitation extended.
Regular annual meeting of Section
No. 401, Endowment Rank K.of P., for
the election of officers will be held at
the office of Bozorth & Johns, at two
o'clock r. m. to-day, Thursday, Dec, 24th.
Prompt attendance is requested.
A Startling: Discorcrjr.
Physicians are often startled by re
markable discoveries. The fact that Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption
and all Throat and Lung diseases is
dallv curinir natients that they have
given up to die, is startling them to re
alize their sense of duty, and examine
into the merits of tills wonderful dis
covery; resulting in hundreds of our
best Physicians using it in theirpracticc
Trial Bottles free atW.K. Dement &
Co.'s Drug Store. Regular size .f 1.00.
A full line of masks and inasqtieiade
suits for rental the Xew York Novelty
Adler will have help enough to wait
on you all at once this week, so conic
right along and take your share
amongst all Ins line stock; the price
will he all satisfactory as he don't in
tend to carry any holiday stock over.
Who sells tho most pianos, organs and
musical instruments V The New York
Xovelty Store.
According to advices from Port
Orford, the mail carrier reports see
ing a capsized vessel between that
place and Coquille river recently. He
could see her masts as she rose on
the sea. It is also stated that farm
ers on the coast heard signal guns
during the recent gales off Cape
Blanco, evidently from some vessel
in distress.
Uuclilcu's Arnica Salve.
Thk Best Sat.vk 1 n tho world for
Cuts, Bruises, Sores,Ulcers,Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains. Corns and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 23 cents per box. For sa Io by W
E. Dement & Co.
That Fine Orchcstroue
At Frank Fabre's will be raffled this
evening. Only one dollar a chance;
a few more chances left.
Toys at your own prices at Adler:
this week,on account of going entirely
out of that line.
Griffin & Reed have just received dl
rect from Xew York a large lot of fine
Gift books suitable for holiday presents,
at greatly reduced prices.
Roger Bros.' Al 1847 Tablespoons,
warranted, S2.M per set at G. Hansen's.
Shrewsbury Ketchup at Beck's.
Spanish Queen Olives at Beck's.
Choice assortment of Teas at Beck's.
Cheap Tor Cash.
CubeSugar,10 lbs
Granulated Sugar 1 1 lts
Crushed Suear 11 lbs
Extra C 12 lbs 1.00
Golden C 14 tb3 1.00
No. 1 Costa Hica Coffee 7 lbs 1.00
Xo.2 " u " 3 lbs 1.00
Other goods at equally low figures lor
cash at D. L. Beck & Sons.
A twenty-dollar piece will buy a wag
on load of groceries at D. L. Bkck fc
Roger Bros. Al 1847 Teaspoons, war
ranted, Sl.50 per set at G. Hansen's.
The following is from a gentleman
who wa3 for many years an honored
citizen of this place, but who has for
sometime been a resident of New
York City:
New York, 14th Dec, 1885.
To the Edttob of The Asteriax:
I hare promised myself a hundred
times or less that I -would write a let
ter to The Astoeiak. But promising
to do a thing is not doing it. This I
realize, and so set to work. At the
outset let me say, that Oregonians
need not think that they have a mo
nopoly of wet weather. We in the
east have had a pretty good slice of
late. The ram here wets, and very
often does worse. Eain weather is
very unpleasant here, and we have a
good share of it. From now on for
the next three months when it is not
raining it will be freezing hard, so
hard that it keeps one busy running
after the plumber, heaping on coals
and trying to keep warm. But
enough about the weather, suffice it
to say all the bad weather is not in
Oregon. . .
"We .have had a delightful visit
from Mr. and Mrs. Mcintosh, who
are still here, and living within a
block of us. We were glad to see
them on many accounts, but especial
ly as we had from them an account
of all our Inenas now mey looKea
and -what they did. Mr. Mcintosh
has been busy with his patent Bkate,
and during his leisure hours, has
been doing up the city. Yon know
he is fond of music, and so he has not
failed to go where good music is to
be found. The Casino and the Star
and other theaters opened their doors
to him on week evenings, and on
Sundays, morning and evening, he
wended his way to church, where he
heard musio that was equal to any.
They are both in good health and
have stood the ordeal of travel and
sight seeing very well, and intend
this week to continue their travels
into the British provinces.
I am glad to be able to state that
business in the east is reviving very
fast Times now are very lively. Of
course it is the holiday season and
that accounts for it partly, but not
altogether. Large failures now are
nlmost unknown, and monied men
are regaining confidence. There is
nlentv of menev: all men want to
know is where to put it, so that it
will bring a moderate rate oi interest,
say four or five per cent This leads
me to say that if capitalists could be
shown that a railroad from Forest
Grove to Astoria would pay such a
rate of interest they would gladly
build it. But they must be shown
this; this must be brought to their
attention, and perhaps tho best way
to do this is through the columns of
TheAstoriav. This matter should
be agitated, should bo "written up and
talked about. Thi3 is one of the
chief ways of gaining public atten
tion. I had hoped that in the last
session of tho legislature your repre
sentatives would have brought in a
bill exempting such a railroad from
taxation ior twenty years, or some
bill granting state aid, but the Asto
ria railroad project seoraed to be en
tirely forgotten. Well, it Astorians
forget their own interests, others will
forget them too. I hear that Dr.
Kinney ha3 been trying to interest
San Francisco capitalists to take hold
of the coal fields in the Nehalem val
lev. I hope he may be successful,
and I believe he will be if Astorians
properly second his efforts. The coal
is there", aud good coal. Make cap
italists see this and they will get it
I wa3 glad to read an account of
The Dalles waterway convention. It
will do good. Congress is influenced
by such meetings, and the represen
tatives and senators are greatly
strengthened in their efforts by them.
People talk about your small repre
sentation in congress, and tell us that
the appropriations and influence are
in proportion to yonr representation.
It is not so. One smart man in con
gress can do moro and get more for
his state than hnlf a dozen -who lack
Ensh and tact. You know I am a
itchell man and advised your rep
resentatives to vote for him more
than avearago. I believe Mitchell
can do more ior uregon iuuu uuy
man I know. He has the energy,
and he has the tact Tell him your
wants: give him the facts and figures
and if anything can ue done m wasu
ington he will do it. He is an Ore
gon man not the man of a party or
a faction. I don't say he is an angel.
If he were, I fear his influence in
Washington would be small.
Evervbodv here is now busy get
ting readv for Christmas. Santa
Claus is galloping along at a furious
rate. Tho stores are thronged, and
are doing a rushing business. What
the people do with all the things they
purchase, and where they get the
money, is n mystery and a wonder.
The annual Christmas scene in Macy's
window always draw3 a large orowd
daily. This year it is a sleighing party.
Doll boys and girls rush down the
steen incline at a furious rate, and
greatly to the delight of the young
sters who come long distances to see
the sight .
Wishing you all a merry Christ
mas, I am yonrs,
H. A. T.
The finest line of Christmas cards
Begin this evening with tho carol
service for the children of the Sun
day school and their parents and
friends. This service is at G o'clock,
begining with a processional.
The services to-morrow will be a
celebration of the Holy Communion
at 630 a. m. At 11 a. m., there will
bo a full morning prayer and sermon
followed by a second celebration of
the Holy Communion.
At 230 p. v., thero will be a service
with Christmas tree at the chapel of
the Holy Innocents, upper Astoria.
Proper Treatment for Coughs.
That the reader may fully understand
what constitutes a good Cough and
Lung Syrup, we will say that Tar and
Wild Cherry i3 the base of the best rem
edies yet discovered. These Ingredi
ents with several others equally as effi
cacious, enter largely into Dr. Bosanko's
Couch and Lutur Syrun. thus making It
one of the most reliable now on the mar
ket. Price 50 cts. and $1.00. Samples
free. Sold by J. W. Conn.
Syrup ofFigs.
Manufactured only by the California
Fig Svrup Co. San Francisco Cal. is
Natures Own True Laxative. This
pleasant liquid fruit remedy may be
had of YV. E. Dement & Co. at fifty cents
or one dollar per bottle. It is the most
Eleasant, prompt and effective remedy
nown, to cleanse the system ; to act on,
the Liver, Kidneys and Rowels gently
vet thoreughly: to dispel Headachs,
Colds and Fevers: to cure Constipation,
Indigestion and kindred ills.
Haying purchased extensively in Eastern and San Francisco
Markets, I um now prepared to show the Largest and Most Varied
Assortment of DRF GOODS and CLOTHING in the State of
All the patent medicines advertised
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Eerfumery, and toilet articles, etc can
e bought at the lowest prices, at J. W.
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hctel, Astoria.
New Silks,
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New Ribbons,
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New Trimmings,
New Underwear,
New Gloves,
New Flannels, Etc.. Etc.
V. Lussicr oi San Francisco has en
gaged in the photograph business with
Crow the leading photographer.
That Hacking Cough can be so
ouicklv cured by Shiloh's Cure. Wo
guarantee it. Sold by W.E. Dement.
Yes, Adler sells Japanese goods
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splendid assortment direct from the
great Mikado.
Speaking about dolls, you must see
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trations of Astoria, etc 1,000 copies just
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cents per number: jnstt e tning to sena
your friends east.
Kcudy For Business.
For a good steak, a delicious cup of
coffee or a plate of line oysters goto
Frank Fabre's Coffee. Oyster and
Chop House; opposite M.C.Crosby's.
A. luxuryand A'ccesslty
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good health, aud who do not wish to re
sort to bitter nauseous liver medicines
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fruit remedy Syrup or b igs. uoc. and &i
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Holderis Auction Rooms
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can; 310 per dozen; S2.73 per case.
A full line of choice table fruit at
correspondingly low prices. D. It.
Beck & Soxs.
Morton's English Sauces at Beck's.
Are von made miserable by Indiges
tion, Constipation. Dizziness, Loss of
Appetite, Yellow Skin ? Sluoh's Vitnl
izer is a positive cure. For sale by W.
K. Dement & Co.
Parties wishing spars or piling of any
size or length can be supnlled by leav
ing orders with J. II. D. Gray.
Albums von can only find In endless
variety at Adler's, and his prices are
rcallyVulicuIously low.
"Chatterbox" for 1885, only 75 cents at
Adler's all other books In proportion.
For laino Back, Side or cnest use
Shilolvs Porous Plaster, Price 23 cents.
For sale by W. E. Dement.
Christmas Tree.
The Christmas tree at the Methodist
Church this evening is emphatically
for the general public and not in the
interest of any sect or circle as such.
All arc cordially invited to make tho oc
casion their own by being present and
bavin? something on the tree to claden
some heart. Please bring or send the
presents you want to go on the tree to
the M. E. Church early in the afternoon.
Cars hanled on Express
Tral Exclusively withoHt Clianse.
Pallman Palace and Emigrant Sleeping:
II you are gpinff east write for Rotes. Mars. Time Tables. Guides and Full Information.
Agent. Astoria. Asst. Agt., Astorln.
General Agent, No. 1, WasHlnsrton street, Portland, Oregen:
MacDonald & Mcintosh
Are now Prepared to
Show a Large Assortment
Ilolidav Slippers for Ladle3 and Gents
just received from the east, at C. II.
Sweet Cider
Just received at Carnahan & Co.'s.
If you do not know what you want
for a Christmas present go to Adler's
where you will surely find something
to suit your taste.
Choice Breakfast Eacon at Beck's.
Goods in Every Line!
Which will he Sold at
Lower Figures than at any Other House
The Leading Clothing, Hat, and Gents' Furnishing Store